You Can Run but You Can't Hide

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Miguel Sanchez

Miguel Sanchez 2007

You Can Run but You Can't Hide

Chapter 30

He stood up then the Bailiff pushed him back into his seat. "You heard me. YOU MURDERED MY BROTHER!!!"

I got nose to nose with him. "I didn't murder anyone."

"Yes you did faggot. You killed my half brother Ed."

"He was a murder and rapist. His DNA was found in the two boys raped in Sedgeway Park and he murdered James Fisher and Carl Pruitt. He held a knife to the throat of Jamie Fisher. You were a cop, tell me. What would you have done in my position?"

He got smug then. "That's easy, I'd have shot that faggot kid."

Judge Newman banged his gavel. "That's enough. Mr. Nelson, I've heard more than enough."

Mr. Schuler jumped up. "Your Honor, we still have the Johansens to hear from."

I looked over at Schuler then to Judge Newman. "The Johansens filed a false police report alleging their son was a minor when in fact he was 19 at the time. They're currently under investigation by the DA's office for this."

Judge Newman looked at Schuler. "I see; do you have any other credible witnesses Mr. Schuler?"

Schuler had a feeling he was in very deep shit as all of his witnesses perjured themselves. "No Your Honor. I had no idea the extent of what this man did. I humbly apologise to the court."

Judge Newman looked at Schuler. "The court accepts your apology. Mr. Nelson, I hereby order you to pay all of Mr. Weinstein's fees. I'm also prepared to rule in this case. There have been loads of allegations regarding Mr. Jennings and Mr. Johansen's sexual preference but there has not been one solid shred of evidence to support it. The Supreme Court has said that what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedroom is no one's business but when it comes to raising children, I have to disagree with them. I do not think homosexuality is compatible with raising children, but that is my personal opinion and has no legal standing.

I was standing there with my mouth hanging open and my asshole sucking wind. I was about to interrupt him but he continued with his ruling. "It is the ruling of this court that Hans Johansen is the legal adoptive parent of Jamie Fisher. Jamie, do you wish to have your Dad's last name?"

We looked at Jamie as he stood. "Dad, I love you but if it's alright, I want to keep my last name as Fisher."

Jamie hugged Hans as they both cried. "That's fine son."

Judge Newman continued with his ruling. "It is also the order of this court that Lee Jennings is the legal adoptive parent of Kevin Pruitt and he will retain his sir name of Pruitt. I'm also forwarding a transcript of these proceedings to the District Attorney's office and ask that he look into this matter for the possibility that additional criminal charges be added to those I've already issued. This court is hereby adjourned."

I ran over to Kevin who had hopped over the rail and leaped into my arms. "Daddy."

Officer Gimball walked up and took control of Gary Nelson then escorted him out of the courtroom. Hans had Jamie up in his arms as I held Kevin. Capt. Blair came around and patted me on the back. "You'll both make super parents guys."

Jamie looked over at Capt. Blair. "Sir when I get bigger, I wanna be a policeman like Papa Lee."

"If you grow up like your Dads here, I have no doubt you'll be a fine police officer."

The courtroom began to empty out so we began to make our way to the door. As we stepped out I saw Hans' parents standing there looking at him holding Jamie. After several minutes his father started walking over. I stepped closer to him and put Kevin down onto his feet as Hans set Jamie down. "What do you want Dad?"

"So you're a parent now?" he asked. "What do you know about being a parent?"

He stepped up and stared at his father. "I know not to lie to them or have someone they care about arrested by lying. I'm not a bigot."

"Alright, alright," he said. "I was wrong."

Just then Hans' mother stepped up. "So you pulled that off huh? You really think you can raise a child."

Jamie was listening to the goings on. "Shut up lady, you know nothing. He's a good person but I'll never understand how he managed it with your thinking. Come on Dad, let's go home."

Jamie reached up and took my baby's hand then we started to leave. "Hans wait."

Hans turned around and his Dad was walking back towards him. "What?"

"You have quite the son there. He's right son, you are a good person and you did manage that. There is a lot I don't understand but a boy needs a grandfather."

Just then Hans' mother came over. "You don't think for a minute you're condoning..."

He turned around and looked at his wife. "Shut up. That child was right, you don't know anything and rightly, neither do I, but at least I'm willing to try and understand."

She tried to grab him by the hand. "Come on, we're leaving."

Mr. Johansen just stood there. "NO, either you show respect to our son or there will be some changes."

She stormed off and Hans looked lost. I came over and put my arm around him. "It's a start baby." I said looking at Hans' father as I extended my hand to him. "We've never really been properly introduced. I'm Lee Jennings."

