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This is a continuation of my story "Welcome to the Family" I would recommend you read it first to know the characters and their backgrounds.

Closets are for Clothes
by Jacob Adams  (

Chapter 11

Brian was sitting at his desk reading an assignment when Damon burst into the room. "Bro, where the fuck have you been"? Brian shouted jumping out his chair to meet his roommate. "We looked for you all night."

"Yeah, yeah I heard," Damon held his breath and looked around as if seeing the room for the first time; then slowly exhaled, as he ran his hands through his hair. Brian could see a hint of nervous excitement; but Damon's bloodshot eyes and slouching posture betrayed the fatigue he was really feeling after his long evening.

"Dude, sit down," Brian put his hand on Damon's shoulder and led him to the desk chair where Damon uncomfortably sat and Brian stooped in front to bring himself to eye level. "You weren't with him last night?"

"I was but he left."

"Do you know anything about where he was..."

"Dammit, Brian, don't build me a clock just tell me what time it is." Damon interrupted. Brian inhaled and held his breath. This was upsetting for both of them and he didn't want to say something he would regret later. "What the fuck happened?" Damon continued.

"Jeff ran a red light and lost control on the wet pavement and ran into a house."

"You're kidding right?" But knew his friend wasn't lying. "No!" Tears began forming in the corner of Damon's eyes, "Is he...?" He couldn't bring himself to ask the dreaded question that was in his mind.

"He's alive Dame, he's in a coma but the doctor says he's going to be fine."

"Coma?" Damon tensed up then let his head fall back as he put his palms on his temples and screamed.

"Take it easy I'm sure it's not as bad as they say. His parents are in town," that got Damon's immediate attention, "and they are at the apartment right now resting. The doctor said he might start let people seeing him this afternoon."

"But why, how?" Damon's muttering was barely comprehensible above his whimpering.

"We don't know Damon, that's why we were looking for you. We were worried maybe something happened to you or something. I mean man; the guys here have been all over campus looking; and the police too."



"This is all my fault!" Damon leaned forward and rested his hands in his hands as he sobbed.

"Don't take it too hard on yourself; I'm sure it's not your fault." Brian rubbed his friend's shoulder.

"Yeah it is. I knew something wasn't right, I knew it. I knew Josh was up to something."


"Yeah, we were at his place..."

"Tell you what Damon," Brian interrupted, "there's no need telling this story any more than necessary. If you were with him before the accident the police are probably going to want you to make a statement. And I guarantee you that Mr. and Mrs. Schultz will want to know."

The thought of seeing them did not appeal to Damon. Even though he had made a good impression on them when they last met that was under totally different circumstances. He had heard that when he and Jennifer 'broke up' she laid on the drama and painted a less then pretty picture of Damon to her parents. Of course that was before she discovered that her brother was her replacement! "Yeah, you're right." Damon thought aloud.

"I tell you what," Brian fished the policeman's card from his billfold. "Let me call Officer Feldman and let him know I found you then we can go to the hospital." The officer was off duty so Brian was transferred to voice mail where he left a message. Damon, in no condition to drive; rode with Brian."

At the hospital conditions were less then favorable for Damon and Brian.

The Schultz family had not returned and since neither Brian nor Damon was a relative; no information would be released. Brian pleaded he had been there with the family the night before but even though the less than friendly attendant remembered seeing him she informed him that once the family arrived then he could get the latest from them.

Brian tried calling the apartment; but, when no one answered, assumed they were still in church. As much as both wanted to wait in the hospital, Brian talked Damon into going back to the house knowing that Jennifer would contact him there when she could; or when she knew something.

When they returned to the fraternity house there was a message from Jennifer waiting for them. Brian talked briefly to the guys about what little he knew while Damon went straight to his room and collapsed on his bed. He didn't feel in any condition to be around people let alone attempt conversation.

Brian quickly wrapped up with the guys and returned Jennifer's call; then went to the room to find Damon lying on his stomach on his bed, with his hands crossed resting under his chin. Brian stopped to look at his glassy-eyed friend as he stared at nothing in particular.

"You okay?" Brian finally asked. When he didn't get a response he sat on the edge of the bed and rubbed Damon's shoulder.

"Jennifer said to tell you she's glad you're okay." Damon remained in his silent stare. "She says they just missed us. They called the hospital. The bitch attendant said we probably weren't even out of the parking lot yet." Brian chuckled, hoping to loosen Damon up with small talk.

