West Otter Lake

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West Otter Lake – Chapter Twelve– "The most delicate, the most sensible of all pleasures consists in promoting the pleasure of others." – (Bruyere)

Our home life was settling into a very comfortable pattern and atmosphere; school was going exceptionally well for all four boys and the Resort was faring just as well. Reservations were beginning to escalate and the by the third week of March, the cabins were booked full for May and June and the campground was reserved at seventy-five percent capacity for the same months. The devotees of the sport of fishing take advantage of the start of the sport fishing season the first of May and enjoy the faster paced action during that time when the water remains cool and the fish are more eager to bite. By the first of June, fish such as walleye and northern, the more sought after species by some, are finished spawning, but the pan fish, such as crappie and bluegills, are just beginning.

The secret for catching pan fish in abundance is to either catch them just before they spawn while they're still feeding or wait until that time when the spawn is finished and they're ready to feed again in order to build up strength for the coming fall and winter. Past history seemed to indicate the crappies were most active around the first week of June with bluegills shortly thereafter. However, this can all change with the weather.

Every evening we were treated to piano music as Ollie practiced and Terell and Treyvon had their lessons. Once in a while Leandro would entertain us with a few folk songs on his guitar. In the afternoons, it wasn't unusual for Mae to sit at the piano and play for an hour or more. She loved the instrument and each time she coaxed some lovely music from it, I became more pleased I'd made the purchase. Her talents and Ollie's certainly brought a great deal of joy to me and to Leandro. Our home became more like, well, "home"- if you know what I mean.

I was pleasantly surprised when the realtor called from Georgia saying she had an offer on my Grandmother Johnson's house and it was within my asking range. Consultation with my attorney, Mr. Anthony Henry Osgood of Osgood, Roberts, and Cannady, in Parsonville convinced me to accept the offer since the price was right and the time was right for the sale. I arranged for him to act as my agent in handling and closing on the sale.

Mr. Osgood also advised, once the funds were transferred to my accounts here, even though I was the sole heir to Grandma's estate, to set aside some funds for the four other natural children of my grandmother and grandfather in order to avoid or at least forestall any major contestants to the will and my claim. I authorized him to set aside in trust five thousand dollars each for Wesley (my asshole sperm donor of a father), Aunt Lucille, Aunt Mildred, and Uncle Robert. Those funds would be held in trust and delivered to them after they signed off on the estate, acknowledging the validity of the will. We offered the will to probate shortly after her death and they'd not challenged it then, so we doubted there'd be any now, but, rather be safe than sorry.

The sum received for the property was a tidy amount and substantial enough for me to commit the funds for the trusts, but also was sufficient for me to set aside some for improvements to Otter Lake Resort and Campground as well as an educational trust for the boys to use for college. It would mean, if the trust grew as I thought it might, Luis, Ollie, Terell, and Treyvon would at least have tuition paid for. What they earned working at the Resort during the summers, along with some help from Leandro and me, would pay the rest of the bill. I thought it was something Grandma and Grandpa Johnson would like me to do.

I also decided to set the date for Grandma Johnson's memorial service and ashes interment the last week of April, the week before the fishing opener and the opening of the Resort and Campground. The funeral home in Otter Lake assured me they'd make all of the arrangements with the little country church where she and Grandpa frequently attended. However, since Grandma was a highly respected and loved member of the Greater Otter Lake community, the hall at the church probably wouldn't be able to host any funeral luncheon for the expected very large crowd of mourners and well-wishers.

After talking to Leandro and Mae, along with the rest of the family (Luis, Ollie, Terell, and Treyvon), we decided to have a buffet luncheon and open house at the Lodge for all who'd care to attend right after the memorial service and graveside rites. Ordinarily, the ladies at the church prepared the luncheon, but because of the large expected crowd, they were fearful of being able to prepare for so many. Leandro and Mae volunteered to prepare the meal. It'd consist of salads, "build your own sandwich" of ham, turkey, cheese and roast beef; chips, soft drinks, coffee, and sheet cake. Leandro figured we could do it ourselves much cheaper than having a caterer. The church ladies volunteered to help set the tables and keep the food supply moving from kitchen to the buffet.

