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Closets are for Clothes
by Jacob Adams  (

Chapter 7

 As Damon pulled out he took a quick look at his parent's home; his home, since he was young. He couldn't help but wonder if he would ever actually live there again. A year ago at this time he would have understood that he would. He just assumed that once he graduated he would move back home, start working, and then start saving for a home of his own. That was then, in the present with Jeff in the equation he had no idea what the future held. School had only started a few weeks prior and with graduation being nine months off there was no way to predict if they would still even be together. And even if they were then what would happen? How would they continue a long distance relationship with Damon living and working in Louisville and Jeff in Spring Hill, Illinois? 

With too many possibilities Damon decided to put it out of his mind and worry about it when the time was closer. Way too much could happen between now and then. That said, he looked over to his partner. Damon smiled watching Jeff rubberneck trying to see all of the large houses that made up the neighborhood, his neighborhood.

Jeff was in awe when Damon would point out a house and say who lived there. Nobody important lived near Jeff so it was hard for him to fathom that he was involved with someone who grew up two doors down from the president of a well known company. Across the street from a retired Major League Baseball player whose next door neighbor was a former governor. 

When they had left Damon's home neither had any real thoughts of what to do, so they decided to return to Angela's home. Knowing they were alone and would not be disturbed they immediately went to the patio where they promptly stripped and jumped into the pool. They enjoyed nearly an hour of nonstop horseplay intermixed with minor playing around, they both wanted to wait until they were in their suite and in the king size bed for anything else.

Once they tired of the pool and began to feel slight hunger pains it was decided that it was time to raid the kitchen. Damon never knew what to expect on his visits to his grandmother's house. But knew that he was always welcome to whatever was in the refrigerator. If Angela was on an extended trip out of town Elaine would have emptied it of anything perishable to prevent mold. But on short trips it was always fun to raid. He knew she would deny it, but knew that his grandmother would sometimes prepare something she knew he would like.

"What's that?" Jeff pointed to a note affixed to the refrigerator with a magnetic apple.

"It's a message from Elaine," Damon scanned the note with Jeff looking over his shoulder. "She had some leftovers she brought over for us!"

"Cool, what is it?" Jeff nudged Damon out of the way so he could open the refrigerator. "Oh man, this is awesome!" Jeff salivated looking at the Tupperware containers holding pot roast, mashed potatoes, as well as steamed carrots, broccoli and cauliflower. After nuking their food they sat at the island bar in the kitchen, still naked from their time in the pool, to enjoy the home cooked food. 

"Can I ask you a question?" Jeff timidly asked between bites.

Damon put down his fork to give his lover his full attention, surprised that Jeff would even have to ask permission. While Damon has not always volunteered information he had always answered questions. "Sure, what is it?"

"What's with your brother, Riley?"

"Why do you want to know about him?" 

"You don't talk about him much and I don't think anybody today, especially your parents had anything nice to say about him."

"Well," Damon took a bite as he stalled. He knew more about his brother then he cared to discuss. "I don't talk about him because we were never very close." Damon tried to think of an example. "You and Jen are only a year apart, and perhaps because of that, are close. Riley is seven years older then I am and was really jealous when I was born. Even though it wasn't personally my fault; he held it against me that I took attention away from him." Damon hoped that would be enough to stifle further questions, but it wasn't.

"Why is it your parents talk so bad about him?"

"You see his wife is like this really domineering bitch. They live in Cincinnati with her mother, that's who we refereed to as `The Nanny' and she's even more of a bitch. Together my brother can't fart without their permission.

"Oh," Jeff could kind of understand, after all it sounded like his Aunt Betty and how she would treat his Uncle Richard before he died. Damon was relieved when he didn't ask any more questions. They filled the rest of the meal joking and laughing.

After dinner Damon remembered his grandmother's apple strudel from the night before. There was just enough for both of them to enjoy a large serving. Once their stomachs were sufficiently stuffed; Damon gave Jeff the full tour of the house and garden. Jeff was in awe of just how large the place really was and couldn't believe how many rooms that had no real purpose other than to be there and be furnished. With the tour complete they made their way to the hot tub where they relaxed and almost fell asleep.

"Anything you want to do?" Damon politely asked even though he had his mind on cuddling on the large bed in their suite and watching one of the many classic movies his grandmother had on DVD. 

"Let's go out." Jeff answered quickly.

"To eat? We just ate, I'm not hungry."

"No you ditz, to a bar, for drinks." 

"Are you serious?"

"Yeah, why not? I haven't had a beer for a couple weeks and I want to see more of where you come from." 

