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Welcome to the Family

by JT Adams


Chapter 6

    Damon couldn't believe that Jennifer was still sleeping. He never understood how anybody could sleep in a car, something he had never been able to do. That's probably why he had always been `designated driver' on road trips. He had wanted to have a talk with her during this trip, but chickened out when they first left town. Then when he finally built up the courage he heard a slight snore. Damon turned to see Jennifer comfortably napping, her head resting against the window on a pillow she'd brought along.

    The solitude of the long trip had given him time to think and to clear his mind. He had been all set to break up with her; after all, they had not seen each other much over the last two weeks. Plus in two weeks school would be out for the summer and they would be going their own ways. Then they could both have a clean start next semester. But the main reason he wanted to break up were his feelings for Jeff. They had three wonderful days together and Damon was sure he had found his soul mate. Yet after promising to return the following weekend, Jeff never showed up and he never called. So after much thought and contemplation, Damon decided that Jeff had been a mistake he shouldn't have made. He has a girlfriend now and they did get along, much better then he ever thought he would with a girl. Perhaps he wasn't gay after all. Maybe it was just a phase he was going through, like all the `professionals' say. And he still had another year of school; Damon didn't want to go back to being questioned by all the guys why he didn't have a girlfriend. Jennifer wasn't that bad; they got along great, she wasn't pushy or bitchy and best of all, she was a hot looking Chi-Omega! He knew for a fact that several guys in his fraternity had asked her out and she had declined every one of them. So the fact that he was dating her was definitely good for his reputation. But would he go further? So far he had no desire to have sex with her; he had never even kissed her, other then a peck on the cheek. The marriage thing had popped up in his mind on more then one occasion. Even though he already had an entry level job lined up at his father's investment firm when he graduated next year, Damon knew that one went much further in the business world with a family. Josh sure will be proud of him when he finds out he's thinking about marriage to a female! But what will he think when he realizes its' for completely different reasons than why Josh had hooked up with Cindy. And what will Jennifer think when she eventually finds out the truth about Josh, and his own interesting past? Damon had been with more men during his late teens and early twenties then many guys had in a lifetime. But, except for Jeff, he had been celibate since he had started dating Jen. And he didn't miss it. Yes, he liked sex, who doesn't? He wanted more out of life then one night stands. Damon knew that in the gay world, long term relationships, those beyond a year or two were few and far between. And Damon knew that he wanted a life partner, like his parents and grandparents before. To get that he is going to need to marry a female! But wait, his brother is married, had been for six years now and he is totally miserable. He had a bitch for a wife and two bratty kids that nobody in the family wanted to be around. Damon was so confused; he didn't know what to do. 

    Damon already knew this weekend would be a pivotal moment in his life. He still couldn't believe he let Jennifer talk him into going home with her to meet her family. It was her cousin's wedding and she really didn't want to go solo, so he finally submitted to the trip. This was going to be the first time he had ever met a girlfriend's family. Heck, it was the first time he had a girlfriend! He had several boyfriends in the past, but they were mainly sexual relationships and none had ever lasted more than three months. And definitely never to the "meet the parents" stage.

    He had no idea what to expect, but knew that he was going to be tested and watched under a microscope. All Damon knew of her family is what he had thus far learned from her. Her father was a rough and tough redneck who worked for the state highway department. But her brother, this could be interesting. All he knew about the guy is that he is an ex-Marine called `Bubba' who is very protective of his little sister. This is going to be interesting.

    "We're almost there," Damon said as he nudged Jennifer awake. Thank goodness he had looked at the atlas before they left town. He at least had an idea where they needed to be. But once they got to Spring Hill, he was going to need her assistance to get to the family farm.

    She led him straight through town and out the other side. Damon didn't count, but he knew it had to be less the ten blocks total. "OK DJ," she said groggily, "turn left up at that mini mart." They were now a good five miles on the other side of the small town she called home.

