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Will Turner
Terry O'Reilly

Chapter Five

"You're right, we need to talk," Bobby responded to Will's request. "But, right now. . . "

Bobby pulled Will backwards onto the bed.

"No, Bobby, we really. . . "

That was as far as Will got. Bobby rolled over on top of him and started kissing him softly and sensually while straddling him so that their equipment was pressed together. Will's mind wanted to protest, but his body wanted the pleasure to continue. He surrendered to the seduction.

Bobby continued the soft caresses of Will's body. Slowly he made his way down Will's body, not missing one single centimeter with his finger tips and tongue. Will's nipples were so sensitive that when Bobby kissed and sucked them, he thought he was going to cum right then. With his face buried in Will's thick pubic hair he began to massage his cock and balls with one hand, while inserting a finger into his ass with the other. Will moaned his enjoyment and encouragement.

Bobby paused, kneeling between Will's legs, and looked up at his lover. Will looked down his chest and smiled. He slowly closed his eyes and laid his head down as Bobby's lips came in contact with his dick head and pee slit.

"Oh God," Will moaned. If there was one thing Bobby could do well it was to send Will into that nether world of sexual pleasure.

As Bobby worked his magic on Will's shaft, balls and ass, Will massaged his head with both hands, thrusting upward and clinching his ass cheeks together. Bobby was perfectly in tune with Will's state of arousal. Each time the bigger man was about to erupt, he backed off and let the moment pass. After five or six times of bringing him to the edge Will would have no more of it. He tightened his hold on Bobby's head and increased the strength and depth of his thrusts into his mouth.

"Jeeezzzzus, fuck!" Will yelled as he shot his morning load into Bobby's mouth.

He fell back on the bed exhausted. His breathing was still ragged when he opened his eyes and looked up to see Bobby standing between his legs, which were hanging off the bed. Bobby was smiling, allowing Will's cum to dribble out of his mouth onto the palms of his hands. He rubbed his hands together and then with one hand he began to massage the slippery mass into Will's ass. With the other hand he began to stroke his own cock. Will knew what was coming.

"Yes, damn it, yes," he hissed, raising his legs to Bobby's shoulders and arching his back.

Bobby pressed his swollen dick against the gateway to Will's body. Will took a deep shuddering breath and tried to relax. Bobby increased the pressure. Will held his breath. Bobby pushed once more and slipped in. With agonizing slowness he allowed his shaft to sink all the way to the base a centimeter at a time. With each passing second of penetration, Will's cock rose in time to his heart beat, until it was completely erect and slapped his muscular, hairy abdomen.

Bobby then lowered himself until Will's legs were bent all the way back to his shoulders. He maneuvered himself so he could wrap his legs around Bobby's waist. They were now in complete body contact with Bobby's cock deep inside Will and his hands holding his head. Will wrapped his arms around Bobby's back. His prick was trapped in a mass of muscle and hair between their two bodies. There was no way he could imagine that two men could be more closely connected. In that position they completed their union with a mutual climax.

"I love you Robert James Williams-Turner," Will said, using the name Bobby had given himself. He punctuated the sentence with kisses.

"You're sure?" Bobby asked.

"Yes, I'm sure."

"Good, then let's take a shower. After we can talk." Bobby kissed Will back, gently slipped out of his ass, pulled Will to his feet and hugged him. They headed for the bathroom, Bobby leading the way.

At first Will was shocked at the sudden end to the tender moment they were sharing, but the post-climactic euphoria was still having its effect so he made no protest.

They stood in the warm spray of the shower and luxuriously lathered each other's body. Will wondered if he really needed to know the answers to the questions about this man that had been crowding his head just moments before their extraordinary love making. Bobby's marvelously muscled body pressed against his as he pulled Will into a tight embrace, sensuously sliding against him. His beautiful smile as he looked up into Will's eyes and the tenderness, the kisses he was offering seemed to Will, at that moment, all in the world he needed to know about him.

Will got towels out of the cupboard as they exited the shower and they dried each other. He then got two pairs of sweat pants out of a drawer in the bedroom. They donned these and headed for the kitchen.

As Will bent to pull a box of Cheerios out of a cabinet, with the familiarity of one who was already a resident, Bobby went into the fridge.

"Let's see what ya got here."

Will turned around. "Oh, I ain't been to the store lately," he said apologetically.

"Well, ya got eggs, and some bacon that ain't green yet," Bobby said with a laugh. " And. . . here's an old shriveled tomato. That'll do. Got anything spicey?"

