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Welcome to the Family

by JT Adams

Chapter 10

Jeff stopped at the mini-mart to top off the gas tank in the truck and to buy a cold drink before hitting the highway. During the whole three-hour drive all he could think about was Damon. He hoped his friend would still be in town and that they could have some time together before Jeff had to pick up his sister. He made record time and went straight to Damon's fraternity house. A tall, good looking, well built guy answered the door, the sight of whom made Jeff wonder how Damon could live here and not have a perpetual hard-on. He smiled to himself as he realized he was becoming a bit jealous. The frat brother invited Jeff into the classically furnished entry foyer to wait while he looked for Damon. He returned a couple minutes later and informed Jeff that Damon was not home and no one knew where he was. He had been there that morning but left early without saying anything. All of his personal belongings were still in his room so they knew that he hadn't left town yet. Jeff left his name and said he was in town and would check back.

After sitting in the truck for a few minutes contemplating his next move Jeff decided to head to the hotel where he had stayed on his previous visit. It was close and he could easily get there from campus. The young lady who had been working on his previous visit smiled and greeted him as he entered the lobby. After he filled out the routine paperwork and handed her his Visa, he asked if Danny was working that night, hoping that he wasn't. She looked up from the computer as she processed his credit card trying to place the face. When it hit her that she had seen Jeff in there the previous month she informed him that Danny had been terminated. Apparently one too many guests had complained about Danny making unwanted advances. The final straw was when Danny walked in a room unannounced while a guest was `entertaining' a lady friend. Jeff pretended to be sorry, but was secretly glad he wouldn't be having any uninvited guests. After getting settled in the room Jeff was going to try calling the fraternity house. But he changed his mind when he noticed the sticker listing a charge of .75 for all local calls. It's not a large amount of money; it's just the principle of it and he refused to pay it. He made a mental note to check into getting a cell phone. There was no need to call Sis yet since she wasn't expecting him until sometime tomorrow. He waited around the room for about an hour, until he was really bored again with the offering on the local TV before he decided to head back over to the fraternity house. If Damon wasn't there this time he would just leave the number to the hotel to have him call.

"Yeah dude, your name Jeff?" Jeff confirmed to the fraternity brother who answered the door on the second visit. "Man, DJ was here, Brian told him there was some dude looking for him."

"Is he here?"

"Brian, no he's got a new girlfriend and off with her."

"No," Jeff responded with a bit of irritation in his voice. "Is Da... I mean DJ here?"

"Oh, no he said he had to run over to a friend's and took off. He figured you might be there."

`Well at least he's still in town.' Jeff thought to himself as he walked back to the truck. `But how am I supposed to know this friend? DUH!' He then headed around the corner to the apartment he had been to with Damon the previous month. He found a parking spot in front of the building but the blue Jetta was nowhere in sight. He decided to check it out anyway.

"It's about time you get here! Your wife is going crazy!" Josh smiled and placed his hand on his hips, giving a motherly-scold look as he opened the door.

"What?" Jeff was obviously caught off guard.

"Come on in," Josh had been holding the door just barely open; he now opened it wide enough for Damon to come into view. Both their eyes lit up upon seeing the other. Damon rushed to meet Jeff and they met with a hug.

"It is you!" Damon said placing a quick kiss on his boyfriend's lips.

"In the flesh." Jeff responded stepping across the threshold and pulling the door closed behind him. Immediately the two lock into another embrace and a much more passionate kiss.

"My God, when's the wedding and can I be matron of honor?" Josh said causing his friends to break their kiss.

"What are you doing here?" Damon asked his lover.

"I used the excuse of coming over to pick up Sis so I could see you. But I didn't think I was ever going to find you. I've called that frat house every day this week and you're never there."

"I've spent all my spare time in library studying; it's quieter and I can hook my laptop up to the DSL connection. Why didn't you leave a message or send an email?"

"I never got a chance to; as soon as whoever kept answering would tell me you weren't home, they hung up on me. And we never exchanged email addresses so I couldn't take that route."

"That's about typical of them. I am actually so over the fraternity and the games. So how did you know to look here?"

"I was just at the house and one of the guys said you went to a friend's so I took my chance. But I found you now so it worked out. Got plans?"

"Actually yes, I was just getting ready to head back to the house and pack to head home. My grandmother is having some kind of deal this evening and she asked if I could be there." He could see the disappointed look on Jeff's face.