    Damon turned as directed onto a very narrow country road; it weren't even wide enough to be considered two-lane. Immediately behind the mini mart was a creek, which they crossed on an old rickety one-lane bridge. Jen warned him to slow down, he's glad he did. The old wooden structure shook so much under the weight of his small car that he wondered how farm equipment ever made it across. On the right hand side of the road were corn fields as far as he could see. She had him turn left again, off the road and onto a gravel driveway leading up to the family farmhouse, a picturesque little homestead. It was a two story white frame house with a full veranda running the entire front. And there was an old barn, which still looked in pretty good condition in a distance to the back of the house. There were several very large oak trees with limbs as large as trunks going in all directions, completely shading the front yard on this bright May Friday. The yard looked very well maintained, although the grass was thin in areas, probably due to not getting enough sunlight. There had been an attempt at a flower bed in front of the house, but like the grass, there probably was not enough light to nurture the annuals, so the petunias were a lot thinner and scraggly looking then they would have been had they been planted elsewhere. Damon could see a porch swing hanging gracefully from the joists that made up the ceiling of the veranda. You could make out a light swinging, probably being coaxed along from the gentle winds blowing across the Illinois plains. The house, like everything else, appeared to be well maintained. The coat of white paint could not have been more then a year or two old. As was the forest green on the trim work, including what looked like the original wooden shutters. 

    The gravel of the driveway crunched lightly under the wheels as they approached the house, coming to a halt just behind an older model Mercury Grand Marquis. Damon took his time putting the car into gear, engaging the emergency break, even taking time to eject the CD he had been listening to and neatly storing it away in its jewel case, something he seldom took time to do. He finally killed the ignition and removed the key. Like this stalling was really going to get him over his nervousness.

    "We're here," Jennifer said as she jumped out of the car. Damon finally succumbed to his anxieties and opened the door. As his feet hit the ground he heard a "meow" just before he felt fur on his ankles. His reflexive jump was enough to bring Jennifer to laughter but didn't phase the feline in the slightest bit. The yellow tomcat looked up at Damon and gave another "meow," then rubbed its head against Damon's ankle, a good indication that it wanted some attention. 

    "Oh, Butch," Jennifer said as she bent down to pet the loudly purring cat, who was still trying to attract Damon's attention. "Hmm, this is unusual; Butch is usually skittish of new people. I don't think I've ever seen him take to someone new so fast." As she quit rubbing his fur and stood, Butch gave a loud meow voicing his disapproval.

    Damon, who then realized he didn't need to feel threatened by the animal reached and began scratching right behind its head. Butch obviously enjoyed that and extended his neck to make full contact with Damon's fingers. As Damon stopped and began to stand the cat rolled over on its back and batted its front legs begging for his tummy to be rubbed. Damon just gives it a quick rub down before standing and closing the car door. Then as a last act of stalling Damon pressed the button on his key-fob to activate the alarm. He then nervously joins Jennifer walking along the cobblestone footpath leading to the front door with Butch following closely behind. 

    They were about to step up onto the front porch when the old wooden storm door swung open and a woman came running out, letting the door slam shut behind her. 

    "You're here!" she screamed as she ran towards them arms extended. She went straight to Jennifer and their arms wrapped tightly around each other. "Oh baby I have missed you so much!"

    Damon could only assume this was Jennifer's mother. He remembered Jennifer talking about her mother's cooking, how she always won ribbons at the county fair. The first thought that ran through his mind was that she must have sampled more then a few of her own confectionary creations. She was wearing a light blue house dress, mostly covered by a white apron. Her face was nearly covered with wide rimmed black glasses; through them Damon cold see where Jennifer got her blue eyes. The only jewelry she was wearing besides a simple wedding band was a small crucifix on a chain around her neck.

    After she released her embrace she looked at Damon, who must have had a terrified look on his face. "And this handsome young man must be DJ." He extended his hand as he had always been taught was proper when meeting someone. "That's not the way we greet family around here." Before he could react she grabbed him in a bear hug. "He sure is cute," she said as she released the hug but grabbed his shoulders, squeezing as she looked him in the face. "You always did know how to pick `em Sis." She released her grasp and turned towards the door. "Come on in, you must be hungry from the trip. I have lunch waiting for you. I thought you would be here a half hour ago." 

    With greetings out of the way they made their way into the house, this time not being as rough on the door. Damon followed silently behind as mother and daughter chatted away catching up on all the latest gossip. 

    They entered to a small foyer with a high ceiling and open stairway. "Bubby, come on down, your sister's home with her boyfriend." Mrs. Schultz yelled up the stairs. Damon noticed that the wall along the entire stairway from bottom to top was almost solid picture frames containing what he guessed were family photos. Immediately one caught his eye; he stepped closer to get a better look. No, it couldn't be! 

