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Closets are for Clothes
by Jacob Adams

Chapter 4

            After class the next day Jeff, Damon and Brian put their plan into motion.  They had decided to have fun at Jennifer's expense.  The stage was set, all players at their post when the scene played out.

            Jennifer and Brian were at the table doing homework, Brian made sure they were seated so that his back was to Jeff and Damon.  And to where Jennifer would see them clearly.  Jeff and Damon took seats next to each other on sofa watching TV. Jeff slowly moved over and put his arms around his boyfriend.  He and Damon both resisted the urge to look towards the table out of the corner of their eyes for fear they would not be able to control themselves if they saw a reaction on their victim's face.  Brian knew what was to happen and also made sure he kept his focus on his textbook in order to make the scheme work best to their advantage.  Jennifer though immediately noticed that her brother and Damon were arm in arm, and was not happy.  She made several noises and gestures which were intended to get Jeff's attention.  Al l three men had to suppress their laughter as they ignored her rather obvious effort.  Damon leaned a little closer to Jeff and placed his hand on his lover's leg, just below the crotch which still reacted to the teasing.  Jennifer was getting tense and began fidgeting in her seat.  She wanted to ignore what was happening in the next room yet at the same time trying to monitor what was happening and hoping it wouldn't get out of hand.

            When a commercial came on Jeff leaned over to make it look like he was whispering in Damon's ear, but then took advantage of the position to lightly nibble at the lobe.  Jen's eyes opened wide as Damon became noticeably excited by the action. 

            "Something wrong dear?" Brian asked with a straight face after Jen made an obvious cough to get her brother's attention.

"Oh, nothing," Jen said quickly then went back to her homework.  She didn't want to draw attention to her brother who was beginning to piss her off.  Jeff took it to the next step and started kissing Damon.  She was still coming to terms with her brother being gay and was a little freaked out seeing this exchange of affection for the first time.  She definitely did not want her boyfriend to see what they were doing merely a few feet behind his back. Trying to focus on the paperwork in front of her Jen didn't notice what they were doing until she went to take a drink.  And then choked and spit water back into her cup.

            "What?"  Brian asked again.

            "I'm sorry, just a hiccup." Jennifer responded quickly making sure she was looking right at her boyfriend.

            "Really?  I didn't hear it, are you sure?" Brian could barely contain himself, then thinking quickly he added.  "You know they say a way to get rid of hiccups is to be scared, maybe we should think of something really horrific to get rid of them."  Al l three men are ready to bust.

            "No, I'll be fine.  I'm just going to get some fresh water and use the restroom." She gets up and gives him a quick peck on the cheek.  Jeff makes the mistake of looking up at her and she motions him towards the restroom but he chooses to ignore it.

This time, noticing her gaze, he turned to see his friends kissing.  As soon as he turned Jen took in a deep breath, preparing for impact.

            "Gee guys, take it to the bedroom." He then turned back to his book, he caught a glimpse of Jen's face and tried to suppress a laugh.  It wasn't long before he couldn't hold back any longer.  As soon as he started Jeff and Damon also cut loose, all three looking at Jen's surprised and confused face.

            "You know?" She finally asked.

            "Yeah," was all Brian could say until the laughter subsided and he regained his breath. "You should have seen your face."

            "It was priceless Sis."

            "When? How?"

            They told her of the story of how his sister was in town and how they had all run into each other.  When she realized that not only did Brian know; but, he had no problem with it, she gave him a big hug and a kiss.  During the conversation Jeff stayed cuddled next to Damon.  She only found out a week ago that her brother was gay and was dating her ex-boyfriend.  But knowing about it is was one thing, and seeing Jeff kissing another guy was something else.  Even though she knew there were several gay people around campus, and had met a few; there were none that she would call a friend.  And even though she had seen a couple guys holding hands in the library once; it wasn't until now that she had see two guys, or two girls for that matter, kiss.  There was one side of her that was bothered.

            "What's wrong hon?" Brian's voice caused her to snap out if it.

            "I'm sorry," but her gaze was still fixed on her brother leaving no guess as to what she was thinking.

            "I'm sorry Sis," Jeff released his grasp of Damon and sat up straight.

            "Maybe we shouldn't have," Damon agreed realizing maybe they took their prank too far.

