World Outside My Window

By: UDream

D isclaimer
If you are not of legal age or offended by m/m. Then please exit. This story is from my twisted mind, if it bares any resemblance to any other works it is purely coincidental. Copyright by: Udream. This story is not to be distribute without authors consent. Thank you and enjoy


Chapter 1- Hymn Of The Dead

I woke up to my name being screamed out by my mother. Normal day, waking to the hollering of her. I shook my head to clear out the cobwebs. Eventually sitting up.

Looking around, at the use to be white walls, that now was a mix of gray and creme. The roaches scurrying to and fro on the floor. The sound of mice scratching in the ceiling. The dingy, beaten up furniture that sparsely decorated my room.

Took a look at the broken window by my bed that led out to a fire escape. Looked out the window to see the ghetto looking the same way I left it. Give or take a few bullets, dead bodies and cracked heads. Looked around and saw home. Its been home for the last 17 years. Accepting me, denying me, hurting me, protecting me.

The best way to describe the ghetto is a woman, MS. Ghetto is what I call her, not very original I know. She's caring and loving at times. She can put you in the right place at the right time. She can shield you from the cops, she can welcome you with open arms.

But when she's in her moods, she's the worst bitch alive. She can throw your ass into unspeakable danger, she can make you see things that would make you stay up because the thought of dreaming about it is too horrifying. She can let you bump right into the same police officer you were running from.

And if you could, you try your damn hardest to get the hell away from her, if your smart. That's what I'm gonna do one day, watch and see.

"Mario get the hell up, you'se gonna be late fa skool." My Mom said barging in my room with a switch in her hand. At that I had to laugh.

"Woman you betta go on bout you business." I said not really giving her a second look, that's until a switch hit me.

I jumped up in her face "Who the fuck do you think you are and better yet what the fuck you think you bout to do with that switch. If you don't get out my face in a bout 5 seconds imma take that damn switch and take it to you" I said as serious as heart attack.

"Who the fuck am I, I'm your mother boy and don't you forget it. I'm the one who wiped your shitty draws..."

"...Fuck no. You ain't do shit so don't come in here trying to play that role. You didn't do shit for me. You were too damn busy with your man of the month. Too busy concerning yourself with stuff that ain't your business. That's why you was locked up for 8 years. So don't come up in here trying to act like you raised me cause you didn't. If I was left with you I'd probably be dead, if not from the street then from suicide!"


"5...4...3...2...1" She stood firm to the ground, testing me. So I grabbed the switch and was about to hit her dead in her face with it until granny walked in.

My granny is the best. Perfect in every way! She walked in with her cheeks rosy, a gentle smile on her face. She grabbed the switch out of my hand kissed me on the cheek and showed my mom the way out of my room. Acting like me and moms wasn't about to go at it, again. My granny she's smooth.

"What am I gonna do with you two. Get ready the both of you, unless its gonna be me takin the switch to both of yall" Granny said as she shook her head and left.

I took heed of her words and quickly jumped out of bed and did the morning ritual. You know, jumping in cold water while trying to bathe because you have to run the hot water for about 10 minutes for it to actually get warm. But hello, your in the ghetto. So obviously you cant afford to be running no damn water for 10 minutes for it to get hot.

I threw on a pair of dark blue jeans a Sixers jersey on and looked in the 5'11, 175 of solid weight. Butterscotch complexion, hazel eyes, dark brown hair that I wear in a fade. A small scar below my bottom lip. Never had a problem of not liking what I saw in the mirror.

Once I was done I ate an air breakfast and headed down the stairs full speed. The smell of urine and cum strong. Once I reached downstairs my man Romeo was there with light blue jeans on, a T-shirt. His muscular arm out looking edible. His chocolate complexion and long braided hair drove me insane.

I swear sometimes he's the only thing that keeps me alive. Keeps me sane. Makes me keep going. Him and my granny of course.