"Why don't you call her and tell her you can't make it." Jeff said matter-of factly.

"I can't do that. I have never lied to my grandmother. Besides, she's expecting me; I already told her I would be there."

"I already have a room," Jeff said lowering his hands and grabbing Damon's ass while giving him a devilish smile.

"Hmm, I guess I could tell her, something has `come up' and I can't leave town until tomorrow."

"Miss Thang, I have trained you so right! That's something I would do!" They had forgotten Josh was still in the room. "And I'm quite sure something will... come up!" This brought laughter from all three. Damon made a quick call and apologized to his grandmother who told him not to worry about it.

"So what are you guys going to do?" Josh asked, rubbing his hands together. "You know, if you don't have a place to go my bedroom is always available." He said that last line with just a little too much anticipation.

"Thanks," Jeff gave him a look with just a hint of an evil eye. He had already said he had a room. "But I've already got a room and I have a couple surprises there for Damon."

"I bet it's like a couple surprises and one big surprise." Josh said.

"Your mind is always in the gutter my friend." Damon said as he placed a friendly kiss on Josh's cheek. And then turned to Jeff and said, "I'm ready when you're ready."

"And I'm sure you wouldn't have me any other way." Josh threw back.

"Let's go." Jeff said motioning Damon to the door.

"Don't you want to stick around for a drink or something?"

"Um, I'll catch ya later Josh, if I don't see you before I leave town, have a great summer."

"You too bitch, send me an email from Rome."

"Rome?" Jeff asked as they exited the apartment.

"I'll tell you about it later." Damon said as they descended the exterior stairway to ground level.

"Got your car here? I didn't see it."

"Yeah but I had to park it around the corner on the side street; where's the Jeep?"

"Spring Hill," Jeff replied, "I was told it was too small for all Sis's stuff. I'm in the Ram here." Jeff pointed at the truck as he pulled the keys from his pocket and unlocked the aging Dodge.

"You drove here in that? You're braver then I am!"

"Funny, want to ride with me?"

"Nah, I'd better at least move my car, just as easy to take it there."

"K, you know where we're going. By the way, same room." Jeff winked just before he blew a kiss to his lover. He started the engine on the old truck as he watched Damon round the corner and out of view. In less then a minute as the familiar Blue Jetta came into view he shifted gears to drive, then followed Damon to the hotel.

As tempted as they were to re-create the parking lot session of the previous visit they decided that may have been fine at 1:00 AM but would not be wise in mid-afternoon. But as soon as they were in the room they wasted no time re-creating that part.

After they were both naked and their clothes scatted throughout the room Jeff took on the role of aggressor as he grabbed Damon and literally threw him on the bed. Jeff then climbed on top grabbing Damon's arms and pinning them both over his lover's head. Damon had no reason or will to resist as he submitted and let his body be used by the muscular ex-marine. Jeff took position merely inches above Damon's face. They could feel each other's warm breath as they stared into each other's lustful eyes, which only heightened the level of anticipation. Damon lifted his head from the pillow wanting badly for their lips to meet. But Jeff also lifted staying just out of reach teasing Damon.

He swayed slowly back and forth. The whole time staying out of reach, the whole time their gaze into each other's eyes was never broken. Jeff finally let Damon out of his misery and dropped so their lips could meet and they engaged in a passionate kiss. Damon felt Jeff's tongue at his lips and slowly parting them enough so Jeff could invade. Jeff's strong arms allowed him to lower himself to where there was only a breath between him and Damon. Two heartbeats raced as two tongues danced in Damon's mouth. Jeff slowly changed from being the loving teaser to the aggressor, wildly kissing Damon, barely giving his lover a chance to breath. All at once he stopped and grabbed Damon's legs at the knees and raised them, as he moved into position it was obvious what he had in mind.

"Stop!" Damon was not sure he wanted to continue.

"What, what's wrong?" Jeff gave his lover a confused look.

"Do you have a condom?"

"Uh, no, do you?"

"No I don't," Damon paused, "don't get mad, but I don't want to do this without one."

"Why, don't you trust me?" Jeff seemed hurt.

"Yes Jeff, I trust you implicitly. But this has nothing to do with trust."

Jeff released his grasp on Damon and rolled off, then over next to him. "Then what does it have to do with? I thought there was something between us."

