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Closets are for Clothes
by Jacob Adams  (

Chapter 6

Stephen Jung was curious as to what was up with his mother. He and his lovely wife of thirty years had planned a game of tennis with another couple at their country club until the family matriarch called late the previous evening. She all but demanded they be at her house promptly at 8:00 AM. When he stopped at the security shack and showed his ID he noticed the guard's eyes open in recognition. He was also sure that as the gates swung open allowing him entrance to the Kenwood Estates subdivision the guard was making a call and watching him. He was curious as to why his mother insisted that both he and his wife come and give her a ride to the airport. She flew quite frequently and usually either drove herself if it was going to be a short trip. Or if it was going to be for more then a couple days would call a taxi or have one of her staff drive her. It was highly unusual for Stephen to become involved in his mother's affairs. She had been independent for many years and did not need his assistance. In fact she would often be out of town for several days before he knew about it. Even though Stephen was a CPA and managed a large firm she still retained her own private accountant to tend to her books as well as her own lawyers and other staff members. The plot thickened as Stephen turned onto her drive and noticed his son's car parked by the front door. 

"Were you expecting Damon to be here?" Lisa Jung asked her husband, noticing the car as well. 

"No, no I wasn't. I hope Mother hasn't gone and involved him in something." Even though his mother was somewhat of a celebrity Stephen couldn't help but notice that she has gradually become a slight bit eccentric in recent years. 

* * * * * * * * * *

Jeff woke in the same position spooned behind Damon as when they fell asleep. Once conscience he tightened his grip slightly on his lover thinking how lucky he is to have found someone as wonderful as Damon and how happy he had been since the night they met. 

"Sleep well?" Damon startled Jeff who was not expecting him to be awake.

"Couldn't be better." Jeff tightened his grip slightly more. Damon reached up and puts his hands on Jeff's. 

"Couldn't agree more." Damon's comment was barely audible but heard loud and clear by Jeff who smiled to himself in concurrence. Nothing else needed to be said as both were content watching the late summer sun slowly slither through the large window. Damon wiggled himself free in order to turn and face Jeff. They peer into each other's eyes only momentarily before they fall into a kiss.

"What's that for?" Jeff smiled.

"What, you didn't want it? Fine." Damon attempted to roll back over, but the muscular ex-marine stopped him and pulled him back.

"I didn't say I didn't want it did I? I'll take all you want to give." 

"Prove it." Damon's challenge was met with Jeff pulling him closer and returning the kiss. When they separate they stare into each other's eyes as their hands gently surveying the other man's body. Over time they each had become familiar with every curve on his partner.

"Can I ask you a question?"

"Can I stop you?" Jeff chuckled.

"Why didn't you ever get a tattoo?"

"A tattoo? Why would I have a tattoo?"

"I dunno, I thought all you Marine types had tats."

"I think that's Navy where it's required," another chuckle from Jeff. "Some do, several of my buddies did." 

"And you?"

"My mother would have killed me." 

"Your dad has one."

"Yeah, and she's given him hell for years for that." 

"So, no peer pressure?"

"They tried to talk me into it, what's this sudden interest in tattoos?"

"Just curious is all."

"Why don't you have one?"

"Want me to get one?"

"That's up to you, but I'd hate for you to have to shave to get one?"

Damon smirks knowing that his hairy chest and legs are a big turn on for his lover. "I've thought about it, I'm not talking something big, just a small one out of sight."

"And why haven't you?" It was Jeff's turn to be inquisitive.

"They look neat when they're new, but after time if you don't keep them touched up, or your body changes."

"My point exactly, I grew up seeing my dads and not sure I want to do that to my body."

"But still," Damon hesitated, "maybe something small and out sight."

Jeff rolled over and looked down directly into Damon's eyes. "If you want maybe we can both get one; something matching".

"Well, Mr. Schultz, I'll give it some thought." Jeff lowered himself and kissed his lover effectively ending the conversation. Just as both hit full erection they were startled by a knock at the door.

"You boys up yet?" Angela called out.

"Yeah Grandma, we're up." Damon grabbed Jeff's stiff member and the two silently laugh. 

"Breakfast will be ready shortly so why don't you get dressed and come down."

"Yes Ma'am, we'll be right there."

"Very well." Angela smiled as she walked off trying to get a mental picture of what she may have just interrupted while considering new characters for a book.

"I guess we'll have to put this on hold for a while." Damon increased his grip on his lover's member.

"You can hold it all you want." 

"You lush." Damon released his lover and quickly flicked it before quickly opping out of bed and making a run to the restroom.

It took only minutes for the boys to brush their teeth, dress and head downstairs where they were greeted with the aroma of frying bacon and fresh coffee. 

