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This is a continuation of my story "Welcome to the Family" I would recommend you read it first to know the characters and their backgrounds.

Closets are for Clothes
by Jacob Adams

Chapter 3

            Damon was still getting dressed as Jeff grabbed his Marine ball cap putting it on backwards. 

            "What?" Jeff asked.  He heard Damon snicker and looked in mirror over his dresser to see the silly grin. 

            "That," Damon pointed to the cap, "that is so out of style."

            "No way dude, everyone's doing it." He grabbed Damon and gave him a quick kiss and ran his hands across his firm pecs.

            "Yeah right, last year.  You need to look around; people aren't doing it as much any more." 

            "We'll see."  This was Jeff's style and he didn't care what others were doing.

            Damon was conservatively dressed in khaki shorts and a t-shirt with his fraternity logo.  Jeff looked much more himself in blue jean shorts and a tight tank top which showed off the body finely honed during his four years in the Marine Corps. 

            "Bereit?" Damon asked after applying a small amount of lotion in his short cropped black hair.

            "Huh?" Jeff walked up behind and placed his arms around his younger lover.  He was slightly shorter and was just able to rest his chin on Damon's shoulders and look at their reflection in the mirror.  Both were thinking the same thing: "I am so lucky."

            "Ready?" Damon repeated in English.

            "Oh, uh yeah." Jeff released Damon and grabbed his keys.  Habitually looking around the apartment to make sure everything was off before following Damon out the door and down the stairway to the main entrance.  Damon instinctively walked towards his blue Jetta taking out his keys then pressing one button to disengage the alarm then the silver button on the side causing the switchblade key to pop out.

            "Let's take the Jeep," Jeff said diverting towards his own vehicle.  "Weather's great we can take down the top."  Damon smiled and agreed with his partner.  It took only minutes to unzip and remove the canvas and plastic panels that made up the exterior of the Wrangler.  They decided to store them in the Jetta for the time being so as to not have to take them all back upstairs to the apartment.  Jeff put on his imitation Ray-Bans and flashed his award winning smile at Damon.  As they began driving Damon just gave Jeff a questioning look after Jeff inserted a Shania Twain CD. 

            Michelle worked hard to get to where she was after her husband walked out the door and out of her life.   When he found out after ten years of marriage and two children he was married to a lesbian it was slightly more then he could handle.  When her family found out the reason they were less then pleased.  Michelle had already been working for several years at a local plastics factory and put money into savings her husband wasn't aware of.  She was able to use this along with a grant for single mothers for a down payment on their own house and move out of the trailer they had been living in.  It was a modest single story bungalow in a blue collar section of town built in the post World War II building boom.  Damon knew the small drive in the rear of the house off the alley would be full with Michelle's SUV and Cindy's sports car so he directed Jeff to park along the street in front of the house.  Jeff was a bit apprehensive but Damon assured him the neighborhood was fine.

            "Uncle Damon!" Tracy ran and gave Damon a hug as soon as she saw him.  Then recognizing Jeff from the previous year, gave him a hug as well while flashing Damon a knowing smile with a sparkle in her eyes.

            "He's not really our uncle," the voice came from thirteen year old Kevin who was sitting on the sofa with a Playstation controller in hand.  "Just a friend of our mother's."  Of his three companions only Ashley looked up to see who had walked in.  Her eyes opening wide seeing the two older hunks.  His two best friends, Curt and Jordan never took their eyes off the screen.

            "Hey Kiddo," Damon said as he tussled Kevin's hair.  Kevin turned his head and gave him a half smile.

            "Whacha playin'?" Jeff asked walking over to join them.  "Hey, I was thinking about that one!" When he saw the graphics on the screen and recognized the game. 

            "It's awesome," Curt said momentarily looking up at Jeff.

            "This is Jeff," Kevin said still keeping his eyes on the screen, "He's Damon's boyfriend."  Both Curt and Jordan looked wide-eyed at Jeff as if he was some sort of freak.  "He's gay but he's cool."

