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Will Turner -- Chapter Two
Terry O'Reilly

Will and Bobby sustained that embrace for a long time. Soft kisses and nuzzling as well as light caressing of each other's backs and bottoms punctuated the minutes as they passed by. Both men were hard again but the urgency to come together physically was past. Now the need was to allow the apparent emotional bond that had begun the night before to grow and develop. The thought fleetingly crossed his mind that he might still be mildly under the influence of the tequila from the night before. He really just wanted to enjoy this moment. He let the thought pass.

Bobby pulled back and looked into Will's eyes. "You stink."

Will was momentarily taken aback. Then he recovered and replied. " That's a hell of a way to treat your..." In his mind he paused. What was he to Bobby? With his voice he continued. "Boyfriend."

Bobby laughed that wonderful full rich laugh and said, "Shit, I hope I'm more than just a boyfriend." Bobby held up his hand. He wiggled the finger that displayed the ring. "But, don't matter, you still stink and so do I so, darlin', get that beautiful body out of bed and into the bathroom. We're gonna take our first shower together. Well, our first sober shower anyway. The laugh continued as he squeezed Will's buns and headed for the shower.

Will shook his head and followed Bobby. He still didn't know what Bobby, or he, for that matter, considered their relationship to be. Realizing he didn't remember another shower, he knew there were still many gaps to be filled in. These thoughts were put on hold, however, when Bobby called from behind a shower curtain that was being tented with a fully erect throbbing dick.

"Get in here, `Boyfriend'," Bobby said with a lightly sarcastic tone, "and see what I got waitin' for you."

Will, whose cock had not deflated since their final embrace on the bed; eagerly stepped in to claim the prize that was being offered him.

Bobby embraced him immediately, and as the warm water cascaded over the two men's bodies, Will was once more transported to the realm where sexual stimulation and gratification replace all concern and rational thought. For so many years during his marriage he'd `been good.' He had done his best to repress his needs and urges. Now with those restrictions lifted, he allowed himself to be swept away into the world of physical and emotional fulfillment.

As Bobby massaged soap onto Will's body and explored his mouth with his tongue, Will's mind allowed no more questioning. Will reciprocated with firm strokes of his soap covered hands over his lover's frame. Bobby dropped to his knees and took Will's hard tumescence into his mouth. Will leaned back against the wall under the warm spray and luxuriated in the oral ministration he was receiving. Bobby slowly and sensuously worked his tongue and lips over Will's cock. Somewhat to his surprise, due to the countless number of times he had ejaculated in the past few hours, he was brought to a slow, enjoyable climax.

As he was about to slide down to his knees to return the favor, Bobby stopped him. "Turn around."

Will obeyed and allowed Bobby access to his body. Due to the lubrication from the soap, the openness brought about by the warm water and the previous night's activity, Bobby's entry was easy and pleasurable. Once again the pace was slow and easy. And when Bobby's climax came it was languid and tender.

The two men remained joined together as the water continued to caress their bodies. After a time that Will was unable to measure with his mind, Bobby slowly disengaged from his body. Will turned to him. He looked into the shorter man's deep blue eyes that now were filled with tears.

"What?" Will queried.

"I just never knew it could be this way. God, I love you!"

Bobby reached up to kiss Will once more when the water turned ice cold.

"Fuck, shit, damn," both men exclaimed as they sought to stem the flow of water and get out of the shower at the same time. Nearly falling on the floor they grabbed each other to steady themselves.

"What the fuck!" Bobby exclaimed. They both laughed, then finished the kiss.

Reaching for towels they dried each other and made their way into the bedroom.

"I'm starved, cowboy," Bobby addressed Will. "Wanna go get some breakfast?"

"Sure," Will responded.

They dressed and then looked into the mirror standing side by side.

"Shit, we look like we got our peckers in a `lectric socket," laughed Bobby.

Will had to admit they looked pretty damn weird. Both men had thick heads of hair. Bobby's black mane and Will's blond tresses stuck out at angles from their heads. In addition neither man had shaved, so their chins were covered with a day's growth of beard. The latter condition didn't detract at all from their appearance but rather enhanced the rugged cowboy images they projected.

"Ya, got a comb?"

"Nope. Guess you don't neither?"

