West Otter Lake

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West Otter Lake – Chapter Twenty– "I clasp thy waist; I feel thy bosom's heat – O kiss me into faintness, sweet and dim." – (Alexander Smith)

Leandro looked quickly in my direction but remained silent. Fighting back the sinking feeling in my gut and the emotions of fear and anger rocketing through in my mind at Eddie's announcement my asshole father was in town, I shrugged my shoulders in faux indifference.

"I think this might be the last place he'd want to stay, Eddie."

"Suppose you're right, but I thought, in case you didn't already know, he's in the neighborhood," and with a tip of his head, climbed in his truck and left.

"I wonder what that fucker is up too?" I muttered, more to myself than anyone.

"You can bet it's no damned good," replied Leandro, as vexed as I was of learning the news. "I think we need to watch our backs for a while."

There was no disagreement on my part. I decided that evening we'd have a family confab before bed in order to alert everyone to be on their guard, reporting anything suspicious they might see, hear, or feel. I was especially concerned for Leandro. If Wesley knew he was undocumented, reporting him to the ICE could mean deportation, if he was caught, that is. Both of us were anxious for some action to be taken by the U.S. Congress on citizenship status for undocumented immigrants, especially those brought into the country by their parents. There are approximately eleven million undocumented immigrants in the country, entering the U.S. over the years for work, education, or a better life and there needed to be some resolution to the issue. For us, it was especially important; I just couldn't see life without Leandro and would do anything to protect him, even if it meant hiding him in a cellar, allowing him up four or five times per day to fuck me and then send him back.

Wesley was angry because of my possession of the Resort and sole heir to Grandma Johnson's estate. He'd accepted the cash payout I made, the same as my aunts and uncle, but he apparently wasn't satisfied. I felt he was angry enough, from the comments he made previously, to make direct threats on my personal health and well-being. Mae, after our family meeting, had other thoughts.

"Conner, I really think we should keep a special eye on Ollie, Treyvon, and Terell. Wesley is a bully and would target the younger of his children for his vengeance. In his convoluted train of thought, he'd see that as the most wicked deed of vengeance he could commit by bringing about the loss of your brothers in order to drive a spear into your very heart!"

The more I pondered her remarks and concerns, the more I was convinced she was correct in her assessment. Wesley would try his damnedest to wound me fatally through injury to the brothers I now loved and cherished. Too wrought up to go to bed immediately, I ensconced myself on one of the couches in the Great Room and sat silently gazing at West Otter Lake placidly stretched out before me. The serenity and character of the lake never ceased to calm and bring peace to my troubled soul. The only other activity which could relax me even more completely was Leandro, after arousing me to a fever pitch of excitement, either by engulfing my sensitive pole or burying himself in my bowels and flooding me with his sweet, thick, cum.

Leandro finished night rounds and joined me on the couch. "Can't sleep, Love?" he crooned softly as he wrapped his arms around me.

"Nah, Wesley's presence has a foreboding about it that leaves a sinister and fearful feeling in my bones."

"Well, Conner, don't get your undies in a bunch; we'll just be extra careful, although I think we ought to have a one-on-one talk with the boys. Don't want to frighten them, but they really need to keep vigilant, I think," as he caressed my neck and tongued my ear.

The appearance of Craig stopped any response on my part, such as unzipping Leandro's cargo shorts, extracting his man-piece, and sucking him to a screaming, up-thrusting climax.

Clad only in his cargo shorts, Craig was slim and trim, with a body very much like mine, with body hair in the most important places, and was quite an attractive man, even if he is my own cousin. One nice thing about the off-season at the Resort, we could wander around clad only in our boxer shorts, however, now with guests around that option was out. He snuggled up to the other side of me, more for comfort and reassurance I thought, than sex.

The three of us sat quietly, lost in our separate thoughts, enjoying the closeness of each other and the solitude of the evening.

"Conner," Craig began, "when did you know you were in love with Leandro?"

Well, that certainly came out of the blue and caught me flat-footed. I wrongly assumed he was upset about Wesley, but if he was, it was taking second place to his own personal dilemma.

I thought about his question for a minute, while Leandro continued vexing, sexy tickles with his finger tips to the back of my neck, sending cascading, erotic shivers down my spine and blood rocketing to my cock. Reciprocating, I lay a hand across Leandro's crotch and squeezed his growing tool through his shorts. All of which was noticed by Craig, who reached down and adjusted his own bulge.

