West Otter Lake

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West Otter Lake – Chapter Twenty-Six - “Our yesterday’s follow us; they constitute our life, and they give character and force and meaning to our present deeds.” – (Joseph Parker)

Cuddled in Leandro’s warm embrace, snugged together on the couch in the Great Room, a fire burning briskly, warmly, in the fireplace, comforting all of us as the melodic, soothing, and relaxing music of a piano sonata being played artfully by Ollie on the baby grand piano we purchased as an early Christmas gift for all of us, reminded me, as I looked about the room, how fortunate I was these past almost four years. During that time, although I’d lost my Grandfather and Grandmother Johnson, I’d inherited the Resort and Campground, been subjected twice by vicious, verbal family attacks, had my lover and his brother come into my life, found my family of half-brothers I never knew existed, been shot at and hit, recovered, and we have a very successful business.

Cedric and Mae were sitting on a smaller couch, arms around each other as they listened to Ollie play, smiling appreciatively at his artistry as they had just minutes before when Terell and Treyvon took their places at the keyboard, rendering their interpretations of two different Mozart selections. Mae, bless her soul, was always so genuinely appreciative and encouraging of her grandson’s artistry on the piano.  As well she should, since she was their teacher.  Cedric, although spending the vast majority of his life in the military, was similarly impressed. Since their marriage, they seemed not only to grow closer together, as married couples do, but became and are, an intricate part of our family.

The Twins were growing, now eleven going on twelve as of next summer.  The past years living at the Resort have been good to them; strengthening their bodies, minds, and personalities.  They’d never be big framed, large boys, but would develop into the same size young men that Ollie and I did.  The Johnson genes did not produce the “jock” type individuals, but warm, caring, and clever ones, slight of build, wiry, resilient, and possessing strong senses of justice. Heroes they were the day they leaped up to return fire with slingshots at an assassin raining bullets down on Luis, Ollie, and me.  As far as Craig and Loren were concerned, the Twins established their “hero” status the day they leaped to ward off the abductors with wasp spray when a van load of masked men attempted to grab Craig and haul him away to God knows where! Craig thought they were part of a team sent to “re-educate” him in order to rid him of his “unnatural and “sodomite” behaviors and bring him back to the “fold.” Heroes they’d always be, at least in our household, although not quite as shy as Ollie, they were reluctant to wear the mantel, but instead would shuffle their feet and make humble remarks when the subject came up.

Terell and Treyvon, much like their older brother and grandmother, were talented musically, excellent in academic studies, and active in middle school activities – not athletics, but the fine arts, chess, science club, and others.   They clearly loved the outdoors and would rarely miss the opportunity to hunt or fish with Craig, Loren, Cedric, or me.  They were still too young to hunt on their own but, both have taken hunter safety so when they’re twelve, they’ll be able to take to the field with gun or bow.  Fishing, now that was another matter!  When they weren’t working at the Resort or Campground or elsewhere, and school, they fished either off of the dock or from one of our boats.  They were busy, busy boys!  The twins were still inseparable, still finishing each other’s sentences, and best friends. They still insisted sleeping in the same bed, although one of these days, I thought, they might want to be in their own spaces.

Their performances, with the talents they possessed and under the tutelage of their grandmother, were just as delicate, emotional, strong, befitting their character as Ollie’s did his.  Seated near the fireplace, they were clearly enjoying their older brother’s interpretation and rendition of the piece he was playing and watching Luis, seated next to Ollie, offering him encouragement, support, and love.  Ollie and Luis, now seniors in high school, were the ever consummate lovers.  Both were maturing into handsome young men, certain in their ways, confident in manner, and ever vigilant one for the other.  Luis, still just a bit taller and of larger frame than Ollie, was the protector, the more forward of the two.  Ollie, the thoughtful, gentle side of Luis, quick to see his needs without asking, loved every minute of his life with him, always fearful for his safety, especially after Luis was willing to sacrifice himself in order to save his lover, that terrible fall day three years ago.  Luis, other than a few scars where the bullets entered and exited his body, seemed no worse for the wear physically, but mentally, he became more alert and wary, especially where it concerned Ollie.

They were enjoying life at the Resort and their senior year at Otter Lake High School.  Even though they seemed to be definitely in the minority (race and sexual orientation), very few remarks or overt action were made or taken, especially since the “little dust-up” they’d been involved in their first year of school.  Ollie and Luis are a popular couple at school, but kept to themselves for the most part.  Oh, they had friends and attended parties, athletic events, concerts and the like, but it was just their nature, their quiet demeanor which kept them somewhat separate from the nosier, more boisterous elements in Otter Lake High School.

