World Outside My Window

By: UDream

D isclaimer
If you are not of legal age or offended by m/m. Then please exit. This story is from my twisted mind, if it bares any resemblance to any other works it is purely coincidental. Copyright by: Udream. This story is not to be distribute without authors consent. Thank you and enjoy


Chapter 2- Family  Ties

Chapter 2- Family Ties I woke surprisingly early the next morning. I laid down for a bout an hour and watched the sun rise. I thought about my mother and I felt guilty for not missing her like I should. I thought about Romeo for a second and then threw in the deepest darkest place in my mind that I could find, too painful.

I sat up and pulled out my clothes in the huge black garbage bag and refolded all of them and tucked them in neatly into the draws alongside a wall. The room was almost bigger then my whole apartment. The furniture all looking new and spiffy. It even had a real head bed, looking all Victorian and what not. Even the carpet felt different, it felt so much softer and was thicker. At home I would settle just for this carpet alone and sleep on the floor. In a far corner was a little coffee table and a small couch facing this gigantic television. If I didn't love my granny so much, I'd be so mad at her for turning all of this down.

I found a bathroom not far off and I indulged in a bathe, with jets. I must of woke up around 5 am and by the time I was done exploring the room alone it was around 9. I threw on a wife beater and a pair of pajama bottoms that had that distinct look of being comfy. It was frayed and tattered, but I loved it. It was broken in, you know. I slid on some socks and did as John said and followed my nose to the kitchen.

When I reached their were three men sitting at a booth in the corner of the kitchen, they were all nice looking. One was very slim and had this whole wild and crazy looking going on, but it suited him. He made it look good. Another was really beefed up and everything inside of me told me he was a cop, I looked at him wearily. The other was a mix of them both. His hair was up to his neck and the hair was in his face, hazel eyes peeking out. That bit of facial hair you get when you don't shave in the morning was on and in effect with him and was looking damn good. He had some muscle to him but not as much as the `cop'.

"Good morning, would yall happen to know when John'll be down?" I asked as politely as I could. They all smiled nicely at me.

"John should be down now, actually." The `cop' said as he put his hand out for me too shake it. "My name is Eric."

"Hi, I'm Mario." I said as I took his hand and proceeded to get my hand squashed.

"You know I swore I saw John up this morning, he really should be here. My name is Chris." Mr. Slim said as he smiled at me.

"Mario" I said as I nodded over to him and looked at `In between' guy.

"Hey kid, why you hanging out with a moron like John for? He's a lawyer you know, total slime ball." He said as he shook my hand.

"Yeah lawyers are slime balls, I'm not too sure he's a lawyer. He's way too...nice and shit." I said thinking. John really was too nice. Maybe I got caught with the bad lawyers but from the ones I saw he just didn't fit in, you know.

"Oh, I'm John by the way." He said with a shit eating grin. Eric and Chris started laughing at me and I just stood staring at him. They looked like two different people. The John of last night was so clean cut and all American looking. Something out of one of those expensive men suit ads. But this guy, he was a bit gruffly and looked like he'd wild out in a party.

"You can pick your mouth off the floor." He said smiling, sliding into the booth; creating room for me to get a seat. I sat down, still staring at him. He just kept on smiling and he pointed to a three cereal boxes in the middle of the table and a gallon of milk and clean spoon and bowl.

"Hope you weren't looking for a four course breakfast." Eric said as he pushed the bowl and spoon by me. The other guys grabbed all the cereals before I got a chance and loaded their bowls with and dug in. I looked at the three cereals and decided on Lucky Charms.

"I should have known you weren't nice." I smiled at him and started eating.

"So you'll be staying with us for a while, right." Eric said as he looked at me. I was sure he was a cop now, he had that interrogation face going on.

"Supposedly, you a cop aren't you?" I asked as I looked at him.

"Yeah and you was a convict weren't you?" He asked as he looked at me.

"Yeah, how'd you figure?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"Easy, the way you looked at me when you first came down. You could tell I was a cop and you got that uncomfortable look." He said and I just shrugged my head and continued to eat. On the outside I was looking very nonchalant, but on the inside a million this were going thru my head. Why didn't John clue me in about this? Is he some undercover cop looking for the smallest inconceivable thing to incriminate me with. I know it sounds outlandish, but hey I AM outlandish.