As Damon rounded the corner to the kitchen he recognized his grandmother's housekeeper. She and her husband had been helping his grandmother as needed for several years. "Hi Elaine," he called out.

"Good morning Damon, always glad to see you. Mrs. Jung asked me to have you join her in the library." Elaine smiled then went back to her cooking. Damon knew that his grandmother paid Elaine very well for only needing her part time. But for that and treating her as a good friend rather then an employee Angela had received complete loyalty. Elaine would come into the house several times a week even if Angela was out of town. And when Angela was home all she had to do was call and Elaine or her husband Donald would be there. If for some reason they couldn't make it they could always find someone on a moment's notice that could. 

"Thank You Elaine, smells good as always." Jeff followed Damon to the library which was off the foyer by the main entrance. They didn't notice the two suitcases next to the door.

They walked in to see Angela Jung in a wingback chair holding a cup of coffee with a book at her side. "Come in, sit down boys." They both did as they were told. Angela was impressed again by Jeff's good manners wondering if it came from his upbringing or from his being with Damon. She smiled watching as Jeff looked around in awe. Like the rest of the house it was furnished in a very `Old World / Victorian' style. There were floor to ceiling book shelves on three walls all full of books. The exterior wall had a fireplace with an ornate brass screen covering the opening. There was another wing back besides the one Angela was sitting in across from a matching sofa and separated by a kidney shaped marble topped coffee table. Jeff walked over to one of the shelves silently wondering how many of the books she had read.

"The answer is most of them." Angela answered his unasked question.

"Really?" He was surprised.

"You will seldom see her without a book, she reads constantly." Damon answered for his grandmother.

"Reading broadens the mind." Angela added.

Jeff chucked and looked at her with a crooked smile, he could picture his mother sitting just where Ms. Jung was, holding a book. "That's what my mom says, she would go crazy in here." After another quick look he took the seat next to Damon on the sofa. 

Angela took a sip of coffee and after a minute of silence turned to her grandson. "Do you still want to go through with it?" 

"With what grandma?"

"Talking to your parents." Damon suddenly became dizzy and felt his hands get sweaty. He had forgotten, or at least seriously wanted to forget that part of their talk from the previous evening. 

"You Okay?" Jeff noticed his lover suddenly turn pale.

"Yeah I'm fine. Just nerves I guess." After he was able to recompose himself he continued. "Yeah, I'm as ready as I'm going to be."

"Good, because they're on their way over."

"WHAT?" Damon and Jeff say at the same time.

"I called and invited them for breakfast they should be here any minute. That's why I asked, because if you don't feel ready for it, we'll just tell them you came up for the day to use the pool."

"No Grandma, I'm tired of living a lie." 

About that time the phone rang. Angela answered and a moment later simply said "Thank you William." After placing the receiver back in the cradle Angela turned back to the boys. "That was the guard shack; your parents just came through the gate." Turning to Jeff, "I think this is something we need to do as a family. Would I be rude to ask you to wait in the kitchen with Elaine for a few minutes? I'll call for you when we're ready and then we can all sit down to breakfast."

"Yes Ma'am," Jeff stood to leave the room. But not before grabbing and squeezing Damon's hand and giving him a reassuring look. "Don't worry babe, everything's gonna be fine." The show of affection was not lost on Angela who smiled at the gesture.

No sooner then Jeff walked into the kitchen and took a seat on one of the stools at the island the doorbell rang. Stephen had his own key to his mother's house but never walked in unannounced when she was home, out of respect. The same as she did for him at his home. Angela asked Damon to remain seated while Elaine answered the door and led her employer's son and daughter-in-law to the library. Damon tried to keep a blank look on his face which and his sweaty palms flat against his jeans. He felt his pulse quicken as his parents appeared in the door. He tried to look away but his gaze was drawn to his mother who had a concerned look as her eyes met her youngest son's. At that moment Damon wondered if it was still too late to use the pool story. He didn't know if he could go with it and break his mother's heart. He then looked to his father who even though he tried to hide it had the same look as his wife. After Damon's brother had married and moved to Cincinnati he had been groomed to succeed his father in running the business. Was this going to be the end of that? Was he going to be as big of a disappointment?

"Mom, Damon is everything alright?" Stephen asked. Damon felt the bead of sweat on his forehead and knew that if he changed his mind now they would see right through him and know something was wrong.

"No, no, Stephen. Lisa. Have a seat." They did as told and looked back and forth between Angela and Damon. Elaine came in and offered the new arrivals some coffee then quickly left the room. 

"Well what's going on?" Lisa asked still concerned and wondering why her son was here and not at school in a town two hours away.

"Damon came up last night and he and I had a little chat." Angela paused to take a sip of coffee. Stephen and Lisa were anxious, but knew better then to interrupt, and instead, sipped their own. "Afterwards I suggested he have the same talk with you."