They both laughed again.

"Well, guess we gotta keep our hats on `till we get ourselves home," Bobby quipped.

"Guess so," Will said with a chuckle and then thought, `Home? What does he mean by that?' Some of the pre-shower questions that had been swept away by the warm water and sex started to re-emerge. What did he really know about this man with whom he was apparently in love? Standing behind him as Bobby smoothed his defiant hair to put his hat on, he looked at Bobby's reflection in the mirror,

Bobby was young. `How young!' Will thought with a momentary panic. Then recalling that they had met at the Round-Up, a bar with a strict no service to minors policy, he relaxed. `Has to be a least twenty-one. But, shit I'm 35. That's still a big difference.

His thoughts were interrupted.

"You ready?"

"Uh, yeah sure." Will adjusted his hat as he stood behind Bobby looking in the mirror over his shoulder. "Let's roll."

As they walked out the door Bobby turned and looked at the number. "Two thirty-nine. Let's remember that. And when we celebrate our anniversary we can come back here and get the same room."

Will knitted his eyebrows and once more thought that Bobby seemed to have all this planned out. Once they got to breakfast, Will decided, he needed to get some information from his `boyfriend.'

"You're pretty romantic for a cowboy," Will joked.

"Only way to be if you're in love," Bobby rejoined and kissed Will on the cheek.

Will blushed and looked around the parking lot. Bobby laughed. "Relax big guy."

Although Will had looked around to see if their open show of gay affection had been observed, he also realized his jeep was not there. He also realized he still didn't know where he was, exactly.

"Uh, how'd we get here?"

"We walked. I figured we was both too buzzed... well, in your case drunk," Bobby poked Will in the ribs and continued, "to drive. We left your wheels at the bar. We walked here after we got our rings."

"Guess there's still stuff that I need fillin' in on. We left your car there too, huh?"

"I ain't got one," said Bobby. "Maybe you could buy me one." He laughed again. "Where do you want to go to eat?"

"Anywhere's fine with me."

"There's a diner around the corner. And then there's fast food places too."

"You seem to know the area pretty well," Will said.

"Well, I been here a few times afore you."

"Oh," Will replied," "Well, let's do that diner."

As they walked, some disquieting thoughts started to float through Will's head.
He needed to know just who Bobby was, what was his perception of their relationship, and if there lack of protective sex was something to be concerned about? After all, if you were in love with someone, these were things you needed to know.

The diner, "Mary's," was small, cozy and friendly. It was late morning so it was relatively empty as the breakfast crowd had left and the lunch patrons hadn't arrived yet. Bobby walked in as if he owned the place and sat down at a booth. A waitress, who could have been very pretty at one time in her life came over. She filled both the pre-set coffee mugs without asking.

"Hiya handsome," she said to Bobby, "who's your new friend?"

`New friend?' Will thought.

"Liz this is Will. Will, Liz." The latter wasn't necessary as Liz wore a name tag that had given Will the information already.

"Hi," Will said with a smile.

"Hiya Will. Man, Bobby, this one's the best of the bunch so far. So handsome and strong lookin', and more mature, too."

Will's heart rate picked up a bit.

"Yeah, he is," said the younger man with a smile that had love written all over it.

"He's the one, Liz. He's the one." Bobby took Will's hands in his.

Once again Will looked around to see if they were being observed.

His paranoid search was interrupted by Liz's next comment.

"Heck, that's what you said about that Bart guy and, what was the other one's name,

"No, no Liz, ain't like that this time. We got rings and everything." Bobby held up his hand to show Liz his ring and then pointed to Will's.

She laughed. "Ain't that special then... rings and ever'thin. Well, what'll it be gents?"

We'll take the big breakfast special, Liz," Bobby ordered without checking with Will.

"Two Big B's comin' right up."

"Bart? Max?" Will stammered out. He was really panicky now. "Bobby we really gotta talk."

"Yeah, we got a lot to clear up here."

"Yes sir, we do." Will was relieved to see that some of his questions and concerns were to be addressed.

"First is where we gonna live? You got a place?"

Will just stared with his mouth open.

Bobby reached over, picked up Will's hand and kissed it. Then picked up his mug of coffee. "To us" he toasted, "To us.