World Outside My Window

By: UDream

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Chapter 4Uh Oh

I woke up stuck. Yes, stuck! As in stuck together. John and I had partaken in some hand-to-meat action and we didn't clean off the results before we fell asleep and now, if he so much as moved an inch, my pubes and treasure trail weren't going to be very happy campers.

"Um, you're going to have to wrap your legs around me," John said. He didn't look nearly as frustrated at the situation as I was. The boy actually had the nerve to look amused.

"Come on, Mario, be quick with it. I have to take a piss," he said as he wrapped his arms around my waist and I wrapped my legs around his. We shimmied off the bed until he picked me up and slid one of his hands down to cup my ass.


"Just making sure you don't slip."

"Slip, my ass!" I said as I wrapped my hands around his neck. He was looking even more shaggy than normal and it looked quite good on him.

"What are you looking at?" He asked.

"Nothing much" I said as I kissed him sweetly, remembering how good he taste. It was in mid kiss that I heard what sounded like a door opening.

"Hey honey, I'm home," Chris said as he, Eric, my grandmother and Raheim walked into the room. To say we were in an awkward situation would be the understatement of the year. Here we were butt-ass naked, my legs around John's waist and his hand on my ass, not to mention being stuck together. My immediate reaction was to break apart and I pulled an inch away from him before he slammed me back to his body.

"Ouch" we both said.

"This is not how it looks. We' together." He said as we looked at them in complete mortification. Theirs a few things in life that I feel I can do without, my grandmother walking in on me naked and cum stuck to someone else is reaching quite high on the list.

"How exactly did you two get stuck to each other?" asked Eric. I could see the detective gears turning in his head with his question. John went to say something, but I just put my hand over his mouth and pointed to the bathroom. He immediately took my suggestion and we were pressed against the locked bathroom door in no time.

"Lets just get unstuck, Mr. Lawyer."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"You're the suave, savvy lawyer. You couldn't of thought of something better than `we're stuck together'?"

"I was under pressure."

"Well, I feel bad for your clients."

"Well, you're one of my clients, hot shot."

"That says a lot about my chances," I said as he carried us into the water.

"I'm glad to hear your confidence in me." John said as he turned on the water.

"Aww, shit!" I screamed. "You ever fucking heard of testing the water first? I think my damn balls are in my throat!" I said as I desperately tried to get the water adjusted to a temperature that I could actually tolerate.


"Yeah, you are."

"You're not making the situation any better, ya know."

"Whatever." We let the water run between us for a few minutes, loosening what felt like super glue before. I tentatively lowered my feet to the floor. John grabbed a bar of soap and pulled me out of the water.

"Whachu doing?"

"I'm lathering the soap"

"And why are you doing that?"

"So that I can soap you up?"

"You want toget frisky in the shower, while our fucking family is out there? They probably have their ears to the door!" I said, shaking my head in disbelief.

"Listen. We're going to get reamed out for this no matter what we do. The jokes will never stop coming about this situation. So, why exactly should we rush out there just to get laughed at? And besides, we both need a shower and ta-daa! we're in a shower. We might as well get some use out of it," He finished as he started to lather me up.

"You are aware that I am fully capable of soaping myself, aren't you?" I asked, raising my left eyebrow.

"Yeah, but it's funner this way."

"Exactly how old are you again?"

"Well, for someone so capable, I don't see you brushing my hands away," John replied. I couldn't really respond to that so I just shrugged.

"You're weird."

"And you are confusing."

"How am I confusing?" I said in disbelief

"You say one thing, but you do the complete opposite."


"Example. You had the whole long talk about how you'd never fuck with me because we were from two different worlds and well ... look at us now. Rinse." He said as he pushed me under the water.

"Correction. I said I'd never get in a serious relationship with you because we're from two different worlds. This isn't a relationship and it's sure as hell not serious, so...," I said as I watched the anger cover his face.

"You're done," he said between his clenched teeth as he all but shoved me out of the shower. I took a seat on the counter and grabbed a towel because `A' even though I was feeling stronger, my legs were still hurt and `B' I wasn't going to face the firing squad by myself. John came out the shower shortly after I did and he was still sporting the pissed off face. He grabbed a towel and opened the door, all without looking at me. I followed him slowly outside and collapsed on my bed. Not because I was actually tired, but because I like the falling feeling. John's pissy face was good for one thing -- it immediately stopped the firing squad from saying anything.

"Hey, Johnny boy, why don't you be a sport and throw me my jeans and briefs." I said. It was pure curiosity that made me bait him. John was the cool-as-a-cucumber brother and I wanted to see how much you would have to push him to piss him off. John turned around from putting his own clothes on and glared at me. I gave him my most loving smile. He grabbed my pants, brief and shirt that Gran brought for me and threw it, quite hard, at me.

"I guess Johnny boy doesn't want to play nice." I said as I pulled off my towel. Unlike John who was facing a vacant wall getting dressed, I had no shame in my game.

