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This is a continuation of my story "Welcome to the Family" I would recommend you read it first to know the characters and their backgrounds.

Closets are for Clothes
by Jacob Adams  (

Chapter 9

Jeff easily dribbled the ball around the lanky freshman then passed it to a waiting Damon who then jumped and easily made the basket, scoring points for his team.  At first Jeff had been reluctant to play.  It had been quite some time since he had been on a court.   Basketball had never been his favorite and he didn't consider himself any good, much preferring football as his sport of choice.  But all it took was Damon's smile and a "come on, it'll be fun!" when a couple friends asked them to play and he quickly gave in.  Soon more guys joined and the friendly game of two on two became four on four with eight sweaty guys having fun enjoying some friendly competition.  While they dribbled and jumped their way back and forth on the hot September asphalt an audience made up of several young women filtered in and took seats on a nearby picnic table. They enjoyed the shade of a mature oak tree, one of the trademarks of the old campus, and began cheering for their man of choice.

Damon's speed and taller leaner frame was a perfect compliment to Jeff's smaller and more muscular body.  Tom and Al ex, their `skins' teammates spent more time blocking as Jeff easily took the ball and passed to his partner who seemed to never miss the basket.  Together they made a great team and had no problem beating their shirted competition.

"Great game dude," Tom and Damon bumped knuckles while Jeff and Al ex high fived at the end of the friendly game.  Al l eight young men pledged another game at another time before going their separate ways. 

When a few began to mingle with the group of young women Jeff and Damon grabbed their t-shirts and made a quick exit.  They threw the garments over their shoulders.  Neither of them wanted the cotton on their wet sticky body until after a hot shower.  

To the casual observer they were just a couple guys discussing the game they had just played.  But with closer observation one would notice they were walking closer then the average buddies would be, and would occasionally, accidentally bump into each other. But as they walked up the path from the sports complex, past the chapel then headed towards the Eastern edge of campus they were discussing how they might spend their evening.  They sprinted across the busy street that separated the campus from the old neighborhood.  They all but held hands as they walked up the side street.  The sounds of the busy street had begun to fade when they reached the apartment that Jeff shared with his sister.  But it was just as often inhabited by Damon and her Jennifer's boyfriend, Brian.

They entered the door that had been carved into what at one time had been a single family Victorian home.  Jeff already had his keys out as he climbed the stairs.  Damon was close behind; and smiled, taking in the sight of his boyfriend's posterior.

"Ouch, what was that for?" Jeff yelped and slightly jumped, being caught off guard, as he was snapped in the leg by Damon's sweat soaked t-shirt.

"Just for being so hot and so wonderful."  There was no way Jeff could be mad and smiled at his partner as he unlocked one of the doors at the top of the stairs.

"Oh how sweet," Jennifer had heard the last comment and now made a gagging motion directed towards her older brother.  Over the last couple weeks she had decided to accept him and his sexuality for what it was.  And, most of all; that he was now dating her ex-boyfriend whom she was quickly becoming platonic friends with.  Throw her boyfriend, Brian, who happened to be Damon's fraternity brother and roommate, into the mix; and you have a family that while unconventional was slowly becoming a cohesive unit.

Brian had also heard the comment, but, chose to ignore it the same way he would have had it been his sister's girlfriend saying it to her.  "Hey guys, wanna go out to dinner with Jen and me tonight?" Brian seemed in an extra cheerful mood when Jeff and Damon entered the apartment. 

"What's the occasion?" Jeff asked with suspicion as he wiped some sweat from his brow with the sweat soaked t-shirt that had been draped over his shoulder.


"It's our four month anniversary," Jen answered as Brian put his arms around her waist from behind and placed a kiss in the nape of her neck.

"Um, wouldn't it be more romantic if it was just the two of you?" Damon asked apprehensively; then traded a puzzled glance with his partner.

"Yes," Jen agreed leaning back on Brian who had nestled his head next to hers, "But we'd really like you guys along, we've never gone out the four of us.  And besides, you've been together for about as long."

"So you mean like a double date?" Jeff asked.  He and Damon looked at each other, neither wanting to make a commitment unless he was sure the other agreed.  Jeff raised his eyebrows as if to say "It's up to you." And Damon's eyes said, "Whatever you want."