            "Kevin!" Michelle scolded.  She made a mental note to have a talk with her son at a later time about Gay Golden Rule Number One: "Thou shalt not pull someone out of the closet."  Even though most of Kevin's friends already assumed that most adults who came to the house were gay it was not his responsibility to tell anyone or say anything about it.  She was becoming concerned about his attitude as of late.  He had been raised around gays most of his life and Cindy had lived with them for the last three years so it was not like this was something new to him.  She attributed it to peer pressure and his friends possibly making fun of him because of his unconventional `parents.'  She was not sure how to deal with it, or if maybe it was a phase he would outgrow.  She never expected either of her offspring to turn out gay just because she was, and in fact hoped they wouldn't.  She was hoping that his exposure would make him a better person, one who would not succumb to the jokes many teenagers were bound to spread about gays.  Maybe what he needed was a positive male influence in his life; heaven knows his low life white trash father didn't fit that bill.  If he was around, at least her children would be influenced by a male other then Josh. 

            Damon shook his head and smiled then followed Michelle through the kitchen to the back door and out to the patio.  He knew Jeff was a big kid at heart, especially where video games were concerned and that he's probably lost his boyfriend to the teenagers for a while. 

            The girls were proud of their back yard project.  When Michelle bought the house there was virtually nothing out the back door but weeds and a dilapidated garage.   She made some headway by herself, but when Cindy moved in the two of them began the reformation.  They had poured their own patio and built an arbor to give it partial shade.  Wisteria vines that grew up one side then on the top added a touch of coziness in addition to providing some privacy from the neighbors.  Part of the patio was covered with a corrugated fiberglass roof to cover a bar area tucked into the back corner.  The yard had been completely tilled and new top soil added then the whole yard covered in sod.  They replaced the chain link fence to hold in the dog the kids wanted and rebuilt the one car garage that was now mainly used for storage.  They had already made plans to add a hot tub with next year's tax refund.  Trish, Gina and Brian were seated around a patio table nursing Margaritas while Cindy was flipping burgers on the large stainless steel grill.  Jimmy Buffet's "Brown Eyes Girl" could be heard from speakers mounted on the wall near the back door and connected into a CD player in the kitchen. 

            "Damon, buddy!  You didn't come home last night; the guys were talking this morning."  Brian commented to his roommate.  Sheba , the family's shepard/husky mix had made herself home next to the only male on the patio, demanding attention from the frat boy she had never met before.  But upon recognizing Damon, she began wagging her tail then walked over to him.  Once she made a quick sniff to make sure he was who she thought, she gave his hand a nudge letting him know what she wanted.

            "So you went back to the house?"  Damon seemed surprised.  He gave his roommate a questioning look as he scratched Sheba behind the ears.

            "Where would you have expected me to go?"

            "Well, your sister is in town, I figured you would spend some time with her."

            "I did, yesterday afternoon and most of the evening.  And in case you hadn't noticed they're sitting right there."

            "You didn't spend the night with them?"  Damon questioned.

            "My friend, I know most heterosexual men would go into hormone overload at the chance of sharing a room with a couple lesbians.  But when it's my sister, I opted not to participate."

            "So you're saying that if it was a couple lesbians you didn't know it would be different?"  Al l eyes were on Brian after Cindy asked, pointing her spatula in his direction.  By the look on her face he couldn't decide whether she was joking or not.  When Michelle walked up and gave her a quick peck on the cheek the setup was complete.

            Brian immediately turned a bright shade of crimson when he considered the implications.  "Well, uh..." was all he could say as he tried to pull his foot from his mouth.

            "It's boring; I watched `em before." Josh walked out the back door just then in his normal jovial self followed by Nick, whom he had met the night before.  Josh didn't stop as he headed straight to the bar and made himself and Nick a drink. 

            "You didn't seem bored at the time." Cindy played along with Josh.

            "Intrigued is more like it, and more than a little disgusted. I could never be a carpet muncher."

            "At least it's nice and clean, talk about disgusting places to stick things I don't know how you guys can do it."  Michelle said.

            "Who are you to talk; you've got two kids sister." Josh had walked over to the grill and picked up a finished hot dog from a plate on the side tray which he seductively licked before sliding it into his mouth simulating oral sex. 

            "What's so funny?" Josh quickly changed his posture hearing Tracy walk out the door.  Even he knew to at least try to behave when the kids were present.