"You playing with fire, boy," Granny said. I rolled my eyes.

"Youse always up to no good Mario." Raheim said as he handed me my socks. Raheim, being a damn carbon copy of myself, knew exactly what I was doing. He always does.

"Youse the one who warned me and now it looks like Imma have to be the one to spit back your own words. Dem boys that take the world to lose their cool, normally be the ones that when they do lose their cool they be the craziest motherfuckers." Raheim whispered in my ear and gave me a warning look. I decided he was right and I was just bored. You tend to get that way being stuck in a hospital room for so long. I was probably just craving drama.

"When did you get so smart." I whispered back at him.

"I aint smart, I just listen to what you gotta say. The good stuff I remember and use, the bad stuff I remember and make fun of you lata."

"Ma, you takin me home now." I asked as I got my sneakers on.

"Naw, you going down to the precinct with Eric and John." She said as she gave me the 'look'. The 'look' meant to be on my best behavior. I just gave her my innocent smile in return.

I wasn't paying close enough attention to John to notice that he wasn't putting on regular clothes, but rather he was putting on his lawyer gear. He dipped into the bathroom and came back out Mr. Smooth. I had to take an appreciative look, even though I knew I shouldn't. I was certain that Raheim and Granny were watching me like hawks. I gave him the tilt nod. (Oh you know what that is. When you see someone who looks damn good you tend to tilt your head to the side, raise an eyebrow and give a small nod.) My eyes and his connected and it was clear I was caught red-handed. I shook off the 'he looks so damn fine' feeling and refocused on Raheim who was wearing the most smug grin I've ever seen. I stabbed his side with my finger.

"What" I whispered, as I pulled him closer on the bed to me.

"I remember asking you which one of these boys was yours yesterday, even pointing out that you was looking quite comfy with that lawyer boy, but no, you swore up and down that I didn't know what I was talking bout. I don't know what I'm talking about my ass." He said not so quietly so that everyone in the damn room heard.

"I've decided I don't like you anymore." I said as I poked him again.

"You seem to be doing that a lot lately." John said as he picked up his briefcase.

"Lets go, I got things to do." John said walking out the door, as Eric and I popped up and followed. If John wanted a speedy way out of the hospital and into the precinct then he was shit out of luck, because as soon as I took a step out of the room, my favorite nurse, Lisa, had me thrown into a wheelchair and she decided, much to my amusement, to walk as slowly as possible to the entrance of the hospital.

"So sweetie, did Mr. Fine take up my suggestion?" She asked, not really caring that Eric and John were right beside us. Did I tell you I loved this girl.

"He did, actually."

"Well, I'll be damned. I wished I had a Mr. Fine of my own. Then you could make up some suggestions," she said, looking dead at Eric. The girl never heard of the word subtle.

"Oh him. That's Mr. Fine's brother."

"Really? They got good genes."

"I think it skipped a generation," I said as I got tapped on the head by Chris who was following along with the rest of the gang.

"You've got no shame!" said Lisa.

"You got the nerve to talk."

"Well, look it here, this is the fastest I've ever reached the entrance," she said. As I stood up I caught John rolling his eyes at her statement.

"Well, Miss Lisa, I have your number and I will be giving you a call."

"I'm sure you will. Feel free to pass it around," she said as she gave another significant look at Eric, who actually had the nerve to blush.

"Granny, Chris, they'll meet up with you at the house," John said abruptly before he pulled us toward the parking lot. Eric's and John's cars were parked side by side. I went to sit in Eric's car, but rethought that real quick when I took a look inside. The boy had to have mice in his car because it was so filthy. I jumped in John's car much to his annoyance.

The ride to the precinct was quiet, to say the least. The thirty minute ride seemed like three hours. When we finally arrived I got the world's worst case of nerves. I'd never walked into a precinct station where I was the victim. Going to the precint normally was a painful thing, normally dealing with me in handcuffs and thinking about how badly I was going to get cussed out by Granny.

Walking in to the station I kept a wide berth between myself and the officers, including Eric. I just felt like at any minute I was going to get handcuffed and thrown into a holding cell. Just out of habit, my mind was already making up excuses to tell Granny even though I wasn't in trouble. Eric veered off into a different hallway while John led me into a room. It was one of those rooms with the double sided window/mirror. I sat in the seat in front with John and after a few minutes, out walks a group of men and in between them there is one of Phillip's cronies. I immediately point him out and John tells Eric through a microphone which guy I identified.

"Well, that's done," I said.

"Not quite," said John, giving me this weird look.

"What? What else is there to do?"

"That wasn't really necessary. I don't know why Eric did it. I think he did it because he was just hoping that the guy was really some crazy guy using our words to make up things."

"To make up things?"

"According to Mr. Phelps, Romeo is still very much alive." .

To Be Continued....


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