"I guess, if that's what you want." Damon was apprehensive. While he knew it was inevitable that Jeff should start meeting his old friends and acquaintances he was not sure that was really a good idea just yet. He really liked Jeff and wanted the relationship to work, but was worried some of his past would scare his boyfriend away.

"Cool." Jeff replied, and then added, "I guess we should be taking showers then huh?"

"Yeah, showers." Damon hoped he didn't sound as despondent as he felt. Jeff followed him up to their suite where they both fit comfortable in the large shower stall for a quick shower. 

After dressing comfortably casual, both were wearing jeans with Damon in a t-shirt and Jeff in a tank top they headed out. Damon contemplated which club during the drive downtown hoping to avoid as many people as possible. But with it being a Saturday night realized that any was as good as the others.

As they waited in line Jeff pulled out his billfold to pay the cover charge for both he and Damon. The doorman looked at Jeff's ID but smiled at Damon and waved him in.

"Why didn't he check your ID?" He asked noticing Damon was just waved through.

"He's checked it for years I guess he finally remembered me." Damon omitted the romantic liaison he had with the doorman a couple years back. Luckily Jeff didn't notice the wink Damon received from the doorman or the smile from another patron standing close by. Damon just smiled as he took hold of Jeff's hands and led him into the packed club.

Jeff made for the bar where he ordered the first round for the evening. They seldom drank at home but were more then happy to indulge themselves when out. Jeff didn't need to ask he knew that Damon would want a Bud Light and a shot of Jagermeister.

"Damon is that you?" A shrill voice was heard over the crowd and music.

"Mom!" The excitement in Damon's voice was obvious.

Jeff, confused by the exchange he had heard turned from the bar just in time to see Damon pulled into a hug. At first Jeff felt a pang of jealousy seeing his lover in an embrace with another man. But in looking the man over Jeff determined he was not a threat. He estimated the individual to be in his late forties maybe older. He stood maybe five-six with a protruding belly hanging over the belt of his designer jeans. His probably hazel eyes were showing more red at the time, probably from the liquor he had consumed so far that evening. He had done his best to comb his dyed hair to conceal a rather obvious receding hairline. 

Jeff also noticed the scared looking twink standing next to, almost behind him. What Jeff found interesting was that the kid was staring at Damon, but with a look of fear rather then lust. Jeff estimated Andrew couldn't have been more then sixteen or seventeen and wondered how he was able to get into the establishment but quickly dismissed the thought realizing that it was none of his business.

Jeff listened in to the conversation between his Damon and "Mom" as the person had been addressed while the bartender poured the shots. He was surprised at Damon's sudden change in behavior. It was like someone flipped a switch and turned on the flame. His voice had become unnaturally higher and taken on a lisp. His body language had also become much more prominent and obvious. While it could be considered cute by some Jeff was not amused.

"I was afraid maybe I'd lost both of my favorite daughters," The hugger said to Damon, "I still just can not believe Shawn..."

"I heard," Damon snapped, he really didn't want to hear about Shawn at the moment, the pain of losing him was still too great and a horrific reminder of a past he's trying to forget.

"My you are looking good Damon, taken off weight here and moved it there I see." The man clearly didn't mind the change in subject.

"Here," Damon was grateful for the diversion when Jeff handed him a shot glass and longneck. They look each other in the eye, both seeing something different. Damon was seeing salvation from a former life while Jeff was seeing his partner in a new light and wondering just who he really was. But they both knew they were looking at the man they wanted to be with. But the smile they gave each other left no question to an onlooker as to the connection between the two.

"Prost!" They both said at the same time holding up the shots then quickly swallowing.

"And who might we have here? Where are your manners Miss Thang, aren't you going to introduce Mama D?"

Jeff was dying to know about the `Mama' references but was not about to ask.

"This, dear James, is my husband Jeff. And Jeff, this is my very old, near and dear friend James."

"You can quit that old part right now missy." James scolded Damon then quickly returned an appreciative glance to Jeff. "Mother does approve dear," James stepped back and looked Jeff over, stopping at his chest, "un-huh," then again at his crotch. "Oh yes, I definitely approve!" Jeff was more annoyed than embarrassed with the appraisal by the more than a little effeminate male in front of him but chose to be civil for Damon's sake.

"Ah, James don't feel that way, besides there will always be a place in my heart for you."

"Oh I hope so; I couldn't bear to lose you too." Damon clenched and held back a tear. His mind wandered thinking about old times. He wanted to ask James more about Shawn but wasn't sure he really wanted to hear it. His main thoughts were to what he and Jeff had done in the pool and wishing he hadn't put his and especially Jeff's lives in jeopardy " a freshman at U of L, he needed mothering so I guess the lineage will continue with another of Mama D's children." 