All eyes turned to the young man who once again begins to sweat. "Well son?" 

"Is everything alright at school?" His mother was showing real distress.

"No, Mom, Dad, everything is fine at school. I just had my first exam yesterday and aced it." After a cocky grin he paused and looked down at the floor. At the moment he couldn't look them in the eyes just the memory of their looks moments before was ingrained in his memory. 

"Then what is it Damon?" Stephen was showing a hint of irritation.

"I have something to tell you, and I hope you don't hate me afterwards."

"Good God, son, we couldn't hate you." His father irritation was replaced with concern. 

"That's right Damon, honey, whatever it is you need to say, go right ahead."

Damon knew there was no turning back. While he was trying to think of a way to sugar coat it, he knew there was no easier way then to just way it so just blurted it out. "I'm gay." He closed his eyes tight waiting for the storm to break out. After a few moments when it didn't he opened his eyes, still with head down, but looked up to see his parents looking at each other, then to Angela, who shook her head yes, then to Damon in disbelief.

"Are you sure?" His dad asked.

"Yeah Dad, I'm definitely sure." He raised his head for the first time to see the look of disbelief in his father's eyes. "I've known for years but just could never bring myself to tell you."

"Not you," his mother finally said, "We used to suspect Riley, but never you! How did this happen."

Damon laughed to himself. He was definitely not going to tell them what he knew about his older brother. Especially since Riley was married and had two children now. "I don't know how it happened mother. It just did." He finally said keeping a straight face.

"But you like sports son! You were on the swim team and ran track. Just last year you were in the Little Indy bike race."

"Dad those are just stereotypes, yeah I like sports and will probably always like football. No, I don't consider myself a woman or want to be effeminate. But I know I'm gay."

Stephen was still not completely sold. "You had girlfriends; I remember screening the phone from all the girls that called."

"Dad, how many did I actually talk to? Mom started screening them so I let her. I really wasn't interested in their games."

"The Prom?" Lisa mentioned.

"If you remember right, I went with Sherry because she was the daughter of one of your friends. Yeah, we went on a date beforehand but even she realized we just didn't click."

"What about that girlfriend you had last year?" 

"Same thing Dad, we were introduced and we went out on a few dates. We're still friends, but no longer dating."

His parents once again looked at each other trying to assimilate what they had just heard from their youngest son. Stephen finally conceded that Damon was indeed gay. 

"Son I won't sit here and pretend that I like or even understand what you are saying. But it's your life and you're free to live it as you please. As we said earlier you're our son and we still love you no matter what." Hearing those words from his father took a huge weight off Damon's shoulders. He looked to his mother for comfort and could tell by the look in her eyes that she shared her husband's sentiments.

"Now see Damon, that wasn't as hard as you thought it would be." Angela was happy with the turnout so far.

"Well now that we have that over with how about breakfast? Whatever Elaine's fixing smells delicious." Stephen started to stand but noticed the look on his mother's face and returned to a seated position. He looked back and forth and got a serious look. "You're alright aren't you son, you're not in any trouble are you?"

"Or sick?"

"No Mom, Dad, I'm fine."

"What else is there then son?"

Damon looked at his grandmother for guidance. She motioned her eyes to the door and back. When she sees that he is confused she does it again. "What's out there?" Stephen asked seeing his mother.

"You all sit, I'll be right back." Angela stood and left the room. Damon's parents gave him a questioning look. He was about to answer, when Angela returned with Jeff. 

Jeff was as nervous as Damon and not sure what to expect meeting his lover's parents for the first time. All went well when Damon had met his, but that was under a different set of circumstances. Jeff only had to sit in the island for a few minutes, which even after meeting Elaine's daughter, who had come to help, and idle conversation, seemed like hours. No words were exchanged when Angela Jung stepped into the kitchen and called for him to follow. He walked uncharacteristically slouched back to the library dreading this meeting. When he entered the room he was immediately aware that all eyes were on him. He tried to make an inconspicuous look to Damon, but was unable to read his lover's expression. What he saw in, who he assumed was Damon's parents, was not what he was expecting from bits and pieces Damon had told him. Mrs. Jung was a petit brunette who looked ten years younger then her actual age thanks to many hours spent in salons and spas. Jeff was not seeing her at her best; due to the early hour in which they left she had not tended to her makeup with the detail she normally would have. In Mr. Jung he saw a man who when he was younger was probably as slender and athletic as Damon. Jeff guessed that even though he was trying to fight a middle age spread he still worked to keep himself in shape. There was no question in his mind that the two were related. Jeff also could tell from the grooming and overall looks that this was a family with money.

"Who's this?" Lisa asked seeing the strange young man with her mother-in-law. Knowing Damon was somehow connected, both his parents gave him a questioning look.

