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What Grows in Winter

Chapter Eight: Living in a Greenhouse


Cody woke up and was immediately sad. He was alone in bed.

He hadn't realized that few forces are stronger in teens than that of sleep... the power of love at first sight cannot conquer Morpheus' spell, so when Mark's alarm blared at 5:30 that morning Cody didn't hear a thing. He missed Mark's glorious body stirring at dawn: those muscular strong arms raised in a yawn and stretch, the taught and chiseled abs in haling deeply for the first conscious breath of the day, morning wood poking through his boxers. He even missed the final sexy act of the star athlete, fully dressed, bag slung over his shoulder with a baseball hat planted backwards on his crew cut: Mark bent down and softly kissed him on the head before leaving.

Damn you sleep!!!

Cody brushed his teeth and went downstairs where three of the men had been awake for hours and were planning the day. Jacob got up at his typical 6am and was able to say goodbye to Mark whom he found in the foyer consoling Buckley who sensed his departure. He was patting the loving Beagle on the head promising a return visit. TJ and Eddie woke up a little bit later and had coffee and cereal. Patrick was still out cold, and Eddie left the boyfriends alone in the kitchen saying he had to take care of a few things in the garage. Strange, Jacob thought. What could he possibly have to do that early in the garage?

Cody ate a bowl of Fruit Loops and some leftover apple pie with a glass of milk. He didn't drink coffee. TJ told him to run up and get ready so they could get going to the store. When the High School senior returned to the room to change he dug through his bag for clothes and found a grey tee shirt that didn't look familiar. He held it up. On the front: "Wichita State Football" and on the back "Mason #22". Cody burst into a smile. He lovingly brought it to his face to kiss it and breathed deep. The shirt had been worn and still smelled like Mark. It was the greatest, most meaningful and personal gift he'd ever received.

Buckley scampered beside him burying his head in Cody's leg with a moan. Cody smiled and whispered "I like him too, Buckley."

Cody would never wear or wash that shirt. Ever.

TJ went to shower and "make sure Patrick was still breathing" and Eddie held Jacob back to talk. When they were alone in the kitchen, and the familiar noises of footsteps above and water running in the showers assured Eddie they would not be overheard, he opened up to Jacob.

"I'm ready to have sex with Patrick" he confessed. "You think that's OK?"

"I think you are smart enough to make the right decisions. And I can tell you really care for Patrick."

"I do. And he really likes me, too. I want him to be my first."

"Well I think he will be very lucky. We'll get out of your way in a bit" he said with a wink getting up to leave. But he stopped and sat back down. "Did he get tested?"

"No, not yet."

"Unless you want me to bring TJ into this discussion..." Jacob hinted.

"No, I know. We'll be safe."

"Good" Jacob said. When he got up he bent over and kissed Eddie on the head. Eddie was growing up, and Jacob was happy to witness the process. Whether or not they should have sex was not his decision, but just the fact that he opened up about it convinced and comforted Jacob that Eddie was showing signs of a mature man.

Jacob, TJ and Mark left for the mall, Jacob giving Eddie a final wink. When they had gone Eddie pulled the print-out from his pocket and left it on the bottom of the stairs and ran out of the house with a huge smile and a ragging hard on. Patrick, freshly showered and clean, walked down the stairs and found the papers on the bottom step. It was the g-chat from several weeks ago, their first one, with a few lines bracketed in red:

KNK: dude u got even hotter

EL: at least in ur head...

KNK: good scene going on in my head

EL: tell me

KNK: the virgin mechanic in zipper front green coveralls some grease stains on face...mmmm

EL: got long hair too

KNK: fuck ur killing me


Below it Eddie had written a note:

Come to the garage if you want to play out that scene...

Patrick's eyes almost popped out of his head and his cock sprang to life. He ran out of the house to the garage, ignoring the cold air and the crunching of snow under his bare feet to the place where Eddie had hatched a plot. It was still a little chilly in the garage even though Eddie had put the heaters on an hour ago. He had filled the bed of the old Ford F-150 with a thick layer of straw and placed a few blankets on top and found an old comforter in the basement to wrap themselves up with. On the side of the bed near the wall he discreetly covered a bottle of lube and condoms. He was ready and excited. And, a little nervous.