"Nice to meet you," Damon returned to reality with James introducing the scared twink whom he had barely noticed. Damon hadn't heard the kid's name but noticed he was obviously underage. With that awareness Damon knew James had not lost his flair for procuring phony IDs. The kid didn't say anything but merely nodded looking scared to death. Damon smiled back and imagined himself not so many years ago in the same situation and probably looking just as out of place. He himself had just turned sixteen when he met James who immediately latched onto and `mothered' him as he called it. James had considered it his duty over the years to help young men come out of their shell and thrive in the gay community. To Damon's knowledge James had never `had' any of them. In fact he didn't think James had ever been with anyone.

Damon and James caught up with each however in the process unintentionally ignoring both Jeff and the twink. Jeff tried to be friendly and strike a conversation but the kid who he had heard was named Andrew, but he would only give one or two word responses so he soon gave up. Listening to the music and watching the flashing lights Jeff began moving with the music and getting in the mood to dance. When he could take no more he got Damon's attention by persistently casting his eyes to the dance floor and back.

"Mama, we'll catch up with you later. I think Jeff's ready to dance." Damon said when he finally caught on.

"I don't blame you dear, if I still could I'd do it myself. I think it's time for Andrew and me to head out anyway. Gimme a hug big boy." James held out his arms and Damon immediately fell in for another hug. "You've got my number, it's been the same for years. You'd better be calling."

"I will. I promise. Nice meeting you." Damon directed the last comment to Andrew who quickly said `bye' and quickly headed towards the door in front of James.

"You doing okay?" Damon asked is partner.

"I'm with you aren't I?" Jeff gave a pouty, hurt look. Damon grinned and drew him in for a kiss. For a moment they were in their own little world, all cares forgotten. 

"I've been looking for you bitch," the kiss was abruptly broken when Damon felt a firm grasp at his shoulder and was rudely tugged away from his lover. While Damon was momentarily disoriented Jeff was immediately on the defensive thrusting his chest in an intimidating stance while he assessed the situation. 

"Craig, buddy, what's up?" Damon struggled to sound bold but his shaky voice betrayed his panic.

"Don't buddy me prick, you really need to learn to keep your mouth shut unless there's something stuck in it." 

Jeff was evaluating Craig, if the confrontation turned physical would he be able to defend himself, and Damon? The man in front of him was impressive, as in lots of time spent in the gym. He was not overly muscled as much as well toned with the right bulges in the right places. He stood maybe four inched taller then Jeff but outweighed him in muscle. He was showing off his massive pecs, delts and biceps in a bright yellow tank top. `He obviously wants to attract attention' Jeff thought. Craig's light blonde hair was shoulder length yet well groomed. Under different circumstances Jeff would be impressed with the work he had put into his body. Instead his Marine training was kicking in helping him plan how best to kick his ass.

"You're going to have to be more specific More-ass." After regaining his composure Damon was showing less anxiety and fear towards the much larger man.

"That's MORRIS you fucking slut. I heard you spread rumors about me and that pissed me off." Both Jeff and Damon stood back to be out of firing distance of the spit that was emitted as Craig spoke.

"Rumors, what rumours? Damn Craig I haven't been in town in over a year. And I sure as fuck haven't talked about you." That wasn't entirely true he had been home, but the summer that just ended he had not felt like going out or being with his old friends so stayed out of sight. But still he searched his memory deciphering what Craig might be referring to.

"Let me refresh your mind. Here... this bar... Two years ago Labor Day Weekend this stud in here was as hot for me as I was for him. I step away to score a joint and when I turn around I see him talking to you. Then I'm ready to leave and he wouldn't have anything to do with me. I saw him a couple weeks later, and do you want to know what I found out?"

"Enlighten me Craig," Damon was over the tête-à-tête, Jeff refused to stand down waiting to pounce the guy."

"I found out you took the trick home and fucked his brains out that night." Jeff was starting to get annoyed but stayed out of it. "I hear you were able to get him to dump me by telling him I had AIDS." Craig stressed the last word for effect. "Then the fucker comes back in here and opens his trap telling everybody."

"Sounds like he's the one you should be pissed at. I didn't tell anyone anything. Besides, you know as well as I do that rumor has been going around about you for years."

"Whatever," Craig knew that to be true, "And to think at one time we would have shared."

Now Damon was starting to put two and two together. Craig wasn't as pissed about the rumor as he was about losing a trick to Damon.

"What are you looking at Jarhead?" Craig snapped at Jeff. Damon realized that Craig wasn't looking at him but instead at his beefy boyfriend. A light when on in Damon's mind; the real reason for Craig's sudden appearance wasn't for a trip down memory lane, but instead reconnaissance to find out who Jeff was.