"There is," Damon rolled on his side to face Jeff, "Or at least I hope there is." He reached over and rubbed Jeff's firm chest. He could feel that Jeff was tense and his pulse running rampant. He could tell this revelation had probably pissed Jeff off. "But Jeff this is something personal, and the most intimate act two people can share. I want to make sure you're ready, and for the right reasons. And, while I trust you, you can't honestly say that you know 100% that you are, well, totally disease free?"

"And what's that supposed to mean?"

"It means there are several things you could be carrying that you don't even know about and haven't made themselves known. You could be a carrier and pass something on to me, or anyone else if you're having unprotected sex. You do normally use protection don't you?"

"Yes, normally I do."

"Then why were you about to go in without it."

"I just thought we were a couple and couples didn't need to."

"Jeff, we still need protection and will use it. As much as I would love to feel the real thing and have you deposit your seed inside me, I want to make sure we're both ready and both protected."

"What do you mean ready and protected?"

"Protected means we've both been tested, and more then once, and come back negative. And that we've both been completely monogamous."

"And I guess that is when we will be ready?"

"No, ready goes much deeper. Jeff, to me it needs to be emotional. I'm not going to lie to you; I've been with quite a few guys over the years. And I've let very few get where you wanted to go. Not because I don't like it, I really do. But because I don't want to just have sex." He could see the confusion on Jeff's face. "Look Jeff, I'll lay it on the line. I'm not sure where we are heading but like hoping that it's in the right direction. But one thing we need to make clear, I don't want to just have sex. If that's all this is to you then I'm really disappointed. There's no way to say this without sounding cocky, so I'm going to just come out and say it. I can get sex anytime I want it. I know I'm good looking and yes, I have guys, and girls making passes at me all the time. And I've used that to my advantage way too many times over the years. But I want a relationship, one on one with someone I can fall in love with. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I don't want to have sex; I want to make love." He paused for a moment to gather his thoughts. Jeff took advantage of the lull to add his comment.

"What's the difference?" He could tell from the look he received from Damon that perhaps that was not the correct thing to say.

"Sex, Jeff, is just getting off, the personal satisfaction of shooting a load. Making love is feeling it in the heart and wanting to satisfy the other person as much as you are satisfied. Wanting the other person to have their orgasm, over wanting one yourself. Does that make sense?"

Jeff had to think about it. He rolled over on his back, locked his hands behind his head as he stared to the ceiling. He thought back to the first night that he and Damon were together. How it felt when they first laid eyes on each other, then the jolt when they touched for the first time. How they started talking with such ease. How it did feel different for him from his previous sexual encounters. He had never felt this way about anyone before. Heck, in the past he was seldom with the same person twice much less chasing after a guy. Damon was right, in the past, even when he was with women the ultimate goal was to shoot a load. And after that he could care less whether he was even with another person. But he is feeling different now. He really wanted to be with Damon, to get to know him better. And while he really wanted to continue where they stopped minutes earlier for some reason it no longer mattered.

"To be honest I'm not sure where we can go," Damon broke the silence. "And I don't want to get both our hopes up. I've seen it all too much in the past. A relationship based on sex won't last beyond when the newness wears off. I've got another year of school and you live in a town three hours away, long distance relationships never work out. And I want to be closer than to get together come every couple weeks and mess around. I'm honestly worried whether or not we have a chance."

Jeff smiles and turns to Damon, "I think I have resolved that part of it. " He hopped off the bed. He turned around and opened the drawer of the credenza and removed a sheet of paper, the one that he had printed at the Spring Hill Library earlier in the week and handed it to Damon.

"What's this?" Damon asked.

"Read it, frat boy!" Jeff said, but a smile replaced the scourge he had the last time he used that term in reference to Damon.

Damon took it and began reading. In the first sentence he saw all he needed to. His eyes light up and a smile came to his face. "You're going to school here?"


"Cool!" Damon said as he grabbed Jeff, who was still standing next to the bed and pulled his lover on top of him. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I just found out Thursday myself and haven't had the chance. They rushed it through, since I'm former military I was able to get a few strings pulled to speed things up. But my academics did get me in!"

"What are you going to major in?"

"I have no freakin' idea; I guess I'll figure that one out as I go along. For now I'm just going to take a few basic business and communications courses and see what I like, then go from there."