"So what we doin t'day boss?" I asked John, still in awe of how different he looked.

"Actually today is my day off, so we're just going to be hanging around the house. You mind?"

"Nah, its otay." I said, for awhile their was a silence. Not a comfortable one, but not uncomfortable either. It was just a lacking silence.

"So your gay, huh?" Chris asked his slim face had an eye brow raised. Yesterday I was so out of it, I didn't even really care if every one knew. So I told the cops about everything, but the money. The only one who could know that was John, so all that cant tell anyone anything shit was a lie. I gave him a withering look and he went to say something but I just cut in.

"Yeah something like that." I mumbled and dug into the cereal, no longer really paying attention to what they were saying. I was really good at zoning out, it was a remarkable talent that I had. You learn to just block the shit you don't want to hear out after while.

"Hey Mar..." John started.

"I'll be in my room. I should unpack a little." I lied as I plastered a fake smile and gave them all a courtesy nod before I stood up and placed my bowl in the sink. I washed it and the other spare dishes there while I was at it and bounded up the two flight of stairs till I got to my room.

I took off my pajama bottoms and wifebeater, scooped up the comforter on the bed and bundled myself up on the couch. I made myself as small as I possibly could and tucked myself in a corner of the couch snuggled all nice and warm and turned the television on. I went thru all the soaps and talk shows. I had enough drama in my life, the last think I needed to do is watch it on t.v too. I found the western channel and had to laugh. There was MC Hammer dressed as some bad ass cowboy, yeah that's so believable. I looked thru all 500 channels and was shocked and disappointed to find their wasn't shit on the tube.

"Come downstairs, were gonna watch 60 seconds." Eric said, he was leaning against the door frame and he looked comfortable so he must of been there longer then I thought.

"Thanks, but nah that's ok." I said.

"Hoping you would say that." Eric said as he walked over to me and grabbed me and swung me over his shoulder.

"Hey put me down." I said as he bounded down the stairs. I didn't want to fight it, I knew better; struggling meant him losing his hold and me ending on the floor face down.

"I will" Eric said as we got to the first floor, he made some turns around some halls and we bounded down another set of stairs.

"Why do people with steroids think they can push every one?" I mumbled under my breath.

"I don't know why people with steroids think they can push every one around, I wouldn't know sweet cheeks." He said as we came to a stop and he smacked my ass hard, I heard Chris and John break out in laughter. I had to shake my head, they really did get raised by granny. That was her line and action when you were being a wise ass.

"Johnny boy, this fucker is heavier then I thought. What you been eating boy?" Eric said as he threw me down on a couch, getting tangled a bit in my comforter.

"Well every one cant be anorexic, can they?" I said and every one turned and looked at Chris.

"Oh fuck yall" he laughed and threw a pillow at me, Eric and John chuckled.

"Hey I didn't say you." I said as I threw it back at him.

"Alright pop in 60 seconds would you, what you waiting for Eric? A damn invitation, or what?" He said as he threw the pillow at Eric.

"Send him to do it. You know the rules, he was last to come down." Eric said as he laid out on the floor.

"Alright heavy fucker go and put the CD in the DVD player. You need instructions." Chris said as he smirked at me and snuggled himself deeper in his comforter.

"No I don't, and why the hell is it so damn cold in this house. You'd think yall would have heat." I said as I untangled myself from the confines of my comforter and walked up to the huge entertainment center. Their was this long CD stand built inside the entertainment center that was taller then me. I found it was in alphabetical order. "Neat freak" I mumbled to myself.

"Gotta be, if dumb asses like you are going to come down here and try to operate my machinery." Chris threw in. I got on my very tippy toes and had to reach to get the CD, who the hell gets a fucken CD stand that damn tall.

"Damn your granny wasn't lying when she names you sweet cheeks." Eric threw in and that caused all of them to break out and laugh. I just tried to ignore them and put the DVD in.

"She calls every one sweet cheeks." I said rolling my eyes, while I heard cat calls from all of them. I wish I hadn't taken off my pajama bottoms and wifebeater.

"Nope, she calls me pumpkin. She calls John, Johnny boy and she calls that big lard over there sweetie pie." Chris said as I snuggled back into my comforter.