"Uh, I got pickles."

"Ha! Well, never tried my famous southwest omelet with pickles. Maybe I'll create a culinary masterpiece."

"Culinary? That's a pretty fancy word for a cowboy from. . . .where ever it is your from."

The words piqued Will's curiosity, which had been sidetracked by the morning's activities. He began to remember he had things he wanted to know about Bobby.

Will made coffee and poured what little juice he had in the house while Bobby cooked. He had to admit this felt good. Two guys, half naked after a morning of love making, in `their' kitchen getting ready to start the day. He sat smiling, rubbing the ring on his finger and watched as Bobby finished up the omelet. It made him feel good.
They ate the first few bites in silence. The omelet was pretty good and Will was about to tell Bobby so when he spoke.

"Guess it is time to talk."

`Finally,' thought Will.

"So, tell me, Will, where do you work?"

As Will figured he would be asking the questions, he was caught totally off guard.

"Ah. . . I work for Miller's Automotive."

"Whada ya do there?" Bobby asked with a mouth full of egg.

Will was suddenly kind of embarrassed. "I'm a mechanic."

"Grease Monkey? That's cool."

Feeling the need to defend himself for some reason, Will added. "Well, um, I'm a supervisor."

"That's nice Will, real nice."

"I took a two year course at El Centro in automotive computer science. Most cars have computers in them now. . . ya know."

Why was he talking like he had to justify his profession to Bobby? He liked his job and felt good about what he did.

"You make a lot of money doing that? The automotive computer stuff I mean?"

Will narrowed his eyes. "Yeah! I do alright," he snapped.

"Hey, Will," Bobby said looking apologetic. "I didn't mean ta make ya feel bad. I was jist wonderin'"

Will sighed. "I'm sorry. I don't know why I did that. I really like my job and I'm good at it. I make a fair livin' and I'm happy where I work." He sighed again.

"Guess that tells me what I needed to know."

`Wonder what he meant by that?' Will thought. He waited for Bobby to start telling him about his job or whatever he did but Bobby just talked about things in general: the weather, the Dallas Cowboys football team. Finally, Will figured he needed to press a bit.

"So, tell me what you do."

"I'm a student."


`University of North Texas at Dallas."

"You gonna make me pull teeth to get information out of you?" Will tried to lighten his question with a chuckle.

"No, course not." Bobby returned the laugh.

"I'm a student at the U of North Texas."

Will waited a minute before asking, "You already told me that. What're ya studyin'?"

"Equine science, chiropractic and massage therapy for horses."

"You're kidding?" Will almost laughed.

"No." Bobby smiled. "No, it's for real. You can make a good livin' doing that."

"I guess." Will didn't know what else to say. He had never heard of a chiropractor or a massage therapist for horses. Knowing how massage therapy for humans often ended up, he got a mental image of a hung horse lying on its back and...he shook his head
to rid himself of the image.

"Well, you can, Bobby continued, "Only problem is gettin' to the point where you can make that money."

"I don't understand," Will said with a puzzled look on his face.

"It's the tuition. I can't qualify for student loans.

"How come? Almost everyone can. I got one easy when I was goin' to El Centro."

"It's a long story," Bobby replied.

Will had a little money put aside. Not much as the divorce cost him a bit. The fact that Kelly had been unfaithful to him weighed in his favor and the settlement didn't wipe him out. Still the whole process had depleted his funds considerably. He wondered if he should offer to help Bobby out.

"How much is tuition?"

"About 5K for this semester. I got five semesters done and three to go."

"Well," Will hesitated. Well, I got some money in the bank and. . . "

"Oh, No, Will, I can't ask you to do that." Bobby shook his head and took a sip of coffee. Bobby got up, walked over to where Will was sitting and kissed him. He stood between Will's legs with his arms around his neck.

"You'd really do that fer me? Even though ya hardly know me?"

Will stood and took the smaller, handsome man into his arms.

"Yeah, I guess I would." Will surprised himself with that response. It was true that he hardly knew this guy. It hadn't even been forty-eight hours... `less if you didn't count those first hours that were somewhat lost to my memory.' But, yes, he would be willing to go out on a financial limb despite the brief time the men had been together.

"Will, I hope sometime I'll be able ta let ya know jist how much that means ta me."

He kissed Will again.

"Tell me now."

"Soon, Will. Soon., I promise."

"Okay, whenever you're ready." He smiled. Bobby returned the smile and punctuated it with a kiss.