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Closets are for Clothes
by Jacob Adams

Chapter 2

After Brian left the apartment and with Jennifer gone for the weekend Damon and Jeff were finally alone and decided to make themselves comfortable. Translation: stripped to their underwear and relaxed on the couch. Jeff took the remote control and was wildly flipping through all six of the local channels they could access. His father refused to pay for cable, calling it an unnecessary expense and felt that his children should be studying instead of watching television anyway. Jeff thought about having it installed himself. Between all the overtime he had worked during the summer at the processing plant and what he had saved from the Marines, he had quite a bit in savings. But he also knew his funds were limited and what he had needed to last until the following summer when he went back to work at the plant. He probably could get a part time job to work around his classes but that wasn't his first choice. That was also something his parents didn't want either he or his sister to do and is why they paid rent and utilities as well as sent money for other household expenses.

Money was a source of unease for Jeff. He knew his parents didn't have much and wondered how they were paying for what they were. Throw in the weekly care boxes and cash their mother sent and it added up. Jeff was concerned about competing with Damon- but his male pride would never let him admit it. He knew Damon was carrying a platinum card with no spending limit. There was no way he could afford to do the things Damon could and while that shouldn't bother him, it did. He was going to make it a point to do what he could to not feel like he was being pampered.

Jeff took a spot on the sofa sitting up with his legs propped up on the coffee table. Damon lay on the sofa with his head on Jeff's lap and his feet dangling over the other end. As they watched TV Jeff began caressing Damon, moving has hand slowly across the bare torso, following the lines of the sinewy muscles and occasionally following the treasure trail from his lover's chest to where it disappeared under the waistband of his boxers, but never going further down. Both men were content just being with each other and had no desire to go further.

"You hungry?" Jeff asked after "Jeopardy" but before the prime time shows started.

"Yeah, getting there, you?"

"Yeah" he felt his stomach grumble slightly.

"Was just thinking about seeing if you wanted to go out, how does Outback sound? I could go for a steak."

It was happening again. Jeff knew that if he paid, it would quickly drain his savings, but he didn't like the idea of Damon buying again. "I was thinking about throwing in a frozen pizza, I got a couple on sale yesterday at Kroger." He said thinking quickly. "That way we can just stay here and cuddle."

"That's fine, whatever you want babe." Damon didn't see Jeff's sigh of relief.

Jeff nudged his lover just enough to indicate he wanted up. Damon followed him to the kitchen where Jeff started the oven and opened their cellophane wrapped dinner while Damon took a couple plastic drinking glasses from the cabinet and filled them with ice and Dr. Pepper. They then snacked on chips while waiting for their dinner to heat. Damon was going through the limited selection of DVD's while Jeff cut the hot pepperoni pizza and evenly divided the slices onto two plates.

"See something you like?" Jeff asked handing one of the plates to Damon and plopping back down on his same spot at the end of the sofa. He and his sister seldom used the kitchen table, a bad habit they were never allowed to do back home but living on their own developed quickly. Damon didn't have the heart to tell Jeff that his selection of mainly action and science fiction was not the genre he would normally watch.

"We can watch one if you want, throw one in." Jeff noticed Damon thumbing through the movies.

"Which one is your favorite?" Damon chose the diplomatic way since any was as good as the rest to him. Meanwhile he made a mental note that as soon as he was able to take a weekend trip home, he needed to grab some of his own movies to bring back.

"I like em all," Jeff had a silly smirk on his face as he stood walked over taking position behind Damon. He put his arm around his lover's shoulder as he quickly scanned his collection before grabbing one. "Here." Damon smiled; he had heard of the title and roughly remembered the reviews from the previous year. He figured if Jeff enjoyed it, he could endure it. Jeff started the flick and the two settled back into their cuddle once dinner had been eaten.

Damon enjoyed the movie and decided Jeff's tastes may not be so crude after all, `he picked me!' he smiled as he thought to himself. The phone rang as the credits began scrolling. Jeff reached to the end table next to him to retrieve the cordless handset. "Why yes ma'am, Mrs. Schultz is home," He said after the customary greetings then handed the phone to Damon saying; "Dear it's for you. Damon shook his head as he took the phone from Jeff.