"Come on guys," Brian coaxed, "my treat!"

Jeff raised his brows hearing this, never being one to give up a free meal he quickly agreed for both of them, with Damon nodding in concurrence.  They still hadn't made final plans; and he couldn't care less as long as he was with Jeff.

"Great! How's Red Lobster sound?" Brian reached into his pocket for his keys as he smacked his lips. 

"Um, how about somewhere else," Jeff responded timidly remembering a conversation from over the summer.  "Damon's not a big fan of seafood?"  During once of their many phone conversations they had discussed likes and dislikes.  While Jeff had no problems with Brian's choice he knew his partner may not find the menu as appetizing.

"How can that be?" Brian inquired followed by a nod from Jen, "Mister World Traveler doesn't eat seafood? I thought that was a prerequisite?"

"It used to be, but then in the nineties we had the policy changed." Damon replied sarcastically.  "I just can't help but not get a little queasy thinking about a lobster being genetically close to a cockroach."

"Ewww," Jennifer grimaced, "Okay, how about Outback then?"

"That we can do!" Jeff licked his lips thinking about a thick juicy steak, Damon readily agreed. 

Brian and Jennifer were both dressed and ready to leave.  Brian seemed disappointed that the others needed to shower and clean up.  But while he didn't think anything about the sweaty young men Jennifer was secretly trying not to smell them while they were in the room.  But that didn't stop her from stealing a few glances at the scantily clad Damon.


It took only a short time for them to clean up, shower and dress.  They showered together but kept their activity to a kiss, albeit a long one, in order to rejoin the others.  Sunday wasn't the busiest day of the week but they still had a short wait before they were seated in a side booth. They all sat quietly while they scanned the menu, each entree looking better then the last.  Jennifer was still not used to restaurants since her small hometown only had a few, most of which were locally owned ma and pa establishments.  Once Damon made his choice he made a mental note to slip Brian some cash.  His friend had said it would be his treat but Damon couldn't do that.


Their waiter arrived promptly and after advising of the night's specials took their drink order. Both Jeff and Brian ordered a beer with Jeff getting slightly annoyed at being carded.  Jennifer ordered a Diet Pepsi and Damon a sweet tea.


"Did you just call me sweetie?" The waiter furrowed his brow in an attempt to sound gruff.  He intended his remark to be witty but by the stale delivery one could easily tell it was a canned line, which he evidently used frequently.

Damon kept his focus on the menu, "That depends, did you want me to?" He looked up at the waiter and winked following the deadpan response.  The server was clearly not used to such a comeback to his gag and hastily retreated with a blush.

"I can't believe you did that!" Jeff playfully smacked Damon while the others chuckled in agreement.  "What if he thought you was serious?"

"I dunno," Damon, paused while he thought about it, "he was kinda cute wasn't he?"

"Uh Oh!" Brian and Jen laughed at the banter. 

"Fine." Jeff folded his arms and feigned a pout.

"Oh don't worry dear," Damon leaned and gave is partner a public kiss. "He's straight."

"And what makes you so sure?" Jeff raised an eyebrow.

"Pa-leese," Damon rolled his eyes, "your gaydar must be broke."

The repartee was broken when the waiter soon returned with their drinks so they could make a decision on their meals.  Conversation remained light while they waited for their dinner.  Damon noticed that Jeff seemed preoccupied and not participating in the discussion.  He followed Jeff's line of sight to a booth catty-cornered from they were sitting and the couple that was sitting there.  But what really surprised Damon was the well-endowed female that seemed to have his boyfriend mesmerized. 

"Ouch, what was that for?" Jeff complained after a playful whack from Damon.

"Turning on me?"

"Huh?"  By this time Brian had looked over to the other table to see what had grabbed his friends' attention.

"I saw what you were gawking at." Damon tried to sound hurt.

"Hey, I may be gay but can still respect a good rack!"

"Dude!" Brian held up his hand for a high five.  "She does have a nice set of fun bags!" Jeff returned the slap followed by bumping knuckles.

"And just what is so respectful ogling like that?" Jen wanted to know. 

"Yeah?" Damon followed still flabbergasted at the revelation by his boyfriend.