Angela was about to take over, to put Damon at ease, when her grandson stood. "Mom, Dad this is Jeff Schultz. Jeff, these are my parents."

"Please to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Jung." Jeff says very politely.
"Likewise, Jeff," Stephen looked back to his son, "And who is this?"

"Mom, Dad, Jeff is my..." He froze. There was so many ways to say it, so many words from which to choose. While he and Jeff had never discussed their relationship and any particular roles Damon wasn't sure how to declare their connection. His parents had a good idea as what he going to say, and were dreading it almost as much as Damon was, hearing it from his own lips. Jeff noticed the reluctance and was experiencing several emotions himself; ranging from hurt, from his lover not wanting to claim him; to compassion, knowing what Damon must be going through. He was dreading the day, when he would do this to his own parents; even though his sister thought all would be fine. "... Boyfriend." There, he finally said it. Stephen sat emotionless while his wife gasped.

Jeff was then put in the spot light as the parents both looked at him. He felt as if some anger was coming his way from both of them, especially Mr. Jung, whom Jeff got the feeling was going to accuse him of making his son gay. Mrs. Jung just gave him a glare almost making him uncomfortable. 

"When did this come about, where do you know each other from." Lisa Jung wanted to know, while apprehensive about the situation; she couldn't help but to be captivated by the handsome, well built young blonde who had just been introduced as her son's boyfriend.

"We met last year at school, and it's just kinda developed from there." Damon repeated almost the same words he had told his grandmother the previous evening. "Once school started, well, we've started to get serious."

"So that's what it was." Lisa had a smug look on her face.

"What dear?"

"The way he was moping around all summer I told you it was love problems."

"No actually, hon, you said girl problems."

"I may have then, but I guess it's not applicable now, is it?"

"No, I guess not."

"So, you were missing him?" When Jeff and Damon looked at each other and smiled, Lisa could see the glow between them. It wasn't hard for her to see, then and there, that her son was in love. 

"Excuse me, but breakfast is ready." Elaine popped in to make the announcement then immediately left the room.

"I guess we eat then," Angela was still holding Jeff's hand turned around and led the way to the dining room which was set for five people. Elaine and her daughter, who came that morning to help, had fixed themselves a plate; and taken it to the breakfast nook before serving their boss and her guests. On a normal day, Angela would insist on them joining her. But they knew this was a family matter and stayed out of sight. 

The mood lightened during breakfast even though Stephen and Lisa had a million and one questions for both Damon and Jeff. Angela sat in silence listening and watching the others; satisfied that all would be will with her family. Stephen was impressed when he heard that Jeff had been a Marine; that alone drew respect from Damon's father. They were just getting to the story of how they met and Jennifer's involvement; when Angela stood and announced they needed to be leaving to get her to the airport.

"Airport?" Damon asked.

"Yes dear, last night I made arrangement to go to the condo in Florida for a few days, then on to St. Croix for two weeks."

"But why? We don't want to run you out."

"Nonsense, you came here to have a weekend away from school... alone. You thought I would be gone; so be it. I really need to be working on my new book anyway. The publisher has been harrying me to at least get them a rough draft so that promotions can start working on a campaign."

"But Grandma."

"No buts hon," she stood, and followed by the others went to the foyer where she stopped by the front door. She looked at her luggage, then back to her grandson. "I think Jeffrey here is a nice boy and you two should have some time to be alone and get to know each other. Your old grandmother here would just be in the way. The arrangements are made, and I'm leaving. In fact we need to be going; so I can get through screening in time." She motions for the boys to come over and give her a hug. Both of the boys as well as Damon's parents were slightly embarrassed by what she was insinuating, but none was going to mention it. 

"What are you boys doing the rest of the weekend?" Damon's father inquired as he carried his mother's luggage and placed it in the truck of his car.

"Don't know dad, probably hang out at the house, swim and show Jeff around town. Maybe go somewhere and get a workout in. I was planning on leaving around Noon tomorrow so we can get back and do some homework for Monday classes."

"Dinner plans?" His mother asked.

"No Ma'am"

"Why don't you boys come over to the house then? You can use my equipment, that will solve your workout question. And we can grill some steaks."

"Sounds great!" Damon smiled, he was content knowing his parents have accepted not only his being gay but also seemed to have welcomed Jeff into their family. "What time?"

"How about Six?" Riley and his family are in town today, do you mind if they come over?"

Damon had to think about that, his parents were one thing but his brother was going to be something else. He knew his brother at least sucked dick but not whether he was actually gay and a closet case or bisexual. He's not sure how well Riley was going to take his actual coming out but knew it was going to have to happen sooner or later. "Sure, why not." 

