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Will Turner
Terry O'Reilly

Chapter Seven

Monday morning found Will awake, spooned against a still sleeping Bobby. He looked at the alarm clock on the bedside stand: 5:45. Fifteen minutes until the alarm would go off. Will had been awake for about a half hour. He took a deep breath and pulled Bobby closer. The sleeping man responded by pressing himself against Will. He did not awaken.

In his mind Will was replaying his whirlwind week-end. Friday his divorce was final. Friday night he meets a guy. Saturday he falls in love. Sunday he asks him to move in. Monday a new life begins. This was crazy. He knew this on one level; on another it was what he had dreamed about for years. All the while he had been married to Kelly it never felt as natural or comfortable as this. Yet, he had to admit there were some aspects he was leery about. Liz, the waitress at Mary's, had talked about other guys saying that Will was "the best of the bunch." Then Todd and Jeff and their assessment that Will might not last any longer than the "others." Will wondered what caused Bobby to always go from one guy to another. Was he in some kind of test? Was it a test, or just some trait that Bobby had? Before he could ponder it further, the alarm broke shrilly into his thoughts. He reached over Bobby and hit the snooze button.

Bobby stretched and rolled over: his morning erection pressing against Will's abs.

"Um, nice," Will pressed back. "Can I do something to help you with that?"

"Just hold me," Bobby replied. He reached down and adjusted Will's cock so that it lay next to his in the tangle of hair between their bodies. Wrapping his arms around Will he began a slow undulation that brought Will to full staff. Will pressed his lips against Bobby's. Bobby responded by slightly opening his mouth and allowing Will's tongue to enter and explore.

The urgency of their motion increased, as did the passion of their kisses. Soon Bobby moaned into Will's neck: "I love you." He immediately released a flow of cum into the space between their bodies coating both their dicks with the slippery substance.

Will held his breath. He felt that familiar tingle in the tip of his penis, felt his balls contract and heard himself growl soft and low as he reached his own climax.

They lay there for several minutes, still moving gently against one another, spreading the issue of their bodies, softly kissing. The snooze alarm went off.

"Last one to the shower cleans the John!" Bobby shouted and jumped out of bed.

Will shook his head and chuckled.

They showered and shaved together. The bathroom was small and they constantly got in each other's way. But Will loved it.

"Guess we need to talk a little logistics," Will said as they were in the kitchen getting breakfast. "How do you usually get to school?"

"Sometimes Jeff or Todd, sometimes the bus. Depends on the schedule. Like today I don't have to be in class until 10:00. So I'll take the bus. I wanna work on that paper some more anyway."

"Is it going to work for you from here? This is farther away from campus than your old place."

"Thanks for worrying about me, Will. I'll get the bus schedule and figure it out. It is really out of your way to drive me even when my schedule fits with yours."

"I wouldn't mind, really."

"Not now maybe but I don't want to get in your hair about anything somewhere down the road. We'd have to be up earlier, and then we'd miss what we shared this morning." Bobby turned and held Will tightly, kissing him. "Takin' the bus ain't no big deal for me."

Will kissed him back and smiled.

Forty-five minutes later Will left Bobby sitting at the computer and headed for his job at Miller's.
On the way there he formulated his plan to get a loan to help Bobby out with his tuition. He had written the checks for the cell phone and credit card bills and put them in the mailbox on his way out. He would take an extra hour for lunch and go to the bank to apply for a loan. The thought of doing that made him feel good. He was taking care of his man.

At 11:00 he told the boss he needed an extra hour at lunch to take care of some personal business and headed for the bank that held the mortgage on his house. He parked in the lot and walked into the lobby. As he headed for the loan officers' cubicles he was met by a young woman.

"Good morning, sir. May I help you?"

"Yes, ma'am, I was going to see about getting a loan for my friend ta help him with his college bills."

"Do you have an account with us?"

"Yes, I do and my mortgage is held by the bank as well.

"Come and have a seat, Mr.?"