Jeff knowing he was busted chose to remain silent but his red face spoke for him.  Jennifer wanted to get on a soapbox and bitch about sexism but realized she was probably just as guilty.  Especially since only an hour before she had secretly wished Damon was straight, and still had the mental image of his nearly naked body.  And besides, she knew her ranting would be lost with all the testosterone flowing around the table. 

"OH," Jeff directed to Damon excitedly succeeding in his attempt to change the subject. "I heard from Dylan today!"

"Really, already looking for my replacement?  But will it be for another guy or some busty bimbo?"

Brian was slapped when he responded; "I'll take the bimbo if you don't."

He was about to give a witty reply when the whole table heard; "did you just call me sweetie?" from a couple tables away.  They all looked at each other and as much as they wanted to they couldn't hold back the laughter.

"Who's Dylan?" Jennifer asked after it calmed back down.

Damon clued-up Brian and Jennifer on that part of his and Jeff's trip the weekend before.  Brian vaguely recalled the name of the former football player and the situation regarding his resignation but Jennifer could care less. 

When their salad came Brian smirked to himself noticing Damon take the cherry tomatoes from Jeff's plate without asking.  He would like to have known if it was because Damon wanted them, or because he already knew that Jeff didn't; and probably wouldn't have eaten them anyway.  During the rest of the meal he observed the body language and unspoken words between his friends.  The way they smiled when they stole glances at each other made him feel good if not a little jealous.  He knew they had something between them that he and Jennifer were only beginning to build.  He only hoped that one day they could be as in-tune with each other.  He knew it was his problem and that she adored him.  But his knowing her past; he wasn't totally sure he could in return.  She still speaks of her old boyfriend back home, leading him to wonder if she would rather be in California with him.  And even though they later discovered he was gay, Brian couldn't get past the fact that she left Damon for him. And wonder if down the road she may decide to leave him for someone else.  When he squeezed her hand under the table; Jennifer, unaware of his thoughts, took it as a sign of devotion and smiled at her boyfriend.

As expected; Brian refused Damon's offer, as he handed his credit card to the waiter.  Damon did drop some of the cash on the table for a tip, which Brian allowed. 

"What's next?" Jennifer asked as they crossed the lot to Brian's car.

"How about a game of pool?" Jeff suggested.  Damon and Brian looked at each other and laughed, remembering how bad they both were.  While Jeff had his mind on hitting the club to see if perhaps Michelle and Cindy were there; neither Brian or Damon thought the time was right to expose Jennifer to the gay bar scene.  Damon and Jeff had been there both Friday and Saturday and Damon was barred out, He hoped to spend the evening with Jeff... alone.

"We do have a pool table at the frat house ya know," Brian reminds the others.

At the house Brian and Jennifer headed off to the corner and sat on the couch while Damon and Jeff watched a couple of the other guys at the pool table and chat with others before the table became free.  Jeff suggested doubles, but another, aware of Damon's reputation, laughed before saying he would play Jeff, one on one.  Damon relieved, moved away from the table and chose to stand with a couple friends while they watched the game from a distance.  Damon still chose to remain in the closet to his fraternity brothers. 

"Hey DJ where've you been?  Not seen you around too much this semester?" Bobby commented.

Damon decided it wasn't worth correcting his name. "Wouldn't you like to know?" he said with sly smile.

"So Jung, who's the dog you're dating?"  Rodney called out.

"Huh?"  Damon was caught off guard.

"I just reckon that since you're seldom here you're seeing some dog you're ashamed of." Rodney continued."

"I hear he's dating some hot blond babe off campus," Jim Harris added.  Damon chose not to comment and let them draw their own conclusions.  As Jeff looked up from the table towards Damon their eyes met.  Nothing was said but they shared a quick understanding smile.   An action that none of the others noticed...  Or so they thought.

"Come on bro," Rodney said. "We have a reputation to live up to, ya gonna have to bring her around."

"He's got to be taking her somewhere."  Mark Kohl commented.

"Probably the library rest room." At that comment the whole room turned to the speaker in question.

"There's a large hole between the stalls in the third floor restroom, behind the periodicals in the library."

"And your point is?" A naive freshman asked.

