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Closets are for Clothes
by Jacob Adams  (

Chapter 5

            Monday evening Jeff and Damon met up with Brian and Jen at Subway for a sandwich then all four ended up at the apartment.  Jeff and Brian were set to watch Monday Night Football while Damon decided to help Jen with a class project at the table.  Jen had no desire to watch the game and Damon didn't care about the teams who were playing so decided to keep her company.  The two pairs kept to themselves; the sports fans totally ignored their partners. The other two meanwhile could hardly ignore the armchair quarterbacks due to the constant cheering and feedback which was being offered to the players.  Eventually Jen had some questions which Damon thought could be best answered via a Google search so he grabbed and booted his laptop.  It wasn't until he reached for the phone to unhook the line that he realized Brian had it hooked up to his own laptop.

             "Sorry dude, I'll be done in a minute." Brian really had no intention of hurrying and was only using this as a stall so he could read more stats about the game and his favorite players. 

             "No biggie," after the few weeks they had been rooming Damon was already familiar with how hard it was to sidetrack his friend when it came to sports. He thinks for a moment before he reached for his laptop case.  "You go ahead and use it Bri; I'll go to plan B."

             "What's that?" Jen put down her book to get a better look at the device Damon was plugging into his computer.

             "Wi-Fi card."

             "I didn't know you had that!" Jeff jumped from the couch to see what his boyfriend was doing; his excitement of a new gadget taking his attention from the game his team was losing.

             "Not much need for it around here, I can't believe there's only a couple hot spots around a campus this size."

             "No doubt," Brian had joined the group around the table while Damon tried to find a signal.

             "I was hoping the frat house would have it this year." Damon mumbled.

             "Fat chance with Chapman as president."  Brian referred to their fraternity's chapter president who was known as a bit of a miser with the budget.

             "What about the school?" Jen asked.

             "They've installed it on a `trial basis' in the Student Union but that's all so far. Rumor has it they may add the dorms and library next year.  For what good that does us who will be graduating."

             "Why not your frat house?" Jeff asked.

             "Fraternities while chartered by the school are an outside organization. We would have to pay for it ourselves. The TKEs have DSL because their chapter president last year was a CS major and was able to get it worked into the budget. From there adding the wireless network was easy."

             "I've got a signal!" Damon was clearly excited, "it's weak only 48% but," he tapped a few keys and his web browser popped up on his screen, "enough for it to work."

             "How'd you do that?" Jeff put his arm around his boyfriend, clearly impressed.

             "No biggie, just means one of your neighbors has wireless and I'm able to tap into their signal."

             "Could even be here in this building." Brian added.

             "That is too cool!" Jeff was amazed; not realizing this could be done. "But um, is it like, legal?"

             "That's your domain counselor." Jen looks at her pre-law boyfriend.

             "I'm not sure," while Brian was familiar with the technology he was unsure of his friend's usage of it.

             Al l eyes were on Damon, "It is debatable," he paused while he looked at his screen.  "I'm sure if one had criminal intent, or was using a lot of bandwidth for like, downloading music there would be a problem.  But just to check email or surf a few pages they'll never know.  Besides, if they cared they'd password protect it, hehehe."  Jeff and Jen both seemed impressed while Brian hid his skepticism and decided to talk to Damon about it later in their room when they were alone. After a couple minutes the excitement died and two went back to their football game while Damon surfed and Jen studied.

 * * * * * * * * * *

             On Wednesday of the following week Jeff met up at the fraternity house with Damon knowing Brian and Jen wanted a little alone time at the apartment.

             "So do you have any plans for the weekend yet?" Damon asked.

             "None yet, whatca have in mind?"

             "My grandmother is going to be out of town, and I wondered if you'd like to get away. Maybe go up to her house in Louisville with me?"

             "Isn't that a little strange?"

             "Not really, she goes out quite a bit for a few days to a few weeks at a time. She likes it when I stop by, she says it makes the place more lived in.  Besides, she seldom uses the pool and comments that if I didn't she might as well not have it."

             "Your grandmother has a pool?"

             "Yeah, with a hot tub built in!"

             "I know I'm going to resent asking this, but why is it your grandmother has a house with a hot tub and is always going out of town?"

             "Well... The pool and hot tub sorta came with the house.  And she goes out of town for... believe it or not, work!"

             "Work? I thought you said she had like this big insurance settlement with your grandfather died."

