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This is a continuation of my story "Welcome to the Family" I would recommend you read it first to know the characters and their backgrounds.

Closets are for Clothes
by Jacob Adams  (

Chapter 13

Jeff woke with the morning sun shining brightly into his room and onto his bed. He closed his eyes and soaked up the warmth wishing he could be outdoors in the fresh air and thinking about morning workouts he had been missing. He felt his bladder beckoning to be emptied and was frustrated at being tied to the bed with the IV and other assorted tubes and wires. He had just finished draining himself into the bedpan and quickly covered himself when his family entered the room.

"Lookie here Bubby Moma has made breakfast for you!" Jeff licked his lips and inhaled taking in the aroma of his mother's home cooking.

"Hey there boy," Wayne sat the box he was carrying on the table next to the bed then squeezed his son's shoulder before taking his normal seat, turning so that he could see the TV.

"We went to the supermarket last night to get some groceries so I could fix dinner. I figured while I was there I may as well get enough for breakfast so I could bring you something. I know that hospital food can't be as good as Mama's home cooking." Linda began taking dishes out of the box spreading them the best she could on the bed table.

"Sounds good to me." Jeff pushed the button to move into a more upright position so he could enjoy some real food. "Da-yum Mom! You didn't have to do all this!" A feast was sitting before Jeff consisting of ham, bacon, sausage links, hash browns, grits, scrambled eggs with onions and peppers and a stack of pancakes.

"I need my baby to stay big and strong don't I?"

"But Mom, with all this food and just laying around I'm going to be the wrong kind of big."

"Now now dear, nothing wrong with a few healthy pounds now eat before it gets cold."

Jeff knew better than to argue with his mother so took a fork and dug in while she watched and re-arranged the nightstand of items. "What's this?" Linda picked up the photo of Jeff and Damon and wondered why it was there. Even though Jennifer didn't seem to have any problems being around her ex-boyfriend Linda wasn't sure she wanted anything to do with Damon the way he'd treated her daughter.

"Brian brought that yesterday; you remember to help me remember things?"

"Oh...but why a picture of him?" Linda sat it aside and took as seat at the foot of the bed next to her husband.

"They're still saying he and I are best friends Mom."

"Good Morning Jeff, I think I'm jealous look at this layout." Nurse Karen came in and eyed Jeff's breakfast.

"He's not on a restricted diet is he?" Linda worried.

"Not officially, but I wouldn't let the doctor know about this." Jeff sat his fork aside so Karen could do her job taking vitals. "Do you remember anything else yet Jeff?"

He hesitated a moment before responding negative. He had a feeling that knowing about his first gay sexual experience wasn't something anyone present wanted to hear about. Beyond that he wasn't sure he anything else to report.

"Don't worry, it will come back." Karen said sounding hopeful but knew there was a possibility he may totally lose recollection of the last two years. "Where's your sister?"

"She's in class she'll be in later with her boyfriend."

Karen stopped, "Do you remember Brian being her boyfriend?"

Jeff thought for a moment then realized he did! True, he had been introduced but... "Yeah, I guess do!" Linda cried in excitement. "I remember they met last year and started talking to each other over the summer. He's in the Sig Ep fraternity and pre-law. He lives in Indianapolis and has an older sister and younger brother."

"Anything else?"


"If you remember that much is there anything else?" Karen noticed the photo and picked it up; holding it so Jeff could see it. "Do you remember this being taken?"

Jeff froze as he looked once again. He now suddenly recognized the blue car they were leaning against... and he knew they were in a parking lot... "Kroger" he mumbled.

"What?" Three people in the room asked, both Wayne and Linda were sitting on the edge of their seats in anticipation.

"That's Damon's... That guy with me is Damon and that's his car. We were in a parking lot, at Krogers."

"What were you doing there? Who took it?" Karen continued to prod.

Despite much concentration Jeff couldn't remember anything else and just shook his head. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry Bubby, it's not your fault. This is a breakthrough though, isn't it?" Linda looked at Karen with pleading eyes.

"I think it's definitely a move in the right direction." Karen was no expert but at the same time did not want to douse the family's hopes.