"That is fantastic Jeff! That means we can see each other!" Once again they kiss.

"That's what I was hoping you would say. I guess that solves the long distance thing you were talking about. And now the other surprise." Damon rolled over to allow Jeff up. Jeff returned to the credenza followed by Damon where he retrieved a leather case. He gently sat the case on the side of the bed and opened it to reveal its contents.

"Dude, you got a Dell!" Damon exclaimed doing his best to imitate the commercials.

"Yep, I always was a gadget geek. I figured I could use one for school, plus, this way we can keep in touch by email without me having to go to the library."

"Cool," was all Damon could articulate in response as he watched as Jeff fired up his new laptop and then they spent close to an hour playing with the new toy. Damon was impressed with the new computer and a bit jealous as his was now three years old and far from the latest technology; he was then thinking about upgrading to a new one over the summer. But he didn't say anything to steal Jeff's thunder. Jeff had already done a lot of the setup the previous night at home but Damon helped him with a few other necessary items including entering his own name, address and email into the Outlook address book.

"Well my dear," Damon said leaning over and placing a kiss on Jeff's cheek. "I think all this news deserves a steak dinner; my treat!"

Jeff smiled and returned the kiss, about that time his stomach growled. "I'll take you up on that." They both laugh.

After the boys cleaned up and dressed, Damon took Jeff to his favorite local steak house. Immediately on entering Jeff looked around and felt out of place with the obviously higher class of clientele. It was still early so they were immediately seated. Jeff noticed how at ease Damon seemed to be and then allowed himself to relax a bit. But as he scanned the menu and noticed the prices, the discomfort returned. He knew he couldn't afford this and wasn't sure whether or not Damon could either. He followed Damon's lead and ordered the same thing thinking he would be safe. They both enjoyed their meal and the light conversation. When the check came Jeff happened to see the total and his eyes practically fell out of their sockets. He noticed that Damon didn't bat an eye as he pulled out a platinum card and placed it with the check at the edge of the table. After the meal they decided to head back to the hotel. Jeff sat in silence during the trip back, then quietly lay on the bed and turned on the TV. He flipped through channels a bit, not really paying any attention.

"So what are you doing this summer?" He asked Damon.

"Well," Damon responded. He knew that Jeff was going to be working all summer and was afraid to say the wrong thing to embarrass his new lover. "It's been a tradition as long as I can remember to take a family vacation in June. This will probably be the last one."

"Why is that?"

"Caleb, that's my brother. He hasn't joined us for several years now. He's seven years older then I am and married with two kids. I think he would like to go but his wife wears the pants in that family and always finds an excuse not to go. And since I'm going to be graduating next year and joining the working world, I don't know if we'll take one or not. My parents always look forward to it; my dad considers it his yearly three weeks of sanity."

"Where are you going for three weeks?"


This got Jeff's full attention as he rolled over and propped himself up on his elbow. "As in the continent?"

"The one and only."


"We'll be leaving a week from next Monday and flying to London. From there we're taking some castle tour; my Mother made all the plans and has the itinerary. All I know for sure is that we will take the Chunnel train to France and see a few more castles there and in a few other countries, ending up in Vienna. From there we're going to spend a week in Germany." Damon went on to explain that his grandmother was joining them for the trip and wanted to visit her childhood home.

Jeff lay silent listening to Damon in awe at how comfortable Damon seemed to be talking about jet-setting around the world. Jeff hadn't been more than one-hundred miles from his home in his life until he joined the Marines. He couldn't imagine someone being able to go to such places and was beginning to wonder what kind of person he was becoming involved with.


"Jeff," He responded.

"Can I ask you a personal question?"


"Oh I'll do that no matter what" Jeff smiled at Damon and leaned over for a quick kiss.

"I'll hold you to that," returning the kiss.

"But seriously," he paused wondering if he should go on. "Are you," another pause.

"Horny? Hell yeah!" Damon jumped in to bring his obviously nervous friend to ease.

"No, are you rich?"

"Why would you ask that?" Damon laughs

"It's just the way you act and everything. You're not like anyone I know in Spring Hill. Not just anybody can hop off to Europe for a month."

"Three weeks," Damon corrected.

"Close enough." They share a chuckle. "The way you flipped out your credit card tonight. Man that was a platinum card, and I saw the total. Dude, I would be able to buy several meals out for that kind of cash."