"And what might you want dear sister?" The way Jeff was talking Damon knew that it could only be one person.

"And what would you have done if it wasn't me?" Damon smiled as he heard his friend Josh laughing on the other end.

"And who else would it be mein freunde? Wie geht?" Damon knew using German would annoy his friend.

"Don't being going Nazi on me, I was hoping you'd be over that shit." Josh was still Josh and as flighty as ever.

"Never my friend, it's in my blood. How'd you know I was here, how'd you get this number?"

"Easy, easy, only one question at a time, you know I can zero in on you girlfriend. Better than you can do; how is it you've been in town for over a week and not called me yet?"

"I am so sorry Josh. I've been busy getting back into the swing of things and it just slipped my mind."

"Yeah right, more like just slipped down your throat."

"Wouldn't you like to know?"

"Yes I would, I miss the good old days when you gave me all the gossip. I'm guessing you've not dumped him yet."

"No not yet," Damon gave Jeff a quick peck on his cheek causing him to wondering what was up.

"I wish you would hurry up so things can get back to normal. So what are you and the husband doing tonight?" Josh quickly changed the subject, not wanting to upset his friend anymore then he may have already.

"No plans except to spend time together after a stressful first week back in school. Speaking of which, I've not seen you around campus." Damon knew how his friend operated and ignored the comment.

"How'd you like to unwind?" Josh quickly tried to alter the conversation back to his favor.

"Sorry Josh, it's not going to happen." Damon was slightly irritated that his friend continued to make sexual advances.

"I can fantasize can't I? Get your mind out of the gutter Deej, there's not enough room for both of ours. Actually the lesbos and I were wondering if you two wanted to go out for a few beers."

"If the girls want to, of course!" Damon chuckled to himself waiting for Josh's comeback.

"Thanks a lot DJ," Damon cringed at Josh's comment. With Brian's help he was slowly getting people to quit using his old nickname. He decided to let it pass; if Josh knew how much he really hated the moniker his best friend would use it all the more.

"Let me check with `The Husband.' Damon laid on the sarcasm then quickly covered the microphone with his palm and asked Jeff, but was silently hoping he didn't. Much to his dismay Jeff shook his head yes.

"Awesome, we'll see you there, how about an hour?" Josh had an unusual hint of excitement.

"I'm going to wear what I have on so we can leave any time." Damon said as Jeff tugged at his underwear. "I mean what we wore today," he whispered to Jeff.

"Always the casual one, you know I need my primp time. Tata." Josh said, then suddenly disconnected.

"How did he get this number?" Jeff asked as Damon placed the dead handset on the charger.

"He never said. You sure you're okay with this?" Damon was hoping Jeff would change his mind and gave him his lost puppy look, which was lost on his lover who headed towards the bedroom.

"Sounds good to me, can't wait to beat him at pool."

`Only if he doesn't need the cash.' Damon thought to himself knowing his friend's reputation for hustling pool. He watched as the ex-Marine slipped a t-shirt over his smooth muscular body. He was enjoying having those arms around him and wanted more, much more. "Oh well, at least we have all night." Within minutes they were ready and out the door, on their way to The Palace.

* * * * * * * * * *

After paying their cover they made their way through the crowd to the pool room. Chuck, clad in leather and chain smiled from the bar as they walked in. Damon held up two fingers and alternated pointing between himself and Jeff. Chuck saw and nodded in acknowledgment. By the time they reached the bar Chuck already had two beers and two shot glasses up and was reaching for the Jaegermeister. Jeff was still amazed at the unspoken language between his lover and the bartender. "I guess I've spent too much time here in the past." Damon had said to him on their last visit.

"Hi guys," Chuck smiled as he filled their order.

"Thanks Chuck," Damon smiled handing a $20 to the bartender and turning towards Jeff. Chuck knew from his previous experience with Damon that the change was meant for his tip jar. Jeff noticed the exchange and silently thought about how Damon had just spent the entire amount of his `allowance' from the care box in one transaction.