The rest of Jeff's day went slow and boring since all he could do was watch TV and be coddled by his mother. He would never admit it but looked forward to the times she left him alone and would often suggest going home to take a nap or maybe going to the mall. Wayne though left the room several times to stretch his legs and get some fresh air. He was not used to so much sitting and being indoors and not sure how much more he could take.

The doctor paid a visit shortly before lunch and was pleased with Jeff's progress and ordered him disconnected from everything. The first thing Jeff tried to do once free was sit up on the side of the bed. That lasted all of fifteen seconds before he was suddenly dizzy and had to lie back down.

Brian and Jennifer came over immediately after classes but Damon purposely stayed away. As much as he wanted to be with his partner it hurt too much to see him looking the way he did and even more not to be remembered. Damon could also sense Jeff's parents did not want him there. While they didn't say anything directly to him their body language made him uncomfortable. Brian assured him he would call with any new news the moment he found out himself. Linda brought Jennifer and Brian up to date with Jeff's progress. Both were happy, but Brian silently wondered why it was that Jeff now could remember him but still had no remembrance of Damon.

Knowing Jeff was out of danger and should recover fine Wayne wanted to return home to Spring Hill saying he needed to get back to work. Linda accused him of being insensitive and refused to even consider it saying she needed to be by her only son's side. Wayne also grumbled about work that needed to be done around the house getting it ready for winter. Linda would hear nothing of it and an argument broke out. Jennifer suggested they take it to the apartment so as not to bother Jeff. Since it was already late afternoon it was agreed they would leave and have dinner at home rather then eat cafeteria food again.

No sooner had they gone when Jeff was visited by Physical Therapist Doug who helped Jeff sit up, he still got dizzy but with Doug's help it passed quickly. Doug sat next to Jeff on the side of the bed with his arm around him to keep him steady. When he was convinced Jeff is okay he moved so that Jeff could sit on his own then moved off the bed. He had Jeff raise his arm and was impressed with the range of motion but noticed Jeff wince from pain at certain points from the laceration to his shoulder. While he was letting Jeff rest he noticed the photo on the table and picked it up.

"Is this your partner?" Doug picks up the photo.

"Why is it everybody seems so obsessed with him?" Jeff chose to ignore the actual question.

"I'm sorry I forgot." Doug remembered being told him about Jeff's memory.

"Forgot what?" Jeff asked suspiciously.

"Look, I don't want to get involved with your personal situation."

"You already have bubba, what's going on."

"Michael told me how you've lost your short term memory and don't remember your partner that is so sad. You two looked so good together."

Jeff furrowed his brows and lowered his voice. "Looked? What are you talking about?"

"I've seen you before," Doug hesitated. "You were at The Palace together... several times."

"What Palace?"

"The gay bar here in town."

"I was never at no gay bar with anyone." Jeff folded his arms and looked away. He had remembered enough to know what he had done while still in the Marines but refused to admit anything else not knowing this person.

"Yeah, I know you don't remember anything but trust me, you've been there several times in the last few months."

"I was?" Jeff's voice crackled. It wasn't a question as much as a confirmation. With what Jeff did remember he knew it was likely he had been there. But Damon as a partner? As is lover? How was this possible? All he had been told was that Damon was Jennifer's ex boyfriend and that they had become best friends since school started. He did notice though that it was Brian who was the one who always mentioned Damon.

"Yeah, I know you drink Bud Light and your partner likes Jaegermeister. One night you and a lesbo beat me and my partner in pool."

Jeff seemed to be contemplating what Doug had said when they were joined in the room. "It's true Jeff, I was there that night." They turned to see Brian in the doorway.


"Yeah, the 'rents are throwing attitude big time I had to get out of there. Your mom makes a killer meatloaf though."

"She sure does." Jeff agreed and hoped for some leftovers.

"Hi, I'm Doug." He extended his hand salivating over Brian.

After introductions were made Brian decided to carry out his plan and do his own probing. "Jeff why is it I get the feeling you're not telling us everything?"

Jeff just gave a blank stare.

"Come on buddy, you're not going to say anything I don't already know or will be disappointed by. Even though you don't remember your relationship with Damon, I do. And since Jennifer doesn't seem to want to discuss it that means I'm the one connection you have between what you remember and what you don't. Even though you didn't remember me at first you remember me now, so what else do you remember? What is it you know that you don't want the family to hear? I want to help you connect the dots Jeff."

