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Closets are for Clothes
by Jacob Adams  (

Chapter 8

They rode back to the home of Damon's grandmother in silence. Jeff received another surprise when Damon drove around to the side of the massive home to where the garage was located. He didn't have a control to open the door as he did at his own house but instead got out of the car and entered a code into a keypad. While the garage was the same size as that at the home of Stephen and Lisa Jung there was only one other vehicle parked in it, a late model Mercedes sedan sat in the last bay closest to the door to the house. The rest of the garage was virtually empty.

Still in silence, the boys walked through the large deserted house and up the stairs to their bedroom. By force of habit Damon closed the door behind them and then started to remove his t-shirt. 

"I don't think so frat boy, that's my job." Jeff grabbed his boyfriend and with one quick motion threw him on the bed. Before Damon had a chance to react Jeff was on top of him, straddling one knee on either side. Damon had merely a second to smile before his lips were covered with those of his lover. Jeff caressed Damon through his clothes; it was all he could do not to rip them off his lover. Instead he slowly undressed Damon one garment at a time while Damon lay on the bed waiting to see what Jeff was going to do next. 

Once they were both naked, Jeff sat up on his knees looking down at Damon, drinking in the sight of his lover. Even though over time he knew every curve and crevice he wanted to make sure he was committing every one of them to memory. He put his large hand on Damon's dark pubic bush and slowly moved his hand up the trail to Damon's chest, stopping over his left pec then kneading his fingers into his lover's chest. He bent over and took one of Damon's nips into his mouth, caressing the tip with his talented tongue sending Damon into a sensual overload.

He came up just long enough to take a breath of air then quickly devoured Damon's lips. When the kiss was broken, Jeff hovered merely inches above Jeff while rubbing his hands across his lover's chest.

"I can tell you've been working out." Jeff commented feeling the contours of Damon's newly toned muscles.

"How so?" Damon inquired seductively.

"You are much more firm, more manly then you used to be." Jeff bit a nipple and rubbed his lover's abs causing Damon to moan wildly. "I think your six pack is about to show itself, I can feel it." Damon just smiled as Jeff slowly began kissing Damon's chest, tasting every inch. "I don't now why you let them talk to you that way."

"What way?"

"Calling you `girl' and all. There's nothing girly about this body, this chest, this magnificent chest. 

"That's just the way they talk, they don't mean it literally."

"But still..." Jeff trailed off in thought. He knew what he wanted to say, yet didn't want to insult his lover. 

"I hope so, because you're all man, I wouldn't be here if you weren't" Damon said nothing; but appreciated the attention he was getting. "Oh yeah, all man." As Jeff worked south following the treasure trail of fuzz to Damon's private region his lover slowly spread his legs. In one swift move Jeff took his entire lover into his gullet taking Damon by surprise. Teasingly, Jeff didn't stay long; and went to bite Damon's inner thighs. Damon was quite aware of what his lover wanted and spread his legs wider in anticipation. Jeff suddenly stopped and thought about what they were doing. While he enjoyed being inside his lover he knew they needed more in their relationship. Without notice he flipped both of them so that he was under his lover. Before Damon could register what was happening; Jeff had spread his legs, inviting his lover in. This maneuver confused Damon. During all their previous lovemaking Jeff had always played the role of aggressor and not shown any interest in being bottomed. 

"Just take it easy on me." Jeff said.

Damon held his position looking at his lover for a moment, and then finally smirked; before asking if Jeff was a virgin to this kind of sex.

"No," Jeff responded reluctantly. I've done it a couple times, but it wasn't my favorite thing."

"Why now?" Damon was hesitant to jump into action. So far in their relationship their unspoken roles had been set and remained constant. He didn't mind Jeff being the aggressor and somewhat preferred it that way. He knew that he was keeping his partner satisfied; and, that alone was good enough for Damon. What he craved was the feelings of want and need that he received from Jeff more then the physical satisfaction itself. 

"I just feel bad Damon," Jeff paused and looked into his lover's eyes, trying to read any emotion; while at the same time hoping to convey seriousness in his own. "I mean I thought we started off equal but now I feel like I'm taking advantage of you. I mean, ever since you let me fuck you that first time; I've needed to be in you, and never let you reciprocate. I'll be honest; my experience on the receiving end hasn't been all that pleasant; so since you seem to enjoy it, and never asked otherwise I've just kept it up."

"No, you've never asked. But then again neither have I." 

"Damn you've got a cute smile." Jeff caused Damon to blush, and his smile intensified. "You need to show these adorable little dimples more often." Jeff rubbed his thumb in small circles on Damon's right cheek. "What I want more then anything is to make you happy, and for you to love me as much as I think I love you."

Damon felt tears beginning to form in his eyes, "Oh Jeff I do; trust me, I do." Jeff smiled back as he rubbed away the tears then kissed the moisture in each of his lover's eyes and then placed another kiss on his lips. A much more subdued, loving kiss than the passion filled ones they had shared before. They both felt the emotions running high, and let it flow. 

