George Gardner

 There are days, and we all have them, when nothing seems to go right. Then there are those, much rarer, creatures - the Day When Everything Goes So Right That It Cannot Possibly Be Real And Must Be A Dream. I had one of those just recently. It started when I didn't sleep in, didn't have to rush to get dressed for work, didn't spill my first cup of tea and didn't get caught in traffic driving to work.
The day went steadily up hill from there. There was a letter on my desk from personnel informing me that I was, at last, getting my long-overdue promotion with the attendant whopping rise in salary. The photocopier didn't try to bite me and Anna, the office Dragon Lady, was actually civil to me.


 I breezed through the morning in an unaccustomed state of euphoria and I was almost skipping down the stairs when I went out for lunch. The weather was glorious - warm and sunny without being too hot - and the small cafe I habitually used at lunchtime seemed to have attracted more hunky guys in that single hour than it had done in the past five years. My eyes were watering after just twenty minutes and things that normally didn't happen at that time of day ..... did. By the time I got back to my office I was feeling decidedly
randy. An unenviable state for a gay guy in a building full of women.

 I say 'full' but that's not, strictly, accurate. There are a couple of other men. Wilf, who's retiring next month and Simeon (whose name is really Simon but who thinks Simeon gives him gravitas) who is, to put it mildly, an arsehole and about as shaggable as Yasser Arafat. He is also the office creep, arse licker and grass.

 Then there's Tony. I don't see him nearly enough. Drop Dead Gorgeous in anybody's book, he leaves a trail of drooling females (and one male) whenever he comes into the office. He's the resident Fixer of Broken Things from the permanently-loose carpet tiles up to and including the photocopier. I've spent many a happy time watching him crawling about the floor with his glue and tacks, gorgeous backside pointing skyward in tight blue work trousers which show off the outline of his briefs underneath. The front view is equally satisfactory. Work tends to slow to a crawl when Tony crawls.

 And he's a nice guy. The few times I've spoken to him he's come across as warm and outgoing. He's got an easy manner about him and he seems to get on with everyone - including Sim(e)on. Anna has been known to attempt to flutter her eyelashes at him. I just drool - mostly in my underwear. Today where else would he be but right outside my office? There he was, in his usual bum-up posture, when I returned from lunch. He rolled over and sat up on the floor as I approached.

 'Sorry, Mr. Carson, I'll be done in a few minutes.'

 'Okay, Tony. Don't worry about it. They're bloody crap tiles, aren't they?'

 'It's not really the tiles,' he explained. 'Whoever laid them in the first place didn't prepare the floor properly.'

 'Nothing new there, then.'

 He smiled at me.

 'I guess.'

 I went into my office and left the door open. If Tony was going to be outside then there was no way I was going to miss being able to watch him. I felt the usual little pang of guilt. But what the heck? He probably eyed up the women when they weren't looking. What he didn't know wouldn't hurt him.

 About three thirty I wandered out to the drinks machine to get my afternoon caffeine fix. Tony was still hard at work and I had one of those sudden whims.

 'Can I get you a coffee or something?' I asked him.

 'I could murder one,' he said, smiling up at me. 'Thanks, Mr. Carson.'

 'Oh don't call me Mr. Carson!' I complained. 'It makes me feel ancient. My name's Alan.'

 'I know,' he said quietly, 'but you know what Anna's like for protocol.'

 He knew my name! My heart was doing little skips as I coaxed the drinks dispenser to part with two coffees. This was really a wonderful day. I knew I had an enormous crush on Tony but to find out that he actually knew my actual name.... . I carried the drinks back to my office and, delirious with the unexpected revelation, I invited him in. I got him to sit down in one of the chairs, which were generally reserved for visiting clients, and I sprawled in one opposite. There was a small, glass-topped coffee table between us and I was rather pleased when Tony relaxed a bit and stretched his legs out under it. I could see a lot better. I stretched out a bit, too - just in case he wanted to look as well. I try to be fair in my leching.

 He Looked! I caught him red handed staring right at my crotch! I turned my head for a second to glance out into the main office and he looked.

 'Sorry,' he said with a shy grin. 'Couldn't resist it.'

 'Resist what?' I said. Damn silly thing to say but I needed time to think.