             "She did, but she's done quite well on her own."

             "What does she do?"

             Damon stood up and removed a couple books from shelf above his desk and handed them to Jeff. His boyfriend looked at them instantly recognizing one of the titles from the best seller list a couple years before.  The other he had heard of but didn't know anything about it.  He then noticed the author's name.

             "Your grandmother is Angela Jung?  Man that is too wild!"

             "You've heard of her?" Damon looked at him with surprise.

             "Uh, yeah? So what?"

             "You're not exactly in the target demographic to be reading such literature."

             "I don't," Jeff got defensive realizing the implications. "But my mom is like her biggest fan.  I just bought `Passion on Palm Island ' for her birthday.  And she has worn out two VHS copies of `Jacaranda Manor' she watched it so much."

             Damon just listened to his star struck lover carry on amazed at Jeff's fervor.

             "I just can't believe Angela Jung is your grandmother."

             "Oh, Don't ever call her that she says it's a hard `G' like in great. She pronounces is `on-ga-la"

             "But it's really your grandmother?"

             "Sure is, my dad's mother."

             "But you never mentioned that before."

             "You never asked."

             "Well, `so is your grandmother a famous writer' a normal topic of conversation."

             "True, and I guess since I was raised with all the hoopla it was never any big deal to me. She's no different to me then your grandmother is to you."

             "My grandmothers are all gone."  Jeff had a touch of sadness in his voice and Damon was sure he detected a hint of a tear.

             "I remember you saying that.  I'm sorry to have brought it up." Damon put his hand on Jeff's shoulder to show empathy.

             "That's OK, she was in her seventies and lived a long hard life as a farmer's wife. My Mom's mother passed away when I was young from breast cancer."

             After a few solemn moments of silence Damon finally asked "So you wanna go?"

             "I'll go anywhere with you." Jeff said right before giving his lover a kiss.

             "What?" Damon asked seeing Jeff's smile.

             "Just thinking about you riding a little tricycle around her pecking away at a typewriter."

             "I don't think she's used one of those in years.  She's a demon on a word processor though, and can take her laptop anywhere she goes and email manuscripts.

             "Your grandmother uses email?"

             "Of course, we write each other at least once a week.  How else do you think I knew she was going to be out of town?"

             "Oh, cool!"

 * * * * * * * * * *

              Damon met Jeff at the apartment after class Friday afternoon.  After checking out the contents of the weekly care package while enjoying Mother Schultz's culinary contribution they packed a couple changes of clothes into duffel bags and made the two hour trip to Damon's grandmother's house. The sun was just setting when Damon turned off the main road and stopped next to a small security shack. Jeff was impressed with the two large stone pillars on either side of the road supporting an ornate wrought iron arch with the name "Kenwood Estates" sculpted into the scroll work over impressive gates.  An overweight but well groomed guard stepped out of the shack.  Damon pulled a card from above the visor and handed it to the guard who looked it over then handed it back to Damon.  He never said a word, just walked back into the shack and pressed a button opening the gate.

            Once through the gate Jeff looked around in awe as Damon slowly made his way down a winding brick paved boulevard lined with mature oak trees. The houses, all of which sat well back from the road, all had well manicured landscapes and were larger then anything Jeff had ever seen in his own home town. 

            "We're not in Kansas anymore!" Jeff mumbled.  Damon smiled to himself at his lover's comment.  He had seen similar responses from others in the past on their first visit. Damon himself was overwhelmed when she first bought it years before. 

            Jeff's eyes got even larger when Damon turned onto a cobblestone drive leading to an imposing Tudor style home.  Damon drove slowly, adding drama before finally rolling to a stop near the impressive grand entrance. The front of the house was well lit with lighting that provided security and highlighted the home's architectural details.  The mainly darkened windows confirmed what Damon already expected, that his grandmother was not at home. 

            As they stepped out of the car Jeff looked like the typical tourist, gazing around with his mouth open taking in the massiveness of the house he was about to enter. Damon opened the trunk and took out the bags and then walked right to the front door as if it was no big deal. Jeff couldn't believe that Damon had a key to this mansion on his key ring, the same key ring he had seen dozens of times in the past.  A set of keys Damon had taken out of his pocket and thrown aside like it was nothing. When the door opened they began hearing a beeping which stopped when Damon went to a keypad on the wall a few feet from the door and entered a code. 