"Craig um, this is my partner, Jeff."

"You settle down?" Craig smirked.

"Yeah, we've been together almost a year now." Damon exaggerated.

"Too bad I didn't see him first; I know how to handle a stud like this." Craig reached out and wanted to feel Jeff's bicep.

"I don't think so." Jeff pulled away.

"Ooh, it talks." Craig didn't even flinch. "What else do you have it trained to do?"

Jeff was getting annoyed being referred to in third person and had already decided he didn't like Craig. He stepped forward, ready to show him what a `jarhead' was capable of but was stopped by Damon's out stretched arm. "Craig I really suggest you go. You may have gotten away with pushing me around in the past but I don't think Jeff is intimidated by your bullshit." Craig had two reputations, one for his promiscuity and two for his physique. Damon knew that his muscles were primarily for `looks' and that while he looked threatening Craig would back down before getting into a confrontation.

Craig was about to say something then suddenly stopped. His gaze seemed fixed on them yet appeared to be looking through them. Damon was sure he saw a bead of sweat on his forehead. As a last act of defiance he held out a finger to Damon but didn't act as menacing. "You'd better watch your back when you leave, both of you." He quickly left and faded into the crowd. 

Once Craig was gone both men turn, wanting to know what caught his eye and caused his instant mood change. Of several people close by it was the one leaning against the bar smiling that caught their attention.

"Kyle?" Damon vaguely remembered meeting him before.

"David, right?" Kyle remembered meeting him once or twice in the past but wasn't sure of the name.

"Damon actually... and this is my husband, Jeff." They all shake and exchange normal pleasantries. "Craig was about to start something what gives."

"Simple," Kyle chucked. "Craig knows I'm dating Bob and have him wrapped around my fingers."

Jeff was confused but Damon understood. "Bob is a bouncer here, remember the big guy by the front door?" 

Jeff shook his head remembering the three hundred plus pound black man wearing a tight muscle shirt. He took a good look at Kyle. He was young, probably a good ten years younger then the bouncer he remembered. He had to have been a full head shorter then Bob and skinny as a rail. He was a very pale white making Jeff wonder if ever went out in the sun?

"Craig is a regular trouble maker; he knows he's one step from being barred. He got nervous knowing I was a pipeline directly to Bob and the owner."

"I could have taken him." Jeff boasted.

"Probably, and you," looking to Damon, "held your ground. I guess he didn't want to take chances."

"Don't be fooled wanna see my shorts." Damon joked.

"We've gone there before; you don't have what it would take to satisfy me." Kyle's smile shows Damon he's joking and the two laugh leaving Jeff out of their private joke. Damon had made a pass at Kyle once before only to be told point blank that his skin was the wrong color and his attributes too small. 

"So how long have you and Bob been together?" Damon inquired to make conversation since Kyle was still standing with them.

"Almost a year now, he tried to bust me for having a fake ID, but I told him I would make it worth his while to ignore it. He did and I did, since then I don't need the ID but not giving up my Bob."

"Cool." Jeff and Damon both say at the same time. Jeff was listening but visually distracted by someone he thought looked familiar.

"He may look big and threatening but he's a big softie, and let me tell you he's got to be the blondest black man I have ever known!" Kyle then excused himself saying he needed to find his man.

"So are you ready for that dance?" Damon asked.

"About time!" Jeff was to the floor before Damon could finish his drink.

Usually when Jeff is on a dance floor he can easily become lost in the music. But as he was staring at Damon he caught sight of the same man he had seen earlier. He was dancing a few feet away from them and Jeff couldn't help but look trying to place the face."

After the dance and standing on the side once again Jeff sees his mystery man again. "Do you know that guy?" Jeff discreetly pointed.

"No, not right off," Damon thought he did look familiar but not sure where from. He watched the man sweating from his own time on the dance floor. He also saw two others whom he knew as `Jack and Jill' watching the stranger as well. They walked up and stood on either side of him, "Bingo!" Damon smiled. "I do know them though."

"How well?" Jeff's question was innocent enough but put Damon on the spot.

"Well, um..." Damon just shook his head but didn't say anything. "Come on," Damon motioned and went to the group.

"Hi Jack, long time." Damon interrupted what ever conversation had been started; he hadn't heard any of it but had a good idea what it involved.

"Damon... Hi," Jack didn't appear pleased for the distraction and looked to the mystery man hoping he wouldn't walk off. "Long time no see, how's it hanging?"

"About the same from the looks of it," Jack's partner said not even trying to hide the fact he was looking right at Damon's crotch salivating.