I was concerned it'd be more than Leandro and Mae could handle since I'd expect two or three hundred people to attend. Leandro scoffed, "We'll have everything prepared the days before, on trays and in serving containers, and refrigerated. There'll be no hot foods to prepare so all the ladies will have to do is keep the eating tables cleared and the buffet supplied. We have the coolers and preparation equipment here in the Lodge, so Mae and I should be able to handle it with no problem. The boys will be a big help also."

I sent letters to Uncle Robert, Aunt Mildred, and two to Aunt Lucille, requesting she forward one to Wesley, informing them of the date of the service and the arrangements. I didn't have his current address and didn't want one. I also included a short note in each with my attorney's name and telephone number in it requesting they contact him at their convenience. I should've stated why, but what the fuck; none of them even wanted to go with me to Georgia to bring back her remains, so piss on them, I thought! It was their mother, for God's sake!

Spring wasn't far off; I could feel it in the air. The snow was slowly receding and disappearing everywhere except in the forest where the conifers shaded the ground from the warming sun, preventing the sun's rays from melting the snow. I was hopeful for an early, open spring so we could get a jump on getting the Resort ready for operation. Still, there was always the possibility of an early spring snow storm as often was the case here in the north.

Wednesday, the last day of March, the weather service began warning of a large lake effect snow storm building in the snow belt where we lived. The snow belt is so named because as north to northwest winds whip across the open water portions of the great lake north of us, it picks up moisture and when reaching the higher hills and low mountain ranges on the mainland, it condenses in the colder air and falls as snow, lots of it!

The early morning skies were grey, heavy laden with moisture when the school bus picked the boys up for school. There was every indication, I felt, this could be a real dumper! Leandro and I checked the emergency generator and the big propane tanks that not only fueled it, but provided backup heat and hot water for us. We had plenty of wood for the outside furnace so I wasn't too concerned about that, but if the power went off, as it often does when tree limbs become laden with heavy wet snow bringing them crashing to the ground and across power lines, we'd need electric power to circulate the hot water heat throughout the Lodge and electricity to power freezers, refrigerators, lights, and computers, just to name a few items.

Mae looked out the window and saw the snow began to cascade down and decided we needed milk, eggs, and yeast, just in case we ran out of bread she could bake our own. Otherwise, she felt the freezers and pantry were adequately stocked. I made a quick trip to Otter Lake to fill her grocery list and on the way home, the snow intensified. I pulled the truck into the shop, carried the groceries to the Lodge and joined Mae and Leandro for lunch. I conjectured the boys would be home by one or one-thirty that afternoon if this snow kept up. No sooner had I said that when the local radio station, tuned in as we ate, announced Otter Lake Schools was serving an early lunch to all students and would be dismissed at 12:30 PM. All after school and evening activities were canceled as well. After the announcement, I walked into the Great Room and as I watched from the big windows overlooking the lake, it appeared it was snowing even harder than when I came home from town.

Leandro, unheard by me, walked up behind me, saw the concern on my face, and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me close to his chest. "Don't worry, Conner, all will be well. I'll drive the truck to the end of the lane and wait for them there. I'll take a phone with me and if there's any problem you can call me. We'll get them home one way or another."

"I remember well, Leandro, one snowstorm when I was in middle school. It was so bad we all had to stay at school for the night. It wasn't until the next day we were able to get home and then only following snow plows. Our road opened first so Grandpa came and got me with the truck. I really didn't enjoy spending the night at school. I was so afraid if the power went off at school some homophobic redneck bastard would beat the shit out of me in the dark. The school had emergency generators so that didn't happen, but I still didn't sleep very much."

Leandro bundled up and I stood watching from the porch door as he drove down the snow covered lane towards the county highway. The boys would be some of the last riders dropped off and I was concerned it was going to tricky driving for the bus driver, by the looks of the lane and increasingly poor visibility due to the snow. Leandro hadn't returned to the Lodge by one-thirty and by one-forty-five I was getting quite anxious. Just before two o'clock, as I readied my cellphone for a call, I saw the headlights of the pickup poking through the densely falling snow as it headed down the lane toward the Lodge. Leandro headed it toward the shop, where one of the boys jumped out, opened the overhead door, and in it went.

