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This is a continuation of my story "Welcome to the Family" I would recommend you read it first to know the characters and their backgrounds.

Closets are for Clothes
by Jacob Adams  (

Chapter 12

Damon was panting heavily after running across campus, then up two blocks, to Josh's apartment. He paused on the second floor landing and bent over with his hands on his knees; while he regained his breath, watching drops of sweat drip from his forehead to the painted plywood floor. He tried to peek in the windows, but saw the blinds were drawn, unusual for Josh, who was not opposed to showing off for passers-by.

After calming, Damon first tried the doorknob; in the past he had let himself in plenty of times. But he realized times had changed, he no longer considered Josh the close friend he once had. When he found the door to be locked, he banged with closed fists on the old wooden door. Then when there was not an immediate answer, he took out his frustration and beat harder; pissed at what may, or may not have been said to his partner.

Just when he was about to leave, a perspiring Josh answered the door wearing only a robe.

"I don't guess I interrupted a shower?" Damon didn't even try to mask the sarcasm as he pushed Josh out of the way and entered the apartment.

"Come in Damon darling... Oh, you're already in. Twice in one week, I appreciate that you've decided to visit, but your timing is off."

"We need to talk about Friday night, Josh, or is it Paul?"

"Talk fast, so I can get back to who I was doing?" Josh released the robe just enough to expose his semen covered torso and limp penis.

Damon looked long enough to see the mess then turned away. "Looks like you're already done! Just what that the hell happened anyway?" Just then, Josh's entertainment walked out of the bedroom buttoning his shirt.

"Isn't it obvious?" Josh directed towards his guest.

"Not ten minutes ago, asshole, two nights ago."

"Lessee," Josh put his finger to his chin, "there was an earthquake in Bolivia, a partial eclipse in Cambodia and some cute little queen was wildly fucked in Frankfurt. Can you be more specific?"

"Um, I think I'd better leave." The guest said, making a quick exit.

"That's a good idea," Damon called after him, "And I'd stay away if I was you and you valued your reputation."

"That was cold." Josh continued once the door slammed. "Damn he has a big one, too bad he needs a little more training to know how to use it."

"Just like all the rest, Josh, huh?"

"Calm down little one, what's got you so riled up?"

"You tell me..." Damon paused then turned to face Josh, keeping his eyes on his friend's face. "Jeff was in an accident Saturday night."


"Yeah, only a few blocks away as a matter of fact after he left here."

"Oh, my." Josh's concern was serious as he sat on the arm of the sofa. "How is he?"

"In the hospital with a broken leg and arm, and hooked up to about a dozen machines. And he's lost his short term memory." Josh looked at him in disbelief. Damon kept silent for a moment, while Josh let it soak in. "Now... my dearest friend Josh..." Damon did his best to speak in a calm voice as he moved into place right in front of Josh's face. "Now can you tell me what you said to Jeff to get him to run out of here like that?"

Josh gulped, and then held his breath; he was dismayed to hear about Jeff, but did not appreciate the intrusion and accusations. With a smug half smile he pushed Damon aside. "First off, Miss Thang, you really need some mouthwash." Damon held his temper as he watched Josh cross the room and sat on the art deco fainting chair. He let the robe remain open exposing himself to Damon. "I told you your past was going to catch up with you."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Face it Dame, you're not relationship material. The sooner you get over him the sooner things can get back to normal."

"Josh, we've had this conversation before... recently and repeatedly I might add."

"Yeah, whatever. Are you so smitten by Blondie that you don't remember all the good times? Remember the parks? Remember a certain cheap motel?"

"Ancient history my friend, get on with it, what happed with Jeff?"

"I only told him the truth."

"What truth?"

"Let's just say he now knows about all the wild sex you're used to, and how you're never going to be satisfied with one man."

"You told him what?" Damon was furious as he paced the room with his hands on his head considering the possible damage.

"Just what I said... with a few added embellishments." Josh said meekly.

"What kind of embellishments?"

"I told him how when we, you and I, used to go slutting, how you loved to have three ways." It was then that Josh had a pang of guilt when he realized he might have caused Jeff's accident. "I really wanted in his pants, or more specifically, what's in his pants up my ass. I guess I really hoped he was drunk enough that I could have shared him with you."

"You WHAT?"

Josh held his head low. "And I sorta... led him to believe we had planned it together, and you wanted the threesome as bad as I did."

Damon was speechless. He had always taken Josh's bad parts along with the good. But he considered this to be inexcusable.