            "Nothing Sweetie, go tell your brother and his friends to come get a plate."

            Moments later the thunderous herd of teenagers came through the door followed by Jeff who made his greetings to rest of the adults. 

            Michelle had dumped the buns from the grocery store into a large bowl.  Josh noticed Curtis digging through before making a unique choice.

            "You know two bottoms never work out." Josh couldn't resist saying.

            "Huh?" The comment was lost on the teenager, but he understood the meaning when Josh pointed to the buns.  "I like it like that," Curtis said as he used the tongs to put a burger on the bun. "If they're too thick I can't get them in my mouth."

            "JOSH NO!" Michelle had a good idea what her friend was about to say next and was quite certain that was something she didn't want her son's best friend to hear.

            After the kids filled their plates they sat in a group in the grass just off the patio.  Sheba followed and sat right in the middle ready for the handouts she knew she would get.  Jeff gave Damon a quick peck on the cheek without thinking about it then took a seat next to his lover as they waited for the kids to vacate the food area so that the adults could fill up.  Conversation remained casual as the group enjoyed their meal.   Michelle flashed Josh several looks when he and Nick began making out in the corner.  While Kevin and Tracy have grown up in a gay household she has done her best to keep some things behind closed doors.  Most of her friends had no problem complying and other than the occasional lewd comment which was to be expected they remained conservative.  Josh on the other hand always insisted on pushing the limits.

            The topic of conversation turned to the marriage between Josh and Cindy.  Al l of the newbies were curious.

            "I think that is just too cool!" Brian said shaking his head.  "It's almost like a big `fuck you' to the establishment."

            "How so?"  Cindy asked.

            "Think about it, the main reason the religious bigots use in their argument against gay marriage is that it violates what they call the sanctity of marriage."

            "That's their biggest argument," Nick agreed between munches to nods of concurrence from the rest of the group.

            "It's almost as if you're saying if you can't join em, beat em."  Brian continued.  "You two can't get married," pointing at Michelle and Cindy, "but you two legally can," pointing at Nick and Michelle who was close by.  "There's no love per se, no sanctity, nothing but convenience. You now get all the same benefits any straight as an arrow married couple would get.  But in reality, forgive me for saying this, it's all bogus."

            "Not really," Josh said, "we got what we wanted."

            "Which was?" Nick asked.

            "To live in a married apartment instead of a dorm." Was Josh's reply.

            "Anything else?" Brian asked.

            "Not really," several people said in one form or another after a few moments of thought.

            "Get my point, if lessay Jeff and Damon went to the office and said they were a committed couple and wanted a married apartment what do you think would happen?"

            "Probably get the door slammed in our face."  Jeff thought aloud.

            "Exactly.  And that's only the tip of the iceberg." Brian concluded while the others were in thought.

            "But my question is," Nick wondered looking first at Josh.  "I understand out of the deal you got to live in the apartment you wanted."

            "Yeah..." Josh answered slowly wondering where his mate for the evening was going.

            "And since she has a full time job, you can be covered by her health insurance, and be beneficiary to her life insurance and retirement."  Others then had a feeling what was next as he looked to Cindy.  "The question is, what do you get out of it?" 

            Cindy's eyes opened wide as she looked back and forth between Michelle, the love of her life and Josh, her legal husband.  Try as she might she could not think of a benefit she got out of the arrangement.  In the beginning when both her and Josh were students they did share the apartment.  But once she and Michelle became more serious and she dropped out of school and took a full time job she moved out.  Josh was still able to live there because he was still married and both their names were on the lease.  They were all friends and the girls were there on a regular basis and Josh was a regular baby-sitter to the kids. 

            "I see what you mean," Michelle said.  "Her parents disowned her and they haven't spoken since she came out.  So if she were to have a medical emergency even now I would have no say so, but Josh by a technicality could literally decide whether or not to pull the plug."

            "You're not helping sweetie," Josh said to Nick.

            "There are so many things that straight people take for granted we get denied, and probably always will." Nick said seriously.  "Just a suggestion, especially to you two."  He looked right at Michelle and Cindy.  "Since you have the kids you may want to make sure they're provided for."