"She said there was no change in Jeff's condition and the doctor wasn't letting any one up yet so it's just as well we came home. She and her parents aren't even going up for a while; her mother was going to try to take a nap." When he still didn't get a response Brian gave Damon a couple of quick pats on his back; then moved to his own bed.

He sat there for several minutes just looking at Damon who remained motionless wondering what was going through his friend's mind and what he could do to help. Tired from the long night he lay down himself and quickly drifted off.

* * *

"Mom, would you sit down." Jennifer woke from her nap to find her father reading the sports page from the local newspaper and her mother in the kitchen cleaning the countertop for the seventh time that day.

"I'm sorry, Sissy, but keeping busy keeps my mind occupied." Linda Shultz broke out in tears again. Jennifer gave her mother a hug.

"I'm sorry Mama, this is hard on all of us."

"I know Sissy, I know. Why won't they tell us anything?" The minutes that had gone by since they last checked in with the hospital had seemed like hours with no new news. During her cleaning spree Linda had also cleaned out the refrigerator and organized the cabinets.

She made some sandwiches with cold cuts she found in the refrigerator but nerves had their stomachs so tied up nobody could eat.

"You think we should go back to the hospital?" Almost before Wayne could finish asking his question, Linda had her purse and was waiting at the door.

Jennifer was a little more apprehensive. After sitting in the uncomfortable waiting room chair most of the night she wasn't sure she was ready for more of that.

"You just called, Daddy, and they said there was no change didn't they?" Her father's nod confirmed her statement. "If we can't get up to see him we might as well wait here. We're only ten minutes from the hospital." Her parents though would much rather pace the hard tile floor of the hospital even though they couldn't see their son. They at least knew he was in the same building.

* * *

"Guys, you have a visitor." Brian and Damon were awakened from their short nap by someone knocking and opening their door.

Brian sat up, yawned and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes then instantly recognized the policeman from the hospital.

After a quick nod, the chapter president, who had let the officer in, silently closed the door as he left.

A few others had gathered around trying to peek in the room, but, were quickly dispersed; to give Damon and Brian some privacy. The chapter president knew of Brian's current, and Damon's past, connection to Jennifer Schultz; but, wasn't totally sure where her brother played into the equation. But he knew that whatever was said; was neither his, nor any of the other's, business.

"Damon, wake up." Brian called out. As Damon rolled over and looked up there was an instant recognition by both he and Officer Feldman.

"Is something wrong?" Brian sensed something, but, not sure what.

"No," Officer Feldman quickly regained his composure and hoped Brian didn't see the sweat he felt forming on his brow. "I got your voice mail. Is this him?" Feldman looked back to Damon. While he appeared to be calm; his thought was, "Oh shit!"

"Yes Sir, Officer Feldman, this is Damon Jung, Damon this is the policeman who is investigating Jeff's accident."

"Oh, hi!" Damon sat straight up with a million thoughts running through his mind. But foremost was that since Brian was introducing him his friend must not have known they had already met.

"Damon is it? Or David?" The policeman questioned looking through his paperwork.

"No... Damon is right." He tried to remember everything else that had been said the night before.

Feldman kept his best poker face to not show his confusion; but, felt his pulse quicken and lost his concentration as anxiety took over. Brian noticed him gulp as he fumbled with his pen and notepad. The policeman seemed much better organized the night before.

"I see... That's Damon Jung spelled J U N G?"

"Yes, sir." Damon politely acknowledged.

"And were you with a Jeffrey Wayne Schultz yesterday evening?" Damon acknowledged with a nod. "What is your relationship to Mr. Schultz?"

Damon had to think hard on this question. While he knew the truth and did not want to deny his relationship status; he was also not sure where the officer was going with the questioning and what business it was of his. And, he did not want to hurt Jeff's case by admitting they were lovers.

"They're best friends," Brian finally answered for his friend. Feldman turned his gaze to Brian who continued. "Damon used to date Jennifer, you know Jeff's sister who you met last night."

"So let me get this right," Feldman looked back and forth between the two and pointed to Brian. "You two are roommates, and you're dating his ex-girlfriend?"

"Yes sir" Damon and Brian answered in unison.

"And now you are best friends with her brother," Feldman looked at Damon, "the one who was the one involved in the accident last night?"

"Correct," Damon answered.

