West Otter Lake

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Chapter Sixteen

"Of all earthly music that reaches farthest into heaven is the beating of a truly loving heart." – (H. W. Beecher)

Ollie was overly quiet, almost reticent, at breakfast, not that he was overly chatty at any time, but his smile, that always present illuminating, loving smile was absent; currently secreted in some dark chamber within his heart, refusing to emerge and shine it's gloriousness on the rest of us, until, and if, the portal to his soul opened and the blanket of doom shrouding his luminescence was removed. Pondering his situation, wondering what action I should take, I none-the-less announced a meeting after supper this evening so we could discuss and decide some duty assignments for summer. I had an idea what they might be, but I wanted their input.

Breakfast over and dishes cleared away, I motioned to Ollie to accompany me up the staircase to my bedroom. I shut and latched the door so we wouldn't be disturbed, sat on the bed, held open my arms, and Ollie scooted forward, burying his heat in my chest, sobbing softly, in halting, breath-catching gasping anguish, pouring his sadness and despair onto me. Rocking him back and forth, holding him in a tight embrace, I cooed tender word to him, reassuring him of my love and understanding.

"Embarrassed to death, weren't you, Ollie, that Terell and Treyvon would catch you fucking your boyfriend, weren't you?"

Ollie nodded into my chest, slowly wrapped his arms around me, clutching my body close to his for comfort, security, and acceptance.

"I can't deny it'd be frightfully embarrassing for you, especially if you believed no one thought you were gay, but I think I'd find it just as embarrassing for you to walk in and find Leandro buried balls deep up my butt, his ass cheeks flexing, and me moaning in delight."

Ollie raised his head and sighed in exasperation, "Conner, really!"

"Well, is it really any different? I'm not ashamed to admit I enjoy it; that and when he gives me head or when I fuck him. Ollie, it's natural for lovers to be so intimate, but that lover's intimacy should be private and I think that's what upset you the most. I enjoy kissing him, holding him, snuggling up against him, having his arms around me, telling me he loves me, but when it's the intimacy and privacy of lovers, between us and not available for general observation, I want to be alone with him, right? Isn't that what you enjoy with Luis and causes you to love him even more?"

He nodded against my chest again, reluctant to pull himself away.

"So, what's the problem, Little Brother?"

Ollie raised his head again, but scooted up a little higher, so his head was on my shoulder. I leaned back so we both were lying on the bed, Ollie stretched out beside me. He sighed, "I don't know; it's just that I didn't want you to think I was a bad boy or something, making love to Luis."

"Why would I think that?"

"Luis was here before me and I just didn't know how you'd feel if you knew he and I were, well, fucking each other."

"Well, boys your age are known to experiment sexually; jack each off and that sort of thing, but I don't think that's what it is, is it, Ollie?"

"No, I'm gay and I know it and so is Luis. It's just - he's so good-looking and fun to be with and I don't think I'm the same way; you know sort of quiet and artsy. When I'm with Luis, everything in the world is just perfect; I think he's the most beautiful, wonderful guy in the world. I watch him walk toward me and my heart skips; in a crowd, he's always hunting for me until he sees me; at school, coming down the hallway, he just about skips trying to get to me and me to him and; when there's trouble, I can always count on Luis to have my back. Conner, I love his smell; he has an aroma about him that tells me it's Luis, even when I can't see him, and my heart melts. He never complains when I have to practice; instead he sits and listens to me, mistakes and all, and thinks it's the most wonderful rendition of a piece of music ever. If I fuck up doing something, he never slams me for it or gives me shit, instead, patiently shows me how to do it, and, Conner, he is ever so clever and smart!"

I thought, "two peas in a pod" but refrained from saying so. Ollie was a most attractive young man himself, talented, and just as smart, if not more so.

"When I'm around Luis, I just can't seem to get close enough to him; I want to hug and kiss him, but more than that, I really just want to be with him; share with him, tell him my secrets and my desires and listen to his. When we change clothes or shower together, I feel myself bone up and when we crawl into bed together, I love to run my hands over his naked butt or his stiff cock or anywhere on his body. I get so hard I think I'll just break apart. The minute he wiggles his butt at me, I'm ready to stuff my rod in. Luis never complains about my size or if it hurts, but just slides back until my balls are resting on his, flexes his cheeks, and away we go!"

"A lot of times, if he doesn't get his rocks off, I pull out after I'm soft, turn around, and let him do me. God, he can pump away and make me shoot again. Conner, I really love him!"