"I guess I scared him," Josh continued, "that was when he left."

Damon left without saying anything further.

* * *

Jeff sat silently in the raised hospital bed looking around at the flowers and get well gifts that had been delivered. When news of his accident made it around the circles back home his friends and family all sent something since few were able to make the trek. Other than his immediate family and Brian the only other visitors he had was Damon, whom he didn't remember and the priest. Although a few he had met at school in the few weeks he had been to town had stopped by, only to be disappointed to find he didn't remember them. He wasn't able to get out of bed what with the IV and other connections so boredom was easily getting to him. He pressed the button on the side of the bed to rise to a more upright position so he could see out the window and the unfamiliar landscape. To him the scenery was as unfamiliar to him as it would be on Mars. His last memory was of palms and hibiscus, not of oaks and azaleas. The sky was a deep blue with only few scattered clouds. His attention was drawn above the tree line to the twin spires of Holy Spirit Catholic Church where he knew his parents would probably be. He could see his mother in his mind as she lit a red candle then went to the front pew closest to the life size crucifix to the right of the altar. She would genuflect then kneel to pray, most likely for him and a quick return to health. Then would pull out her rosary and say more prayers. His father would have gone in with her more for support then for his own belief. Wayne was like most of the Schultz men had been for generations. He went to church on a regular basis and recited his memorized prayers that he had been saying since childhood. He would listen to the priest and make up his own mind as to what he wanted to believe, and outside the church building itself would never open a bible. The only times you would catch him on church property was for the occasional wedding, funeral or summer social. Jeff knew that his mother would catch the priest whom he was sure that by now she was best friends with and ask him to say a prayer and to stop by... again.

Jeff had spent most of the last couple of days, when he wasn't out from the pain meds, or in pain waiting for the meds, listening to his family, especially his mother, doting over him, trying to put together the pieces. He just wished he could remember something... anything about what had happened to him over the last two and a half years. He finally accepted the fact that the time had indeed passed, but not until seeing several magazines and newspapers showing current events as well as watching CNN to pass the time.

"How's my favorite patient today?" Jeff's attention snapped to the door when Nurse Karen walked in.

"I bet you say that to all your patients."

"No, believe it or not, I save it for the really special ones."

"Hmm, you like hot Marines then?" Jeff gave a coy smile as he flexed his bicep.

"Behave there soldier, you're still healing, let me have that muscle."

"Oh yeah, a dream come true."

"Dream on big boy, I'm here to take your vitals," Karen slapped a blood pressure sleeve around his arm.

"Big? Has some naughty nurse been taking peeks where she shouldn't have while her patient is drugged up?"

Karen raised a brow and smirked as she pumped the device. "I assure you Jeff, I'm completely professional." She removed the sleeve and took his pulse.

"So it's personal then?" Jeff winked.

"Possibly," She was quiet while she checked his IV and other connections. "The drugs he has you on must be giving you some pretty interesting dreams."

"Why do you say that?" When Karen's gaze momentarily went to his crotch Jeff immediately knew what she meant and blushed.

"Everything's normal so far," Karen ignored his embarrassment as she continued her job. "Have you had a bowel movement?"

"Um, not that I know of."

"You'd know it."

"Then no, I haven't"

"Hmm, three days and no BM, sounds like enema time."

"Whoa.."Jeff put up his hands and shook his head. "No way, this ass has an exit only sign on it. Bring on the prune juice but no enema."

"Just kidding, it's normal not to have one for a couple of days after surgery." Jeff gave her a sigh of relief. Karen finished and was notating his chart as the rest of the family came in. Jennifer gave him a quick kiss on the cheek then moved a couple plants so she could sit on the large window ledge and Wayne when straight to the chair he had previously arranged so he could see the TV. Linda stopped and surveyed the flowers to see if anything new had been delivered then went to the bedside and straightened the sheets before holding his hand. They watched but didn't interrupt the nurse as she finished her chart. She acknowledged the rest of them with a smile just before she turned to the door. "Your ortho-tech should be here soon."

"My what?"

"The person who checks your cast."

"Is she as cute as you are?" Jeff called to an empty door.

"He... is quite handsome." Karen popped her head back in long enough to say before leaving.

"Fine young lady," Wayne Schultz commented once she was gone.

"Oh, yeah." Jeff agreed showing a smirk as he put his hands behind his head exactly like he had seen his father do many times over the years.

