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Will Turner
Terry O'Reilly

Chapter Six

Will and Bobby cleaned up the kitchen. When they were finished Bobby turned to Will.

"I better get going. I have some studyin' ta do for next week. Unless?"

"Unless?" Will repeated the question.

"Unless we could go pick up the stuff I need and come back here?" Bobby smiled.

"And ya think ya'd get a lot a studyin' done here?" Will said, reaching out and taking Bobby's package in hand.

Will considered the activity that would surely replace the academic endeavors as both Will and Bobby hardened,

Bobby stepped closer to Will. They placed their hands on each other's shoulders and moved just close enough together that the hair on their chests brushed lightly. With eyes closed Will gently caressed Bobby's lips with his own. Their cocks, now at full staff, strained against the fabric of their sweats. Simultaneously they lowered their hands and pushed the garments to the floor allowing their tumescent manhoods freedom to rise to full height. They pressed their bodies closer and began a slow, sensual undulation. Will reached behind Bobby and took his ass cheeks in his hands as the caresses he had been giving with his lips turned to more passionate kisses. Bobby put his arms around Will. They set up a rhythm of breathing so that when Bobby exhaled Will inhaled. Will felt a thrill that extended all the way to his toes knowing that the breath in his lungs was once deep inside his lover.

"I need us ta be one," Bobby whispered into Will's mouth.

Will turned him around. Bobby spread his legs and leaned on the counter. Using saliva and pre-cum as a lube, Will gently worked himself into Bobby's waiting ass. They stood for a long time, just gently rocking forward and back. Will put his right arm around Bobby's chest, gently squeezing his nipple. He took his cock in his left hand. He pressed his chest against Bobby's back and planted tender kisses on his neck and shoulders as he moved in and out of his body.

The pace and intensity of the union increased until both men were close to climax. Bobby moaned Will's name and came into Will's hand. Will rubbed the liquid issue on Bobby's abdomen. As he did so his own peak was reached and he implanted his seed inside the younger man's body. He let out a shuddering breath as he finished his climax.

They stood for more than five minutes, there in the kitchen, united in body and spirit. The setting didn't seem to matter: only the fact that they were together. Time and space ceased to exist for those treasured moments. Finally Will slipped out of his partner and turned him back to face him.

"When ya pick up your books and stuff..." He hesitated.


Will took a deep breath. "When ya pick up your books and stuff pack up your clothes and whatever. Come live with me."

Bobby looked into Will's face. "But, yesterday ya said ya wanted us to date and stuff first. Ya said..."

"That was yesterday. This is today. Last night when ya wasn't here, `fore ya called, I was goin' nuts without ya. This morning while I watched ya fix breakfast it all just felt so right. Guess it don't much matter if we date while ya live here. All's I know is that I ain't never felt this for anyone: not like this and I want us to be together. Shit, we got rings," Will held up his hand and smiled. "Sorta dumb for us to have rings and not be together, right?"

"Will, you sure? I want ya ta be sure."

In reality Will wasn't sure. But, reality didn't exist right then. He had repressed this need for so long that all he wanted was to have that need satisfied. So what if all those fantasies of dating and fucking a bunch of different guys until Mr. Right came along wouldn't be fulfilled? Mr. Right, he hoped, was standing here right now. He'd just made love to him. Why wait?

"Yeah, I'm sure."

"Let's do it!" Bobby shouted and kissed Will hard on the lips. Then he proceeded to do a kind of war dance around the kitchen table, his balls and semi hard cock flopping in the wind.

Will just leaned back on the counter with his arms crossed over his chest and watched, laughing.

Bobby returned to his embrace. "Wanna get cleaned up and go get my junk then?"

"Yep Mr... ah what did you call yourself again?"

"Mr. Williams-Turner."

"Yeah... Yep Mr. Williams-Turner. Let's do it!"


On the ride to Bobby's apartment, Bobby chattered non-stop about how great this was going to be. How lucky he was to find Will. How Will wouldn't be sorry. Will only half listened. He was lost in his own thoughts about the decision he had just made. Deep inside he knew it was right. He knew it was something he wanted, had always wanted. But, one part of him was saying there's something else going on here. `Maybe ya shoulda listened to your head insteada your dick and heart.' He shook his head. He didn't want those thoughts to ruin this day. He tuned in to what Bobby was saying.