"Joe," Damon said acknowledging him with a smile.

"This is my partner Jeff, Jeff this is Jack and Joe." Damon had to be careful not to use the nickname although he's sure they've heard it plenty of times. They all shook hands and Jeff's mystery man introduced himself as Dylan. It was obvious that Jack and Joe hadn't met him before, but the name immediately rung a bell with Jeff.

"Dylan Gelhausen?" Jeff blurted out.

They all looked confused, especially Damon who recognized the name but he wasn't sure where from. Jack and Joe were clearly lost.

"Um," Dylan looked around wide eyed like a deer caught in headlights. It was obvious he was hiding something. 

Dylan looked around nervously, obviously stalling and hiding something. When his and Damon's eyes met, Damon could see a pleading and recognition along with the nervousness. With a simple gesture unseen to anyone except Dylan, Damon communicated his sensitivity.

"I apologize for my partner's... zeal. He just thinks you look like someone." Damon then glared in Jeff's direction hoping his lover would renounce his recognition. Damon was used to being around celebrities and knew how sometimes they would rather blend in. He remembered meeting Dylan a few years back at the condo during his one season in the NFL before a back injury caused a very early retirement from the sport. Damon knew Dylan grew up in Louisville but they really didn't get to talk too much the time they had previously met. `He's gay?' Damon thought!

"No that's alright," Dylan admitted, "Yeah it's me." He kept his voice low hoping not to attract too much attention; clearly a moot point in the loud nightclub.

Jeff's grin more then articulated his respect as he shook Dylan's hand. "Dude, this is so cool! I'm a big Notre Dame fan watched all your games. Then when you..." Jeff paused wishing he hadn't gone there. "Well anyway, bummer dude." 

"Sorry to hear about your career Dylan, I, um saw that game too." Damon added. 

"Thanks guys, I miss the game but I guess the Almighty had a reason for it." Dylan said.

"Sometimes I wonder what kind of sense of humor He has." Jeff speculated aloud. 

"So what are you doing now?" Damon asked showing genuine concern. He opted not to bring up the party or that they had met before. While he had many questions himself; he opted to allow Dylan to keep as low of a profile as possible.

"What do washed up NFL players normally do when that can't play the game they enjoy?" It was unsure if it was a simple question or if Dylan's reply was laced with sarcasm.

"Get a job at Sport's Authority?" Joe said seriously. Others wanted to laugh but a quick glare that Joe received from Dylan let them know not to touch the subject.

"Actually," he continued returning to a normal stance, "I coach a high school team across the river. And teach math." No one bothered to question his vague reply.

"Wait a minute!" Jeff had an epiphany, does this mean you're...?"

"I'm here aren't I?" Dylan answered before the question could be asked. Jeff wanted to ask more but Jack jumped in and asked Dylan what kind of men he liked. Damon decided that would be a good opportunity to pull Jeff aside and discuss tact. Jeff quickly understood and decided to drop the public discussion. A few others showed up in the circle of conversation. Dylan was normally uncomfortable in a gay bar setting but was soon able to loosen up and mingle as well. Damon spent his time catching up with old friends whom he proudly introduced to Jeff who devoted most of his time to Dylan while keeping an ear open to Damon's conversation as well. Damon noticed that while Jack and Joe didn't contribute much to the conversations they also did not venture from the group and instead would occasionally cast an ungrateful glare Jeff's way.

Jack and Joe became more determined to talk to Dylan. Jeff became aggravated because they seemed more interested in discussing his sex life than football and kept steering the conversation away from the sport. Dylan was caught in the middle, on one side were a couple of hot guys whom he was sure were interested in him. On the other was the hot blond, which while they shared a common interest was clearly, taken. 

When Dylan began to spend more time with Jack and Damon was busy walking down memory lane Jeff took the opportunity to visit the restroom.

As he stepped up to the urinal and began relieving himself he saw a shadow then looked to see Craig at the next urinal. Jeff quickly returned to the item at hand hoping by ignoring Craig he could avoid a confrontation.

"I've been doing some checking around," Craig finally said while keeping his gaze focused on the aging wallpaper in front of him. "It seems that nobody here has ever heard of you. Or seen you in here before" Craig started a conversation.

"Understandable," Jeff replied then hesitated before continuing. "I've never been here before."

"A newbie huh?"

"I wouldn't say that, I've been around."

"Just like Damon," Craig snickered. Jeff wanted to defend himself since from what he had heard that evening his past wasn't anything as colorful as that of his partner. But knew this was not the time, the place or the person to be discussing that with.

"So Damon has finally settled down? Who would have ever imagined?" 