"At first, I saw him as an intruder with a really big cock, but, even though neither he nor I made any advances on each other, I found myself drawn closer and closer to him. I vowed not to be the first to make the move; I'd been badly burned in my experiences with Beau, so I was really hesitant. Then one night, he came to my bedchamber, crawled in with me, and after his first move, I knew I loved him."

"What was his first move?" Craig asked eyeing my phalangeal ministrations to Leandro's crotch.

"He kissed me!"

It was really more than just a kiss; it was the way he held me close, our naked bodies intertwined, pressing to each other, our warmth shared, and our turgid rods embracing, tasting each other. I was held so close, it seemed our hearts beat as one; his lips were soft, inviting, and sensuously delicate when they met mine, bringing a shudder and a longing to my entire body. It was the sort of kiss not associated with "making out," "sucking tongues," or "swapping spit;" it was a kiss full of passion and intense with commitment for someone he loved.

"Yeah, me too!" echoed Craig.

Leandro ceased his tickling, I stopped my massaging, and we both waited for Craig to continue- he didn't!

Leandro finally broke the silence; "Is he a good kisser, a great kisser, or `he makes me cream my jeans' type of kisser?"

"Oh, definitely the latter!"

Loren picked Craig up at the Resort for their "dinner and a movie" date in Parsonville. If Loren was nervous he certainly didn't show it. On the other hand, Craig was a giddy as a teenager on his first date, which it was, only he was no longer a teen. He didn't know what to expect, but was looking forward to an evening with Loren. In his eyes, Loren was a good-looking man, intelligent, quiet with a good sense of humor, and someone he felt he'd enjoy being around.

Dinner was good, the movie was alright, but nothing other than conversation, laughter, and an occasional touch or shoulder bump occurred. It was a time to become acquainted with each other; discover each of their likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, futures, and desires.

After the movie, on the way back to the Resort, Loren pulled into a small county park about two miles off of the main road. Craig thought, in the back of his mind, under any other circumstances, he should be worried, but he wasn't. He felt safe with Loren and raised no objection concerning the detour. He was concerned, if it meant sex, how he'd accommodate Loren. Male to male sex was new to him; he'd never had anal sex with anyone and the biggest object he'd ever had up his ass was his middle finger while he jacked-off. Actually, he'd never touched anyone else before, so the whole ballgame was new to him, but exciting to anticipate. The only indication he had of the size of Loren's equipment was from the birthday party and then Loren's cock was concealed by swimming shorts.

They pulled up to a little covered pavilion, Loren rolled down the windows of the car, turned the radio on to one of those all-night mood music stations, got out of the car, and bade Craig to come with him. Under the pavilion, he circled his arms around Craig, pulled him close, and they began to dance.

"I'd never danced with a man before," Craig confessed, "so it took a couple of songs before my feet began operating the way they were supposed to. When he held me in his arms, allowing my head to rest on his breast and shoulder, his breath wafting past my face and ear as we danced, it was as if there was nothing else in the universe happening around us. I became oblivious to night sounds, focusing on the beat of his heart and mine; his warmth, my melting into that warmth; his arms and my body's acceptance of his embraces."

"He slipped his hands to my waist, pulling our crotches together; he was just as hard as me! I expected he'd ask me to position myself over one of the picnic tables while he ravaged my twitching portal. I would've, willingly, but he never asked or indicated that's what we were going to do. Instead, he kissed me!"

Craig rose up on his toes to better engage Loren's lips, whimpering gutturally when a tongue entered his mouth, swept around his teeth, and engaged his own in a waltz of desire, tasting him, savoring him, bringing up the passion so long suppressed.

"I never thought a kiss could be that erotic; I boned up tighter than I'd ever been in my life."

By the looks of him now, I thought, he was reacting in a similar manner just describing that marvelous kiss and dance to us. Leandro and I continued listening, offering nothing until Craig either asked or decided to finish his story.

"Conner, what I'm worried about, what if he decides we should –you know- suck or fuck or something? I don't know if I'm a bottom, top, or versatile; or worse yet, I don't know if I can accommodate him. If he's as big as Ollie, I don't know how it would fit and I think it'd really, really hurt more than I could ever hurt him with my little dick."