"No, I'm not rich. I'm a struggling college student," Damon smiles. "But to answer your question honestly, I personally am not rich. My dad has a good job so I've never had to want for anything. And the card is my grandmother's."

"Excuse me?" Jeff is surprised at this nonchalant admission.

"I'm her favorite grandchild and she's rich."


"She had the card issued in my name so that I have money when I need it. Neither her nor my parents wanted me to work while I'm a student so I can concentrate on studies. She's never set spending limits or restrictions but then again I've never really taken advantage of it."

"And what you spent last night wasn't taking advantage?"

"Admittedly it's nothing I would do on a regular basis, but she doesn't care if I indulge from time to time. Trust me."

"OK, but."

"But what?" Jeff stopped and just looked away in shame.

"I don't know if I can keep up with you."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Jeff rolled over onto his back and stared up at the ceiling for a few moments. "I'm not rich; I can't do things like spend a hundred bucks on a steak dinner."

"Who said you had to?"

"I just feel weird that way; I can't explain it."

Damon rolled over so his head rested on Jeff's arm looking him in the eyes. "Dinners like that are rare for me too. It's usually Subway, McDonald's, ordering pizza or whatever they're serving in the cafeteria. Like I said, I'm personally just as broke as you are. When I graduate next year and start working, Grandma will probably take the card back and I'll have to live on a salary just like everyone else. Make you feel better?"

"Yeah," Jeff responds after thinking about it for a bit. Damon notices the change in emotion and moves over to kiss.

"With you going to school here in the fall, we hopefully will be spending a lot of time together." Damon said.

"I sure hope so."

"Let's take it one step at a time. I can tell this credit card thing intimidates you. So I promise to only use it when I need to. Deal?" He held out his hand to Jeff.

"Deal, but what's this crap?" He laughs at Damon's extended hand. "This is how I want to seal a deal." He then grabs Damon and they join lips for a kiss. "And regarding the other thing, I understand where you're coming from and want to take it slow as well. But does that mean we can't do anything?"

"I don't think so, we're not exactly virgins to each other, are we?"

"Thank goodness, that's what I was hoping you would say. You may not let me fuck you but I can still give one hell of a blow job."

"I was hoping you would say that."


When Jeff woke first the men were still cuddled in the same position they fell asleep in. He slowly rolled over and out of the bed doing his best to not wake Damon. He stopped momentarily into look at his lover by the dim light filtering through the curtain into the motel room. He knew then he was very lucky to have met this gorgeous man. And even luckier that he thought he was falling in love with him.

His watching was cut short by his bladder beckoning to be emptied so Jeff turned and quickly made his way to the toilet. After the draining was complete he turned to the shower and started the flowing water. He was under the warm water for less then a minute before he felt the presence of his lover joining him. Jeff was facing the wall with the water cascading over his face as he felt the kiss on the back of his shoulder and strong arms slowly coming around his torso. He leaned his head to the left and moaned as the lips made their way from his back to the right side of his neck. He felt Damon's semi-hard cock between his cheeks as Damon's hands began to explore the front side of his body. One hand stopped at Jeff's left nipple while the other went straight to Jeff's rapidly hardening cock. Jeff felt the cock against his ass hardening as his own organ reached full hardness as Damon slowly stroked his lover.

Jeff was powerless to resist, as if he wanted to, as Damon increased the speed of his stroking. Damon continued to kiss as he his right hand stroked his lover and his left hand explored his body. It wasn't long before he could feel Jeff's pulse quicken and knew an orgasm was eminent. He continued to kiss but let his right hand release Jeff's cock. He wasn't ready yet for him to release his load, and didn't want to waste it down the drain. He moved his now free hand down to caress Jeff's low hanging balls. Jeff was so close to orgasm and was stunned back to reality when Damon suddenly stopped. He quickly spun around and pinned Damon up against the far wall of the shower stall.

"Into teasing this morning are we?" Jeff said with a smile before planting a kiss on Damon's lips. What he intended on being just a quickie turned into a very passionate kiss. As the connection was broken they both opened their eyes and stared into the other's. "Wow" was all they could say, in unison.

