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The author would like to thank Drew Hunt for his inspiration. Without his love, friendship and editorial help the author would never have had the courage to even try to write stories such as these. Thanks go to Tim Mead as well. His editorial help and encouragement have been invaluable. T. O'Reilly 7/18/06.

Will Turner
Terry O'Reilly


That's what Will Turner thought as he became conscious that he was awake. Awake but keeping his eyes closed. He was rolled on his left side with his hands between his knees.

`First God-damned night out after my divorce is final and I get blind drunk.'

He didn't even want to open his eyes because he was not sure he remembered where he was.

He lay there trying to wrap his mind around the facts he could remember. He had appeared in court Friday afternoon. The judge had dissolved his ten year marriage to Kelly. How ironic. He had been faithful all the years of their marriage despite the fact he was gay. Then his wife serves him with divorce papers because she has found someone else she loved more: a fuckin' woman. Shit!

`Well, okay he thought, that's that. She wants a woman... I want a man.' And with that thought and no dinner he headed for the Round-Up Saloon, a known gay bar that catered to cowboys or would be cowboys.

He remembered entering the saloon. He remembered being fuckin' nervous. This was the first time he had done anything like this since he was in college. He remembered it was Jose' Cuervo night. The sexy waiters kept bringing out trays of Jose' Cuervo tequila every time someone played that song on the jukebox. He lost count after six shots.

Will rolled over on his back. When he did he became aware that there was someone on the bed with him. He could here even breathing. He opened his eyes and slowly turned his head to his right. What he saw took his breath away.

Next to him on the bed lay a man: a beautiful beyond belief naked man. Well, almost naked except for two minor things: cowboy boots, and a condom; a used condom!!

"Holy shit!"

Will hadn't meant to say that out loud, but he was so shocked to see the rubber on that fantastic semi hard cock, and obviously filled with cum, he lost control.

His spontaneous verbal ejaculation aroused his bedmate. He stirred, yawned and stretched sensuously. He opened his eyes.

"Hey, Mornin', Will."

Whoever this was knew his name.

"Mornin'," Will mumbled. This was crazy. He had no idea who this handsome Adonis was. Muscles on muscles and one of the most beautiful hair patterns he had ever seen. And handsome. Man handsome hardly described it.

The man rolled toward Will and kissed him. Kissed him with his tongue.

"Yuck," he said, "well at least both of us have dung mouth." He laughed.

"I need to piss." The stranger rolled over and stood up. He was even more gorgeous standing than lying down.

"I better take care of this," he said, carefully pulling the condom off his beautiful semi hard dick.

"Here, let me take care of yours, too"

Will looked down in astonishment as whoever this was pulled another used rubber off Will's now hard penis.

Holding both in one hand the stranger leaned down and kissed him again and walked away giving Will a view of two gorgeous buns as they disappeared around the corner.

Will fell back on the pillow. He could hear the piss hit the bowl. Who was this guy? Where was he? What had they done? Well, he knew some of what they had done. The condoms proved that.

He could hear water running and he was aware that now he had to piss, too: bad!

He got up and rounded the corner just as his mystery cowboy was standing at the sink rinsing his mouth with water. He turned and engulfed Will in his muscular arms.

"Don't be too long, sweetheart," he said and kissed him full on the lips.

Will stood over the toilet. He was totally in the dark regarding what had happened. He came out of the bathroom and looked in the mirror. He continued to look at himself as he rinsed his mouth. Walking around the corner he looked once more at the man with whom he had evidently spent the night. He felt himself getting hard once more.

Will crawled upon the bed next to him. The guy turned on his side resting his head on his left hand. He traced the shape of Will's pecs and rubbed his nipples with his right index finger.

"Was it as good for you as for me?"

Will didn't know how to respond. He felt himself blushing.

"Oh ho! Now I get it," the Adonis said, "You don't remember. Shit, the best fuck I ever had and he doesn't remember." He laughed, not derisively but with a light joyous sound.

Will started to say he was sorry when the man rolled him over on top of him so that their cocks and balls were pressed together. Will could feel the hardness of the man's body, the firmness of his pecs and abs, the pressure of dick against dick.

The man, with warm good humor in his voice said, "Pleased to make your acquaintance Mr. Will Turner. I'm Bobby Williams. With that introduction he kissed the older man with tender passion, with the familiarness of a lover, not of a sex buddy or one night stander.

Will kissed him back in similar fashion, somehow knowing that kiss despite all the blanks in his memory of the night before.

