World Outside My Window

By: UDream

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Chapter 3Scallywag

They caught one!" I said, almost screaming.

"Yep, they got him. Your going to have to go down and identify him, but since you cant leave the hospital for another day, doctors orders and all. He's going to have to sweat it out and the longer we keep him the more worried Phillip will get about his loyalties and that's a good thing for us." He said as he snuggled back down. I felt awkward to say the least but it really didn't phase him. Within minutes I could hear his breathing regulate and I knew he was sleeping.

I woke up again in the morning to a dick rubbing up against me. Your surprised! You should've been me. Well, to say a dick is leaving out a bit of information. I don't mean an actual penis, I meant John.

"Whatcha doing John?" I said as I turned my head as far to the side as I could get it to see what the hell he was doing.

"I'm trying to get comfortable." He said as if what he was doing was as normal as the sun setting.

"Could you try to get comfortable without rubbing your dick all over my ass?" I said trying to move away from him only to be stopped by his arm around my stomach.

"Mr. Moody you getting excited up there?" He said in a humorous voice. His hand that was on my stomach, started to slide down onto my outer thigh.

"The devil must be wearing a fur length coat, because hell must of damn near frozen over." I said, telling myself this shit was not happening.

"Is it so ludicrous for me to want you." John said, but gone was the laughter in his voice.

"Yes, yes it is because we wouldn't work, and I don't know about you but I don't do flings." I said jumping on the `serious' bandwagon.

"Why do you say that?"

"Because you are a rich white boy and I am a poor black man and that shit is like oil and vinegar."

"So its because of our race."

"Yeah and our financial backgrounds."

"I got enough for both"

"I don't want what I haven't earned."

"And all that money your father left you. You didn't earn that."

"Damn right, I did. I put up with the assholes trying to replace him and I raised his children." I said as I turned to face him.

"I'm guessing your including yourself in the children you raised."

"Well, somebody had to do it."

"I thought that's what your grandmother was there for." He said sarcastically.

"Yeah well, she was too busy playing maid to other children."

"That's not fair."

"Life never is"

"You shouldn't talk bout her like that." He said, a scowl planted firmly on his lips.

"I'm not saying it to be mean. I'm just telling the facts. Lets think about it John. She was there to cook you breakfast and she was there to fetch you dinner. If she was there from six am to eight pm every night. When did she have time for us. The facts of the matter is she didn't. I don't blame her I know she worked so she could provide for us. I mean you see how much I eat."

"Yeah, well, I'm not just some white guy whose walking around with blindfolds on. I know you got struggles."

> "You might not have blind folds on but your still missing your prescription glasses and there are things that without them that you'll never see."

"Like what? Your just being difficult. I grew up with granny you just pointed it out. I know its been difficult."

"Its not so much a black and white thing, its what I've been through and what you haven't. You couldn't live with me where I use to live and up until a few days that was my life. You got to understand the past to move on to the future and you'd never understand my past. What struggles have you had?"

"I could if you'd give me a chance, and I've had plenty of struggles." Frustration creeping into his voice.

"Who says I'm willing to invest into that?"

"Your not?"

"The dirt on my boyfriends coffin hasn't even settled yet. I'm not ready to invest into anything right about now. Especially not something that's going to be an uphill battle" I said.

He gave me a long look before he turned me back around and said "Goodnight Mario"

"Goodnight" I whispered, after I was sure he fell back asleep.

I on the other hand couldn't fall back asleep. So I laid there until morning came. Just letting my mind go blank as I stared out the window and watched the rain fall.

I knew it was early morning and the nurse popping her head in to check up on me confirmed it. She checked my vitals and my pulse and brought my breakfast. I decided against the food and even if I wanted to eat I don't think I could, because John had his arms firmly around me.

"Hey" came a soft voice as someone walked in the room.

"Hey Chris" I said, the uncomfortable feeling of being wrapped in John's arm coming back.