Jeff looked back forth between Brian and Doug. He decided to tell and admitted to the dream he'd had and how he remembered going to the bar in San Diego. He nervously admitted he might be gay and looked at the other two. When neither flinched or acted concerned he went on to tell them how he realized he was unconsciously doing things, such as checking guys out who came into the room. Doug made a mental note to tell Michael about that one. As Jeff started talking he was surprised at the stuff that started coming back to him. He told them he remembered playing pool with the lesbians (he couldn't remember their names or Doug) and dancing. He remembered the summer and working at the poultry plant. He remembered moving into the apartment and starting classes... But even though he could see himself in the photo he still couldn't remember Damon.

"I know that parking lot," Doug commented looking closer at the photo. It's the Kroger over on Poplar... just off the expressway by the university. I recognize that apartment building," he pointed to the photo," I used to live there."

Brian agreed, "Yeah Jeff that was just a couple weeks ago. The fraternity had a car wash. You and Jen showed up at the end of the day."

"I remember that!" Jeff yelped, "We went back to your fraternity house afterwards for a cookout."

"That's right! And Elisabeth annoyed you by making passes all night."

"Yeah, and I had to brush her off."

"You said later you almost kissed Damon in order to get rid of her."

Jeff searched his memory, something about that did seem familiar. "I'm not sure, just give me a little more time."

"I wish I could help you dude, I know Damon is really hurting that you don't remember him. What the fuck happened that night?"

"You could help me get to the bathroom; I really need to take a dump."

Doug and Brian assisted him into the restroom. Afterwards Brian and Jeff talked well into the night with Doug helping fill in some blanks while training Jeff with the crutches it was a night of revelations, and not all of them were good. When Brian finally left he knew had to make a decision before he got home as to exactly what he should tell Damon.

* * *

When Karen made her rounds the next morning she noticed a marked change in her patient's demeanor. Gone was the energetic banter she had become accustomed to, replaced with a man so depressed and lifeless it was almost as if he was still in the coma. He barely acknowledged her presence while she took his vitals and just kept a glassy eyed stare looking out the window. Karen noticed that the large breakfast his mother must have brought was barely touched after the ravenous appetite he had shown in the past. Even though the TV was on the room was uncharacteristically silent. While she would usually consider the passes and comments he made to be rude when made by other patients she had come to look forward to Jeff's repartee.

"You're looking good this morning Jeff, everything is normal," no response. "I see Doug was by to help you with the crutches."

"Yeah." Followed by more silence.

"I'm sure a nice strong guy like you won't need those for long." Silence. "Kisha on the night shift had noted you finally had a BM and washed yourself." That's was not all that Kisha had told her, but she was waiting for Jeff to say it.

Jeff considered what Karen had just said to be a comment and not a question so chose not to respond. While she was noting his chart she noticed the photo that had been on the table the previous day ripped with the pieces scattered across the floor.

"Where's your family?" She knew it was a redundant question since his breakfast was there but pursued, "Your parents are usually here about this time."

"Don't know. Don't care"

Finished with her notes she put the clipboard to her chest and looked at him for a moment. She knew all about what happened last night, more than she should know and more than she's sure even Jeff's parents knew. But she wasn't going to be the one to spill the beans, and neither would any of her co-workers. "Have you remembered anything else." She finally asked.

"Would you just do your job and leave me the fuck alone?" Jeff screeched aggravated not with the question as much as the talking in general. He hadn't slept at all overnight and all he wanted was peace and quiet so he could mull over his life.

After the outburst Karen quickly left, bumping into Wayne and Linda Schultz along with Officer Jim Feldman. She didn't even stop to acknowledge them as she made her way past the nurses' station to a supply closet, where she herself sobbed.

The others watched her scurry away and cautiously entered the room as his parents themselves had been the victims of a tongue lashing earlier.

"I hope you're in a better mood boy, there's a policeman here to see you." Wayne said to his son while Linda cowered behind. Both of their children had been taught to respect their elders and neither Jeff nor his sister had ever talked back much less raised their voice in the manner in which he had earlier.

Jeff turned to the officer and looked at him in the eye briefly before turning away, but made no comment or showed any emotion.