When Patrick barged into the garage he found Eddie standing there in a green zipper front jump suit. His hair was pulled back under his beat up baseball hat and he had grease smeared across his cheek and forehead. He spoke in a deeper, overacted voice.

"Hey, Patrick, right? I've got your truck ready if you want to come in and take a look."

Patrick looked confused. "What?" he asked.

Eddie role played on. I can show you all the work I did. The bill will be pretty stiff though. Several thousand dollars. How do you want to pay?"

Patrick caught on. "I... ugh... don't have that much money. Can I find another way to pay you?"

"Oh, man, I don't know. All that work... payment better be really good. That's a stiff bill" he said grabbing his crotch.

"I'd better see the whole thing before paying." Patrick reached out and unzipped Eddie's coveralls. His warm brown skin was visible underneath exposing his nipples. Patrick kept unzipping until he saw the very top of the tufts of pubic hair. He slid his hand inside and squeezed. "Yeah that's a stiff bill."

Eddie pressed his face against Patrick's and whispered. "If you don't pay I'm going to have a hole in my books. You have some way to fill my hole?"

Patrick burst out laughing. "Oh that was so bad!"

"Come on, I'm trying to be sexy" Eddie insisted.

"You don't need to try." Patrick pushed the coveralls off Eddie's shoulders letting them fall and expose his naked torso which was covered in goose bumps from the slight chill in the air. He pulled off the baseball hat and watched Eddie's hair fall to his shoulders framing his severe, angular face. "You are sexy." He wrapped his arms around Eddie's neck and drew him in close kissing him deeply and running his fingers through the long, jet black mane. Eddie began to pull Patrick's shirt off lifting it over his head trying not to break the kiss in the process. He unbuttoned his fly and pressed naked pelvis against naked pelvis feeling Patrick's erection fighting through the fabric of his jeans.

Eddie jumped up onto the truck bed and stripped off the rest of his coveralls standing totally naked before Patrick who began stepping out of his jeans. He reached out and grabbed Eddie's extended hand and was pulled up to the truck bed. Eddie knelt and took Patrick into his mouth wrapping his hands around his waist and grabbing his ass from behind. The flavor was still of soap and the hairs were still damp from his shower as Eddie pressed his face deeper and deeper into Patrick's pelvis swallowing as much as he could. Patrick reached down and stroked Eddie's face feeling his long hair tickle his balls and thighs as he focused so much attention and detail to his pleasure. Looking down the length of his pale torso he noticed the contrast in their skin tones, in this body hair, seeing Eddie's bent knees and his own cock fully erect waiting for its own attention.

Patrick knelt down with Eddie, pulled him on the blankets and covered them with the comforter. It felt incredible to lay with him, flesh on flesh with the slight chill of the air and sounds of the wind rattling the doors and a certain excitement about being in the garage and not in a locked bedroom. "Why here?" he whispered to Eddie.

"Lots of firsts" Eddie said with a smile. "First time I met TJ and Jacob, it's where I have my first job. I thought it would be great to have my first time here, too." He kissed Patrick and licked his lips with the tip of his tongue.

"Wow. Your first time. Really?"

"You told me you wanted to fuck a virgin mechanic" Eddie said with a devious grin. Their kissing continued intensely as hands explored, touched, stroked, pinched and rubbed under the comforter, body part collided, balls swayed and smacked, cocks poked and leaked as the two lovers opened their mouths wider and deeper swallowing all the other had to offer.

Patrick rolled Eddie onto his back and lowered himself down the length of his body kissing his neck and chest, sucking deeply at each nipple making circles with his tongue and nibbling gently at the perky points. His tongue traced the center of his chest cavity and stomach until it landed in his hairless navel working in deeply. He could feel Eddie's hard on poking him in the chin and let the shaft run the lengthy of his cheek until the leaking tip touched his lip and entered his mouth. He sucked deeply tasting the sweet precum while cupping his testicles gently pumping them for their juice. Eddie groaned softly scratching the tight curls of Patrick's short hair, eyes tightly closed, concentrating on not cumming too soon. When it got dangerous he put his hand against Patrick's full lips and gently pushed him off his cock whispering "close". Patrick understood, but he wasn't done.