Jeff quickly shook the last drops and was about to put his member away when Craig continued. "With a dick like that no wonder he's latched on to you."

Jeff became embarrassed realizing he was being checked out but took the opportunity to sneak a peak at his distracter to see Craig stroking his large organ which he had already brought to half staff. Jeff paused briefly to take a better look before heading to the wash basin. Craig quickly stuffed his half hard tool into his tight jeans to join Jeff at the next basin.

"So tell me, is he still a wild bottom?" Jeff stopped, placed his hands either side of the basin to steady himself as much as to give him a moment to cool down. He put both his hands under the stream then splashed the cool water on his face. As his vision cleared and he looked at his reflection in the mirror he could also see that of Craig's who was licking his lips while looking back. "He sure used to be, I'd fuck him hard and he would beg for more." 

Jeff said nothing but flashed Craig a glare before turning to leave.

"How about you Blondie, I wouldn't mind a roll with you."

"Sorry, not interested." 

"I'm usually strictly a top, but for you will be happy to go bottom."

"You're a pathetic piece of shit." Jeff started to leave.

"Okay, both of you then."

"Still not interested, and I doubt Damon will be either."

"Since when, we used to hook up and share all the time?" 

Jeff slammed his fists on the door frame and clenched his teeth. 

"I don't know what he's told you but he's not perfect. The rumors he was spreading about me," Jeff turned to face Craig. "Those same rumors went around about your boyfriend. At least I play safe."

The only thing that saved Craig from Jeff's full wrath was the door opening and another person coming in. Jeff didn't wait for another response and instead ran for the exit. He knew he needed to calm down before he confronted Damon and decided to walk around the block to cool off. Jeff had come to terms with his sexuality while in the military so not only had to keep a low profile also had to play it safe. While he and Damon did jump in bed the first night they met they didn't do anything really unsafe. But wait, to his recollection Damon insisted on being safe, why was that? Maybe the rumor about Damon was true! Earlier Damon and that James was talking about some guy that died and Damon seemed upset, did he give it to him? He knew both he and Damon had been tested over the summer and came back negative, but still. How many other little secrets was Damon keeping from him? But on the flip side by insisting on playing safe maybe Damon was showing concern. But then again he had gone bare in the pool at Angela's house. Another thing that concerned Jeff was Damon's whole change in personality since they had been at the club. One thing he had always liked about Damon and been attracted to was that he was all man, nothing fake, nothing effeminate. Yet tonight he's flitting around with the best of the queens. Why a man would want to act like a woman was beyond Jeff's comprehension? Why would a gay man, by definition a man attracted to men want to be with a man that acted like a woman? Not that he had anything against women; he dated women, and still noticed women and wouldn't go as far as to say he would never be with one again. He just preferred to be with men. One man in particular, a man who he knew well enough to know he loved no matter what. Maybe they were both to blame, maybe he shouldn't jump to conclusions. But was he any better? After all he basically treated Damon like a submissive. Just as things were coming into perspective he realized he had walked completely around the block and back to the entrance. He was glad he took the walk; he decided to ask Damon about it but considering the source not to take too much stock in the rumor. 

"There's a cover charge." The doorman called out to Jeff as he walked through the door and past the podium.

"I already paid." Jeff looked at the doorman and realized it was not the same person he had paid earlier.

"Sure you did, that's what they all say. Come on sweetie everybody has to pay $5 no matter how hot they are."

"He's Okay Brett; He's with that Damon guy." Jeff looked up to see Kyle and his large partner not too far away. "He's the one that almost kicked Craig's ass."

"Wish you did would have saved me the trouble," the bouncer commented then winked at Jeff as Bret waved him past. Jeff couldn't help but to think what a mismatched pair they were and wonder what they looked like in bed. He quickly dismissed that thought.

"There he is." Jeff turned to see Trish and Gina walking towards the exit. He remembered them from Michelle and Cindy's picnic a couple weeks back. He remembered Trish was the sister of his sister's boyfriend so she felt like family. "We saw Damon and he said you were around here somewhere." 

"Hello ladies."

First Gina then Trish pulled Jeff in for a hug. "Sorry we gotta head out already. We're meeting some friends at a party."


"Sorry guy, we gave our number to Damon. The next time you guys are in town give us a call and we can all hook up." Trish said

"Sounds good." Jeff responded politely.

"Maybe bring Brian and Jennifer along, we still haven't met her." Gina added.

"We'll have to do that." Jeff smiled as they walked past and out.

Jeff scanned the crowded bar but didn't see Damon. He was ready for another beer, surprised at how little he had been drinking that evening and so decided to buy a round. After he placed his order he pulled his billfold to get the cash. A quick look let him know that he had been spending a lot more than what he thought. He made a quick mental note that this may be his last round of the evening. 

