You Can Run but You Can't Hide

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Miguel Sanchez

Miguel Sanchez 2007

You Can Run but You Can't Hide

Chapter 29

Schuler was really sweating now. "This is under duress Judge but Sgt. Gary Nelson retained my services."

David looked over to the lawyer. "What? Why, he has no standing here."

Jessie shook his head. "He said he had rock solid proof Lee Jennings and Hans Johansen were homersexuals."

"Is this man in the courtroom?"

Schuler nodded his head. "Yes Your Honor."

"Very well," he said standing up putting his robe back on. "I hope you're prepared to call him because if you don't I will. Let's get back inside."

The men headed to the door. "All rise, this court is once again in session."

David came over then waited until we could take our seats then leaned over to us. "It seems Sgt. Nelson hired Schuler. Nelson claims to have rock solid proof you and Hans are gay."

Capt. Blair leaned forward. "Sgt. Nelson has been suspended from the department pending an investigation by IAD."

I leaned into the group. "If he is still claiming to be a cop, I'll bust his ass."

David shook his head. "Not yet Lee. We can wait until after court."

Judge Newman banged his gavel as he looked over at our little conference. "Why is Mr. Manning in handcuffs?"

Capt. Blair stood. "He was attempting to leave the courtroom Your Honor."

Is this true sir?"

Manning stood and looked at the judge. "I suddenly remembered I had a pressing engagement."

"Uh huh," Judge Newman said. "You can remove the handcuffs Captain. Bailiff, if he makes another move towards the door, kindly show Mr. Manning to his new home. Mr. Weinstein, do you wish to cross examine Mr. Manning?"

David thought for a moment. "Not at this time Your Honor but I reserve the right to call him later."

Judge Newman nodded his head. "Very well Mr. Weinstein. Mr. Schuler, call your next witness."

Schuler stood and was trying to figure out who he should call. "I call Dr. Fred Nesbit to the stand."

The doctor stood and met the Bailiff inside the rail where he was sworn in. Schuler was aware Nesbit's license was under suspension. "Dr. Nesbit, are you aware of the penalties for perjury?"

Nesbit looked annoyed at the question. "I'm very much aware of the law sir."

Schuler looked over at David then started questioning the witness. "Did you have occasion to examine Jamie Fisher and Kevin Pruitt?"

"Yes I did," Nesbit started. "Kevin's foster father tried to block my exam at every turn. When I asked the boy to undress, he was very nervous and kept asking why that was necessary. Finally he did manage to remove his shirt and he was covered in bruises."

Kevin tried to jump up but I pulled him onto my lap. "Easy son, don't interrupt."

"But he's lying Daddy," Kevin said softly.

I kissed the back of his head. "We know son and we have Dr. Butler's exam to back it up."

Schuler stopped him. "When you saw this, did you notify the police?"

Nesbit shook his head. "I had the boys' welfare to think of. I was afraid they'd flee with them besides, this was an adoption physical so I knew they weren't going anywhere."

"I see," Schuler said as David was writing on a legal pad. "Carry on."

"It took some coaxing but I managed to have the boy remove the rest of his clothes and I was appalled at what I saw. Kevin's buttocks were covered in a combination of fresh and healing bruises. When I got him to lie down for me, he covered his crotch so I couldn't see his genitals. After some more coaxing he did remove his hands. His genitals were worse than his buttocks. I then asked him to roll over so I could examine his rectum and Mr. Jennings became visibly upset. He got up and put his hand across the boy's butt but sat down after I threatened to call the police. He stated it wasn't as it appeared. He stated the boy's father repeatedly whipped the boy. While he was telling me this, I looked at the boy's rectum and saw massive bruising, swelling and signs of very recent abuse. I looked at the boy and he whispered to me saying 'Daddy likes to fuck me.' He then said, 'Please help me. I don't like him fucking me.'

"Why didn't you call the police then?" Schuler asked.

"After the young man told me this, I whispered back that I would call the police. He wrapped his hands around my neck and attempted to kiss me on the lips while moving my hand towards his genitals."

Schuler stopped him. "You mean he did this while Mr. Jennings was present?"

Nesbit nodded his head. "Yeah, I even saw him smiling but I don't think he heard what the boy told me. I finished up in that room then went across the hall and I just about fainted. Jamie Fisher was naked as was his foster father and Jamie was performing oral sex on him. I coughed and the boy asked if I wanted to join them."

Schuler knew this was all lies so he had to stop the man before he dug himself in deeper. "We have your report Dr. Nesbit, thank you."

As with Manning, he tried to leave the witness box until David stood. "Not so fast sir, I have a few questions to ask."

"If you're representing those perverts, I have nothing to say to you except I'm filing criminal charges against those men for what they put those poor boys through."