"Jeff and Todd are gonna shit! They keep saying: "Ya'll never find the right guy. You're too fuckin' picky." Bobby laughed. "They'll probably warn ya about me." He leaned over and kissed Will on the cheek.

They were at a stoplight and the lady in the passenger seat of the car next to them in the left turn lane witnessed the kiss. She got her husband's attention and pointed at Will and Bobby with a shocked expression on her face. Will, realizing his embarrassment at being open about himself had lowered considerably, kissed Bobby back. Then he turned to the woman and gave her the finger as the light changed to green.

He laughed out loud as they pulled away.

"What was that all about," Bobby asked?

"Freedom," Will responded, "Freedom!"


They pulled into the lot at Bobby's apartment and went up. They entered the room and found Todd and Jeff cuddling on the couch watching the wrap up of the college football games of the day before. They were dressed only in shorts. They jumped to their feet as soon as the men came in. Both were semi-hard and Will smiled at the sight. `That's the way it'll be for us,' he thought.

Bobby introduced Will and informed his roommates of the purpose of their visit. Both men got those `Yeah, sure,' looks on their faces.

Bobby rushed off to his room to start gathering his gear together. Will started to follow when Todd, the larger and more muscular of the two roomies, spoke.

"So, you're the guy that Bob was moaning about last night."

"Like he was gonna expire or something," the shorter, slimmer and definitely more effeminate guy added.
"You're a lot older than the others he's brought around. Very cute but ... older. Don't you think so, sweetie?" He addressed this last remark to Todd.

"Definitely," Todd agreed.

Will didn't know what to say.

It didn't matter as Todd continued. "Don't get us wrong. We love Bob. He's just a bit flighty and, well, I guess you'd say, fickle."

"Oh Lord, yes," Jeff added, with a wave of his hand in a limp wristed way. "That Sam he had move in here. Oh, Lord! Well, he only lasted... what was it, Todd?"

"Less than a week."

"Yes, less than a week. I sure hope you have a plan B, Honey."

"A plan B?" Will didn't understand.

"Plan B. What to do when that man decides you aren't the man. And he is living in your ... apartment?"

"Oh, plan B" was all Will could manage. Then he added, "It's a house."

"Ooooh! Pay dirt! That should make Bobby so happy," Jeff gushed poking Todd in the ribs. The guys laughed.

"Will," called Bobby from the other room.

Will was only too glad to get away from Todd and Jeff. Their comments were giving fuel to that nasty little voice inside of him that he was trying not to listen to.

"You guys getting to know each other?" Bobby inquired. "Aren't they a riot?"

"Yeah, a barrel of laughs."

"Was I right? Did they warn you about me? Did Jeff ask ya if ya had a Plan B?" Bobby laughed.

"Uh, yes they did." Will relaxed somewhat knowing the conversation he'd had with the roommates was kind of standard procedure.

"So, what's plan B?" Bobby came over to Will and wrapped his arms around him.

"There ain't gonna be no `Plan B'," Will said with conviction. He kissed Bobby.

Bobby smiled. "Here, help me with this stuff."

Bobby and Will started packing up most of Bobby's clothes and toiletries. They got his books together.

"Do ya have a computer, Will?"

"Yeah, sure."

"Then I won't bother with mine today. We can come back and get it another time. Same with the TV and disc player. We can decide what to do with duplicate stuff. Maybe have a garage sale. This is gonna be fun."

Will nodded.

They hauled the things to be taken to Will's to the living room where Todd and Jeff had again taken up residence on the couch. This time they were dressed in jeans and T's.

"Need some help?"

"That'd be great," Bobby accepted the offer.

With Todd's and Jeff's help they were able to pack Will's jeep in one trip.

"It was nice ta meet ya," Will offered his hand to Todd and Jeff.

"Hey," said Bobby, " as soon as I get settled we'll have you guys over for dinner or something, okay?"