"This sounds too much like the plotline of a bad WB series," Feldman shook his head in disbelief. The only connection he noted was that Damon and Jeff were friends. But remembering that Damon had been at 'Paul's' apartment early in the morning he couldn't help but wonder the real connection, if any. "When did you last see Jeff Schultz before the accident?"

"You mean what time?" Damon inquired.

"Yes, approximately."

"I think it was around Midnight, I don't remember for sure."

"Where had you been?"

"We were at a friend's house."

"Was that friend's name Josh?" Feldman bluntly asked, looking at his notes for the name Brian had given him.

Damon froze, he knew he needed to tell the truth but also knew he could be causing problems for his friend. "Yes sir," he finally answered.

"And what had you been doing at your friend's... Josh's place?"

"Excuse me?" Damon was unsure of the motive for the question and not certain how to answer.

"Had you or Mr. Schultz been drinking?" Feldman let him off the hook.

"Yes, we had."

"Can you tell me anything else about what happened?"

Damon was getting upset knowing this was more personal and had nothing to do with Jeff's accident but decided to answer honestly. At this point he had no way to know what other lies Josh had told either to him or to the officer.

"We had gone over at Josh's invitation for dinner and a movie. He also wanted us to see his new couch..." Damon hesitated before continuing, "and tell us the story of how it came to be in his possession."

"I see," Feldman looked at Damon, trying to read his face and wondering just what he knew.

"While I was in the restroom, Jeff left."

"Did he say why?"

"Not to me. I couldn't hear, the fan was too loud and drowns out all... other... sounds." Damon purposely stretched out the last three words. "Josh just said he left but wouldn't elaborate."

Feldman looked at his notepad for a few moments carefully putting together his thoughts before continuing. "And you stayed the night there with your friend... Josh?"

"Yes sir,"

Feldman couldn't think of how to ask what he wanted to know in front of Brian who had remained quiet and not sure of what was happening. "I guess that's all for now. We're waiting for the results of the blood test before we know what charges will be pressed."

"Charges?" This caught Damon's attention.

"We suspect Mr. Schultz had been drinking but need to know the alcohol level before we can determine if he was over the legal limit. The hospital would have run that test so I will swing by and pick it up before I finish my final report." Feldman took a card and nervously wrote on it before handing it to Damon. "Call me, when you can give me more information," then carefully threw in, "I would appreciate you speaking to me before anyone else, it has my cell phone number so you can call me directly."

"Understood." Damon took the card and placed it on his desk next to his laptop.

"That was strange." Brian commented once the officer was gone.

"Yeah, it was." Damon acknowledged; knowing that Feldman wanted him to personally call but not sure what the officer wanted, or if he really wanted to know.

"Now that's done, ready to go to the hospital?" When Damon nodded Brian stood and opened the door.

* * *

"I think he's waking up!"

Jeff's first recollection as he regained consciousness was his sister's voice; the second was massive pain throughout most of his body but mainly his head, arm and leg. Confusion was next, 'Why is Jennifer here?'

He slowly opened his eyes to a blur of bright light, and instinctively tried to raise his arms to cover his eyes. Not being consciously aware of the cast on his left arm; he struggled at first, but, once his muscles kicked in.....bopped himself on the forehead. "Shit."

"Close the curtain, it's too bright for him." Linda ordered, ignoring her son's profanity.

Jeff froze as the room came into focus. "Mom?" he weakly mumbled.

"Yes Bubby, Mommy is here." Jeff felt his mother place her hand over his. He tried to raise his head; but just as quickly let it fall back on the bed. From what he could see, he quickly deduced he was in a hospital bed which added to his confusion.

'I>Where the hell am I? What are they doing here? This doesn't look like a military hospital.'

"I thought you wanted it cheerful." Jennifer responded as she obeyed her mother. Jeff's mouth was open and he began to breathe heavily as he licked his lips.

"Let him wake up and his eyes adjust, hand me that glass of water I think he's thirsty." Linda put the straw to Jeff's mouth and he quickly began drinking. "Take it easy Bubby, you're still pretty banged up."

The look on his mother's face was an expression of concern mixed with happiness, one he could not read the meaning. "Sissy, go get the nurse... And tell your father, he's going to be relieved."

"What are you doing here?" Jeff finally managed to vocalize. "Where is here?" He lay back and starred at the bland white ceiling trying to remember what happened.

"You're in the hospital."