            "You have a key, and an alarm code?" Jeff was amazed at how calm Damon seemed to be around all of this.

            "Sure, I have for years." Damon responded smiling. "I told you I check up on the place when she goes out of town."

            "But how often is that?"

            "Sometimes it seems she's gone more then she's home.  She spends winters at her condo in Florida . Sometimes she's on reconnaissance, as she calls it "mission" to check out locations or get story ideas. Then after she releases a book or a movie she goes on tour to promote it.  I called you from here a couple times over the summer." 

"You did?  Condo?"

"You knew about that, I was there over the summer, down by Tampa ."

            "Oh yeah, I remember that now." Jeff was too busy looking around. Damon sat the bags on the floor near the stairs and continued through the house.  "She lives here alone?"

            "Yes, since my grandpa died she's been alone, well not really it seems she always has somebody around.  If she was in town she would probably have a cook or maid or someone here. There's an apartment over one of the garages where staff can stay.  But she's never believed in having anyone here full time."

            Jeff followed to what he would call a family room with large glass doors leading to a patio. Damon opened one and motioned Jeff to follow outside.  Damon flipped a switch that lit some low-wattage lights around the patio and pool. It was a large irregular shaped pool surrounded by a flagstone patio.  There were a couple of flower beds at various spots around the perimeter with what was left of foliage that Jeff imagined bloomed beautifully over the summer. At one end of the pool was a waterfall that cascaded down the stone wall into the clear water. Damon walked up a few steps to a smaller pool from which the waterfall originated.  He went right to a touch screen control panel and tapped a couple buttons. As the waterfall then slowed to a trickle Damon walked back to Jeff putting his arms around his lover's waist drawing him in for a kiss.

            "What did you just do?"

            "I turned on the heater in the hot tub." Then seeing Jeff's confusion continued, "Normally the water circulates from the pool to the hot tub then over the waterfall and back to the main pool.  But when you use the hot tub the waterfall stops, that way you're only heating the water in the hot tub part.  It's not too bad now, the water's at eighty two degrees but the hot tub part will heat to one hundred and four in no time."

            "Cool," was all Jeff could think of to say.

            "Wanna take a dip?" Damon asked pulling off his shirt.

            "In what?"

            "The pool, duh."

            "Don't we want to change?"

            "No need, we're the only ones here.  I skinny dip all the time." Without waiting Damon finished stripping as Jeff reluctantly began removing his own clothing.  When both were naked they ran at the same time and jumped into the soothing water that even though seldom used was always kept at a comfortable temperature. 

            "I thought you said you weren't rich." Jeff accused Damon.

            "I'm not."

            "Yeah right, just look around here."

            "But it's not mine, it all belongs to my grandmother."

            "It's still your family."

            "True, but it's hers not mine.  Wanna see my bank statement?"  With that he splashed his boyfriend hoping to change the subject concerned about Jeff's occasional remarks regarding his financial wellbeing.

            Jeff chased Damon as they swim a couple of laps followed by some horseplay which led to fooling around.  Damon pinned Jeff to the side of the pool with only their heads above water and engaged him in a long slow kiss.  What started out to be a pin slowly evolved to a mutual hug before both of their hands began exploring the other's body under the crystal clear water. Damon found Jeff's semi-erect penis first and began to slowly stroke it to full staff. Jeff who still had his back to the wall of the pool leaned his head back breaking the kiss, but exposing his vulnerable neck to Damon who eagerly devoured his lover while continuing to slowly stroke.

            Jeff knew that he was approaching orgasm and gently placed his hand over Damon's to bring the enjoyable experience to an end.  Jeff then grabbed Damon in an embrace and used his foot to give a gentle push against the wall moving the two to towards the center of the pool where they leisurely floated, face to face in full embrace. 

            It was Damon who began moving them to the shallow end where he forced Jeff to sit on the stairs. With his rigid cock just barely out of the water he hungrily devoured the organ. Jeff relaxed his body the best he could on the hard concrete steps to enjoy the feelings flowing through his whole body. He reached down and began slowly stroking the wet hair on the back of Damon's head being careful not to interrupt the rhythm.  But he was still not ready for release knowing that his lover had not been attended to and once again made Damon quit before achieving his goal.