Once everything was secured inside, Leandro and the boys hustled to the house and came in through the kitchen, where Mae and I waited. The little boys were all abuzz concerning the snowstorm. Never, since their arrival at the Lodge, had they witnessed such heavy snow. We'd had snowstorms before this winter, but not one of this intensity and ferocity, almost whiting out the rest of the world from view. Only the dense forest gave a field of reference and prevented that isolated, lost feeling when confronted with a "true whiteout" in open areas of the country.

"There's over a foot of snow already," declared Leandro, stomping the snow from his boots and brushing it off of his coat before hanging it up. "I don't know how the bus driver managed to get through."

I was going to comment the driver was very experienced and the bus sat high above most of the snow, but Ollie summed it up for me.

"By being a damned good driver, that's how!"

Home this early in the day, coupled with the snowstorm raging outside, upset the boys routine since school would've normally occupied the rest of their day. Ollie and Luis could cope better than Terell and Treyvon since they were older, so once coats, boots, and hats were hung up, Mae suggested the twins have their piano lesson while Ollie and Luis did their homework. Neither had any, evidently the teachers were just as anxious concerning the storm as everyone else, so Leandro asked them to help him in cleaning up the Lodge meeting room for the open house after the memorial service just three weeks away.

Cleaning up consisted basically of sweeping, dusting, and getting tables and chairs out of the storage room and setting them up. Although the open house was still weeks away, getting the room ready now, when help was available, would save time and energy later; besides, it'd keep Ollie and Luis occupied and their minds off of the storm whipping to a frenzy outside. Once finished, it was time for Ollie's lesson and practice session, so Luis helped Leandro with the twins in the kitchen bake some cookies. Me, well, I had office work to do, so I hustled my ass in there before someone found something else for me to do.

At supper time, the radio and television station announced Otter Lake School District would be closed the next day, with all afterschool activities canceled. In addition, all community events were canceled, including the last session of boating safety by the DNR. It would be re-scheduled as soon as possible, much to the relief of Ollie and Luis, it was their last class to take in order to receive their certificates and be qualified to run boats at the Resort this summer. The weather service was predicting a twenty-four inch plus snowfall and, so it would appear, we were in for the long haul. I took the opportunity to inform the boys that I didn't think they'd have school the rest of the week with that much snowfall. It would take until Sunday night to clear roads, even if the snow storm stopped Friday night, as predicted.

I also warned everyone not to be alarmed if the power suddenly went off since heavy snow on tree branches often broke them, causing them to topple down on power lines and cut electrical power. The emergency generator would kick in after three minutes and the Lodge would be serviced by it. However, as a precaution, I advised the boys to unplug their laptops in case there might be a power surge. I'd do the same to the desktop in the office. Once the generator kicked on, there'd be no problem.

Ollie and Luis filled the wood box by the fire place and brought in extra while Leandro stoked the outdoor wood furnace with enough wood to hold us well into the next morning. Terell and Treyvon, with little else to do, as a fire burned brightly and cheerfully in the fire place, stood in front of the big windows, gazing out toward the lake, seemingly transfixed by the whirling, twirling snow piling up in front of their eyes.

A quick bath, which they insisted I help them with, clean jammies, popcorn, and a couple of stories later, the twins were just "too pooped to pop" you might say, so I took them to bed and tucked them in. Luis and Ollie stayed up just a bit longer and they were soon off to their rooms. Mae yawned and followed them up the stairs.

Leandro and I made our rounds, checking doors and windows, before retiring to our room, stripped ourselves naked, and crawled into bed, delighting in the feel of each other's warm nakedness. I expected Leandro to roll me over and slip his love pole inside my welcoming chute, but instead, he stretched out on his back indicating he wanted me to top him. Although I was basically a bottom, I certainly wasn't averse to doing the honors, especially fucking the tight, constricting anal ring of Leandro's. He could manipulate himself so artfully, once I entered him and buried myself so deep the hairs around my cock tickled his sphincter, his muscle contractions massaged my turgid length not unlike the most skillful masturbation by warm, soft, velvety, moist hands. I grunted softly as I came, then twisted myself forward and back so I could engulf the head of his prick in my mouth and bring him off with me.