 'Sizing you up,' he returned instantly, still grinning. 'Are you going to tell me you haven't been staring at my arse all afternoon?'

 'N-no.... .'

 'Okay, so don't be shy, Alan, ' he said with a shrug of his broad shoulders. 'We're both old enough to know what we like.'

 I swallowed hard.

 'You even smell horny,' he said, the grin broadening and taking on a very mischievous glint. 'You're giving me a hard-on.'

 And he wasn't lying. I could see quite plainly that he was getting hard inside those revealing trousers. Of course that set me off and I didn't try to conceal the fact from him.

 'You getting tight in there, Alan?' he chuckled. 'So will I be in a minute.'

 'Oh God!' I whispered.

 He got to his feet and walked towards the door.

 'Thanks for the coffee, Mr Carson,' he said more loudly than was strictly necessary. 'Slip that into maintenance later and I'll take a look at it for you.'

He winked and strode off.

 Slip it into maintenance, indeed - the cheeky sod. But I loved it. I'd never, ever in all my thirty two years, had anyone be so up-front and, well, keen before. I'd been lusting after him for months and now he, apparently, hands himself to me on a plate. All I did was buy him a coffee. The feeling that I was probably going to die horribly before the day was out crept into my mind. Things were going far, far too well.

 Officially, I finished work at four thirty. Maintenance finished ..... when? Whenever? They did some sort of rotating shift pattern, I knew, but where did Tony fit into it? He'd appeared in the office about two thirty so perhaps he wouldn't finish until somewhere about ten. Oh to hell with it! I'd just go down when I finished and see what happened.

 So, at four thirty and ten seconds, I stood, shaking, outside the door to the maintenance department. I had never been in there before. In fact I'd never been in the basement of the building at all. Not many of us office types had any need to be down there. I pulled the door handle gingerly and the door moved encouragingly. Not locked. I pulled harder and it swung open. There was a small sort of reception area behind the door. I pressed the bell push on the dingy counter and waited. Moments later, Tony came through the door behind the counter and grinned evilly at me.

 'You made it, then,' he said, raising the hinged section of the counter so I could pass through. 'This is where the other half works.'

 'Is this a good time for you?' I asked nervously.

'Any time's good for me, Alan,' he said coming up close and slapping my shoulder. 'I'm glad you came.'
 I resisted the urge to say that I hadn't, yet, but I was hopeful.

 He led me through behind the screening wall and we were then in a small office.

 'Is this yours?' I asked.

 'Sort of, ' he replied. 'While I'm here it is. The other guys use it, too, when they're on shift.'

 'I can't really believe I'm here,' I said. 'You've no idea how long I've wanted to get close to you.'

 'I think I have,' he said. 'I've wanted to get you alone, too. Almost since the first time I saw you.'

 'Well, you've got me now, Tony. I just hope you won't be disappointed.'

 'I won't be,' he said. 'I know you're a nice guy. I just hope it isn't you who's disappointed.'

  I smiled at him.

 'So, are we going to be disappointed in here or are we going somewhere else?'

 'Has to be here, Alan. I'm on shift till ten.'

 A little thrill ran up my spine. I hadn't done anything so clandestine since I'd had Dougie Lawrence in the showers when I was still at school.

 'I'm game,' I said eagerly.

 He led me through into a smaller room  - a sort of store it seemed to me - and he closed the door. The room was warm and dimly lit and it smelled of paper and ink and glue and things. It was quite heady. I could see he'd prepared for our encounter. There was a clean dust sheet spread out over some large cardboard boxes to form a makeshift bed. I smiled approvingly at him.

  'I see the art of improvisation is alive and well down here,' I chuckled as I slipped off my jacket.

 Tony moved up close to me and looked into my eyes.

 'I thought you'd go for this,' he said with a broad grin. 'Bit of a risk.'

 'Suits me,' I said grinning back at him. 'C'mere.'

 I took him in my arms and held him tightly. He returned my embrace willingly and I could feel he was trembling slightly.

 Can I kiss you?' he asked softly.

 'Sure,' I said. 'I've got no hang-ups. Do what you like.'

 He kissed me and I nearly collapsed. I've been kissed before. I've seen stars, I've heard music and my knees have even trembled on occasion but this was in a league all of its own. This was senses reeling stuff. I was falling, all slowly and softly, the world was in slow motion. Whichever world it was. Tony broke away and I looked into a pair of eyes as dazed as my own must have been.