Cedric and Mae were very content to continue living and working at the Resort.  Cedric’s military retirement would’ve provided adequately for them, but as he said “I like to keep busy and this is a good place to be busy in.”  The pig roast he put on for the wedding weekend was a great success, so he continued to do it for the Resort and Campground each Friday evening.  It was a good money-maker for the Resort as well as entertaining our guests.   Cedric loved to hunt and fish, so what better place to be then West Otter Lake Resort and Campground? Often, when they were able, Terell and Treyvon accompanied him. They were the grandchildren, albeit through marriage, he had close by, while all of his others were some distance away.

The past couple of years, his family held a reunion at the Resort just before we closed for the season.  They’d enjoyed themselves so much at Cedric and Mae’s wedding, there was no way they’d miss it.  The Wilson’s were a fun bunch to have around and the week and weekend seemed to zoom by! All four of the boys looked forward to that weekend.  It gave them an opportunity to associate with others of blended races and diverse interests.  The Wilson’s were good to and for, all of us.

Mae and Cedric left for a month or so each winter to “make the rounds” and visit family, friends, and warm places.  They waited until after Christmas to leave because Mae wanted to celebrate the holiday with her grandsons at the Lodge and her Holiday Piano Recital for her piano students was usually held a couple of weeks before Christmas.  Not counting Ollie, Terell, and Treyvon, she had fifteen students taking lessons from her.  We decorate the Great Room for Christmas, including a big tree which we locate near the windows overlooking the lake, build a fire in the fireplace, set up chairs, prepare refreshments, and host her students, parents, and guests.  This would be the third year and it seemed to increase in popularity each year, with some community members requesting to attend (of course, they could).  Additionally, Mae did piano demonstrations for Benson’s in Parsonville as well as judging piano at music contests so they had to be back in time for all of that. Mae was as happy as a lark on a spring morning.

My cousin Craig and his boyfriend Loren, both living at the Resort full-time, lounged on the rug in front of the fireplace, Craig’s head resting on Loren’s stomach, were clearly enjoying the music. Loren still taught in the Otter Lake Elementary School and Craig worked the Resort full-time.  Craig and Leandro persuaded me to enlarge the campground, add sewer and water to the older, existing campsites, and water and electric to the new ones.  In addition, we added another shower house, a laundry facility, and another trailer dump station.  Once I worked out the “pro forma” on amortization, it was a no brainer!  So far, we’d filled every site since we finished the work.  We continued to offer the same personal service to all of our guests and evidently it was appreciated since they returned and brought more campers with them.

There was no more progress on who our assailant was.  My father, Wesley Johnson, was a prime suspect.  However, no one had seen him or his truck anywhere in the area when the attack took place.  The state police finally got a lead three months or so later when they requested neighboring states to keep a lookout for him.  Illinois police tracked him down to a private, residential health care clinic in Southern Illinois along the Kentucky border.  According to the doctor in charge, Wesley had been under his care and in residence during the time of the attack.  He’d been admitted for the treatment of alcoholism after being severely injured in a barroom brawl.  According to the report, the doctor and social worker at the facility claimed he was “healing in body and soul, having accepted the Lord as his Savior.”  It sounded like the perfect alibi!

Craig was immediately suspicious and so was I, but there wasn’t much we could do about it.  As far as the cops were concerned, Wesley was no longer a suspect.  Craig seemed to remember, once the name of the clinic was mentioned, that it was also the place where his mother wanted to send him to “re-educate” him and change his “deviant” behavior, but he couldn’t be certain.

The incident left us all shaken, wary, but steeled with a strong resolve to have refuge in our Lodge and each other, offering our love and protection, willingness to sacrifice one for the other but cemented us together as a family.  We were, in every aspect, a family consisting of lovers, half-brothers, Latinos, African-Americans, white, gay, and straight, and all very comfortable with each other.

Luis became ever more vigilant, watchful, protective of Ollie; Ollie, more caring, and loving.  After high school, they were going to attend the University; Ollie majoring in piano performance and composition and Luis pre-med with chemistry. Loren, a quiet enforcer with connections, watched over Craig, ready to leap to his assistance and quick to secure him in a loving embrace. Loren also served as the unofficial tutor for all the boys in all things educational.  He was a tremendous teacher and it was evident around the house.  The four boys flourished in their studies. Terell and Treyvon were becoming the hunters, trackers, stalkers, but still the loving, open, extremely intelligent boys we all loved.

 Leandro and I, well, we remained pretty much the same, nominal head of the family, caretakers and guardians over our little, but growing enclave, except for one major change.  After my recovery, after long, heartfelt talks and, after realizing how easily we could lose each other or become separated by archaic rules, with the help of Deshone, in Iowa, and Edward Wilson, in Minnesota, Leandro and I quietly made a trip to Iowa, where same-sex marriages were legal, in late winter that year and married.  Edward thought it just might be helpful in changing Leandro’s immigration status sometime in the future, but he wasn’t certain.  He’d contacted an immigration attorney friend of his who agreed to take Leandro’s case on a pro bono basis.  We made no issue of our nuptials at home; everyone knew and we were fine.  What more could we ask?