Damon was caught off guard when his stronger partner suddenly rolled over. Damon was now face to face above Jeff. At first Damon looked down on him with confusion but soon took the hint and gave Jeff's body the full attention it deserved. The attention he so loved to provide giving every curve, every muscle a tender kiss. 

As Damon proceeded to give his lover a tongue bath he purposely avoided the genitals getting closer with every pass but teasingly steered clear of the prize. The blood was pulsing through Jeff's veins and a sheen of sweat was forming on his skin, he was thoroughly enjoying receiving what Damon was offering this far. When Jeff slowly spread his legs Damon dove in and rubbed the day's growth on his cheeks against the smooth insides of Jeff's legs. Jeff moaned with excitement and his legs unconsciously spread further. 

Damon looked down into Jeff's eyes; he wanted to look through the bright blue orbs and into Jeff's very soul. Before he went any further he wanted to make sure that it was definitely what his lover wanted. He was happy with the status quo and concerned Jeff may not be happy with their new intimacy. There was nothing Damon wanted more than to be inside his partner, to fully consummate their relationship. 

"Do it Damon, you know you want to." Jeff's eyes never Damon's as he encouraged his lover, looking into the green spheres not only inviting, but begging Damon in. Damon broke eye contact long enough to reach into the nightstand drawer for a condom. As their eyes once again locked Jeff grabbed the prophylactic from his lover. "Let me." He pleaded; Damon's smile let him know to continue. 

Jeff clinched as Damon entered for the first time, his tightening sphincter trying to fight off the invader. Jeff closed his eyes and took a deep breath, trying to relax. In the past he had considered himself strictly a top and had only allowed two other men inside of him. But this time was different; he was not a na´ve cadet being forcibly entered under the influence of drugs and alcohol. He was with the man he knew he loved, that he knew he wanted to be with. And he knew that in sharing love he needed to give himself to his lover. Damon, though was a considerate lover; and, after noticing Jeff's discomfort, took his time. As far as he was concerned they had all night and his lover's gratification was more important then a quick release. A voice in Jeff's mind told him to exhale softly and open his eyes. When he did he saw Damon staring down at him. It was not a pleading look but more one of love and desire. Jeff obeyed the voice further when it told him to relax.

Damon could feel his lover loosen up then slowly began penetrating his inner sanctum for the first time. Once Damon was fully in his lover he paused and leaned over until their lips met. With a brief exchange of sparks Jeff's arousal level went to instant full hardness, which Damon took as a sign that his lover had finally relaxed. He still took his time and brought himself to the brink of orgasm several times and slowed down to prolong the enjoyment. 

Jeff closed his eyes and let his head fall back, immersing himself in the feelings he was enjoying. He reached up and put his hands on either side of Damon's torso, feeling the muscles flex and contract as another part of Damon's anatomy made contact elsewhere. When Jeff felt Damon's cock thicken he knew what was about to happen. He opened his eyes to a feast, Damon dripping in sweat, the hairs on his chest and underarms matted and dripping.

When orgasm came it was once again simultaneous and powerful for both men. Once sated, Damon collapsed on top of his lover; the two became a melded mess of semen and perspiration as they waited for their pulses to return to normal.

They lay side by side once again staring into the other's eyes with their free hand touching his lover. "I was wrong earlier," Jeff finally broke the silence. When he saw Damon's questioning look, he continued, "I don't think I love you." Damon raised his eyebrows in question so Jeff continued, "I know I do." He reached for Damon's dimples as he smiled but before he could touch them Damon's lips were firmly planted on his.

"I think the sex between us has always been great," Jeff added. "Definitely the best I have ever had. An hour ago I wouldn't have thought it could have gotten any better. But I was wrong Damon. I think we have found a whole new dimension to our sex... Excuse me, lovemaking. And I'm looking to many many more years of the same." Damon made no comment but expressed his concurrence with an exchange of saliva.

"As much as I would like this feeling to last," Damon finally said, "it's really late. Perhaps we should shower and sleep." Jeff answered by removing himself from his lover and turning to get out of bed. 

Damon followed Jeff and joined him in the large shower stall where they took turns washing each other. 

"Got to get my bear clean," Jeff smiled as he washed Damon's chest. 

"I don't know if that's a compliment or not," Damon countered, "I thought bears were big, fat and hairy."

"You have your vision and I have mine. And my vision is what I'm looking at right now."

"Then I guess I need to cancel that waxing appointment I had for next week!" Damon joked as he ran his hand across his chest.

"Don't you dare!" They both laughed, "Do me a favor Damon."

"What's that my love?"

"Don't shave your face in the morning; I want to see you with a beard."

"I'm not sure about that Jeff; my beard grows in awful thick and doesn't look good."

"I remember you had one the night I met you," Jeff gave him a wicked smile. "I think that was the first thing about you that turned me on."

"Yeah, I remember," Damon reminisced. "That was only a couple days growth though, Jennifer hated it."

"Yeah, but you're not dating her anymore." Jeff batted his eyes and smiled. 


"I was, but I'm over it." He then gave Damon his famous pouty puppy dog eyes. "Just for tomorrow, please."