"Sweetie pie? Yeah right, ain't nothing sweet or anything I'm willing to eat on him." I mumbled as I watched the previews. These boys must have the best hearing because John and Chris laughed at Eric who was looking at me in a mock angry face, that kept faltering.

"Ma said you was a wise ass." Eric said as he shook his head.

"Granny talked to yall bout me?" I asked.

"Yeah, all the time. How you thought I knew you were gay?" Chris asked as he threw a pillow at me. I looked guiltily at John who was looking at me with knowing eyes.

"Neva knew granny had a big mouth. She really needs to learn to shut her trap" I mumbled to myself as I redirected my sight to the now starting movie. Every one got quiet and watched. It was definitely uncomfortable silence now because it looked like all three of them were fuming with my comment.

"You shouldn't talk about her like that" Eric said in a suppressed tone. I just gave him a look to say `oh really'.

"Yeah that wasn't copasetic." Chris said, the jibing fun out of his voice.

"She's MY grandmother, what I should or shouldn't say about her isn't really your place to say." I said, never being one to shut my trap when I know I should. Eric gave me an angry stare. Chris wasn't even looking at me, he was staring at the t.v with a frown and John was sitting there looking just as angry as Eric.

I always had a talent of finding where someone home was quick, so when we got into it verbally I would hit it. If you ain't hitting home when your snapping on someone then you ain't doing shit. I done forget these here are `burb boys, they cant take general moodiness and all of a sudden bitchiness. If it was one of my boys, who love my grandma just as much as I do, they would have just rolled their eyes and kept it going. I was so damn use to shutting someone down quick. As soon as they start acting up, you shut em down. Let em know where they're place is, that I forgot some people might not be as thick skinned.

I figured now would be a good time to make my grand exit. If he started some shit, I knew I wouldn't be one to back down and seeing that I'm living in their house and have no where else to go, it was time to make myself scarce.

"Well, its been a pleasure." I said as I untangled myself from my comforter and picked it up and went bounding up the steps.

"Where the hell you going?" Eric said as I was a step or two up.

"I was thinking about heading to the rain forest to find a cure for Arachophobia."

"We could do without your comments. Come back and watch the movie." Eric more commanded then asked.

"Nah I rather not" I said as I turned and headed up the stairs again.

"Come and watch the fucken movie. Stop being difficult."

"Do I have to engrave no into your forehead for you to get it thru your head?" I sais as I turned and looked at him.

"You know Ma said yall were too much a like." Chris said shaking his head.

Ring Ring Ring

"Hello" Chris said into the phone.

"Yes ma'am..."

"No ma'am..."

"Of course you were right..."

"I thought you were exaggerating a little..."

"Nope I realized, you really weren't..."

"Actually you caught us in a middle of they're first verbal war..."

"Bitchy one he is..."

"He's right here, looking daggers into me..."


"Hey, Ma wants to talk to you." Chris said as he handed me the phone.

"Tell her I'm at the carwash." I said.

"He said he's at the carwash..." "Yeah..."


Chris pressed the speaker button and her voice boomed out.

"Hey baby"

I walked slowly down the stair and sat down on my legs on the floor by the couch.

"Hey granny.

"I heard you weren't behaving over there." Her warm voice came over the phone lines.

"I'm behaving." I mumbled.

"Yeah and I'm the pope. What's this with you and Eric?"

"He's a bonafide dick. He has this whole my word is law deal going on." I said as I stared him down.

"Oh and your not like that, they're going out of they're way to accommodate you. The least you can do is bite your tongue."

"You want me to sweep they're floors and wash they're dishes too?" I said irritably, laying the sarcasm thick.

"That would be nice too, don't forget to scrub the toilets too sweet cheeks." She said, a smile in her voice that after a while I couldn't keep off my face.

"And they call me the wise ass" I mumbled.

"Well, you had a great teacher."

"Granny what have you been running your mouth about me to these boys?" I said remembering the reason the whole bickering started.

"Well they kept asking about you and Raheim and you know how I get when I start talking about you two. I cant seem to close my trap shut."

"Yeah, whatever, how you going to tell them stuff that I didn't even tell you." I said, hinting at her outing me to them. Well hinting would be the wrong word. That was more like painting a big ass neon sign.

"Oh, Chris must have been the one to spill those beans."