"Rumor has is you can stick your dick through it and a fag will give you a blow job."

The reaction from the group ranged from gasps to laughs.  With the recent incident still fresh in his mind Damon casually looked towards Rodney who remained uncharacteristically quiet during the exchange.  Damon thought that to be strange considering Rodney's history of homophobic rhetoric.  Damon became more curious as to what happened that evening in the restroom.  Especially after Rodney jumped out of his seat and left the building a few minutes later.

The friendly banter between the fraternity brothers continued for some time before Damon noticed Brian and Jennifer were missing.  Discreetly, he left the commons.  He first went to his and Brian's bedroom where he quietly opened the door so as to not disturb his roommate and his girlfriend should they be busy.  Not that he cared what was happening; as much as to see if they were there.  When he found it to be empty, he then looked onto the parking lot to find Brian's car missing.  He smiled to himself knowing where they were, and just what he could do.  It wasn't as if they needed privacy.  It was nothing unusual for them to sneak into Jennifer's room while all of them were in the apartment.  The commons was mainly empty when he returned.  The pool table sat unused and Jeff was holding a beer and chatting with Al ex about the game earlier in the day. 

Jeff caught Damon's tactful gesture then quickly ended the conversation in order to follow his boyfriend up the stairs to his bedroom.  Once in the room Damon quickly locked the door and grabbed Jeff, pulling them together in an embrace before covering him with kisses.

"What's this for?" The beefy ex-Marine asked his boyfriend.

"I've been wanting to do that all night."

"Isn't it a little dangerous?  I mean here in your fraternity house and all?"

Damon pushed Jeff knocking him off balance causing him to fall backwards and land on his bed with a thud.  Damon was immediately on top of him pinning his hands to the bed before he could react then stared directly into his eyes.

"What now?" Jeff asked after an anxious moment of silence.

Damon remained silent for a bit and did not loosen his hold on his lover before finally smiling.  "Dangerous is sexy." Jeff wasn't able to react before their lips met and remained submissive to his partner.  Somehow they managed to remain quiet while they eagerly made love completely ignoring the sounds from the hallway and other rooms.  Sweaty and sated they finally achieved their goal some hours later.

The Monday morning sunlight was already splashing into the room when Jeff awaked with a full bladder.  Hearing Damon's rhythmic breathing and light purring snore he quietly slipped out of the bed and put on his white briefs before sneaking out of the room in search of a toilet.  In the bathroom he heard, but didn't pay any attention to the conversation, as he stood at the urinal.  It was when he splashed himself with cold water at the sink that he realized there were several others present, and that he was the only one wearing any hint of clothing.  Still, having four years of military life fresh in his mind, he remained calm; but, quickly stole a couple glances before making a hasty exit back to the bedroom, making sure he locked the door behind himself.  As disciplined as he was certain parts of his anatomy reacted to the sight in the bathroom and he still had a slight hard on.  He carefully slid back into the twin size bed and behind Damon who was just waking.

Damon moaned softly as Jeff reached around to grab his manhood causing it to immediately snap to life.

"So tell me, how can you stand to live here?"

"Huh?" Damon wasn't yet coherent enough to understand the question.. 

"I can't believe all the hot men walking around naked?  Should I be jealous?"

"I don't think so, none of them would do what you are doing now."

"Oh, really." Jeff began to slowly stroke his partner.  "So tell me, what do you do when you're here all alone and you get hot from the sight of all those big dicks?"

"Think of you?"

"Good answer," Jeff's own cock was rock hard and strained to break free of the briefs as he bit Damon's shoulder and began to rhythmically grind against Damon.  Despite the action of only a few hours prior they were soon a heavy breathing, sweaty pile of flesh quickly racing towards mutual orgasm.  With one last gasp both Jeff's hand and his briefs were full of their combined love juices but neither cared.  Jeff kept his arm around his lover embracing in a tight hug as they both came down from their orgasmic high and their breathing returned to normal

"Now what?" Jeff finally asked. 

