The following is a work of fiction which contains consensual sexual acts between adult males. If you are offended by this, or if it is illegal where you are please do not read any further. All copyrights are held by the author. Please to not duplicate, print, distribute or re-submit this story without permission from the author. All characters portrayed are fictitious, any similarities to persons dead are alive are coincidental.

Welcome to the Family

by Jacob  Adams

Chapter 12
Dedicated to the memory of my good friend Earl

After lunch at Subway both men went their separate ways. Damon hated to procrastinate and wanted to get a few last minute things done and out of the way. Jeff, being a first year student still wasn't sure what he was going to need and decided to play it by ear and wait until class on Monday. Then, being a typical guy, would rush to get it all done before the next class. Damon was a little concerned about Jeff's attitude towards school but opted not to say anything. As Damon headed off, Jeff went back to the apartment and spent the time surfing the net, watching TV and playing video games. He noticed Jen was acting a bit strange but decided not to pry. After their spat in the spring they were just getting back to the close brother/sister relationship they had growing up. 

After fidgeting for a couple hours Jen took a shower, then spent much more time in the bathroom then she normally would. But again, with Jeff being a guy he never noticed. He was really into a football game on TV and barely paid attention as she said she would probably be staying at the sorority house that evening. Jeff did think to himself that she seemed a little overdressed to be just hanging out, but what did he know? The game ran into overtime and he just barely had time to shower and get ready himself. 

Damon finished his errands and returned to the frat house shortly after three. As he walked with his bags to the house, a group of his fraternity brothers were tossing a football and asked him to join the game. They were headed to the fields behind the phys-ed center to play the 'TKEs. As much as he wanted to, if for nothing else to see the group of muscular shirtless young men at their finest, he knew he needed to clean up and get ready. He quickly put his purchases away before turning on his laptop and checking email. Afterwards as he grabbed his towel and headed to the shower, Brian grabbed his as well and followed his roommate. In the community shower Brian once again expressed his gratitude to Damon for being cool with his dating Jen. Damon had a tough time concentrating on the conversation between taking quick peeks at Brian's body and trying to keep his erection under control. After the shower Brian quickly dressed and left.

At quarter-of-five Damon was dressed in khakis and a polo shirt and was looking at himself in the mirror as he applied hair gel. He wanted to look nice, but not so nice that his frat brothers would question his plans. After he was ready for the evening he went to the commons and socialized with a couple of his fraternity brothers while he kept watch out the window, waiting patiently for Jeff. As soon as he saw the familiar Jeep he quickly excused himself and ran out to meet his lover in the parking lot. 

"Am I not acceptable?" Jeff had parked and was walking towards the building with his arms out and a slight pout.

"Why do you ask that?"

"I thought it was customary on the first date for the boy to meet the family before leaving?" 

"So Jarhead does that mean you think I'm the girl?"

"No way! I wouldn't accuse you of that!" Even though Jeff used heavy sarcasm he was secretly embarrassed by the comment. "Pizza sound good?" He quickly changed the subject as he slid on his shades, put the Jeep in gear and headed out. 


Jeff drove straight to Santino's, a popular locally owned pizza house and micro brewery. Damon silently wondered how Jeff knew about the place.

They arrived early and were immediately seated in a booth near the rear of the dining area. There was a small sconce on the wall next to the table with a low wattage bulb that provided just enough illumination for an intimate atmosphere in the otherwise dark room. Soon after being seated, a waiter brought a basket of breadsticks and suggested the night's special, which the boys accepted. The waiter quickly returned with one of the house beers, which they enjoyed with light conversation while waiting for their meal. After the meal when the waiter brought the check both men instinctively reached for their wallets. Damon noticed the look on Jeff's face and immediately returned his back to his pocket. Since Jeff was the one who asked Damon on the `date' he felt `obligated' to let Jeff pay. Besides, he still remembered the steak house incident from the spring.

They stood in front of the listings at the local multiplex for several minutes contemplating their choices and debating on which feature to see. They finally opted on the latest action thriller for which they had both heard great reviews. Jeff insisted on not only buying the tickets but the refreshments as well. Damon could have done without the refreshments, having just come from dinner, but Jeff was adamant that a movie just wasn't a movie without popcorn. During the movie their hands touched, initially as an accident. They both looked at each other with a look that said it was all right and let their hands join and their fingers interlock. They smiled at each other as they turned their attention back to the screen. They continued to hold hands the remainder of the movie.

They critiqued the film as the credits rolled waiting for the crowd to thin out before leaving themselves. Afterwards they enjoyed a game of miniature golf and a go-cart race before heading to "The Palace." 

