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Will Turner
Terry O'Reilly

Chapter Four

"Bobby, My God, Bobby" Will cried into the phone. "Man, I'm so glad you called. I was gonna call you but I didn't have your number. How'd ya find me?"

"Phone book," Bobby laughed. "Did ya know that there're forty-two `Will Turners' in the Dallas area and you're number thirty-eight?"

"You called all of them?" Will said in disbelief.

"Yes, sir. Some of them weren't too happy to be told that I loved um and missed um."

They both laughed.

"And some of um got some explainin' to do to their wives."

They laughed again, louder.

"When I heard your machine talk about Kelly then I knew I found ya."

"Bobby, I'm comin' to git ya. I need to be with ya tonight. I jist miss you so much. I wanna sleep with ya and remember it this time. I'll be right over."

"No," was Bobby's reply.

Will couldn't wrap his mind or heart around Bobby's apparent refusal.

"But, why?"

"Cuz it'll take too long if you come'ere and then we drive all the way back there. I'll take a cab."

Relieved, Will said, "Okay. You got the address."

"Book says 915 Heritage Court, Keller. That right?"

"Yep, but you sure you don't want. . . "

"This'll be faster. I wanna be with you as quick as I can. I need ya, Will!"

They hung up. Will immediately headed for the bathroom, shaved and hopped in the shower. Finishing, he slipped on a pair of sweats: ones that accentuated his package and clung to his butt. He checked himself out in his bedroom mirror.

`Shit, he's already seen all this. Why'm I gettin' all seductive `bout it?'

Ignoring his thoughts, he brushed his hair and then raced frantically around the house trying to undo a couple of months of sloth since Kelly had moved out.

"No use," Will said out loud. "If he loves me like he says then he'll just have ta take me the way I am."

He saw the reflection of lights pulling into the drive on the front room wall. He ran out the front door shirtless and barefoot.

Bobby jumped out of the cab and into his arms. Will hesitated only a minute before he surrendered himself to Bobby's arms and lips. Somehow he was beginning not to care if God and his neighbors saw him lovin' his man.

"Okay, okay, if you two queens are done sayin' howdy, you owe me $17.50," the cabby called through the window. Will felt himself blush.

"I'm sorry, Will, I rushed out without my wallet. Could you ???"

"Uh. . . yeah sure." Will ran back into the house and found his wallet on the counter in the kitchen.

`This guy never seemed to have the cash to pay his . . .' He stopped the thought in mid synapse. He wouldn't go there. Not now.

Back outside he leaned toward the window to pay the driver. Bobby was standing next to the cab with a couple of things on hangers and a small backpack. Will handed the driver a twenty and a five.

"Thanks bud," the cabby said. "Mind tellin' me how it works with you guys? I mean what do ya do?"

Will felt hot all over. "Just like with a woman," Bobby called over Will's shoulder. He had evidently heard the man's question. "`Cept you use the other hole." He laughed.

"Dang, I'm gonna have ta think about that one. Ya'll have a good time then." He pulled his cab out of the drive.

Will took a deep breath. "Come on," he said. Then with resolve he put his arm around Bobby's waist and walked him to the door.

Once inside Bobby dropped the things he was carrying and pulled Will into his arms. He whimpered into Will's mouth as their lips and tongues met. Will felt Bobby's strength as his arms wrapped around his body. He was in a vice grip but he didn't care. All Will wanted, needed was to be merged with, welded to this man. If he died right now from lack of oxygen he wouldn't regret it for one eternal moment.

"Oh Will," Bobby moaned. "I jist couldn't be without ya. I was so `fraid that you wouldn't want me ta come over."

Will responded by pulling Bobby's tongue into his mouth so that the smaller man couldn't say any more.

Bobby reached down and cradled Will's balls in his hand. Will was so hard by this time that it hurt. Will felt as if the cum in his balls was screaming for release. "Fuck me, Will!"

Will tried to lead Bobby to the bedroom. "No! Here! Now!"

Bobby pulled off his jeans and his tee. He wasn't wearing any underwear. He lay down on his back just inside the front door. He began trying to lubricate himself with pre-cum and spit. Will struggled out of his sweats and joined in the effort. As he loomed over his lover he was aware that tears were running down Bobby's cheeks. Love, lust, passion and need were reflected in those tear filled eyes. Will pressed his painfully erect penis against Bobby's hole. Bobby was tight.

"You're not ready." Will protested.

"Fuck me, damn it, just do it!"

Obediently Will pressed his cock against Bobby's asshole. It was tight and resistant. He pushed again. Bobby winced in pain.

"We need ta loosen ya up."