Damon laughed realizing the situation.  He got out of the bed and retrieved a towel from his laundry.  Jeff rolled onto his back and placed his hands behind his head as he watched as Damon first toweled himself dry then moved back to the bed.  Jeff raised his hips allowing Damon to slip off the soiled garment.  Damon leaned in and took a sniff of the array of odors permeating from Jeff's crotch before sticking out his tongue and gently licking the entire length of the shaft tasting his lover's drying semen.  Jeff wriggled and moaned as he felt himself once again getting hard.  Damon stopped before it went any further and wiped his lover as clean as he could. 

"Think you can keep yourself under control if we hit the shower?" Damon's tone sounded serious enough that Jeff immediately went limp.

"No problem." But as he followed Damon towards the door he looked down. "As long as I don't look at your hot ass too much."  Damon stopped as he was about to open the door and smiled.

The shower went quick and fast with only a couple other guys present.  It was getting late and most had already left for their classes.  Damon only hoped no one would question Jeff's presence, not only in the house; but, the two of them in the shower.  They opted to use separate showerheads while they quickly bathed then returned to the room.  Jeff smirked as Damon handed him a pair of his own clean boxers and one of his pullover shirts.  The two were already running late so quickly dressed then shared one last quick kiss before heading in separate directions to their own classes before anyone noticed or commented. 

* * * * * * * * * *

For the previous three school years Damon and Josh had been practically inseparable.  Josh had been going to Louisville with friends to the bars and to the parks cruising.  It was there during the summer after their high school graduation they first met through a mutual friend at a party.  After discovering they were both going to attend the same college they began a friendship that grew despite the great difference in their personalities and backgrounds.  As lowly freshmen Josh was able to show Damon the ropes since he already had ties to the Indiana city.  While Damon had intended to use the new city and new school as a way to forget and distance himself from his past Josh soon became the one connection between the two.  But even in his new environment Damon lived a double life, being studious during the school week and making other friends there who only knew that side.  Then on the weekends he opened up with his other friends, most of which he had met through Josh.  In the previous year with Damon `dating' Jennifer and his duties in the fraternity their time spent together had greatly diminished but they still managed to have `movie night'.  At least every other week they would rent a video and one would fix dinner. Over the summers Damon would return home to his family and their travels while Josh remained behind.  His only `real' family since his parents kicked him out was his grandmother, and nice as she was to him Josh wanted to spend as little time with her as possible.  Despite their differences Josh still kept alive the hope that something physical would develop between the two.  Instead he opted to hang onto the `best friend' moniker knowing that Damon was unobtainable.  During that time Josh was content knowing while he couldn't have Damon, his friend was also doing nothing to induce any other relationships.  That is until Jeff Schultz stepped into the picture.  Jeff was the first man that Damon had become serious with since they had known each other, and Josh considered this a threat. Damon had someone else to occupy his time leaving his old friend feeling neglected and Josh knew there was no way he could compete with a hunk like Jeff.  And Josh had developed more then a bit of jealousy, especially over the past summer while they were away from each other and Josh had a chance to stew.  Usually Josh was the type to come right out and make his feelings obvious, but Damon had been his weak spot and he repressed his feelings for friendships sake.  But sometimes with the right liquid encouragement we all let out more then we want to...

"Why are we here again?" Jeff asked as they ascended the exterior stairway to the apartment in which Josh had been living for the past three years. The very one he was supposedly sharing with his `wife' who lived across town with her girlfriend.

"Behave will you?" Damon pleaded.  So far his boyfriend and best friend seemed to be getting along but he knew of the tensions.  He knew that Josh was painfully jealous and that Jeff was wasn't a fan of Josh's brazen personality.  But Jeff knew the tradition of movie night and what it meant to Damon. "We've not been over yet this year, I couldn't turn down his dinner invite could I?"

"No," quick peck on the cheek, "I don't guess you could."

"How was I ever so lucky to get such a sweetie" Damon asked returning the peck.

"No, I'm the one who's lucky?" Jeff flashed his award-winning smile as Josh flung open the door allowing the music from his stereo to resonate out to the landing.

"Oh pa-leese girls!  No groping in front of the lonely single faggot." Josh feigned disgust at his friend's antics at his front stoop.  After looking both his guests up and down he opened the door further, "Don't just stand there in the rain come on in... Mr. & Mrs. Schultz."