"Howya doing Jeff? I hear your memory came back last night."

"Talk to the officer boy, show some respect." Wayne grumbled when Jeff didn't respond. "We raised you better than that."

"I thought you were going home." Jeff lashed at his father.

"Jeffy," Wayne held his breath and stepped back. He knew this was not like his son and knew that it had to be either the drugs or the memories. Linda on the other hand moved to his side and tried to take his hand but he pulled it away. "What has gotten into you? The policeman has some questions for you; you're just making it harder on yourself."

"Will you folks let me speak to him alone for a moment?" From what Feldman had learned so far he had a feeling Jeff may not want to say too much in front of his parents regarding the case.

"Is that wise?" Linda asked her husband, "should he have a lawyer?"

"I've called Blackburn he'll be in later today." Wayne answered. Linda nodded recognizing the name of their hometown attorney.

"It's alright folks," Feldman hoped to calm them, not wanting a lawyer present for what he wanted to do. "This isn't anything serious, just a couple questions, things I need verified."

Wayne and Linda looked back and forth to each other and to Jeff who just nodded and motioned to the door.

"Let's go back down for coffee." Wayne put his arm around his wife and led her out of the room.

Feldman followed them out and after asking a passing nurse for no interruptions closed the door. Jeff remained emotionless but gave Feldman his attention.

"I have a feeling you do have your complete memory back, don't you son." No response. "Jeff I have a report I need to turn in and need your answers before they decide if there will be any charges." Jeff gulped and his eyes opened wide showing the first sign of emotion. "That's right; you could be in a lot of trouble you know."


"At least we're mainly looking at property damage and no one was hurt. There was no damage to the other vehicle and their parents don't want to pursue anything that might cause their kids' insurance to go up." He stopped and snickered. "But you picked the wrong house to run into, those folks don't care much for college students."

"Fuck," Jeff laid his head back.

"That's right. Your folks calling the lawyer is a good thing, you're gonna need one. But I have a feeling there's some things you may not want getting out now isn't there?" Jeff closed his eyes and shook his head realizing the whole evening could become public record. "That's why I need more information for my report. I already know about the argument you had with Josh Fletcher. And I know about your relationship with Damon Jung." A visible beat of sweat could be seen on Jeff's forehead and his breathing increased. Feldman had never heard for sure exactly what that relationship was but had a hunch that Jeff's reaction just verified.

Feldman covered with Jeff what he needed and felt things were under control. There was just once matter left to attend to, and it wasn't a small one, and one that could raise red flags. But it was something he felt needed to be done in order for the case to go the way he wanted it to. Ordinarily he could care less about a fag going to jail and over the years had had his hand in sending plenty there, several on trumped up charges he knew they couldn't get out of. But it was his personal involvement in this situation that had Officer James Feldman concerned.

As Feldman was leaving the room he passed Damon in the hall on his way to Jeff's room. His head was down and he looked nervous. Feldman stood just outside the room pretending to write in his notebook as he tried to listen to the conversation.

* * *

Brian had woken Damon when he came in after Midnight with the news Jeff's memory had returned. Brian had stayed well past regular visitor's hours as the memories rolled in and Jeff's temper flared. Damon's excitement though was quickly doused.

"But Dude," Brian said seriously, "he is royally pissed... at you."


"Yeah, apparently Josh dropped a few bombs on him. Dude he was throwing a major tantrum they eventually had to sedate him. Doug, that's a PT guy who was there and I had to really work with the RN on duty to convince her to keep in quiet."

"I gotta go see him." Damon started to get out of bed but was held back by his roommate.

"Whoa big guy, they'll never let you in at this hour. And even if they did and he wasn't knocked out trust me, you're the last one who needs to be in there."


"No Dame, listen to me. Get some sleep and let him sleep it off maybe he'll be better tomorrow."

But sleep was something Damon wasn't able to do and instead tossed and turned most of the night finally drifting off just before dawn. He awoke a couple hours later with mixed emotion. Joyful that Jeff had regained his memory but depressed thinking about how things may turn out.