The music ended, the fire died to embers, and everyone, except Leandro and I went to bed.  We were still in each other’s arms on the couch in the Great Room, reluctant to leave each other’s warmth, even temporarily, and the ambiance of the Great Room in our home.  The Lodge was quiet, slowly going to sleep on this early winter’s night, except for the nominal creaks and groans as the Lodge structure began reacting to the increasing cold.  It definitely was winter here in the northern forests, unlike farther south where fall evolved slowly into the season of snow and cold.  Ice was now forming on West Otter Lake, except out towards the middle where wave action kept it open. It wasn’t safe to travel on it, but it wouldn’t be long until we could begin serious ice fishing.  The Twins, Cedric, Loren, and Craig keep us supplied with fresh fish during most of the winter.  There were three deer in at the locker plant being processed, the results of the first two days of deer hunting season this year.

Leandro’s hand, once my belt was loosened and pants zipped open, encased my stiff cock, sending shivers of delight to the dripping tip and tightening balls, as he slowly, gently, and masterfully masturbated me, a mere hint of what we should do once we retired to our bedroom, if I made it that far before self-impaling myself on his nice, firm, thick, pulsing prick.  I wanted it just as bad as he did, but I removed his hand, smiled, kissed him, and pointed toward the balcony and our bedroom.

“Don’t get started without me,” he admonished, “I’ve got to fill the furnace,” and stood, walked out to kitchen where his coat and boots were located, and left by the kitchen door to stoke up our outdoor wood boiler.  Once stoked with wood, it would burn well into the next morning, or at least until one of us took it upon ourselves to go outside and re-stoke it.

I walked up the stairs and passing Ollie and Luis’ bedroom, I noticed the door was slightly ajar and a light was still on. I couldn’t imagine they had homework to do before Thanksgiving Break ended, so I surmised they must have fallen asleep and forgotten to turn off the light.

Peeking in first, with the intention of turning off the light when I entered, I noticed their bed was illuminated by the light of a desk lamp across the room. I could see Ollie’s naked back as he lay on his side, his body stretched length-wise against Luis.  Ollie’s smooth, brown, firm, well-formed butt cheeks clenching and relaxing each time he pushed forward, squirting his thick, ropes of abundant love juice deep into Luis.  His arms were wrapped around Luis, holding him tight, as he emptied himself into Luis’s bowels.

Ollie, like me, produced an ample amount of semen and from conversations I’d overheard between them over the years, would continue to pulse for several minutes.  I also knew he wouldn’t soften right away and would remain inside Luis for some time after he came, continuing to massage Luis’ prostate until he was able to unload as well.  Luis loved to be fucked by Ollie and made no bones about it. However, whenever Ollie indicated he wanted a good rogering, Luis would bone him with loving, erotic, intensity!  Ollie kept a towel handy to clean up Luis and himself and was meticulous concerning the care he gave Luis.  Although basically a bottom and generally submissive when it came to their sexual activities, it was not so when they were in the public eye.  There, the always quiet, shy, Ollie, seemed to be the one who was more submissive, yet not really so, if you know what I mean.

Ollie must have heard me open the door, looked over his shoulder, and grinned at me as his ass cheeks clenched again and he pushed in as deep as he could with one final blast.  I gave him a “thumbs up” and quietly closed the bedroom door.

When Leandro joined me in bed, kissed his way to my crotch, sucked on my balls as sort of a warm-up to the main event, and then enveloped my turgid twig in his warm moist lips, right down to the bush, and gave me one of his infamous, ball-tightening, push as hard into his mouth as I can, blowjobs.   While bobbing up and down on my pole, he reached up with one hand, stuck a finger in my mouth to moisten it, and, once thoroughly wet, wiggled it up my chute and began flicking my love button.  It wasn’t long until I flooded his mouth with my hot, white, thick, man-juice.  Ollie wasn’t the only one in the family that shot a big load!

Leandro pulled off of my still dripping cock, scooted forward, lifted my legs to encircle his waist, and lining up his big dick with its favorite parking spot, leaned forward and pushed himself in to the hilt!

God, I loved it!

Leandro took his time, making love to me as only he could.  His actions finally became for fervent, more eager, and soon I felt the head of his Latin lightning rod swell inside me and my sphincter tightened around the base of it, massaging and holding it in place as he began spritzing ropes of his sweet nectar into me with strong bursts, pushed forward with each thrust he made.

We fell asleep, locked together, each knowing during this night of thankfulness, we would couple again.

To be continued


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