    When he heard a door open he redirected his gaze to the top of the stairway. If there had ever been a time when the old saying `he nearly shit his pants' were true, this would have to be it. He was experiencing a plethora of emotions with surprise and joy topping the list. He never would have expected Jeff to be Jennifer's brother!

    At precisely the same moment Jeff froze in his spot as his face lost all color. He also was experiencing emotion but with him the joy was replaced by anger and disgust. How could this be his sister's boyfriend? Was this some kind of trick? And if Damon was his sister's boyfriend where did that leave him? And finally, realizing this must be the reason why he hadn't called. Jeff only hoped that he were good enough at hiding his emotions so that his mother and sister didn't notice. He quickly regained his composure and trotted down the stairs. 

    Damn he looked good! Better than what Damon remembered. His hair was shorter than before and seemed a lighter shade of blond. When they had last seen each other Jeff's face had not seen a razor in four days. Now being clean-shaven, Damon could see all the details of Jeff's chiseled face. Jeff had the fine jaw line that Damon had always found incredibly sexy in a man. But the one thing that first drew Damon to him that first night at The Palace, those bright blue eyes, seemed even more piercing as Jeff seemed to look right through him. In an instant Damon forgot all about his thoughts on the trip. At this moment as far as he was concerned Jennifer did not exist. There was no way he would be happy married, to her or any woman for that matter. Seeing this man made him realize he was definitely all gay and no woman could ever make him feel the way he was feeling right then. 

    Jeff came down the stairs, very erect and sure of himself. He was wearing cut-off blue jean shorts that hugged his narrow waist perfectly, showing off his muscular legs. The bulge in the crotch looked just about right to be hiding what Damon already knew was there. The loose green t-shirt was obviously from his Marine Corp days, well worn and well faded. It looked incredibly hot hanging from his broad shoulders and large chest. Marines? Jeff didn't say anything about the Marines, but that definitely explains his body. Jeff didn't bother to look at Damon as he bottomed the stairs. Somehow both men knew that they must not let on that they know each other. That would set them up for way too many questions that neither were willing to answer. Jeff fixed his gaze on his sister and a smile came to his face. As they met in a hug Damon watched the muscle fibers stretching in Jeff's arms. 

    But as the embrace broke, Damon could tell Jeff was tensing up. And immediately his emotions switched to worry and concern. "Bubby," Jennifer said, pointing in his direction, "This is DJ."

    Damon panicked like a deer caught in headlights; he didn't know what to do. Oh, how he longed to hug this Adonis, but waited for Jeff to make the first move. But instead of getting a hug, he was met with an extended hand. Damon graciously extended his own hoping for the best, but when they shook it was not what Damon was expecting. He immediately noticed that the warmth he felt at their original meeting was not there. Instead it was replaced with a cold, clammy and tense grasp. "Hi," was all Jeff said. He was pissed; Damon could feel it. 

    "Well I hope you two get along. I'm putting DJ up with you Bubby," his mother said.

    "What?" The other three said in unison.

    "I don't care what you young people do there in the big city and I don't want to know. But in my house unmarried couples do not sleep together. Since we no longer have a guestroom, it's the best place."

    "What about Grandma's old room?" Jennifer asked.

    "I finally turned it into the hobby room I've been wanting. With you in college and Bubby in the Marines I just figured your rooms would double as guest rooms when we needed one. But you're both here so we will just have to make due. DJ, there's a queen size bed in there and more than big enough for you two strapping young fellows. But if either of you aren't comfortable with this we do have Wayne's old army cot around here somewhere." Damon was embarrassed at the insinuation that he had been sleeping with Jennifer but knew that this was the least of his worries.

    "Oh, I don't remember being asked if I wanted a bunkmate." Jeff said sarcastically. 

    "You're expected to be hospitable, that's why." his mother said sternly.

    "Yeah, whatever," Jeff said as he turned and left the room. His mother followed with Jennifer and Damon close behind. They walked into the kitchen just in time to see Jeff going out the back door, slamming it behind him. 

    "Don't worry about him," Mrs. Schultz said to Damon, "His bark is worse than his bite." He hoped she was right. He was more worried now then ever as to how this was going to work out.