"I'll get that." Jeff turned to see Dylan next to him at the bar.

"Hey guy," Jeff smiled.

"Here," Dylan handed Jeff a business card. "Here's my number and email address. Call or write, I'd like to hear from you, anyone who can quote my stats as good as me can't be all bad. And if you ever break up," he winked, "definitely give me a call." Jeff noticed Dylan had three bottles of beer as he walked away.

"Thanks, I'll do that." Jeff looked at the card, not believing he has Dylan Gelhausen's business card. `Coach Dylan Gelhausen' he said to himself almost busting with pride. It had the name and address of the school where he worked and a graphic of a cougar. `Must be the team mascot,' Jeff thought. It had a phone number and email address, both of which were scratched out with replacements handwritten in. `Hot damn! I have Dylan Gelhausen's personal phone number and email address; I can't wait to tell Dad!' But then reality sank in, his dad would question where he met Dylan and how he got to know him. `Nothing like a little melodrama,' he thought as he safely hid the card away in his billfold. He grabbed the beers and once again began scanning the crowd in search of his partner. 

"I think I saw him on the dance floor." 

The voice came from someone whom Jeff had been introduced to earlier but he didn't recall the name. "Thanks," he responded. 

"Since he's found a dance partner how would you like one?" Jeff did find the man attractive, but it wasn't Damon so he politely refused.

He went to the edge of the dance floor and found his lover almost immediately dancing with someone who he hadn't recalled meeting yet that evening. The dance partner while dressed very masculine almost looked feminine. `That's nothing unusual' Jeff thought considering many of Damon's friends whom he had met that evening. The partner had stringy dark brown hair that under the bright dance floor light cast a sheen that made it look oily. He wore dark sunglasses which Jeff considered odd. Jeff took a swig from one of the beers as he continued to voyeur on his boyfriend while starting to move to the music. 

Jeff was a little concerned when he saw the dance partner put his hands on Damon's hips and the two begin to gyrate in unison. But what he saw next pissed him off. The partner leaned over and kissed Damon albeit on the side of his face but a kiss is a kiss... That was Jeff's territory. 

"Here," Jeff turned and handed the beers, one untouched and the other hardly touched to a complete stranger then stormed onto the dance floor to the couple, he pulled them apart then drew his arm back. He was about to punch the offending dance partner when for the second time that evening Damon grabbed and stopped him.

"What the hell do you think you're doing? Leave her alone!" Damon shouted above the music. Other people saw what was happening and stopped dancing to watch.

"Her?" Jeff looked back and forth between Damon and his dance partner. "I thought it was a guy!"

"Really? Thanks!" The partner said with a half smile. The look on Jeff's face was priceless.

"I can't believe you Jeff," Damon stormed off. Jeff took off behind him followed by Bob, the bouncer who had been informed of the disturbance. Other patrons shrugged and soon forgot the altercation as they went back to dancing.

"Damon, wait." Jeff's pleads went unheard over the loud music as he pursued Damon past the crowd and out the back door to a secluded corner. 

"Hi Bob," Jeff stopped and turned to see that Damon was speaking to the massive man who was right behind him.

"We don't allow no trouble here guys," Bob grunted, "if you gonna to fight ya need to take it off property."

"Everything's cool," Jeff held up his hands realizing that was not the time for him to be kicked out. 

"I'll be keeping an eye on you." Bob turned and left them.

Damon was in the corner with his back to his partner. While Jeff had been pissed he was more disturbed that he may have displeased his lover. He waited for a moment for Damon to make the first move, and when he didn't Jeff went and put his hand on Damon's shoulder. Damon immediately pushed it off. "My God Jeff, I didn't know you were the jealous type. Are you going to try and punch out all my friends?"

Jeff inhaled and took a breath. He had planned to come out and apologize but instead the bitterness was returning. "Yeah, well I didn't know you were such a slut."

"We all have out histories, no I wasn't a virgin when we met but then again neither were you."

"No but at least I didn't fuck everything in sight." 

"And who said I did? Jeff what the Hell is wrong with you tonight?"

"ME?" Jeff yelled, "What's wrong with me? Ha, I'm the same old Jeffrey Wayne Schultz I have been for 23 years. It's more like what the fuck's wrong with you?"

"What do you mean?" Damon asked sincerely, he was honestly confused.

"From moment we got here tonight you've been acting different. The way you walk, talk, move, is definitely not the Damon DJ Jung I've known and been dating for five months now. I thought I was with a man, now I'm beginning to think you're a woman with a dick." Jeff put one hand on his shoulder and the other up in the air and made a very bad attempt at acting fem. Under normal circumstances Damon probably would have laughed at Jeff's endeavor but knew it would make things worse, especially as pissed as he was.