He extended his hand to shake it. "I'm Helmet Johansen. Did I hear correctly that you are a police officer?"

I nodded my head as Sonny and Kevin gathered around me. "Yes sir. I'm a Detective Lieutenant assigned to the Juvenile Division."

Jamie looked at Hans' father then up to Hans. "Dad, is he my grandfather?"

Helmet knelt down in front of the boy. "Well, I guess I am if you'll have me."

Hans wrapped his arm around Jamie. "Yes son, that's your grandfather."

Jamie went over and gave him a hug. "Hi grampa, I'm Jamie."

I watched the two get acquainted when Hans patted his father on the back. "Would you like to come over?"

Helmet wiped the tears from his face. "Ya son, I'd like that. Who are these two fine young men Lee?"

Sonny walked up to him. "I'm Sonny and this is my little brother Kevin. Are you our grampa too?"

Helmet looked up at me and I smiled nodding my head. "Ya boys, I'm your grampa too."

As we were heading towards the door of the courthouse, I saw two uniformed officers leading Nelson to the front door. He saw us then started shouting. "You think you're so smart don't you?"

I walked over to him as he was still ranting. "Smart? I don't fabricate evidence and commit perjury. You're brother was one sick individual. He went on a raping spree over 20 years ago."

Nelson tried to lunge at me. "You're lying"

"I'm not going to go into this with you here and now Nelson but I'll see you tomorrow and you'll see for yourself just how sick a person he was. Get him out of here."

Helmet's wife took their car so he had to ride with us in the Hummer. "Nice vehicle Lee."

Jamie tried to jump into his grampa's arms but Hans caught him. "Yeah grampa, it's really cool. Dad, can we get comfy when we get home?"

Hans looked at me then back to the boys. "No son."

Helmet had a strange look on his face. "Dad, the boys like to go around the house naked."

The elder gentleman broke into a laugh. "Now that sounds familiar."

Jamie picked up on that right away. "Oh, what did you used to do when you were a boy Dad?"

Helmet was giggling. "Hans and a few of his playmates used to run around outside naked in the middle of winter."

"Daddy," Jamie said through the giggles. "Wasn't that cold?"

Hans was several shades of red. "Not really. The cold in Sweden was different than here. But jumping into the water, now THAT was cold."

Sonny was really laughing. "I bet you liked to have lost your balls."

Jamie playfully slapped him. "Sonny, don't talk like that around grampa."

Sonny blushed and looked towards the floor. "I'm sorry grampa."

Helmet leaned over and hugged my boy. "That's alright Sonny. If you three want to go naked in your home, it's alright with me."

The boys all cheered then Kevin stuck his head in between the seats. "Can we put our room back like it was before Daddy?"

I sighed because the bunk beds were bought just so we could pass the home inspection. "Sure boys, we'll get the bigger bed put back. I think we'll move a set of the bunk beds into the 3rd bedroom so there will be a little more room if you want guests to spend the night."

It took a couple hours to get their room set back to the way it was initially. Hans and I started cooking dinner while the boys spent time with their new Grandfather. I wrapped my arms around him and nuzzled his neck. "I think the boys like having your Dad around. He's really a pretty nice guy."

"Yeah he is baby. I just wonder if mother will come around."

He turned around and I kissed him passionately. "Well if she doesn't, it will be her loss."

"Ya son," a voice said from the kitchen door.

We broke our hug and saw Helmet standing there. "Dad, I don't expect her to be happy but she has no right to be rude in front of the children."

Helmet nodded his head. "I agree totally son. I also expect her to show you the same respect you show her."

"Thanks Dad," Hans said as Helmet came over.

"I also see how much love there is between you and Lee. Do you really love him that much?"

Hans slipped out of my embrace then took my hand. "Yes Papa, I do love him that much. If it was legal in this country, I'd marry him."

Helmet smiled then looked at the floor. "I do not understand this son but if Lee makes you happy, then I'm happy for you. All I ask is that you don't hurt him."

I wrapped my arms around my lover. "Helmet, that's one thing you'll never have to worry about. I could never hurt him."

After dinner, Hans took his Dad home and he had to break up an argument between his parents. "You'll not sleep in this house if you take HIS side," Hans' mother screamed.

Helmet stepped back and looked at his wife. "You will listen to me. You are my wife and this is MY house. Take a look at the papers my dear. Now, you WILL show our son the same respect he shows you, do I make myself clear?"

"GET OUT YOU BASTARD," she yelled and raised her hand to strike him.