"Turner, ma'am, Will Turner."

"Mr. Turner." She led Will to a desk in the first cubicle.

They sat down. The woman, whose desk name plate identified her as Sharon Morgan, looked up Will's account information on her computer. She began to explain the various loans that were available.

"So, you say this is for a friend to help with his college expenses? He must be a very good friend."

"Oh, yes, ma'am. The best." Will smiled and felt warm inside. `Bobby was gonna be so happy.'

The young woman looked up apparently seeing someone enter the back. "Excuse me a minute, sir." She got up from the desk and walked into the common area.

"Mr. Sutton. How good to see you. What brings you into the bank?"

Will turned around to see Bobby shaking hands with Sharon.

"Bobby?" Will got up.


"Mr. Sutton?" The young woman looked confused.

"Mr. Sutton?" Will echoed.

"Yes," the young woman said to Will then turning back to Bobby she continued, "Mr. Sutton your father is in a meeting with the board of directors. He should be done shortly. What can we do for you?"

Will didn't understand. "What does she mean, 'your father?'"

Bobby shrugged his shoulders apologetically. "My dad is Robert James Sutton." Bobby blushed slightly.

"The Robert James Sutton? The oil tycoon?" The guy that owns this bank?"

"Yep that's him." Bobby replied with obvious embarrassment.

"But your name is Williams, Isn't it?" Will said now really confused.

Before Bobby could answer, the young woman asked, "Is this the friend you were getting a loan for?"

"Will, you were doing that for me?"

"Yeah, I thought I'd surprise you but ... Bobby what's going on? If your Sutton's son why are you tellin' me your name is Williams? It even said that on the envelopes."

"Let's not talk here," Bobby said. "Let's go across the street for coffee."

"Shall I tell your father you were in to see him?"

"No, Sharon," Bobby said, "I'll be back later. Come on Will."

The two men crossed the street. They entered the coffee shop, sat down and ordered. After the waitress brought their order, Bobby took a sip of his coffee and sighed.

"Well?" said Will.

"Well, I'm Robert James Sutton, Jr."

"And you're fuckin' rich!"

Bobby kept his eyes down. "Yes."

"Bobby, why didn't you tell me?"

"When guys know who I am I can't tell whether they love me for me or for my money. I been burned so many times ..." Bobby paused. Will waited.

"So, I changed my name when I started school, so that I could make sure and..."

"So, this was all a game? A test?"

"No, no, I just wanted to be sure this time. Especially this time." Bobby tried to smile.

"And, that was what all the stuff about not having money to pay for things and forgetting the checkbook and. . . and. . . shit!"

"If you could see it from my side. As soon as a guy knows I have money he gets all sweet and I never can tell if they are in love with me or not.

"I don't know if I'm mad, or just feel stupid, or. . . I don't know why you just couldn't've been up front `bout having money instead of playin' with my head. You didn't have to tell me you were rich. Why play this game? Why make me feel like a fool goin' in the bank that your daddy owns and getting a loan to help you with your bills? Me feelin' like your white knight or somethin'?"

"Will, I don't know what ta say. . . I just had ta be sure. I loved ya from the minute we met at the Round Up. I just couldn't take a chance. . . I wanted it to be real this time. . . to be me, not my. . .

"I gotta go," Will said with finality.

"I'll see you at home tonight, right?" Bobby said with pleading eyes.

Will didn't answer. He just got up, picked up the bill, and put a tip on the table. "Might as well keep the charade goin'," he said with a sarcastic smile. He then walked to the cash register, paid the bill and left.

He looked back to see Bobby sitting there with his head in his hands.

That afternoon Will could hardly concentrate on his job. His mind was flooded with conflicting thoughts and emotions. He felt like such a fool. All the while he had been picturing himself as Bobby's savior, he had really been Bobby's clown. At the same time when he thought about it he could see Bobby's point. What would he have done if he knew the kid was filthy rich? Did Sam and all those other guys know? Or did Bobby play the game with them, and they failed to pass the test? Twice during the afternoon his cell rang. It was Bobby. He let it go to voice mail. At first he was just going to delete the calls but at the last minute he changed his mind and listened.