After sucking gently on both testicles he grabbed Eddie's hairless thighs from underneath and pushed them up gently but deliberately bending the young man in half at the waist. Eddie knew what to do- he'd seen this on videos and waited anxiously for it to happen, and he grabbed his legs and held them back offering his clean, hairless, virgin hole for the first time. Patrick stared at it for a moment gently touching the edges and running his fingers down the back of Eddie's thighs and buttocks. It was a beautiful sight, and a gesture of trust and total submission that made Patrick's cock ache with anticipation.

He leaned forward getting his lips up close to the tight opening and delicately blew a puff of air against the clenched muscle. Eddie twitched. He placed the tip of his tongue against the hole and licked the length of the opening coaxing it to relax and accept a visitor. Eddie let out a noise that embarrassed himself: a squeal. He couldn't believe the sensation, the intimacy, the almost forbidden act that felt so shockingly good. The sound boosted Patrick's nerve, and he grabbed Eddie's legs for leverage and pushed his tongue in deeper lapping eagerly at the taste of Eddie's young body. Saliva ran down the corners of his mouth and down Eddie's butt. He held the young man in place as Eddie was shaking uncontrollably at each flicker of his tongue. Patrick sucked on his finger coating it with as much saliva as possible and then pressing it gently against the opening together with his tongue. Gradually the first knuckle was lubed enough to slide inside and Eddie let out a deep groan. Patrick removed the finger, sucked on it deeply again, and inserted it a little deeper. He was hit on the nose by a bottle of lube that Eddie threw down in his ecstasy. "Ow!"

"Sorry!" Eddie whispered. Patrick was laughing inside. This guy wanted it bad. A finger coated liberally with lube slide in pretty comfortably after some gentle pushing. "Ughhh... UGHGGHHHHH!" Eddie screamed out feeling the digit working around inside him, feeling something alive in his body for the first time. Patrick pulled Eddie's legs down keeping his finger deep inside him. He repositioned himself to kiss Eddie while his finger opened him up. Eddie's kisses were lustful and dirty and he dug his fingers deep into Patrick's shoulders.

Patrick pulled out and coated a second finger, but before inserting it gently stroked Eddie's bare chest with his dry hand. "Shhh" he whispered gently trying to calm him down afraid the overexcitement would mean he would not last long. He lay down on top of Eddie kissing him softly breathing against his lips while the pair of fingers slowly pushed into his eager hole. When Eddie's eyes rolled back and his lips pursed Patrick knew he was enjoying the experience. "You ready?" he whispered quietly. Eddie nodded.

Straddling his lover's torso Patrick took the bottle of lube and squirted some on his bright pink erection coating it liberally. He positioned himself below Eddie and was about to lift his legs when the young man interrupted. "Wait" he whispered. "I have condoms."

"I want this to be special." Eddie was torn... and didn't immediately respond. Patrick insisted. "Eddie, you know I'm clean."

"Did you get tested?"

"No, but..."

"Please just put one on."

Patrick lay back on top of Eddie and kissed him. "I want to be inside you- just me. Nothing between us."

"We will but not yet. Just think then we have another first to look forward to" Eddie whispered with a smile.

Patrick seemed crestfallen and insulted. "What do you think I do when I'm not with you?"


"You think I cheat on you?"

"No, man, of course not. I know I can trust you." Eddie reached behind him where the condoms were stashed and handed one to his lover. Patrick didn't take it. Instead he sat up.

"Well, apparently you can't trust me."

"Patrick, please don't ruin this moment. You know I want to be with you. I just... want to be safe." Patrick stood and jumped off the truck. "Where are you going?"

"I'm not in the mood anymore" he snipped pulling his jeans on.

Eddie sat up surprised. "No, don't be mad. I didn't mean anything." Patrick kept zipped and buttoned his jeans and was grabbing his shirt. Eddie continued "Are you really leaving me? Like this?"