"Mom, are you sure you don't want to postpone and stay at least another day. We haven't all been together as a family for several years." Stephen pleaded with his mother. "You can come on over to the house and let the boys stay here still?"

"No I'd better not," Angela answered her son. "They're expecting me and will have a car waiting at the airport in Tampa to take me to the condo." She saw the disappointment not only in her family, but in Jeff as well. "Don't worry I'll be back, and we'll get together then. Thanksgiving is only two months away." The family agreed, but they all knew that Riley and his family would not be there. Angela gave Jeff and Damon a hug as Elaine walked down the stairs and through the foyer. "Elaine, I'm going to be out of town for a couple weeks so I won't be needing you. The boys will be here over the weekend but they can tend to themselves."

"Thanks Mrs. Jung, I'll come over Monday and will clean up. Have a good trip and call me when you're going to be back in town." Elaine continued on her way.

His parents seemed sincere; but Damon couldn't help but sense that all was not completely as it seemed. Since his grandmother seemed to have taken it well, and almost encouraged him; he wished that she wasn't leaving town. He may need her for support. The boys wave as his parents and grandmother pull away. As soon as the Mercedes is out of sight Damon turns to Jeff, "Wanna swim?" 

"You bet!"

"We'd better change into suits since Elaine is still here." He whispered to Jeff who agreed. In the bedroom they noticed that the sheets had been changed and fresh linen put in the bathroom. Their clothes have also been removed from their duffle bags, refolded and put in drawers. Jeff was impressed by this, but Damon didn't seem to notice. They changed quickly and headed back downstairs.

"Hi Marie." Damon noticed Elaine's daughter, as they descended the stairs.

"Hi Damon, good to see you again." She gave him a smile but let her gaze linger on Jeff.

"We're almost done cleaning up Damon," Elaine called out. "We'll let ourselves out in a few minutes. You've got my number if you need me don't you?"

"Yes Elaine," Damon smiled politely, "we should be fine, and will try not to leave you a mess for Monday."

"That's quite all right, that's what you're grandmother keeps me around for. Goodbye."

"I can't believe those two hot guys are gay!" They hear Marie whisper to her mother as they open the sliding door. They look at each other and suppress a giggle, but let it out as hold hands and walk to the pool.

Inside Elaine and Marie had cleaned the cookware and utensils while the family was eating and in the short time since have cleared and cleaned the table and almost had dishes finished. While the boys were enjoying the pool the mother and daughter quietly slipped out the side entrance where they got into their Accord which had been parked out of sight on the side of the house and left.

Jeff and Damon dove into the deep end then raced across the pool, flipped and returned to the other end. Then swam over to where the whirlpool overflowed and let the waterfall flow over them as they embraced and kissed. 

"What if they're still here?" Jeff nervously looked over Damon's shoulders to the house to see if they're being watched.

"Who's still here?"

"You know, Elaine and that girl."

"You mean Marie?"

"Yeah, her."

"She has the hots for you, you know."

"Yeah, I could tell. You don't think they will cause your grandmother any problems do you? Us being gay and all?"

Damon noticed Jeff said `us' and not `you' but chose not to comment and smiled instead. "Nah, I doubt it. Besides, Elaine has known for a while."

"She has? How?"

"Well, she kinda caught me in bed with a guy once."


"Yeah, look I'm not proud of it OK. But I brought someone over once when Grandma was out of town. But Elaine showed up to drop some things off. I had my boom box and didn't hear the alarm. She heard the music and wanted to check it out. She opened the door and caught me in mid stroke."

"Un uh!" Jeff laughed.

"She turned red and quickly backed out. The only thing she ever said about it was to warn her next time."

"Did you?"

"There wasn't a next time, I was too scared to take anyone after that. Besides, the more I thought about it, the more I realized, how it was disrespectful to my grandmother's house."

Jeff caught Damon off guard and dunked him. While under Damon grabbed his lover through the thin material. "You're going to pay for that bitch!" Damon said with a smile as he resurfaced. He tried to dunk Jeff but the blonde is quicker and stronger and able to stay just out or arms reach. They race to the far side of the pool.

"So who was he?" Jeff asked in a playful manner.

"Who was who?"

"The guy Elaine caught you with."

"Just an ex."

"And how many exes are there Mr. Jung?"

"Let's not go there?"

Jeff could see that Damon really didn't want to discuss it so and quickly decided to drop the subject. After all he wasn't sure he was ready to discuss his past either. But there was a question he did want to know the answer to. "So who's Patrick?"

"Patrick who?" Damon froze and suddenly seemed defensive.

"I don't know, but your grandmother mentioned him twice, and told you to call him."

"Him," a light when on in Damon's mind. "Patrick Meisner. He used to be her personal assistant and he was gay. This was about five years ago when I was still in high school. He caught me out one day, and well, we hooked up."