Damon and Chuck spoke for a few minutes like two old friends as Jeff placed a couple quarters on the pool to save him and Damon a place for the next game. After only a few minutes the table was free and Jeff deposited the quarters and started a friendly game as Chuck began tending to other customers. Jeff easily won against the billiards challenged Damon. The terms of the game were a kiss and it was while Jeff was collecting his prize that their friends walked in.

"Oh God, they're at it again," Hearing Josh's voice broke the moment and hugs were exchanged as the group of friends met.

"Got the table ready for us?" Michelle asked already reaching into her pocket for quarters. Cindy opened the leather case she had carried in containing her personal cue stick. Damon bought a round of beers for Josh and the girls as Michelle set the table. He noticed Jeff was nursing his beer and it was only half drank. He thought back and remembered previous visits to the club and how Jeff seemed to drink little.

The group quickly settled into conversation and another game. Damon played spectator as the others played doubles with Jeff and Michelle being beaten by Josh and Cindy.

"Wanna put some cash on it soldier?" Josh asked in Jeff's direction as he lit a cigarette. Jeff was about to respond when Damon flashed his friend the evil eye. "Nah forget it." Josh was obviously pissed but chose not to cross his friend. Both Michelle and Cindy were relieved but kept it to themselves.

When Jeff made a good shot which dropped two solids into different pockets he and Michelle bumped knuckles as two guys would. While Josh and Cindy did win, Josh held back and didn't play to his abilities. As Jeff was giving Damon a quick kiss between shots, Damon's eyes opened wide as he noticed a group walking in the door.

"Shit!" Jeff said upon noticing the same group.

Brian gulped; he had known that this could happen and had been expecting this or a similar encounter for some time but wasn't prepared for it that night. But he had been seen so there was no turning back and there was no way he couldn't pretend he hadn't just seen his girlfriend's brother kissing his roommate. He quickly regained his composure and walked over to his friends.

"So I guess I was right, you two are a couple." Brian's smirk was an indication his comment was a confirmation and not a question. He decided someone had to break the ice. After all, he already had the closet door open; he may as well do more then just peep in at his friends.

There were two girls with Brian who were just as confused as Michelle and Cindy were. It took Josh a few moments to remember Brian from classes they had taken the year before. He knew Brian and Damon were in the same fraternity but he was not aware of the connection to Jeff.

"Bri... hi... strange to see you here!" Damon managed to say, surprised to find his fraternity brother and roommate walking into the local gay bar and trying to keep a look of total shock from his face.

"No way my sister has picked another gay guy for a boyfriend." Jeff shook his head and whispered his disbelief.

Josh heard the comment and decided to have some fun with the situation. He walked over to Brian, wrapping his arms around the beefy fraternity boy and smirked at Jeff. "You got the last one so I get this one." The two girls who came in with Brian were looking at the group of friends wondering what was going on.

Brian tactfully removed Josh from himself. "Sorry to disappoint you but I'm straight."

"Uh, huh, straight to the local gay bar." Josh stuck his nose in the air as he walked away.

"No really. I am definitely heterosexual." Brian said looking around the crowd that had gathered. He almost added "Ask Jen," but seeing the look of budding anger on her brother's face decided that wouldn't be prudent.

Jeff's overacting mind began clicking when he saw the two girls who had come in with Brian. He immediately pulled back his shoulders and stuck out his chest in an attempt to look intimidating, then cast a glare at Brian. "So what are you doing? Taking another girl out while Jen's out of town? Figured if you went to a gay bar you wouldn't run into anyone who knew you?"

"Hardly dude, chill out. Guys I'd like you to meet my sister Trish, and this... um... is her girlfriend Gina." He pulled his sister close and put his arms around her shoulder. "They're in town for the weekend and wanted to go out. They're the ones who wanted to see a local gay bar." Brian said with confidence then looked at his sister and smiled as he continued with the introductions. "And this is my roommate Damon, and Jennifer's brother Jeff. I'm sorry I don't remember your name." Brian said to Josh as he introduced his friends to his sister

"So you're the famous Damon," Trish extended her arm. Damon could tell by her eyes and her smile that she was definitely Brian's sister.