"I'll do anything for you," Damon smiled; he knew there was no way he could resist his lover. "I don't think I've seen you with one either."

"And you won't," Jeff replied, "genetics, I can't grow one. I can go a week without shaving and you're probably not going to notice much. In fact, I quit shaving when I was discharged from the Corps and hadn't in over a week when I met you."

"Must be nice."

"Depends," Jeff responded, "if it turns you on as much as it does me though you're going to be disappointed."

"You could never disappoint me." Damon batted his eyes, "In fact, lookie here," Damon rubbed his fingers at the center of Jeff's chest, in the cleft between the two well defined pecs. "I think I see a couple stray blond hairs here I've never noticed before."

"Where?" Jeff seemed excited as he looked down, "Well, I'll be damned! Where did those come from?"

"My little cub." Damon couldn't resist adding the moniker before he leaned over and placed a kiss on Jeff's chest. While he knew that his hirsute body had always been a turn on for his lover it didn't matter to him; and, in fact, enjoyed his lover being smooth and muscular. The two quickly finished and within minutes were asleep in each other's arms.

* * * * * * * * * *

When Jeff woke hours later he quietly untangled himself from Damon then slipped out of bed and headed to the toilet to perform the morning ritual. He then returned to the king size bed and took his position next to his sleeping angel. He lay on his back for a while but was unable to fall back asleep and eventually turned on his side where he could watch his lover sleep. It was seldom he was able to just look at Damon and study his face. He wanted to commit every contour to memory. He saw Damon smile which enhanced the dimples which he loved. He couldn't help but wonder what Damon was dreaming about and hoped it was about him. He felt his own penis stir thinking about the night before, and ready for a repeat performance. He was amazed that he felt no pain; it had been nearly two years since a man had been in him before and on that occasion he felt it for nearly a week. He took this as a sign that he and Damon were a perfect fit. After a while he felt Damon stirring then watched him stretch and his eyes slowly opened.

"What?" Damon couldn't help but smile, waking up to Jeff's mischievous grin.

"Do you know you snore?" 

"Do not!" Damon covered his face with his hands to cover his embarrassment.

"Do too."

"Really?" Damon kept his hands in place but opened his fingers enough to peek through with his right eye.

"Don't worry babe," Jeff pulled Damon's hands away and gave his a quick peck on the lips. "It's not an embarrassing "wake the whole house" kind of snore. More like a quiet little purr, I think it's kinda cute."

"Oh really?" 

"Yeah, just like the way your cute little dimples turn red when you get embarrassed." Damon reddened again. "Just like that!" Jeff rubbed the backs of his palms across the stubble on Damon's face and felt the excitement building in his groin...

* * * * * * * * * *

"So what do you want for breakfast?" Jeff asked while giving Damon a backrub.

"Didn't I just have it?" 

"Sure did," Jeff chuckled. "But I was thinking about something maybe a little more solid and nutritious."

"What did you have in mind?" Damon moaned.

"Dunno, you know the area better then I do, what do you suggest?"

"We can stay here and fix cold cereal, Grandma always has Cheerios in the house."

"I have that almost everyday."

"We could hit the Awful Waffle it's only a few miles away."

"The what?" Jeff laughed as he rolled Damon over to see the look on his face.

"Okay, the Waffle House." Damon laughed. "That solid and nutritious enough for you?"

"Maybe," Jeff surveyed his lover's body, "But not as good as this!" He dove and took Damon's nip in his mouth causing Damon to moan wildly. But after the intense session they just completed and the one of only a few hours prior neither were ready for another tumble. They were soon showered, dressed and ready to go.

"Hey Dame, I need you to stop at a buck chucker before the hit the restaurant." Jeff said as they were going through the gates exiting the Kenwood Estates.

"The what?" Damon laughed.

"Buck chucker... you know ATM, cash machine whatever." His lover laughed harder. "What?" Jeff had an innocent smile not sure what was so funny.

"It's just I've never heard that term before."

"Oh," Jeff laughed with his lover in understanding. "It chucks bucks doesn't it?"

"I never would have imagined I would be dating a redneck." Damon finally calmed down.

"And I never imagined myself with a preppy college boy." Jeff grabbed for Damon's hand and curled their fingers together. He was careful not to add `rich' to the title. 

Damon stopped at a Fifth Third Branch and chuckled to himself as Jeff walked to the machine. As he watched Jeff's sexy ass in tight blue jeans and solid back in a white t-shirt and the ever-present ball cap which Jeff wore backwards. Damon thought it looked silly but accepted it as Jeff's style even though it hid his blond hair. His heart skipped a beat a moment later when Jeff turned to go back the car at the full frontal view. The jeans looked even better from the front highlighting his crotch. And the upper half took Damon's breath away, Jeff's well developed chest and shoulders were clearly defined under the tight cotton. But the part that drew Damon's attention most was the way his lover's blue eyes seemed to glow. He saw the smirk on Jeff's face and watched his walk and laughed to himself thinking about how the `redneck' title could be so fitting; and he loved it! He knew that as mismatched a couple as he and Jeff were they were a perfect fit. He did not want to lose this man and would do anything for him. .