"I see he's latched on to you. I don't know what's wrong with the boy. Whenever some ones in bed with him, he always spoons `em. You should of seen when we were kids and Eric and him had to share a bed. Eric would wake up bitching about John invading his space." Chris said as he laid down on the bed, facing me.

"I think he just likes to hold the people he loves." Chris said. I didn't respond to that, how the hell could I.

"We all love you, you know. Your like our long lost brother. The brother who got adopted or ran away or something and finally came home." Chris said as he turned and spooned himself against me muttering that if every one else was gonna sleep late he would too. What's wrong with these people? Every one is so abrupt, they change moods in the blink of an eye.

So there I was spooned by John, spooning Chris. WEIRD! Eric and the troop, as in Granny and Raheim, all came walking in and they stopped dead in there tracks when they saw us.

"Don't even ask, they're weirdos." I said shaking my head.

"Hey" Eric said as he kissed Chris, me, then John on the cheek. "Sweet dreams?"

"Something to that effect"


"Fuck You" was the chorus of responses from us. Eric just smiled at us and punched Chris in the arm.

I turned onto my back while John was raising himself up on the elbow that belonged to the arm that I happened to be using as my own pillow. Leaving his face only an inch away from mine. It took a second, a long second in which every one watched on before I turned my face and he took back his arm. When I looked at every one they all were looking at us with a degree of looks. Raheim was looking confused, granny had that I thought so look going on, Chris was looking just curious while Eric was looking every bit amused.

It was then I took a good look at Eric and he looked the worse for the wear. He had bags under his eyes and he just had the word `Dead tired' screaming from him.

"You look like shit."

"Every one cant look like John" He said and I flipped him the bird and told him to rotate it.

"Alright, get off my bed." I said, shooing Chris away. I scooted over and pulled Eric on the bed.

"Go to sleep." I told him.

"Your bed partners sure do shift quick fast"

"Fuck you, just go to sleep"

I'm not tired."

"I must of said it wrong because I don't remember asking a question. Go to sleep." I said as I jabbed him in the side. He smiled despite himself.

"Yes sir" Eric said giving me a salute, with his middle finger. Surely enough though, in a mere matter of seconds his ass was passed out.

I felt little hands wrap around my neck and I turned around to see Raheim. I shuffled up in the bed and sat up and pulled him on my lap. It hurt like hell to do so, but it was worth the price.

"You'se the one that looks like shit" Raheim said as his eyes watered and looked at me.

"Well you sure know how to brighten up my day, now don't you?" I said as I pulled his head to my chest. The room was quiet except for the rain falling on the glass and Eric's soft snoring.

"I'm alright, you know." I told him as I brought up a hand to smooth over his braids.

"Yeah I guess you are, I reckon it wasn't too hard to make you look like shit, you ARE the ugly one out of the family" Raheim joked, trying to get a laugh out of me.

"Boy, you trying to call me ugly. Them sound like fighting words!" I said as I grabbed a hold of his sides and started tickling him. It hurt, but better to be in pain than to have him looking like his momma just died. Oh shit his momma just did die. My bad.

"I ain't trying ta, I thought I did." He got between laughs.

"Bitch" I said as he scrambled away from me.

"Queen" He responded laughing at how I fixed my face in mock shock.

"Why Raheim Anderson Leaden, what are you implying." I said as dramatic as I could.

"Oh don't go all camp on me now." Raheim said exasperated. I couldn't help but laugh at that. Raheim had known about me and Romeo since forever. When granny was working which was always, I was responsible for him, so he was always everywhere I went. It would have been impossible to keep it from him.

"Raheim, you knew?" Granny said astonished.

"Granny do you think I'm a fool or a complete idiot. If you could tell something was going on with them and you barely spent time with both of em then how the hell wasn't I suppose to know when I was with them 24/7" Raheim said looking at my granny like she was crazy. Unfortunately, he got the talk before you speak and major all out bitchiness from me.

"Excuse me" granny said as her hands went on her waist (Uh Oh) "I don't think you a fool or a complete idiot. I think your handicapped though, because that's what you gonna be when I'm done with you." She said as she went to grab him and he quickly made it to the safe haven of my lap. Every one couldn't help laughing at him, even granny.

