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Welcome to the Family

by JT Adams

Chapter 7

As Damon stretched awake he instantly remembered that he is sleeping on Wayne Schultz's army cot and not his own bed. But he also had to smile, glad that he pledged the fraternity last year. The twin size mattresses in the frat house are much more comfortable than the thin foam ones in the dormitories. And those were only slightly more comfortable than the cot he was now resting on. He immediately turned his gaze to the bed to find that Jeff was laying on his side, wide awake looking at him.

"Sleep OK?" Jeff asked.

"Could've been better," Damon replied. He really hoped to amend his relationship with Jeff. Even if they just get to the point where they get along he would be happy.

Jeff had been lying on his side in his own bed watching Damon sleep. Despite these recent developments he still had a strong attraction to his sister's boyfriend. Damon had slept in only a pair of shorts and during the night he must have kicked off the blanket. Jeff was admiring his body as he lay on the cot. Damon was perfect in every way, but how did they get mixed up in this crazy mess? He let his smile fade as he noticed Damon awakening. He must maintain his composure; he must not let his feelings for Damon be known to the family and especially to Damon himself.

"We'd better get cleaned up," Jeff said without any hint of emotion, "smells like Mom has breakfast about ready."

Jeff at least seemed more civil then he had the previous evening, but Damon kept his distance none-the-less. He decided that he didn't want to push his luck and that he would play it by ear, following Jeff's lead. As Jeff threw back the sheets and stood up Damon was breathless, seeing Jeff in his tighty whities brought a sudden flood of emotions that he fought hard to contain. Jeff ignored his presence as he put on a robe before opening the door and crossing the hall to the bathroom.

Damon lay back on the cot, thinking "What kind of mess have I gotten myself into?"

Damon took his turn in the bathroom after Jeff. When he returned Jeff was not in the room. He assumed that he had already gone downstairs to join his family for breakfast. He dressed casually and then headed down himself. As he reached the bottom step he noticed that Jen's luggage was still where he left it the night before.

In the kitchen, Wayne Shultz was sitting at the table reading the newspaper. Mrs. Schultz smiled as she noticed Damon and said "Good morning DJ, I hope you slept OK. You're just in time."

She motioned for Damon to have a seat as she began placing dishes of food on the table. Damon was impressed with the amount prepared for the small family. Breakfast with his own family usually involved toast and cold cereal, when they didn't go out. He doesn't remember the last time his mother actually cooked a full meal. Just as the last dish was placed and Wayne was putting his paper aside Jeff walked in the back door. He ignored Damon as he looked at his father. He was wearing his cutoff jean shorts again and a white tank top.

"Plenty of gas Dad, I mixed some up for the chainsaws while I was out." Then he looked at Damon, smiled and asked. "Ready to earn your keep city boy?"

"Bubby, that's not very nice." Mrs. Schultz said as she took her seat opposite her husband.

"Hey, with the extra help we can get the load knocked out in no time."

"That's up to DJ if he wants to help; he's your sister's guest don't forget." His mother scolded, and then lightened her tone. "Now say grace Bubby."

"Too bad she doesn't treat him like one." His father said with a hint of complaint.

"Where is Jen?" Damon asked, noticing she was not at the table and remembering her luggage.

"She stayed in town with her friends," was all her mother said. Before another comment could be made Jeff, with hands folded started a prayer.

Damon, unfamiliar with this tradition went along and folded his own hands as Jeff thanked the Lord for the food on the table. He said "Amen" with the family.

Conversation during breakfast was light with Mrs. Schultz doing most of the talking. She mentioned how pretty of a day it was and that Angie should have a beautiful one for the wedding. And why is it she had to have it today; why couldn't she wait a few weeks and have a June wedding? Then getting nosy she asked if Damon thinks he is ready to get married, to which Damon responded that he doesn't think they're to that point yet.

They heard the crunching of gravel indicating a car pulling up. Moments later Jen came in, whoever she had rode with stayed outside with the engine running. You could tell she didn't have much sleep and probably had been drinking. She kissed her parents good morning; her father started to say something but was shushed by her mother. Jen didn't even sit down at the place her mother had sat for her at the table and instead left the room and could be heard climbing the stairs.
She returned a couple minutes later, cloths changed, and an attempt made to make herself more presentable. She was carrying a couple bags. She stood just inside the door, with her hand on the handle and looked at her family.