"Earth to Mario, you got my ass late again." His Barry White sounding voiced boomed.

"Don't worry well take the short cut."

"If we get picked up by truancy I ain't talking to you ass no more."

"Stop fussing, would you, drama queen."

"Fuck you!" He said in a little more aggression then I liked.

"Shit, I'm late already. I got time for that!" I said while my eyes stared up and down his body, concentrating more on his 'lower' half. He tried to keep a serious expression but it melted away.

"You're a mess you know that" he said while he pulled me into a headlock and gave me a few gentle nuggies.

On our way we got stopped by crack head Jack. He usta be the man round these parks, but shit changed when he got hooked on his own stuff. His pimped out ride was sold, his lovely leather duds disappeared, the money he usta give us kids to buy candy stopped immediately. Now he was the shadow of that man. All the respect, pride, honor and just down right good in him was lost. Was traded in for a fix.

"Hey boys, yall gotta dollar or two to lend you good ol' uncle Jack. I'se been real good to you over the years, I'm sure yall got something to lend me till I get up on my feet." He said, laying on the guilt.

"I don't got no money, you know me and grams done fell on hard times." I told him sincerely. Even though every one started treating him like shit, I refused to out of respect for the man he was. I know your like how could you respect a big time drug dealer? Easy, when that drug dealer would slide some doe in your pocket because he knew you was three months in the hole when it came to rent. Or who'd buy bags full of grocery and show up at you building and just started giving it out. He was our very own Santa Claus.

"Well, you know my family Jack. We don't fall on hard times every once and a while, we live there. Taken residency and all." Romeo said as he pulled on my sleeve to start walking.

"Aw don't give me that shit now boy. Your pappy and me was good friends, I know your daddy done left you some money, more then some actually. Why you don't just come on and hand me a little something. Ain't you appreciate my generosity to you boy." Jack said as he grabbed me. Romeo just stood there staring waiting for me to answer.

"I appreciated it very much, now don't you appreciate my generosity because if it weren't for me you would of been clapped long time ago for running up on Amy-Sue like that." I told him, as I yanked my arm away from him and started walking just wishing he'd touch me again so I could pop him one.

"I hate living here." I said as we were walking.

"Well why don't you just go on and get your daddy money and leave. Why you faking the funk." Romeo threw in, following along.

"How many fucken times I gotta tell you Romeo, how many times?" I gritted, wishing every one would just get off of my case about what and what not my daddy left me.

"Alright, alright, I'm sorry. Don't go getting all bitchy and shit. You know I love you, right." He said as he threw a friendly arm around me. Secretly playing with the necklace he gave me on my neck.

"Yeah I know, come on lets make a run for it. We all ready late as it is." I said

With that we threw on our back packs and made a dash to a nearby alley way. It was one of the few alley ways that wasn't taken over by a gang, which was rare. This alley way for most was clear but in the middle had about three or four walls connected to businesses that wanted their 'privacy.'

Before we got to the walls I pulled him into a shaded, secluded area. An area we've gone on many occasions. I pulled him into me mid run and pushed my lips into his. My hand ravaging his body. My tongue trying to find an area that I haven't been. My affection pressing hard against his. My waist grinding into him.

He pulled back grasping for air and stepped back from my grasp.

"Uh uh" he grunted.

"Uh huh." I said while I pulled him back and started making a meal of his neck.

"No" he said while moving my hands from across his torso and moving his neck back.

"Why not"

"I'm fucking late as is"

"Exactly, now come here"

"Papi, you know how you are. Your not gonna wanna go to school afterwards and you gonna talk me out of it by whispering naughty something's"

"Heh, its called sweet nothings"

"Some of the shit you say I'd hardly call sweet, now come on my parole officer is on my back. You gonna make me end back up in Juvi (Juvenile detention) again"

"Romeo, Oh Romeo where art thou Romeo" I asked while I let my hands slide from his chest to his dick. "Ahh, there you are! Happy to see me, are we?"