            "What do you mean?"  Michelle was always concerned when her children were involved.

            "Make sure you have a will so if anything happened to you Cindy would be guardian.  This is a time when her marriage to Josh would be an advantage.  The courts would be less likely to contest it since they're a married couple.  And you should also have her designated as a guardian.  Let's say she," pointing to Tracy , "is hurt at school and only Cindy is available.  Unless you have proper paperwork in place the hospital won't even look at her until they get hold of the mother."

            "That is something to think about hon." Cindy said.

            "Maybe you," looking at Damon, "and you two as well,' looking to Trish and Gina, "should think about power of attorney and wills." Nick said.

            "What are you, a lawyer?"  Until this time Trish and Gina had been quiet but Trish finally spoke.  Even though her family was fine with her and Gina's relationship Gina hadn't been so lucky.

            "Maybe," Nick replied before taking a sip from his beer.

            "Then we'd like to know more about this," Trish said.  Nods around the group showed others were in agreement.  Nick then spent the better part of an hour explaining paperwork that could be filed to protect same sex, or any unmarried couple.  Giving all of the couples present, and even Brian something to think about, he being a pre-law major and had never even considered all that was suggested seriously before and began making mental notes.

            At one point when Brian was questioning Nick about his job and what brought him to town, Josh took the opportunity to sneak away and help Damon take dirty dishes to the kitchen.

            "Deej, your horse analogy last night couldn't be more correct, talk about an Italian Stallion."

            "Italian?" Damon questioned.

            "His last name is Polito, he's one of eight children and he was raised in New York .  Damn that man can fuck."

            "So that's why you're walking funny?" 

            "I could get real used to this one," Josh put his hands on his hips and watched as Damon rinsed off the dishes.  "Too bad he leaves tomorrow morning."

            "What?  The great Josh Fletcher is going for a second date?"  He then looked through the small window above the sink.  "The sky is still blue!  Are the planets out of alignment or something?"

            "Funny bitch.  Besides I lost you to army boy."

            Damon turned the handle on the faucet stopping the flow of water then grabbed a towel from a ring on the front of the cabinet to wipe his hands.  "That's Marine, don't let him hear you say Army.  And you never had me to lose dear friend.  Go for it, he's cute and sounds like a good catch."  He placed a quick kiss on his friend's cheek as he passed him heading towards the back door. "Besides, sounds like he may make enough money to support even you."

            "Not going to happen, long distance relationships never work." Josh paused to decide whether or not to continue. When he started he spoke in a much more serious tone tha n normal. "Speaking of working Damon, have you told him yet?"

            One quick look at his friend and Damon knew Josh was speaking in earnest.  He also knew exactly what his friend was talking about.  "Not really" was his response.

            "That's not really an answer."

            "I know Josh, he knows some, but not sure I'm ready yet."

            "He's going to find out sooner or later."

            "I know, I know.  I just can't help but to think of the problems that it's caused in the past.  I really think he's the one Josh.  But I want to make sure."  The subject was dropped as they exited to the back porch.

            There is a light conversation around the table as Trish and Gina got to know their new friends.  Even though Brian was there with his sister and his roommate he couldn't help but to feel out of place and slightly uncomfortable being the only heterosexual.  He alternated between talking to Jeff and Nick whom he was bonding with around taking jabs about being the group's token straight boy.  Tracy stayed out with them, she was now too big to sit on Damon's lap so instead pulled up a chair and insisted on sitting between him and Jeff as she played with her doll.  Trish and Gina commented how they had talked about having kids of their own someday and seeing how this family seemed complete with Kevin and Tracy they knew that children would be in their future.  The group discussed Brian's relationship to Jennifer and how it was great they both now know about Jeff and Damon's relationship and have no problem with it.  That is when an evil plan developed where they could have some fun with Jennifer who still wasn't aware that Brian knew that his roommate and her brother were boyfriends.  Cindy asked if they are going to be starting `game night' back this year.  After an explanation both Brian and Jeff both thought it was a cool idea. 

            As the afternoon began to wind down Brian and his girls left first.  They needed to head back to Louisville and he wanted to see them off.  Josh and Nick left shortly after, wanting another evening together before Nick's early flight. 