"Ah ha,"

"Yeah, he always had a big mouth, I wonder how long ago he told her?"

"Sometimes big mouths come in handy." Jeff raised his eyebrows as he grabbed Damon's crotch.

"Don't they though." Damon moved in closer for a kiss.

"So was Patrick just a trick too?"

"Well yes and no. We messed around a few times and he introduced me to some people, some I still keep in touch with. But were we a couple? Not that I would say."

"So he's no competition?"

"Definitely not Mr. Schultz, there's only one man in my life." They join in another quick kiss. Jeff wanted to ask more questions but as elusive as Damon had been in the past did not want to push his luck. Little by little the pieces of the puzzle that was Damon Jung were falling into place. But there was some that just didn't seem to fit. As Jeff began to feel blood rush to his member, he knew there would be other times to think about it, at the moment he was with the man he loved and he would leave it at that. They spent another hour in the pool, mainly engaged in horseplay, before finally heading upstairs where they made love, before showering and heading out.

Damon drove around town showing his lover some of the sights, including his old school, and a few of his old haunting spots, before finally arriving at Damon's parent's house; just before their expected time. 

Jeff was as impressed with the home of Stephen and Lisa as he had he been with Angela's. While there was no guard watching the entrance to the subdivision the houses were equally imposing. Instead of stopping at the front door as Damon had pulled to at his grandmother's house, he drove to the side and a large parking area leading to a four car garage. Damon opened the center console and retrieved a remote, which opened the second door from the left. It was when he pulled his car to a stop in the bay that Jeff was hit with a reality: This was Damon's home!

One bay in the massive garage held the Mercedes which Jeff had seen earlier. Jeff correctly assumed the black sedan was normally driven by Damon's mother. And that the dark gray BMW Z4 convertible must be driven by Damon's father. The empty bay on the other side of Damon's car looked as if it was used mainly for storage but Jeff couldn't help but notice two Harley Davidson motorcycles. He followed Damon, who seemed to ignore everything around him, much of which he had seen his entire life and took for granted. They walked through a door and into a `mud room' and from there into the home's immense modern kitchen.

"Mom, Dad, we're here." Damon called out as they ambled through the house; ultimately finding his parents in his father's den. Even on Saturday, the elder Mr. Jung was busy at work, following up on client files and doing research on possible stocks. Stephen smiled and greeted his son while Lisa, who was on the phone, merely smiled." 

"Pixie, Nala!" The two dogs went straight to Damon demanding attention, then sated, shifted attention to Jeff,checking the stranger out.

"Greyhounds?" Jeff asked as he rubbed Pixie.

"They're retired race dogs I rescued." Damon smiled back.

"Admirable." Jeff replied as he looked around. While not as luxurious as the library at Angela's house the den was more then impressive to the country boy not familiar with wealth. 

"I've got just a little bit to finish up here son, why don't you give..." Stephen trailed off he has obviously forgot the name.

"Jeff," his wife moved the receiver away from her mouth long enough to answer. 

"Jeff," Stephen continued, "a tour then we can meet up outside in a bit." 

"Sure Dad, come on Jeff." The last thing Jeff noticed as they turned to leave was a framed photo of Damon on a shelf behind Stephen's desk with his arms around a girl, probably his prom picture. Jeff decided to file this information away for later. 

Jeff is more then impressed with the house; which included the kitchen, two dining rooms with a butler's pantry between them. After all, you need one for formal meals and another for regular meals don't you? There was a door in the kitchen that led up to housekeeper's quarters, essentially a two bedroom apartment above the garage. Damon informed him when he was younger and living at home they always had a live in housekeeper. But since he's been in school they just had one come by a couple times a week to `tidy up.' Also on the first floor was Mr. Jung's den, as well as a library, albeit, not nearly as large or impressive as his mother's. They had a formal living room off the foyer by the front door, a smaller more intimate parlor; with a television, a recliner, a couple chairs, and a loveseat. Most of the back of the house was taken up by a large family room with high ceilings and a fireplace. The wall facing the back had three sets of glass doors overlooking a terrace patio and the back yard. When they stepped out onto the terrace, Jeff was overcome by the outdoor kitchen tucked under an overhang just outside from the indoor kitchen. All he had ever seen was a grill that could be wheeled out on demand and certainly would have never thought of having one built in, or having a small refrigerator right under it. He right away noticed there was no pool, but then again there wasn't really enough room for one since the house was built on a hillside and a lower level that walked out to ground level and had a gradual decline from there. Where Angela's large Estate was private with a wooded area surrounding the yard, there were only a few trees separating this house from its neighbors. Jeff imagined that once leaves fell you would be able to clearly see other homes. 