They opened the door to find Briana working the door in full drag, rehearsing her ad-libbed lines for the night's show and moving to some music heard only in her head. She came to an immediate halt when she noticed the men entering the door. She noticed Damon first and immediately recognized him. She licked her lips and gave a slight kiss as she said, "Hi Miss Thang. And just where have you been hiding your pretty little self?" Then looking at Jeff added, "Oh, I see. I don't blame you girl." She winked as Jeff handed over the cover charge for both of them.

The room with the pool table wasn't open yet so the boys headed towards the other bar. As they passed the empty dance floor they saw Chuck walking towards them in full leather. He smiled when he saw them, recognizing Damon as a former regular and remembering Jeff from the last time the two were in there together. He stopped momentarily with his cart of supplies. "Hi guys, I'll be opening in just a minute."

"See ya in a bit Chuck, gonna go bug Jake a bit," Damon replied as they passed, making a mental note to tease Chuck about his new look. 

"Hi there!" Jake said with a big smile as he saw Damon approach. "Where have you been hiding yourself?"

"Looks like you've got a reputation." Jeff kidded his date.

"If only you knew," Jake returned the jab, then looking at Jeff, "And you, you were here a while back. Effingham right?"

"Very good," Jeff responded, deciding not to correct his hometown. 

"I haven't seen either of you in a while so I take it you've hooked up?" 

"You could say that." Damon stood behind Jeff and placed his arms around his lover clasping his fingers across Jeff's chest as he kissed his cheek. 

"Congratulations, you make a cute couple. Take good care of this guy; we go back a few years." Then noticing Jeff's questioning look continued, "We're both from the same home town. I knew this guy when he was still a timid kid cruising the parks."

"Do tell, do tell! He's heard about me so I'm ready for some gossip on him." Jeff cocked his head so he could turn and give Damon a kiss. A couple other customers came up to the bar so Jake didn't get to tell his story. Jeff made a mental note to ask about it at a later time. Between customers Jake sat a couple beers on the counter for the guys, then winked and refused to take payment. Damon saw a couple friends and introduced Jeff as they walked back out of the main bar area. 

"Did we miss the wedding?" They heard as they crossed the entryway with their arms around each other, heading towards the pool table. A smile came to Damon's face as he turned to see Josh, Cindyke and Michelle paying their cover.

"And why weren't we invited?" Damon gave his favorite lesbians a hug and a kiss. 

"Just an oversight guys, we'll make it up to you." Damon joked

"No doubt, I didn't even get to bake a cake." Josh tried to give Jeff a hug but the ex-Marine instinctively extended his hand in a defensive maneuver not accustomed with the familiarity if this group of friends, which Josh reluctantly accepted as an alternative. 

The group played a few games of pool while they boys related their `wedding' story to the girls and Chuck, who kept them supplied in drinks. They all caught up with the latest news and gossip while Josh remained uncharacteristically quiet.

"You've got to come by and see the kids; Tracy has been asking when she can see her Uncle Damon again." Michelle commented.

"Aww, be sure and tell her I will come by as soon as I'm settled into school and have my schedule down, probably in another week or so. I'll take her out for ice cream."

"No wonder you're her favorite uncle! And you're not even related. And you, Mr. Marine, made one hell of an impression on Kevin. He's even asked about you two."

"Kewl," was all Jeff said as he lined up and took a shot.

"So when are you two going to have kids?" Cindy asked her friends seriously.

"Never really thought about it." Jeff let the butt end of his pool stick hit the floor as he held near the top and stared into space as if in thought. 

"What about you Damon; you've always been good with the kids. I know they both like you."

"I've never thought about it either but I'm not opposed to it. You never know."

"Pu-leese Mary, you a mother? Right!" Josh put in his two cents worth.

"I said it was a possibility, but not until I'm graduated, working and settled down. And when the right opportunity comes along."

"What do you mean opportunity?" Jeff asked.

"Well dear," Damon stopped and placed a quick kiss on Jeff's lips. "I don't see either of us getting pregnant any time soon. And the law still frowns on gays adopting, so something is going to have to happen."

Jeff grabbed Damon and pulled him back. "I may not be able to get you pregnant but it could be fun trying." Jeff returned his lover's kiss, bringing whistles from the lesbians but a curled lip from Josh.

"I think I'm going to fly off after that. There just went my future ex-husband." Josh walked away from his friends who gave the girls a questioning look.

"Pay him no attention; I think he's just jealous." Cindy said.

"Jealous?" Jeff asked.

"You didn't know?" Michelle couldn't believe that he hadn't noticed. "Josh has a crush on Damon, has for years. Last year it was one thing when he thought he'd lost him to a female; he knew that wasn't serious. But when you came along, the first person Damon's been serious about since we've know him, that's something completely different."