            Damon had been alternating his time between the adults and Tracy who became excited when he suggested going to the Dairy Hut for treats.  Michelle and Cindy looked to each other as they declined, Damon noticed, and understood it to mean they would probably enjoy some alone time and asked Kevin along.  Curt and Jordan had left but Kevin asked if Ashley could come along, Jeff teased him about having a girlfriend causing both the teens to blush. After a quick stop at Dairy Hut they headed to  Al tenwald Park ; a five hundred year old growth forest in the middle of town.  Damon directed Jeff down the winding path to a parking area near a picnic shelter and playground equipment.  At first Kevin is acting like a big shot around his `girlfriend' and teased Damon when he went to play with Tracy on the swings.  But when Jeff teased a bit he was able to get Kevin to loosen up and just be a kid.  This helped Ashley see a different side of him, one she liked! 

            After some horseplay between Jeff and Kevin, the youngster pointed to the wooded area.  "Hey Jeff, there's a creek in over there with snakes."

            "KEWL" Jeff responded.

            "Hey, Ashley wanna see some?"

            "Yech, I don't think so."

            "Why don't you take Jeff, and I'll stay here with the girls." Damon said to Kevin while pushing Tracy on a swing.

            "You don't wanna see snakes?" Jeff asked with a sly grin.

            "Maybe later," Damon discretely looked towards Jeff's crotch who returned a knowing smile.

            "Come on Jeff," Kevin took off running and was already halfway there.  Jeff followed along a trail cut into the underbrush that went several hundred feet into the woods to a wooden footbridge crossing a narrow creek with a steady flow streaming underneath.

            After they had been there several minutes and not spotted a snake Kevin moved closer and looked to the older man. "Jeff, can I ask you a question." He stopped and hesitated before continuing, this got Jeff's attention. "About sex, that it."

            Jeff looked away not wanting to face the teenager and not sure how to proceed, nervous as to the consequences. "I'm not sure," he finally responded as the adolescent walked to the end of the bridge and around to the creek. Al ong the way he picked up a stick which he used to poke down into crawdad holes.  "I guess so, what's on your mind?"

            "I want to have sex." Kevin said matter of factly.

            "Kevin, you're just a kid.  I mean you and me, it's not gonna happen."

            "I didn't mean with you, I mean with Ashley." Kevin grumbled.

            Jeff gave an obvious sigh or relief. "Uh, am I the right person you want to talk to, I am gay you know."  Jeff felt uncomfortable and hoped Kevin would drop the subject.  But on the other hand he recalled a similar conversation he had a couple years back with another youngster and couldn't help by to smile to himself.

            "Yeah, but I'm sure you still know how it's done."

            "Do you?" Jeff figured he may as well listen to the kid.  It wasn't too many years before that he was fourteen and he definitely knew the facts of life by then.

            "I know where to put it if that's what you mean." Kevin gave a sly grin.

            "I guess you know about rubbers then too, huh?"

            "Do I need one?  I mean I'm only fourteen, my friends said she wouldn't get pregnant the first time."

            "Don't listen to your friends, I'm sure you're shooting live ammo by now which means you could be a daddy."

            "No shit?" Kevin's eyes were as large as saucers at the news. He thought for a moment before continuing.  "Yeah, there's a vending machine in the bathroom at the gas station down on the corner.  I can get rubbers there."

            "Good boy."

            "Of course, I haven't always been gay you know, I used to date girls."

            "Really?" Kevin was astonished, "what made you change."

            "Let's not talk about that, what about you and your question." Jeff would rather not be talking about is past sex life with a fourteen year old whom he barely knows.

            "My friends are pushing me to, you know do it."

            "Do you want to?"

            "Well yeah, I mean who doesn't?"

            Jeff walked to the shore with Kevin and followed him down stream, picking up rocks and throwing them into the creek as they went.  "Not everybody Kevin, another important question, does she want to?"

            "I dunno, she flirts with me all the time but hasn't come out and said it."

            Jeff smiled to himself.  That was one of the things he didn't miss from dating women, the mind games and never knowing how to read them. "That is the million dollar question my friend.  No matter what you're feeling, or what your friends try to push you into.  Never, I mean never ever push her into having sex if she doesn't want to.  Trust me; it'll only make things worse."