When the kiss ended, Will sighed deeply and rolled so that the two men lay facing each other. "Shit, man, I'm sorry. But, I was so fuckin' drunk last night I don't remember. I really wish I did cuz it musta been a wonderful time. Ya see... I just signed my...

"Divorce papers yesterday." Bobby finished the sentence for him and smiled again while he reached up and affectionately traced the features of Will's face with his fingers.
"You told me the whole story in between rounds of tequila while we danced."

"We danced?"

"Yeah we danced. Fuck you dance great."

Will again lamented the fact that he had no recollection of the evening spent with this man.

"I... I ... never danced with a guy before." He stuttered.

"Well, I'm glad I got to be the first at something, cuz, I sure ain't the first guy you kissed, you're too good at it." He kissed Will again and Will's body soared in response.

"And I ain't the first guy you ever sucked off." Bobby ran his hand along the underside of Will's raging hard on and swizzled the pre-cum that was now flowing freely from the slit.

"And I know this place been visited a time or two." Bobby pressed his finger against Will's hole and kissed him at the same time.

Will's mind whirled. God he wished he could remember.

"Well, since you were too drunk to remember last night and if you got no place to go this mornin' ...

Bobby pulled Will close. He could feel, even taste Bobby's breath. It was like an instant aphrodisiac. He more than wanted him but he couldn't put his finger on what that more was.

Bobby kissed him. His tongue made its way into the deep recesses of Will's mouth. Will returned the kiss with rising passion. With his hands he explored Bobby's hard muscular body. This elicited moans of pleasure from his partner and almost sobs of lust from Will himself. Will replaced the manual exploration with lingual. He used his tongue to investigate Bobby's anatomy: every contour, crevice, and bulge. His breathing was becoming deeper. Shudders ran up and down his body as he continued to worship the flesh beneath him.

When he reached Bobby's hard cock, he stopped and took in the beauty of the throbbing organ. Slowly he extended his tongue and ingested the copious pre-cum that flowed from the head and down the sides of the curving shaft. He kissed the tip. He tongued the slit. Then with agonizing slowness he engulfed Bobby to the base burying his face in the thick, wiry, black, pubic bush. He set up a slow pulsating rhythm dictated by the rise and fall of Bobby's hips beneath him. Bobby's hands were in his hair and he moaned Will's name again and again. Then with a force that almost caused Will to choke Bobby shot volley after volley of warm sweet liquid into Will who took all he could. The rest was deposited on his beard and face.

Will started to sit up.

"Fuck me," came Bobby's husky, needing voice.

"Where's the rubbers?" Will responded trembling, looking frantically around, as he slowly stroked his cock.

"Forget `em. Will, I need you!"

Will wiped Bobby's cum from his chin. He mixed it with spit and his own pre-cum. Bobby was open and wet.

"Oh God, Will! Please.!" Bobby lifted his legs to Will's shoulders.

Will placed the head of his thick cock at the entrance to Bobby's body. With a small amount of pressure he entered the man and sank into the recesses of his being. He lay there trying to control the urge to shoot immediately. He wanted to savor the feeling of union. He wanted to make up for what he had missed the previous night. He bent down and kissed Bobby deeply.

Slowly he began to thrust. Straining not to cum too quickly, letting the sensation of their joining penetrate his mind and spirit. As he increased in speed and power, he realized he was saying, " Bobby I love you," over and over. To which Bobby was replying "Oh yes, Will yes, yes, yes. I love you, too. God, I love you, too."

The peak came suddenly and powerfully. Will muffled a sob into Bobby's mouth as Bobby came a second time between them. Will collapsed on top of him.

They lay holding each other. The only sound was that of their breathing becoming more and more regular.

Then, as if remembering a dream, Will began to recall something. He remembered walking down a street with his arm around a man's waist: Bobby's. He remembered going into a small shop where Mexican crafts and artifacts were sold. He held up his left hand. There on the ring finger was a pewter ring. He reached out and pulled Bobby's left hand to his. There on the third finger was a matching ring.

He looked into his lover's eyes. "I remember."

"Dang!" Bobby shouted. He grabbed Will and kissed him. He laughed his deep vibrant laugh. "Dang!" He shouted again. With that Bobby got to his knees and pulled Will to him. He kissed him long and hard again.

"I was afraid there for a bit that all we said we meant to each other was just Jose' talkin'"

Will smiled. "No darlin'," he murmured. "I remember it all now. Well, most of it anyway." He laughed. " I love you Bobby Williams."

"I love you, too, Will Turner."