The two men didn't seem too out of place together at the small restaurant filled with patrons who had more in common with Jeff's past than Damon's. Both studied the menu before finally ordering a hearty meal.

"Man, I can't believe that I've missed church like three weeks in a row now." Jeff commented more to himself as he watched a family at one of the few tables in the establishment dressed as if they had just come from service somewhere.

"And see, you're still sitting here, no lightning yet!" Damon joked.

"Very funny, you don't see me making fun of any of your beliefs do you?"

"Um, no. Jeff I'm sorry that comment was out of line."

Jeff contemplated for a few moments. "No, that's okay. I just hope Mom doesn't call anytime soon." Jeff held his head down.

"Maybe Jen will answer and cover for you." Damon didn't know what else to say and hoped to lighten the mood.

"Yeah," Jeff smiled. "She was always much better at lying to mother than I was. Man she would never get caught and I would end up with a mouthful of soap."

"No way!" Damon laughed. "Did your parents really do that?"

"Oh hell yeah." Jeff confirmed. "Mom did at least, Dad on the other hand liked whipping. Damn, did that hurt!" Jeff could feel his rear stinging just thinking about it.

"So my Jeffy was a bad little boy? I've never heard about this, maybe I should have a talk with your sister."

"Don't you dare!" Jeff laughed; "Jennifer knows too many stories about me."

"Aha, I should have known where to go for the gossip."

"And that's not fair; I've got no one to talk to about you."

"No, not anymore." Damon suddenly became still and solemn lost in thought. If Jeff noticed he chose not to ask or comment since that was the moment the waitress delivered their breakfast. Conversation remained light while both men devoured their food. Jeff paid the check and left a generous tip before they left.

"Was that a mall I saw up the street?" Jeff asked as they were walking back to the car.

"Two actually."

"Cool, can we go to one of them?" 

"You?" Damon seemed shocked knowing how Jeff was not a shopper.

"I want to look for something." 

Without further question Damon drove to the Oxmoor Center Mall. He checked the clock on the dashboard and knew the mall had just opened. In the mall they looked at nothing in particular as they made their way though. Damon just shook his head when Jeff stopped in a sporting goods store and purchased a UK ball cap. But he also made a mental note of something to buy for Jeff when a gift was needed. All was going well until Damon suddenly stopped, Jeff walked another few feet before he turned around to see what the problem was. He followed Damon's line of sight to see him staring at Patterson Jewelers. 

"Something wrong Dame?" Jeff asked in earnest seeing his lover's eyes watering up.

"No... nothing..." Damon lied. He and Jeff had been through enough in the last 24 hours and more to put their relationship to the test. There's no need to dig up this skeleton, Shawn was gone, he had Jeff now and this was one part of his past he decided to keep private, for now. 

"That's where I wanted to go!" Jeff showed some excitement as he walked towards the jewelry store. But wondered why Damon didn't follow.

"You go ahead Jeff, I, um, need to use the restroom."

"You sure?" Now Jeff was concerned but didn't know how to approach the subject. When Damon turned to walk away Jeff called after him, "See you in a bit." Damon turned and gave him a quick smile but otherwise kept walking.

Inside the store Jeff slowly looked around, he knew what he wanted but wasn't sure if they would have it. After all it looked like it was probably a little more upscale than he could normally afford. When a young lady clerk approached him he explained and she took him right to what he had been wanting. 

After measuring off what they agreed would be the correct amount she boxed his purchase. He debated a little as he pulled the new Visa card out of his billfold. When he was pre-approved he almost declined the card but knew that it would be nice to have in an emergency. He tapped it against his hand a few times thinking about it. He did still have the cash in his savings account to cover it, but didn't want to run his reserves down too fast. He really did want to do something nice for Damon though; so this could be considered an emergency. At last he handed the plastic card to the clerk. 

"This isn't being accepted Mr. Schultz." She said after swiping the card a couple times.

"It can't be declined it's new, I've not even used it yet."

"Shawn I'm having problems here," she said to a man roughly Jeff's age that entered from the back room. Jeff noticed the man seemed to check him out before turning his attention to the cashier.

"What's the problem Kimberly?"

"This error message." Kimberly pointed to the screen which Shawn scanned only moments before he looked back to Jeff then took the card from Kimberly.

"It's not a normal decline message... aha, have you activated it yet?"

"Have I what?"

The store manager explained to Jeff that for fraud prevention all cards needed to be activated, usually call an 800 number from your home phone. The manager had informed Kimberly he had some paperwork to attend to and that she should call in him the office if he was needed, but it probably wouldn't be busy for a couple hours. With this being Jeff's first credit card he had no idea but followed the advice and called the number on the card. A few minutes later, and some personal questions answered; he was disconnected from customer service; and was able to pay for his purchases. 

Jeff was surprised that in all that time Damon had not returned and went up the mall in search of his lover. They practically ran into each other as Damon was walking out of the Disney Store.

"There you are," Damon acted surprised.

"I've been in the jewelry store, you didn't come back?"