"Sorry" Chris mumbled.

"I don't appreciate that at all. Put Raheim on the phone." The smile erasing from my face. How could she tell strangers when I was catching my ass just to tell her.

"Okay, bye boys" she said softly. A chorus of byes echoing hers.

"Hey Mario" came a somber voice, he sounded so small.

"Hey Rah Rah, what's the matter?"

"When you'se coming to git us, when we coming home. Why you not here?" He said, his voice quivering.

"I miss you too Rah Rah. You know the situation. If I come up there, yall gonna be in danger. So just hold tight, you gonna be seeing me soon."

"But I ain't scared Mario. You can come, I ain't scared." He pleaded, he always been attached to me. I was to him what granny was to me, a float device. Keeps you from drowning.

"I know, but we cant put granny in danger like that. You gotta do me a favor Raheim."


"You gotta look over your grandma, you know she's all bark and no bite. You keep an eye out for her and help her out, you hear?"

"Yes suh, love you Mario."

"Love you too little man." I said and he hanged up. The earlier argument was forgotten about. I just got up and went upstairs and laid down.

I went upstairs into my room and laid down for the rest of the day, not really doin much but thinking and a bit of crying. I was all kinds of sick. I was sick of the deaths, sick of the damn riddle, sick of the pain and just plain ol' homesick. John and Chris came upstairs to tell me about lunch and dinner, but I couldn't eat.

I awoke the next day to someone tugging at my blanket.

"What" I mumbled and pulled back.

"Time to get up." John's sexy husky voice said. Not that I was drooling or anything. I can just appreciate a nice voice.

"No" I said as I tried to tangle myself back up in the comforter.

When five minutes passed and he was still untangling me and I was still tangling myself back I realized their was no way I would get back to sleep. So I let him have the comforters and just stared at him menacingly. He didn't even have the manners to act sorry he was all smiles.

"Why you gotta wake me up now boy. Cant you see I was trying to get a bit of shut eye." I said, staring him down.

"Yeah I saw you, but we going out and you coming with."

"Where yall going?" I asked curiously.

"We going hiking." He said pushing me off the bed and laying down in my spot.

"Oh nice and warm." He said, being all smug.

"I don't hike, I don't consider walking around some dirt trail fun." I mumbled as I headed to my bathroom.

"You city slickers, it's a wonder why you all don't have asses that span the horizon. You all don't do any real work."

"Screw you." I said as I walked into the bathroom and stared the shower

"Sorry I'm a pitcher not a catcher." He screamed, getting the last word.

When I was al done I put on a pair of blue faded jeans, a regular white t-shirt and a pair of Jordan sneakers. I followed John downstairs and we met the other boys at Eric's jeep. They were all dressed in different colors but the same thing. Khaki pants, white wifebeaters, waist bags and sneakers.

Eric made a detour to IHOP and as soon as I walked in I realized how hungry I was. I opted for the buffet and got knowing smiled from all three. When I had my plate unnaturally stacked with everything I took a seat at the table.

"Your gonna eat all that." Chris asked in disbelief.

"Hell yes, I'm a growing boy." I said as I dug in. About half way through Chris got this excited look on his face. He was actually slightly bopping up in down in excitement.

"What's wrong with him?" I asked Eric.

"Rids Time" Chris said way to loud, drawing looks from other customers. John started smiling as well and Eric groaned and started looking up mumbling about being spared.

"Ok, Eric how is a woman like a laxative?" Chris asked as I watched on curiously. Eric shrugged his shoulder with an irritated stare.

"They both irritate the shit out of you" Chris finished, earning a laughing fit from John. I had to chuckle at them. Rids time had definitely brought out the animated side to Chris.

"Okay I got one, I got one." John said catching his breath. " What does Michael Jackson and McDonald's have in common?"

"They both put their meat between 12-year-old buns" John finished off and that's how the whole breakfast and ride to the trails went. Some jokes were lame and we all Boo'ed them and some were so funny I thought I was going to piss myself. When we finally reached the trails we were all sprawled out in the jeep, so comfortable that we just sat in the jeep with the top down and enjoyed Rids Time.

The day was perfect, too perfect actually. So I wasn't surprised when the shit hit the fan. We were all in Chris's apartment/basement drinking beers.