"Mario, come on umm...." He started but I pulled him back to me and crushed my lips against his. Letting my hands do the talking. I gave him a good squeeze and tug before I moved away.

"Well, you comin or what," I asked.

"Asshole" he said frustrated. He leaned over and kissed me and led me out of the ditch.

"I'll make it up to you lata."

With that said we made a dash and once in the middle started jumping over walls. Doing it with speed grace and finesse from years of practice. When we finally got to the other side of the alley their was a stretch to run and we'd be right in front of school.

When we came over the last wall. I saw a group of men standing at the end of it, looking like they were doing very shady business. I ducked down automatically, which was easier for me seeing I was in front. But Romeo didn't get a chance.

They spotted him while he was trying to duck behind the dumpster. In mid air they put four bullets in his chest and resumed their conversation. As if someone wasn't over here, slowly dying.

In front of me was my best friend, my boyfriend slowly dying. If I could sum up my feelings the two that rang clear were hopeless, despair. Looking me in the eyes was a man that I've known all my life. A man who has loved me since 15. My lover of two years, my soul mate for life.

His head turned looking at me, crying. Grasping my hand in his warm hand. Staining my hands with his fresh blood. I sat there staring at him for what seemed an eternity. Debating whether to stay or get help. With one intense kiss and prayer asking to spare him. I peeped over the garbage can that Ms. Ghetto had put their to save me. I made a jump of the wall I just came from and heard gunshots coming at me but never reaching their target. When I got to the open I made a dash that would make Marion Jones jealous. I had to get help to Romeo, I had to.

I came across cops and told them what went down. They looked me up and down and finished their conversation before calling the damn ambulance. Too lazy to actually go over there, to occupied in their coffee and their conversation of some hot to trot hooker they did a favor for a favor.

I'm surprised they even took my information. Just giving me sideway glances every now and then. Probably wondering why I'm bothering them. That I'm somehow infringing on their private conversation. All the while my best friend is slowly dying in pain that I could never so much as imagine.

I stood their waiting for the cops to get a two way that the ambulance had arrived and the other patrol car. Hopefully the cops would offer me a ride to the hospital. I couldn't help but to think that I've lost too many damn friends to lose another one, too damn young to lose a lover. It wasn't right, it wasn't fair.

While waiting for the cops I couldn't help but say to myself that my baby is strong, he's strong was all I could think. In those words I found solace. In those words I found comfort that was shattered when the ambulance two wayed the cops and informed him that the young man was dead.

The news crushing into my chest like a bulldozer. It sinking into my skin like lava. He was gone, he was dead. I walked home in complete shock. Granted that Romeo and my relationship wasn't the best. We weren't in love with each other but we loved each other. We were best friends and then sometime lovers, unlike most couples that are lovers and then most times best friends. The fact that he wouldn't be there to rag on me, to piss me off, even to cheat on me like he did was something I just wasn't comprehending. It was like a calculus problem too far over my head, too far for me to even try to find a solution.

Once again I would have to break out the infamous black suit. It seems every time I turn I'm busting it out. Once again, I'll have to watch a friend in a cold box go into dirt. Once again will I hear granny sing in her soulful voice the hymn that shakes me to the chore.

I call it the Hymn Of The Dead. They normally always sing it at funerals. Always a woman with a strong voice. The words cutting through like daggers, the wind carrying the sound. The song that's willing to crumble your resolve and break you down into tears every time. While slowly dragging up the steps I started to sing it lowly:

Why should I feel discouraged.
Why should the shadows come.
Why should my heart feel lonely.
And long for heaven and home.
When Jesus is my potion.
A constant friend is he.
His eye is on the sparrow.
And I know he watches over me.
His eye is on the sparrow.
And I know he watches me.

His eye is on the sparrow.
And I know he watches over me.

His eye is on the sparrow.
And I know he watches me.
He watches.
His eye is on the sparrow.
And I know he watches me.