"Bubby, will you get DJ to the church?"

"Where the hell are you going again already?" Her father asked.

"Angie needs help getting things ready."

"And you're just going to leave this young man like this?" her father asked.

"This is girl stuff Daddy; he would just be bored anyway, I'm sure he and Bubby can find things to do." Just then they heard a honking horn. "I've got to run." Then before anybody could say anything further she was out the door.

There was silence in the room as they heard the sound of the car backing out the gravel drive.

The silence was broken by the back door opening again. Damon looked up, half expecting Jennifer to be there, either because she forgot something, or less likely the way she's been lately, to apologize. He was surprised that instead of her, it was the blond kid he had seen the day before at rehearsal. The boy glanced quickly at Damon and then Wayne. But his smile lit up as he fixed his gaze on Jeff.

"Sit down Ryan," Mrs. Schultz said, pointing at Jennifer's still clean plate. "Have some breakfast."

"No, thanks Aunt Linda," the boy said, "I already had breakfast. I came to help with the firewood."

"On Angie's wedding day?" Linda Schultz put her hand over her chest in an `I can't believe this' pose.

"Mom, he's an usher," Jeff said will munching sausage, "It doesn't take much practice to walk someone to a seat."

"Don't talk with your mouth full." Linda said as all the men laughed with Jeff. "Sit down anyway, no point in standing. This is DJ, Sissy's boyfriend from school. And DJ this is Sissy's cousin Ryan. It's his sister that's getting married today."

The boys all gave each other a casual `hi' before going back to their breakfast and to casual conversation.

"Well boy, if you're gonna help you'd better be changing into some older clothes, I wouldn't want you to mess those up." Wayne said to Damon as Linda stood up and began removing plates from the table. Ryan who claimed to not be hungry ended up having a biscuit with a slice of sausage.

"I didn't really bring anything old. What are we going to be doing?" Damon asked in Jeff's direction.

"I have some clothes he can wear, come on." Jeff stood and motioned to Damon to follow. In Jeff's room, he went through his drawer and pulled out a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. "These should fit you," he said handing them to Damon. "I was only joking when I volunteered you, but if you think you can, we can use the help."

"What are we doing?"

"Splitting firewood." Jeff said smiling, "Dad's right. Sis is being rude but that doesn't let you off the hook."

"I never asked to be," Damon responded. "I can help out; I guess the alternative would be to stay in the house with your mother." He dropped his pants in front of Jeff, not caring this time.

"Hmm, maybe I shouldn't have volunteered you," Jeff said, and for the first time during the visit smiling towards Damon. "That would have been punishment I'm not sure you could bear!"

Jeff left and Damon quickly finished changing into the older and more worn clothes Jeff provided. He then joined Jeff, Wayne and Ryan behind the barn where he found a large stack of logs, about three dozen of them, each about thirty feet in length and ranging from less than twelve to over thirty-six inches in diameter. When Damon arrived both Jeff and his father were busy with chain saws cutting the large logs into smaller pieces, eighteen to twenty-four inches. Ryan was gathering the smaller pieces almost as soon as they hit the ground, being careful to avoid the blade and stacking them near the hydraulic splitter. Damon watched the team working for about five minutes before Jeff shut his saw off and asked Damon to follow him into the barn. Damon saw several rows of stacked firewood already cut and split. Damon helped Jeff condense a couple smaller stacks into one as several curious cats watched. The object was to make room to store the newly cut firewood so that it would be out of the weather. Jeff explained that the old house had two fireplaces that were used extensively during the cold of winter. There was also a wood-burning furnace in the basement connected to ductwork on the main floor. And yet another wood burner out in the barn that was used, but not as much. His Dad had `connections' and was able to get truck-loads of the fresh cut logs for free. Basically it was where the highway department was clearing land and the trucks `accidentally' dropped off a load here when it was convenient. He had enough firewood in the barn to heat the house for a couple years. Considering the price of heating oil had been going up every year, this was a way for the family to save on their bills. Over the last couple years his Dad had been working to better insulate the house to make it more efficient. With Jeff gone most of the past four years his Dad had come to the realization that he may not physically be able to continue doing this though. Jeff said his cousin Ryan had come over and helped his Dad around the house while he'd been gone. But his Dad knew that even Ryan would eventually grow up and not be around to help out. His Dad was hoping that in the next couple years he could replace the old oil-burning furnace that his father had installed in the 1950's with a modern, efficient system.