The rest of the morning went like that. Around mid morning the doctor came in and checked up on me. He confirmed that I would be released tomorrow.

It was a pretty quiet day. John left as soon as he got off the bed after our `shared' moment, and Chris took Eric home to get some proper sleep. It was just granny and Raheim.

"So which one is yours?" Raheim asked. We were lying on the bed, with our foreheads touching and staring at each other.

"Whatcha mean?"

"I mean which of dem white boys got your name tagged to their ass?" Raheim said with a shit eating grin on his face.

"Ain't none of `em got my name tagged to their ass."

"Well you was looking mighty comfy with that lawyer boy."

"You got the nerve to be calling anybody boy? And I wasn't looking comfy with no damn body. I repeat ain't none of em boys mine."

"I don't know about that. Eric seems quite fond of you" came from Chris who was standing by the door with a little girl holding his hand.

"Hey Tweety" said granny, who grabbed the girl and pulled her into a break all your damn bones hug.

"Hey granny" the girl said as granny put her down. She walked over to me and put out her hand for me to shake.

"I'm Thalia, but every one calls me tweety. I'm Chris's daughter." She said, she sounded more grown up then Chris.

"You sure your not Chris's mother" I said as I shook her hand.

"Asshole" I heard Chris say from by the door. Tweety just rolled her eyes and held her hand out to Raheim.

"Raheim" he said and gave her a small smile.

"May I sit?" She asked, patting a spot on the bed.

"Sure" I said sitting up to make room. She sat on the bed Indian style.

"Daddy said your living with us." She said looking at me weighingly.

"Yeah, I am. I wasn't aware that you lived with Chris"

"Well you probably wasn't aware that I even existed. This week I spent time with my mother. Our usual every three months visit." She said bitterly. I didn't even want to answer that, how the hell could I. Luckily enough Eric saved me. He walked in the room, and you could tell he was pissed. Anger was just radiating off of him.

"Where is John?" Eric said looking around.

"He's not here, but he said he would be coming around this time to smuggle me and Rah Rah some McDonalds. Anyone ever say you look like a bull when your mad, all you need are horns." I said staring at him in a calculating manner. He really did look like a bull. His face was scrunched up and his body was so fucking big and his whole face was red.

"One of these days you really gotta learn to keep your absurd observations to yourself" Raheim whispered in my ear while Eric glared at me.

"What? I don't have red on." I said, and he proved my observation correct by charging at me.

"Alright that's enough." Tweety said standing up with her hands on her hips. Looking every bit of the granny in training she was. The girl had to be 5 and she stopped Eric dead in his tracks.

"Am I interrupting something?" John said as he walked in and looked around. He was GQ again and I had to hold a tight reign over my lower regions.

"No, Mario was just fucking with Eric." Chris said, he was sprawled out on the metal chair with Tweety on his lap. When the hell did she get over there? That child is possessed.

"Oh if that's all." John said as he walked in the room, but he didn't get far because Eric grabbed him by the arm.

"We need to talk pronto" he said to John. John stared at him for a moment and nodded.

"Let me give them they're food, meet you in the bathroom." He said and proceeded to open a plain black plastic bag and pulled out McDonald bags. He handed out all the food, he even had forthright to have bought for Tweety and Chris as well. He put down two bags by my side and gave me a don't touch look and went into the bathroom. Every one was eating, but no one was talking. I think we were all trying to be nosy and hoping to hear a word or two to know why Eric looked like he was ready to kill someone.

When Eric and John finally came out John wasn't looking the way he went in, happy. He took a look at me and something in his eyes hardened.

"I'll be back at night to watch over him" said John cutting short what was suppose to be a long visit. Its pretty obvious to say that my stomach had dropped so far down that I would be shitting it out if it dropped any further. No one else seemed to notice the look that John gave me.

Well when you want the time to go slow, it does what it always does, goes hella fast. It felt like only a matter of minutes passed by, when John came back. Chris had already taken the troop home a half and hour ago.