"Pa-leese like you don't have two faces. Being all lovey dovey one moment then depending on who you're with switch to your macho look at me I'm a Marine bullshit." Damon figured two could play that game. 

Jeff had a comment to make but stopped himself short. While he didn't like to admit it he knew Damon had a point. He just looked away; he really didn't know what to say and was being to feel a little low. They both turn so avoid each other.

At an impasse neither said anything, nor do they dare to look at each other until Jeff breaks the silence. "What about THE rumor?" Damon spun back around to face Jeff wondering where he was going. "I ran into Craig in the bathroom and he filled me in."

"Craig is just pissed because he wants you that's the only reason he showed up. I wouldn't be surprised if he followed you in to hit on you. Whatever he said was only an attempt to get in your pants."

"That he did, and was told you would be happy to join us." When Damon didn't comment Jeff continued. "How do I really know you've been safe with everyone you've been with?"

"You don't, and neither do I. Even though I may not have made the best choice of who I've been with in the past I've done my best to be careful." Damon thought about their own relationship, "You should know Jeff how I've been. I've always valued my life before pleasure. And yes, I told the truth last year. You are the first man I've been with since shortly before I started dating Jennifer. And I've had two negative tests since then. And if you like I will get another, but I still plan on playing it safe. I hope you believe me."

"I want to," Jeff looked right at Damon and could see the pleading in his eyes.

"Jeff you know the real me and I am the person you met, at least I am now. Okay, so I got a little carried away tonight, which I sometimes tend to do with some of my friends. I know you don't like it but I think it's a gay tendency with some of us to let it all out sometime." There was another pause in the conversation. "I feel with you like I've never felt with anyone else. I don't want anyone and have never even looked at another guy in a sensual way since I met you. You are my life Jeff, I enjoy being with you, I want only you, I want this to work, I love you." This caught Jeff off guard, 

"I'm sorry Damon; I just don't have much experience with this relationship thing. The only other serious relationship I've been in went south when another man stepped in."

"If I remember right, SHE," Damon stressed that part remembering the girlfriend in Jeff's hometown and how she broke off the relationship, "looked elsewhere while you were away."

"But still, I stayed faithful to her. Damon, I'm not a thousand miles away. I'm here, and I plan to stay here." Jeff saw the look in his lover's eyes and couldn't help but wonder why he had doubted him. Jeff let down his defenses and smiled for the first time.

"If you two break up I want to be first in line for a chance, with either one of you." It was a very effeminate man eavesdropping and making his play.

"FUCK OFF" Jeff and Damon both said at the same time.

"Well I never," the eavesdropper said the immediately cocked his head back, turned on his heels to leave.

"Oh Pa-leese bitch, save the drama for your mama." Jeff was very out of character but couldn't resist.

The eavesdropped stopped, turned and looked back and forth between the two before speaking to Damon. "You know honey, you're cute, too bad you're with such a brute."

Damon lowered his eyebrows before speaking. "Only one man calls me honey, and he gets jealous very easy." 

As the man stormed off the two lovers looked at each other momentarily then laughed in unison. 

Jeff broke by pulling Damon into a hug giving him a quick kiss. "I'm sorry man, you know I love you. I guess I just need a little more adjustment time."

"You're forgiven, this time." Another kiss, "What do you say we get the hell out of here?"

"You want to take me home and take advantage of me?" Jeff gave a sly grin.

"Sounds wonderful, how about some belly bombers first?"

"Some what?"

After saying their good-byes they left and headed for a nearby White Castle. Once they're seated with their mini-burgers they discussed the club and people they met.

"Dylan was a great guy," Jeff said between bites, "I still can't get over him being gay!"

"Should I be jealous this time?" Damon couldn't resist.

Jeff stopped in mid bite taking Damon's joke seriously. "Damon I am so sorry, I didn't mean..."

"It's Okay!" Damon interrupted laughing. "But it looks like Jack and Jill are going to have fun with him tonight."


"Jack and Jill, you met them." Damon took a bite, "As you can figure out Jack is the, um, man in that relationship. But every once in a while when Jill gets worn out they will go out looking for a third for the evening."

"So you think Dylan?"

"The looks they gave after we interrupted I would say yes; especially since they hung around. They don't go out very often but when they do it means they're on the prowl and hoping for a ménage a troi."

Hearing this got Jeff thinking about his and Damon's own sex life. This had been a night for eye openers that had his head spinning. The ride back out to Angela's Estate was mainly in silence while Jeff was deep in thought.

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