After condensing they began working as an assembly line, with Wayne on the chain saw cutting the rough logs into shorter pieces. Jeff was using a hydraulic ram to split the shorter pieces into quarters. Then Damon and Ryan got the fun job, loading the smaller, split pieces into wheelbarrows and then pushing them into the barn where they would neatly stack them. Jeff had given him a pair of work gloves to "protect those delicately smooth city-boy hands." He also warned him to pay attention, watch out for spiders and snakes. Damon stopped in his tracks hearing that. Jeff just laughed and threw in that the cats took care of most of the mice and rats. The work was much harder then Damon was used to but he had decided he was going to stick it out. It still wasn't too hot for May in Central Illinois, but all four men soon lost their shirts to the heat. Damon could see where Jeff got his fine physique; Wayne Schultz had a fine upper body for a man his age, probably from years of hard work. But the years of guzzling beer and eating Mrs. Schultz's fine country cooking had given him a protruding belly that was better left covered. And Ryan, WOW! He really was a younger version of Jeff. Damon knew he'd better contain himself or Jeff's threat to expose him would be irrelevant if he accidentally exposed himself. But he seemed like a good enough kid and as he became more comfortable around Damon, he opened up and began joking around with him the way one would with a buddy. Damon and Jeff both took advantage to steal as many glances of each other as possible. Jeff even smiled a couple times when their eyes met but he always quickly looked away and lost the smile.

Four hours later and they were just finishing the job as Mrs. Schultz called her men to the house for lunch. Damon was tired, his whole body ached and he was dripping in sweat. But he felt proud when Wayne Schultz put his arms around his shoulders and praised him.

"Not bad for a city-boy," the older man said, "I figured you would wimp out on us, giving you the shittiest job. But you hung in there; I respect that."  He then went to the basement, where Damon later learned was a second refrigerator and Wayne's `stash' of home brew. He handed both Damon and Jeff a bottle to drink with their sandwiches.

Before they had a chance to even finish their lunch Mother Schultz was already rushing them off to the showers saying they needed to begin getting ready for the wedding. Ryan's mother had already been calling for him so he quickly left. Damon took his shower first while Jeff helped his father clean the equipment. Jeff was waiting in his room stripped to his underwear when Damon came back from the shower wrapped in a towel. Jeff took a moment to look over the body that two weeks prior he had explored, and now, though he was doing his best to hide the fact, he still lusted after his sister's boyfriend.

Then when Jeff returned from his own shower it was Damon's turn to lust. He had already dressed and was tying his nicely shined shoes. Both men went about their business getting ready for the wedding pretending to ignore the other, when in actuality they were both checking the other out. When both had dressed they walked down together to the living room, where they were joined by an equally cleaned-up Wayne Schultz. The father and son played against each other on their Playstation while waiting for Mrs. Schultz. When she finally made her appearance about a half hour later, she immediately went to doting on how well all her men cleaned up. She commented on how they had a stop they needed to make and that since they weren't planning on staying very long at the reception, it would be best if the boys drove separately. They decided on Damon's car since the Jeep was dirty.

There was already a crowd building when they arrived at the church. Jeff said "hi" to several people he knew and introduced Damon, as "Sis's boyfriend DJ." Every time he said it they both cringed. This was hurting Jeff as much as it was Damon.
Ryan was already there dressed in his own black tux. He seated them about halfway back on the bride's side where they were joined a few minutes later by Jeff's parents. Jen came to the pew briefly and talked to her mother but ignored the fact that Damon was there.

For the locals it was a typical church wedding. That is it was long and drawn out, mixed with church service and lots of ceremony. For Damon, who had never attended a Catholic wedding, it was fascinating.

After the ceremony, the boys took some time to mingle with the crowd and Jeff introduced Damon to several of his friends. Damon noticed that he seemed much chummier then he had been earlier. And much better then he had been the previous day. While Jeff was over his anger spell from the previous day, he still thought that Damon should be spending time with Jennifer, if nothing else, for appearance sake. But when Damon would catch up with her, she somehow managed to sneak away after a couple minutes. It was when Jeff realized who she kept making her way back to that he began to redirect his irritation from Damon to his sister!