    Mrs. Schultz opened the refrigerator and removed a lunchmeat tray as Jennifer opened a cabinet and took out a loaf of wheat bread. Damon moved closer to the back window and watched Jeff disappear into the barn. He knew they were going to need to be alone in order to be able to have the talk they needed to have. He was trying to think of a reason to follow when he saw the familiar Jeep coming out of the large door. Jeff must have floored it as the wheels began spinning, spaying loose gravel behind him as he sped up the driveway. 

    "I don't know what has gotten into him," Mrs. Schultz said as she set a plate of homemade cookies and fudge on the table. "He seemed in a good mood this morning when he left for work, even came home early so he could clean up and be ready when you got home."

    "It doesn't seem like him Mom. I've never seen him like this and he was in such a great mood when he came over last week." Jennifer said. 

    "Well that weekend was good for him; when he came home Sunday evening he seemed so happy." Mrs. Schultz said as she filled two glasses with ice. Damon smiled to himself as she poured him a glass of Dr. Pepper, remembering that it was both his and Jeff's favorite soft drink.

    "Sunday, I thought he checked out if his hotel on Saturday? I tried calling and they said he was gone." Jennifer said. 

    "Maybe he found a girl," Mrs. Schultz said. "That would explain why he came home in such a good mood. He gave me a big kiss and went straight to bed." She looked out the window in thought as the other two were chomping on sandwiches. "Even your father wondered if he, well, got some."

    Damon choked on his sandwich knowing she was talking about him. "Here take a drink DJ. I'm sorry, I shouldn't be talking so vulgar. "

    After that comment the subject was dropped. Mrs. Schultz had a million and one questions for both of them. Where did they meet? How did they meet? Where was he from? Did he go to church? Has she been going to church since she has been away from home? What does his father do? Are his parents involved in church organizations? 

    Damon remained quiet while the two women talked, speaking only when spoken to. He had no idea what they were talking about and could care less. His thoughts were on Jeff; how is it they didn't know about each other before? Why was Jeff so mad? Should he continue pretending like they don't know each other? He finally decided that he was here with Jennifer and would have been here regardless of who her brother was. He would go about his business, as if he were with Jennifer, no wait, he was with Jennifer! As far as Jeff was concerned, he would go with the flow, let Jeff make the first move.

    It seemed like hours later that the constant flow of conversation between the two Schultz women was finally interrupted by the telephone. The loud ringing also brought Damon out of his daydream and made him realize that in all the time he had been there, they almost completely ignored him. 

    "Hello," Mrs. Schultz said into the receiver of the old wall mounted telephone. "Yes, yes, yes Angie, they are here. We've just been talking up a storm, catching up on things, uh huh yes I sent that home with Ryan yesterday. Your mother should have it. Are you ready for your big day tomorrow? I just know you are going to make such a pretty bride. Uh huh, well here let me give you to Sissy."

    Five minutes later Damon and Jennifer are hugging her mother goodbye and walking out the door. According to Jennifer they had a lot of things to get done and not a lot of time. They took Damon's car into town, first stop, the tailor's store. Jennifer had already been measured several weeks prior at a store not to far from campus. Those measurements were sent back here to where all the dresses would be bought. Jennifer was the only bridesmaid who hadn't been fitted and picked up her dress yet. And with tomorrow being the wedding they needed to get that done first in case they needed to make any alterations. Since Damon was just a date and not a member of the wedding party he could dress as he pleased. He owned several nice suits and brought one he thought would be appropriate.

    Jen directed him into the heart of downtown Spring Hill, right to the town square. To Damon it looked reminiscent of something out of an old movie. There was a whole block that was nothing but a park, with a white bandstand in the middle surrounded by dogwood and redbud trees, with a few larger mature oaks to provide shade. Neatly trimmed azalea bushes surrounded the bandstand. He noticed a few stray blossoms dotting the landscape. Damon imagined how pretty it must have looked only a few weeks prior in the heart of spring when it was all in full bloom. Across the street from the square in all four directions were two story storefronts still looking much like they probably had at the turn of the last century. Only Damon was sure that these were much more bustling and probably the hub of activity back then. Unfortunately, it looked like many of the former stores were now empty buildings, replaced by `progress' otherwise known as the new Super Wal-Mart they had passed coming into town. Damon was one who believed that the corporate giant that many see as All-American was in fact ruining Americana by eliminating individuality. He was able to park right in front of the tailor, who was waiting for them and quickly rushed Jennifer to the dressing room. Damon had to admit to himself she looked stunning in the dress. He couldn't wait to see what the bride looked like in order to outshine this lovely maiden. They were in and out of the tailor's in no time. Luckily he had received good measurements and the dress fit fine. 