By the time I was finished my face was filled with tears. My once low mumbling was now singing at the top of my lungs in the stairwell. The loud streets were know quiet. My voice carrying to outside. A reminder to all those who lost someone who seemed to be every one in Sanford, Florida, every one in the slums.

When I made it to my apartment. This bad feeling consumed my body. As I opened the door and called out for my grandma and my mom. I got no response which isn't familiar. Normally Raheim, my little brother, is running full force to me at the protest of my grandma whose always telling him to slow down.

I turned the lights on which was another thing that seemed odd. I turned to see my lifeless mother on the floor. Her neck in an odd position. I'm assuming broken. I stood staring at her. Closing and reopening my eyes to make sure they weren't playing tricks on me. That I wasn't hallucinating.

I was about to go on a mad dash around the small apartment to see where the hell my Granny and brother was but all of a sudden I felt a tight grip on my shoulder I turned to see a familiar face staring at me, a smirk plastered on his face.

"Well how are you sunshine?" Asked my stepfather, full of condescending sweetness.

"Oh I'm fine. How have you been prick?" I asked matching his voice.

"Oh I will be better as soon as you give me what I want." He said cutting through all the bullshit. His grip on my shoulder tightening, bruising that sensitive area. His smirk was gone and now replaced with a hard face.

"Well, then your fucked I guess because I'm not telling you a damn thing." I said staring at him, trying hard to keep my bravado.

"Yeah you are, or your gonna end up just like that boyfriend of yours, fag." He gritted, I cringed at the word boyfriend for two reasons. One because the thought of his death and second because we were totally in the closet. How the hell did he know?

"What are you talking about?" I said playing dumb to both things.

"Don't give me shit because I know all about your little butt fucking ways, your granny and your stupid ass momma know too. Or should I say knew when I'm talkin bout you momma. I was there when my friend put a bullet in him. We saw your gay ass kiss him and run. Now you got information for me and I want it." He said as he stared at me.

"First, I gots no information for you. You don't got a nickle in that dime, what pop left us ain't none of your concern. Plus when pop said that stupid ass riddle shit, I don't know why he said I would understand because I FUCKING DON'T! AND I WISH YALL JUST LEAVE ME BOUT IT!" I screamed out of pure frustration, my eyes were watering a little and that caused Phillip to smirk.

"Well, I've made it my business and I reckon you better learn that riddle real quick then boy. I'll be back and I'll be expecting some answers or you wont like what I do to you. Theirs a lot of ways to hurt a man but keep him alive. Not to mention the damage I'd do to that grandma and brother of yours." He said as he backed away, four men that I didn't see behind him laughed at me.

"Toddles" the one who shot Romeo said as camp as he could which set all the men off in laughter as they closed the door. I dropped to my knees and looked at my mother. I didn't know what to feel at that moment. Didn't know whether to feel sadness for the deaths of my mother and Romeo, to feel relieved that my grandma and brother were ok, feel fearful of the days to come. I crawled over to my mother and laid her slack head on my lap and started to sing again, sing the Hymn Of The Dead at the very top of my lungs and I mourned for my loss. And that's how my grandmother and baby brother found me and that's how I stayed until the cops arrived. Singing my mourning, trying to sing all the sadness out of me, trying to sing the hurt of it all away, trying to heal my wounds.


At some point I had collapsed and when I awoke my throat was soar as hell from the singing and the never ending questions from the police. I was no longer in my apartment but at the police station. My body draped along a stiff couch. When I moved to sit up my brother ran full force at me and wrapped his little arms around my neck, instantaneously sobbing into my chest.

"I was wondering when he was going to do that. He always tries to be strong in front of me, da poor boy" My grandma said as she sat down beside me, her normally rosy face was no longer vibrant and open. Now filled with sorrow. Her eyes no longer seemed alive, bags under her eyes that I never noticed were there making her seem so much older. Her face that always held a cheerful smile was now plain. I turned my eyes back to my twelve year old brother, who I hadn't seen cry since he was eight. His skinny arms wrapped tightly around my neck, his little body cradled in my lap, his silent sobs racking his body.