"No, jist do it," Bobby cried through gritted teeth. "I want ya so bad, Will, just do it."

Will's passion and lust were equal to Bobby's. In a turn of mind he had never experienced before, his concern about inflicting pain on his lover evaporated. All that mattered was their union.

With a savage, primitive roar, Will thrust with all his strength. With a scream of pain Bobby returned the thrust and Will entered him to the hilt. Will lay still. Bobby arched his back against him. "Fuck me, I need you, Will, love me with your cock."

Will began a deep rhythmic undulation. His mind was full of images of Bobby's beautiful body, full of sensations of pleasure and need coming from his cock, full of love for this man.

Within a short time Will felt Bobby's ejaculate on his stomach, heard his roar of climax in his ears, felt the pain of being bitten on his shoulder as Bobby reached and passed his peak.

Will roared in return and pumped his seed deep inside his captive's willing body, moaning his name over and over as he did. Then he collapsed on top of Bobby who was sobbing out words of endearment beneath him.

Will wasn't sure how long they lay there in the entry hall. He clung to Bobby as he felt himself go soft and disengage.

`Shit,' Will wanted the rest of his life to be spent right here: here united with Bobby. Bobby??? Will didn't know his last name. It didn't matter.

Without speaking, he rose and pulled Bobby to his feet. He led him to the bedroom. Bobby lay down on the bed. Will stood looking down on him. For one brief moment Will felt pangs of guilt, shame and anger in rapid succession. This was the bed where he had taken his bride: the bed where they had, for ten years, tried to conceive: the bed where he had found Kelly in the arms of her female lover.

`How appropriate!'

Will crawled in beside Bobby. They kissed. Bobby turned away from Will. Will spooned himself against his lover's body. Having become hard again he manipulated Bobby's ass so he entered him once more, this time with ease. With a deep sigh he wrapped his arms around Bobby and kissed his ear and neck. Within a few minutes they were both breathing deeply.

Sunday morning was ushered in with a nerve-racking ring of the phone. Before Will could react, Bobby had instinctively reached out and picked up the receiver.

"Hello?" Bobby's voice was husky with sleep.

"This is Bobby. Who's this?"

"Oh, hi Kelly, I've heard a lot about ya."

Will sat up with a start. Realizing who Bobby was talking to, he reached across Bobby's chest and wrenched the phone out of his hand.

"Uh, hi Kel," Will stammered.

"Good morning," came Kelly's voice over the phone. "And, who is Bobby?"

"Ah, he's a guy I met . . ." Will didn't want to tell Kelly where.

Bobby wiggled his butt against Will's cock. "I hope I'm more than jist a guy you met," he said teasingly.

Will turned away. Swinging his legs off the bed he sat on the edge facing away from Bobby, who followed him, wrapping both his arms and legs around Will's torso and laying his head on his shoulder.

"What's that, Kel?" The action and distraction of the moment causing Will not to pay attention to what his ex was saying.

"I said, `Bobby Who?'"

"Uh, just ah. . . Bobby."

Bobby, evidently figuring out what Kelly had asked, tipped the phone toward him and shouted. "Robert James Williams-Turner." And proceeded to bite kiss Will on the neck.


"Will, what is he talking about?" "Will?" "What happened?"

Will sat with the phone in his hand, staring with wide eyes at the wall.

"Will!" Kelly said again.

"Oh, yeah, well. . . he's a funny guy." Will turned and glared at Bobby, who smiled broadly and fell back on the pillows with his arms behind his head.

"Look, Kelly, I . . . "

"You don't have to explain," came Kelly's voice, "you're a free man now. I was just calling to see if you were all right after court on Friday. Evidently you are. You sure didn't waste any time."

Kelly sounded hurt.

"Well, shit!" Will shot back. "You and Loraine got no room to talk. At least I waited till I was single. I didn't go jumping in bed. . . .our bed. . . ."

Kelly cut him off. "Talk about at least! At least I knew her last name. I got to know her before I jumped in bed with her, even if it was `our' bed. What do you know about him except that he's apparently `a funny guy' who is now using your last name and `our' bed?"

Will was angry. "Don't talk about `our' bed. It's my bed now! I kept my vows. I did my best to be a good husband despite. . . despite being g. . . ."

"Fuck you," Kelly hissed and hung up.

Will slumped on the edge of the bed. Bobby rolled over and sat beside him. He took Will's hands in his. As angry as Will was he knew that Kelly was right about one thing. He didn't know this man at all. He had just learned his last name. He didn't know anything about his job, his family, his. . . anything, except that he loved him. But he also knew he needed to find out who Robert James Williams-Turner was.

"Bobby. . . " Will started. "Bobby we need to talk."