So that was the real problem; Craig was worried he might not be able to satisfy his lover because he thought his penis was too small and Loren would reject him!

"I don't think you have to worry about the position you take or desire during intercourse," offered Leandro. "After a few times, once you become familiar with each other, you'll decide. Me, now, I'm generally a top because Conner prefers that, but I also enjoy being fucked and Conner does that quite well."

With that comment, he reached across me and without further ado or even saying "Captain may I?" unzipped Craig's cargo shorts and fished out his hard cock. Craig offered no objection as Leandro rolled it around in his hand, fisted it a couple of times and said thoughtfully, "Really, Craig, you're about the same size as Conner. I find his cock quite magnificent."

Holding the twitching crown in his fingertips, capping it lightly, Leandro pondered the fleshy, pink swollen head, slid a finger gently around the almost unnoticeable circumcision scar. "The first cut cock I ever saw was Conner's and wondered how you jacked off – there's no skin to glide up and down your shaft. That question was answered our first night together, so don't worry about a thing – it all works out."

"Yeah, it works just like this," offered Craig with a brief demonstration, "but its hand on skin so if you use some lube, you can grip it much tighter and bring yourself off with more pleasure."

"Neat!" said Luis from behind me; evidently, he and Ollie came down stairs and we failed to hear them during our own conversation. Luis was dressed only in his sleep shorts, tented magnificently, I might add, and Ollie was wrapped in a blanket. I'd bet my last dollar he was as naked as a jaybird underneath.

They scrambled around front and sat next to Craig. Luis snuggled under the blanket and plopped his butt on Ollie's lap. Although Luis is slightly taller, somewhat more physically developed, and more extroverted, and he may appear to be subservient, he is still the more dominant of the two; the alpha, always ready to protect and serve his mate and evidently loves having Ollie's big cock up his buns.

He reached over, before Craig could say anything, and clasped his dick in his hand.

"Whoa, Champ," snorted Craig, "too much fire may cause the gunpowder to flash!" and removed Luis' hand.

Craig, Leandro and I were somewhat at a loss to continue our conversation, when Luis raised up, stretched, and settled slowly back down on Ollie's lap, wriggling and shifting as he did so. By the look on his face, the smile on Ollie's, and the sleep shorts now lying on the floor, Luis was in the process of being deeply, lovingly, and thoroughly fucked! No two ways about it!

"I think that may answer any questions you may have had previously, Craig," I mused.

"What question?" asked Luis in a strained voice as he felt that prodigious prod poke his prostate.

Rather than repeat it, Craig reached under the blanket between Luis' thighs, felt around for a moment, and murmured, "I'll be damned!" and rose to leave for bed.

"Thanks you guys – you know I love you all – right?" he said in leaving.

We all nodded, except for Luis who was busy raising and lowering himself on Ollie's lap.

Leandro and I followed Craig upstairs, leaving the covered couple knotted to each other on the couch. It was a damned good thing it was late; I wouldn't want any guest to drop by and see and smell the passion on the couch. The boys were wise enough to skedaddle once they'd climaxed and finished spurting.

In our own bed, flat on my back, my legs raised and spread so Leandro could easily access my balls (which he was now rolling around in his mouth) and my pucker (which he'd just finished nibbling on and testing its depth with his tongue), my own cock was being deftly manipulated by the caressing hand of my lover. I knew it wouldn't be long until he'd take my juicy candy cane, suck it deeply into his mouth, and with a delicateness I dearly loved, shove a finger up my ass, tickle my love button and make me cum. It was really foreplay to his fucking me senseless. Leandro knew very well, once he entered me, slowly rocking his grand machine back and forth over my prostate, my anal muscles would clamp down as I'd orgasm again, bringing him to a bowel-flooding climax.

Our chests tight to each other, his head lying alongside mine, dick buried to the pubes in my tunnel, I sighed in contentment as his spurting love juice slowed. He'd stay hard inside me for quite some time before he'd retreat from the front line.

"I think, Leandro," I said as I smoothed his soft, black hair now tickling my ear, "I'm going to take the boys aside and talk with each of them. I know we had a chit-chat concerning Wesley early tonight, but I think they'd feel better if I have a one-on-one. I know I will."