            "How do I know if she's ready, ask her?"

            "That's one way, but if she's not ready it could make her mad."

            "But how do I know how to read her and what she really wants?"

            "You know I'm not the utmost authority anymore on the subject of women these days, have you talked to your mother about this?" Jeff meant it seriously and said it with all sincerity.  Kevin just looked at him and rolled his eyes.  "Sorry.  What about your father?"

            "Yeah right."

            "Not an easy guy to talk to?"

            "Can't talk to him when you don't know where he is."

            "Sorry about that, didn't mean to pry."  Jeff felt embarrassed. They had never discussed the kid's father so he had no idea what the story was.

            "No that's Okay."  They stopped while Kevin picked up a stick and threw it at large snapping turtle on the other side of the creek.  "My dad left not too long after Tracy was born."

            "Did you miss him?"

            "No, not really.  They argued and yelled a lot.  Even in my room with the radio on and a pillow over my head I could hear them."

            "I'm sorry."  It was lame but the only thing Jeff could think to say.  In his small town couples have always tended to stay together.

            "That's OK." There was another couple minutes of silence as they walked along the creek.  At a couple points they had to step out onto some large rocks to avoid poison ivy or other growth.  Kevin kept his large stick and would occasionally use it to separate the flora enough to look in hoping to find a snake.  "At first he would come get me every other weekend," he finally continued, "and would be at all my ball games, even if it was during the week or not on his weekend to have me.  But that only lasted about a year until he found a new girlfriend, and then she got pregnant.  After that it was maybe once every two or three months, and then it just stopped.  I heard Mom say that a few months after that he quit sending support checks."

            "Did she ever try to go after him for that?"

            "Nah, I don't think so at least.  If she did I never paid attention or heard anything about it."

            "I really don't know what that would be like.  Me and my dad were always close.  I mean he yelled at me when I did things wrong but he was always there for me."  Jeff reminisced then smiled thinking about it. "I guess I deserved it when he yelled at me.  I know he's always been proud of me and loved me."  Jeff let his mind momentarily wander thinking about his father.

            "Not mine.  When they were together he was never there, always out drinking or whatever.  I think he just came to my games to put on a show.  I didn't care if he was there or not.  I mean it was nice to have him there since the other guys' dads were there.  But he was sometimes drunk, on his cell phone, or had a woman with him and put on a show if Mom was in eye sight." 

            Jeff doesn't believe what he is hearing.  He can't imagine a father treating his son that way and almost feels guilty.  His dad was always there for him, taking off early at work when his high school football team made the playoffs so he could drive to Decatur and cheer Jeff on.  Jeff couldn't help but to think that as supportive as his parents have always been they will be supportive when they find out about him and Damon. 

            You know it's my mother who was always there for me.  She was my little league coach and my scout leader.  She was actually more of a father to me then my dad ever was. I get her a father's day card every year as a joke."  They both laugh.  "And if I knew where my dad was I would send him a mother's day car because he's a real mother fucker."

            "It's about time!"  They heard Tracy scolding them.  They hadn't realized how far that they had walked and were back to the playground.

            "Shut up Trace, we were taking."

            "Anything else Kevin?  I mean that you wanted to talk to me about?" Jeff figured he'd better find out before they rejoined the other group and Kevin wouldn't be as comfortable.

            "I dunno, I guess I need to think about it." 

            "Before we leave I'll give you my phone number and you can call anytime.  Even if it's just to brag you finally beat my high score."

* * * * * * * * * *

            They return back to Michelle's house just as the ladies are exiting the bedroom.  She whispers `thank you' into Damon's ear and he returned a knowing smile.   Jeff and Damon sit with Michelle and Cindy on the back porch while Kevin walked Ashley home Tracy took advantage of the time to play video games.  Something she seldom was able to do when Kevin was home.  Jeff spoke of his talk with Kevin, Michelle is relieved rather then angry.  She had a feeling Kevin needed `the talk' but wasn't prepared to herself. 

            "Thanks Jeff," Michelle said, "I had a feeling something was going on but wasn't sure how I wanted to bring it up."