Pushing Damon away Jeff stood up in the knee high water with his hard member arching out in front of him kissing Damon as he slowly moved him off to the side to deeper water. Once he had Damon pinned to the side he returned the favor as he grabbed and began stroking Damon while biting on his nips.  Damon rubbed Jeff's back with his left hand while reaching down and taking his lover's cock into his right joining him for a mutual masturbation. Feeling what Damon had done Jeff straightened so that the two can look at each other in the eye.   They stood there, each staring into the other man's soul.

"Take me." Damon finally said.


"Take me, here." Damon released his grasp on Jeff's cock and placed both arms around his shoulders drawing him into another kiss.  When he broke he turned around and placed his arms out to his sides over the edge of the pool.

"Here? Now?" Jeff was unsure of his lover's request.

"Sure, why not."

"We don't have any condoms, or lube."

"I don't care, I want you in me."

Jeff was a little hesitant to continue knowing Damon's previous insistence on safety. He had not been with another man since before he left the Marines which had been almost six months and he was quite sure Damon had not either.  He also knew that neither had been recently tested to make sure they were clean. But when Damon turned his head and gave him a pleading look he could not resist.  He smiled back, looking into the green eyes that he knew he could not resist.

          His cock was still rock hard from the attention Damon had been giving it making it rigid enough to slide right in.  There was some minor resistance partially from not having a lubricant and partially from the effect of the chlorine water but Jeff was able to slowly completely enter into his lover.  As Damon gasped Jeff held his position while he reached around and grabbed Damon causing the gasp to change to a moan. 

The two young lovers enjoyed the passion of being with each other under the moonlight, with an orchestra of crickets just starting their nightly symphony. Jeff took his time, he had learned to enjoy his partner and lover, and more importantly what the other man enjoyed. Damon was completely relaxed with the blonde hair blue eyed former Marine.  His mind drifted thinking of all the good times they had already shared in their short relationship and knew Jeffrey Schultz was his man.  Once Jeff added kissing the side of Damon's neck it was all over. Jeff had been holding back his own orgasm until he knew Damon's was eminent. Once he sensed it was time he pulled from his lover, turned him around so that he as able to bring both of them to a mutual orgasm as they joined for a kiss.  Sated both men let themselves collapse into the calming waters of the pool where they soon again embraced and spent several minutes just staring into the other's eyes.

"I can see the moonlight reflecting in your eyes." Damon finally broke the silence.

"Yours are like dark pools," Jeff said of Damon's green eyes. "I feel like I can look right into your soul tonight."

"And what do you see?"

"I see a deep multifaceted person whom I think I know on the outside, but just beginning to know on the inside."

"Is that a bad thing?" Damon pulled a way a little.

"El contrar, I think it's a very good think Mr. Damon Jung.  I was attracted to you the moment I saw you."

"As I was you."

"I remember, and to think I thought you and Josh were an item."

"Pa-leese!  How could I forget?" They both laugh.

"Seriously Damon, before I met you I never had a boyfriend. It's not that I didn't want one I just never thought about it.  Being in the Marines and all I was, well deeper in the closet then you can imagine. I knew what I wanted and had to be careful to get it.  But then I met you and bam, I can't imagine NOT having a boyfriend."

"I know what you mean; I've never felt the same around anybody before either."

"I think I'm falling in love here Damon."

"Good," Damon said after placing a quick kiss on Jeff's cheek.  "Come on," Damon broke the hug and climbed out of the pool.

"Where we going?" Jeff was right behind. 

Damon walked went back to the whirlpool and placed his fingers in, testing the water temperature. "Ah, perfect." He glanced quickly at the control panel before turning to Jeff, "one hundred and two degrees, time to get in."

Damon had Jeff sit at the back of the spa then seated himself between his lover's legs resting his head on Jeff's chest.  Damon reached over to the control panel and touched a couple buttons. One started the jets and the soothing effect of warm water while the other turned on hundreds of twinkling fiber optic lights all around the spa, setting a relaxing and romantic mood. As Damon settled back Jeff wrapped his muscular arms around him, the two sat in silence looking up at the stars each lost in his own thoughts.  Yet both were completely content to be where they were.