Damon stopped at the doorway to just look at Jeff. His lover lay on the bed with his muscular arms behind his head staring at the ceiling. The head bandages were gone and Jeff's blonde hair was beginning to grow back. Damon looked at the uneven hair and smiled remembering how fast his lover's hair grows and how Jeff had once commented that while he was active it seemed he was getting snipped twice as fast as everyone else. The stubble on Jeff's face also gave evidence to that fact, the sight of which turned Damon on. He loved his rugged farm boy, and could only hope they could mend fences and go on. He took a deep breath and walked into the room.

"I thought I knew you, I thought we had something going?" Damon stopped in his tracks.

"We do Jeff... I do love you." As soon as he said it he realized how corny it sounded.

"That word has no meaning to me right now, especially coming from you." He turned to face his partner. "You know Damon you know all about my past. Where I'm from, how I came out and how I've only been with maybe a dozen guys in my life. But you've been pretty elusive about yours."

"I'm sorry Jeff; I'm just not ready..."

"When are you going to be ready, huh? Where I come from keeping secrets is the same thing as lying which means you've been lying to me all along."

"It's not like that at all Jeff."

"I think it is, I could tell that night at the club in Louisville something wasn't right. Your friends, or were they former conquests of the great Damon Jung did a good job of covering but I've been putting two and two together.

"Jeff you're just upset..."

"Damn right I'm upset. Upset I fell for you and almost fell into the sick perverted game you and your friend had planned."

"Josh is sick and perverted, we all know that but I..."

I don't want to hear it. I tell you what frat boy," Jeff once again interrupted. Damon was hurt by that term that Jeff had used once before when he was angry with Damon. "Why don't you get your preppy little ass out of here, get in your preppy little car and go back to your preppy little fraternity. Anywhere that I don't have to see you, hear you, or have anything to do with you.

"But Jeff, let me explain."

"I don't want to hear anything you have to say ever again, I now consider you a mistake in my past." Jeff pointed towards the door and wasn't swayed by Damon's tears.

Feldman closed his notebook and slipped out of sight behind a linen cart when he saw Jeff's parents step off the elevator.

"I told you to leave."

Half the floor heard Jeff shout, his parents immediately stepped up pace and barged in the room followed by a couple nurses. Karen bit her lip when she recognized Damon from the photo and it clicked who he was.

"Don't you think you've caused enough trouble here boy?" Wayne roared at Damon.

"Can't you see you've upset him, why don't you just leave like he asked?" Linda scolded with a tear in her eye.

A puffy eyed Damon looked and realized all eyes were on him, he wanted to explain things but couldn't without outing Jeff. He wanted to throw "the secret is the same thing as lying" right back at his partner but knew that outing Jeff would make matters worse rather than solve them. As he took one last look at Jeff, his eyes pleading to be heard he knew it was futile. The look of anger in Jeff's eyes told Damon to just leave, and leave well enough alone. Feldman couldn't help but feel a pang of sympathy as he watched Damon storm out of the room and take off running down the corridor. Feldman had an idea of how he might be able to help, and in more than one way.

"What was that all about?" Linda asked as she coddled her son giving him a drink.

"The asshole was trying to make like we were friends."

Wayne and Linda looked at each other. "We were led to believe you were."

"Yeah, well Brian just thinks because he's Damon's roommate he's doing his good deed by playing nice and getting us together." He knew as well as they did that Brian had been the one trying to get Damon into the room while Jennifer had remained quiet or was against it. Then as an afterthought he said something he knew would throw his parents off. "But I remember what the prick did to Jen last spring and don't want him around her or the family."

The 'rents seemed satisfied with the explanation and were just glad his anger had been redirected from them. He turned his head back to look out the window so they wouldn't see the tear. 'My God what have I done?' was his thought.

* * *

"How ya doin Bud?" Brian asked as he entered the room and saw Damon on his bed lying on his stomach.

"How do you think? You were there last night."

"I can imagine." Brian dropped his books on his desk and lay on his side on his own bed looking towards his roommate. "Just give him time Dame, he'll come around."

"I'm not sure I can Bri." When Damon turned Brian could tell he had been doing some serious crying. "I've fucked up big time."

"No you didn't, it was Josh who did this."

"You don't understand, some of what Josh said is based on fact."


"Yeah, you get the point. I'm not as innocent as I look. All I've wanted to do is get over that part of my life."

Brian went over and sat on the edge of Damon's bed and put his hand on his friend's shoulder. "It'll get better, you'll see."