"What's that?" Jeff pointed to what looked like a greenhouse extending from the lower level.

"Come on," Damon gave a wicked smile and went back into the house. Jeff followed to the foyer and down stairs to the basement where he was blown away with a large work out room with more equipment then he ever would have imagined in a home gym. Damon continued through the gym to a sliding door and an indoor pool inside the greenhouse structure.

"Hot damn this is cool!" But noticing it wasn't a typical pool looked back to his lover, "what is it?"

"Watch." Damon went ot the control panel and turned it on. 

"Whoa!" Jeff was more unsure.

"It's a swimming spa," Damon said, "the lot was too small and hilly for a regular pool so they had this put it. Water is shot from this end making a current so in effect you can swim even though you're remaining in one place."


"And this end," Damon pointed to seats built into the other end. "has jets and is in effect a regular spa. By being glassed in it can be used year round."

"Is it?" Jeff inquired.

"My mom used to use it every day, don't know if she still does or not. My dad uses it on occasion. Riley, that's my brother, "Damon smirked, "will use it on occasion when he's in if his wife will let him."


"You don't want to hear that story, trust me."

"I take your word on that." 

"You're gonna like this." Damon motioned his partner to follow to the home theater. There's a large plasma television hanging on one wall with a large sofa on the other and pillows thrown about. Jeff noticed the Bose speakers around the room and several shelves of DVDs.

"This is too cool!" Jeff checked out the movie titles, many of which were classics or modern drama. "Can we check it out?" 

"Maybe later." Jeff just looked around wide eyed as they left and headed back up the stairs then on to the second floor. Damon pointed out what he referred to as his parent's `suite' then into his bedroom. 

"So this is Damon Jung's inner sanctum?" Jeff nodded as he looked around the large room, so large the queen size bed seemed small. "Whoa dude, what is that?" Jeff pointed to a framed sports jersey hanging above the bed. When he moved in for a closer look recognized the player and that it has been autographed. "And how did you get it?"

"Oh him." Damon tried to act modest. "He lived in the building where my grandmother owns a condo in Florida when he played for the Bucs. I got to know him, he was pretty cool."

"Is he?"

"Is he what?"

"You know, did you and he like, um?"

"Oh, no!" Damon realized what his lover meant. "He's definitely straight, and married now. But he's cool I've still got his email address and cell phone number."

"No shit! You've got to introduce me!" 

"I'll think about it, and if we ever run into him." Once again Damon was surprised at Jeff's being so star struck.

Jeff continued to look around the room at the bits and pieces of Damon's life including trophies for swimming and tennis. Then he caught a framed photo of Damon with Mickey Mouse. "And what is this?"

"Hey, it's Mickey." Damon got defensive of the photo of him with the mouse.

Jeff just snickered knowing the photo was only a couple years old. 

"I can't help it, I like Mickey Mouse, I used to have a whole assortment of collectables. We used to go to Disney World once a year, as a family until the last few. This was the first summer that I haven't been since, I don't remember. I think we've always gone".

"And you like it?" 

"Um, yeah. Why not?"

"Isn't that kinda like, childish?"

"Them is fighting words you know." Damon squinted his eyes in a feeble attempt to look threatening, but only succeeded in making Jeff laugh. "But, seriously, it has been a family tradition. I think it started when Riley was young and wanted to go; and has been continued."

With the tour complete the boys made their way back down to the terrace. Stephen had changed into more comfortable clothes and was working with the grill. 

"When is Riley going to be here?" Damon asked his father.

Stephen sneered as he turned to face his son. "I'll let your mother tell you about that."

Damon dropped the subject, he could tell his father was upset and there was no reason to further aggravate the situation. Stephen started the grill amid light conversation between the three men. Stephen was a bit uncomfortable, not knowing what to talk about. Damon could sense the tension, and tried to lighten the mood by bringing up neutral topics revolving around school such as classes, clubs and the fraternity. Soon discussion turned to sports and Jeff joined in. It wasn't long before Damon sat back in amazement at the rapport between his boyfriend and his father! Both seemed completely comfortable around the other.

Damon excused himself to go in search of his mother. She was in the kitchen tossing a salad when she noticed him.

"Why don't you get the steaks from the refrigerator in the butler's pantry." Damon followed his mother's orders and soon returned with the marinated meat. He then helped his mother, both in silence, until she finally broke it. "You're going to need to give your father some time to adjust to this, gay, thing. He really is trying to understand."

"He and Jeff seem to be doing fine out there." Damon pointed through the window to the terrace.

"You know your father though, give him a few minutes and he can be friends with anybody." They both laugh. 

"But seriously Mom, How are you doing? I hope I didn't disappoint you."

"I'd be lying if I said you didn't Damon. It just came as a shock."

"I am so sorry mom; I never wanted to hurt you or dad."