"Guys!" Jennifer rolled her eyes then she and her mother looked at each other and shook their heads. Secretly Jennifer was quite content, she was sure she had her old brother back. The one who was always there for her when they were growing up; the one who played football for their high school team and coached the younger kids; the one who was popular with all the girls; and most of all, the one who did not date her ex-boyfriend.

* * *

Jim Feldman circled the block for the third time and once again stopped near the corner of Rose and Lincoln and looked across the street to the second floor apartment. He was not happy that Damon Jung was up there with Josh. That's right, Joshua Paul Fletcher. Feldman took some liberties and used some of the tools of his position to find out the identity of the faggot that lived there.

Jim was surprised to find that Josh was married, legally, to a female who resided in a house across town with another female and two children. What didn't surprise him was Josh's arrest record for alcohol, drugs and sex in public places. He hoped he could use the fact that Josh's parents seemed to have disowned him leaving an elderly grandmother as his only known relative. Dressed in street clothes and sitting in his personal vehicle, Jim patiently waited, trying to decide his next move.

He wanted to make damn sure that word of what he had been doing did not get out. He knew he could not, and would not, be branded queer. That could be the end of a fifteen year career as well as bring an end to his family life. As far as he knew only two people were aware of his activities, Josh and Damon. He wasn't sure whether or not either could be trusted, and Damon being there was not a good sign.

Jim's pulse raced and extremities began to sweat when he considered the possibility they could be discussing him! That queer Damon went running to his little queer friend right after their conversation. That could not be tolerated, what could he do?

He was about to leave and come back, he didn't want a neighbor calling in an occupied parked car when he saw Damon come out, slam the door and leave. Whatever happened, he didn't look too happy. Perhaps Josh didn't put out, waiting for Jim to show up. Nah, by now he knew the cocksucker was always horny and ready. But something happened.

Once Damon was out if sight Jim holstered his gun and went up to the apartment. He wanted to face Josh... alone.

* * *

"Is this a family event or can anyone join in?" Michael asked entering the room of laughing people.

"Come on in, have a slice of pizza." Jennifer called to the young orthopedic technician; "we have plenty if my brother doesn't scarf it all down." Jennifer recognized Michael from passing him a few times in the halls and when he had stopped by earlier.

"No thanks, just here to check on my patient."

"And you are?" Jeff asked, with a mouthful, feeling the visitor looked familiar.

"My name is Michael, I'm here to check your cast," He went right to work. "This is the first time I've been in when you've been awake. I guess that's a good sign you're getting better. How are you feeling?"

"You a doctor?" Jeff suspiciously furrowed his brow. Michael stood about 6 foot 1 with a slender athletic build. His Caesar cut dark hair was perfectly in place with the front fringe curved a little to the right. But something clicked as the ortho-tech came closer and Jeff got a closer look at his green eyes and perfect white teeth. Something seemed vaguely familiar, but what? And why?

"No!" Michael laughed, "I don't get paid as much as they do. And don't put in the hours either," bringing light laughter from the entire Schultz family. "I work my 7-4, maybe a little over time unless I have a night class, and my weekends are usually free."

"What are you then?" Jeff wanted to know, hoping it would help him understand why Michael looked familiar.

"I'm an orthopedic technician. I check the cast on your leg and make sure your healing is progressing properly."

"That's like a doctor?" Jeff insisted.

"The orthopedic surgeon set your leg; he put the bones all back where they're supposed to be. Then it's my job to make sure you walk again." The family looked on as Michael went about his job checking the cast.

Jeff nervously hoped that neither the family nor Michael noticed his penis twitch under the thin fabric when the tech's hands accidentally brushed against it while checking the end of the cast. This confused Jeff, why was this happening now? Why was he getting hard when a guy touched him? He didn't remember a similar response when the nurse touched him. Jeff rested his head on the pillow and looked up to the ceiling letting his mind wander hoping to prevent a full erection.

He slightly turned his head and his gaze went straight to Michael's crotch and a noticeable bulge. Jeff immediately jerked his head back. 'Why am I looking at that?' He wondered. Unconsciously he looked back and saw Michael's security badge attached to his belt on a retractable clip. As he looked at the photo he couldn't help but think 'this guy doesn't look much older than me!' Next to the picture was the name in a large font "Michael Young." with the hospital logo underneath.

"Michael Young?" Jeff mumbled not intending to be heard.

"That's me." Michael gave a crooked smile.