Patrick spoke through the sweatshirt he was pulling over his head. "You know Eddie I've never done anything since I met you with anyone else and now you're treating me like I fuck every dirty guy on campus."

"Patrick I never..."

"You know I never doubted you when you said you were a virgin. How do I know you are telling the truth? Why should I even trust you if you won't trust me?"

"Patrick please... don't leave like this." Eddie scrambled off the truck and stood naked before the college student trying to grab his hand, look in his eyes and remedy the situation. Patrick brushed him off. "Please! Would you look at me!" Patrick shook his head and scrambled out of the garage slamming the old wooden door behind him leaving Eddie alone, naked and heartbroken. It took him a few moments to realize what had happened. They had had a fight over trust, and Eddie thought he lost. The cold on his nipples reminded him he was still standing in the garage totally naked so he quickly changed and gathered up the lube, condoms and blankets. He exited the garage hoping Patrick had calmed down a little and they could talk, but he was too late: Patrick's car was pulling out of the driveway. He didn't stop when he drove past Eddie.

He was gone.

That evening as Mark was walking home from the gym he was surprised to see TJ exiting his truck and powerwalking up the path to the apartment complex. His strides and stern face made it clear something was wrong.

"Hey TJ" he called. "Everything alright?"

TJ patted him on the shoulder but kept walking. "It will be" he said. He pounded on the door and Mark saw one of Patrick's roommates open. He stood and watched the initial exchange.

"Patrick here?"

"He is, yeah. Hey PATRICK! Someone's here for you man!" Mark knew the kid must be curious as to who the 6'5'' beast of a pissed off man was at the door.

TJ took out his badge and showed it to the kid. "Get out."

The roommate looked confused. "What?"

"You. Your other roommates. Your friends. Get everyone the fuck out. Now" he said unzipping his jacket so his shoulder holster was prominently visible.

"Yeah... yes. Officer. Let me grab my coat." Two guys exited hurriedly and TJ slammed the door behind them. Mark could see the confusion and fear in their eyes as the wondered what their clean cut friend had done wrong. He too wondered... but he was not going to knock on the door and ask.

"Please don't, TJ" Patrick stated not at all surprised to see him in his living room. "You can't possibly beat me up more than I've already beat myself up."

TJ walked towards him. "Do you have any idea how fragile that kid is and how much he's overcome these past few weeks?" Patrick took a step backwards as TJ got closer. "You have any idea how much you hurt him?"

"I know! I know! Look I'll talk to him..."

"Eddie never had your carefree college life and the luxury of being a kid. He's dealt with shit you can't begin to imagine. Beaten nearly to death! And everyone in his life who should love him abused him or abandoned him. And you knew all this and still treat him that way."

"I said I'll call him."

"You'll apologize to him."

Patrick became defense. "You have no idea what happened between us and I don't remember asking for a referee in my private life."

"Alright wise ass. Tell me your side. Tell me what happened."

Patrick backed down. He couldn't tell TJ the truth because that could get his face punched in, and he couldn't think of a lie fast enough to cover his ass. "Look, I'll call Eddie and apologize. But you and Jacob need to stay out."

"Don't bring Jacob into this. He doesn't even know I'm here."

Patrick took a deep breath. "I know I messed up and I feel really bad. I'll call him and try to explain."

"That kid deserves to be happy for the first time in his life and I'm not going to let anyone hurt him. I will hunt you down and I will kill you if you hurt him again. Understood?" Patrick nodded his head, his pale skin turning an even bright shade of white with bright rose colored veins popping to the surface o his skin. He looked truly frightened. TJ held eye contact for an excruciating 5 seconds and turned and left. Before closing the door his head popped back in the room. "We're coming tomorrow for Mark's game. You make any mention I was here and you're dead."

Slamming the door he ran into Mark outside. Mark had stood by the door and listened to the entire conversation. Really it wasn't hard: the walls were thin, shitty construction and TJ's deep, booming voice full for rage and fury could be heard down the street, but he pretended to know nothing.

"Good luck tomorrow man. Thanks for the tickets" TJ said walking past him.

"You guys are still all coming, right?" Mark called out.