John sat on the chair beside me, he still had a scowl on his face. That McDonalds food finally came back to bite me in the ass. I was on Tylenol now for the pain instead of the IV thingy majingy. I felt more secure in walking, so I gingerly stood up off the bed. John just watched me, not saying a word. I walked slowly and reached half way there before the leg that received the most kicks gave out. I dropped no more than an inch before an arm reached around and pulled me against a firm body. We stood like that for a while until I felt I could make it the rest of the way. When I got to the bathroom I went to close the door but was stopped by a voice.

"I don't think that's a good idea." John said, the first time he talked to me since the whole Eric conversation. I just shook my head and closed the door. No way was I leaving the door open when I had to take a shit. I opened the window next to the toilet and sat down freezing my ass off. That's one thing bout Florida, it can be hot as hell all day but sometimes at night it gets so damn cold. When I was finished up I walked over to the sink and sat at the counter and regarded the shower. I knew I wouldn't be able to climb over the ledge they put on the shower so that handicapped people could sit on and use to move to the seat that would have been under the shower if I was handicapped. And the whole slippery floor thing had to be taken in account as well. A shower was suicide, but hey, at least I'd die clean.

"You'll freeze your ass off in here." John said scaring the hell out of me. He was standing at the door.

"None of you know what the fuck it means to knock!" I screamed. He ignored me and moved to the window and closed it.

"Lighting a match would have been just effective." He said as he started turning the pipes on in the shower.

"Whatcha doing?"

"Your gonna take a shower. So I might as well help instead of watching you try, fall and knock yourself unconscious in the process." John said. It wasn't what he said it was the way he said it. The way he's been talking to me since he came, in a monotone voice.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I asked as I saw him starting to strip.

"Stop acting so fucking young. It takes five long strides to get to your bed to the bathroom and you couldn't manage to do it without needing a break. Your sore, stiff and weak. Do you really think I'll let you go into the shower by yourself. Falling would just irritate the injuries. So just grow up, its not like you've never seen a man naked before." He said, no more like yelled, while he undressed till he was in his birthday suit. Then he not so gently pulled me to him and turned me around. Untying the hospital gown. He picked me up over the ledge and planted me in front of the slightly hot water.

I decided I'd enjoy the shower and be really pissy afterwards. No point of messing up a perfectly good shower. I ducked my head under the water and tried my hardest not to think about John. It had taken all my will power not to take a look below the belt when he was undressing. The last thing I wanted to do is sport wood. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned to see John handing me a bar of soap. He was getting wet from the spray of the water off my back. I took the soap and I turned my head back around. My eyes reached his bellybutton in that short span of time it took him to give the soap to me. John should have really known better. Naked! That's like waving a candy in front of a child.

I took a sidestep to get me out of the water and started lathering myself up. Some places were like bloody murder to reach because my body was so damn sore and some places were just embarrassing to wash while John was there. I didn't even want to know where his eyes were trained. If they weren't trained on me that would be a blow to the ego and if they were then it would be embarrassing. I got everywhere but my back and my legs below my knee.

A soft hand pulled me up from trying to soap my calf and I turned and John was just too damn close for comfort. He took the soap from me and bent down on his toes and started soaping my left leg. Leaving his gaze leveled with my manhood that was on a steady rise up. My face got hot and I looked everywhere but at John while he was soaping my legs. When he stood he turned me around and did my back, throwing a little massage into the mix. His hands were so soft but firm, but then his hands started to slide lower. Till he was in between my cheeks.

"I...I um...I cleaned there already. No need to..." I stuttered out

"I know" was his only reply.

"John I don't..." I had to hold back a moan as his fingers slid over my opening.

"What was it you were saying?" He asked, his voice dropping lower and sexier. His soapy fingers were teasing my entrance by now. Sliding his finger only half way in before pulling out.

"No...good...idea" I mumbled, I knew my English was fucked up already but he just set my ass back to first grade.