When the crowd at the church began breaking up, Jeff looked for Jennifer to offer her ride to the reception but she was nowhere to be found. When one of her friends informed him they thought she left with Steve, he could feel the blood rushing to his face and strained to hide the anger he was feeling towards his sister at that moment. She had invited possibly the best guy she had ever dated and then completely ignores him, so that she could spend time with her ex-boyfriend.

Jeff gave Damon directions out of town to the Spring Hill Country Club. This was going to be a treat for Jeff who had never been to the ritzy private club. Damon didn't let on that it wasn't as nice as the club his parents belonged to in Louisville.  The groom's parents, who were members, went all out on the event. They wanted their status in the community to be well known. And to throw it in the face of the bride's mother whom they considered just a step above trailer park trash. There was a full buffet table, as well as a full bar. The gifts that guests were bringing were placed on a large round table with a large ice sculpture of a swan in the center. There was a live band already playing soft music on a stage at one end of the room. The whole north wall was glass and looked out onto the large lake.  Damon could see Jennifer already seated at a table reserved for the wedding party. He knew that the empty seat next to her was for him. Even though he was not part of the party, being the date of one of bridesmaids earned him the seat. It wasn't what he wanted to do, as much as it was his duty. As he started in her direction it was Jeff who stopped him.

"You know," Jeff said, "You can go sit with her and be ignored all evening or," he paused not sure if he was doing the right thing, "you can come sit with me and at least have someone to talk to."

Damon smiled as he agreed to the second option and followed who he wanted to be his real date to a table. They joined some friends whom Damon had already met and welcomed him back. They were also joined by Ryan and his girlfriend, Denise, a few minutes later. He later told Damon he gave up his seat at the wedding party table as well. It was actually pleasant for Damon; the conversation was centered on school, his major and how he liked it. When they found out he was from Louisville they got onto a discussion of the Kentucky Derby, which had been run the previous week, and of how the Louisville Cardinals had done this past season. It was while Damon was in conversation that Jeff noticed Jennifer hugging Steven. This situation was beginning to piss him off.

He was half listening and participating in the conversation while he watched Jennifer traipsing around with her ex-boyfriend. If he didn't know any better he would have assumed that she was there with Steve. He was glad to see Damon was having a good time at least and being made feel welcome by his friends. When he saw Jen and Steve sneak off, he excused himself. He was going to confront her about how bad she was making herself look. When he went down the hallway he saw his sister disappear into, he couldn't find her. He heard what he thought was her laugh and followed the sound to a closet. He was about to open the door when he intercepted a conversation between her and the ex-boyfriend.

"Should we be in here; aren't you here with your boyfriend?"

"And you're point is? Besides, it looks like Bubby is keeping him busy."

"If I was your boyfriend still, I wouldn't be hanging out with your brother."

"That's precisely why he's such a great boyfriend. He leaves me alone and gives me space."

"What's so great about that?"

"Well, I took a heavy class load this semester and have needed a lot of time to study."

"You? Study? Since when?"

"I don't know, but it looks really good for girls in my sorority to have a boyfriend, especially a Sig-Ep. So, when we were introduced I thought what the Hell and since he gives me space, I keep up my reputation and still have my own time."

"So," Silence as Jeff hears lips smacking, "you and he ain't serious then?"

"Hell no, I was going to break up with him last week but figured I needed a date for the wedding. I didn't want Heather Ashton to show me up. But had I known you were going to be here, he'd be crying over me right now." More smacking lips.

Jeff was furious as he silently walked away. He would have liked to have confronted her right then and there but thought better of it. Instead he continued down the corridor and out the back door. He took a footpath down to the lake where he found a bench at the end of the pier. He sat down and watched a sailboat off in the distance as the sun was setting. He had a lot to think about. He was now torn, how could it be that his sister was using Damon as much as Damon was using her? And where did he fit in? Could he possibly have a relationship himself with Damon? Would Damon use him the way he used his sister, perhaps take another girlfriend on campus to keep up his frat boy image? He sat there watching the sun set as darkness crept over the lake, contemplating how he should proceed.

Just as the lights were coming on Jeff felt vibrations, indicating somebody else was on the dock. He turned to see Damon approach.

"You've been down here a while." Damon said as he sat next to Jeff on the bench.

"How do you know that?"

"I saw you through the windows." Damon turned to see what Jeff was looking at and watched as the sun made it's hasty retreat over the horizon.

"So what brings you down here?" Jeff asked after a few minutes of silence.

"Just wanted to make sure you're alright."