Embarrassed at being caught, Jeff closed his eyes and looked away. 'Michael Young' Jeff thought, then for some reason asked "Isn't Young sometimes spelled Jung?"

Jennifer held her breath, wondering what that meant.

"Yes," Michael stopped working momentarily being caught off guard, "You mean like Carl Jung, the psychiatrist?" Jeff unconsciously nodded. "That's the German spelling."

"Oh, I thought I'd head that somewhere before." Jeff relaxed as he remembered a class he took in high school. "Carl Jung, that's right, he worked with Freud for a while. I remember that now."

"I guess remembering nonsense is better than nothing at all." Wayne grumbled as Linda made the sign of the cross and said a silent prayer.

"Daddy, I think that was from Mr. Harris' psychology class back at Spring Hill High. That was from before; so that's not a break through." Jennifer commented.

"You've lost your memory?" Michael seemed surprised.

"He doesn't remember anything over the last two years," Jennifer informed the technician. "He thinks he's still in the Marines."

"Is that so?" Michael commented.

"I think I've moved on past that point," Jeff growled to his sister. "I know the time has passed, I just don't remember..." he trailed off as his mind suddenly flashed seeing a dance floor full of people including Michael."

"Everything looks good," Michael finally said, snapping Jeff back. Jeff looked up to Michael's face and couldn't understand why he found him attractive. "The doctor will want to see you again in the next day or two, but we should be able to start therapy soon."

"Therapy," Linda gasped.

"Physical therapy, he's going to need to learn how to walk on crutches until he gets his own strength back."

"Is that really necessary?" Wayne asked.

"Afraid so, his leg is going to be out of commission for up to 12 weeks, maybe less. He appears to be in good shape though."

"I'm a Marine." Jeff boasted, bringing a smile to his father's face.

"So that should speed the healing process." Michael continued. "In no time you'll be as good as new and tearing up the dance floor." As he spoke Jeff felt the blood run to his penis and the organ begin to stiffen.

"The what?" Jeff was surprised at the correlation after his recent vision.

"It's easier to walk than dance, I'm being optimistic you're going to be better than ever." Michael explained, but knew why he said what he did. As he turned to leave, he pulled the blanket that had been crumpled, up to Jeff's waist, covering the evidence of Jeff's excited state. If the family noticed Jeff's problem no one said anything as Jeff quickly moved his hand to cover it.

Michael though had noticed, and smiled as he left, unseen by the family in the room behind him. He definitely remembered seeing Jeff before, and knew exactly where he had seen him. When he had inquired, his bartender friend, Chuck told him to lay off, Jeff had a boyfriend. But with what Michael had just witnessed, he had a feeling the attraction he felt for his patient was mutual.

* * *

Brian was confused as to Jennifer's attitude. The family had met with a staff psychiatrist who suggested being surrounded by personal items rather than the sterile hospital fixtures may speed his recollection. It was Linda's idea for them to go the apartment looking for some of Jeff's personal items to take to the hospital hoping that something may trigger his memory, anything. At the hospital Jennifer had been the only one to question the doctor, but was immediately hushed by her mother who was determined. On the short drive from the hospital Jennifer complained incessantly to Brian about how it was a stupid idea. Once in the apartment Jennifer seemed only interested in gathering items from childhood.

"How about this?" Brian pointed to the football trophy on Jeff's dresser.

"That's good Bri."

He dropped the trophy in the box along with a photo of Jeff and Damon together at the fraternity car wash that she didn't see. She thought his Marine Corp cap and t-shirt was good but not his laptop or notebook. After gathering several more items they returned to the hospital.

Linda grabbed the box and shooed Jennifer and Brian off to the cafeteria while she showed Jeff the items one at a time, then placed them throughout the room. Jeff remembered the older pictures and winning the trophy, holding it while his mother continued going through the box. He stared at his discharge certificate from the Marines trying to remember receiving it. He couldn't believe seeing his name printed on a class schedule printout with the name of the university at the top, and a couple of books from those classes with notes scribbled in his handwriting in the margins. The last thing she handed him was a couple of unopened letters that he recognized as being from his cousin Ryan. He remembered the weekly letters he always received from his cousin while he was in the Marines and how he always looked forward to them. He was in deep thought wondering why he hadn't read these when he was interrupted by visitors. His mother took the letter he was about to open and placed it back in the box sat then sat it aside.