"So, Ollie, what's to be ashamed or embarrassed about that?"

"Well, he's my best friend too and I don't know if it's right to be fucking your best friend."

"By God, Ollie, I do and love it; so does he!"

Ollie smiled, responding, "Yeah I guess you do."

"But, you're wondering, aren't you Ollie, if he feels the same way about you, aren't you?"

He was quiet, so I knew I'd struck the right chord. "Ollie, honey, I don't think you have to worry from what I've seen, but sometime, just ask him and I think you'll find out he feels the same way about you. In the meantime, get up, go find your boyfriend and go for a walk or something. We have a busy evening tonight."

A happy boy, confidence restored, climbed down from my bed, kissed me on the cheek, and left in search of the love of his life. Just as well, I needed some time to visit with Craig in order to see what he might feel most comfortable doing while working and living at the Resort. There was no doubt he'd fit in to our family, but I needed to know more about him; what talents and skills he was going to contribute, other than that great personality that popped out more and more we saw of him. Okay, he'd only been here twenty-four hours or so, but the Twins seemed to take to him after their initial hesitation. I located him in the Great Room visiting with Mae.

She was in the process of telling him how she and her grandsons ended up at West Otter Lake Resort and Campground.

"I couldn't have made a better decision," she was relating, "for the boys and me. I knew, once I arrived, this was the place for them to live; with their own half-brother, where they could be loved and love back, without any fears or hesitation." Patting his arm, she added, "I'm certain you won't regret your decision either."

Begging Mae's forgiveness for my intrusion into their conversation, I asked Craig to go for a walk with me around the Resort and campground. Not only would it give him a chance to get a better look at the grounds, but also for me to probe him for his likes, dislikes, talents, and skills in a relaxed, non-threatening situation.

During our walk and discussion, I discovered his mother insisted he learn to play the violin, but, much to her dismay and chagrin, decided he liked to play "fiddle" music or folk music, while in college. Naturally talented, he found it quite simple to slip into five-string banjo and mandolin as well and ended up playing with a small blue-grass, folk group on the coast. While in high school, he was employed at a local supermarket, learned the meat cutting trade, and rejected it as a vocation, again to his mother's distress since she thought it'd be more useful than a college education, unless he agreed to enter a theological institute and become a preacher, which he rejected out of hand.

Slim build, with narrow hips and strong chest and shoulders, marked him as a swimmer; in fact, he'd lettered in swimming while in high school, but really didn't want to participate in college. I was going to ask him how he kept from popping a stiff rod in the midst of all of those boy-beauties, cocks tucked in neatly or not so neatly in their tight, form-fitting speedos, but felt the wiser of it. I'd bet he was just fucking fantastically mouth-watering gorgeous in his own flimsy swim gear. This athletic ability of his just might come in handy since I knew the boys didn't know how to swim; knowing how to swim was an essential around the lake and I was determined to make certain they knew how.

Craig admitted he wasn't as mechanically inclined or skilled a builder as Leandro, but he was still pretty handy when it came to minor repairs and carpentry. Shop classes in high school helped him develop some skills, but he really didn't feel proficient. While in college, in addition to the band, fast food restaurants, and working as a short-order cook, he spent a great deal of time as a part-time bartender. As he stated, "bars are always busy and looking for part-time help, so I could usually find something for a couple of weeks."

His real love was science, specifically biological science with an emphasis in the environment. The degree and his interest in the field, gave him possession of a great deal of knowledge concerning the outdoors, although his field experience existed only of some bird hunting and fishing in small lakes and rivers while growing up. He was extremely interested in pursuing some big-game hunting, such as deer, moose, or bear and fishing, any kind of fishing, while living here at the Resort. I came away from our walk and conversation convinced he had a sincere willingness to work, learn while he did, and was honest and sincere. I really liked my cousin! Craig's personality was not unlike Ollie's, mixed with a healthy dose of the Twins, and could sell air conditioners in Hades, if he could figure out a way to transport them there.

Ollie was his same happy, almost shy, self at supper that evening, relieved of his guilt, secure in the knowledge his brother wouldn't love him any less because he too was fond of the same sex. Quite the contrary, I was more than pleased Luis and Ollie found each other! They both needed what the other possessed in order to become whole.