"What's the difference between your wife and your job?" Eric quipped, getting in on the action. We all muttered replies.

"After five years your job will still suck." Eric said making Chris fall to the floor.

"What do Monica Lewinsky and Soda Pop machines have in common?" John said and I knew this would be good, all the Clinton jokes so far were riots.

"They both have slots which say `Insert Bill Here'." That set me off.

"What is the first sign of AIDS?" Chris said standing up, making death gestures.

"A pounding sensation in the ass." He laughed and Eric joined in. The shit had officially hit the fan. I wasn't mad to the point where I was seeing red, but I was getting there. Eric and Chris though that shit was so funny that they were on the floor dying laughing. I looked over at John who was very quiet, his eye trained on me. He mouthed to me `stay calm'.

So I got up and walked upstairs quietly. I grabbed the phone and called a cab company to come and pick me up at the gas station a mile down. I walked out the door and started a steady jog to the gas station. I couldn't stay in that house at the moment. I would think more and more about what that joke implied and would eventually get so mad and go downstairs and reek havoc.

When I reached the station the cab was just pulling up and so was John. I'm sure he stayed down stairs and drilled his brothers a new one and I know he didn't find it funny, but space is always good. We connected eyes before I hopped in the car.

"Sanford, ova by Mid City." I said as he drove off.

"Sanford?" The driver said indignantly. Wishing he didn't pick up the call. Seeing how nice over here was, he probably thought he would be taking me to another posh place. He never would have guessed he'd be taking me down to Sanford, where people really do live in shacks and such. When we got there, a two hour drive he told me how much it all cost and seeing I didn't have any money I did the only thing I could do. I slid out of the car on the drivers side and reached for my pocket while closing the door, acting like I was reaching for my pocket. As soon as the door closed I made a run for it. By the time he got out of his seatbelt and out of the car I was already running up the third flight of stairs to my apartment building.

I reached inside my apartment and with a little manipulation to the lock, I didn't carry my keys, I was in there. The chalk outline of my mother's body was on the floor and the yellow and black police tape was everywhere. I went into the room I shared with Raheim and was angered and surprised to see crack head Jack and his whore girlfriend Daisy. And when I mean whore, I mean you see her on the point selling her ass everyday when the sun goes down.

"Get the fuck out, NOW" I screamed and they didn't need me to tell them twice. They were out of there in a matter of minutes. My skin crawled at the thought of what they were doing on my bed and I ended up changing me and Raheim's sheets and turning over the mattress.

This spurred on a full blown cleaning session. I cleaned every room in the house except my mothers to the point that it was spic and span. Even going so far as to repaint the dingy walls with the soft red paint my granny has been begging me to do for years. The apartment looked better. To say it looked good would be too far of a stretch. I awoke the next morning to a jab in the side. I thought for sure it was John being prick.

"Leave me the fuck alone will you." I mumbled into the pillow and received another jab.

"Give me five minutes, damn.."I said as I whipped my head to give John a death stare but was startled to see Phillip sitting beside me on the bed with his goons standing above me.

"So nice to see you" Phillip said as he closed my mouth.

"What do YOU want.?" I said giving more attitude then I should.

"You know what I want. So have you got the answer to the golden question?" Phillip asked, smiling sweetly at me.

"Yeah the new McDonald is three blocks down and to the left and I asked, they do have jobs open." I said, I never really did grasp the know how of when to keep my mouth shut. I received an elbow to the stomach and so the beating commenced. Preceding until they beat me down to a bloody pulp.

"What's going to be six feet deep in three days?" Phillip asked.

"I believe him if he doesn't get smart real soon." One of the goons said as they left.

I laid there for ten minutes in between consciousness, fighting to stay up. I then heard the most beautiful sound.

"Lard ass you there?" I heard Eric say but it was the `Oh My God' from John that let me know someone saw me and was there to take care of me.

When I came too I was in a world of pain. "Pain" I mumbled out, my throat was dry and I wondered what made talking hurt the most. The busted lip, the really swollen tongue from biting down hard on my tongue on accident when I got hit or that my throat felt like sandpaper.

"Yes, you are a pain in the ass. I'm glad you realized." The sweetest voice said as it came over and pressed a button that was hooked up to and IV post. Immediately I could feel the pain recede.

"God bless you" I said and she had to chuckle.