"I didn't know," Jeff apologized. 

"It's partially my fault. I haven't really led him on but when he makes his comments, I don't exactly brush him off either."

"I think reality is setting in Damon; just give him time."

Once the crowd picked up and others started waiting for the pool table, Jeff followed Damon to the dance floor. They got into the music and after only a couple songs the shirts came off with both men dripping in sweat and being watched by practically everyone there. Neither Jeff nor Damon noticed, as they were lost in the music. As far as they were concerned they were the only two on the dance floor, or even in the bar. They were in their own little world where Damon and Jeff were the only two inhabitants. Their eyes focused on each other as they moved in rhythm with the music and flashing lights. The only thing that crept in was the lyrics to the song, which they were both intently listening to.

I know in my heart I want to be with you
Let me love you tonight

How can I make you want me?
How can I make it for real?
I wanna love you forever
I hope that you feel the same

I'd give everything for you
To make you want to stay
I'll give everything I have
I love you more than I can say

Let me love you tonight
And I'll make you feel alright
I know in my heart I want to be with you

Oh, baby, let me love you tonight
And I'll make you feel alright
In a million years I won't be over you
Let me love you tonight

I know you don't want to
Be without my love
And if you're gonna kiss me
You know that you'll have to stay

In the light I see your face
But only in my dreams
Let me be the one to hold your hand
And make you understand

Let me love you tonight
And I'll make you feel alright
I know in my heart I want to be with you

Let me love you tonight
And I'll make you feel alright
In a million years I won't be over you

Lost to the world they put their arms around each other and began kissing. The song changed and others were dancing to the hi-energy dance music around them as they slowly swayed to some slow song that only they could hear. As they parted and looked into each other's eyes, no words were needed. They both were thinking the same thing and knew what they needed to do. They grabbed their shirts, now almost dry, and re-soaked them as they dried themselves.

Both men were sexually charged and ready to take their dance to the privacy of their own home, and their relationship to the next level. They split up as Damon headed to the restroom and Jeff looked for their friends to say goodbye. 

"There you are!" The loud shrill voice cut straight to Jeff's core. He turned to see Danny who he remembered having worked at the hotel he stayed at during his first visit to town, the night he met Damon. "I thought I saw you earlier; how have you been girlfriend?"

Jeff turned to walk away; choosing to just ignore Danny as he had in the past. The one part of the gay scene he still couldn't get into was the effeminate references and he definitely did not like being referred to as a "girl."

Danny had obviously had a few too many drinks which lowered his inhibitions even more than normal. He followed Jeff through the bar, commenting constantly along the way. Just as Jeff found his friends, Danny cornered him and put a hand on either side, pinning him against the wall.

"Hey there big boy; how'd you like me to give you ten inches and make it hurt?" Danny asked.

"What are you gonna do? Fuck me twice and slap me?" Jeff said as he easily removed Danny's arms and walked past. The crowd that overheard was mixed between shock and cheering Jeff on.

"What's going on?" Damon walked up, rejoining his lover. 

"Nobody I couldn't handle." Jeff looked at Danny, now pouting from the rejection, then put his arms around Damon's shoulders and gave him a kiss. They quickly said their good-byes and left the bar.

Back at Jeff's apartment, they went straight to the bedroom and closed the door.

Jeff put his arms at Damon's waist and pulled him in for a kiss, then slowly walked while embraced, one step at a time as they enjoyed the most passionate kiss of their lives. Damon walked backwards matching every step until Jeff stopped when he felt he had reached his bed. Not missing a beat Damon let himself fall backwards on the bed pulling Jeff on top of himself as they both landed on the mattress.

They continued to kiss; this in itself was more then enough for each to let the other know his feelings. Jeff rolled over so that he was then on top, without breaking the kiss. With lips still locked and tongues dancing, Jeff reached down to unbutton Damon's pants. Damon responded by reaching for his lover's button and returned the favor. They finally broke the kiss long enough to quickly undress and climb to the top of the bed where they lay side by side, embracing as they joined for another kiss while they both let their hands explore their lover's body. Both men completely immersed in the moment; both felt as if they were one rather than two individuals.

Jeff made a move for Damon's right ear that he knew from previous experiences was a highly erotic spot for his lover. Damon showed his appreciation by reaching for Jeff's semi-erect penis and giving it a few tugs, bringing it fully to life. 

"You'd better stop that," Jeff said slyly as he disengaged from the ear. "You may get more than you bargained for."

"I'm hoping on it." Damon caught Jeff off guard when he released his now rock hard cock so that he could roll him over and land on top, a rare occasion for the two's lovemaking. 

