What I Meant To Say

Chapter 2

Billy looked down at the deformed cow's body that lay lifelessly in the embankment. He ran his hand through his hair, a common gesture he preformed when he was agitated or stressed out. Many knew it as a `Billy thing'

"These damn people, they can stop for a freakin cow. We ain't in New York anymore!" he said aloud to himself.

He walked up beside what was once a beautiful blue mustang, which now resembled a paper clip.

As he got closer to the car, the radiator fluid bombarded his nostrils. Billy also took note the faint smell of gasoline in the breeze, something he knew to be careful of.

As Billy's eyes set sight upon Brandon, his stomach churned with a new feeling he never felt before. He moved closer, eyeing the sexy young guy, miraculously still alive from the predicament he had gotten him self into.

Billy knew the man from somewhere but struggled trying to place him. A small grunt came from the man in the car. Billy shifted his thoughts to the most efficient way to get him out. Billy pulled out his knife and cut the seat belt, getting another "ummphh" as the man's body shifted towards the disfigured door.

There was no way he was getting the door open by himself and was certain that if he pulled him out, he would more then likely cause the stranger to break something.

"But," Billy thought, "He did hit my cow."

Running Back toward the truck, Billy grabbed the old beat up orange towrope. He secured it to the door the best he could, and tied the ropes other end to the hitch of his truck. With a slow tap of the accelerator, the truck moved foreword, filling the silent country night with the awful noise of metal bending under stress. The door finally let go in a blunt screeching sound, and settled down next to the car.

Billy literally dragged the guy out of the car making sure not to hurt him anymore then he already sustained in the impact. Billy managed to carry him to the side of the truck.

The man opened his eyes, clearly not knowing what was going on or who's arm's he was in.  "Am I Drunk? Can I borrow your cell phone?" 

Billy Chuckled to himself as he looked at the intense eyes this guy had.

"Ain't got one, if you want you can come on back home with me, the doc's not in he went on some vacation, and the sheriff is probably drunk down at Mary's. Plus I am sure I would get in trouble for leaving you all alone in a hotel room."

Brandon smiled, "I just want to sleep and stop the hurt... If you don't mind, I would like for you to take me home with you. I will gladly pay for any dept I might cause to you, my names Brandon by the way" he tired to hold out his hand.

"Billy" he took his hand and held it. "Get on in, I'll help you." Motioning toward his truck "It ain't new but it does the job, I gotta say your in pretty good shape considering what your car looks like." Billy helped him up into the truck and buckle up.

Brandon realized Billy more or less placed him in the truck more then he got himself in the vehicle, he wished he could have done it himself. Brandon did not want to have to rely on Billy as much as he was; somehow he was feeling self conscience being around him.

"You ain't from around here" Billy said it as a statement breaking the cool silence that engulfed the truck.

Brandon could get used to his sweet southern voice. He hadn't really ever heard a true southern voice like his, it was everything that he had imagined it to be, soft, gentle, commanding, genuine, and caring.

"No I am not, that obvious am I?" A small smile slipped over his lips which caused slight pain as he tasted the dried blood.

"Figured that much, we know everyone here, guess that must be kind of weird since your from a big city."

"A bit, you get used to it."

Brandon thought about that. If this was the city, he would never of been able to find someone to offer him help like this. The paparazzi would be there way before the paramedics, but then again a cow would not be in the road. He glanced over at the man beside him; he looked like a cowboy even if he had that hat off. He was like a poster guy for some un-heard of western company. He had his hair almost shaved off on the sides, but the rest looked dirty blonde. He had a light goatee on his face, and his long sleeved shirt hid his arms, but considering the size of his chest and the veins that shown on his hands, he was built solid

"So how long you've been here." Brandon decided to make some kind of conversation, and to disregard the dull pain that infatuated his body.

"All my life" Billy never took his eyes off the road, he could not believe that he was doing this, he should have just called the sheriff, and after all, he did kill his cow. Now he was going to have to entertain city boy until he gets his car fixed or buys a new one. He was trying to hate that pretty face next to him. Billy realized this might as well be the death of him.

Brandon on the other hand wanted to know more, but at the same time he didn't want to pry, after all he would probably be on his way soon enough.

Billy pulled down this long gravel drive where a white farmhouse appeared in the distance. Brandon looked at it in amazement, the house was huge, next to it a classic red barn. The barn stood just as big as the house, he figured this must be where he works. As they pulled to a stop, Brandon wondered about the man next to him.

"Where home"

Brandon liked those words, and it was something he would not mind hearing all the time. He followed Billy up the old paved walkway to the porch where a swing was hanging from the ceiling, squeaking in the idle breeze. Visions of him and Billy raced into his mind; they were sitting there with his head resting on Billy's leg after coming back from a long ride on the trails, and talking about nothing in particular.

Billy opened the door and that brought Brandon back to the moment before him. A red bloodhound came howling out running straight to Billy licking his hands getting them nice and wet with drool.

Billy chuckled patting Brandon on the shoulder; the feeling was electric to both men.

"He won't bite" Billy looked at the dog now sniffing at Brandon, checking out this guy his master had brought home with him.

Billy scrutinized Brandon's face for the first time. He saw him on television before, he recognized him as the star batter, the youngest on the team too.

"So, Brandon Hayes is staying at my house." Billy said flatly. He did not want to seem as a prick, but, well, Brandon had everything that he had wanted, and that included a baseball career. He could not help the sting of jealously that enticed his voice.