            "Guys, I'm not sure about this.  Maybe we need to talk about this; and what is proper for the living room." Jen finally said.

            "What do you mean?" Brian was intrigued.

            "I'm not sure I want to watch them getting all kissy all the time.  I mean I can't stop what they do behind doors and definitely don't want any details.  But would you guys mind not doing it in the living room."

            "I don't think that's being fair." Brian looked at his girlfriend with concern.

            "Do you want to see it?" She shot back.

            "It doesn't bother me; I think anything we can do here there should be allowed to."  She started to protest but he stopped her by leaning over and giving her a kiss."

            "Oh, gross, BREEDERS." Damon couldn't resist.

            "Shut up bitch," Brian shot back with a grin bringing laughs from all three guys.  The humor of the situation was lost on Jen.

            "Think about it babe, that simple gesture of affection, a kiss, is something you and I can share anywhere, anytime.  But once these guys walk through the door; they can't exchange them without snickers, stares or worse.  It's not fair; it's just the way civilization is.  This is Jeff's home, their home I guess and one bastion of privacy they have to be themselves.  I just don't know if it's fair to further restrict their sharing of affection to a single room."  Jen thought about it and was beginning to see his point. "I agree, there are some things that should be private, but they weren't doing anything I wouldn't do with you on the sofa.  So why should we tell them they can't?"

            "You're right of course." She wasn't completely convinced yet gave him another quick kiss to soothe things over then looked towards the boys on the sofa. "Just give me a little more time to get used to the idea huh guys?"  They both nodded in agreement.  Jeff and Damon later agreed between themselves that they would limit their affection when out in the open so as to not make her too uncomfortable

            "Would you like to go to a P-Flag meeting with me?"  Brian asked his girlfriend.

            "A who what?"

            "P-Flag, Parents and Friends of lesbians and gays.  They have meetings here on campus once a month.  I go occasionally."

            "You've never told me about this."

            "It's never come up, beside they only meet once a month and I don't attend every meeting.   It's like a support group for friends and family rather then of gay people themselves.  I joined while still in high school after my cousin was bashed, and then became more involved when Trish came out to me.  I'm the one who spoke to our parents first to ready them and lessen the blow.  I like helping others adjust and become more comfortable."

            Jen gives him a hug and kiss, "My boyfriend, the activist; saving one wrenched bigot at a time." 

Jeff and Damon ignore the hetero couple as they themselves take the opportunity to share some quick affection.  "Speaking of which Dame, our buddy Rodney was being his normal vulgar self this morning."

            "What did he do this time?"

            "Something about Hispanics, I chose to ignore him but several of the others were listening intently.  We may have a problem with that one."

            "Let's hope it's later rather then sooner.  I really don't want to cross that bridge, I think I'll just lay low and fly under his radar and maybe I can make it to graduation without drawing attention to myself and creating a reason for trouble."

            "That sounds like a good idea." Jen agreed.

            "What about you and me then?" Jeff was concerned where this may leave them.

            "I don't think you have to worry there Jeff, no one to my knowledge has ever suspected Damon of being gay; and dating Jen last year is to his credit.  And even though you're not well known around campus you don't, pardon the term, look or act gay.  Plus people know you're a Marine and the connection you have to Damon.  And you've got me covering your back."

            "Uum, you?" Jeff raised his eyebrows.

            "Yeah me, don't forget I'm your friendly straight guy in the fraternity."


            After being gone most of the weekend then coming in late Monday; Damon and Brian decided they should probably be putting in more time at the house. After class Tuesday they spent just a couple hours with Jeff and Jennifer at the apartment before heading back to fraternity row and some quality time with their brothers.  It wasn't long before they were both bored with billiards and typical banter of the fraternity house.  With a quick knowing glance they both knew what the other was thinking and made a quick exit.  They both took their spaces at their respective desks and powered up their laptops and opened books in preparation to study while listening to the laughter coming up the stairs and into the open doorway.  While the house did have separate rooms with two guys to a room it was typical to leave the door open so it wasn't long before the brothers were making their way in and out of the room on their way through the second floor of the Sig-Ep house. 

            After a couple hours and not getting much studying done Brian sighed heavily and slammed closed his book.