Damon hesitated, "I looked in and didn't see you." Jeff knew there was no way since he stood at the counter the whole time which was in plain view of the door. Since Damon had the excuse to leave before that Jeff could only assume that for some reason Damon did not want to go into that store. He was curious but decided not to prod his lover. After the night they had he wanted to prove that he was not the jealous type; and that was a one time occurrence. Plus it would defeat the purpose of his going into the store himself.

"I'm here now!" Jeff batted his eyebrows and smiled then noticed a bench not too far away. "Come here," he motioned Damon to follow. Once they were seated he opened the bag from the jewelry store and presented two gold chain necklaces. "One for you and one for me!" 

Damon didn't know what to say. He could tell the jewelry was not Patterson's top of the line but still probably cost more then Jeff could really afford. Damon knew that while he didn't have to worry about money; Jeff did, and this was cause for concern. He had no idea how much Jeff had saved up yet from his summer job and hoped his lover was conservative enough to make it last
On the other hand he didn't want to ruin the gesture his man had just made to him. He knew that this token of sentiment was not the normal Jeff, the Jeff he had met and grown to know. What was changing in his lover? Was that it? Was he really in love?

"Oh Jeff, they're wonderful!" Damon finally said eyeing the matching chains. 

"I noticed this morning you weren't wearing any jewelry; and thought this would be perfect. It's not a ring; but," Jeff winked, "in time maybe we can do one of those." He noticed tears again and thought about how emotional Damon had become lately. "Here let me put it on you." 

After Jeff had securely clasped the necklace on Damon; his lover did the same to him with the other. They looked at each other momentarily before Damon grabbed hold of Jeff and gave him a hug and a kiss right there in the middle of the mall.

"I love you Jeff Schultz, thank you." 

"And I love you too Damon Jung, and hope I always will." 

A couple teenagers gave them a look, as they walked by. Jeff just grimaced and flexed his shoulders. "Get your own boyfriend." They started walking faster, and were soon out of sight.

* * * * * * * * * *

When they returned to the house; Damon suggested they wash the bed sheets and clean the kitchen before they left. While the sheets were in the wash; it was Jeff who decided it was time to strip and jump into the pool with Damon jumping after him. 

"Should we be wearing these in the pool?" Jeff asked referring to their new necklaces.

"Possibly not, but I don't think I'm ever taking it off." Damon grabbed and kissed Jeff before squeezing a nip and quickly swimming off. The two enjoyed more horseplay in the pool for a couple hours.

It had been Damon's intention to leave early in order to be back on campus with plenty of time to study. Needless to say they lost track of time and it was well into the afternoon before they pulled themselves from the pool and cleaned up. Damon made sure to have all the pool's settings back to where they were and took a couple of minutes to clean the skimmers. Inside they made the bed with the clean sheets and placed all dishes back in the appropriate cabinets.

"Aren't you going to leave like a tip or something?" Jeff asked when Damon wrote a thank you note to Elaine for the pot roast.

"No, that would be insulting; I don't like to think of Elaine as `help' or anything like that. I'll leave her a thank you note and know she will appreciate that even more." Damon knew that bringing over the food was not part of her normal job and something she did out of the kindness of her heart. 

Before Damon left town he stopped at a mini-mart to top off the gas tank. Jeff shook his head listening to his mate complain about the recent increase in gas prices. He knew that Damon was good for it and just putting on a show. While Damon was pumping he decided to head into the store saying he was buying drinks and snacks for the highway. While waiting in line behind a woman monopolizing the clerk's time with lottery tickets Jeff noticed a counter display of Altoids. He remembered a story he had heard a couple years back from a Marine buddy about the mint and something his girlfriend had done. Jeff got a devilish thought as he grabbed a tin from the display. After paying for his merchandise he quickly hid the mints in his pocket.

Damon had finished fueling and adding the receipt to others in his billfold while he waited for Jeff`s return. Before they even left the parking lot Damon could tell that his partner was antsy and knew something was up. But when he asked; all Jeff would do was smile, and say "You'll see."

Once they were across the Ohio River Bridge and back in Indiana traffic began to ease up Damon set the cruise control and relaxed back taking Jeff's hand in his. Conversation had been light driving through the city while Jeff watched the passing scenery taking in the new sights. After they were out of the city Jeff ejected the Rob Thomas CD Damon had been listening to and changed to FM radio and began scanning for his type of music.

"You need satellite radio."

"Why would I want that?" Damon asked.

"Because it's cool!" Damon smiled to himself; he loved listening to Jeff when he was enthused about something. "Besides, then you would always have the same stations and know how to find them... There!" Jeff turned up Toby Keith and sat back happy with the station he had found.

"But isn't there a monthly fee or something?" 

"Yeah, but it's worth it. One of my buddies in the Corps had it, it was so cool." 

"I'll have to check that out." Damon gave the non committal response but knew he probably wouldn't since he saw no practical need.

As Jeff clapped his thigh to the honky tonk beat he felt the tin containing the mints and got an idea. He was going to wait until they got home but even though it wasn't completely dark out; the tinted windows in the Jetta should provide just enough privacy for what he wanted to do. He popped one in his mouth and offered one to Damon who politely refused. Jeff sucked on the mint and swished it around his mouth feeling the tingling coolness throughout his oral cavity while he worked to build the nerve.