 'Wow,' he said quietly.

 'That goes for me, too,' I said, my voice shaking. 'I think we should've lain down first.'

 'I never felt like that before,' he said.

 'Me neither,' I agreed. 'Do it again.'

 'Do what?' he chuckled.

  Tony knelt on the makeshift bed and pulled me gently towards him. I knelt with him and he began to unbutton my shirt. He pushed it off my shoulders and I let it drop on to the floor. I smiled at him and I eased his tight white T-shirt over his head. He had a nicely defined upper body - one that obviously spent some of its time in the gym. He pulled me in close and as his flesh and mine met for the first time a great surge of warmth and oneness flowed between us. I knew what it was - what it meant -  and I wasn't afraid. Tony's lips merged with mine again and time and space passed away into nothing. There was just he and I, now. Nothing else existed.

  We lay down together and we kissed and held tight to each other. I felt his hands slide tentatively down on to my backside and that felt wonderful, too. I reciprocated and we pulled each other in so tightly that I could feel his erect cock through the intervening clothing. He rolled on to his back and took my right hand in his and pushed it down on to his crotch. There was a large bulge there. A wet patch about the size of a fifty pence piece darkened the blue material where the head of his dick strained inside. He reached out for me and I willingly gave him clear access. There was a similar wet area on the front of my suit trousers.

 'I'm going to come, Alan,' he said. 'Sorry.'

 'Me too, ' I gasped as I felt the rush begin. 'Bloody hell!'

 I stroked him firmly and gently through his trousers, He was kneading and stroking my dick at the same time and I felt it stiffening still more for the final outburst. Tony's cock reared even stronger inside its prison and then we came, both of us, in the same moment. We both cried out at the sheer force of the release. I thought it would never stop as my cock contracted again and again. I could feel my come shooting into my briefs as I watched the white beads erupting through the blue fabric of Tony's trousers. I sank down beside him and rested my head on his shoulder.

 'That nearly did for me,' he whispered. 'Hell's teeth, Alan!'

  'I know, ' I agreed. 'And we didn't even get naked.'

 'Maybe we could.... You know? .... Sometime?' he said uncertainly. 'I'd like to get together with you again, Alan. Honestly.'

 'Why not carry on tonight?' I asked brazenly. 'I'll come back at ten and we can go out and get something to eat, if you like, and then .... well, I'd like it a lot if you came home with me.'

 'I'd like that,' he said giving me a hug. 'I told you, Alan, I've wanted to get close to you for ages .'

 'You can't get much closer than we've just been,' I chuckled

 'I didn't mean just sex, Alan.' he said looking straight into my eyes

 I met his gaze and I smiled at him

 'I know, Tony,' I said quietly. 'Sorry. I'm just nervous.'

 He laughed and took my hands in his.

 'So'm I.' 

 'Then I think we'll be fine,' I said.

 I left him to get on with his work and I floated dreamily out of the building. I found my car and drove home. It was just approaching six o'clock when I arrived at my house which meant I had four hours to kill. A shower seemed a good idea although I was reluctant, in a way, because I could still smell Tony's musk lingering on me. That, mixed with the sharp tang of my sweaty, come-stained briefs as I got undressed, made me wish even harder that it was ten o'clock. I showered and then I made a sandwich to tide me over till later. It's always amazed me just how slowly time can pass when you really want it to fly.

 But it came, at last, to nine thirty. I had dressed myself in jeans and t-shirt and I just hoped Tony hadn't fallen for my suited image. Some guys look good in a suit and some don't. Remarks had been passed about my bum, when seen in the suit trousers, by some of the girls in the office but they're not, necessarily, the best judges. Tony looked just great in his work gear but I felt sure he'd look good in anything. I bounded down the stairs from my bedroom, out of the front door, and got into my car. It was only a ten-minute drive to the building where I worked and I was there well before ten. I let myself in with my keycard and went down to the little basement room where I'd been with Tony earlier. I rang the bell as before and waited. In a moment or so the door opened and there he was.

 'Hi,' he said, his gorgeous young face filled with uncertainty.

 I waited till he came through the counter flap and then I just grabbed him and held him tight to myself.

 'Hi, yourself,' I said.