"Right, but too late now; I've been around the block a few times. I'm never going to find another one like Jeff."

"What are you going to do now?"

"I'm really not sure Brian, I'm really not sure."

"Tell you what bro, I'm going to run to Subway for a sandwich want something?"

"No, thanks."

"Look man, you're looking pretty rugged right now. There's no way you can go downstairs to the guys without answering a lot of questions and trust me, there's a lot of chatter. Let me get something while you stay in here and get some rest, maybe get your mind on something else."

Damon thought about it and agreed. "Sounds good," After Brian left with his order Damon booted his laptop and signed on to check email. He looked in the mirror over his dresser and couldn't believe how bad he looked. Not wanting to deal with anyone he made a decision what to do.

Brian returned to find Damon packing his duffle bag. "Damon, Bro, what are you doing?"

"I just need to get away for a few days Brian, Gramma is out of town so I'm going up and stay at her place."

"But Damon it's the middle of the week and you've already missed a couple of days classes isn't this going to be tough to make up?"

"Probably, and I'll deal with those consequences but right now I can't concentrate on anything so going to class will be pointless. What I really need is to be away from people a few days."

"I'm not sure that's a good idea, maybe I could call Trish and Gina and have them..."

"I just want to be alone," Damon interrupted then held up his hand apologetically. "I appreciate your concern Brian but it's unnecessary, I'll be fine."

"If you say so Bud, here." Damon took the sandwich and ate in silence. He looked at himself in the mirror again and knew how bad he looked but didn't care. He didn't want to take the time to shower; he just wanted to get on the road, away from school and away from Jeff. He grabbed his bag and laptop and slipped out. Luckily it was mid-day on a weekday so most of the guys were in class. He knew Brian would cover for him as far as anything else. He started his car and looked around for what he knew may possibly be one last time before he put it in gear and pulled away. More tears came to his eyes as he pulled onto I-64 heading east.

* * *

Jim Feldman knocked twice and let himself in. He had already called Josh and let him know he was going to stop by. He had started being paranoid about being spotted there and didn't want to get the neighborhood talking.

"My big bad policeman wants to come play. Come here Jimbo and let me have your big stick."

"Pa..." Feldman caught himself almost using the name he had originally been given. "I mean Josh this is a business call."

"I don't mind mixing business and pleasure, come on to the bedroom and pleasure me." Josh grabbed his hand and tried to pull him towards the bedroom but the larger man stayed put. "Oh what is it?"

"Josh, I normally don't get personally involved in domestic disputes."

"But you are involved aren't you?"

"I know and that's what scares me."

"So let's hear it," Josh sat seductively on the art deco sofa he had bought from Officer Feldman.

"Listen Josh, I was just at the hospital and I think you need to help your friend."

"Jeff? He's not a friend of mine; big blonde prick is what he is."

"I'm talking about Damon."

"What does Deej have to do with this?"

Feldman paused and held his breath amazed by Josh's contempt. He relayed that Jeff had his memory back and about the fight he had overheard. "So you see, you caused quite a ruckus and I... We really need to patch things up so to speak."

"I see." A light went on in Josh's head and a fiendish smirk to his face. "You're worried that since all things lead to me, and since you were here that night that you are somehow an accessory?"

"Something like that," Feldman visible gulped.

"I guess this puts me in the driver's seat then doesn't it?" With a cocky smile Josh went to a nervous Feldman and lowered the policeman's zipper. "How bad do you want me to do this?" The officer was silent as Josh unhooked the belt and dropped the slacks exposing the massive semi-hard organ. As Feldman held his breath Josh stroked it to full erection barely able to reach his fingers around the girth of the eleven inch cock, easily one of the largest that even Josh had ever seen. "You know you want me, why don't you just come to the bedroom and give me what we both want." Feldman followed letting his hormones be his guide, ready to receive what Josh was willing to offer. Josh though stopped at the threshold to his bedroom. "I said I was in the driver's seat Jimbo but I tell you what, I'm going to bend over so you can drive."