"Will, I'm so fuckin' sorry. I shoulda known you were different. I shoulda been straight with you. . . well maybe not straight...I hope you're laughin'. Please call me."

"Will, man, I guess you don't wanna talk to me. Don't know what else to say. I guess just. . . good-bye."

When Will heard the message and the sadness in the voice he melted. "Fuck." `Ain't that big a deal.' He thought.' `He just needed to be sure. Just my fuckin' pride.'

Will put aside that pride and called Bobby. No answer. It didn't go to voice mail either. Just a message that the number was unavailable. `Shit, why didn't I answer his calls.'

After work Will drove home composing in his mind what he was going to say to Bobby. He wanted Bobby to know that he loved him and that he understood. Well, he understood as much as someone who never had that much money to worry about being used by anyone. Now, it didn't matter if Bobby's name was Williams, or Sutton, or Adams, or Birch. Just so he wouldn't leave. Just so it could go back to the way it was that morning.

He parked the jeep in the drive and bounded into the house. "Bobby?" "Bobby!" No answer. Will raced through the house. Bobby's clothes and other items were still there. It didn't look like he'd been back since whenever he left for school that morning.

Will picked up the phone. He checked the call memory and found Bobby's old number and punched it in.
Jeff answered on the third ring.


"Hello, Jeff?"

"Yes, who is this?"

"It's Will. Listen Jeff, is Bobby there?"

"Uh oh, trouble in paradise already? What didja do? Ask him to pay off your mortgage?" Jeff tittered in a way that made Will angry.

"That's not funny," Will almost yelled. "Sorry, Jeff, if you see Bobby, tell him to call me."

"Alright sweetie, but you need to get better control over that temper. Toodles."


Will didn't know what to do. He had to find Bobby. He tried calling information to get the number of the elder Robert Sutton but was informed that it was an unlisted number. He pleaded with the operator that it was an emergency but to no avail.

He paced the floor. Where would Bobby go?

Will went into the bedroom. The bed was still unmade, just as they had left it that morning after making love. Will sat down and put his head in his hands. He was there for a full fifteen minutes. Why had he made such a big deal out of Bobby's wanting to make sure his love was based on real values not monetary ones? Yesterday he had been so happy with the way things were going. Now he was miserable. And he and his pride had created the misery. He sighed and got up. As he walked past the dresser he looked down and saw Bobby's ring. Under it was a simple note. "I'm sorry. I'll send for my stuff."

Will leaned with both hands on the dresser and hung his head. He picked up the ring and put it on his finger with the one he was wearing.

An hour and three beers later he decided he couldn't face the evening alone. He got in the jeep and headed for the Round-up.

Walking in Will looked around. Being a Monday night the place wasn't crowded. He walked toward the bar. At the far end he saw a man. A guy kinda hunched over a beer that was clutched in his hands.
He recognized him. He breathed a sigh of relief and walked to the end of the bar.

"Hey, cowboy."

Bobby looked up. "Will, Will, I. . ."

Will stopped him with a kiss. "Don't."

Bobby stood up and embraced him. Will felt tears well up in his eyes. He pulled Bobby close, his left hand behind his head pressing it to his chest. "Don't make no difference. Only thing that means anything is that I love you."

Bobby looked up into Will's face, and flashed that killer smile.

"You left this at home," said Will, taking the second ring off his finger and putting it back on Bobby's. "For richer, for poorer," Will said with a small laugh. "Are ya ready to come home?"

"Ya sure ya want me too? I really have been a jerk."

"Yup, ya have," Will said smiling. "But, yeah, I want ya to come home. Guess I kinda understand how ya gotta be careful."

The two men walked to the door, arms around each other's waists. As they made their way out into the parking lot, Will asked. "Are you really rich?"


"I mean really?"

"Millions," said Bobby with a laugh.


The End