* * * * * * * * * *

Angela Jung was alone in her house, sitting at her desk in her study at her computer. She had a few last minute tasks to finish up before she would prepare a cup of hot tea and curl up with a book. When she wasn't writing her own she couldn't get enough of others.  She was momentarily startled when she heard the beeps informing her that the front door had been opened. It was not unusual for one of the staff to come in the evening to check on things so when the alarm ceased moments later she determined it was not an intruder, that someone authorized must have entered their code.  Since there was no need for concern she went about her business.  She expected Elaine, her housekeeper to come in and announce her presence. Or perhaps, but unlikely due to the time of day, it was Donald, her maintenance man / groundskeeper who also had a code. After several minutes passed with no announcement Angela decided that maybe she should make sure things were in order.  As she walked out of the study and into her darkened upstairs parlor towards the hallway to the stairs she heard voices on the back patio. She went to a window and pulled the curtains aside just enough to see who was there.  She knew that Elaine would occasionally bring her kids and grandchildren over to use the pool and didn't have a problem with that.  If she was home she enjoyed the company and would sometimes fix drinks and treats for her guests. But she was surprised that in the pool rather than the two tykes she was expecting she instead saw her favorite grandson and another young man whom she did not recognize. Al though she knew he should be away at school she saw no reason for concern, Damon was always welcome in her home and to use its amenities and she knew that he was usually a good judge of character and wouldn't bring just anyone into her home.  She smiled as she watched the two handsome young men splashing in the pool. She was about to leave the window and go back to her work when something caught her eye.  What she saw next while not totally unexpected was a shocker.  She decided to leave the boys to their privacy and return to her desk to complete the task she had started.

* * * * * * * * * *

            Damon was sitting in front of Jeff with his eyes closed while his head was relaxed back on Jeff's chest. Jeff had his arms around his lover and was wide awake and looking around still in awe of the house his lover's grandmother owned when he saw a rather distinguished lady who appeared in her early fifties walking towards them.

"Oh, shit Damon, we have company." Jeff whispered to his boyfriend.

            "Grandma, hi! I thought you were out of town." Damon said nervously as he tried to quickly yet inconspicuously remove himself from Jeff's grasp before his grandmother saw the position they were in.

"Obviously," the lady said as she held up a couple towels, Jeff immediately noticed she had an accent.   "I thought you boys could use these."

"Yeah, uh, thanks."

It wasn't until then that Damon realized neither he nor Jeff had on a stitch of clothing. He turned a bright shade of red realizing there was no way his grandmother could not have noticed their situation.

"I'll give you boys some privacy to climb out and get dressed.  Then would you care to join me in the kitchen." She looked directly at her grandson and smiled. "It just so happens I made your favorite today." She gave a slight nod as she returned to the house.

"Your favorite?" Jeff was over the initial shock and not as concerned about the repercussions as Damon.

"It has to be apple strudel, she makes the best." Damon snapped out of his daydream and climbed out of the comfort of the hot whirlpool to grab one of the towels.

The boys quietly dried and dressed while dozens of scenarios ran through Damon's mind, none good. He had always done his best to be careful and not do anything to embarrass his family, in particular his celebrity grandmother.  He was aware that even though he himself was far from the public eye, that his actions could create a potentially scandalous situation which the tabloids would surely pick up on.  To him that was more important than his being gay.  And that was something he wasn't sure he wanted his family to know now or ever.

"You ready?" Jeff was already dressed and heading towards the house while Damon slowly finished up.

"I'm really not sure." Damon slipped on his shoes and led the way to the kitchen where two servings of strudel topped with vanilla ice cream and two large glasses of milk were waiting on the table.  The boys sat and began eating in silence while Angela Jung sat and watched the two attractive young men.  The way they stole glances at each other occasionally was not lost to her perceptive eyes.

"So what brings you to town Damon, aren't you supposed to be in school?" She finally asked.

"I thought you were out of town Grandma, I just came up for the weekend to keep an eye on things."

"I was supposed to be in Dallas , but the promoter called yesterday and cancelled just before I was to leave for the airport."

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that."

"No reason to be, Dallas is not my favorite stop, I'm personally glad I got out of it.  I just need to wait to see if they reschedule before I finalize my plans for St. Croix ."

" St. Croix ?"

"I have a new story line in mind and being on the islands always helps to clear my mind."

"So it's more business the vacation?"

"I don't know about that, but then again with the right cabana boy it would be a vacation no matter what." Jeff who had been listening but not participating in the conversation raised his eyebrows as Damon's grandmother winked and gave him a playful punch on the shoulder. Damon just laughed; he was used to his grandmother's comments.  It was thinking like that that made her a top romance author.  "So have you seen your parents?"