At that moment the weight on my shoulders felt too much and I got caught up. When was it decided that I'd have a thirty something mother who'd end up acting like a teenager, always attracted to the gangstas and such, who brought that dirty ass man into our lives. Who now want the large sum of money my father hidden some damn place. Why did that no good sperm donor made up some stupid ass riddle and told every one on his dying bed that only I could figure it out, didn't he know I was dumb as all hell. When they were giving out hardships why did I get stuck with being the father and brother to a twelve year old boy and then the icing on the cake was I was a fag. Everywhere I turned it seemed the cards were stacked against me.

"A penny for your thoughts suga." Granny whispered to me, knocking me out of my self pity.

"Granny we ain't even got a penny to be sparing like that." I said as a joke but it wasn't funny to either of us because it was too damn true.

"The lil boy done collapsed like you. Wonder if he gonna sleep as long as you did too?" Granny said as she ran her hand through my little brothers corn braids.

"Hopefully, I reckon he needs some sleep. What we waiting here for Granny?" I asked as I tightened my grip on little Raheim and stood up.

"We's waiting for a car. They sending me and Raheim up to Philly by our cousin Jo. You waiting for some lawyer, I gets the impression them boys think you done it, so I told em to send some one ova." She said sadly.

"Granny I don't wanna leave y'all. Who gonna look afta Raheim, you cant do it all by yaself."

"I hafta, from what you say we in danger and we gotta get Raheim out of dis. I asked them if you can come but they say you cant leave the state."

"But granny all the way up north in Philly, cant you go by Aunt Mae in Georgia?" I asked, looking for a way to keep them near.

"Naw, your step daddy Phillip knew her. Plus they wanted us to go far and...well, you ain't suppose to contact us or we contact you. Phillip prolly keepin close tabs on you and..." She said but couldn't finish, her quivering voice couldn't go on any longer without falling into a fit of tears.

"I get it granny, don't get upset. It'll be alright. I know you don't want to leave me, you just looking after Raheim. I understand don't you worry bout it." I said as I comforted her as best as I could with Raheim still attached to me.

"Miss Leaden your transportation is here." A uniformed cop said. Granny got up and I tightened my grip on the still sleeping Raheim, burrowing my head into his hair. Trying to hold back the tears. I gave him a kiss on his forehead and gave him to granny and watched them leave. I tried not to think of granny and Raheim leaving me all alone, I thought of how safe they'd be up there in Philadelphia.

"Mr. Leaden?" A white boy in a suit too good to be wasted for the likes of me or anyone in this police station said.

"Yeah that's me, whose askin?"

"I am John Fields, I'm the attorney you asked for." He said as he reached out his hand to shake mine.

"Hello Mr. Fields"

"Well, lets head out. I rather not stay here and I haven't had anything to eat, so why don't we go get some grub and we can go over the situation at hand." He said nicely and my stomach growled at the mention of food.

"Ain't you too young or too nice and too skinny to be working here?" I said as I took a good look at him. He was about 6 ft., brown hair that he had gelled back, hazel eyes and looked to be fit. He looked no older then 18. I had attorneys provided by the government before when I was up to no good when I was young and they were all old, bald and overweight and when you did get a young one he was a total prick. He laughed at that statement and steered me to the door. We walked out into the humid Florida air and I was surprised to see it was night..

Mr. Fields led me to a sliver 2003 Mercedes Benz car. My mouth practically watered at the sight of it.

"Come on, get in. You can do it, one foot at a time." He mocked as he walked around the car and got in. When I finally sat down in the car, I noticed the clock on his dashboard and was even more surprised to see it was one am. I must have been out for a long time.