"Boy, look at the mess you done got yourself in without me. Jussa baby you is, I had no right leavin you. But I done rectified that situation, yes sir, I done fixed that situation real good." My grandmother said more to herself then to me as she started fussing over me.

"Hey heavy fucker, missed me?" Chris said and I turned to see his mug frowning down at me. He looked so sad.

"Oh no, take him away." I managed to say and I got a smile from him that didn't reach where it was suppose to.

"Oh shut up, you missed me. " He said as he jabbed me in the only spot on my body that didn't hurt.

"Hey injured man here. God I'm glad your not a doctor, you have no bedside manners." I mumbled up at him.

"Kiss my ass."

"Bend over" I said and got a laugh out of him.

"Why Mr. Leaden, I do declare that you were making a pass at me." Chris feigned in a fake southern bell accent.

"Well you done declared wrong, I wouldn't let my pole come five feet near your entrance. Now go eat, you look like your begging for food." I said as I pinched him.

"Well every one in my family cant be on steroids. Does this mean you like John betta then me?" He said in mock sadness.

"If I had to ratio how much I like John to how much I like you it would be like 100 to negative 10." I said and got another jab in my shoulder.

"Yeah so you wouldn't mind putting your pole in his entrance, huh?" He said and every one laughed as my face caught fire.

"I didn't say that, loser." I said as I pushed him with my good arm.

"You know what you need?"

"A blowjob, I heard that was your speciality." I mumbled quietly but still received a jab.

"You need a good laugh." He smiled evilly.

"Oh no" I sighed, looked heavenward.

"You know what this mean right." I knew what was coming next, but it seemed like the most efficient way to get him happy. He's been smiling and been bantering with me but his smiled never seemed to reach his eyes.

"What's the difference between sin and shame?" He asked, already slightly bopping around, a grin that reached his eyes.

"I don't know, tell me." I said as I watched the sparkle in his eyes.

"It's a sin to put it in, it's a shame to pull it out." He chuckled, I had to push him.

"Your such a cornball, you suck." I chuckled

"Yeah, well, you swallow." He laughed which immediately got him a glare from granny. Maybe it was the pain killers or the look on Chris's face when granny looked at him but I broke out laughing, much to my dismay because it hurt.

"Alright, visiting hours are over. Only one person can remain." The friendly nurse said as she checked the liquid in the IV.

"Alright, all yall scoot." Granny said.

"Chris make sure that Ma has everything tonight." John said as he stepped out of the dark corner. I didn't even see him. He was in full lawyer mode, looking all professional. I didn't know which one was sexier his wild man attire or his Mr. Smooth attire.

"Boy what you talking bout, I'm staying here." She said in a voice not to challenge.

"No Ma, your not." He said, was my dumb way of responding without thinking rubbing off on him.

"Excuse me" she said bringing her hands to her hip which was universal with `you not too old for me to put you on my lap and bring a switch to you'.

"First your driving the boy crazy. You been messing with him since he woke. He's two minutes from having to go to the crazy house. Plus your back is funny and sitting up in a cold chair all night is not going to help it and the biggest one is Raheim doesn't know anyone of us. Can you imagine how he'll feel when he wakes up to complete strangers." He said as he looked at my granny. The staring match commenced and he seemed to win when granny gave me a kiss and walked out the door with a barely up Raheim being dragged, damn near pulled along.

"Alright, I'll see you in the morning." Chris said as he kissed me on the cheek.

"Sorry, its all my fault." He whispered as he pulled up a bit. I found his hand and gave it a squeeze

"No it ain't. Now go home and do some research. I want a really good Rids time tomorrow morning, you understand." I said and he smiled and left. Passing a now entering Eric on the way. Eric threw a small bag to John who was sitting on the chair beside my large bed.

"Hey heavy fucker."

"I am never going to get rid of that name, am I?" I said as I feigned irritation.

"Yeah when you lose weight."

"You know where you can shove it."

"Baby, how many times do I have to tell you that I don't go your way. I know you really want it but I cant be your first." He said as he shook his head.

"First, yeah right." John said from the chair and started laughing.

"Excuse me what are you implying mister?" I said as I looked at him in mock anger.