"Wouldn't miss it." Mark let him go. He knew TJ wasn't mad at him, and he was pretty sure that in the cold night air he could see steam coming off his head. Too bad he didn't play football... he had all the anger and fire of a great middle linebacker, Mark thought.

Buckley howled and seconds later TJ's truck pulled up crunching snow and ice under its tires. Jacob greeted him at the door. "Where'd you go?" he asked giving him a kiss. TJ held the back of his head and hugged him for a few seconds, an affection gesture which concerned Jacob. It didn't fit the moment.

"I just had to do a few things at the station. How's Eddie?"

"He's upstairs talking to Patrick."

"Good. He called?"


"Is he OK?"

"I doubt it. Rejection hurts. But I told him to be proud that he stood up for himself because no one else will. Even if that means losing someone."

"You'll stand up for him." TJ held Jacob close again and stroked his hair running his fingertips against the scar on his temple.

"No, I know. As will you. But unless we plan on being with him every second of his life, he's got to be able to make the best decision alone. Especially under pressure. Hey Mark texted. The tickets are at Will Call under your name. He sent us 4. You, me, Eddie and... I guess Patrick?"

"No. Fuck Patrick. Ask Cody if he wants to come. Just make sure he doesn't embarrass Mark if we see him after. He's not exactly subtle."

They had a quiet dinner in front of the TV. Jacob thought it a welcomed distraction for Eddie who probably didn't want to rehash the day again while eating leftover turkey sandwiches at the kitchen table. He did tell Jacob and TJ that Patrick had profusely apologized, that he didn't know why he got so mad, and that he wanted to turn around and come back but didn't know how.

"He gets that from our side of the family. It's a German stubbornness thing. Even though we know we are wrong, we still go through with it even if the end result is certain to be a disaster. It's a terrible trait."

"Don't I and all of Europe know it" TJ laughed. "So what do you think, chief? Second chance? Take a break?"

"I told him we'd see each other tomorrow after the game and can see what happens" Eddie said. "I don't know...figure it out I guess."

TJ stood and grabbed Eddie's head with both hand and pulled it in for a kiss which he planted right on top letting out a loud "MMMWWWAAA. I'm proud of you kid. You're the best of the lot, I swear. I knew ever since you were perched on that wall you were something special." He walked to the bar and grabbed three beers and handed them out.

"Yeah, really special" Eddie mumbled.

Some hours later, the farm house was dark and quiet. Even Buckley was asleep on the floor next to Jacob's bed. TJ whispered "You think he's alright?"

"Guarantee you he's not."

"Should I get him?"

"I knew you were going to so you might as well do it" Jacob replied with a laugh. Before he even finished speaking TJ was up and headed down the hall. He returned with Eddie slung over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, a warm brown/olive and hairless sack of potatoes wearing plain white boxers. His shiny black hair hung long almost a foot below his head and swayed in the motion. He was giggling, but when TJ threw him in the bed it was clear his eyes were red and he'd been crying. "I love you guys" he whispered, choking on the words. Jacob kissed him on the head and TJ wrapped him up in a hug. "If I'd have had parents like you there wouldn't be nothing I couldn't do. I swear. If I wasn't 18 I'd want you to adopt me."

"We'll adopt you right now" TJ said.

"We're already a family. Our own little...alternative..." Jacob started.

"Proud" TJ added.

"Fucked up" Eddie laughed.

"Caring" said TJ.

"Fun loving" Jacob offered.

"Fucked up" Eddie repeated.

"Fucked up family" Jacob finished. "And we do alright."

TJ added "We just need a bigger bed".

Eddie's heart was a little bit mended that night. It wouldn't be completely mended. No, because what broke it was a different type of love. Jacob and TJ's love was a fatherly love, and it could work wonders. But Eddie learned that just like every other teenage kid, gay and straight, first loves often end with a bit of heartache, and rather than focus on being "different", TJ and Jacob assured him that he was, in fact, very normal like every other teenager. Finally, Eddie was experiencing things normal to his age. Still, he was too young to understand that life lesson; only age provides the necessary perspective. But he learned something else that night: he finally had a dad. No, two dads. And they were the greatest dads in the world. Safe in their bed, protected by their embrace, covered with their love, his broken heart could find the strength to mend and his broken spirit felt whole.