"Obviously," Jeff's sarcasm was lost on his mother who was more concerned with the pain she knew he was feeling. "I'm not on base am I?"


"This doesn't look like Naval Hospital." Jeff had been admitted before to the military infirmary; as well as to visit friends. The amenities and decor he could see in this room were definitely not reminiscent of the base hospital.

"No Hon, this is St. Anthony's?"

"St. Anthony's? In San Diego?"

Linda paused for a moment baffled by his questions. "Jeffy, you're in Indiana, you know, where you and Sissy go to school?" As she said this, Jennifer returned to the room followed by the nurse.

"School? I'm in the Marines, Mom, I'm supposed to be in California."

"Jeff, you were discharged four months ago."

"No way." Jeff swallowed then stared at the ceiling, deep in thought oblivious of the nurse taking his vitals. When she was finished she motioned for Linda to follow her out of the room, closing the door behind them.

Jeff closed his eyes and tried to think; but, all thoughts were interrupted by the throbbing he was feeling in his head and leg. 'Okay, so I'm not in the Marines any more, and in a hospital in Indiana. Think Jeff think.'

He tried to ignore the pain that was becoming more acute; and tried to remember what he was doing last.

'Discharged? Four months ago? How? I still have almost two years left! What's going on here? I don't even remember going to bed last night... but if what they tell me is true last night was over two years ago. Why can't I remember any of it?'

A sharp pain went up his left leg, when he tried to shake it off before he became aware of the brace holding his leg in place. He took a moment to realize his head was bandaged and he felt pain all over his body, Especially his left hand where a solution from an IV bag was dripping, entering his body on the back of his left palm and other wires connecting him up to other machines.

Jeff stopped struggling so he could concentrate. 'Dammit what is the last thing that happened to me?' Then a realization hit, he couldn't remember anything from the last two years but he remembered where he had been the night before. "FUCK" he yelled as Jennifer tried to hold his hand. 'I was at that gay bar! I went with Bradley who wanted to see real drag queens.' He felt the sweat on his extremities as he began to agonize the events of the evening. 'I can't believe he took me there... I can't believe I had a good time I'm not gay, and I didn't think Bradley was either!' Suddenly he felt a pain in the pit of his stomach and his pulse quicken as he let the worry get to him. 'I don't remember what happened... how did I get back to base? There was one guy Bradley slugged who was making passes at him... I don't remember anything else...'

"What the hell happened to me?" He yelled and began thrashing. Immediately some of the equipment he was plugged into began beeping as the Nurse stormed back into the room, followed by Linda.

"Oh my, what does that mean?" His mother screamed.

A nurse appeared from nowhere and quickly inspected the array of machines in the room.

"Shouldn't you call a doctor?" Linda worriedly asked.

"How do you feel Jeff?" The seasoned nurse ignored the concerned Linda and spoke directly to her patient.

"I hurt." Jeff mumbled.

"I know sweetie, you've been through quite an ordeal."

He looked at the civilian nurse then to his mother who held a look of concern. But where was his father? 'He found out I was at a gay bar and thinks I'm one!' Suddenly he realized that his sexuality could be in question with his family, with his buddies, with the military, with himself! "Hey good looking." He said to the nurse whom he suddenly realized was attractive.

"Everything's all right, just relax," the nurse adjusted the IV then smiled down to him and spoke in a pleasant voice. He returned her smile as he drifted to sleep.

* * *

Damon felt helpless waiting at the fraternity house. It had been a several hours since Brian had checked in and all Damon could do was consider no news good news.

At least Jeff was alive and the doctor said his condition was improving. When he regains consciousness they plan to move him from ICU to a regular room.

As much as Damon wanted to be there he felt the tension with Jeff's family. Neither of Jeff's parents had spoken much to him during the short time he was at the hospital. Wayne just gave him an evil stare and Linda all but being rude. They had each other, and Jennifer had Brian making Damon feel like a fifth wheel, out of place.

When he found he would not be allowed to see Jeff, at least while he was still unconscious and in intensive care Damon had asked Brian to take him home where he could lay comfortably in his own bed. His friends in the fraternity would come by from time to time to check on him but soon left due to lack of conversation.

During one of the periods when he was awake he turned on his computer long enough to send his father an email letting him know what happened to Jeff. It was when he turned off the computer that he noticed the card from Officer Feldman.