Later, after the family had gone back to the apartment to get some rest he found the photo of himself with Damon. As he held the photo and stared at it he wanted to remember when it was taken and why he looked so happy. He tossed the picture aside then reached up to turn off the room light. 'His name is Damon they say, Damon Young.' He had an epiphany, 'Hey, I don't think they said his last name when he was in here, did they? How is it I know that?'

He turned the light back on, then struggled to reach for the discarded photo and looked at it again, but like before couldn't remember anything more. He placed the picture on his tray, leaning it against his water cup so that he could see it; and stared at it until he finally drifted off to sleep.

'This is it,' Jeff thought as he opened the door and quickly entered, then looked out the glass door to see if he had been followed or watched. He wore an unneeded windbreaker and Adidas baseball cap to disguise his identity as a Marine. He'd parked his Jeep three blocks away in a dark side street and walked up alleys to avoid being seen on the main street. He knew there were probably other gay bars in town but this is the one he knew, the one he had been to two weeks prior with his buddy Rick Bradley who was thrown out when Rick got into a fight. The whole incident had confused Jeff; making him question his whole life to that point and making him curious to go back.

"You?" the doorman said, seeing and remembering Jeff's previous visit. "I'm getting the manager."

"I'm sorry about last time." Jeff apologized.

"I bet you are," the doorman waved to the manager. "You're lucky Donnie didn't press charges."

"It wasn't me," Jeff pleaded as the manager showed up, "I had nothing to do with that, and I'm sorry it happened. He's not with me tonight."

"And he'd better not show up," The manager took Jeff's military ID from the doorman and seemed to study it, looking at Jeff several times comparing him to the mug. "Let him in Billy. And you..." Jeff's eyes were wide at his first experience with an effeminate male, "I'll be watching you."

"So will half the bar," Billy mumbled as he put Jeff's cover charge in the cash register then took the opportunity to look him up and down.

Jeff felt self-conscious as he took a seat on a bar stool and ordered a beer. He tried to look straight ahead, afraid that if he looked around, it would be interpreted as making a pass. Through the reflection in the mirrored wall behind the bar though he could see the people around him and could tell they were talking about him and making occasional glances in his direction. He was able to overhear several conversations as he nervously sat alone while he drank his beer and observed.

On his first visit, two weeks prior, he had expected to freak being surrounded by gay people and worried what he would do if someone made a pass. But while he wasn't completely at ease, he wasn't uncomfortable either. On that first trip he was aware he was being checked out and even though it pushed his friend Rick over the edge, Jeff found it didn't bother him.

As he built the courage to look around the first thing he noticed was that no one was outrageously dressed like he expected from the stereotypes. Most of the crowd was in jeans or khakis and appeared what he would consider normal.

There were a few women, but most of the crowd was young men around his age. His attention was drawn to the stage at the back of the bar where he had seen drag queens on his last visit, but it was now full of dancers... men dancing with men! Jeff didn't find it repulsive, or disgusting, like he thought he would, it was just guys dancing the same as he would dance.

He surveyed the dancers and focused on one in particular, who had a haircut similar to his own, making him wonder if it was another Marine skirting 'don't ask don't tell'. The dancer was wearing khaki shorts and a tight black tank top that displayed his well-defined shoulders and arms with a tribal band tattoo. Jeff began admiring his body, noticing the narrow waist, guessing the tank top covered a six-pack, also wondering how much time he spent in the gym to look so buff. Jeff unconsciously rubbed his own bicep while watching.

Jeff had always respected a guy who played sports or took time to take care of his body, but never before thought of it in a sexual way.

"Hot isn't he?" Jeff's attention was interrupted by the person on the next stool.


"I see who you're watching," the stranger said.

"Oh," Jeff blushed, knowing he was caught, but didn't know what to say as he suddenly realized he really was checking out a guy.

"I think he's a jarhead too."


"Articulate aren't we?" the stranger laughed. "I remember you. You were here a couple weeks ago with another guy like you. I must admit, after your friend's handiwork, I'm surprised to see you back."

"Well I..."

"Not that I'm complaining mind you. We don't get too many of you military types in here, and while it makes some of the regulars nervous, others look forward to the fresh meat."

Jeff remained silent, not really knowing what to say.

"My name's Logan." Logan extended his hand.

"Jeff," he reciprocated.

"Now that introductions are made, what are you looking for Jeff?"

"I... I'm not sure."

"Then why are you here, you know where you are, so you're bound to have a reason for coming back."

"Yeah, I guess."

"You do want to get laid don't you?"


"I know I do, and would really like for it to be you."