Damon cringed the first few times he was addressed in that manner by his friend.  But he also knew how Josh could be and was used to it.  He made sure he informed Jeff to ignore it as well.  If Josh knew just how annoying they found it he would just do it all the more. 


As Damon walked past Josh he could smell the beer on his breath and saw the bottle barely clasped in his right hand.  Drinking already?" Damon asked.

" Al ready?  Damon my friend it's after Eight PM , I've been drinking for hours.  I was going to watch all the hot men on campus passing footballs, fucking rain.  The Jaegermeister is ready and waiting for you."

"Holy fuck!  What the hell is that?"  Damon finally noticed the re-decorating Josh had done since the last time he visited his friend. 

"Well if you and your husband came by more often you would have seen it by now." Josh scowled as the two checked out the room.  Jeff just opened is eyes wide taking in the art deco room centered around a lime green vinyl sofa. 

"Where did you find such a... piece?" Damon decided to remain civil.

"My God Miss Thang you're not going to believe this."  Josh explained:  "It was just what I wanted; I had been all over town looking for just the right sofa.  Then a truck drove by and guess what was in the back?" Josh patted the sofa, "it was love at first sight."  Damon and Jeff looked at each other and smiled at each other, understanding the idea.  "I wanted to ask the guy where he bought it hoping to find one, but I was in the wrong lane.  I did a quick u-turn but lost him in the traffic.  I still had one more thrift store to hit, so when I get there you just wouldn't believe who pulled in next to me."

"Colin Farrell?" Damon threw on heavy sarcasm.

"I wish," Josh rolled his eyes.  "That stud can top me any time he wants.  No, it was the truck with my sofa and you just wouldn't believe the butch little straight boy driving it, just too hot for words."  He stopped and pretended to fan himself.   "Anyway, I found out he was donating it and of course I offered to buy it on the spot.  Since cash was better then giving it away it was never even unloaded and Mary let me tell you what.  A half hour later I was giving him a blow job on it, right here where it sits." 

"Still picking up straight boys Josh?  How's the population going to continue if you don't stop converting the breeders?"  Damon asked.

"I didn't say I wanted to keep him, just borrowed him for a while then sent him back to his little woman.  I can't help it that he keeps coming back for more.

"Excuse me?" Jeff couldn't believe his ears.

"It appears his woman won't do it, or when she does apparently it's not that good.  He can come back any time he wants I swear he has nine inches soft.  And he's a policeman too!"

"Still the same old Josh," Damon smiled but it was quickly squelched.

"You know what they say, once a slut always a slut.  Speaking of which when are you going to realize that, so things can get back to normal?"

"Sorry Josh but this one's a keeper." Damon hugged Jeff who was clueless to Josh's comment.  Jeff also did not notice the look Damon was giving his friend whom he though was out of line with that last question.

"Yeah, whatever, you guys want a beer?" Dumb question, Jeff was already headed towards the fridge before Josh had finished the question. 

"Smells good, what's cooking?" Jeff asked as he handed a beer to Damon and opened one for himself.  Damon, being a light drinker reluctantly accepted. 

"Burritos, my grandmother's authentic recipe." Josh boasted.

"I didn't know your grandmother was Mexican." Jeff commented, more to make conversation.

"She's not, she's Polish." Josh said as he stirred his creation.

"Don't ask." Damon stopped Jeff before he could inquire.  He had heard Josh's yarn too many times.

"We're informal here, just grab what you want and have a seat." Josh grabbed plates from the cabinet then backed out of the way so the others could have first dibs. 

"Hot Damn!" Jeff screamed then jumped from his chair, deciding that water would be more effective then beer.  "What the hell's in those?"

"Family secret, I'd tell you, but then you'd have to fuck me."

"I'm going to need fireproof toilet paper." Jeff retorted as he switched back from water to beer..  Damon had experienced his friend's cooking in the past so had an idea what to expect. 

"So what about what's his name? The one from Pittsburg or somewhere?" Damon directed towards Josh to lighten the situation.

"Oh, him." Josh said between bites.

"What about him? I thought he was cool." Jeff added.

"He was hot and had a big uncut dick.  Kinda reminded me of Damon's, and damn could he fuck!" Josh reminisced.  Damon felt uncomfortable though when Jeff gave him a questioning look. 