    They left the car parked and walked around the square where they met up with some of Jennifer's friends at a café. It was actually more of an old-fashioned ice cream parlor. Damon hadn't seen anything like this in years and enjoyed a homemade waffle cone with a double dip of mint chocolate chip as Jennifer caught up with all her childhood friends. Once he was introduced and all the girls complimented Jennifer on how cute he was, he was mainly forgotten and totally left out of the conversation. He felt out of place and wondered how he let himself get talked into this. He kept looking out the front window hoping he would see Jeff drive by and they would have a chance to talk. Anytime he heard a vehicle his head turned to the large front window. He had no such luck for the Jeep never drove by. 

    Damon was caught off guard when a rather good-looking guy walked in. From the way he was groomed and dressed and the way he walked with confidence, Damon could tell something was different about him. He didn't seem like the others he had so far met in Spring Hill.

    "Steven! You made it!" Jennifer said when she saw him. She jumps from her seat and runs across the building to him. The way they embraced, Damon could tell right away they definitely knew each other; he just wasn't sure how well. What Damon didn't notice while he was checking out this handsome man hugging his girlfriend, was that all the others in the room were watching him to see his reaction. 

    "I can't miss my little brother's wedding, can I?" He said as he released Jennifer and said hi to the rest of the group. Damon wonders who he is but is too embarrassed to ask. Especially when nobody there, including his girlfriend bothers to introduce him.

    Little by little the crowd started growing as others from the wedding party were arriving. Once everyone who was expected was there they all headed to the church. When they arrived the priest and organist were waiting so they could walk through the rehearsal. Since Damon was not involved in the ceremony he sat in a pew near the back of the church, bored for over an hour as the group went through the procedures several times. Damon did find out that Steven, the handsome man from the café was best man and the brother of the groom. Some of the people Damon had heard of before in his and Jennifer's conversations. He knew that Angie and Travis had been dating for several years and that Angie was Jennifer's first cousin and best friend when they were growing up. Damon also knew that Travis' family had money and that his parents initially didn't approve of his dating Angie. The other person who stood out was a kid who as far as Damon could tell was going to be an usher. He looked like a younger version of Jeff, a little shorter with a not as well developed physique and his hair was not as light or nearly as short. But the similarity was amazing. The bride's mother was definitely Mrs. Schultz's sister, looked and acted just like her. There was obvious friction between her and the mother of the groom in their differences in opinion on the ceremony. Neither seemed to be giving the bride or groom any say in their power struggle. As far as Damon was concerned they got it right the second time. But somebody kept thinking of something else that would be a little better. To Damon the only good that came of the ordeal was the church itself. St. John's Catholic Church, Damon later found out, had been built in the 1920's and was one of the last churches in the area to be so ornately built in the old style. It was a large structure with high ceilings, the acoustics were so perfect that even near the back Damon could hear perfectly what was being said at the alter being echoed throughout the building. And when the organ played it was pure magic. While Damon would never admit it in most circles, he loved pipe organ music; he even listed to a program called "Pipe Dreams" on the radio when no one else was around. After nearly three hours of what evolved into bickering, a decision was made. They were going to use what had been tried during the second walk through!

    After they finally got to the point where the mothers quit arguing and were being somewhat civil, they abandoned the church and headed back to the edge of town to Lamberts, an Amish restaurant where the groom's parents had rented the back room for a rehearsal dinner. They had invited everyone in the wedding party and their spouses or dates. Most of the people from the rehearsal were there with an exception being the mother of the bride. Damon also noticed the blond kid was absent as well. As before, Damon was introduced to a few people then largely ignored.