"You didn't," But Damon could see the start of a tear in the corner of her eye. She must have felt it because she turned away from him. Hearing the two men outside laughing, Damon felt as if he was being pulled in two directions. He wanted to believe that all was fine as indicated by his father and Jeff, yet couldn't hide the fact that his mother obviously didn't feel the same way. "I guess it's just the old case of I was hoping for grandchildren." She finally said.

"Oh, mama I'm sorry." With that comment Damon couldn't help develop a tear of his own. "You have Blake and Greg though." Lisa Jung tried to laugh amid the tear, she turned back to see a similar look on Damon's face; both of them had the same thoughts regarding Riley's offspring. "Oh, baby." She held her arms out calling him in for a hug.

"When is Riley going to be here anyway?" Damon tried to lighten the mood.

This brought an evil laugh from his mother. "They already were here; in fact they had just left right before you got here. I tried to get them to stay but they had... The nanny was with them and she was ready to leave as soon as she got here." 

Damon understood the reference, and left it at that. Riley's overbearing mother-in-law was a source of scorn in the family.

Meanwhile outside...

"Jeff you seem a level headed young man so I'm going to level with you." Jeff stood to attention bracing for what was to come next. "Damon's mother, especially, and I put up a good front this morning. We were shocked and disappointed at our son's revelation." Jeff remained silent while Stephen paused thinking. "No we don't hate it, but we don't like it either. Our older boy, Riley, I don't know if Damon has told you about his brother."

"No sir, he's mentioned him a few times is all."

"No wonder," Stephen smirked, "I'm going to be blunt and say Riley has been a big disappointment to this family, and Damon was always the good son. We really had high hopes for his future, and not sure how his being gay is going to fit in it." He definitely had Jeff's full attention wondering where this was going. "No, I'm not turning him out; or anything like that. He's a smart young man and like me, great with numbers. I look forward to having him as part of the company."

"And he looks forward to it to, sir, he's mentioned it several times." Jeff threw in a good word for his lover, Stephen smiled at the defense.

"I'm gonna tell you, Damon always was a mama's boy. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with that. Although now I have to wonder if maybe I'd been a little more attentive maybe he would have turned out normal."

It took all of Jeff's Marine instincts to remain perfectly calm as his blood boiled and not show any signs what he was thinking. He wanted to lash out at the elder Mr. Jung and let him know the old dominate mother inattentive father routine was just stereotype and had no bearing on a persons sexuality. Instead he rationalized that now was not the time; and his being calm may work in his favor.

"Again, I personally have no problem with gay people in general," Mr. Jung continued. "I have several on my staff at the office and all is fine. But finding out about your own son, now that is different; and puts things in a different perspective." Stephen opened the lid of the large grill to inspect the progress, and then continued. "But I would not want for my son is to be one of those limp wristed fairies who insist on drawing attention to themselves." Jeff was mixed on this; he felt a twinge of irritation in the comment, yet at the same time, knew that he would never have dated Damon if he fit that category. "What we had always hoped was for him to settle down, get married, and raise us some grandchildren to spoil." Stephen's smile brought one to Jeff's face as well. "Well that's not going to happen, but from talking with you this morning and today I will say I am impressed with his choice and hope what you two have is something serious."

"Oh yes sir." 

"But..." Jeff tensed for the blow. "I know Damon can be impressionable. I ask you keep him close. I don't know too much about you, but I also warn you to never, ever hurt him. Physically, mentally or emotionally." Jeff nodded. "As far as your, relationship, what you do on your own time is your own business. But the same as if he was straight we would not want details, I ask, no demand, that side of your relationship stay far from open view. Got it."

"Yes sir." 


Jeff didn't know how else to respond. Stephen broke finally broke the tension, "Let's go find out about those steaks why don't' we son." 

Jeff smiled and followed, to him being called `son' was a good sign.

Dinner went well with Damon's parents being civil but mainly quiet. As before conversation stayed on neutral topics, mainly sports, while Lisa smiled and remained quiet. Stephen opened up to Jeff even more, once he discovered their mutual love of the same football teams. Damon helped his mother clean up, bored with conversation, as Jeff and Stephen discussed players and stats. It was mid evening before the boys finally left with Jeff and `Steve' on a first name basis. With the usually hugs Damon promised to come home more often on weekends. And was told Jeff would always be welcome. In the dark car before he pulled away Damon leaned over to give his lover a quick kiss on the cheek.

"What's that for?" Jeff asked.

"Just for you being you."

"Does that mean I passed?" Jeff smiled.

"I think it does, as far as dad is concerned at least. I think Mom likes you; but is going to need more time." Damon put the car in pressed the button, closing the garage door then put his hand down to hold Jeff's as he drove off.

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