We rode in silence. The expensive air conditioning leaving me chilled and the comfortable seats making me a bit sleepy. We finally pulled up into the 24 hour diner, Denny's where we got a seat right away in the back. We were waiting for our food when I had to ask him something.

"So you come out this late to meet clients?" I asked as we settled in our seats at Denny's.

"Only special ones." He said and I raised my eyebrow.

"Don't be playing no head games with me boy." I said ironically, seeing that he had to be at least four or five years older then me.

"Your grandma is a good person. You know your grandma was a nanny, right?"

"Yeah she usta take care of some richy rich family ova there in Orlando."

"Well I was in that richy rich family and I love your granny like a mother, we all do." He said casually and was looking around for the waitress.

"We?" I inquired.

"Yeah my brothers and even my father." He said as he finally got the waitresses eye and she hurriedly took our order.

"Oh" I said, wanting more information.

"Alright, my mother died and my father had a business to run and my brothers and myself were too young to take care of ourselves. So my father hired your grandmother and she took care of us." He said, I just gave him a look that said continue.

"Well, we call her ma, all of us right on up to my father . Their was a lot of animosity, pride and all over snobbish attitudes between us all, but she eradicated us from those feelings. Made sure we knew that tomorrow wasn't promised and that we shouldn't sweat the dumb shit. Treated us like her own, even after she retired she'd still come and see us. Still called us up at college, still cussed us out when she found out we weren't doing right. She even got the colleges we went to, to send her our report cards as well. She's the only one I know who can put my father back in his place." He said, smiling at that thought.

"We asked to meet you and your brother, he was a baby at that time. We met your mother and she didn't like us much and told ma she didn't want you guys around us. Said she didn't want her kids getting all soft hanging out with us. Ma being how she is, respected her decision." He continued, his eyes glazed in that way that you know he's looking back in time.

"When she called me up and asked me I was furious, because she actually offered to pay. The way I see it is I owe her a world more then I could ever pay her back. So any favor big or small she asks, I'm more then willing to do. We tried to buy her a house but she's a stubborn prideful old woman. She flat out refused, said it would be taking advantage" John said.

"Sound like her." I said shaking my head at her pride.

"I had the pleasure of checking out your apartment today after she called me. I just don't understand how she could refuse." He said his face in a slight scowl.

"Easy one." I said, wishing the waitress would hurry on up.

"Elaborate for me, will you."

"Well, pride and a bit of worrying comes in when she made that decision. Since you've had the pleasure of driving in the ghetto you can see we don't got much. And anything you have can be taken from you in the split of a moment. So things that the IRS, police and such forth, things that they cant take away so easily are things you hold on to the most. And one of those is pride. We'll cuss, we'll fight and damn near kill for it. Pride is all you got and you don't let no one take that away from you and you don't let no one ever challenge it and if someone should then you make sure they don't challenge it again. Granny she got pride, we all do but she got pride in what she's accomplished. She don't trust hand outs. She's not comfortable with em, she learned from experience its best to take the hard road then the easy one because the easy one ain't always what it seems. And this is where the worrying comes in. Say you all buy her some new fancy house. Who gonna pay the light bill, the electricity, the water and things like that. She wouldn't be able to afford it, so it would be yall. Then what happens if y'all get in a rift and y'all have a change of heart and stop making those payments. Well she gonna get kicked out and end up with less then what she has now, and that's nothing, not even her pride." I said as I watched the young lawyer.

"We wouldn't do a thing like that." He said a little louder then necessary, getting a few looks from other people.

"You might, you might not. Granny would be taking a risk and granny don't believe in taking risk when you don't have to." I said simply. That seemed the end of that conversation. I sat rubbing my belly and he sat with a pensive look. The waitress finally arrived, flashing big smiles and jiggling big boobs in front of him.

"Here y'all are. Anything else you all want just let me know." She said to John more so then to me. I couldn't blame her I was a mess and he was perfect looking. Didn't make much of a hard choice of who to flirt with. We had a nice meal, granted a silent meal but a very nice one.