Billy held the door open letting Brandon into the cool house. He switched on the chandelier in the foyer and led Brandon back towards the kitchen. They entered the good-sized room, where he pulled out two chairs so they both could sit down.

"You're going to be pretty beat up you know."

Brandon gave himself a quick once over, "yeah." He watched Billy leave and admired the tight wranglers that he wore. His mind was just about to drift off daydreaming about that wrangler butt when he came back in the room with a big bottle of peroxide.

"This here is good stuff" He gave Brandon a smile, right then, oddly enough he realized he had never seen anything more beautiful then the man right in front of him daunting him with peroxide, a goofy grin appeared across his face.

"Take your pants off" came Billy's stern command.

"Aren't you supposed to buy me a drink first?"

Billy was not amused and his face showed it.

Brandon stood up and slid his jeans off to reveal the most beautiful legs, tight muscles hidden under the skin that sported a nice dusting of black hair.

Billy chuckled making Brandon give a quizzical look, and then he saw it. A little scratch seeped all that blood. Billy tended the wound, placed some gauze over it that he had for the cattle, and taped him up.

He looked at Brandon's face, wiping his finger across the gash on his forehead. Brandon winced, and Billy softy muttered that he was sorry.

 He carefully cleaned the cut out, watching the little white bubbles emerge from the angry red gash. He got a little blue bottle from his shirt pocket.

"I use this on the cattle for their cuts, it works real good. I use it for myself all the time"

He took the glass applicator and slid the cool gel like substance over the cut causing an intense pain that quickly dissipated. Billy remained on his knees staring into Brandon's eyes for a couple moments.

"Hungry?" Billy finally asked as he got off his knees and went over to the kitchen sink, rummaging trough the cabinets, then the refrigerator.

"Sure, I feel starved"

 Billy pulled some thing out from the fridge and placed it on the electric grill conveniently placed on the counter.

Meanwhile, Billy took off his hat and leather jack. He carefully laid them on the chair next to Brandon. The big red hound came running into the kitchen almost knocking Billy over as he tried to take off his boots. Brandon watched them in amazement. The way his wranglers fit his legs and moved as if they made them to fit him. His shirt was now loose and un-tucked, yet looking just right on him. The piercing blue eyes, the crew cut hair style just made him look so good.

"What? Never seen a hillbilly before?" Billy returned the smile.

Brandon looked up as if in a daydream. "No, not with teeth." He continued. "Your just so different... I mean I never thought I would run into a, uh, guy like you."

Billy laughed.

"Well I do try to present my self as a half way decent guy, well if you ignore the smell of diesel fuel, horse and hey."

Brandon laughed to himself, yeah right, a six three stud, says he is just a decent guy. That was something that Brandon liked about him.

Brandon noticed Billy's soft voice scaring the silence away.

"It's going to be a while to get that car of yours fixed, I can call someone for you."

"I have no idea what to do with it, and I left everything in there, well all my clothes and stuff were in there. I guess you should have the tow truck pick me up and get a rental car or something so I can be on my way."

A sudden wave of loss engulfed Billy's body. Goosebumps appeared all over his arms. He knew enough that he did not want Brandon to leave; he was just beginning to feel good and actually enjoyed someone's company for once.

Billy pulled the food off the grill, put some other things he had been making with it, made a sandwich out of it, and handed one to Brandon.

Brandon looked at it wondering what this creation was. He slowly picked it up, and took a bite. His taste buds had never tasted anything that good in his life, the meat melted in his mouth with tenderness.

"Wow" Brandon thought of how stupid he sounded.

Billy was obviously proud that he had liked the taste, and Brandon noticed the pride on his face. "I have the best cattle in the country. In fact, it's been this way for generations; I guess you can say it's a family tradition. I get top dollar for my meat. Plus this way I know there ain't steroids or any shit in there."

"You own this place." Brandon was clearly impressed, but still thinking about `top dollar for his meat'.

"Yeah, sure. I keep some horses, cows, and some are just pets"

"I never seen a farm in real life, I have always been, well a city boy as you pointed out earlier"

"Yeah, well, I have never left this town. Then again what's a city got in store for some, nobody, like me... At least you, you are Mr. high and mighty baseball star, me, well just another farmer." Billy's face was solemn, and he looked down at his hands as if he written answers on them. "If you don't got clothes you can try some of mine. Somehow, I think wranglers and t-shirts are not your style, but your welcome to try. I will probably be out when you wake up, I need to get a early start taking care of all this, but feel free to look around, just don't steal anything." Billy's smile reappeared. "My room is at the top of the stairs to the left, use any of the guest rooms you want, there are 3 upstairs and 2 down here at the other end of the hall, oh the sheets should be clean and I will leave you a pair of underwear so you can take a shower."

Billy finished cleaning up the dishes and took a pill out from an orange generic jar. All the while Brandon watched him intently.

"Good night" Billy said as him and his dog made their way to the front door making sure it was locked tight.

"Night" Brandon softly mumbled. He followed Billy up the stairs into his room where Billy gave him a dark blue pair of boxers with old trucks on them. He smiled and bid Billy goodnight one more time and ended up choosing the room next to his. He got in the shower wondering what he was feeling for Billy and why he was feeling this way. The water began to turn cold and stepped out in the cool air. He threw on the boxers and thought what Billy had looked like in them. He heard the humming of the central air flowing through the house, as he drifted to sleep as dreams of Billy began to flow through his mind.