 Tony didn't resist me, he put his arms round me and I kissed him warmly.

 'The guys in security will love this,' he chuckled.

 'What?!' I yelped.

 Tony nodded towards the small CCTV camera lurking in the corner.

 'Shit!' I added.

 'They won't be watching just now,' he said. 'Shift change.'

 'You could have told me before I made a spectacle of myself!'

 'I was in there, too, Alan,' he said with a grin. 'Who gives a shit?'

 Well I certainly didn't, I was surprised to find. Not at that moment at least.

 'Do you want to go home and change first?' I asked.

 'I suppose I'd better,' he said with a big grin and a sly glance down at the stain on his tight blue trousers.

 So I drove him to his place. He lived in a high-rise block which had been built in the sixties when these things were considered an ideal solution to the housing shortage. I followed him up eight flights of stairs as the lifts didn't work. His body might well have spent some of its time in the gym, mine hadn't and it was complaining bitterly about the unaccustomed exertion.

 'You need to get fit, mate,' he chuckled as I half staggered into his flat. 'Make yourself at home - I won't be long.'

 The place was a lot tidier than mine ever was. It was a bachelor's place, definitely, and he had some rather interesting prints hanging on the walls. They were mostly black and white images of  extremely well-built young men in rakish poses - nothing overly revealing, just smoulderingly sexual. I heard the shower running and I began to fantasise about him getting all soaped up and slippery. I had to think of something else pretty quick or I'd have been in there after him.

 He wasn't any more than fifteen minutes and when he re-appeared he was dressed in a tight blue sleeveless t-shirt and a pair of very snug off-white Chino trousers. 

 'Okay?' he asked.

 'You look great,' I said with a sigh. 'I wish I could look like that.'

 'You're not so bad,' he said with a wicked grin. 'You keep
my pecker up.'

 'What d'you want to eat?' I asked.


 'Suits me.'

 And off we went. There was a very good Indian restaurant in the city centre but a lot of my colleagues, including the dreadful Sim(e)on, ate there. I knew there was another one farther out and it was almost as good so I elected for that one.

 'Oh, so you're ashamed to be seen with the menials, are you?' Tony asked as he realised where I was heading.


 'What's wrong with The Kandahar - apart from some of the other folk from the office might be there?'

 'Nothing,' I said hastily and in deep embarrassment. 'I thought it'd just be better if we didn't have to answer a lot of questions.'

 'So you are ashamed to be seen with me.'

 'No, I'm not,' I said evenly. 'I just don't want a lot of noses poking into my business.'

 'They still think you're straight.'

 'Okay, yes, they probably do. I've never told anyone otherwise.'

 'So being seen with me would just be an embarrassment.'

 I had thought, at first, that he was just winding me up but it was beginning to dawn on me that he wasn't.

 'If that's how you feel, Alan, maybe you should just let me out  righthere,' he said sadly.

 What could I have said? It was mostly true. I wasn't embarrassed to be seen with him just reluctant to face all the questions and speculation there would inevitably have been. I know it's a fine distinction but I didn't want the hassle.

 'I'm sorry, Tony,' I sighed. 'I didn't think of it like that.'

 'Are you ashamed of what you are?' He asked pointedly.

 'Of course I'm not!' I snapped. 'Look, mate, I just don't  feel I have to have everyone know I'm queer - okay? It's none of their damn business.'

 'Okay, but you better know that my mates, and most folk I know well, know I'm queer,' he said. 'I don't spread it around but I told the guys I work with so they didn't have to find it out some other way.'

 'You make me sound like a right closet case.'

 'Well, you are a bit, aren't you,' he said a bit more lightly. 'How old are you?'

 'Nearly thirty-three,' I admitted.

 'I'm twenty-nine,' he said. 'I've been out since I was seventeen.'

 I suppose I wasn't out. My parents knew nothing of my sexuality and were probably still hoping for belated grandchildren. My colleagues knew nothing either and I had even flirted with some of the women on occasion. It had been nothing serious and not even Anna took  umbrageat me for it. In fact, the only people who knew that I was queer were those guys with whom I'd shared my passion for cock and the touch and scent and affection of another man. I knew I was queer and I had known and accepted that fact for fifteen years but I  had kept the knowledge mostly to myself.
 'You weren't so reticent earlier,' Tony said quietly and it dawned on me that I had really upset the guy.