            "Come on Dude, let's hit the shower."  Brian grabbed his toiletries bag and a towel and made way towards the door while Damon continued to sit at his desk going over an assignment.

            "Huh?" Damon looked up he had barely heard his roommate and friend.

            "Shower, you know, water, soap." Brian smiled then noticed Damon's look; a mixture of fear and confusion and changed his own to one of concern.

            "I know what a shower is; go ahead I'll take mine when you're done."  Damon said and went back to his book.

            "What gives Damon?" Something about his friend seemed far away.  Brian gave him a questioning look as Damon glanced back towards the door.

            "I just don't want to make you uncomfortable." Damon finally said.

            "Why would I be...?" Brian suddenly had an epiphany and realized what Damon meant. He slowly closed the bedroom door to give them some privacy from the occasional brother wandering the hallway.   "Oh, I see!  Dude we've taken showers together before."

            "I know, but that was before, and don't..."

            "You're choice," Brian turned to leave and only made it a couple steps stopping, doing an about face and returned to the room closing the door behind him then continued in a more serious tone.  "I just want to say that I consider you my friend.  Yes, I know you're gay.  And you should know that's not a problem with me." Damon who had his head down in shame finally looked up. "Besides you already know what I have and have probably been beating off dreaming about it." He added which finally brought a smile to his roommate's face.

            "In your dreams breeder, I have a boyfriend that you only wish you could compare to." Damon laughed as he threw a pillow.

            "That's the sprit buddy, you coming?" Damon smiled as he closed his laptop then grabbed his own supplies.


            The rest of the week pretty much followed suit.  The couples would have lunch together; but; in the evenings Damon and Brian would be at the fraternity house bonding more with each other as well as with the rest of the brothers.  This allowed Jeff and Jennifer more time alone to bond as brother and sister.  Slowly they were rebuilding their relationship and were almost where they were before Jeff had left for the Marines.  She was slowly coming to terms with his being gay and dating her ex-boyfriend.  She had been torn between her country-Christian upbringing and her love for her brother whom she had always worshipped.  But the more time they spent together the more she came to understand he was still the same old Bubby she adored.

            Brian did his good deed Friday by taking her out after class to give Jeff and Damon a few hours of `alone' time in the apartment.  That was the first evening that all four spent the night in the apartment.

            Jeff was still an early riser from his years on the farm and in the Marines.  He had followed his normal morning routine of having a cup of coffee in his underwear before hitting the shower.  Damon was right behind him and was also enjoying his morning brew when Brian woke to the aroma of the fresh brew and joined them. 

            The three men were lined up, leaning against the counter in various states of awaken slumber when Jennifer walked in.  At first she stopped in her tracks staring at the sight then startled the three men with her laugh.

            "What?" Brian asked bluntly wondering the source of her humor.

            "You guys," she pointed as she continued to chuckle.  "You all are different."  As they gave her a `duh' look in their tired stupor she elaborated.  She pointed first to Damon, "boxers." then to her brother whose blush highly contrasted his tighty-whities, "Briefs." And finally placed her finger on her chin and took a good look at Brian before smiling, "and bikinis."

             "And what do you prefer?" Brian asked with a cocky smile.

            "Hmmm," Jennifer took another good look at the three.  Brian couldn't help but to feel a little jealous thinking her gazed stayed on her ex-boyfriend's crotch just a little longer then he felt necessary.  His agitation didn't last long before she went to him and placed her arms around him hand giving him a quick kiss.  "I think I prefer the sexy bikinis."

            "I think you just like how they're filled out Sis." Jeff's comment made him redden even more, but did notice a slight movement in Brian's bikinis.

            "Bubby!" It was both Brian and Jennifer's turn to blush.  She leaned her head on his shoulder and he placed his arms around her.

            "No fair!" Damon said getting their attention.  I thought you didn't want any huggy kissy stuff in the public areas."

            "Yeah!" Jeff joined in sat his cup on the counter and moved in place in front of his boyfriend. "Anything you can do we can do."

            "Why don't you guys take it to the bedroom?" Brian said causing his friends to break their kiss. 

            "As much as I'd like to I need to get ready and get out of here." Jeff said glancing at the clock on the microwave.  "Kevin's probably already wondering where I am."