The next morning the three men left the farm around 9am to pick up Cody and get to the campus for the noon game. Cody was talking a mile a minute the whole time excited to be back with his new friends and going to see Mark... hot body Mark... cute Mark... (secret) first kiss Mark. Cody had spent almost all night on Google looking up pictures and stories about him, and upon discovering he was quasi-famous, the first kiss became even more special. Listening to his giddiness Jacob was amazed that he and Eddie were almost the same age. They were both kids, but only Cody acted like one.

Mark got them seats in the 5th row in front of the student section. Behind them thousands of fans were dressed in gold and black to support the home team. The marching band performed up and down the field playing their renditions of everything from "Louis, Louis" to Rihana as the stadium filled with excited spectators slightly buzzed and rowdy from a morning of tailgating. Finally the team burst onto the field through the tunnel as everyone stood and shouted rocking the entire stadium with a palpable school spirit.

"There's Mark! There's Mark!" Cody called out pointing frantically at the black dot with #22 on his back. He asked why he wasn't on the field, and TJ politely explained that Mark wasn't on Special Team. Cody nodded, as if that made sense, but he didn't understand. He was just reassured that Mark would be playing "after the kick-off". First snap was play action and the hand-off to Mark who ran for 11 yards picking up the first down. He made his signature "First Down" gesture the refs move the chains. Cody cheered as if it were a game-winning touchdown. Surely he'd lose his voice by the half, Jacob thought.

Being so close to the field they could hear the physicality of the players, hear the scrambling calls of the QB's audible, hear the crunch of shoulder pads against bodies and helmets against helmets. It was tough, even for TJ, to see Mark get tackled again and again and again and bounce back up, sometimes quicker than others, and return to the huddle destined for more abuse. No wonder Mark had been able to stay closeted for so long. He's as tough as they come.

Defense took the field after the team was forced to punt, and the mood of the fans changed inevitably. It's always edgier and more nerve wracking to have to defend. When one of the linebackers missed a tackle giving up 18 yards on the run, the fans hissed in anger.

"Come on! Don't hit like a fucking fag!" someone yelled. TJ turned to see. It was a student. He let it go.

After a missed sack: "Goddamnit! Hit like a man not a faggot!" TJ said nothing but he looked to see who it was.

When the safety fell out of position and the other team scored "NO! Why is our team so fucking gay!"

TJ got up. "TJ! Just..." Jacob started reaching futilely for his sleeve. Nothing would stop TJ now. Jacob knew that face. Now that kid was going to learn it.

In the quiet between the extra point kick and the kickoff TJ marched up 15 rows and yelled. "HEY YOU!" People looked to see who he meant. "YOU. YEAH THE FAT ONE. COME HERE." The kid threw TJ the finger. TJ reached into his wallet and held up his badge. "WANT TO TRY THAT AGAIN FAT ASS?" People started to laugh, and Jacob, Cody and Eddie watched the college kid shimmy past about 20 people to get to the aisle turning whiter by the second. When he got to TJ they couldn't hear the conversation, but by the vein bulging in TJ's neck and the fear in the student's eyes, Jacob was pretty sure he knew the gist of it. A few times the young man nodded and shook his head, and finally TJ pointed around to the people in the area. Jacob knew the apology was imminent.

"I'm sorry if I offended you with my crude language and..."

"LOUDER!" TJ thundered.

"I'M SORRY IF I OFFENDED ANYONE WITH MY CRUDE LANGUAGE AND IGNORANCE. I WILL STOP... STOP..." He looked at TJ having forgotten the words. Jacob saw him mouth them. "BEING SO IGNORANT."

The section was silent. Painfully silent. TJ leaned over and whispered to the kid, who smiled. He shook TJ's hand, TJ patted him on the back and the altercation was over. When he returned to his seat next to Jacob the person behind him whispered loudly "don't say anything that might piss off the cop." His friend loudly whispered back "I have always loved cops. More than firemen." TJ turned around with a smile and both men started laughing and patted him on the shoulder in a joking spirit.