"Blunt aren't you?" Jeff said, taking a swig.

"You have to or else the good ones get away. You're a newbie aren't you?" Jeff looked away but didn't respond. "Thought so."

"Look I don't know why I'm here, I mean I'm straight."

"Straight back to the gay bar first chance you got. I saw you checking that guy out, doesn't sound too straight to me." Jeff gave him an evil glare, but knew Logan was right. "How'd you like to find out how straight you really are?"

"I don't know." Jeff said apprehensively.

"You came back, and you're by yourself so you're obviously curious about something... aren't you Jeff?"

"I guess."

"You have a girlfriend?"

"Not any more."

"Let me guess, you dumped her because she wouldn't put out?"

"No... It wasn't like that."

"That's the usual story from guys like you."

"That's not what it was." Jeff raised his voice as he got defensive.

"So the sex wasn't good with her then?"

Jeff didn't say anything but Logan knew by his expression he had hit home. "Do you want to talk about it?"


"Aha, so she dumped you!"

"Would you just shut the fuck up." Jeff grabbed his beer and turned away from Logan. He looked for his dancer who was no longer on the dance floor.

"Temper, temper, you don't want to be kicked out again do you." Jeff remained quiet. "So maybe the sex wasn't good enough for her because you were thinking about what it would have been like with a guy."

Jeff turned back and looked at Logan with furrowed brows. "You've got it all wrong, she liked me and wanted it probably more then I did." He realized his slip and continued before Logan could interrupt. "She moved away with her family, okay. She didn't... dump me as you put it. She moved so we agreed to break it off. That's it, end of story. I don't want to talk about it any more."

Jeff had been dating Tina for several months and had an active sex life. Most of which was from the thrill factor that her father was a Navy officer. But even before her father was deployed and her mother decided they would be better off back in Atlanta around family Jeff knew the relationship was over.

All they had was sex, and even then Jeff had felt she was just going through the motions, that she wasn't getting into it as much as he was. Not that she ever feigned headache or anything like that, she just lay there and let him do what he wanted. As soon as he came, she was the one ready to zip up and leave.

"Did she go down on you?" Logan broke Jeff's musing.

"Well, no... Wait, she did once at first."

"Don't tell me, she bit and gagged."

"Yeah," Jeff was surprised wondering why Logan thought that.

"You know I never do either, and think you have plenty to gag on." Logan grabbed Jeff's cock through his jeans.

"Hey..." Jeff jumped back and bumped into someone.

"Sorry," Jeff turned then locked eyes with the dancer who standing behind him ordering a drink.

"No problem," was the reply as the dancer he had been watching grabbed two longnecks and looked Jeff over as he turned and went to his waiting friend. Jeff felt his pulse quicken and his cock twitch.

"I tell you, he's problems." Logan sounded distraught.


"That one, he may look hot, but let me tell you, what a virgin like you needs... is to be with someone more... seasoned."

"I bet," Jeff had not taken his gaze from the dancer and had only half heard what Logan had said. He broke his stare and turned when the dancer winked at him and licked his lip before turning away.

"You know, I have a place not too far away." Logan persisted. "I'm gentle; you don't have to do anything. I know you're horny." Jeff felt his cock stiffen a little realizing Logan was right. "You can leave if you're not comfortable, but I have a feeling you won't."

Jeff said nothing, being totally confused. It was curiosity that brought him back, but he wasn't sure he wanted to have sex with another man. Yet, he hadn't been with anyone since Tina moved and he was ready to lose a load. He hadn't even had time, or privacy, to take care of himself. His cautious nature warned him to be careful but his hormones told him to take what he could get.

"No... I don't think so." Jeff looked back to Logan with wide scared eyes. He came in with the mind-set that he only wanted to check things out and never even considered that someone might make a pass at him.

"Suit yourself stud." Logan ran his fingers across Jeff's muscular shoulder and down his arm. Jeff was surprised but did nothing to stop his suitor. "I think you're really hot."

"Look man, I'm not sure about this."

"Do you want me to stop?" Logan carefully placed his hand on Jeff's chest to see if he could flinch. When he didn't Logan slowly moved down the torso gauging Jeff's reaction but could tell by the bulge in his jeans that even if he wouldn't admit it Jeff was enjoying the attention.

Jeff froze not knowing what to do. He was used to being cool, collected and completely in control of his feelings. But these were new feelings he was experiencing and despite his Catholic country boy upbringing telling him this was wrong he knew he wanted it and always had. He finally let his body relax and groaned and he let himself enjoy the caress.