Damon had never been a fan of country music but with Jeff tapping his foot he had to admit to himself he could learn to like the genre. When he took a peek at Jeff he noticed his lover had his fingers on the gold chain hanging from his neck. Damon unconscientiously reached up and touched his own then felt a moment of pride thinking how it came from Jeff; but, also, a touch of sorrow, thinking about where it was purchased. 

When Jeff heard Josh Gracin's voice on the radio singing, "I got nothin' to lose" he figured it was as good a time as any. He lifted the arm rest that separated himself from Damon drawing no protest from his partner. When he grabbed Damon's crotch and began kneading through the fabric Damon moaned and leaned back. Any apprehension Jeff had left, when he realized his lover was ready. Jeff put another mint in his mouth then moved onto the next phase. Damon didn't question or resist when Jeff lowered the zipper on the khaki shorts then reached in and grabbed Damon's thickening cock. With Jeff rubbing at the foreskin it didn't take Damon long to achieve full hardness.

"What'cha gonna do now big boy?" Damon encouraged.

"Who ya callin big?" Jeff seductively responded as he grabbed full hold of Damon and gently but tightly rubbed his hand up and down the shaft. "I think I've got a big one here." Damon said nothing else while watching the road but moaned his appreciation. Jeff then moved around in his seat, realizing he would need to be a bit of a contortionist to get into position. 

"Oh, my!"

"Ever done this before?" 

"No, can't say that I have." 

"Just all kinds of new experiences for us this weekend, huh?" 

Damon just moaned his acknowledgment as Jeff stuck out his tongue and began licking the exposed tip of Damon's glans. When Jeff took him in; Damon could immediately feel the strong mint, which sent waves of sensational feelings into his organ and almost at once up and down his whole body. 

"Oh God yeah! What the hell are you doing Jeff?" But when Jeff started to tell him Damon pushed him back down. "NO! Don't stop!" Jeff eagerly continued. Between the mints and Jeff's talented tongue it didn't take long for Damon to get to the edge of orgasm. Just as he was at the threshold Jeff moved and his back hit the gear selector.

With the car in neutral the engine revved up trying to maintain the speed set on the cruise control. The engine revved, the tachometer showing the revolutions per minute in the red zone. 
"Shit!" Damon yelled going instantly limp.

"What?" Jeff sprang up to his normal sitting position looking to see what was happening.

Damon pressed the button to disengage the cruise just as they heard a POP from the engine compartment and a red light lit on the dashboard accompanied by a buzz. Damon frantically tried to slow the engine but in the anxiety of the moment didn't think to press the brake pedal in order to release the gear selector in order to put it back into drive until he went to slow down.

Once they were safely stopped on the shoulder they both could feel the beads of nervous sweat emanating from their pores as they tried to re-orient themselves while they tried to remember what happened.

Jeff immediately went into action, "pop the hood," he ordered as he opened the passenger door. Nervously Damon pulled the release then joined his lover looking under the hood of the car as traffic continued to wisk by at seventy miles an hour. 

"What happened?" Damon nervously asked.

"Fan belt," Jeff replied then added, "I think" almost to himself.

"How bad is it?" Damon looked for the part in question not really sure of its location.

"Not sure," Jeff looked around but was having difficulty in the twilight finding what he was looking for. "Do you have a flashlight?"

"I think so," Damon went to an emergency took kit his father had insisted he keep in the trunk at all times and quickly found a battery powered light and returned to his boyfriend.

Jeff took the light and aimed it first in the engine compartment, then under the car looking for any remnants. He looked out onto the roadway but realized between the traffic and the fact they had probably driven a good quarter mile after the breakage finding the rogue belt would be futile. And if it was broken it would be useless anyway. "It's gone," he finally announced.


"I guess when the engine revved the belt must have broken under the stress." Jeff deduced. He wanted to add that the belt was probably ready to be replaced; and wanted to ask Damon why he didn't maintain his car better, but knew it was not the time for an argument. 

"Now what?" Damon nervously rubbed his palms on his shorts. "How are we going to get home? What am I going to do about this hunk of junk, man I wanted to wait another year before I bought a new car."

"Calm down Damon, it's not that bad." 

"That's easy for you to say, it's not like it was your Jeep or anything."

"We need to call for help, won't your Dad come?"

Suddenly Damon looked at Jeff and began laughing hysterically. "What?" Jeff tried not to sound perturbed at Damon's sudden emotional outburst.

"How do we call?" Damon asked. Jeff realized his lover's point. "And to think, just yesterday my dad asked if I wanted a cell phone and I told him I didn't see the need." Damon took the attitude that if he had a phone he would probably use it, too much. And that it would cut into study time. As far as he was concerned anyone who needed to get hold of him could through the fraternity house, or at Jeff's apartment. 