Sadly, Mark's team lost the final home game of the season, and the Wichita State Shockers ended the season 8-4. "We might... might... get an invitation to a minor bowl game, but I don't know" Mark said after the game. He greeted the 4 men outside the locker room, the bright red line from his helmet still indented firmly into his forehead.

"Eddie?" a voice said interrupting them. Eddie turned to see.

"Holy crap Jim! What's up man!" Eddie shook the hand and gave the one handed two pats on the back man hug to a young guy about his age also very clearly native American. He introduced his friends to Jim who "is from where I grew up", a vague use of words, Jacob thought. They talked pleasantly for a few minutes "yeah I'm a sophomore here" and "No I'm working full time out near Dodge City, mechanic on Tucker Farm." The 4 minute innocuous side bar conversation ended and Jim left the other men still talking with Mark.

Patrick found them. Jacob, Cody and Mark greeted him normally. TJ just nodded. He asked if he could talk to Eddie, and grabbing his hand pulled him aside.

"I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I don't know what else to say" he said meekly. Eddie half smiled. "I'd really like you to stay tonight. My roommates are going to be gone and we can talk. And I can make it up to you. I'll drive you home tomorrow." Eddie was thinking. "Please?"

"OK" Eddie smiled. In his head he knew sex was not going to happen, even if Patrick wore two condoms, but he could still be with him and figure things out. "Couples do fight" he heard Patrick say, and that surprised him. He didn't know they were a couple. Eddie shared the plan with TJ and Jacob, almost asking their permission like a child to his parents, and with their OK he and Patrick went off together.

Cody gave Mark a lengthy and wordy good-bye and Mark gave him a friendly big brother headlock and hug around the shoulder, gestures that were slightly intimate but easily defensible if anyone was watching them. It felt good to touch Cody again. During their play Jacob was able to whisper "Once we drop Cody off this will be the first time we have the house alone in months."

TJ smiled. "I just got hard" he whispered.

"Yeah. Me too" Jacob smiled back. That precipitated the goodbyes with an open invitation for Mark to return anytime he wanted. TJ almost jogged to the car anxious to get back to the farm. He was hatching a plot in his head: where they would do it, how many times, if there was any whipped cream left from Thanksgiving and if Jacob would be into it... the crotch in his jeans was getting tighter.

That afternoon plots were hatching: some beautiful, some hopeful, one sinister.

Mark sat half naked on the chair in his apartment wearing his shoulder ice sleeve. There was a team dinner in 30 minutes and then two post-season parties. His head tilted back staring at the ceiling all he could see was Cody's bright smile and enthusiasm. He put his hand down his waistband where his cock had started to grow.

Jim got a call from his dad and in the conversation added a bit of the day's events. "Guess who I ran into? Remember Eddie Lightfoot? Yeah... at the game. No. Yeah he seemed good. A mechanic. Some private farm out near Dodge City. Um...! Tucker Farm. Any way I gotta go. Love you dad."

Patrick finished swallowing. He rubbed Eddie's naked torso softly, and bringing himself up to his level whispered "I know that can't make up for what I did to you but I hope it's a start. I don't ever want you to be hurt again especially by me." Eddie looked into his eyes, genuine and sorrowful, and he kissed him.

Cody gave his father a play-by-play of the game. Mr. Addison was thrilled: his son now liked football.

TJ though it was dirty... almost wrong. That's why it turned him on so much. First time he timidly mentioned it to Jacob he was afraid he would judge him. He didn't. For now he only wanted it to happen in the shower, and Jacob said he could do it if it got him excited. Bent over in the shower, feeling the hot water pour on his back while Jacob penetrated him from behind with his hands running up and down the muscular and strong back, he could feel Jacob's raw cock throbbing inside him leaking its precum. When Jacob was ready, he turned and knelt down quickly and Jacob poured his load directly onto TJ's face. He jerked Jacob's cock in the stream, cleaning it, and then swallowed the remaining juices directly from the leaking tip as the warm cum poured down his closed eyes, into his open mouth and dripped onto the tile floor.

Ron Lightfoot's phone rang that night. It was Jim's dad. "I know where your son is."