"No Grandma, we came straight here." He paused not sure how to proceed, "We were going to spend the weekend.  Maybe do some yard work."

            "Yard work my ass!" The boys, especially Jeff was taken aback by her sudden outburst. She then put her hand on his "I bet you were going to spend it naked and in the pool weren't you?" Both Damon and Jeff turned beet red at the accusation as she took a sip of tea.

            "Uh, grandma, were you home the entire time, I mean, did you see?" He lowered his head not wanting to look his grandmother in the eyes.

            "I was home the entire time, I heard you come in and set the alarm. But," she winked, "I only saw what I needed to before returning to my study." If there was any way for the boys to blush more they just did.  When Damon pulled up he didn't see any lights on other then the normal security lights. But his grandmother's study is on the far side of the house and can't be seen from either the drive or the pool area.  "So Damon, aren't you going to introduce me to your boyfriend?"

            Jeff had the glass to his mouth and was in mid-gulp.  Hearing the comment caused milk to be spit back into the glass.  Al l Damon could do was sit there with his mouth open.

            "I assume he's your boyfriend.  At least, I wouldn't think you would bring a trick up for a weekend romp? I'm guessing if he was a mere friend you wouldn't have..."

            "Grandma!" Damon interrupted.  It was bad enough being caught in the act by his grandmother.  But getting a play by play would be more then he could handle.

            "Damon dear there's nothing to be embarrassed about, I think the young man is quite stunning, if I were forty years younger I may make a play for him myself." Jeff remained silent during the exchange, not only was he sitting at the table with a legend but she also knew he was having sex with her grandson and now was commenting on him herself.

            "Grandma this is Jeff."

            "Pleased to meet you ma'am."

            "Oh quit it, call me Angela," Jeff noticed she pronounced her name the way Damon had said she would.

            "Yes, ma'am, I mean Angela." He paused momentarily, "Damon just told me this morning who you were, my mother is your biggest fan."

            Angela Jung blushed, even after all the years of writing she still would occasional get embarrassed when her work was praised.  The trick was differentiating those who honestly liked her work and those who were star stuck. After several more minutes of conversation Angela determined that Jeff was a person of good character.

            "I like him already Damon," Angela laughed as she held her arm over her chest.

            "What did I say?" Jeff was confused.

            "Just your open honesty Jeff, besides if Damon likes you, you can't be all that bad."

            Damon still couldn't get over how she not only seemed to figure out his secret, but also acted as if she didn't care. 

            "Uh, thanks, I guess." Damon and his grandmother once again laughed at Jeff's expense. "May I use the restroom?" He finally asked to break the moment.

            "Sure hun, right around that corner and to the left." Angela motioned the general direction. Jeff stood and left the two.

            "He is good looking Damon, and seems like a nice young man.  And from the way you two look at each other I take it he's a keeper?"

            "Grandma, I'm sorry, but."

            "Am I embarrassing you dear, no need to be?  Grandmother figured it out years ago." She gave her grandson a gentle pat on the back. "By the way, I ran into Patrick Meisner the other day and he said to say hi."

            The mention of her former personal assistant brought memories flooding into Damon's mind and a smile to his face which his grandmother obviously noticed. She gave him a quick smile and a wink but said nothing as Jeff walked back into the room and took his seat next to Damon.

            "So how long have you two known each other?"

            "We met last school year Grandma."

            "So you're a classmate then?"

            "Well I am now. I mean I go to the same school. But we don't actually have any classes together."

            "I see." Angela said as she took a sip of tea.

            "It's a long complicated story grandma; it could almost be one of your books." Damon chucked.

            "Then you'll just have to tell me some day dear, I'm always looking for new material." Silence fell on the kitchen as no one knew what to say. 

            "I guess I just didn't want to be an embarrassment, to the family or to cause you trouble if it hit the tabloids."

            "Dear Damon, you know my friend Anne.  Did her son being gay cause any problems?  He's a writer himself now and doing quite well.  Besides, some of my stories have been quite scandalous on their own." They both chuckled.

            About a minute of silence fell on the group as no one knew what to say.

            "When are you going to tell your parents?" Damon's heart skipped a beat hearing that come from his grandmother.  He knew he needed to either tell them or they would eventually find out. He knew that he would rather they know than for him to live a lie, especially since he had no desire or intention to ever marry a woman and have children.  But he also had no idea how they would react, especially his father whose position guaranteed him a decent job as soon as he graduated next spring.