"Pretty sneaky," Jeff was impressed with the move and decided to see what Damon had in mind. Damon took advantage of being in the dominant position to pin both of Jeff's hands by the wrist above his head before lowering himself to devour his lover. He gave Jeff a complete tongue bath, trying to get his lover to squirm but realized that Jeff must have been right and was not in the slightest bit ticklish. He spread Jeff's muscular legs and nibbled on the inside, just below the groin and for the first time got a response in the form of a slight jerk, followed by a tensing. Damon smiled to himself knowing he had found a sensitive spot and that Jeff didn't want him to know about it. He wisely decided that this was time for lovemaking and not for exploitation and moved on, but made a mental note for future use. He moved his area of concentration up slightly and began nibbling on Jeff's low hanging scrotum, not touching either of the orbs themselves, getting as teasingly close as he could without making actual contact. He knew he had Jeff where he wanted him as he could tell by his lover's movements on the bed. 

Damon licked and lovingly nipped around Jeff's genitals, working the skin beneath and around but not actually touching his aching balls or the rigid shaft of his rock hard penis. Jeff was ready to explode and was thankful that Damon was avoiding the one sensitive spot that would throw him over the edge. He was far from ready to shoot his load. He was about to push his lover away, something he really didn't want to do, when Damon saved him the trouble and moved away from that sensitive area. 

Damon then turned his attention first to Jeff's furry pits, taking in his lover's wonderful aroma before moving back to his neck. While Jeff was greatly enjoying all the attention, he was ready to take control and show Damon what he could do. At first Damon attempted to resist and even tried to recreate his previous movement to roll Jeff back over. The ex-Marine was prepared this time and being stronger, was able to resist. Jeff held himself above Damon with his arms on either side to pin him in place and bent his strong arms just enough to be able to reach his lips. After a few futile attempts Damon finally gave up and submitted to his lover.

Once Jeff realized that Damon was under his control he lowered his guard and let passion take its course as he slipped his tongue into Damon's warm and waiting mouth. He lifted his left arm and tweaked Damon's left nipple. Damon showed his appreciation in the form of a long low moan, then used his then-free right arm to return the favor on Jeff, who kissed even harder upon feeling this. Jeff stopped the kiss and rose up, smiling big as he looked Damon in the eye momentarily before nibbling on the nipple and rubbing through Damon's hairy chest. Spreading his fingers just enough to capture some of the silky dark brown fuzz, he then closed his fingers and raised his hand, in effect straining the hairs. 

"You like my hairy chest, don't you?" 

"Oh yeah," Jeff licked Damon's chest covering as much of the field of fur as he could at one time."

"And to think I was considering having it removed."

"Don't you dare!" Jeff stopped abruptly and rose, giving his lover a disapproving look before smiling. 

"I guess we're evenly matched then," Damon said reaching up and rubbing Jeff's torso. "You like me furry, and I like you being completely smooth."

"That's right, and that's not that only difference I like."

"Oh really, and what else is there?" Damon stared up into Jeff's steel blue eyes and was completely hypnotized in his lover's spell. 

"This," Jeff batted his eyebrows and then quickly lowered himself and took the foreskin of Damon's semi-erect penis into his mouth and grabbed the loose ball sack with his still free left hand.

"Oh," Damon moaned as he let his head fall back, "Thaaaaaaat! Don't stop!"

Jeff slowly munched on the foreskin while working his tongue into the opening and licking around the sensitive glans. Damon jerked at first but quickly got used to the attention his lover was giving to his sensitive love tool. It didn't take long for the attention to cause a reaction and for Damon's penis to extend to its fully hardened length. Jeff managed to catch another quick nibble of the foreskin before it was pulled taut causing the glans to become fully exposed. Robbed of his toy, Jeff compensated by finding more skin to nibble on and moved his attention to Damon's loose scrotum. Damon spread his legs to allow Jeff better access. Jeff took advantage of this new admittance to dive into his work while at the same time using his free hand to begin probing Damon's tight hole. Unlike the last time Jeff tried to go there, this time Damon spread his legs even wider, welcoming his lover in. Jeff released the balls and took the rigid cock into his mouth and in one quick movement took it all the way in. Damon later thought back and wondered where he learned that trick. At the same time Damon's prick is penetrating Jeff's eagerly awaiting throat, he feels Jeff enter his warm tight anus. 