 'No,' I said with a wan little smile. 'I did get a bit carried away didn't I?'

 'I thought you were that sort of guy,' Tony said. 'Up front and up for anything.'

 I glanced over at him as I swung the car around a roundabout.

 'Maybe I am, Tony.'

 I went all the way round and headed back towards the city centre. It had also dawned on me that what had happened between Tony and I was special and not to be discarded lightly.

 'You don't have to drive me home, Alan,' he said. 'I can walk.'

 'I'm not taking you home,' I said. 'We'll go the The Kandahar and to hell with whoever sees us,  Tony. I'm not ashamed to be seen with you and I'm really, really sorry if that's how I came across to you. I get my priorities a bit mixed up sometimes.'

 'That's sorted, then,' he said. 'I'd have been really sad if you'd dropped me off. I like you.'

  'I'm glad about that,' I said. 'I  kind of like you, too.'

 The Kandahar was  busy as usual. I thought at first that we wouldn't get a table but little Ranjit, my favourite waiter, promised he'd fit us in. We had to wait about ten minutes but we got seated before the eleven thirty order deadline. Of course, the first person I spotted was Anna. She and her husband were on their coffee so hopefully they'd go soon. And in the corner who should there also be? Sim(e)on! He wasn't alone either but I couldn't quite see who he was with in the dim light of the restaurant

 'Who's that with Simon?' Tony asked.

 'Can't see,' I  said. 'I hope he doesn't see us.'

 'Why?'  he asked pointedly. 'What does it matter, Alan?'

 'Because he's an arsehole,' I snapped. 'I don't like the guy, Tony. That's all.'

 Tony grinned at me.

 'You've got more hang-ups than a wardrobe,' he said.

 'What's so wrong about wanting a bit of privacy?' I demanded.

 'Nothing at all,' he said with a shrug. 'So long as that's not an excuse for something else - like being ashamed of being gay.'

 'Keep your voice down,' I said, glancing about for signs that anybody had heard.

 'See?' he said shaking his head. 'What happened to the guy who was so fired up earlier he was willing to risk having sex in the maintenance store?'

 'I don't know what came over me,' I said lamely. 'I was having a really good day.'

 'So what changed? You've had me now so the mystery is gone - is that it, Alan?'

 'Of course not,' I said defensively. 'You made me feel like maybe there was a chance that I wouldn't be spending the rest of my life on my own.'

 'So take the chance,' he said. 'What have you got to lose?'

 'My job, for one thing.'

 'Fuck it - you can get another job, Alan. Anyway, they can't sack you just for being queer.'

 'They can make it bloody uncomfortable for me, though.'

 'So quit.'

 'And live on what?'

 'There are benefits, mate. You wouldn't be out of a job for long, I'd bet.'

 'The dole you mean?'

 'You pay your stamp, you're just as entitled as the next guy.'

 'Not if I quit.'

 'Depends why,' he said with another shrug. 'If they force you to resign by making things uncomfortable for you that counts as constructive dismissal.'

 'Can we just drop this subject?' I said irritably. 'I thought we came out to have  good time.'

 'So did I - but it sounds to me like you think more of your job then you do of your own happiness - or of me.'

 Job and future had seemed synonymous up until that moment. The fact that the future now held out a possibility upon which I had almost given up was taking its time sinking into my thick head. I had lived for some time without a lot of  hope for there ever being a special guy in my life and now, all of a sudden, here he was and I was dithering about as if I didn't know what I should do? I knew what I should do! What I had to do - before it was too late. I shook my head wryly and I reached out and took his hand on top of the table. I looked into is brilliant, sparkling blue eyes and I smiled at him.

 'I'm sorry, Tony,' I said. 'I really don't give a shit about the job - honestly. It's just become such a habit, I suppose. And I just got promoted, too.'

 'And what people think?'

 'Fuck 'em?' I asked. 'Will that do?'

 'Works for me.'

 I leant across the table and kissed him briefly on the lips.

 'I'm not ashamed of what I am,' I said firmly. 'And I'm certainly not ashamed to be seen with you, Tony. I can be a bit of an arsehole, mate, but I'm a bloody lucky arsehole.'