            "I don't know grandma."

            "What's the hold up?"

            "I, I don't know if I can, or how to, or if it's the right time."

            "Dear boy, there's never a right time for dropping a bomb such as that. There are some that are better then others, and some when it's best avoided.  But they're your parents; they love you and are concerned about you. They deserve to be told, and soon."

            "Concerned?" That one word caught Damon's attention.

            "The way you moped around all summer they knew something was wrong. I think your mother thinks it had something to do with that girl you said you were dating."  On hearing that Jeff and Damon both looked up.  "I noticed it too, but didn't want to say anything.  I had a feeling you had a weight on your shoulders but would talk about it on your own terms and in your own time."

            "Grandma, honestly, it was because I met Jeff just before the end of the school year and missed him. I didn't know anybody else noticed anything."

            "Mothers notice things like that Damon, I'm not telling you to tell them - only that you should. You've got this young man here who looks like someone to turn to for support and I'm always here for you. You can call and talk to Patrick if you want, he would be more then happy to." There were a few moments of silence while all parties contemplated her words.  "Damon dear, I know the world is a cruel place and that you may have lots of hardships. But you're strong and can overcome them.  In the long run I think people like you in the past have enjoyed a much better life opening up, after all closets are for clothes you know.  And the skeletons that lurk there can only cause trouble down the road. That and designs from thirty years ago that you know you're never going to wear again."

            The last sentence was meant to break the tension and she succeeded in bringing the boys to laughter.

            "Grandma you're right. Even though I'm nervous I would rather get it out in the open now.  I would hate to start working for dad and have him find out and it cause problems. At least now if it's going to cause any problems I can plan on something else."

            "Damon dear calm down, there won't be any problems.  I wouldn't worry about a job either, after all I gave your father the money to start his company and I'm still a majority stockholder you know." They all laughed.  "It's getting pretty late, why don't you boys head on to bed and I will call Stephen and have him and your mother come out in the morning and we can all have a little chat.  I'll be here to back you up."

            "Yes grandma." The boys stood and Jeff followed Damon as he headed towards the stairs.  Usually Damon would have moved his car to the garage but at this time decided to just let it park on the drive in front of the house.

            "Damon, why don't you boys use the room at the end of the hall, that way you won't be disturbed."

            "Yes Ma'am."

            "Oh, Damon." They both turned and looked at her.  "Ich liebe Dich."

            "Ich liebe dich auch Gro▀mutter" He smiled as he said to her.

            "Guten Nacht Damon. And you too Jeff."

            "Good night Grandma." They both said at the same time as they climb the stairs to their assigned room.

            Angela Jung smiled to herself watching them and thinking what a great young man her favorite grandson was turning out to be.  She only regrets that he will probably never produce any heirs and made a mental note to have a talk with her lawyer on Monday.  After killing the lights she ascended the stairs to her own bedroom. She looked down the hall and noticed the door to the boys' room was already closed and no light could be seen coming through the crack at the bottom.  "Ah, to be young and in love again," she thought to herself.  After closing the door to her personal suite she went to her study where she made three phone calls. The second was to her son, Damon's father who she asked if he could be there at 8:00 the following morning to take her to the airport. She then opened her laptop computer and made some quick notes before turning in for the night.

            "What was all that?" Jeff asked as they closed the door to their bedroom.

            "What was what?" Damon questioned.

            "I know she was talking to you in German, but I didn't recognize it."

            "You responded."

            "I know she said goodnight to both of us, but before that."

            "Oh, she just told me she loved me, so I told her I loved her too."

            "And how do you say that?" Jeff asked as he put his arms around Damon.

            "I love you? It's "Ich liebe Dich."

            "Good," Jeff said giving Damon a quick peck, "cause I Ich liebe Dich too."

            Damon smiled, keeping his humor at Jeff's attempt to himself.  "So, babe, wanna take a shower before we go to bed?"

            "Sure, I still smell like chlorine."

            Damon leads him to the private bathroom connected to their bedroom and the oversize shower. They take their time lathering and cleaning each other without ever making an attempt at anything else. Afterwards they slip into the queen size bed where Jeff cuddles up behind Damon and they both soon fall asleep.

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