"I take it I've been the topic of conversation?" Damon returned the shake.

Trish looked at her brother, "I'm surprised his ears haven't burnt off." Then smiled as she turned to Damon, "Just kidding, he's always talked about what a great guy you were. And that he though you were queer."

Now it was time for Damon to blush, "So you figured me out? How? Shit! What about the guys?"

"Don't worry Deej, a few tongues were wagging after your outburst at the meeting last week but I don't think anybody suspects anything. Rod may talk tough but everybody knows he is mainly bullshit."

"But you?"

"I've been around gay people all my life, not only my sister here, but also an uncle and two cousins who are gay. And another who we suspect but hasn't come out yet. So I guess you could say I've developed my own gaydar." Brian laughed hoping to ease his friend's discomfort.

"Oh," Damon replied to laughs from his friends and a quick peck on the cheek from Jeff.

"Then I guess you know that Jeff and I are now officially more than just friends."

"I kinda gathered."

Damon introduced Michelle, Cindy and Josh who was returning to his jovial self. He left shortly after to "scope the crowd." Through conversation they found out that Trish and Gina had been a couple for about three years and attended school together at Indiana University . After graduation Gina found a job right away in Louisville ; Trish moved with her and soon found employment as well. They had an apartment on the South side of town near Bashford Manor Mall.

What's wrong?" Jeff asked seeing Brian looking around nervously, "See someone else here you know?"

"No, or at least I don't think so. I've only been in one other gay bar. I guess I'm a little nervous is all. I'm not used to guys being so obvious about checking me out."

"Gonna make Jen jealous you know." Jeff smiled in an attempt to put his sister's boyfriend at ease."

"Don't worry stud muffin," Josh made an appearance at Brian's side, "If anybody makes a pass at you just tell them you're with me." He blew a kiss Brian's way, enjoying the discomfort he was causing the straight boy. A guy walked by who stopped and looked at Josh and smiled before moving on. "But then again, if I get lucky you're on your own dear."

"You bitch, dumping me for another stud already?" Brian's comments brought laughs from the gang. He was feeling less uncomfortable and slowly fitting in. It didn't take long before the two lesbian couples struck up a conversation and were quickly becoming friends.

"Anyone ready for a drink?" Damon asked, then took orders before heading to the bar with Josh in tow.

"I'll get it," Damon was surprised to see Josh open his billfold and pull out two one hundred dollar bills. He never got the chance to ask how the normally broke Josh had that much cash at one time. Shortly after taking drinks back to the group Josh left in pursuit of his admirer.

"Josh can be a little, abrasive." Damon said to Brian as his friend walked out of the room.

"I know his type, he won't bother me. He kinda reminds me of my cousin Randy."

Trish and Gina both played pool so it wasn't long before the four females in the group were bonding over a game. Michelle and Cindy may have met their match with the two out of towners. At first there was an awkward silence with the guys but once they all became comfortable with their new relationship the ice melted and they became engrossed in conversation as if nothing was wrong and they've known about each other all along.

The new group of friends stayed close by the pool tables, alternating teams and sitting in a nearby booth. It was quickly decided that Brian was almost as bad of a player as Damon. Chuck occasionally came over to join in the conversation and keep the group supplied in drinks. Before the evening was over Brian felt completely comfortable and welcome. His sister and her girlfriend had exchanged phone numbers with Michelle and Cindy and they planned to keep in touch starting with a cookout the following day at Michelle's. During the evening Josh showed up several times but left when he wasn't the center of attention, soon bored.

"Where's your friend?" Damon asked as Josh slid into the booth.


"And you're not helping? You're slipping mein freunde."

"I think he's pee shy, he always goes in the private booth and closes the door."

"Maybe he wants you to follow?"

"I wish; he locked the door."

"Aww, how are you going to size him up?"

"Speaking of which I now know why you've been wearing that silly grin for the last few months." Josh changed the subject, then continued when Damon gave him a questioning look. "I was in the john with Jeff earlier..."

"I can't believe you checked him out! On second thought yes I can." Damon said showing some contempt towards his friend.