David was not in any mood for games at this point. He stood in front of him and stared. "Just sit down and shut your mouth. Now, you said you saw both healing and fresh bruises on Kevin Pruitt's body. Is this correct?

"Yes it is."

David thought for a minute. "You also stated you saw signs of sexual abuse."

"That's correct."

David scratched his head. "You're a licensed physician, correct?"

Nesbit glared at David. "You know I am."

David shook his head. "Then answer me this, as a licensed physician you're required by law to report all suspected cases of abuse, so why didn't you?"

Nesbit stared back at David. "I told you, I had the boys' welfare to think of."

"You claim they were being abused yet you didn't call the police because you were concerned for their welfare?

Nesbit was beginning to sweat a little. "That's what I said."

David headed for the table then stopped. "Dr. Nesbit, do you know what Mr. Jennings does for a living?"

David continued to the table then he started to reach for a file folder waiting for Nesbit to answer. "No sir, I do not."

David stopped and spun around. "What would you say if I told you Mr. Jennings was a police officer?"

Nesbit's eyes got huge. "I would say you were lying."

David stuck his hand out to me and I handed him my ID case. He turned around and looked at Nesbit then opened my ID case. "I ask you again Doctor, what would you say if Mr. Jennings was a police officer."

Nesbit sat there and didn't say a word. David came back to the table handing me my ID. He reached into the folder and pulled out a piece of paper then returned to the witness box handing it to Nesbit. "Do you recognize this sir?"

I thought he was going to faint when he saw the paper. "Uh, I can explain this. You see, this is an old order. My license has been reinstated."

David took the report and looked it over. "Sir it reads, date of suspension January 5th of this year and also says date of reinstatement, indefinite. Your license to practice is currently suspended, isn't it Mr. Nesbit?"

Judge Newman was sitting there looking at him. "Uh, well," he stuttered as he looked out into the gallery. "I told you this wouldn't work. Yes, my license is suspended."

"I'll give you a chance to redeem yourself now. Tell the court how the boys really looked."

Nesbit sighed because he knew the jig was up and it was time to come clean. "The boys looked totally healthy. I didn't see any signs of abuse on either of them from what I did see."

David went over to his folder and took out 2 pieces of paper and approached the bench. "At this time Your Honor, if it pleases the court, I would like to submit these physical examination reports on Jamie Fisher and Kevin Pruitt done 2 days ago by Dr. Timothy Butler."

Judge Newman looked at them then over to Jessie Schuler. "Any objections, Mr. Schuler?"

Jessie looked at the judge. "No objections Your Honor."

"Very well, these reports will be entered into evidence. As for you Mr. Nesbit, I have a bench warrant here charging you with practicing medicine without a license. Bailiff, take this man into custody."

As Nesbit was being cuffed, David stood. "If it pleases the court, I would like to do my cross examination of Mr. Manning at this time."

Judge Newman looked at Jessie who shook his head. "Very well Mr. Weinstein, Mr. Manning take the stand and I will remind you that you are still under oath."

Manning slowly walked to the witness box knowing Nesbit's testimony was total bull shit. David was looking at the report he'd filed with the court. "Mr. Manning, is this report true?"

He puffed his chest out. "Yes it is sir, it's the gospel truth."

"Are you absolutely positive sir?"


Judge Newman banged his gavel. "Sit down Mr. Manning."

Manning sat back down as David went into his briefcase. "Your Honor, if it pleases the court, I would like to enter this DVD into evidence and play it for the court."

Schuler jumped to his feet and shouted, "OBJECTION! We've not had time to view this."

"Over ruled," Judge Newman replied. "The court hasn't either so we will all see it together."

Now Manning had no idea his undie sniffing had been caught but everyone was going to see that and a whole lot more. The bailiff set up the DVD player then David put the disk into the machine and pushed play then narrated. "As you can see here, Mr. Jennings is wearing a suit and tie. You can also hear Mr. Manning referring to Mr. Jennings as a faggot."


"ORDER IN THE COURT! Bailiff, restrain that man."

The Bailiff put Manning in silver bracelets then pushed him back into his seat. David continued with his narration. "As you can hear, not only does Mr. Manning slander Mr. Jennings but he's also quite racist referring to Chinese people as 'Chinks.' At this point, you'll hear Mr. Jennings identify himself. Here Mr. Jennings, or should I say Lt. Jennings is showing Mr. Manning his credentials. Mr. Manning's reply was another slanderous comment. As you can see now, he's heading up the stairs and into the master bedroom. Inside, you can clearly see 2 twin beds and nothing by the way of paintings hanging on the walls. Now, he's heading down the hall to the boys' room. There are 2 sets of bunk beds in the room and posters, not paintings as Mr. Manning claims."

At this point, David put the DVD on pause. "Your Honor, what you're about to see next is totally appalling."

