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Will Turner
Chapter Three
Terry O'Reilly

Once more, Will felt confused. He had hoped that he would be getting some information on Bart and . . . . Um. . . Max and now the subject of living arrangements had jumped to the forefront of the conversation.

"Hey," Bobby interjected, "Uh, to us? Right?"

"Oh, sorry." Will picked up his cup and clinked it against Bobby's. "To us."

Bobby and Will took sips of the hot coffee. "That'll do till we can do it proper with champaign." Bobby smiled his beautiful smile across the table and Will's heart melted.

Just as Will was going to try once more to get some information out of his new found love, Liz returned with their order.

`Here ya go gents, two Big Breakfast Specials. Anything else ya need?"

"Not right now, Liz," Bobby replied. "We were just talkin' `bout where we was gonna live."

`How about at your place like you did with Bart. . . or was it Max?"

"It was Sam. And that didn't work at all."

Will choked on his scrambled eggs. Liz pounded him on the back and Bobby handed him a glass of orange juice.

"You okay, Honey?" the waitress asked between thumps.

"Yeah. . . " Will coughed, "Yeah."

"You sure?" Bobby asked with sincere concern. "I don't want to lose you."

"No really," Will coughed once more, "I'm fine."

Once Will had assured her he wasn't gonna expire from the food, Liz went off to take care of some new customers that had come in.

"Man, that scared the pants off me." Bobby took Will's hands in his.

With a glance at the new comers, Will subtly removed his hands from Bobby's.

"Bobby, we gotta discuss some things."

"Yes, sir. Now, my place is not that big. It's an apartment and. . . "

"No, not the living arrangements, at least not yet, what about Bart, Max and Sam?"

"Okay, I guess that's fair." Bobby replied. "You told me all about Kelly and the divorce and all, so, its only fair that you know about my life."

`Finally,' Will thought.

"Well, let's see." As Bobby started telling his tale of attempts to find love and the perfect mate; he started stroking Will's leg with his under the table. As he ate his breakfast Bobby told of his attempts to find love and the perfect mate. He also stroked Will's leg under the table. Will felt himself growing hard. He found it really difficult to concentrate on the details of what the younger man was telling him. Flashes of the previous night kept playing themselves in his mind. When Bobby got to `so that brings me `bout up to where I met you,' Will realized he hardly knew more now than before the explanation had begun. About all he got out of it was that this guy really wanted to settle down with one guy, and until that right one came along he would keep looking. Will wondered just what the man's criteria were.

When they had finished their meal, Liz returned to refill their coffee mugs and drop off the check. She placed the bill on Will's side of the table.

"Anythin' else ya'll need?"

"No, Liz, we're fine," Bobby said. Will nodded.

"Well, then, congratulations you two. And good luck." Liz walked off.

"Ready?" Bobby asked.

"Sure," Will replied.

Since Bobby made no effort to pick up the check, Will did and followed Bobby to the cash register. Will paid the girl behind the counter while Bobby dialed out two toothpicks and handed one to him.

"Oh, you forgot a tip for Liz."

Will took a deep breath, walked back and placed a couple of bucks on the table.

As they walked out of the diner, Bobby placed his arm around Will's waist. With the other arm he picked up Will's placing it on his shoulders. Will tensed.

"We don't have to check out until noon. It's only ten." Bobby squeezed Will and looked up into his eyes.

Uncomfortable as he was, Will felt himself respond to the invitation to return to the motel. He needed to figure out what was going on. Was this really love that he was feeling, or just the pent up need from ten years of repression and deprivation? Once more the influence of his smaller `head' in his pants overcame the more rational thoughts of the larger one on his shoulders, and he let the questions go.

"I'm right with ya," Will said with a smile.

Will's smile caused Bobby to reach down and squeeze the larger man's buns. Will blushed but didn't protest.

No sooner had the pair entered their room when Bobby turned and wrapped his arms around Will. He looked into Will's eyes. Will saw nothing in those blue eyes except love and a certain innocence. For the present, his concerns were put aside and he pulled Bobby into a kiss.