"Chill dear, he went in a stall. But I could hear how loud his piss was as it hit the water."

Damon was about to take a sip of his drink but suddenly stopped and sat the glass on the table, raised his eyebrows and gave his friend a concerned look. "Okay, I think you've really flipped Josh. Have you thought of seeing a specialist?"

"No, it's true, I've been studying these last few months and the bigger the dick, the louder the piss."


"I spend enough time in t-rooms, why not make it worth my while for the good of mankind?"

"Josh, you're getting more ate up all the time."

"And that's why you love me."

"So that's the reason?" Damon snickered at his friend as the rest of the table laughed.

Josh raised his arm and waved to Nick who headed over. "Hi!" He said nervously looking around the booth. Nick was not the sort who would usually go for Josh. He stood medium height with an olive complexion and black hair. From the way his clothes fit he obviously spent some tome in the gym. He had a five o'clock shadow that gave him a hint of ruggedness while still looking refined. It was obvious to the locals he was an out of towner.

"Hi, I'm his wife..."

"We call her Cindyke." Josh interrupted as she held out her hand.

Noticing the confusion of the newbies the group, including Jeff this time busted out laughing. That was followed by Michelle and Cindy explaining her and Josh's unusual arrangement more to embarrass Josh then anything else.

"Um, hi, nice to meet you." Nick replied nervously looking to Josh for enlightenment who then introduced the rest of the group introduced. Nick seemed a little uncomfortable with the banter of the group of friends.

"Nick is in from Philadelphia and is in town for a conference. I was thinking wouldn't I be silly not to do a Philly?"

"Josh, a filly is a female horse." Damon couldn't resist the chance to confuse his friend.

"You have your meaning, I have mine." Josh made an obvious look towards Nick's crotch causing him to blush a deep red.

Not long after the group broke up, as some needed to call it a night. Before leaving Cindy suggested everyone come to their place the following day for a cookout. Damon liked the idea saying he could spend some time with Tracy, Michelle's young daughter who has always liked her `Uncle Damon.' Hearing that, Michelle and Cindy looked at each other; both smiled after Michelle discreetly winked at her girlfriend. The cookout would also give Trish and Gina a chance to mingle while in town and get to know their new friends.

* * * * * * * * * *

The previous years Damon's Saturday routine would be to get up early to run at the track at the Phys Ed center followed by an intense work out with free weights and the up to date Nautilus equipment. His weekday workouts were kept on a much smaller scale in order to finish and get to class. His Saturday workout routine was followed by a shower and then lunch. He then forced himself to spend four hours studying and finally would have the rest of the day for himself. This year was not going to be the same and he already knew it. Yes, he enjoyed the awesome sex he and Jeff had shared the previous evening when they got home from the club, followed by falling asleep in each other's arms, then waking cuddled next to Jeff. While he hoped this would continue he needed to make sure that he didn't stray too far from his routine. He knew he needed the physical activity to stay fit and the study time was important to make sure he kept his grades up. There would also be various fraternity activities throughout the school year, including a car wash coming up in two weeks. He was still upset with their homophobic ways and the way they immediately shot down his idea to raise money for the local AIDS center. Even worse so since they still hadn't decided on a charity. Then there was Jeff. He had fallen deeply for the blond hunk whose bed he was sharing. He couldn't help but to feel jealous of Jeff. His lover had a very close knit family who did things together as a family. Jennifer seemed to accept his being gay and thought their mother would as well. And now Brian knew of their relationship and was being cool about it. Damon knew he would not be so lucky with his own family. He knew that his own brother was gay, yet chose marriage and family because he didn't want to chance their father's scorn. But Damon did not want a life like his brother's; cruising parks and adult book stores picking up tricks for quickies then rushing home to a wife and kids. Worse, Damon knew he would be an embarrassment to the family, especially his grandmother if it ever got out there was a homosexual in the family. He knew that he needed to stay tucked deep in the closet.

"Good Morning Sweetheart," Jeff had woken up some time earlier and was watching his lover staring off into space.

"Good morning babe," Damon snapped back to reality and gave Jeff a quick kiss.