He lay in his bed holding the card, running it between his fingers and occasionally stopping to look it over. He really had nothing further to add to his statement yet felt obligated to call. He thought about calling to give Josh a heads up but decided against it. He felt Josh had caused enough trouble. Let him dig himself out of this mess on his own. Finally he took the phone and dialed the numbers.

"Feldman," Damon heard from the other end of the line after only two rings. Now that he had the officer he wasn't sure what he wanted to say. "Hello, anyone there?" The officer responded into the silent phone.

"Yes sir," Damon finally said, "This is Damon Jung, you asked me to call."

It was Feldman's turn to be silent. His pulse was racing a thousand miles an hour as he gathered his thoughts. He had purposely given his personal cell number to the college student wanting more answers; but, not sure what questions to ask.

He was straight for Christ's sake how did he get himself into this mess? If his wife ever found out he was messing around, much less with a faggot his ass would be grass.

He had been completely faithful throughout their six years of marriage and two years of dating before that. What would happen if people found out? His job, as well as his marriage, would be on the line. He really didn't know much about Paul, or Josh or whatever his name is other than he sucked dick way better then his wife ever could and was more than willing to do it any time he wanted it.

But could he be trusted?

"Yeah... I did, didn't I?" He snapped back to reality. "Hold on a sec." Feldman clicked the pause button on the DVR stopping his football game then got up from his recliner and took his cell phone outside. His wife wouldn't think anything of it since he did it often on police business, so that he could better hear above the kids and the television. "I'm back." Feldman stepped off his deck and walked around his yard while in conversation.

"I just wanted to know if you knew anything more?" Damon asked to keep it neutral.

"About your friend in the hospital? No." The silence was deadening until he continued. "Look, kid, you're not going to tell anyone where you saw me are you?" He wasn't sure whether or not Damon was gay but had a pretty good idea that he knew about Josh.

"No," Damon smiled to himself. He had a feeling the policeman would have asked this in their previous meeting had Brian not been there. "I don't recall seeing you anywhere else before you came to the fraternity house this morning."

"Good, keep it that way." The rough tone of voice almost pissed Damon off. "Look, I'm not a fag... I mean gay." Feldman suddenly remembered the sensitivity training he had been required to take. "I mean, your friend..."

"Officer to save you some embarrassment I know how Josh, or Paul if that's the name he gave you, can be. The nature of your relationship with him is none of mine or anyone else's business."

Damon paused not sure if he really wanted to say what he was thinking; but, continued. "He's the one you need to be concerned about; he can be quite bitchy if he doesn't get his way."

"He can?"

"Oh yes," Damon wanted to add more but knew he had said more than he should have already.

"Thanks Damon, I appreciate the heads up and will get back with you if I need anything else."

"Yes sir."

When the call was disconnected both men wondered what their next course of action should be.

* * *

"You sure they said this was alright?" Damon questioned Brian, as they stepped into the hospital elevator.

"They're hoping for something, anything to trigger his memory."

"I thought with amnesia you forgot who you were and all that."

"In the movies maybe, the concussion has blacked out Jeff's short term memory. He honestly thinks he should still be in the Marine Corps and doesn't remember his discharge or anything since then, including you."

"But he remembers everything else."

"Most of it, Jen or their folks have been talking about him growing up in Illinois and he can remember most of it but some things he's just not sure about."

"I don't see how I can help."

"You were the last person we know Jeff was with before the accident. Maybe seeing you will be what it takes, the doctor said most of the time this type of amnesia is temporary."

"We'll see," Damon sighed when they got to the room.

When Damon walked into the room all conversation stopped and heads turned. Wayne and Linda did their best to hide their apprehension and Jennifer gritted her teeth.

She wanted her brother back completely and understood more than her parents why the doctors wanted Damon to come over. But couldn't help but wonder what adverse affects there could be. If Jeff didn't remember school, the apartment or even her boyfriend Brian why would he remember Damon? If Jeff still thought he was in the Marines did that also mean he also 'forgot' he was gay?

Since he had regained consciousness the day before he had made several comments to his dad about 'chicks' he'd dated and had been flirting with the nurses. As much as Jennifer hated to admit it, she hoped that would be the case.

Damon stopped and stared in disbelief when he saw his lover. It was all he could do to hold back the tears at seeing Jeff scared and bruised but still couldn't keep from getting hard seeing how rugged his boyfriend looked after not been shaved for several days. His arm and leg were both in slings and while his head was bandaged blonde locks could be seen around the edges. As much as he wanted to run over and kiss him Damon knew better.