For the next hour the two men held each other's naked bodies. The sex was soft and slow once more. The extreme passion of the previous night and morning had been replaced with the kind that fulfilled emotional needs rather than strictly physical ones. They both climaxed with their arms wrapped tightly around each other, lips pressed together and cocks trapped between muscular abdomens.

Later, as they drove toward Bobby's apartment in Will's Jeep, Bobby continued the earlier conversation about living arrangements.

"So, like I was saying, I live in an apartment with two other guys. They're lovers, or partners or whatever and they have one bedroom. I have the other. There's a livin' room and a kitchen with a kinda dining room. When I was there with Sam it was kinda like we was all in the same place at the same time. . . ya know whata mean?"

Will nodded.

"Whada `bout you. Where do you live?"

Will took a deep breath. "I live in a ranch. It has three small bedrooms and. . . "

"We're gonna only need one," Bobby said leaning over, squeezing the man's thigh and giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Will sort of softly snorted and laughed at the same time. "Well, it's a nice little place. Kelly and I really li. . . " he trailed off. He didn't know whether he wanted to bring Kelly into this particular conversation.

"Sounds perfect," Bobby commented. "Ya want me ta bring my stuff today?"

Will took a deep breath. "Bobby, my divorce was just final yesterday. And I know that I'm eventually . . . "

Bobby looked crestfallen.

"No, no, don't get me wrong. I love what we have right now."

Bobby brightened.

"But, I was thinkin' it would take a bit more time. I mean, like I'd meet someone. We'd get to know each other. We maybe sleep together and then kinda slow like make the decision to. . . "

"I went too fast for ya?"

"Well, yes and no." Will tried to explain something that he didn't fully understand himself.

"I really feel like I love you. . . no. . . it is more than that . . . I think I'm in love with you. . . but. . . "

Bobby's killer smile was in full force. He leaned over and kissed Will full on the mouth causing the older man to almost lose control of the vehicle.

Bobby pulled away with a laugh.

Will continued. "But, before you move in could we. . . well. . . date?"

"Cowboy, if that's what you want that's what you get. Turn here. We're comin' up to my street." Bobby indicated the drive. "Ya wanna come up and meet Todd and Jeff?"

"No, not this time. Maybe another time."

"Okay." Bobby looked disappointed and a bit apprehensive. "Will I see you tomorrow?"

"Yes, I'd like that."

"Okay then." Bobby leaned over and kissed Will with a kiss so full of love and passion that he almost relented.

He left Bobby waving in his rear view mirror as he pulled away and headed home.

Will felt a sense of loss and sadness as the figure of the man with whom he had met less than twenty-four hours previously, but was definitely in love with, faded into the background and disappeared as he turned the corner. Was he being silly to insist that they get to know each other better before they moved in together? Hell, he didn't even know what the guy did for a living: or if he did anything for a living. Will had paid for the meal, maybe the motel and rings. He couldn't remember. Did that make a difference?

That evening Will aimlessly wandered around the house. He tried to watch the college games on TV. He couldn't focus. He felt horny, lonely, happy, sad all at the same time.

"Shit," he said out loud. `I'll just call him and talk to him. I miss him.'

He reached for the phone.

"Fuck!" Will didn't have his number. He didn't even remember his last name. `Had Bobby told him his last name?'

He gave up trying to remember, washed his face and brushed his teeth. He hadn't eaten anything since breakfast but the only hunger he felt was to hear, see, touch this man who had turned his life up-side-down.

Naked, Will crawled into bed. He lay on his back propped against the headboard and slowly began to stroke his hardening cock as memories of recent events passed through his mind. He had just achieved a full, dripping erection and was beginning to get into his fantasy when the phone rang, causing him to jump and his already throbbing heart to skip a beat.

He looked at the caller ID. "Private Caller. Number unknown." `God, those fuckin' telemarketers. It's fuckin' Saturday night.' He let it ring and went back to his stroking.

The answering machine clicked in.

"Hi. This is Will. Kelly doesn't live here anymore. If you want her, call 555-2870. If you want me, leave your name and number and I'll call ya."

The machine beeped.

"Will, this's Bobby. Pick up man! I love you so much I can't stand not to talk to you. So, if you're there. . . "

Will nearly fell on the floor reaching to grab the phone.

"Bobby!" Will cried into the receiver.