"That's it," Logan licked his lips, "Let me do the driving, you can just enjoy the ride. So what do you say? Wanna come over for a while?"

'What would it hurt?' Jeff thought, 'I get off and no one needs to know. So what if it's a dude?'

Logan couldn't hide his excitement when Jeff nodded yes and didn't waste any time heading towards the door, hoping Jeff wouldn't change his mind or cop out.

As Jeff took one final look around before he left, he saw the dancer raise his brows and smirk in his direction, then pull the guy he had been dancing with in for a kiss that Jeff was sure was meant to tease him.

They walked in silence several blocks to Logan's loft with Jeff constantly thinking he should bolt. He had never been a nervous person, but his stomach was tied up in knots in anticipation of what could happen. He knew he was horny as hell and really wanted some action, but was this what he really wanted? He had no idea what guys did with each other, other than the obvious. And while he knew he appreciated male bodies and stole looks in the showers on base at other's equipment could he really put one in his mouth? He liked the feel of fucking a pussy and knew what the male equivalent would be and not sure he could do it. But worse, what if Logan wanted to do that to him? In sizing up his cohort he surmised that he could easily win a fight if need be. As they walked up the stairs Jeff realized that for the first time in a long time he was nervously sweating. All too soon, before he realized it Logan was closing the door behind them.

"It's not much, but its home."

Jeff looked around the apartment once they were in and Logan turned on the lights and gave it an appreciative nod. "It's not bad."

"Probably better than your little apartment on base."

"How did you know?"

"Been there. You Marine boys aren't as straight as you'd like us faggots to believe." Jeff followed Logan into the living room where he turned on a small nightlight on an end table, then some dance music like what had been playing in the bar. "Like that?"

"It's okay."

Jeff followed Logan to a bar in the corner of the room where he pulled a couple of beers from a small refrigerator handing one to Jeff.

"Okay? Who do you like?"

"I listen to country," Jeff boasted.

"Oh Gawd," Logan rolled his eyes and took a swig then placed the bottle on the bar. Jeff appeared relaxed and at first didn't seem to mind when Logan placed his hands on the Marine's waist. He noticed the bead of seat on Jeff's brow and felt him tense up as he looked into his blue eyes. "So where are from country boy? I do think I detect a Mid-West accent."


"Oh, Chicago?"

"No, Spring Hill."

"Near Chicago?"

"Not even close."

"I think it's warm enough that you don't need this." Jeff didn't resist as Logan opened the windbreaker and pulled it off Jeff's shoulder's exposing the white tank top underneath. "Nice." After he tossed the jacket, Logan ran his hands across Jeff's well defined shoulders and muscular chest. "My, my, they do know how to build you boys' right." He felt the tight six pack abs just before he lowered the zipper of Jeff's jeans. "So I have a bonafide Mid-Western farm boy do I?"

"Yes sir?"

"Don't call me sir, I'm not much older than you, and I definitely don't play servant."

"Huh?" Jeff was confused by the terms.

"You really are naive aren't you?" Logan snickered. He could tell Jeff was nervous and was hoping the chatter would put his trick at ease. He was surprised when Jeff exhaled slightly to make it easier for him to unbutton the jeans then placed his thumbs inside the waistband and in one motion lowered the jeans and briefs.

Jeff held his breath, he knew Logan was in charge, and it was too late to worry about building up courage. Jeff wasn't nervous about being exposed. After years of playing school sports, not to mention being in the military, he was used to being naked in front of other guys. He knew that even in those bastions of heterosexual masculinity they were all checking each other out and comparing the other's equipment to their own, though none would admit it. And now, here he was, alone with another man who was sitting with his face merely inches from Jeff's crotch, the closest that any male had ever been.

"No question about your being blonde!" Logan whispered then began lightly blowing on the organ in front of him. "Damn you're big. You are going to make a lot of guys really happy, starting with me."

"It's not that big" Jeff was humbled, but knew his seven inches was above average.

"Whatever," Logan buried his nose in the blonde bush and inhaled. "Damn you smell good... but calm down, there's no reason to be nervous."


"Nothing to be sorry about stud," Logan stuck out his tongue and licked the exposed head causing a jump. "Steady," Jeff didn't have a chance to think about it before his cock was no longer a virgin to male lips. He felt a sudden surge of pleasure rush through his body that caused him to lose his balance and fall forward, before catching himself on the back of the sofa. The action caused his cock to be thrust further down Logan's eager throat, turning the cocksucker on even more.