Evidently I wasn't the only one who slept the sleep of the troubled. After breakfast, Mae stopped me on the way to breakfast. "Cedric and I have been talking and we think it needs to be emphasized how important it is for the boys to be wary. He suggested the twins carry cans of wasp spray. He claims it can shoot as stream of irritant and poison up to twenty feet away and can be just as effective as bear spray or mace in stopping an attacker, especially if you hit him or her in the face."

My visit with the boys went as I suspected; Ollie and Luis were introspective, concerned, but not paranoid concerning Wesley. I noticed, as I talked, Luis step closer to Ollie and place a hand in the middle of his back. The implication was quite clear; anyone fucking with Ollie better be prepared to face Luis first. The twins, on the other hand, were young, a bit foolish, and exhibited a bit more bravado than I cared for. Terell, after slipping the can of wasp spray in one side pocket of his cargo shorts, pulled his slingshot from the other, proclaiming, "Treyvon and I can drive a ball bearing through a pine board with these; Wesley better not mess with us!"

There was no doubt in my mind they could do as he bragged, but they were also only nine years old and vulnerable.

Cedric extended his stay and extended his stay again. He and Mae began seeing more and more of each other and it became common knowledge around the Resort and campground, they were an item, if not a couple, already. When Cedric appeared with an extra motorcycle helmet on Mae's day off and they went sightseeing, her astraddle behind him, arms wrapped around his waist, there was no doubt!

The first weeks of August were busy as families took their final vacations before school started at the end of the month. Cedric and Mae worked together cleaning cabins, in the gift shop, office, and he helped Craig and Leandro when they needed it, so I refused payment from him for campsite rental. It was the least I could do. It was great watching the two of them and the glow beaming from Mae's face every time she caught sight of Cedric. Ollie and the twins were positive their grandmother would marry before Thanksgiving.

Leandro and I were in the kitchen cleaning up from lunch, when Treyvon and Terell rushed in, all excited.

"Cops!" they exclaimed, breathless and anxiously. "Leandro - better hide!"

Leandro headed up the back stairs to our room while I walked out through the office onto the porch to greet our visitors. Not "cops" but game wardens, in two different vehicles. One I recognized as our local warden, Roy Wagoner and the other was a stranger.

"Hi, Roy, I wondered when you'd be stopping by. You didn't check my boat registrations earlier so I figured you must have been busy."

He smiled and apologized. "Conner, we've had more visitors to the area this year than ever before and unfortunately, some of them just don't know what or care what the law is. I also had some poaching going on and don't have a clue who it is. Give me some time, though, and I'll nail the miscreant."

Roy turned and introduced his companion. "Pete Zimmerman, District Law Enforcement Supervisor. He's trying to assess whether we need to add another warden up here."

As far as I was concerned, we needed one desperately. Roy had a huge area to patrol and, as he mentioned, in the summer he had tourists, fishermen, boaters, and campers to sort out. Fall and winter brought him little relief because he still had fishermen, boaters, and some campers, but also hunters, snowmobilers, and skiers. Weekends during the winter were not peaceful for him as snowmobiles roared up and down the miles and miles of trails throughout the forest.

As Roy reviewed my boat registration records, Cedric and Mae wandered in, curious about the two state vehicles in the parking lot. Roy and I walked down to the dock since he wanted to do a spot check of registration stickers on the boats, while Cedric and Mae visited with Pete Zimmerman. When we returned, Pete and Cedric were involved in a serious discussion concerning law enforcement. Up until that point in time, I had no idea what Cedric had done in the service, but I was beginning to think it something to do with law enforcement by the sounds of the conversation.

Everything was in order and as the wardens prepared to leave, I thanked Roy and told him I hoped it wouldn't be as long before I saw him again since, not only was he our game warden, but a family friend.

"Conner, I can't promise, the job has me hopping this season. For some reason, there seems to be more people and more problems for me to deal with. I don't have to worry about you and the other local residents, but some of those from out of the area and down state are a real pain in the ass."

I was about to make a comment in agreement, when Roy said suddenly, "By the way, I ran into Wesley the other day in Parsonville. I thought I'd seen his pickup truck a couple of times while driving through the National Forest, but I wasn't certain. Have any idea what he's doing hanging around these parts?"

To be continued


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