 'That's more like the guy I was with earlier,' he said with a huge grin and not a trace of embarrassment. 'I think Simon just choked on his Tikka Massala.'

 'Serves him right!'

 When little Ranjit came back to clear away the starter dishes he was grinning evilly and his dusky brown eyes twinkled down at Tony and I.

 'You be happy,'  he said in his thick Brummie accent - he'd never been any nearer to India than Southend. 'Rashi and me think you two go so well together.'

 'You and Rashi are.... ?'

 'As two nine bob notes, mate.' he said. 'We've been together for five years.'

 'And there I was thinking you fancied me,' I said with a laugh.

 'I do,' he said immediately. 'Rashi likes Tony.'

 He turned and trotted off back towards the kitchen. He was so cute and now it had transpired that he was gay, too. I tended to forget I wasn't the only queer on Earth.

 'You know, I never even thought he might be gay,' I said. 'I just liked to ogle him.'

 'You should get out more,' Tony said with a grin.

 The rest of the meal passed without incident.  Anna and her husband left and she was probably none the wiser - at least until Monday when Sim(e)on would no doubt be falling over himself to tell her what he had seen me do to Tony.

 'You don't get on with Simon, do you?' Tony asked as we made our way back to my car.

 'You could say that,' I said.

 'Just because he calls himself "Simeon"?'

 'No, because he's a git. Arse licker, grass - you name it.'

 'You'd be surprised, then, if I told you he was my brother?'

 I stopped dead in my tracks.

 'He's your brother?!'

 Tony grinned at my "stunned haddock" expression.

 'He's always been the same,' he said. 'When we were kids he used to grass me up all the time.'

 'And he knows you're gay?'

 'Of course he does.'

 'And now he knows I am, too,' I sighed. 'Oh well, the promotion was nice while it lasted.'

 'He won't say anything, Alan,' Tony said re-assuringly. 'He's not as bad as you think.'

 'I'll take your word for that,' I said dubiously. 'I don't care anyway. Fuck him! - and all the rest.'

 Tony slung is arm around my shoulders as we walked and I did something I had always wanted to do. I had seen couples - gay and straight - doing it but I'd never had the opportunity and the nerve at the same moment - until now. I slipped my hand into the back pocket of is Chinos and gave his bum a firm squeeze.

 'You saucy git!' Tony laughed.

 'I've wanted to do that for ages,' I confessed.

 'It feels nice,' he said and I felt his hand slip down from my shoulder and insert itself into the back pocket of my jeans.

 'It does feel nice,' I agreed.

 When we got back to the car, before I could start the engine, Tony leant across and kissed me. I responded willingly and I felt his hand run up my inner thigh and then he was gently squeezing my balls.

 'Now who's being saucy?' I said between kisses.

 'This is just plain horny,' he said.

 The car park wasn't exactly dark nor was it exactly deserted. There were still quite a lot of people about and the risk of being observed added its spice to the moment. I twisted round in my seat and we embraced each other tightly. I slid my hand into his crotch and found his cock already well on its way to full erection. Mine was slower to rouse but it was giving me that delightful tingling rush as it began to engorge. The restraint of my briefs and jeans added to the delight. Tony continued to stroke and knead until I was fully erect. I gripped his dick and I squeezed it as hard as I could through his trousers.

 'Ow! You sod!'  he breathed in my ear.

 'Complaining, are you?'

 'No complaints.'

 'We better get going,' I chuckled. 'Before we have each other right here.'

 'I'm up for it.' Tony said with a wicked grin.

 'Yes, I can see that,' I said looking down at the prominent bulge in the crotch of his Chinos. 'Just keep it up till I get us back to my place.'

 It was an interesting drive home. It's very hard to concentrate when your front seat passenger  has his hand in your crotch and is gently teasing your testicles. By the third roundabout he had my zip down and his hand had wandered inside my jeans. I wondered, briefly, how I would explain this situation if I was stopped by the police for erratic driving.

 'Things are hotting up in there,' Tony said with a  lecherous chuckle.

 I risked a quick grope of his  crotch.

 'Yeah? So what's this, then?'

 'Your dessert?'

 'Do I get cream with it?'

 'Lashings, mate,' he laughed.