"Well I just wanted to stick my head in and see you. I'll see you in the morning. I'm sorry I cant stay longer, but I got work." Eric said as he kissed me on the cheek.

"I've been receiving those a lot lately." I said as he walked out. "What work is he going to at this time a night." I asked John,

"He's strong armed his way on your case with the help of yours truly. The cops were so sure it was you they weren't doing shit, so we fixed that problem." John said as he booted up his laptop. I nodded my approval, as I yawned.

"Go ahead and get some shut eye." He said as he peered over his computer at me.

When I woke from my little nap I looked over at the chair and found intense eyes peering out of strands of hair. He wasn't Mr. Smooth anymore, he was decked out in his wild man attire.

"Hey" I smiled at him, turning to the side so I could get a good look at him.

"Hey, peaceful dreams?" He said as he scooted to the edge of his chair so that his arms were resting on the bed.

"Yeah something of that affect." I said as I started looking at the sides for the call button.

"What are you looking for?" He asked me as he got up.

"The call button." I said, this was the minus for a big bed, more territory and creases for the call button to get lost in. I found the connecting wire and started tugging at it.

"You gotta problem."

"Gotta twinkle" I said as I found it, only to get it taken away. John tied it around one of the Jericho walls. That's what I called the protective adjustable sides of the bed, so you couldn't fall out. He grabbed me from the end of the bed and slid me to the end and pulled down one of the Jericho walls.

"You don't really have to. You look tired." I said as I gingerly threw my legs off the bed and to the side. With all the movement I was back in pain. Just as I was told by the nurse when I stood I was more then a bit weak. That pain killers was some good shit but it left you feeling all types of way. John snaked one arm around my waist and dragged me along, practically carrying me.

When we got into the bathroom he pulled my back against his body, his arms wrapped around my waist and his head turned to give me some privacy. Privacy now that was a joke. I was feeling mixed emotions when I pulled out my affection and caught a sudden case of stage freight. Embarrassment being the overall winner, but a weird sort of contentment at being wrapped in some ones arms coming in second and the second runner up being that I felt guilty for liking his closeness after it has been an astonishing three days since Romeo was killed.

"Something wrong with your plumbing or all of a sudden are you gaining a bit of modesty." John said, his voice was too close in my air for his head still to be turned. The stubble on his face scraped against my face and I felt myself growing. And to make things worse I had one of those hospital gowns that were too small and my uncovered ass was brushed up against his crotch,

"Um, something like that." I said as I tried to think of the most gross thing.

"It looks like you're in a bit of a predicament" he said.

"Yeah well if you weren't looking I wouldn't be in such a predicament. My bladder and my balls are having a fight. Well know the outcome in just a bit, please stand by." I said blushing, trying to make light of the situation and not make it as awkward as it currently was.

"Heh" John chuckled as he turned his head, to help me. The build up finally released, my bladder being the victor. I jingled and jangled my pieces before pulling my gown back down. We kind of shimmed our way to the sink, where I washed my hands.

"Feeling better?" John asked as he tucked me in the bed.

"Yeah thanks a bunch." I said as he squirmed on the chair.

"No problemo"

"Come on" I said as I scooted to the very end of the bed and opened the comforter in an invitation. His eyebrows went up.

"I'm not coming on to you. Yall got me this big ass bed, its big enough to fit us both. Unless you want to sit in the cold, uncomfortable metal chair." I said. He nodded and slid out of his slippers and climbed up on the highly raised bed. He laid on his back, with his arms under his head while I laid on my side facing him, not touching.

"Thanks for staying with me, granny WAS really driving me insane." I said appreciately.

"Yeah, I figured she'd only get worse too once we were all gone because she was probably trying to be reserved so not to embarrass you." He said in a knowing manner. I thought for a moment before asking him something.

"So how much did she actually tell yall about me?" I asked, he looked at me for a minute deciding whether he should tell me the truth.

"Well, don't get mad but she told us pretty much everything. I mean, weird as it sounds, but you shaped our lives," He said as he stared up at the ceiling.

"I shaped yall lives, how the hell did I manage that." I asked as I stared intently at him.