Damon experienced pure ecstasy feeling Jeff's attention to two different body parts, keeping both his sucking and his probing in perfect sync. Slowly he moved a second finger into position that quickly joined the first. In a position where he no longer needed to hold himself up, Jeff used his second hand to grasp and begin fondling Damon's balls. All the attention pushed Damon to the edge of orgasm. Jeff felt the penis in his mouth begin to harden and noticed Damon's breathing intensify, indicating an emanate orgasm. He suddenly released the engorged organ from his mouth. He released his lover's testicles and ceased probing, although he left his two fingers planted deep inside Damon. The sudden deprivation of attention was not lost on Damon who rose up and gave a questioning look to his lover.

"Not yet." Jeff wiggled his fingers momentarily applying pressure to Damon's prostate before stopping and completely removing his digits. "As I recall, you like to take it slow."

"But I was so close." Damon wailed.

"I know."

"What a time you picked to start listening."

"Oh, I listen all the time, like when you said you wanted to mark your territory." Damon gave him a questioning look, "You don't remember doing this?" Jeff reenacted Damon's performance from their first night together and dove into his crotch. He pushed the scrotum aside and began feverishly biting the inside of Damon's leg. When he felt that he had sufficiently left his mark, Jeff grabbed some hairs between his teeth and pulled up. "Does that spark your memory?" he asked.

"Hell yeah!" Damon tried to wiggle free wanting desperately to kiss his lover and return the favor but Jeff held him in place.

"Relax, I'm not done with you yet!"

"Oh, yeah?" 

"Yeah, lay back and enjoy the ride." Jeff then returned to nibbling on Damon's ball sack, taking each testicle into his mouth one at a time. He tried unsuccessfully reaching for his nightstand drawer but gave up, not wanting to draw his lover's attention. Instead he slowly moved into a better position by licking up Damon's treasure trail, which connected his dense pubic bush to the sparse dark chest fur. He stopped when he was face to face with Damon. As they are locked in a kiss, Jeff took advantage of this closer position to open the nightstand drawer and remove a condom and a tube of lubricant without alerting Damon. 

It wasn't until the kiss broke and Jeff moved into position, lifting Damon's legs, that Damon realized what Jeff wanted to do. While less apprehensive then Jeff's previous attempt, Damon wasn't completely sure he was ready for this. Yet at the same time he knew he wanted to please his lover. Noticing the look of apprehension on Damon's face, Jeff asked, "Do you love me?"

"Yes." Damon said without thinking. It's a word he didn't use lightly, but also knew what he was feeling. "Yes I do."

"Good, cuz I love you too." Jeff leaned in close enough for a quick kiss. "Do you trust me?" 

"Yes." Was all Damon said.

"Do you want me as much as I want you?"

"Definitely Jeff Schultz. I want you in me; I want you to fuck me."

Without waiting for further invitation Jeff brought the condom into view, bringing a smile to Damon's face. Jeff's gaze never left Damon's eyes as he ripped the package open, removed the prophylactic then tossed the foil aside. He was about to slip it on when Damon stopped him by grabbing his wrist. Jeff's face changed to a look of disappointment thinking Damon had changed his mind.

"Let me." Damon took the condom and released Jeff, who then moved his wrist out of Damon's way. Damon then reached out and grabbed Jeff's erect penis giving it about a half dozen tugs.

"Better watch out or you may not need that." Jeff said motioning to the condom.

"That close?" 

"With you touching me, yes!"

"Hmm, I thought you wanted to make it last." Damon teased.

"You leave that to me. Once I'm in I can make it last all night if I want to."

"Promises promises."

Jeff smiled and looked at the item in Damon's hand, then at his own penis and finally back at Damon, inviting him to continue. Damon took the cue and put the condom at the tip of Jeff's penis. Then noticing the tube of lubricant took hold of it and squeezed a couple drops into the condom before slowly unrolling it over the tool that he knew would shortly be invading him. Once he finished he lay back and raised his legs to make it easier for his lover's entry. Jeff took his legs and lifted them over his shoulders, resting his ankles just behind his neck. He took the lubricant and squeezed some onto the index and middle finger of his other hand and then once again inserted his fingers into Damon, this time with the slippery solution. Damon's muscles relaxed to let his lover slide in, then slowly twist to make sure he was sufficiently relaxed and ready. Once Jeff was sufficiently satisfied he removed the fingers and reached over to slowly kiss his Damon as he applied a few drops of lubricate on the tip of his sheathed penis before moving into position. 

Jeff broke the kiss so that he could bring himself into an upright position, then he slipped his ample cock into his lover causing Damon to flinch slightly. This was not the first time Damon had been fucked and while Jeff wasn't small, there had been larger ones, but this was the first time in quite a while. He attributed the slight pain to Jeff's over-eagerness. After Jeff had his tool fully inserted, he held position directly over Damon looking into his deep green eyes. They held their gaze momentarily but it seemed like an eternity as both men looked into the other's soul. Their lips met and joined in a kiss as Jeff began slowly pumping his lover. For Damon the initial pain was gone and he was experiencing pure bliss as he came to realize that his lover definitely knew what he was doing. 