"Yeah, I'm fine." Jeff said. They both sat silent for several minutes, both formulating exactly what should be their next words. "Tell, me, how did you and my sister come to start dating anyway."

Damon was nervous; he didn't want to re-start the previous evening's argument. Especially here with a crowd in case Jeff was to become loud again. "Well," he said cautiously. "Several of the guys in my fraternity were after me as to why I didn't have a girlfriend. I think I was the only guy that didn't."

"And what did you tell them?"

"At first, I made like I had a girlfriend off campus and then mentioned that I had one back home. But since I never talked about her, they began to question whether or not she existed. Then we had this party, and one of the guys introduced me to Jen. I talked to her to appease the guys who were rooting for me. You see, several of them had asked her out but she acted like she wasn't interested. But we got along great; she was so easy to talk to. Then the guys started pressuring me to take her out. I was about to crack, I had never asked a girl out on a date in my life!"

"Not even in high school?"

"No, not even then."

"Didn't that arouse suspicions?"

"If it did, no one ever said anything to me. In high school I was always involved in clubs and busy. Even though I didn't have a girlfriend, I had lots of girl friends. And one, well she knew about me. So, when I needed female companionship, I always had one."

"But how did it happen then with Sis?"

"She was the one who called me!" Damon said, "We went out to dinner and to a movie from time to time. And we were always together for any official school functions. That was really it. I expected her to break it off, or to just be busy or something. After all she had turned the other guys down."

Jeff had a question he needed to know the answer to before they continued this discussion and before he was to decide if he would forgive Damon or not. But, it was also something that he was not sure he wanted to know.  "So, you like, did you and her," he paused, did he want to go on? "Did you and her ever mess around?"

"No, never."

"And what about guys?"

"What about them?"

"Have you had any boyfriends since you have been dating her?"

"I already told you no."

Jeff was silent again, thinking. He was hearing what he wanted to hear; now, how to proceed. Damon was afraid of where this inquisition was leading. One thought was that he was glad he could swim in case Jeff decided to throw him in the lake.

"So why were you out that night we met if you weren't looking to pick up guys?"

"Well, to tell you the truth, I hadn't planned on it. Jen and I had been out to dinner and the mall and she wanted to call it a night. When I got back to the house there was a message to call Josh. He talked me into going out. And since I hadn't been to the bar in a while, I figured what the heck. I planned to just have a beer or two, shoot some pool, and then head out. But then I met you."

Again Jeff was silent for a while. Did he want to follow his heart or stay loyal to his sister? His heart won! "If I told you I was sorry, would you forgive me and possibly give us a new start?"

This was not what Damon was expecting. He turned his gaze to Jeff as he asked "And what if I said yes?"

Jeff took this for the answer he wanted to hear and reached over and grabbed Damon's hand. Damon accepted the other man's token and returned the grasp. Damon noticed that the coldness was gone and the warmth he remembered from their first night together had returned.

"So why didn't you ever call me?" Damon finally asked, now that he felt the tension was gone.

"Well," Jeff stopped. He was clearly embarrassed. "You know you wrote it down on that pad in the hotel?"

"Yeah, the same one you wrote yours on."

"Yeah, that one." Again he paused, "I sorta left and forgot it there!"

"No!" Damon busted out laughing.

"What's so funny about that?"

"I kinda, washed yours."

"Huh?" Jeff asked.

"Let me show you." Damon reached for his billfold and removed the badly worn piece of paper he has been carrying for the past two weeks. "If I would have put it here in the first place instead of my pocket it wouldn't have gone through the washing machine." When Jeff saw what had happened they both laughed as Jeff took the slip of paper from Damon and looked at it.

"Hey, you can still read the area code!" Jeff said as they continued laughing. "Man," he says coming off the laugh, "I tried to find you, I really did. I called all over campus but nobody knew you or wasn't allowed to tell me. I even called Sis. I was going to ask her if she knew you, but we got to talking and I changed my mind."

"What made you change your mind?"

"I got to thinking, if I did ask she would want to know how I knew you and why I wanted to get in contact with you."

"That would have been an interesting call."

"Tell me, what's this DJ crap?"

"Crap is right, I hate it."

"So what gives?"

"When I joined the fraternity, there was another guy named Damon, so one of the brothers had this bright idea to call me by my initials."

"Damon Young? Isn't that DY"

"I'm from the German side of the family, we still spell is J U N G."