Jeff stood erect to take pressure off Damon whom he had been leaning against. He had the warm water of the shower at his back as he took survey of his lover's body. Damon was perfect, just what Jeff liked. While not muscular Damon was buff from working out and participating in the right sports. As he glanced up and down he could not see an ounce of fat on his lover's body. While Damon didn't have the classic `six pack' abs his stomach was flat with all the right curves in all the right places. He looked up and they momentarily locked eyes. Damon had the most tempting green eyes he had ever seen. You could almost be hypnotized looking into them. There was not a blemish on his face. Could it be that Damon safely survived his acne years without evidence of a zit? His skin was so smooth and clean only the hint of a dark beard poking through gave evidence that this was a man in his early twenties. Jeff glanced at Damon's well defined pecs covered with a light layer of dark hair, not a thick forest, but just enough to look tantalizing. Just the way Jeff liked it. Not a bear but enough to play with. The patch gathered to form a thin line that trailed down Damon's torso to connect into his thick pubic bush. That was when Jeff stopped scanning and focused on Damon's penis. It wasn't huge. Jeff's past experiences informed him that Damon and he were very similar in that department and just a little above normal. But it still surprised him that Damon was uncut. While over the years he had seen foreskins in locker rooms and showers. To Jeff's memory this was the first guy he had ever been with who still had his foreskin attached.

"What?" Damon asked with a smile after Jeff had been staring at his organ for a couple minutes.

"Nothing, sorry" Jeff responded being shook from his daydream. "Why is it you didn't get circumcised?"

"I dunno," Damon responded as he reached down and felt his foreskin, squeezing on the tip and pulling it a bit; move that fascinated Jeff. Must be a family thing, I don't thing any of the guys in my family are. I know my dad and brother aren't. And neither is my cousin Tony. But they're the only ones I've ever seen.

"You've never asked?"

"No!" Damon gave Jeff a funny look that said `would you ask your dad about his dick?'

"Sorry! Just wondering." Damon released his own foreskin as Jeff reached over and took over. He slowly stroked Damon watching the skin slowly move back and forth, exposing then once again hiding the pink head. Damon moved in to have Jeff release him as he felt himself start to harden.

"Watch this," he says he grabs Jeff's still semi-hard penis and brings it to his. With his free hand he holds his own so that it's aimed towards Jeff's. He slowly pulls the skin back to expose the entire head. He then moves forward so that the tips of both their penises are touching. He then slowly released the foreskin so that it covers not only his own head, but Jeff's as well. He looks up to see Jeff's eyes widen at feeling the strange sensation. When Jeff didn't say anything Damon began to stroke his own cock allowing the skin to slowly move back and forth across Jeff's own head.

Jeff looked down to watch the show and let Damon continue stroking. Damon reached with his other hand and now had one dick in each and began stroking in unison. The foreskin was now alternating between fully exposing Damon's sensitive head, and covering both his and Jeff's as Damon increased speed. They both looked up and their eyes met, instinctively their lips met. But not even the kiss could slow Damon's pace, if anything it intensified.

All too soon both felt their impending climax. Damon broke the kiss and held their penis together as they both orgasmed in unison, their mixture of semen oozing from where Damon's foreskin was still covering part of Jeff's penis. They both looked at each other as they came down from their high.

"Now my dear," Damon said with a smile as he planted a quick kiss on Jeff's cheek. "You have experienced docking."

After emerging from the shower they dressed and agreed on the nearby Bob Evans Restaurant for breakfast. Damon decided it was prudent to let Jeff pay for it after last night. They realized that they would probably not be able to see each other much over the summer but planned to stay in contact by email.

After reluctantly parting company Jeff headed to the sorority house where Jennifer had just finishing packing and was ready. Jeff was astonished at the quantity of possessions his sister has collected. The two quickly loaded her wares into the family truck and were on their way. For the first time in four years they would spend the summer together in their childhood home. Little did they know it would also be their last.

"Sis, could you do me a really big favor, no questions asked." Jeff asked shortly after they left the city limits.

"I guess, I could try what is it Bubby?"

"If Mom or Dad asks, I was here with you yesterday and overnight."

"I guess I can do that," Jen responded giving him a questioning look which quickly changed to a smile before she asked. "So big brother, who was she?"

Jeff just looked in her direction and gave her a large devilish grin. "Wouldn't you like to know?" Jen returned a smile that could only be shared between brother and sister then dropped the subject.


Once again thanks to all that have written in support of, and asking me to continue this series. There is still more left to Damon and Jeff's story.