Jeff kept his movement slow and rhythmic, taking a couple seconds from his glans just barely penetrating the sphincter to having his pubic hairs mingling with those on Damon's scrotum, holding momentarily before slowly removing his tool then starting the process over. Jeff has plenty of experience with his fuck tool with both men and women. He had enough experience to know what would cause him to shoot his load, and how to keep it from shooting. He also knew that every person was a little different in what they found pleasurable and that it would only be a matter of time to find what worked best with Damon. He already knew he had feelings for this man that he had never experienced in his life with any other person and hoped that Damon felt the same way about him. He alternated between kissing Damon's lips and nibbling on his ears while never slowing his movements. Once both of their breathing began to increase and Jeff realized that orgasm was emanate he pulled his penis from his lover and quickly removed the condom, tossing it aside. He moved so that his penis was parallel to Damon's and grasped them both and stroked them together. Damon realized what was happening and brought his own hand placing it over Jeff's as their eyes met. It only took moments before they both released their seed at the same time. The two loads mingled and gather in a pool on Damon's abdomen. As they slowly come down from their orgasmic high Jeff collapsed on top of Damon so that their combined load glued them together as their lips joined for another kiss. Not breaking the kiss Jeff rolled over so that he was next to Damon. He then ran his hand through the pool of cum, and then broke the kiss with his cum covered fingers at Damon's mouth. Damon understood the gesture and licked Jeff's fingers as Jeff joined in. Both men drank their combined seed then joined lips to further mingle their seed. They had expressed their love and consummated their relationship.

Sated, the two lay side by side, looking into each other's eyes. Both were now content to just be with his lover, neither wanting to leave.

"I suppose we should clean up?" Jeff broke the silence and the gaze as they slipped out of bed and hit the shower.

"I can't believe Jen stayed at the sorority house." Jeff thought aloud as they slipped back under the covers.

"Um, Jeff, we need to talk."

"I'm listening." Jeff propped himself on his elbow and looked into his lover eyes as he gently caressed his hairy chest.

"I know Jen gives you this reputation as being the big bad overprotective brother. But what would you say if she really was with a guy?"

"That, reputation as you put it, is all her doing," Jeff laughed. "She used to tell guys that back in school so they wouldn't hit on her." 

"But the question is what would you do? How would you feel about it? Would you react like you did when she brought me home?"

"I don't know; I guess it depends on the guy. I mean I know she's not a virgin so it's not like I need to protect the family honor." They both laughed. It then hit Jeff that Damon was getting to something. "Alright, what do you know?"

"Who says I know anything?" Damon got inconvincibly defensive.

"Spit it out, fratboy," Jeff said as he rolled over and started tickling a very ticklish Damon, who began laughing hysterically bringing Jeff to a laugh as well. 

"OK, OK,"

"Give up?"

"Yeah," It took a few seconds for Damon to catch his breath. He then used surprise to throw Jeff from on top of him and roll over so that he is on top and tries to return the torture.

"Sorry dude," Jeff said with a slight grin as he grabs Damon's hands to make him stop. "But I'm not in the slightest bit ticklish." He released Damon's hands and began wiggling his own fingers towards Damon as if he was going to start another round. "But you sure are, so do you want another round or are you going to tell me?"

"I happened to find out today that she has a new boyfriend and she's spending the night with him."

"WHAT!" Jeff screamed, "You knew this and you didn't tell me?"

"It's not that I didn't want to; it just never came up. Besides, I made a promise."

"To who, Jen?" Jeff gave Damon another playful tickle.

"No!" Damon said and wiggled free of the onslaught.

"Oh, so I take it you know the boyfriend huh?" 

"Uh, yeah."

"Who is it?" Jeff wiggled his fingers as if to tickle again.

"Think about last night." Damon said quickly to avoid Mr. Fingers.

Jeff thought back and remembered Jen talking to a lot of people. But one in particular she spent a lot of time with. "That Brian guy."


"And he just told you?"

"He's my roommate. He decided to tell me up front they were dating and had been to make sure there was no animosity. He asked if you were as tough as he had heard. Since he had already opened up, he went on and told me about their plans for tonight."

"Which are?"

"Well, they were going out to dinner, then to the concert. And then spending the night in a hotel."

"So that's why she snuck out dressed up."

"Apparently they had already hooked up before she even broke up with me. They kept in touch all summer."

"That explains a few things." Jeff thought aloud, remembering some of the things that Jen had done over the summer.

"Such as?" Damon asked.