"Well, you were different from us. I mean really different. The things you went thru growing up I couldn't even imagine. When your mother came and met us and we found out she had a kid around our age we were ecstatic. A new pal, a new buddy who wouldn't be hung up on the little shit. Ma changed our perspective on so much stuff that we really couldn't relate with other kids in our circle. We hated the way too expensive private schools and we hated the snotty kids even more. They seemed foreign to us, like robots or something. They were like seriously lacking compassion and empathy and all that good stuff. So we, my brothers and I, just hung out with each other and when we heard you were there, we thought you'd be a new addition."

"But you know, your mother didn't like us much and didn't want you two to meet us and you know how Ma is. She respected her wishes, that was the time she got put in jail and you two moved in with granny. We were still curious about you, so we started asking questions and stuff and Ma sure didn't lie when she said when she start talking about you she cant stop. It got to the point where every day we would meet in the kitchen while Ma was preparing dinner and she would tell us about you. Your life sadly enough became our little soap opera. You were intriguing to us, a super hero in your own right" he continued.

"Well when that whole thing happened, when you got pinned for that robbery and had to spend three months in juvenile detention is what kind of shaped us now. Ma said you never lied to her, that you were always brutally honest, which wasn't always the best thing. She said she sat you down and asked you if you really did it and when you looked her dead in the eye and said no, she knew you didn't do it. And she was outraged you were doing time for something you didn't do, shit, we were outraged. Ma would go on about your good for nothing lawyer and the lazy ass police and how she was going to find some hotshot activist to help out. Well it got Eric thinking and it got to the point where he hated the police so much for a long time and then he decided to become one after a sit down with Ma. He figured the more good cops made justice a bit more true and untainted. Chris and I were more sure with our roles. As soon as we heard it he started writing the senator and other congressmen and I started reading law for dummies books." He smiled, shaking his head.

"So have I creeped you out enough?" He asked as he averted his eye from the interesting white ceiling to me.

"Yep. I know how the real worlder feels on MTV."

"Ma told us about Romeo too. She didn't directly say you were involved with him, but she made it obvious." He said, staring at me. "You miss him?"

"Yeah, in less ways then I thought." I said as I found the appeal in staring at the ceiling. Anything from looking at those omniscient eyes.


"I miss him more as my best friend, but not as my lover. Romeo and I were birds of a feather, so we stuck together. More out of necessity then out of love when it comes to the lovers department. I wasn't his only either, just his favorite." I mumbled as I felt the tiredness come back.

"Hm, well, lets get some shut eye." He said as he took off the lamp.

I was awoken by the phone ringing. I went to get it but John stretched his arm over me and grabbed the phone. Its then I noticed our sleeping arrangement. He was tightly spooned up against me. One arm acting as my pillow, while the other was holding the phone. A nice bulge right up against my ass. I went to move from the position but John cradled the phone between his shoulder and his face and pulled my body back onto him.

"YES" he shouted, startling me. Breaking me out of the lullaby that the steady rain was singing to me. I turned my head in his direction and was even more startled when I felt lips press against mine for a second before John replaced the phone. He was smiling at me.

"What the hell..." I started.

"That's not the right question to ask. Ask me the other question." He said, a smile plastered to his face.

"Okay, who was on the phone." I said, feeling hell of uncomfortable with everything all of a sudden.

"Eric, it seems my marvelous brother was up all night working. He finally found crack head Jack and pressed him. Jack pointed us in the direction of one of Phillip's boys that paid him to inform him when you showed back up at your apartment." He said as his hands tightened.

"Yes, good, were making progress."

"Are you going to let me finish." He said in a mock irritated voice.

"My apologies sire, please continue. Do you want me to draw you a bath while your at it?" I asked.

"Yes I would, anyways, Eric. You know the marvelous brother of mine who happens to be a damn good detective, you following me."

"I'm following, get on with it."

"Well he caught one of the fucking goons!"

To be continued.

"Alright, goodnight."

"Goodnight" He replied as he headed out the door.

"John, one more thang." I said to his retreating voice. He turned and looked at me.

"Thanks, I know you ain't had to do this." I said and he nodded his head in gratitude before leaving, closing the door behind him.

I crawled on the bed and laid down on the king size bed. It took some time to fall asleep without the sirens, music and gunshots rocking me to sleep. It was so quiet over here, so silent it was actually scary. But the tiredness soon took over and I fell asleep wondering how all of this shit that I happened to get myself into in the course of a day was going to pan out.

To Be Continued....


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