             "I told her give the boy enough time he would work things out, can't believe though he asked a fag for sex advice." Cindy laughed.

             "He likes Jeff though, and feels comfortable with him." Michelle added.

             "But he's only met Jeff the one time," Damon commented.

             "Yeah but something happened, he talked about Jeff, the Jeep and video games for weeks after you were over that time."  Michelle said.

             "I guess I just have that influence," Jeff smugly said.

             "I have an idea Jeff, what are you doing next Saturday?" Michelle asked.

             "I don't know, I haven't thought that far yet," Jeff looked to Damon for direction.

             "I'll be busy in the morning with the fraternity, maybe all day." Damon said to Jeff then turned to Michelle, "What do you have in mind `Shell?"

             "Well, Kevin is in boy scouts, and next Saturday they are taking a field trip to West Baden to that hotel they're restoring and they were looking for chaperones."

             "What's that got to do with me?" Jeff had a feeling he knew where this was going.  Damon smirked having a good idea himself.

             "He hates it when I go, and since his dad is no where around, maybe you could go on it?" Michelle hesitated as she asked knowing she was imposing.  "I know better then to even think of Josh."

             "I guess, what is this place?" Jeff asked after the laughter died.

             "What?" Damon was in disbelief.  "You haven't heard of the West Baden Spring Hotel?"

             "Um, No." The girls laughed at the banter between their two male friends.

             "It's a resort hotel built around the turn of the last century.  It used to be the largest dome roof in the world.  But after the stock market crash it basically fell apart.  It was used off and on for various functions but abandoned years ago.  There's now a group who is trying to restore it.  I check it out about every other year to see the progress."

             "Cool,' was all Jeff could manage.

             "So do you think you would be interested?" Michelle asked?

             "I guess I'd better," Jeff didn't know but saw the pleading look on Damon's face. 

             "Excellent!" Michelle said, "Kevin will be happy!"

             "Happy about what?" The teenager asked walking out onto the patio.

             "Jeff is going on your trip to West Baden next week."

             "Cool," Kevin replied not really showing much enthusiasm.  "Wanna play X-box?" He asked turning to his adult friend.

             Jeff started to stand but realized his priorities and sat back in his place, "Nah kid, I'm visiting right now.  Maybe later."

             "Besides hon," Michelle said in a motherly voice, "let your sister play for a while."

             "Aw Mom," Kevin stomped off.

             Damon and Jeff stayed for a while longer conversing with their female friends.  Before they left they made arrangements for Jeff to be there at 7:00 the following Saturday for breakfast and the trip to West Baden.

 * * * * * * * * * *

             Damon had planned to return to the frat house to put in an appearance with his brothers.  It didn't take much convincing on Jeff's part to talk him out of it.  After stopping at Subway for a sandwich they returned to the apartment for an evening of cuddling on the couch followed by intense lovemaking that lasted well into morning.  The more time the two men spent with each other the more they wanted to be with the other.

 * * * * * * * * * *

             As Damon slowly opened his eyes he was startled to see Jeff wide awake and propped on his elbow looking right at him with a huge grin.

             "You know you're really cute when you sleep." Jeff put his hand on Damon's chest and slowly began rubbing.

             "Yeah, well you're cute all the time." Damon replied with a smile as he wiggled to get comfortable.  "Been up long?" he asked as he rubbed his eyes.

             "Yeah, sure have." Jeff slowly lowered the covers to expose his fully extended member.

             "Hmmm, breakfast." Damon winked and smiled before he rolled Jeff rolled onto his back. 

 * * * * * * * * * *

             "What time will Jen be home?"  Damon asked as he adjusted the temperature on the shower.

             "Sometime today is all I know," her brother commented after flushing his used condom and following his lover into the shower.  "You know girls," he made a smirk, "they'll sleep in, get ready and put on their make up."

             "Let's not forget stopping to shop along the way." Damon added and they both laughed.

             After a quick make out session in the shower they dressed and went out for breakfast.    They spent the morning together but both had homework to do which curtailed any further intimacy.  Around five Brian joined them and the group was at the dining room table, books open when Jen walked in.  She had no idea what devilish plot the three men in her life had planned for when the time was right.

* * * * * * * * * *

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