"Why she gave Steve such a hard time. At the wedding I was sure they would be getting back together over the summer. But when she came home for the summer she not only ignored him, she brushed him off. I know she bought several long distance cards and didn't want to talk about it other then to say it was to keep in touch with friends from school. And she was at the library every single day, sometimes more then once to check email." Jeff paused as he collected his thoughts. "So what's this guy like, should I let my reputation show or chill out?"

"We were in the fraternity together last year. In fact we pledged together. We hung out at the house and frat functions but never really ran around together. But he's cool; we get along fine. I think he's a decent guy."

"I guess I should take the attitude that she's a big girl."

"Good, because he's a big guy."

"What? You think I can't take him? Hey I may be a fag but I'm still a U.S. Marine." About that time Jeff realized the double meaning of Damon's comment. "What do you mean?"

"Oh, nothing." Jeff gave Damon a look that said `you better tell me' as he held up his fingers preparing for another round of tickling. "Oh, okay. Don't forget we have a large community shower at the frat house. I've seen Brian's, shall we say, attributes plenty of times. Trust me; Jen's getting her money's worth."

"Oh really?"

"Oh, yeah."

"Am I going to have to be jealous of you over there in the showers?"

"There may be plenty of eye candy," Damon grabbed Jeff's flaccid dick, "but I've got what I want right here."

"And it's all yours my dear." Jeff leaned over and kissed Damon. They rolled over with Jeff behind Damon in a spoon position. Within minutes both were in deep sleep.

Damon awakened first when the sun began creeping through the thin plastic mini-blinds on the Eastern window of the apartment. He quietly slipped out of the bed with Jeff still sound asleep. He grabbed Jeff's house robe that he noticed hanging on a hook on the bedroom door. He opened the door and slipped out, then quietly closed it behind him, being careful not to wake his sleeping lover. He went down the hall to the bathroom and quietly closed the door. He wasn't sure why, after all Jen was with Brian so there was no one to disturb. After his morning piss he slipped back down the hall to the kitchen where he found the coffee pot and coffee. He measured out what he thought was the correct amount and loaded it in the filter. The filled the reservoir with water before finally hitting the `brew' button.

He stood there rubbing the sleep out of his eyes while waiting for the dripping to stop. He was also trying to decide whether to take it easy or go work out. It was Sunday, which was usually his rest day. But he was also feeling the effect of not working out most of the summer and wanted to get back into it. With the pot not yet half done, already the smell of fresh coffee was strong in the room and began to wake him up. Once the last drop was in the carafe, he poured some of the warm liquid into one of the ceramic mugs he found in the cabinet. He had just taken his first sip when a naked Jeff entered the room walking like a zombie.

"CAFFEINE." He said as he took a mug from the cabinet and poured himself a cup. They stood in silence as they sipped their morning coffee. Jeff sat his mug on the counter and walked up behind Damon. He wrapped his arms around his lover and began kissing his neck. He slowly pulled at the rope that held the robe closed, releasing the loose fitting knot to let the front open slightly. Damon let out a slight moan as Jeff let his right hand reach in and begin rubbing Damon's flat abs. Damon leaned his head to the side allowing Jeff better access to his favorite erogenous zone. They both closed their eyes as the passion overtook them.


Damon was startled at hearing the shriek. The ceramic mug he had been holding was by then shattered into hundreds of tiny pieces as the remaining coffee quickly spread across the tile floor. If either man felt the heat from the hot liquid they didn't show it.

"SHIT!" Jeff yelled as they both opened their eyes to see Jen standing there staring at Damon's hard-on. As the shock began to wear off, she covered her mouth, ran to her room and slammed the door.

"Uh, give me that. I'd better go talk to her." Jeff said motioning to the house-coat.

"Yeah sure," Damon handed the garment over, "want me to leave?"

"No, I may need you."

"K, I'd better get dressed though and clean this mess up."

"K," Jeff said as he walked off tying the robe closed. He slowly approached the door, unsure of what to say or how to handle this now very difficult situation. He cautiously raised his hand and lightly knocked on the door. "Sis, can I come in? We really need to talk." He waited for about a minute but when no reply came he tried the knob and found it to be unlocked. He turned the knob and slowly opened the door. He saw his younger sister on her bed curled up lying on her side, just staring into space. Jeff slowly walked over and sat at the edge of the bed. He sat in silence for a couple minutes while she lay motionless with a glassy stare, looking at nothing in particular. He tenderly placed a hand on her shoulder hoping his gentle touch would get her to at least acknowledge that he was in the room with her. It didn't work; he was now afraid to remove it and just left it there for a small bit, but as she remained silent and motionless, he began slightly rubbing. He kneaded a bit before he decided that he was going to have to be the one to break the silence. 