Jeff looked first at Brian whom he now recognized but did not remember then to Damon and their eyes met. Jeff's heart skipped a beat seeing Damon for what he thought was the first time. Damon was dressed in khakis and a polo that he purposely wore knowing Jeff had seen him in them before. He also did not wear a white undershirt knowing Jeff liked seeing how the dark chest hair shown when the top buttons were open. The only thing out of character was that rather then put in his contacts Damon had worn his glasses which even Jeff had seldom seen him in. But Jeff's Marine training kicked in and he did his best to maintain his composure and remained at attention showing no emotion. 'I know this guy!' Jeff thought, 'I know I've seen him before, but I don't know him... Why do I find him attractive?' Jeff stared at Damon for quite some time and when he noticed he was getting fidgety finally commented aloud. "Who is this?" He asked.

"This is Damon," Brian answered. "You are he are friends?"

"No, I don't know him." Jeff redirected and realized Damon was as nervous as he was and couldn't help but think there was something more that he should know, something more that he should remember but just couldn't."

"You met him when you came to school that weekend last year to see Jennifer, don't you remember?" Brian finally asked when no one else would speak.

Wayne looked up though, something didn't sound right. Didn't they first meet Damon when Jennifer brought him home?

"You've been best friends," Brian continued almost pleading, "You've been to the fraternity house, you've worked out together almost every morning, you've gone out drinking..."

"That's enough," Jennifer interrupted placing her hand on Brian's shoulder."

"Sorry," was all Jeff would say as he lay back and stared at the ceiling, focusing at a pattern in the holes on the ceiling tile. But he wasn't, he wanted to know who Damon was and how he knew him.

"I, I went to your cousin's wedding, you showed me around the farm?" Damon spoke with a cracked voice. He wanted to mention the barn loft but not with Jeff's parents present, he already felt like he was being stared through by both of them.

"Wedding? Who..." Jeff asked not moving his gaze.

"Angie, she finally married Travis." Jennifer educated her brother.

"Oh yeah, they've been dating like forever," Jeff recalled remembering his cousin, "They got married?" He was looking at his sister who nodded. "When?"

"Last May, just before school was out." Jennifer said.

"Last May, Damn how long was I out?"

"You were only unconscious for two days," Karen, the nurse who had been in the room answered. "But it appears your memory loss goes back much further."

"Ouch!" Jeff pounded his head back and even on the soft pillow the pain was unbearable.

"Jeff!" Damon yelled and at the same time Linda jumped from her seat.

Wayne grunted and looked at Damon as he sat in a seat near the foot of the bed.

Karen adjusted the pillow under Jeff's head to make him more comfortable then left saying she would see if she could get him something more for the pain.

"So let's get this straight," Jeff finally asked trying to sit up. "I know you, both of you and we're friends?" He looked back and forth but stopped on Damon. Both Brian and Damon nodded as he concentrated... wanting to know but just not sure... "I'm sorry guys, but I don't know either of you."

"Look at him Bubby," Linda was in tears knowing her son was in pain, "Are you sure you don't remember anything?"

'Damn,' he thought, 'if I knew him I'm sure I would remember.' Jeff once again looked Damon over. 'Why am I checking him out? Why is it I looked at his crotch? Why is it I know he's got a hairy chest and is uncircumcised? Why is it I care?' He closed his eyes to concentrate, if everyone present knows it must be true but why can't he remember anything more? "Angie got married?" He finally mumbled to change the subject.

"Yes, son she did." Linda held his hand.

"Has anyone contacted my CO? Does he know I'm here and not AWOL?" There was silence in the room no one knew what to say. "Who are these guys?" Jeff was looking right at Damon who bolted from the room crying.

"You alright buddy?" Brian asked finding Damon leaned against the wall outside the room.

"I don't know Brian, it hurts."

"I know, I know. They're hurting as well."

"But you don't understand."

"I'm sure I don't Damon, he's been... you've both been through a lot. Give him time I'm sure he will get his memory back."

"But when? Brian my god we're lovers, he's my partner, my boyfriend, my soulmate yet he doesn't even know who I am."

"The doctor said this is usually temporary, that his memory will come back."

"But in the meantime?" Damon grumbled.

"In the meantime....just pray."

* * * * * * * *

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