Our meeting was longer than I originally anticipated given the amount of discussion we had concerning assignments. The first thing I had to verify was social security numbers for payroll from Craig, Mae, Ollie, and Luis. The Twins, I explained, would receive a rather substantial allowance for "helping around the house." They were too young to work according to State law, but it didn't stop them from accepting tips from guests. Terell and Treyvon wanted to be part of the family operation in the same manner I did when I was their age so I just used the same method Grandpa Johnson used with me.

Leandro had no social security number because of his immigration status so I'd pay in cash, although he insisted he really didn't need much since he had me and we pretty much shared. Craig raised his eyebrows during our discussion, but said nothing. I assumed from his lack of verbal response he surmised Leandro was undocumented.

I explained, although we had cell phone coverage and would use it as necessary, I preferred us using the small, FM portable, two-way radios. The range on the radios was sixteen miles or so and, if we each carried one, we could be in communication with each other readily. I had enough radios for all of us, including each of the Twins.

The cell phone Ollie and Luis would share for bait, tackle, boat and motor rental, gas, had a card swipe application and a plug-in device so these charges could made to credit cards if the customer desired. If the charges were made to the cabin rental, they filled out a duplicate paper charge form, had the customer sign it, and at the end of each day, brought the slips to the office so I or Mae could enter it into the appropriate account in the computer system. Saturdays, check out and check in day, all purchases were made in cash or credit card only.

The bar and the gift shop/store all worked from the same register and credit card machine. Charges made to cabins, along with credit card charges, were signed for on a signature device connected to the register and computer system. Credit card charges were dialed out through the phone system, in our case, via satellite dish.

I shifted Mae from the bar to the office and gift shop/store and Craig to the bar, once he received his license, because he had more experience. Besides, I really didn't want Mae there now we had someone else. I needed her in the office during the week and on weekends supervising the cabin cleaners on turn-around day. Craig would be our utility worker, helping Leandro when needed with yard work or maintenance or cabins on weekends or any place else he was needed. The Twins would help Ollie and Luis and, when needed, Leandro and Craig.

Shaking my finger at them, I cautioned, "You must wear your radios at all times and if you're going anywhere you must tell one of us, understand?"

Terell and Treyvon were clearly disappointed and hurt to think I didn't trust them. That was farthest from the case; I didn't trust other people. Those two little boys were so delightfully beautiful and seemingly innocent I shuddered what could happen if they were overly naïve in their approach to strangers. There were strangers, folks who hadn't rented before, appearing each year and I just didn't want the boys endangered.

"Just like on the streets back where we used to live, okay?" admonished Grandma Mae. That warning was sufficient to change their attitudes and return smiles to their faces.

We had one week to finalize everything before the opener on Saturday and we'd be busy that day as well. Leandro and Craig would handle the boat launching and assist campers in campsites, Mae would be in charge of cabins, I'd handle check-ins and registrations, Ollie and Luis would work the docks, and Terell and Treyvon would work with me in the office as runners.

I explained to Ollie and Luis that Saturday would be especially busy for them since campers and cabin guests all wanted to fill up gas tanks, buy bait, and go fishing. The minnow tanks, live bait such as worms, and other tackle were located in the bait house up near the shop. Also located there was the concrete enclosure which held the five hundred gallon gas storage tank they would use to fill motor boat gas cans. Oil for mixing with the gas was in the bait house also. Although the tank and bait house were fifty yards or so away from the docks and lake, traffic on the docks was reduced and a buffer was provided between the gas storage area and the lake in case something happened causing a spill of some sort. They'd also be responsible for keeping the garbage cans in the fish cleaning house emptied and hosing the place down to clear away the blood and guts.

It was really important the place was clean each night and carted to the metal dumpsters out by the county road. "Make certain the iron bar latching the lid down on those dumpsters is secured or we'll have a bear in them every night. If it becomes a nuisance, the DNR will have to trap it and either haul it away or kill it. Campers and cabin people have to keep things picked up as well; the bears are wild animals and can be dangerous if they hang around too much."

The twins eyed me suspiciously and realizing I wasn't blowing smoke up their ass, nodded their heads in understanding. "Terell and Treyvon," I said authoritatively, "it'll be your job to drive the garden tractor with the trailer attached around the campground every evening and collect the garbage. It's a nasty job, but doing it will keep us all safe."

They looked at each other, opened their mouths to say something, but I short-stopped them. "Leandro will teach you how to run the tractor this week after school."