"Well admittedly this is not the way I planned the proverbial coming out of the closet. But you were always the first one I intended on telling." She remained silent as he rubbed for another minute before continuing. "I was planning on talking to you about this, soon, especially since we're living together. I knew it would be difficult if not impossible to continue hiding it but just never imagined it would happen this way!"

He continued stroking her back hoping he was getting through to her. She continued to lie completely still with a face that conveyed absolutely no emotion. 

"Since the cat is now out of the bag, I might as well come out and say it; yes Sis, I'm gay." He stopped stroking for a moment, a thought just popped into his head that he said aloud. "Gee, I think that's the first time I've ever actually said it out loud. It sounds strange to hear it coming out of my own mouth." He chuckles.

"I don't know how I ended up this way Sis, I just did. Yeah I dated girls, and yeah at one time I was going to even get married. But once I... Once I found out what it was like with a guy I knew that's what I wanted." He noticed a tear running down her cheek. "Ah Sis don't cry, talk to me." He used his thumb to wipe away the tear.

"Why Damon?"

A heavy sigh from Jeff as he looked away, "It just happened."

"But how, when, we just moved here?"

"Confession time Sis." Jeff stopped; he knew this revelation might be painful for his sister. "We've actually known each other for several months." He looked back at her as she moved her head for the first time to give him a questioning look. "Remember last year when I came to town, when I first got out of the Marines?" She didn't say anything but the expression on her face spoke volumes. "That first night I couldn't find you, I was bored so I went out, out to a gay bar. And that's where I met Damon. Sis it was love at first sight; we both saw each other and felt it."

"But he was still dating me!" 

"Yeah, I know. We didn't know our connection until you brought him home for Angie's wedding."

"So that's why you two acted so funny when you first met!"

"Yeah," Jeff laughed, "when I saw him I was ready to strangle him for what he was doing to us."

"Oh my God he was cheating on me, and with a guy! I wonder how many others?" Her eyes just lit up when a thought hit her. "So the only reason he was going out with me was to hide the fact that he was gay. What an asshole!"

"Sis he says I was the only one, and I believe him. But isn't that like the pot calling the kettle black?" She gave him a questioning look. "Sis, I heard you talking to Steve at the wedding. I know you dated him to make yourself look good."

"But still."

"No buts to it. And we also know about this Brian guy and how you were supposedly seeing him before you even broke it off with Damon. Don't forget that, you broke up with him." She sat in silent contemplation for a while. "Look Sis, I'm not saying what either of you did was right. But at this point let's call it even and move on. The important thing is you and me. We've always been there for each other and I really need you now. I'm still getting used to this gay thing. We come from that small town where everybody was so redneck; I'm probably the first gay person from Spring Hill."

"No you're not," Jen said through her tears. This time Jeff gave her the questioning look. "Remember Phillip Walker?"

Jeff took a few seconds to process before pulling up the correct memory of a guy who graduated a year before him. "No way!"

"Yep, that's why he's gone. Parents kicked him out and told him to never come back."

"Well I'll be damned!" Jeff was momentarily lost in thought about what he may have known or any signs he may have seen in Phillip. After a few moments he was brought back to his current situation. "Anyway sis, I am what I am. I know this is a lot to swallow. But I'm hoping that you can see it in you to understand, and hopefully accept."

"Tell me though, how do you really fell about Damon."

Jeff gets a big smile, "Jen he makes me feel good all over. When I'm around him he makes me feel like I've never felt before with anyone, even Mary."

"Sounds like Bubby is in love!" For the first time a smile was trying to break through her red puffy face.

"I guess I am."

"And how does he feel?"

"I hope the same way; you'll have to ask him."

"Is he still here?"

"Hopefully; I asked him not to leave."

Jennifer got up off the bed and walked to the living room where a very nervous Damon was now fully dressed and sitting on the couch. When he saw her approaching, he stood as she came up to him.

"Well Damon, I think my brother really likes you." She turned to look at Jeff momentarily. "So tell me, do you love my brother?"

Damon's green eyes got brighter, he looked to Jeff who motioned that all was alright and a smile came to his face, a smile that spoke more to Jennifer than a thousand words ever could. She placed her arms around him, giving him a hug. Not a hug like they had shared before, but one like he would share with a sister. "Then I guess all I have to say is welcome to the family!"

Der Ende

Well folks this wraps up the story as I originally envisioned it. However since I started, the characters have literally come alive and there is so much more to tell of their story. I have projects to work on and may not get back to them right away. Please check back for Jeff and Damon's continuing story in Book II, which will be titled: "Closets are for Clothes."

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