"Whacha thinkin? You looked pretty intense." Jeff began lightly rubbing Damon chest.

"Just thinking about getting in a workout." Damon said quickly.

"What's with all the workouts?" Jeff questioned.

"Gotta stay in shape ya know." Damon hit is palm against his six pack abs.

"Yeah right, you ain't got any fat to worry about."

"And I want to keep it that way."

"But why?"

"You've not seen my dad or my brother." Damon chuckled as he gave Jeff a quick kiss, then stood to head to the restroom followed by Jeff who also had the need to drain his bladder.

"I though we had a pretty intense work out last night!" Jeff flashed his eyebrows as he pulled Damon in close for a hug.

"Sure was," Damon said between kisses, "I'm sure we burned lots of calories, but didn't exactly isolate many muscle groups."

"There's only one muscle I'm concerned with." Jeff reached down and grabbed a handful of Damon's rapidly growing member as he leaned in and began nibbling at his sensitive neck. Damon moaned as he tilted his head to give his lover better access. After about a minute of receiving pleasure Damon began to reach for Jeff's tool but was abruptly stopped when Jeff grabbed his wrist. Damon just gave him a look of disbelief as his blond lover backed up, gave him a devilish smirk and began putting on shorts. "I thought we were working out?" Jeff said looking at Damon grinning.

"Tease." Damon gave him a quick peck before getting dressed himself.

Jeff had been happy to learn all students had access to the gym but hadn't had time to check out the facilities himself yet. He was more than impressed as they entered to see the modern facility. Tina Biggerstaff was there again and greeted Damon with a smile, then unconsciously licked her lips as she looked at Jeff. She jokingly scorned Damon for not having their student ID's but took his word that Jeff was a student. The gym was much busier than it had been the week before when Damon had been there. He went ahead to the only available treadmill as Tina gave Jeff a quick orientation. After some stretches Jeff went to the free weights while Damon finished his cardio routine. Both men had wandering eyes and checked out the other buff college guys present but it was never long before their gaze returned to each other. They would give the other a quick but discreet smile before returning their attention to their workout.

After an intense two-hour workout, they headed back to the apartment for a breakfast of Golden Grahams and a banana with a glass of orange juice. Jeff took position in front of the television and the Saturday Morning cartoons while Damon went to his car and returned with his laptop and a couple of school books.

"What's that for?" Jeff knew what they were but gave Damon a questioning look nonetheless.

"Study time."

"But it's Saturday."

"So you know your days do you?" Damon leaned over the back of the couch and gave him a quick kiss as he walked by.

"I mean, why are you doing that on a Saturday?"

"I always study on Saturdays. It's usually the only day I can set aside a couple hours to just go over and digest the lessons from the previous week."

"O...K..., how much homework do you have?"

"No homework, just reading and noting."

Jeff just gave Damon a look like he was crazy and turned back to his television program. Jeff had never been one for studying. When he was younger and in school if his parents didn't sit him down at the table and keep an eye on him he often times wouldn't even do his homework yet somehow managed to squeak by with passing grades. Damon on the other hand had developed study habits early and kept them up. But he needed them because unlike Jeff who seemed to catch on quick Damon had to study and work to retain what he had learned to maintain his 3.98 GPA.

After a half hour of flipping channels Jeff got up and walked to where Damon had taken seat with a book opened and laptop on typing notes. He stood behind his lover and put his hands on Damon's shoulders and began slowly kneading as he looked them to see what subject Damon was contemplating. Damon unconsciously moaned his appreciation, which encouraged Jeff to begin kissing Damon's sensitive ears. Damon responded by closing his eyes and tilting his head as he moaned louder. As Jeff began kissing lower, moving to his lover's neck, he reached around and ran his hands across Damon's chest, feeling for his sensitive nips he knew were hidden under the loose fitting t-shirt. Damon slowly turned his head until their lips met. Damon began to forget about the work at hand as Jeff continued teasing; it wasn't long before the fraternity boy had lost all concentration and was completely under his lover's spell. An hour later they returned from the bedroom, picking up discarded articles of clothing along the way.

* * * * * * * * * *

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