"No shit? I guess if I had remembered that slip, it would have solved a lot of problems."

"Except when you found out I was dating your sister."

"Yeah, true." They were silent again as their grip tightened on each other's hand.

"What's she going to say when she finds out about us?" Damon asked.

"For now, let's not let her."

They sat in silence again cherishing their time with the other, hoping more then ever they could figure out a way to make this work out, until they were suddenly interrupted.

"Hey DJ, Jennifer's looking for you; they're taking pictures." They turned around to see Ryan who somehow managed to make it out onto the dock without them noticing his approach.

They both were thinking the same thing; they wondered if Ryan had seen them holding hands.

"I can't believe this," Jeff said, "She's been ignoring him all night and now expects pictures!"

"Hey bro, I'm just the messenger." Ryan said holding up his hands in defense.

"I'll be there in a minute." Damon said to Ryan who had already turned and was walking back up the dock.

Jeff reached back over and grabbed Damon's hand momentarily "I'm glad we had this conversation. Now we'd better get back in."

As soon as they walked back into the building Jen noticed and ran over to meet them, "Where have you been? We need to take pictures of the wedding party!"

Jeff suppresses the urge to ask about the broom closet but changes his mind.

Damon was only wanted for a couple photos and is done; he's really not sure why he did it. He really didn't feel like part of the wedding party. He didn't do anything himself and was basically ignored by everyone in the party, including his own girlfriend. While the photographer was setting up the shot Damon looked over to Jeff and wished he could have been in the photo as well. But as if she was mentally picking up on the thoughts Jen did something completely unexpected when she asked if she could have a `family' picture taken. Angie loved the idea, so the photographer set up a shot with Angie and Travis, Angie's mother, Ryan and Denise, Jen and Damon and finally Jeff. Jen and Jeff's parents had already left. Jen wanted Steve in the shot (surprise!) but Angie vetoed that saying they would do that when they did the grooms family.

Not long after the pictures, the party started breaking up. Both Jeff and Damon wanted to continue their conversation in the bedroom. Before they left Jeff did the brotherly thing and asked Jen if she needed a ride; of course she refused. The boys said their good-byes as they headed to the exit.

"Drive careful while you have my sister in the car tonight." Jeff said as he patted Steve on the back, giving him one final jab as he walked out the door

In the car Jeff, put his arm on the armrest, hinting to Damon to also place his there where their hands finger-locked. When they came to a stop sign, Jeff leaned over and gave Damon a kiss on the cheek.

Back at the house, they quietly made their way in and up the stairs. They quickly undressed and slid under the covers of the queen size bed. In moments they were devouring each others lips, both now had their hands on the other's rapidly hardening crotch. As they continued their passionate kiss they each stroked their lover to a full erection. Jeff repositioned himself directly over Damon before breaking the kiss.
"Damn, I've missed this," he said.

"Not as much as I have," Damon replied.

"You know," Jeff said getting serious. "I told you that when I first saw you with Sis that I wanted to kick your ass."

"Uh, yeah." Damon replied slowly, wondering if that Jeff was coming back.

"Well actually," Jeff pauses and smiles for a second before giving Damon another quick kiss. "My first thought was that I wanted to run down and rape you."

"I think kicking my ass would have been easier to explain to your mother."

"But I'd rather be doing this," Jeff said as he once again lowered his head for a kiss which came to an abrupt end when they heard a light knock on the door.

"Yes?" Jeff asked as he quickly rolled off Damon and as far to the side of the bed as he could.

"You guys awake?" They heard Jen's voice in a whisper as she slowly opened the door.

"Yeah," Jeff responds.

"I just wanted to let you know I'm home, and that I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what." Jeff asked his sister.

"For ignoring DJ all day, that was really rude of me."

"That's alright," Damon responded, "you had responsibilities and friends"

"You sure?" she asked, surprised that the voice had come from her brother's bed and not the cot that she knew was set up in the room.

"Yeah, no problem." 

"OK then, goodnight," Jennifer said as she closed the door, but not before the familiar tabby ran in.

"That was close," Jeff said, as he reached over and grabbed Damon's dick which had now completely deflated.

"I guess this proves that you're definitely not interested in my sister once and for all."

"What makes you say that?" Damon asked as his dick once again began rising rapidly with the delicate yet expert handling his lover was giving it.