            "And I plan to hit the gym." Damon agreed.

            "I don't have anywhere to be." Jennifer said giving Brian a devilish grin.

            "Neither do I." Her boyfriend returned the smirk causing her to back up and pull him to the bedroom.  The last thing Jeff and Damon saw before the rounded the corner was a blush when Brian realized they were both looking at his crotch, the fabric being strained by his rapidly expanding member.

            * * * * * * * * * *

            Damon and Brian met up with the other guys shortly before Noon at a strip shopping center a few blocks off campus.  The management of the center was known for their generosity to school functions.  Several times a month they donated a corner of the parking lot and use of the water spigots to various clubs and organizations.  A hardware store in the center loaned buckets and hoses as well as donated sponges towels and soap.  Al l the fraternity had to do was supply the labor.  On this Saturday for a small donation one could get the car washed while watching a group of scantily clad fraternity boys and a few sorority girls hanging out with their boyfriends having more fun spraying each other then washing their car.  The men took turns going shirtless on the street side with signs encouraging potential patrons to pull into the lot. 

            It was mid-afternoon when Jeff made it back to town from his adventures in scouting.  As he dropped off Kevin and a couple friends he popped in the house just long enough to say "Hi" to Michelle and Cindy before heading back to the apartment.  Jennifer was just leaving to head over to the car wash so Jeff quickly offered to tag along. 

            "Hey Flynn, it looks like when you're done with DJ's reject she has another one waiting."  Rodney Taylor was looking right at Jeff.

            "Damn that girl went from stuck up to having a revolving door." Another said.

            "Hey dude, I don't blame you she's a hottie."  Rodney said in Jeff's direction that by this time had walked up.

            "That's my sister you're talking about."  Jeff made a threatening stance towards the large fraternity boy.

            "Knock it off Taylor ." Dave Chapman, the chapter president stepped in to head off a conflict.  Rodney was known for stirring up shit.

            Brian gave Rodney a look that said "stand down" as he walked to Jeff and with a smile gave his new friend a high five as the group of fraternity boys began washing the Jeep.

* * * * * * * * * *

            After the wash was over and the men had the parking lot cleaned up they all returned to the house and fired up a couple grills.  Jen's sorority sisters were already there and ready to party.  Jeff had already met several of those present and was now able to make friends outside their normal group.  Both he and Damon separated and mingled with the crowd.  They knew it would be best if they didn't spend al their time together.  Both were slightly jealous when they noticed a girl hanging on their boyfriend.  But both also felt that a little female companionship would be good for their reputation. Damon though had bad memories of the previous year and the doomed relationship with Jennifer and vowed not to let anything get out of hand.  He hoped Jeff felt the same way and realized the consequences that could result otherwise.

            "Fuck you Taylor, why do you have to be such an asshole?" A fellow brother at the table was heard screaming getting the attention of the group.

            "Speaking of fags, you guys been to the bathroom in the library lately?" Another asked.

            "What are you talking about?" Brad asked. 

            "You know the bathroom on the second floor, near the periodicals?" Several shook their heads.  "There's a hole, about three inches in diameter between the stalls.  Rumour has it you can stick your dick through and get a blow job."  Response ranged from `cool' to `gross' from the varied group around the table.

            "Hey girls," Rodney said as Damon and Brian walked up, "you kiss and make up?"

            "What's your problem Rodney?"

            "You fairies, that's what.  First you're late to the meeting yesterday come running in together at the last minute.  Then you talk about fags with AIDS, then go off and have a spat.  Go ahead Flynn, kiss him."

            "You're just jealous you don't have this stud for yourself."  Brian put his arms around Damon's shoulder and pulled him close, making a smooching sound.

            "How cool Jen, your boyfriend and ex-boyfriend are fighting over you!" A sorority girl said.  Jennifer just smiled, not knowing what was going on but enjoying the little show.   

            "I'm getting out of here before you fudge packers rape me."  Rodney stood and left followed by a couple of the guys at the table.  Damon and Brian were heading to the food table as Jeff walked up and joined them.

            "What's up guys?" 

            "Nothing we couldn't handle." Damon resisted the urge to put his arms around his boyfriend as the group filled plates and returned to the party in progress.


* * * * * * * * * *

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