Moments later Josh let out a scream of delight Feldman was sure all the neighbors heard as he plunged his enormous prick deep into Josh's bowels. No foreplay involved, straight for the home run. That's what he liked about this setup and knew he would keep coming back to Josh as long as the faggot was willing to bend over or to do magic with his lips. He was getting used to having his cock up Josh's ass and it had been there more times over the past couple months this it had been in his wife's cunt over the last two years. Not that he was ready to switch sides, he would never do that, ever. And he needed to make sure that Josh kept his end of the bargain. Feldman began thrusting with a vengeance, ramming all his girth into his sex partner, that's all Josh was to him, an eager and willing hole to plug. But Josh's pleasure was quickly changing to pain as the policeman became too rough. Josh tried to pull away but the larger more muscular man pulled him back into position and continued raping Josh's rear. Josh fought to hold back tears as he felt his insides being torn out, scared at the frenzy Feldman was demonstrating. It seemed to take forever before he finally felt the organ pulsing, depositing what Josh knew was an enormous amount of jizz into him. Sated Feldman pulled his deflated penis from Josh and went to the restroom to clean off deposits of blood and fecal matter. He looked at himself in the full length mirror proud of his lean muscular body and of the large penis Mother Nature saw fit to provide him with. When he went back to the bedroom to retrieve his clothes Josh was laying in a fetal position on the bed shaking. "See ya," was all Feldman said as he left the apartment, uncaring of the pain he had inflicted. Josh continued to lay there for several hours, afraid to move.

* * *

Larry Blackburn had been practicing law in Spring Hill for as long as Wayne or Linda could remember and had always been the one they consulted for every contract they needed reviewed. He had handled Wayne's father's estate which split up the family farm and represented Wayne when his brother tried to contest the will and have Wayne and his family removed from the farm house he had lived in his entire life. Years of representation had led to years of friendship between the men. And now, Larry was being called on for what could be the most challenging case in his career.

"I'll be honest with you Wayne, Jeff's in a heap of trouble here." The attorney pulled his wire frame glasses down over his nose and looked over the top to his client as he held briefs he had been able to pick up at the courthouse.

"There's nothing you can do to get him off?" Wayne asked. He knew his friend was in 'lawyer' mode rather than 'friend' mode and that he needed to treat him differently than he would otherwise.

"Wayne this isn't Kaskaskia County Illinois. We're in a totally different city, county even state. Now these boys over here do things differently than we're used to. I don't know who to talk to in order for things to go easier on Jeff like I can back home. Not to mention he's an unknown here, just a number."

"Well what are we looking at then?"


"Yes damnit Larry, I want to know what we're up against."

"I still don't know what the prosecutor here is going to go for but if I play the patriotic angle that he just got an honorable discharge from the Marines I may be able to get as few as three years."


"No Wayne that would be jail time."

Wayne rubbed his head in distress knowing Linda was going to be hysterical when she found out.

"Look at what I'm up against, we know he had been drinking, we know he caused an accident that sent two teenagers to the hospital, even if only for observation. And he did a fair amount of property damage; I went over and took a look at it myself. And to an elderly couple who may pursue their own civil charges for compensation. This ain't cow tipping Wayne, this is some serious shit Jeff's got himself mixed up in."

Neither man spoke while Wayne contemplated what he had been told. "And you'll keep an eye on things?"

"You know I'll do what I can for you Wayne. I've known both you and Jeff all your lives."

"Do me a favor Larry."

"I'll do what I can."

"Keep this on the hush hush. I don't want Linda or Jeff knowing what's going on and getting worried."

"I'm not totally sure I can do that Wayne, technically speaking Jeff is my client and I am going to need to speak to him about this."

"I know, and you will. Just remember I'm the one writing the check."

"And while we're on the subject of talking to Jeff, when are you going to tell him?"

A stern look from Wayne let Larry know he knew what he was referring to. "Can't it wait a little longer?"

"Wayne, the boy is over 21 and is entitled to know. You've put Ed over at the bank and myself in a very litigious situation by keeping quiet about this."

"I have power of attorney if you remember."

"But that expired when Jeff was discharged from the Marines. The legal process has to go on, and for that to happen Jeff has to know and has to sign some papers."

"It's waited this long, it can wait a little longer until all this blows over. Why add something else for him to have to worry about."

"I suppose, but I already have the papers drawn up and Ed has reviewed the copies. All we need is the signature and a decision to be made before it's too late. Don't be greedy Wayne it could cost you a lot more."