 I was quite stunned at how brazen and downright saucy I was being. I had never felt so uninhibited. Tony was just so easy to be with that I didn't care and I knew he didn't either. We were both enjoying ourselves and it felt terrific. Men had popped in and out of life and I had, I think, quite probably loved one or two of them but I had never done the things I had done or said the things I had said with Tony with any of them. He was different and he was special.

 And very sexy, of course.

 I pulled into my driveway and turned off the engine. Tony pounced on me straight away and that hand of his was in my jeans again. He was kissing me quite roughly and I held back for only a moment before the searing heat of his passion ignited the coals of my own desire. I reached down and went to work on his rampant cock. Tony sighed, a long languorous sigh of pure delight.

 'God, you're hot when you get going, Alan.,' he breathed in my ear, his breath hot and burning on my flesh.

 'You make me hot,' I replied.

 Our lips met again and our tongues danced together for sheer joy. I unbuttoned his fly and pushed my hand inside his Chinos as he undid my belt and loosened the fastener on my jeans. The soft cotton of his underwear was slick from his pre-come and the feel and scent of it mixed with the smell of the soap from his shower earlier on drove into my senses like a runaway truck. 

 'In the back,' I said between kisses. 'Get in the back!'

 We clambered over the seats into the back of the car. We were only yards from a perfectly serviceable bed but there we were, parked on my driveway,  making out in the back seat of my car where it was quite possible that we would be seen by anyone who happened to be passing. God it was thrilling!

 Tony shoved is hand down inside my briefs and began to stroke my throbbing cock. I immersed myself in is lips again and our mutual desire roared onward on a tidal wave of emotion.

 'I'm going to cream these pants,' Tony whispered. 'Make me come, Alan. Now!'

 I knew what he wanted. I slipped my hand inside his briefs and  gripped the slick rod of his cock. I slid my thumb up over the head and caressed it gently.

 'That's so good,' he moaned.

 His hand was working harder on me now. He wanted me to come in my briefs and I wanted to do that for him.

 'Come on., Alan,' he urged. 'Come for me.'

 His tongue found mine again and the fires blazed still hotter. I felt his cock jerking in my hand and I knew he was about to go over the edge. Somehow, that knowledge sent me racing to meet him on the brink.

 'I'm coming, mate,' I whispered.

 As I said the words I felt him tense and then his cock was pulsing in my grasp and the warm semen erupted through the cotton of his briefs. As he came my own crashing release seized me in its fury. Again and again my cock pulsed in Tony's gentle grip and I felt my own semen spurting into the fabric of my underwear. Tony continued to kiss and caress me and I let myself drift in the warm, tranquil waters of fulfilment.

 'You okay?' Tony asked at last.

 'Yes, I'm fine,' I said dreamily. 'Never better.'

 'Horny bastard,' he chuckled.

 'Looks like I am that, yes,' I said.

 'You shot a hell of a load,' he went on.

 I looked down at the large wet area on the front of his white briefs.

 'You didn't do too badly,' I said.

 Tony leant over and kissed me again.

 'So what happens now?'

 'We go inside and we have a drink and then we have round three,' I said.

 'Sounds good to me.'

 We half stumbled out of the car and, adjusting our clothing and grabbing mischievously at each other as we went, dashed for the house, giggling like a couple of naughty schoolboys. I had to dash back to the car as my keys had fallen out of my pocket in the melee and this reduced the pair of us to near-hysterics. We sat on the doorstep and howled.

 'Oh shit, Alan,' Tony said as a semblance of sanity returned. 'I haven't had this much fun in years.'

 'I hope we'll have a lot more,' I said putting my arm round his shoulders. 'Lots and lots more.'

 'I do, too,' he said.

 'I love you, Tony.'

 He looked at me quietly for a long moment and then he laid his head on my shoulder.

 'I love you, too,' he said softly. 'I have done for a long time, Alan.'

 I stood up and pulled him to his feet. I took him in my arms and kissed him warmly.

 'I can't wait for Monday,' I said with a grin.

 'Why?' he asked, genuinely puzzled.

 'So I can go into work and tell that brother of yours what we got up to tonight,' I chuckled. 'And Anna, too - save him the trouble!'

 'Simon really isn't so bad, Alan,' he said with a little smile.

 'We'll see about that, then, won't we?'

 I opened the door and let him step into my home. I closed it behind us on the world outside and Tony and I went to meet our future.



© 2003 George Gardner