"Alright" He said as his fingers moved a way and he walked out of the shower leaving me propped up, stomach to wall. By the time he came back I was still trying to figure what the hell just happened here. My head was still laying on the shower wall while he moved around. Taking the water off and putting on his clothes I presume.

"Come Mario" He said sliding a towel around my waist. He picked me up over the ledge again put this time he didn't put me down. Instead he carried me back over to the bed that looked like someone changed it and made it up. He went into his bag and threw me some pajama bottoms. I didn't move and just sat staring at him in disbelief.

"Want me to help you?" He asked an eyebrow raised. He had to be the most confusing man in the world and I made sure to tell him as I put on the pants. A feeling normal Mario is bitchy, a sexually frustrated Mario is ten times worse. Does he not know the three no ho rule. You gotta at least protest a bit when someone comes sniffing at your damn hind quarters. If you don't then they'll think you're a complete ho, once you don't protest more then three times that's a damn invitation to keep the fuck going!

"Hey sugar pie" said a nurse named Lisa who was in my book a total sweety.

"Hey" I said nonchalantly, I was fuming. While fuming there is no room for being nice.

"Well you don't seem to be in a good mood. Whoa, you happy to see me or what sugar pie" said Lisa as she finally got beside me and saw my boner. Did I mention she's blunt, which was one of the reasons I liked her before but now I'm seriously rethinking it.

"Yeah I'm just ecstatic to see you. I've been waiting on my sponge bath all fucking day" I said, sarcastically.

"Well, it looks like you already had a sponge bath with the hottie over there and we see how you've come from it." She said smiling at me while I glared at her. My arms crossed over my chest.

"He's no fun. He actually listens to what I say." I said, as I looked over at a very smug looking John.

"Why the hell would he actually listen to what you say? He really should know better. Well, there's some lotion in the bedside table. You could ask him for a massage to relieve the stress." She said, making sure to put enough emphasis on relieve to know exactly what she was talking about.

"Your going straight to hell in a hand basket." I said as she finished checking my vitals and poking at a few bruises.

"I'll be sure to save you a seat." She said as she smiled at me and left. I turned and looked at John who was still looking smug and had a eyebrow up as to say `well, you gonna ask me'.

"Screw you" I said and decided to sulk. Though sexually frustrated, I still felt way better and not so stiff after the shower. Well not so stiff in certain areas.

"What are you doing" I asked as he slid into the bed and took off the lights.

"Your going to make me sleep on the metal chair now?" He asked as I scooted away from him. His scallywag ass. An arm pulled me down and rested my head on his bicep. Pulling my body until it was snugly up against his. A nice bulge poking into my hip.

"I don't play games Mario. There's no gray for me, only black and white. A no is a no, even if its said like it's a yes."

"Yeah fucking right! You don't play games my ass!" I said as I turned to face him, livid.

"Who the fuck is one minute looking at me like he would never like to see me ever again. Who one minute is completely ignoring me and talking to me as if you don't give a shit about me and then the next minute trying to fucking finger pop me! If that ain't playing games then I must be straight." I whispered shouted to him. Oh you know what I mean.

"Some things have come to my attention today and its nothing bad about you. Its just has a lot to do with you and...and when I tell you its going to hurt you. I haven't meant to push you away. I've just been thinking, trying to find the best way to tell you." He said as an arm under my head pulled me closer and his free hand caressed my face.

"How bad is it? Like on a scale of bad. It is I'm just going to be bitchy for a week bad or is it imma have to beat somebodies ass bad?"

"Its so bad I don't know how your going to respond to it." He said softly, kissing my forehead and then my cheek.

"Is it urgent that I know it right this minute?" I asked quietly, not really wanting to hear anything that could mess up the butterflies in my stomach from the way that John was softly touching me. I've never been kissed so gentle.

"No, but you'll need to know it before your released tomorrow morning." He said as he slid a hand under my pajama bottoms to grasp and knead my ass.

"Then we have the night." I said as I gingerly pulled him on top of me.

To Be Continued....


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