    Several times the manager came in and hinted that the restaurant was closing but the groom's parents mostly brushed him off. As the party started thinning the best man grabbed the groom and several other guys and quietly slipped out. Jennifer was in no hurry and stayed chatting until there were only five people left. After the get together, he found out the next stop was a bachelorette party. Damon really had no desire to go and Jennifer could tell. Plus she really didn't want him there anyway. She got wind of a special surprise and knew it was supposed to be ladies only. She wished she would have thought about it earlier and he could have gone with the guys, who were probably having but never admitted to a bachelor party. None of the girls was sure where is was being held, and didn't want to take the time to find out. It was finally decided that Damon would go back to the house. He could just spend some time with her parents and brother.

    After making sure that Damon knew his way back to the house, Jennifer put her arms around her cousin's shoulders. Followed by the other two girls, they left the restaurant. Damon quickly sipped the last of his drink and was the last to leave.

    Damon found his way back to the country with no problem. With the familiar mini mart for a landmark, he easily returned to the Schultz Farm. He noticed the car was not parked in the drive and the house looked mainly dark. He wondered if anybody was home and if perhaps this were a mistake. He grabbed his duffel bag and Jen's suitcase from the trunk before locking his car and setting the alarm. Butch was once again escorting him along the walkway, purring at his feet. He stepped up onto the large front porch, which was dimly lit by a single pendant fixture. He stopped and sat the bags down near the door and took a few moments to pet Butch. The cat purred loudly in appreciation as it enjoyed the attention it was getting. But for Damon this was just stalling; he was hesitant to knock. He finally decided that since he was a guest he might as well just go in, after all that is what Mrs. Schultz would have expected him to do. So when he turned the knob and found the door was unlocked, he took this as his cue.

    The house was mainly dark as expected, with the exception of a small lamp sitting on a table in the foyer. The only other hint of life that he saw was the faint blue light coming from the family room indicating the television was on. He set the luggage he had carried in from the car on the floor in the foyer near the door and went to the family room. He walked in to find Jeff alone. The sight was enough to take his breath away; Jeff was lying on the couch in nothing but a pair of jogging shorts. His arms were behind his head exposing the maximum amount of hard muscular male body that he could. He looked totally sensual in the relaxed and lounging pose. It was all Damon could do to keep from popping a boner then and there. He went in and sat in another chair without either saying anything. 

    "Ever heard of knocking?" Jeff finally said during a commercial.

    "Sorry, I didn't know if anyone was home; it's dark." 

    "You're lucky I was expecting you. In these parts you could get shot first, then asked questions later."

    After another lengthy silent spell it was Damon that spoke, "Jennifer went to a bachelorette party and thought I would be bored. She's the one that suggested I should just come home."

    Jeff didn't even bother to acknowledge the comment and instead kept his gaze fixed on the television set. He had the TV set on the Learning Channel but Damon wasn't sure if he was even watching.

    "Look, I'm sorry." Damon finally said when he could stand the cold shoulder treatment no longer.

    "Sorry for what, lying to me, or using my sister?"

    "I never lied to you and I've never done anything to hurt Jen."

    "So, do you mind telling me what the hell's going on and explain why I shouldn't kick your ass?" Jeff asked.

    "Look, I'm sorry."

    "Is that all you can ever say?"

    "I didn't know..."

    "DIDN'T KNOW WHAT?" Jeff was letting out the anger that he had kept bottled up for the past hours. "That you were leading my sister on? Or were you leading me on? I can't believe this! The only reason we're talking, the ONLY reason I didn't beat the crap out of you when you first walked in, was because I would then have to explain myself to my mother and my sister."

    "Yeah, but."

    "No buts this time, man, I don't know whether I should be pissed because you used my sister or for what you did with me."

    "You know," Jeff said, "before I met you, all I wanted was a quick fuck, somebody to get off with. Here I thought you were somebody special. My whole outlook was changing. You know I've rushed home from work every day hoping to hear from you. I had just decided that it was all a put on, a way for you to get in my pants, to use me for your little play toy. I had just decided to put you out of my mind and then you walk right in here and I find out it all was a lie, just a cover up. The things we did, and to think you've been dating my SISTER, that is so GROSS man!"

    Damon just looked away; he was doing his best to hold back his tears. He really didn't know what to say to calm Jeff.

    "So tell me, what are you?" Jeff asked. When Damon gave him a questioning look he continued. "Are you gay, straight or can you not make up your mind?"

    Damon was stunned by this question, one that he himself had been pondering only hours earlier. It took little thought for him to make up his mind once and for all. "I'm gay."