"So I've read the police reports. Was there anything you left out?" He asked, getting down to business.

"What we say you cant go back and tell people, can you?" I asked, wanting to make sure. He shook his head no as an answer.

"They did threaten to come back for me but I didn't say what they were coming back for. My father, an infamous drug deal, hid his money. He didn't really trust no one, except me. When he died I wasn't there and he wanted me to know about where he stashed his money because he knew I'd do right by my little brother. So he made up some riddle and told my mom it. Apparently only I can figure it out, but for the life of me I don't know it. My mother liked to run her mouth, she would talk about it with her man at the time. She thought I knew the damn riddle, but just wanted to keep it to my self."

"Why didn't you tell the cops that?" John asked, as he wrote in a pad.

"Because its illegal money. If I finally figure out the damn riddle they're gonna to take it all away. We don't got money like that to spare, unlike granny who'd turn down a new house I wont. Blood money it may be, but money it is nonetheless."

"Blood money it is. It has your mothers blood on it now, you willing to let that be your grandmothers or your brothers blood next?" He asked, his voice void of emotion.

"Hell nah, but they safe now all the way up in Philly."

"Yeah they were safe before you threw the money part in. Yeah if someone was trying to erase you, they wouldn't go thru all the trouble of going all the way up to Philly. But when you throw in what I'm expecting to be a large sum of money and they'll follow your grandmother and brother all the way across the country to damn Washington. You don't inform the cops of this and they wont add more security. Less security means more of a chance. Is that a chance your willing to take?" He asked me, staring intently at me, an eyebrow raised in question.

"No that ain't a chance I'm willing to take. I'll let them know." I said somberly as I yawned. He took this as an indication to get the check. We headed out to his car.

"So I'm going to one of those witness protection homes?" I asked, wondering if we could stop to get some clothes from my apartment.

"Something like that." He said evasively and then cranked the music up. I had to shake my head when the country music blasted thru the speakers. John caught my look and chuckled.

After twenty five minutes of driving we pulled up to this gate. John pressed some button on his car and it opened, we rolled inside to see a large house painted in the most subtle gold. The driveway went around a small fountain that had three kids with large sad eyes sitting in a large umbrella. Water flowing from ones eyes, ones water bottle and the others flower. To say it was cute is an understatement. When we parked and I got out to take a good look I had to whistle.

"If this is how witness protection is, then make me a witness for the rest of my life." I said as John went and popped the trunk and pulled out a large black bag.

"I think you've figured out that this is my house." John said as he threw me the big black garbage bag. I looked inside of it to see my clothes.

"This ain't safe is it? I mean by staying here I put you and whoever you live with in danger." I said looking at the house wearily.

"I already ran through it with my brothers, they all agreed. Believe me were more then equipped to take care of ourselves. Plus the cops, slime balls they are, aren't going to really protect you. They think you're the one who did it." He said as he lead me inside.

I didn't really get a good look of the house because he steered me in the dark up the stairs and immediately into a room.

"Alright, I got three brothers. One lives downstairs in the basement. The other lives on the third floor and the second floor I claim all to myself. My room is at the end of the hall. You can unpack your clothes today or tomorrow. Tomorrow when you wake just follow your nose to the kitchen, I'm hitting the hay." He said slowly a yawn interrupting him now and then.

"Alright, goodnight."

"Goodnight" He replied as he headed out the door.

"John, one more thang." I said to his retreating voice. He turned and looked at me.

"Thanks, I know you ain't had to do this." I said and he nodded his head in gratitude before leaving, closing the door behind him.

I crawled on the bed and laid down on the king size bed. It took some time to fall asleep without the sirens, music and gunshots rocking me to sleep. It was so quiet over here, so silent it was actually scary. But the tiredness soon took over and I fell asleep wondering how all of this shit that I happened to get myself into in the course of a day was going to pan out.

To Be Continued....


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