"Junior knows what he likes." Jeff said as he dove under the covers and gulped Damon's now rock hard dick in one swift movement catching Damon as off guard as it did at the hotel two weeks prior. Damon let his head fall back as he enjoyed the expert blow job from his lover. Damon was just about ready to blow when all of a sudden Jeff pulls off and screams.

"What?" Damon yelled, wondering what had happened.

"Skittles." Jeff said as he moved back to the head of the bed.

"Huh?" Damon asked just as the cat jumped on the bed meowing and purring loudly.

"You've met Skittles haven't you?" Jeff asked as he started stroking the feline.

"Not officially."

"She's my baby, and she just thought my toes hanging off the side of the bed meant it was play time."

"Is that so?" Damon asked, reaching over and petting the cat himself this time, "Butshe sure knows how to ruin a perfect orgasm."

"I thought you liked it slow?" Jeff said, who had again repositioned himself and was now next to Damon, face to face.
"This isn't what I had in mind but I guess I can consider her interruption a mixed blessing."

"You better believe you can." Jeff said as their lips met. This time it was Damon who rolled Jeff over and began kissing the side of his lover's neck. He soon moved his attention southward and swallowed Jeff's own hard cock. As much as he loved long passionate sex, right now he wanted this man in him more than anything else. He was soon enjoying the wonderful taste of Jeff's manhood that he remembered so well. He held nothing back as he madly devoured his midnight snack. He soon felt the organ harden and Jeff's breathing quicken; he was aware of the impending orgasm but didn't care. As much as he wanted to pull off, as much as he has in the past avoided receiving the fruit of his labor directly in his mouth, he really wanted it this time. Just as he felt Jeff's muscular body tense up he dove all the way down, feeling the contractions as Jeff pumped his seed directly down Damon's waiting throat. After the first three pumps Damon slowly released just enough of the organ to allow some of the seed to enter his mouth in order to taste his lover's wonderful nectar.

"Talk about the perfect orgasm!" Jeff said as he came down from his high. "Damn, Damon, I don't think I've ever had it so good." He let his body go limp as he rested from the workout he had just gone through.

Damon who was still high from his performance wasted no time moving into place directly over Jeff where their lips met. Their mouths were open allowing some of Jeff's seed back into his own mouth. He ravenously licked all that he could from Damon. With his energy restored Jeff grabbed hold of Damon's hips; Damon followed the lead and positioned himself so that his crotch is directly over Jeff's eagerly waiting mouth. Jeff stuck out his tongue and licked the tip of the foreskin hanging from Damon's partially erect dick. The stimulation made it twitch just out of reach of Jeff's tongue. Jeff grabbed it with his left hand and lowered it enough so that he could take the extra skin into his mouth and gently nibbled as he used his right hand to begin fondling the low hanging balls. Damon was in heaven, to his recollection this is the first time anybody has actually made love to his foreskin. Jeff didn't want to stop but the object of his attention was quickly being retracted while the rapidly expanding penis was allowing the sensitive head to show itself. Jeff licked the tip and Damon jumped slightly, not used to the feeling of something touching this sensitive area. But he gradually got used to the pleasure that Jeff wanted to give him. As the pain subsided and was replaced by pleasure, Damon relaxed, reaching his arms straight out and supporting himself against the wall as Jeff showed that he could make love to an uncut cock.

Jeff reached around with both hands and grabbed Damon's ass, allowing his fingers to enter between the crack on either side, yet not penetrating this rosebud that was eagerly waiting. Damon is quite aware of what Jeff would like to do and is not sure that he is ready to be on the receiving end of Jeff's tool. Just the thought of it is brought Damon to the edge of orgasm. Jeff realized what was near and pulled Damon closer to him, impaling his throat with his lover's large organ just as Damon released his load. Damon collapsed backwards, barely missing Skittles who had joined them on the bed. But not sharing in her master's excitement, she had curled up and was sleeping at the foot of the bed.

"Wow," was all Damon said. Minutes later as Jeff could tell his lover was drifting to sleep he shook him awake to get him to turn around. Both men thought it prudent to put on their underwear before falling asleep. As much as they both wanted to cuddle they knew they had better not. What they had just done, in the same house as Jeff's parents and sister was risky enough. But unlike the previous night, this night they both quickly fell fast asleep with a smile on their face.


Once again thanks to all that have written in support of, and asking me to continue this series. There is still more left to Damon and Jeff's story.