    "So I guess you dating my sister is just some twisted way that you can pretend to be straight."

    "Yeah, well I don't exactly see you waving rainbow flags Army boy." Damon couldn't resist the jab.

    "That's MARINES fag boy and I never told you what category I fit into either.

    That derogatory comment felt like a dagger through the heart. It hurt Damon more than anyone could imagine. He was glad the room was dark, hoping that Jeff couldn't see how moisture was gathering in his eyes. A silence fell over the two men. Both had a world of questions on his mind but either afraid to ask or trying to figure out a delicate way to word it.

    "Look, I've never done anything with your sister except movies, dinner and school functions. And you, I cared for you, I thought I was falling in love with you. You're all I've thought about for the last two weeks. The sad thing is, I have wanted so bad to pour my heart out to Jen about you but couldn't. I have wanted to see you again, to be with you so bad. It's affected everything about me. I can't concentrate on my schoolwork. I've had several unfinished assignments because I just can't seem to stay focused long enough to work on them. I have let my frat brothers down."

    "If you're so smitten why isn't it you haven't called? I was beginning to think I was just your out of town flavor for the weekend. In light of these recent discoveries, I guess I was right."

    "Yeah, well if you were so concerned, why didn't you call me? Or was I your convenience fuck while you were visiting `family?'"

    "I was visiting family, as I recall I spent a whole day with Sis trying to figure out where you were. If you were a halfway decent boyfriend you would have been able to be gotten hold of or at least returned her call."

    "I had a prior commitment that day and Jen knew about it. An INDECENT boyfriend may not have been there either, or constantly trying to get into her pants like all my frat brothers use girls."

    "And it makes you better that you wanted in my pants instead of hers? Or better, not even interested in her but pretending you were?"

    "No, but at least I wasn't trying to take advantage of her. I was usually there when she needed me. Why didn't you call me? I guess a butch ex-marine was too good for a homo civilian. Gee, you never even mentioned the Marines, or your sister."

    "Did too, I said I was in town to visit family, I just wasn't specific. I'm out of the marines and now a civilian just like you. I didn't want to mention my past until I got to know you better, like when you called which you were supposed to do and never did. You didn't take advantage? Gee, going out with her to cover the fact you're at a gay bar later that evening doesn't sound like taking advantage, well maybe a little bit."

    "You know I can count how many times I've been to a gay bar since I've been dating Jen on one hand. And you're the only person I ever picked up. If you were honest about who you were and who you were there to see, then none of this would have happened."

    "Honest? You want to talk about honesty? You knew I was in town to visit family, which I was, now why didn't it ever come up that you had a girlfriend? Why did you keep her secret?"

    "I didn't think it was important"

    "Not important? That is so lame, I guess if you were dating another guy you wouldn't have told me that either."

    "But I'm not dating any other guys."

    "But you are dating Sis and that's the problem. Because, I don't care what Josh's arrangements are, as far as I'm concerned you're cheating on my sister. I don't care if it was with me, another guy, or even with another woman, cheating is cheating. And don't you give me any of that convenience crap! That only makes it worse. That means unlike Josh, you've brought an innocent person into your game. At least that Cindyke girl knew what she was getting in to."

    "But that's not the way it's supposed to be," Damon decided now was not the correct time to remind Jeff that Josh was married to Michelle and not Cindy. "I've tried to make school my priority, yes, you could say I was using her, but I have not been cheating on her. You are the first person, male or female that I have even thought about since she and I have been dating. And to think I was trying to think of a way to call it off with her."

    "Aw, man, that's supposed to make me feel better?" Jeff said sarcastically. "The real problem is, how can we ever really," he paused; he  was in thought, "how can we be a couple, what will she think if she ever found out?"

    "Well today has kind of complicated that." Damon replied, "I guess I was hoping that once she and I broke up we would go our own separate ways and never see each other again. Then if I were to start seeing you, or anyone else, I wouldn't have to face her."

    "But how does the prospect of that happening make you feel now?"

    Damon was silent for a moment. "I guess she will deserve an explanation if that time comes."

    "And what kind of explanation will that be?"

    About that time they heard a car coming up the gravel driveway indicating someone else home. 