"Good point," Jeff chuckled hoping showing a good mood would put Damon in better spirits. He couldn't help but wonder how Damon could be smart enough to have it yet so helpless at the same time. "I tell you what." He took another look under the hood but didn't see anything damaged. He then sat behind the wheel and turned the key, the engine turned over immediately. He looked at the gages as Damon walked to his side.

"No belt means no alternator and no air conditioner. But there's enough juice to at least run the engine and headlights. Your battery looks fairly new," Damon shook his head in confirmation. "We should have a few miles that we can drive on battery power."

"And then what?" Damon asked sarcastically. 

"If we just make it to the next exit at least we're not stranded on the side of the highway. Then at least we can find a payphone and possibly buy a belt and maybe with the tools you have we can get is changed."

"Sounds like a plan." It made Jeff feel good to see the smile on Damon's face. He just left out the bad news: At that time on a Sunday evening their chances of finding a belt to fit the Volkswagen were slim at best. 

"No, you drive." Damon urged as Jeff started to get up, and went around to the passenger's side himself. Jeff realized that as tense as Damon was this was probably best. Not wanting to waste any time, using valuable battery strength, he immediately hit the road. He turned off everything he could think of that used power. He had reservations about the windows. With them up it would start to get warm in the car. Yet, it would consume battery power to lower them, and the drag would put extra strain on the engine. Ten miles up the road though it was Damon who suggested taking them down. 

Damon remained silent yet gripped Jeff's hand as they made their way up the interstate. Jeff passed several exits that were desolate enough that he knew no amenities they needed would be there. But with every mile and the car running fine he became more confident that all would work out. He kept an eye on the dashboard looking for any signs of trouble. While the alternator light continued to burn there were no other alerts even though as the miles went by he could tell the lights were becoming gradually weaker. He carefully gauged how quickly the power was being consumed with the mileage signs to their exit and decided to chance it. 

Jeff nervously navigated through town hoping to avoid any legal entanglements before they reached his apartment. At least there they could sleep in their own bed; and in the morning Jeff could work on the car with his own tools. As the car pulled to a stop next to Brian's Mustang the lights were barely noticeable, and the temperature needle was bordering overheating.

"Come on up Damon, we're home." His lover breathed a sigh of relief as he got out of the car. Both couldn't help but laugh as Jeff pressed the button on the fob to lock the doors and nothing happened.

"What's up with you?" Jen asked concerned as they went through the door. She and Brian were cuddling on the couch and could see that Jeff and Damon had gone through hell.

"Just a sec," Jeff poured some drinks for Damon and himself then they sat and relayed their trip to the others. Of course, they left out the juicy part.

While Jennifer was concerned over the seriousness Brian couldn't help but laugh thinking about it. Both though showed genuine concern that both men came out of the incident unscathed. It was decided that Damon would spend the night (after much arm twisting of course) and both guys would skip at least their morning class; and, soon after, all four were saying their goodnights.

* * * * * * * * * *

The boys woke in Jeff's bed; and after a morning kiss and a mutual grope they fell next to each other. Neither really wanted to get out of bed that morning. 

"So where are they?" Damon asked as he ran his fingers through Jeff's hair.

"What?" Jeff asked innocently.

"Whatever it was you had in your mouth in the car yesterday."

"Oh, that!" Jeff gave Damon his devilish grin. He reached over the side of the bed and found the jeans he had on the day before. His billfold was still in one pocket and the mints in another. "Here," after taking one himself he handed the tin to his lover and then laughs watching Damon's eyes as he pops one into his own mouth. "They're a little strong."

"So I noticed." While the sensation was at it's strongest he decided to exercise his oral talents on his lover. Jeff immediately howled in appreciation, while he had heard about the mint trick this was the first time he had had it used on him. As they are coming down from their sexual high they distinctly heard Jennifer's moans coming from the room next door and her cries as Brian did his magic. 

"Sounds like your sister got hers as well."

"No doubt, I didn't know she had it in her."

"Oh I think from the sound of it I definitely think it was IN her."

"You are sooooooo bad my dear." Jeff couldn't help but laugh.

"So it really doesn't bother you, you know, I mean the whole protective brother thing."

"She's free, white, and twenty one and can do what or who she pleases."

"What a loving brother." 

Jeff couldn't tell if Damon was being serious or sarcastic but decided to go with the flow. "But on the other hand if he hurts her I will fuck him up big time."

Damon decided to leave it at that, as thoughts returned to his car. When they heard the shower start they dressed and went to the kitchen. While Damon pulled the phone book to find a fan belt; Jeff started coffee and fixed their breakfast of Cheerios and English muffins.

"Was it a full moon or something?" Brian asked when he walked in the room minutes later.

"Huh?" Jeff asked while Damon gave him a blank stare. Both thought their straight friend was referring to the accident the night before.

"I could have sworn I heard a wolf howling at the moon just a while ago." As Brian grinned Jeff and Damon looked at each other when they realized his reference and laughed.

"Behind closed doors my friend," Jeff said, "besides, I'm sure you know what we heard."

"Oh, yeah." Brian blushed and dropped the subject before Jennifer joined them.