Resting, laying on top of him, my half-hard penis still embedded, puking out little spurts of cum into him, and held in place by his still constricting ass ring, I kissed him lovingly and pondered aloud, "I wonder, when I see the look Luis gives Ollie and his shy, almost bashful look back, how long it will take before Luis has that beautiful, brown stiff crowbar of Ollie's up his ass?"

Leandro clutched me closer to him, kissed my lips, then running his mouth and tongue around my ear, murmured, "I don't know if Luis could handle him if they decide to give it go. Besides, we don't even know if they like each other like that, do we?"

Little did we know, at the time, of the intimacies of the relationship between Ollie and Luis.


Laying delightfully naked in a classic "69" position, in Luis' bed, Ollie slowly, gently sucking in and out of his mouth, Luis' nice, fat, throbbing dick while Luis, alternating nuzzling his nose in between Ollie's legs where he licked and lapped at one or both of the egg-sized, dark brown sperm-makers, to lifting up a bit to wrap his warm, moist lips around the head of Ollie's lovely, hot cock, tickling the gapping piss-slit leaking that early pre-nectar, pulled his head back even further, commenting,

"You know, Ollie, you really have a nice, big, fat dick. I love the dark brown color contrasting with the slightly pinker head when your foreskin peels back." Running a finger up the full length of the twitching maypole, bringing a shiver and a shudder from Ollie, enjoying the attention Luis was paying to the instrument of pleasure before him, Luis queried, "Have you ever notice the really thick vein that runs up along the top?"

"Not really," Ollie replied, mouth somewhat muffled by Luis' delectable dick.

"It's neat," Luis concluded and using a finger and thumb slid up the considerable length again from Ollie's low, hanging, pendulous balls to the leaking tip. "The tube, you know, the one that piss and cum squirts out of, the urethra I think we learned in Biology class, when you cum, I can feel it twitch and spasm with each big jolt of jizz traveling up it until it spurts out. My lips can tell me of your load before my mouth fills. You really shoot a lot!"

Ollie just wagged his head back and forth on Luis' love stick in acknowledgement. Luis finally quieted for a moment while he returned to his favorite suck toy, engulfing a goodly portion, but not all; it was way too long. The possessor of such a wonderful toy only moaned in satisfaction.

Luis stopped again, raised his head, questioning, "How long have we been sucking and jacking each other, Ollie?"

"Oh, a couple of weeks, I think; ever since you walked into the bathroom that night when I was pulling my pud. Why?"

"I was thinking," pondered Luis, "I'm up for trying something else."

"Like what?" Ollie responded suspiciously.

"I want you to fuck me!"

"I don't know if I can fit in there." Ollie was dubious, frowning as he first looked at Luis's slim hips and nicely shaped butt-cheeks, then down at his own large, firm, and thick cock, and back again at the area where Luis wanted it.

"If we take it slow, Ollie, I'll bet you can, but, I'd like to do something else first."


"Lick your butt hole!"

"No way!"

"Way – roll over my lovely and let me feast on you."

Ollie, game for some fun, did as he was instructed, spreading his legs, exposing his pink, wrinkled anal opening and his full, brown mounds of delight.

Luis rose to his knees, maneuvered himself behind Ollie, knelt between Ollie's legs, and silently admired the muscled, but soft, brown mounds on either side of his desire. He ran his hands lightly over the slim buttocks of his lover, massaging them, kneading them in both wonder and desire, before spreading them with his hands, exposing Ollie's special spot. The puckered portal twitched and flexed as he moved his face closer, then, cautiously, tentatively extended his tongue until it made contact with that very sensitive muscle and used it to lightly tickle the center aperture.