Finally covering all bases, I called the meeting to a halt. The boys all had school the next morning and would until the end of the month. Leandro, Craig, Mae, and I would have to cover for them during the week until they came home from school. The little boys were worn out and I figured Ollie and Luis would fall asleep as soon as they tossed each other off. The Twins and I did walk Mae to her cottage, however, before it was time for their bath.

Little boys can really, really get dirty! The twins were at an age they could bathe themselves, sort of, but I acquiesced to their request for help. I ran their bath water while they stripped naked and put their dirty clothes in hamper. Plopping them into the tub, their little brown hooded willies jiggling and jouncing as I lifted each, I began my visual inspection of them. Using a wash cloth, I cleansed their heads, faces, neck, and upper body. When they stood, waiting to have their crotches, butts, and legs washed, their boy parts were sticking straight out in front of each one about four inches, the pinkish head just peeking out from the foreskin, almost like an eye surveying the surroundings. Their peanut sized balls were drawn up tight in the scrotum, hugging their crotches. I carefully washed their little boy tools (amidst much giggling, I should add), cleaned their butt cracks, and finished off with the legs and the feet. As I dried them, after they scrambled out of the tub, I continued my inspection. I could see no difference in the two of them. There was nothing that would distinguish Terell from Treyvon, as far as I could discern. How in hell did everyone else? What was the secret they knew and I didn't? Well, I'd look again and figure it out eventually. Jammies on both, I tucked them in bed, and kissed them goodnight.

I crawled in with Leandro, gave him a kiss and quickly slipped my head under the covers and engulfed his flaccid man-piece. I love to take him in my mouth while his penis is soft, velvety smooth, and pliable with my lips and malleable with my tongue. Lapping my tongue around inside the foreskin, tickling the head with the tip, circling the glans, flicking his expanding meatus, rolling his growing penis in my mouth, and using my lips up and down across the sulcus and corona until I let that wonderful, cock rest on my tongue, warm and moist, and sensuous. I can feel the large vein on top with my upper lip and the fat, less pliable urethra on the underside with my bottom lip.

Waiting until just before he starts to moan, I push forward and bury my nose in his pubic bush. It took a little practice, but I can do it without gagging now and it makes his toes curl up. I continue bobbing up and down it's marvelous length, making certain my tongue lathers his frenulum on the upstroke, circle his crown before descending again, I begin feeling the little quiver Leandro gets in his body, just before his balls begin to tighten up, and he fires volleys of his thick, white, man-cream into my oral cavity, where, with a few delightfully, delicious swallows, send his little wriggles deep into my stomach, absorbing them and him into my very soul. He unloosed a load!

We weren't the only ones enjoying post-coital bliss that night. In Ollie's room, doors well locked, Luis wriggled his naked body tighter to Ollie, as Ollie pulled him snuggly to him, kissing his neck, his cheek, and whimpering as he mated with his lover. Ollie's hard, long cock was still throbbing his seed deep into Luis' warm, moist tunnel, as he continued short little hunches into his lover. He never came as hard or as much when he jacked-off alone, but being inside Luis just seemed to build up the reservoir of sperm in his large, low-hanging gonads, anxious to be released.

Luis, sighing contentedly, leaned his head back toward Ollie. "Did you ever measure how much cum you shoot at a time, Ollie?"

"No, why?"

"Sometimes, when you jizz up in me, it feels almost like gallons, although I know it's not. Usually, there's a half-dozen or so really strong and heavy spurts and then, like now, you just make a bunch of smaller squirts every time your dick twitches until you're done, that's why!"

Ollie could feel his cum begin to leak out of Luis's ass, around his cock, so he thrust deeper, hoping to stem the tide, bringing a squeal of delight from Luis and another bit of spewing from himself. With his arms wrapped tightly around his lover, Ollie could feel the beat, beat, beat of Luis' contented heart and feel the answering rhythm of his own, thumping in his chest.

Nuzzling Luis' neck, he murmured, "I had a long talk with Conner today – about us!"

Luis, curious, turned his head so he could get a better look at Ollie's face. "And?"

"He's cool; happy for you and me!" and leaned farther forward so he could kiss Luis gently, then passionately on the lips. "He also said we better keep the door locked though so the twins don't barge in, while we're – you know!"

Luis giggled, pushed his brown butt up tighter to Ollie, and squeezed his ass cheeks together, bringing a shudder of delight from Ollie.

"Luis?" Ollie asked pensively.


"Are you my boyfriend?"

Luis shivered all over, "Yeah, Ollie, from day one!"

To be continued


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