Wayne just flashed him a glare while he took the last sip from his coffee. "I need to be getting back upstairs. You've got all the numbers for when you have something. Just make sure you speak to me... and only me, got it?

"I've got it." Larry shook his head as both men left the hospital cafeteria.

* * *

"Where is everybody?"

"Hi Doc," Jeff lowered the volume down on the television and turned his attention to Michael. "I was in a bitchy mood so they decided to leave."


"What brings you by?"

"My shift just ended, I just thought I would stop by and see how you were doing."

"Better, thanks."

"I hear you got your memory back?"

"Yeah, and we can thank your friend Doug for that."

"So I heard."

"So I guess I may be getting out of here soon."

"That's good to hear, I heard you and Damon had a spat."

"If that's what you want to call it."

"I guess I'll be leaving then, later."

"So why did you really come by?"

Michael stopped just shy of the door. "I told you, just to see how you're doing?"

"Sure you don't want to check my... cast?" When Michael saw Jeff's smirk he checked down the hall both ways then closed and locked the door.

"That's a good idea, maybe I should see how the... bone is healing."

"And I have a bone that needs to be checked." Jeff rubbed his crotch.

Michael licked his lips as he went to the side of the bed showing his own rapidly hardening bone noticeable through his scrubs. Jeff pulled the sheet back exposing his cast-covered leg, his own hardness now clearly visible under the hospital gown. Michael runs his hand down the length of the cast and back up stopping midway up the thigh.

"Well this bone appears to be fine, but..." Michael moved up the cast and grabbed Jeff's cock through the fabric. "But what about this one?"

"You tell me Doc?"

"I think it's going to require a closer examination."

Jeff did not resist when Michael lifted the gown leaving Jeff fully exposed. He looked to Jeff as if gaining permission to go on then grasped the tool causing Jeff to moan. Michael nervously looked to the door to make sure it was locked before continuing to slowly stroke.

Jeff could easily see Michael's hard cock at eye level and reached for it. "This isn't fair Doc, looks like you need some attention too."

"Easy there stud, I can't walk out with a mess can I?" As Jeff lowered the zipper Michael unbuttoned then helped Jeff lower his boxers exposing himself. Both men remained silent except for light moaning as they stroked the other. Each slowly tightening his grip and quickening his stroke to match the other man's. Jeff relaxed his head on the pillow and took deep breaths as he felt the impending orgasm then gasped as his load began spurting from his penis, dousing his gown. He momentarily stopped stroking Michael while he regained his breath then continued with vigor bringing the ortho tech off moments later adding his own jism to Jeff's.

"I guess I'd better help you with that mess." Michael commented as he pulled up his pants and zipped. He grabbed a towel from the restroom but realized that would not be enough. "Hold still, I'll be right back." He unlocked and opened the door carefully looking each way before slipping out, returning about five minutes later with a clean gown which he helped Jeff change in to.

"Thanks, for everything." Jeff commented under his breath.

"No problem, I think I wanted it from the moment I first saw you last year in the club. Then you hooked up with Damon." That last comment caused Jeff to stop and think.

"Do you have a boyfriend Michael?"

"Uh, no, not right now, why?"

"Just curious."

"Look Jeff, I really would like to get with you right, in a real bed. Now that you and Damon... you know."

Jeff was only half paying attention, "Um, sure I guess."

Michael took his pen and grabbed a piece of paper from the nightstand. "Here's my number, please give me a call when you're out. I'll be happy to come by your place to give you another check up."

Jeff took the note and looked at it but didn't comment.

"And Jeff, please don't tell anyone about this. I mean, I really shouldn't have, ethics and all. I could be fired."

"Oh no problem."

"Thanks," Michael quickly left content.

Jeff on the other hand was not as comfortable. He realized that while he had thrown Damon out he wasn't sure if he was ready to end the relationship and couldn't help but feel guilty. Was what he just did any better than what he was accusing his partner of doing? At least as far as he knew anything Damon may have done was ancient history and happened well before they met. He had no reason to believe that his partner had been anything but monogamous since they met. Jeff was already prepared for another sleepless night pondering the possibilities when he had another visitor who gave him even more to think about.

* * * * * * * *

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