Jeff kept his focus on a painting on the wall worried that he would be turned off if he looked down and saw a guy sucking his schlong. But when he did look, he was surprised to find not only that it didn't, but that he was actually turned on to see Logan masturbating while he was taking care of him!

It didn't take long for Jeff's orgasm to build. "I'm gonna cum," he warned out of consideration, remembering how girls did not want his load in their mouth. Logan, though, not only didn't seem to mind, but grabbed Jeff's cheeks and pulled him forward, making sure Jeff didn't back out.

Jeff decided to go with the flow, knowing the feeling would be awesome if he shot while the lips were tight around him. When Logan felt Jeff tense and his penis begin pumping he pulled back far enough to enjoy the taste as the nectar sprayed over his tongue hitting the back of this throat. Jeff was surprised that Logan didn't miss a beat and continued stroking his own organ during his intense orgasm to experience his own less than a minute later. Jeff finally collapsed on the sofa completely sated.

Logan excused himself to clean up and returned with a towel for Jeff. "So how was that big boy? Ever have a girl that good?"

"That was awesome," Jeff responded and he quickly zipped up, now self-conscious about being exposed.

"You want to know the best part?"

"What's that?" Jeff asked at the same time declining the offer of a cigarette.

"I still respect you, I don't expect a phone call and I'm not picking out china patterns." Jeff cackled to Logan's comment. "Not to mention you didn't have to waste the night buying me drinks and using tired pickup lines. And guess what, the night is still young so you could go back and pick up someone else if you want."

"No," Jeff looked around for a clock. "I should be really getting back to base before I'm missed."

"Suit yourself." Logan walked him to the door.

"Call you?" Jeff asked more to avoid silence than anything else.

"Yeah right, tell you what pretty boy; the next time you need to get off, look for me at the club and I'll see who I can fix you up with." Logan gave a smirk as he closed the door leaving Jeff in the hallway looking at the brass apartment number. He shrugged then quickly hiked down the stairs and out the building to find his Jeep.

"I hope you were dreaming about me?"

"Who the fuck are you?" Jeff was startled awake to find a stranger at the foot of his bed.

"A-ha so the memory loss thing is true?" Josh put his hands on his hips and turned the flame up a notch.

"Don't tell me I know you?"

"'Fraid so big boy. And I mean that literally!" Josh made no secret to cover the fact he was staring at Jeff's hard on that was quite visible through the thin hospital sheets. "Now I see almost first hand why Damon keeps you around.


"Damon, you know, about six foot, dark hair, green eyes, nice cock... your boyfriend."

"No way!"

"Come on Blondie, don't tell me you don't remember your main squeeze?"

Jeff with a tear in his eye shook his head no, "I don't know what you're talking about, I AIN'T NO FAGGOT LIKE YOU." Josh ducked and missed the cup of juice Jeff flung. Two nurses hearing the commotion ran in and saw the mess on the wall.

"Sir, we're going to have to ask you to leave. Only immediate family is allowed on this floor at this hour."

"I'm just visiting my friend Jeffy here." Josh lowered his voice and gave his best butch posture.

"Either you leave now or I'm calling security." The nurse was already walking towards the phone.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever, if you're talking about the big dumb brunette he knows me, fucked me last night as a matter of fact." Josh was already walking towards the door so they didn't see his smile, but he could more than imagine their surprised look.

The nurses quickly apologized and after making sure he was comfortable quickly left the room, leaving Jeff wide awake and deep in thought. He couldn't believe the detail of the dream he'd just had... But he knew it wasn't a dream! He remembered the bar, Logan, everything that happened that night. He also remembered the dancer... Aaron was his name and running into him on base the following week. He couldn't remember details yet, but he knew Aaron was responsible for bringing him out of his proverbial shell and introducing him to the gay world and lifestyle. Jeff looked at his tray and saw the photo which he noticed had been moved. He picked it up and held it, looking it over yet again.

'So, I started going to gay bars and picking up guys?' Jeff still couldn't recall being out of the Marines or meeting Damon. 'At least, if I am gay, and you're really my boyfriend; I have good taste.' Jeff felt his cock twitch as put the photo back in place, then reached down and slowly stroked himself to a full hard on. He wasn't sure what was true and what wasn't; but he knew he enjoyed it whatever it was.

* * * * * * * *

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