"Josh behave," Damon warned and received an evil glare from his friend.

"Oh well, He's old news, a trick for my scrapbook.  Besides, you of all people should know long distance relationships don't work out."

"I don't know Josh," Damon seized an opportunity and grabbed Jeff's hand on the table.  They smiled at each other before he continued. "Sometimes they do."

"Don't make me hurl."

With dinner finished and dishes piled in the sink Josh poured the group another round of Jaegermeister and grabbed more cold beers.  "Time for the movie."

In the living room Jeff and Damon took up residence on the sofa; which Damon christened "The Green Turd" drawing a glare from Josh who in turn sat in what looked like a very uncomfortable but chic art deco chair. 

Damon immediately noticed that besides the new furniture Josh also had a new big screen television, DVD player and home theater speakers.  He would have liked to know how his perpetually broke and usually unemployed friend was able to obtain everything.  While he knew most of the furniture and accessories probably came from thrift stores and yard sales the electronics were new and probably expensive. 

While the movie played the group remained silent with Damon and Jeff cuddled next to each other and Josh watching them, and getting more jealous by the minute.  From their angle Damon couldn't see his friend's face however did notice he was being uncharacteristically quiet.  Several times Josh would get up for beer but nothing was said.

During a particularly quiet part of the movie a phone could be heard ringing in the next room.  Not a normal ring but instead two short rings.

"Shit!" Josh yelled as he jumped from the chair and ran.

"What the heck is that?" Damon inquired.

"Work," Josh left the room without further conversation.  Jeff and Damon looked at each other shrugged their shoulders and returned their attention to the movie.  Ten minutes later Josh attempted to sneak back into the room and slide back into his easy chair.

"Um, what sort of work are you doing?" Damon wanted to know.

"Would you believe me if I told you phone sex?"

" No Way !" Jeff blurted out.

"You do what?" Damon didn't disbelieve his friend but wanted to hear it again.

"Hey look, I work my own hours don't have to leave the apartment.  I make good money and don't have to live in some cube eight hours a day like you're going to.

"How does it work?" Jeff's interest was piqued. 

"When I feel like taking calls I dial into the system and enter my password then hang up.  Once I'm logged into the system I never know when I'll get a call.  When I hear that double ring I know so I can answer it right.  Then when I don't feel like working any more, I dial in my password again.  Damn, I took a call in the bedroom earlier and forgot to do that."  Josh was nervous at that point knowing with the loud music playing he may have missed calls, and that could get him in trouble.

"How much do you get paid?" Jeff asked.

"Interested in employment?" Josh asked. Damon playfully slapped Jeff.

"Just curious." The former Marine meekly responded.

"Sorry butch, but they don't go by looks.  A total dog can do this." Then altering his voice, "you just have to sound really seductive, talk real dirty to keep the horny queers on line as long as possible.  That's how you get paid, so much per connect, so much per minute.

"Oh," Damon and Jeff said in unison.  Jeff was imagining what it would be like and Damon's analytical mind was kicking in imagining the returns.

"So now you know my little secret, just don't tell, huh guys?"

"I'm surprised you're not bragging about it, or put up flyers at The Palace." Damon ribbed. 

"Just don't," Josh handed another shot and beer to Jeff and gave a pouty lipped plea to Damon.

"No problem," Damon smiled, not wanting to go into any further depth.

"Are you uncomfortable?" Jeff asked noticing that his partner had begun twitching and wiggling.

"I think the burritos are catching up with me." Damon bolted out of the couch and down the hall. 

"Turn on the fart fan," Josh called as the door slammed.  Moments later even from where they were they could hear the rickety old appliance.

"I wish maintenance would come fix that." Josh said under his breath.

 Jeff stretched back and gets comfortable then looks to Josh.  "What was that you were talking about earlier?"

"You're going to need to be a little more specific there Blondie." The slightly tipsy man responded.

"When you were talking about Damon."


"When we were talking about that guy..."

"You mean Nick?" Josh interrupted.

"Yeah, him. You said his dick was as big as Damon's."

"Well it was... maybe a little bigger.  I would need a more recent examination to tell you for sure.  Maybe I should pop in the john."  They hear a grunt, "No, don't think so."