Manning knows what's coming next and he tries to slide down out of the chair. David starts playing the DVD and resumes narrating. "Now you'll see Mr. Manning go into the boys' bathroom and rummage through the children's dirty clothes. As you can see he's holding a pair of soiled underpants in his hand then watch as he sniffs them not once, but several times."

Jamie stands up and shouts at Manning. "Hey sir, I have a dirtier pair on."

Hans grabs his son and quickly puts his hand across his mouth before Judge Newman can say anything. The gallery erupts in a mix of laughter and gasps as they watch Manning smell Jamie's underwear. David looks at Schuler then the judge. "As you can clearly see, Mr. Manning's report is a total fabrication. We move to have his home study stricken from the record."

"Any objections, Mr. Schuler," Judge Newman asked as Schuler shook his head. "Bailiff, please escort Mr. Manning to the holding cells. Mr. Schuler, call your next witness."

He looked out into the gallery. "I call Gary Nelson to the stand."

He stood up and reached into his jacket pocket and hung his badge. "That's Sgt. Gary Nelson, San Antonio Police Department."

Capt. Blair and I both stood up at the same time but I stared at him. "Captain I want him this time."

He nodded his head as I slid out of my seat and hung my badge on my jacket pocket. "Gary Nelson, you're under arrest for impersonating a police officer."

I reached for my cuffs taking his left hand in mine. He tried to yank it away but I held it firm. "Get your fucking hands off me you faggot."

I pulled his arm behind his back and put the cuff on him. I held onto the open cuff with my left hand then brought his right arm around and locked the cuff in place. I quickly searched him removing a pistol from his waist. I finished searching him and found a weapon strapped to his ankle. "You'll also be charged with 2 counts of carrying a concealed weapon. Now, you've spouted off calling me gay. I just have one thing to say to you and that is prove it.""

I led him through the rail as the Bailiff stepped over to him. He was sworn in then I led him to the witness box and sat him down. Mr. Schuler stepped over. "Mr. Nelson, you've made many comments about Mr. Jennings' sexuality. Can you prove them sir?"

"Look at him, I mean who else but a faggot."

Judge Newman stopped him in his tracks. "Watch your mouth Mr. Nelson. The next time you will start picking up fines and jail time."

Nelson suddenly got very contrite. "Yes Your Honor. Who else but a homosexual would share a house AND a bedroom with another male."

"Men have other men for roommates all the time," Schuler said. "Are you saying that they're all homersexuals?"

"Ah well I bet the great majority of them are."

"Objection," David said standing. "It calls for speculation."

"Sustained," Judge Newman answered.

"What other proof do you have Mr. Nelson?"

He thought for a minute. "Well, why would a single man want to adopt young boys? Children need two parents."

Schuler nodded his head. "I agree with you there. Children need two parents to properly raise them. Do you have any other evidence?"

"Yes I do. Mr. and Mrs. Johansen are here and they are prepared to testify as to their son's homosexuality."

Schuler looked up at me and just smiled. I leaned over to David. "Let me cross examine him."

David nodded his head. Schuler looked at the Judge. "I have no further questions of this witness."

David stood and looked at Judge Newman. "Your Honor, Lt. Jennings will handle the cross examination of Mr. Nelson."

"Objection," Schuler jumped up saying. "He's not an attorney."

"Over ruled," Judge Newman said. "Conduct yourself properly Lt. Jennings."

I nodded my head. "Yes Your Honor. Mr. Nelson, can you tell us why you're under suspension?"

"Objection," Shuler yelled. "Relevance?"

"Goes to motive Your Honor," I replied. "This man is behind all this and you'll soon find out how it all ties together."

"I'll give you a little latitude Lieutenant. Mr. Schuler, your objection is over ruled, answer the question Mr. Nelson."

"You should know Jennings, your son murdered his parents."

"Objection," I said. "Assumes facts not in evidence and the DA has not filed any charges against my son."

"Sustained," the judge said. "Watch it Mr. Nelson."

"That kid DID kill his parents but everyone is too blind to see it just like you Jennings. You've gotten away with MURDER."

I shook my head. "Excuse me?"

He stood up then the Bailiff pushed him back into his seat. "You heard me. YOU MURDERED MY BROTHER!!!"

I got nose to nose with him. "I didn't murder anyone."

"Yes you did faggot. You killed my half brother Ed."

"He was a murderer and rapist. His DNA was found in the two boys raped in Sedgeway Park and he murdered James Fisher and Carl Pruitt. He held a knife to the throat of Jamie Fisher. You were a cop, tell me. What would you have done in my position?"

He got smug then. "That's easy, I'd have shot that faggot kid."

Judge Newman banged his gavel. "That's enough. Mr. Nelson, I've heard more than enough."

To be continued