Ollie flexed his cheeks in excitement and pleasure, squealing with delight and scooting up a bit on the mattress, but not really moving away and finally gasped, "God, that feels really, really, good, Luis."

Luis took the cue and began a tongue worshipping of his goal, wetting it lavishly, relaxing that flexing opening, until his tongue was able to wiggle its way inside and make a lap around the ring.

"Better stop, Luis," cautioned Ollie, "unless you want me to cum now and not inside you, because you've got me really close to exploding."

Luis pulled back, smiling, and squiggled his way up to Ollie's face and kissed him. "How do you taste?" he kidded.

"Not, bad; not bad at all," Ollie grinned. "Now, let you do you."

Luis wasted no time in flipping over on his stomach and spreading his butt cheeks, giving Ollie quick and easy access. Ollie's tongue was just a little longer and more talented, so before long he was in the magic tunnel, wiggling, and flipping his tongue around, really causing Luis to squeal with delight and ecstasy, until he begged Ollie to stop.

Catching his breath, Luis bent over the bed to the floor where his pants lay and pulled forth a tube of waterless gel.

"What's that for, Luis?" Ollie asked softly.

"It's to make my asshole and your cock slick so you can fuck me," and squeezed a large dollop on Ollie's stiff penis and slathered it up and down the shaft by slowly jacking him. Once satisfied the throbbing member was well lubricated, he smeared another dollop on his hand and spread it around, on, and in his own waiting receptacle. After wiping his hands on his discarded boxer shorts, he leaned forward on his elbows, poked his ass up, with the instruction, "Go, slow, okay?"

Ollie knelt behind him, lined up his stiff cock with Luis's virgin hole and pushed cautiously forward. It wouldn't go in so he tried again, with a little more strength, but he still couldn't penetrate the warm depth that awaited him.

"I'm too big," he complained sadly, clearly disappointed.

"No, you're not, just stretch me a little with a couple of fingers and just as you pull them out, quickly ram your cock head in," Luis advised.

"How do you know that'll work?"

"I saw it on the Internet, but the guy wasn't as big as you either, so push hard!"

Using his left hand, Ollie did as he was instructed and slid two fingers in, but his right hand and thumb was used to spread Luis' butt cheek and anal ring even more as he started to pull his fingers back out. As they exited, he quickly thrust forward with a hard push and his cock head slipped in past the tight anal ring, causing it to grip the helmet portion of his dick tightly, stopping further movement, and bringing a painful moan from Luis.

"God, that hurts, but don't take it out or stop, please! It'll get easier, I think. That fucker is really big, Ollie."

Leaning over his lover's back, his darker brown body contrasting with the tannish brown of Luis, Ollie waited patiently until he received the go-ahead and slowly pushed some more of his length in, until he met resistance and hesitated. Luis, anxious to take the full length, wiggled and waggled and finally pushed back hard enough to overcome the resistance, and bury Ollie clear to his bush up deep in his warm, undulating, accommodating bowels. Ollie's low-hangers rested gently up the back side of Luis' own baby-makers.

Once well seated, the warmth and flexing of Luis' abdominal muscles brought Ollie forward and he began doing what came naturally, fucking his lover with long, slow, love-button rubbing stokes, until speeding up from the sheer pleasure of the experience, felt himself begin to swell around the sensitive head, the tube on the underside began to spasm as he began unloading deep in Luis, causing Luis to shudder, clench his asshole, and spew his load out on the sheets.

Luis collapsed on the bed with Ollie stretched the length of his back, his cock still stiff, buried deep, contracting and spooging smaller, but still in good quantity, shots of sperm filled semen until the white, sticky, ropey liquid began slowly seeping out around his dick and dripping down Luis' perineum to his balls and then to the sheets.

"Amazing, simply amazing," he cooed leaning his face against Luis's and lightly kissing his cheek.

Luis tipped his face to the side, smiled responding, "It was for me too. I didn't think you'd ever quit spurting. I don't think you've ever shot that much. I could feel the warm jolt inside me every time you jazzed."

Ollie kissed him again, "Now, you get to do me," pulled out and flopped down on his stomach, brown butt tipped up for ready access.

To be continued


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