* * * * * * * * * *

Damon had already decided to skip his morning class in order to get the car fixed. He considered the accident a blessing in disguise since he hadn't finished his studying for the day's class. Hearing this; Jeff opted to skip as well to help. It only took a couple phone calls to find the right belt at what Damon considered a reasonable price. They took the Jeep to get the belt and Jeff used his tools to do the work himself. Well before noon the car was up and running like new. Jeff was going to skip his noon class; but, Damon talked him out of it; then took advantage of the time, before his afternoon class started, to study. He went to the fraternity house long enough to take a shower and change clothes; then grabbed his books and went to the library. 

After a while his bladder was calling for a release. As he was about to open the restroom door he is practically ran over by Rodney Taylor. Damon was surprised that his fraternity brother was in such a hurry he didn't even notice Damon. Damon shrugged it off and went on in. While at the urinal, he realized someone was watching him through a hole in the stall wall. He had heard rumors of things happening in that restroom but had never been interested in finding out himself. 
When he saw a finger in the hole, he decided to `tease', and after shaking the last of the urine, he held onto himself a little longer then necessary, then squeezed the foreskin before giving it a couple of quick strokes. Then, before he accidentally excited himself, quickly put it away, zipped and left. While he's back at his table studying; it hit him: Rodney must have had the same thing happen to him! He knew from the showers that Rodney had enough to make any size queen drool. The question was, was Rodney running because he was propositioned and wanted to get away. Or because he was `finished' and wanted to make an escape before anyone saw him and realized what he may have done? Damon decided to file the event away for future reference.

* * * * * * * * * *

After class that afternoon, all four met up at the apartment. Brian and Jennifer had fixed lasagna the day before while Jeff and Damon were in Louisville and there were plenty of leftovers for the group. They took seats at what was becoming their normal spot with Damon and Jennifer at the kitchen table and Brian and Jeff on the living room sofa watching football. 

"YES!" Jeff and Brian yelled at the same time. Jennifer and Damon looked up in time to see their significant other's high five then bump knuckles. The two in the kitchen looked at each other, rolled their eyes while shaking their heads then laughed. While Jennifer was happy that her brother and boyfriend were fast becoming good friends Damon was amused by the ritualistic male bonding. He had been a football fan and raised in a football house but never could understand the fervor some men demonstrated. This continued during the game either cheering or booing. Both Damon and Jennifer were grateful their men were for the same team!

"No... no... no... STOP HIM DAMNIT!" Jeff jumped up and yelled at the TV. The announcer could be heard calling a touchdown that was scored for the other team. 

"Aww Man." Both Jeff and Brian said.

"I bet your Dad's happy about that." Jeff called over to his lover. Damon smiled knowing that the team his partner was rooting for was playing against one of his dad's favorites. 

"I'm willing to bet right now he's cheering and annoying my mother." Damon smiled remembering his experiences with his parents while growing up. His mother had not been a sports fan going into the marriage but in order to support her husband; would at least sit and watch with him. She used to say she could get into football by thinking of it as a bunch of hot men wearing tights jumping on each other. Soon she was looking through Sports Illustrated. She said it was for the `articles and stats' but her husband knew it was no more for the article then it was for his subscription to `Playboy' but never said anything. She soon began to associate the `cute players' with teams and then got into the game.

"What's the number up there?" Jeff asked grabbing the phone. Hesitantly Damon recited the digits that had made up his family's phone number since he was a small child.

Damon watched nervously as Jeff dialed the numbers then placed the receiver to his ear.

Meanwhile at the home of Damon's parents...

Stephen Jung had just taken a drink from his beer when the phone rang. He was closest to the cordless handset on the end table next to him and looked at the caller ID.

"Dear do we know a Wayne Schultz?" He asked his wife.

"Not that I'm aware of, is it local?"

"No." Stephen was about to put the phone down and let the call go to the answering machine when he noticed the area code was from the city where his son went to college. "Hello?" he said into the receiver. Moments later Lisa was startled by the biggest belly laugh she had heard from her husband in years.

Back at the apartment...

Jeff waited patiently hearing the ringing at the other end. As soon as he heard the voice he recognized as belonging to his lover's father he loudly said: "DILLMAN SUCKS." Then hung up the phone.

"What the hell was that about?" Brian asked, Jennifer was stunned and Damon was speechless. He couldn't believe that someone, especially Jeff would do that to his father. He only hoped his dad wasn't too mad. Less then a minute later when the phone rang he had a feeling he was about to find out.

"Do you want to know what he sucks?" Jeff answered the phone knowing, or at least hoping who it would be. The whole room could hear the laughing coming from the other end putting Damon at ease.

"You wish gay boy." Stephen said to Jeff. 

"Don't be getting personal on me now dad," Jeff said bringing another laugh although not as loud.

Jeff and Stephen exchange a few more jabs before Stephen asks, "let me speak to my faggot son." The term pissed Jeff off, but he says nothing as he hands the phone to Damon. 

From the look Damon received as his lover handed him the phone he was afraid to speak to his father but the mood soon changed. "Your boyfriend is alright!" A quick smile from Damon puts Jeff at ease.

* * * * * * * *

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