    "It's like this `frat boy,' for the rest of this visit, you are my sister's boyfriend; you will be by her side and looking like you are having a good time. I'd better not catch you looking at me, or any other guy for that matter. Or I will expose you for the sick faggot you are and if that happens, you'd better get in your car and get out of town as fast as you can, because the rednecks in this town will have your ass and you're not going to enjoy it, got it?"

    "Yes sir," was all Damon was able to say before the front door opened. They didn't come into the room but looked in from the doorway. Mrs. Schultz was with a rather large stocky man that Damon could only assume was Mr. Schultz.

    "Hi boys," Mrs. Schultz said as she looked into the family room. "Where's Sissy?"

    Damon was afraid to speak after the tongue-lashing he had received. "She's at a bachelorette party." Jeff said for him.

    "Well, that's not nice of her to dump DJ on you like this," Mrs. Schultz said. "Oh, Wayne, this is DJ, Sissy's boyfriend." 

    Wayne just nodded and said, "Hi." Before he turned and walked towards the kitchen. Jeff and Damon sat in the dark family room watching TV without saying a word. 

    Their silence was broken when Mrs. Schultz called them to the kitchen for `snacks." She had been cooking most of the day, preparing treats for the wedding party and decided to break into a few before bedtime. As they were going into the kitchen, Wayne was coming in from the door to the basement with a large bundle. Damon could only make out that it had canvas and a bunch of sticks.

    "It ain't all that comfortable but I slept on it in Nam," Wayne said to Damon. "Jeff can help you clean and set it up." He sat the large bundle down. "I think I'm going to turn in, got a few things to get done first thing." He said as he turned down the hallway towards the master bedroom.

    "Don't you boys stay up too late; Bubby I think Ryan's coming over but you might get up and help." his wife said as she followed her husband.

    "OK Mom." Jeff said as she disappeared around the corner.

    After finishing a plate of delicious cookies and a glass of milk Jeff stood, grabbed the bundle and said, "Come on faggot." Damon froze; he didn't know what to say. This hurt, but even more so because it was coming from the man that when he woke this morning he was hoping to find and make a life partner. He stood and followed Jeff up the stairs.

    Jeff had a large bedroom at the rear of the house on the second floor. There was a queen size bed near the center. The walls were adorned with posters, probably left over from when he was a teenager and still in school. Damon noticed a shelf with trophies, he couldn't tell from across the room what they were for but there were several. In the middle of the bed was a gray tabby cat, one that Damon had seen wandering around the house in the time he had been in it so far. Jeff didn't say anything as he easily unfolded the old army cot. A cloud of dust rose from the piece of military surplus and an equal amount of dust fell to the floor underneath. "Ah, Man!" Jeff said, "I'm not going to run the vacuum this time of night, just be careful." He then grabbed a t-shirt off the back of a desk chair and wiped at the spider webs and remaining dust, leaving the garment completely soiled in no time. "I'll be right back," he said as he stood and left the room. He returned a minute later with a towel, some blankets and a pillow. "Here, if you want it cleaner, knock yourself out." He said as he threw the towel to Damon. Then dropping the blankets and pillow on the floor, just barely missing the dust, he said "And this is for you too. I'm going to get ready for bed, lights out in five minutes." He then left the room. Damon quickly cleaned the cot, just laid one of the blankets over it before running down to get his duffel bag, which was still where he left it in the foyer. When he returned upstairs the cat was now laying on the cot, looking at Damon like "Thanks for the bed."

    "Bathroom's right there," Jeff said re-entering the room. Damon didn't wait for a second call as he grabbed the bag and headed out. He took his time cleaning his face and brushing his teeth. He rubbed his face and knew he would definitely need to shave before the wedding tomorrow. He decided to change into shorts there instead of the bedroom. The lights had been switched off, so it was dark when he opened the door. He stepped across the hall into Jeff's dark bedroom and felt his way to the cot. He was about to lie down and realized the cat was still there. He reached to grab it but the feline was swifter and slid off before he was even close. Damon then lies down, and pulled another blanket on top of him. He turned on his side, facing away from Jeff. He just about said goodnight but knew it was futile. The love of his life now hated him and had good reason to. He reached down to pet the cat that was now purring as it rubbed against the cot. As he fell into a restless slumber he was unaware that he was not the only one in the room who cried himself to sleep that night.


Thanks to all that have written and asked me to continue this series. There is still more left to Damon and Jeff's story.