"Yeah, we'd like that," replied Todd.

"If he lasts that long," said Jeff under his breath.

Bobby had turned to the jeep so only Will caught the statement. He tried to ignore it.

"Oh," said Jeff, "there's a buncha stuff that came in the mail. I'll go get it."

"I'll come with ya. Wanna make sure I got everything," Bobby answered. The two men left.

Will turned to Todd. "Won't Bobby's moving out leave you two a little short without a third to pay the rent and stuff?"

"No, we'll be fine. Both Jeff and I have good jobs. Beside Bobby might not be gone that long. No offense... but with his track record."

Once again Will didn't know how to respond.

Bobby and Jeff returned. Bobby was carrying a few more items that he decided he couldn't live without. Jeff was carrying a handful of envelopes.

"Give those to Will," Bobby said to Jeff.

"Uh huh," Jeff intoned with a knowing look at Todd, who did as he was asked.

"Well, bye guys, we'll call you.'

There were handshakes, hugs and good luck wishes all around. Will and Bobby got into the jeep and headed for Will's.

They stopped at a fast food place for lunch. Will paid for it.

They stopped at a super market and shopped for food. Will paid for it.

At Will's house they unloaded the car. Will had to admit it was fun moving Bobby in. They spent the afternoon alternately arranging Bobby's belongings and making love. `Yep, this was definitely gonna be fun.'


After dinner that evening, Bobby was on the computer working on a paper for class the next day. Will was watching the Sunday Night NFL game. He was feeling very domestic. He took a deep breath and smiled. `This is good,' he mused.

Will got up to get himself and Bobby a beer. He handed it to him with a kiss. On the way back to his seat he noticed the pile of envelopes he'd placed on the table in the entryway when they'd come in. He absently picked them up and took them back to his chair. Settling in he saw they were open. He took out the contents of the first envelope: credit card bill, due that week. The second was a past due cell phone bill. The last contained a tuition payment that should have been paid the previous month. What did Bobby say when he had Jeff hand him the envelopes? `Give those to Will?' `But, he couldn't want me to pay these? He said he didn't want me to help with tuition. Maybe he's just short on cash.' He thought of lunch and the shopping trip. Bobby hadn't made any attempt to pay.

Bobby looked up, saw what Will was looking at. "Oh, shit! I forgot about those." He got up and went to the bedroom. "Fuck!" He said when he came back.

"What's the matter?"

"Those fuckin' bills. I don't have my checkbook."

Bobby went to the phone.

"Hi, Jeff? Yeah, its Bobby. Hey man... No I'm not calling for a ride back. You asshole..." He laughed.
"No listen. Can you check to see if I left my checkbook there somewhere? Yeah... thanks." Bobby waited a minute. "That's great man, thanks. No, I'll pick it up sometime next week. I got this fuckin' paper... yeah. Say hi to Todd. Yeah..."Bobby laughed again. "You too Jeff... Bye."

Bobby walked back to Will. "Jeff and Todd send their love, ha! I forgot the checkbook."

"They're all overdue. Ya want me to pay um for you?"

"No, that wouldn't be right. I'll just pay um late."

"But, Bobby, you'll really get hit with late fees and they might cancel the phone. And your credit rating?"

"No, Will, really, it'll be okay."

"Come on... let me do this for you." Will got up and embraced him. "We're partners now, right?"

"Well, okay but not the tuition bill. That is way too big. And I'll pay you back. Honest."

"Don't worry about it."

"I think I found the man of my dreams," Bobby said with a look of extreme happiness on his handsome face.

They kissed and Bobby went back to his paper. Will sat watching him work. He smiled to himself. This felt good. In fact it felt so good he decided that he would do something to help Bobby out with his school bill too. "Maybe tomorrow he would go to the bank and get a loan. Yeah, sort of a ...a wedding... commitment...well some kinda present." He smiled again. Bobby wouldn't want that. At least he didn't think he would. For a moment the hesitancy surfaced. He shook it off. No, he would do that for him. This was the man he loved. He would stop at the bank at lunchtime and get a loan.