"I didn't think..." Jeff trailed off and was immediately interrupted.

"Think what?"

"That you and Damon ever..."

"He told you that?  I am so offended!  Let me tell you something Mr. Schultz you're little boy toy in there isn't as innocent as you think he is."

"What do you mean?" Jeff sat up on the couch.

"Miss Thang was a real slut-tina back when with a fake ID hitting the bar nearly every night, and every night he took home a different man.  And if it wasn't the bar it was the adult bookstores or cruise parks.  You must be big because Miss Damon has had so many dicks in her she's bound to be bored out!"

"You're lying."

"Yeah think so, just what has he told you about his past?"

"Oh," Jeff had to admit that Damon was usually pretty elusive as far as details.

"We would bring our tricks back and quite often we would have three ways or four ways.  Sometimes he would have his man and I would have mine then when finished we would switch and go at it again.  Yes dearie I've been on the receiving end with your man more then once."

"No way, he said..." Jeff trailed off trying to remember just what Damon did tell him.

"And now that you know the truth I guess we can quit this charade and get on with it."

"Get on with what?"

Josh stood and moved towards Jeff who remained seated.  "Well, Damon and I haven't had a three-way in a while."

"No freakin way!"

"He's been wanting this as bad as I have but was too chicken shit to say anything.  But I'm not."  Jeff flinched as Josh grabbed for his crotch.

"I don't think so."

"It was only a matter of time before he got tired of just being with you and things got back to normal, or at least as normal as they were before he joined that fraternity and started dating that bitch."

"That bitch is my sister don't forget."

"Yeah whatever," Josh lunged forward knocking Jeff off balance, falling backwards and landing on the sofa.  While he was attempting to stand Josh pushed him back down and reached for Jeff's zipper.  Jeff grabbed his wrist and held it in a painful grip as he stood.

"OH yes, talk about a tease, you are going to be so much fun."

Jeff bolted, slammed the door behind him.  He slipped down the last few stairs landing on his ass on the bottom step.  "FUCK," he yelled as he drunkenly stumbled again while trying to stand.  He made a fist with both hands banged on the building wall with such ferocity he caused a nearby window to shake then folded his arms above his head to shield the rain and began sobbing uncontrollably.  His mind raced, thinking about the last few months and how much his life had changed only to wonder what was the purpose?

His temper and action awaked a tenant in the building.  Jeff was brought back to reality and realized he should leave when the light come on in the rattled window.  He made his way back to the Jeep, his vision slightly obscured with a combination of tears and rain.  In the Jeep, Jeff stopped at the first intersection where the side street dead-ended at of the main roads surrounding campus and pounded the steering wheel as he screamed.

Al most instinctively he popped the clutch then quickly shifted through the gears as he accelerated and sped off.  Ahead he could see the light at the next intersection turn yellow.   Jeff pressed the gas pedal, hoping to make it through the signal.  He missed with it turning red merely moments before he got there. 

* * * * * * * * *

On the side street two teenagers waited impatiently, the driver with his eyes glued to the red light directly above his windshield.  One foot was on the brake while the other revved his supped up hot rod.  In the darkness of night he could see the green light in the other direction change to yellow and he quickly dropped the transmission into drive.  The instant he saw red he release the brake causing the wheels to screech as he lunged forward.

"WATCH OUT!" His friend yelled from the passenger seat.  The driver's reaction time, honed from years of video games was swift as he swerved to miss the approaching Jeep. 

* * * * * * * * * *

Jeff saw the headlights and panicked then swiftly turned the steering wheel to miss the oncoming car.  With his reaction time dampened by alcohol he was unable to avoid a collision.  The other vehicle clipped his Jeep just behind the rear fender causing the Jeep to begin fishtailing on the wet pavement.  Jeff instantly sobered as he wildly turned the wheel trying to regain control, everything around him seemed to move in slow motion and fast-forward all at once as his pulse raced.  Another car honked as it swerved to miss involvement in the accident.  Jeff was thrown against the steering wheel when the front tires hit the curb.  Through the commotion he didn't realize the hedge he crashed through. 

When he looked up he saw the brick wall moving quickly towards him and patio furniture all around.  "OH SHIT!" was his last thought before everything went black.


* * * * * * * *

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