Hans tried to step in between them but didn't see the letter opener she'd picked up in her hand. As Hans tried to grab her hand he saw the weapon in her hand but missed as the letter opener was thrust into his shoulder. "Hans," Helmet screamed.

He ran to the phone then dialed 911 then called the house. "Lee, this is Helmet. Hans was injured. Olga tried to stab me but in his attempt to stop her, she stabbed him."

My mind went in a thousand different directions at the same time. "Boys, get dressed now."

They threw on some shorts and were carrying their shoes in their hands. I could hear sirens in the background. "I'll meet you at the hospital."

I grabbed my ID and jacket and loaded the boys up into the Hummer. I dropped the visor and ran a quick code 3 to the hospital. When we got there, I showed the nurse my badge. "I'm looking for Hans Johansen."

She was about to say something until she saw my badge. "Right this way sir."

She led me into the trauma area and the first thing I heard was Hans' mother. "If you hadn't acted like his homo lover this wouldn't have happened."

I stopped at the door then looked at the boys. "Listen guys, Hans was hurt and just as quick as I can, I'll bring you back to see him. Take a seat right there and be good boys for me, please?"

They were all crying when I told them that especially Jamie. " b...bad is he Papa Lee?"

"I don't know son," I replied as I took all three of them into my arms. "I'll tell you everything I find out."

I gave each of them a kiss then they went and sat down. As I walked in, they were still going at it. "That's just enough."

She turned and looked at me. "You're the one that caused this. It's all your fault."

Helmet turned and looked at her. "It's not Lee's fault nor is it Hans' fault. If you'd not been so blind, you'd have seen the love between Hans and Lee but you tried to stab me. Hans tried to stop you. Lt. Jennings, please do your job."

The doctor and staff came rushing in followed by several uniformed officers. The woman started screaming pointing at me. "Arrest him, arrest him he stabbed my son."

The officers grabbed my arms and started to bring them around my back. "Look in my inside jacket pocket, I'm Lt. Jennings."

"I don't care who he is, he stabbed my boy," she ranted.

"Shut up Mother," Hans moaned. "You..."

Olga quickly covered his mouth before he could finish his statement but Helmet spoke up. "Get your hands off him. You stabbed him while trying to stab me."

The uniformed officers stepped back. "Sorry sir," the one officer said as he reached for Olga.

They cuffed her and led her out of the treatment room. The doctor looked at Hans' wound then down to Hans. "Son, we're going to have to take you to surgery so we can properly check this out."

I looked over to the doctor. "Can his son see him before he goes?"

The doctor nodded his head. "It will take a few minutes so yes, he can have a brief visit. Just keep the noise down."

I stuck my head out and motioned for the boys. "Keep your voices down now. Jamie, your Dad needs to go to surgery but he should be fine. I'll introduce you to the doctor."

I led the boys in and Jamie almost ran to Hans' side. "Oh Daddy, what happened?"

The doctor went over to Jamie. "I'm Dr. Bowman, I'll be operating on your Dad."

We all listened intently to the doctor. Jamie reached for the doctor's hand. "Please don't let my Daddy die."

Dr. Bowman knelt down and looked at Jamie in the eyes. "Your Daddy will be just fine. There is a lot of muscle damage but it doesn't appear it hit any vital organs."

Hans took Jamie's hand. "Don't cry son. I'm going to be alright."

"Yu you promise?"

I lifted Jamie up so he could kiss Hans then Dr. Bowman gently set the other boys on the gurney near Hans' feet. Jamie leaned down and kissed Hans then some people came in to take Hans to the operating room. Sonny and Kevin gave Hans a kiss then I lifted them off the gurney. We walked with everyone to the doors to the operating room then we watched as he was wheeled inside. We went back and found Helmet and he was standing outside the Emergency Room talking with an officer. I was about to send the boys inside when they all ran over to him. Jamie was crying. "Grampa, why did she try to hurt Daddy?"

There were some benches by the door so he led the boys over to them. He slid Jamie onto his lap then brought Sonny and Kevin over to his side. He kissed each boy then looked Jamie in the eyes. "She didn't try to hurt your Daddy Jamie. She tried to hurt me."

Kevin gasped. "Why grampa? Why did she wanna hurt you?"

"She was mad at me son. She was mad at me because I started accepting Lee and Hans' homosexuality. I can't begin to understand it but I saw how much they really love each other and how happy Hans is with Lee and that's all I care about."

Jamie looked at his grampa. "Grampa, we're all like Daddy and Papa Lee. Kevin is my boyfriend but he and I have a special bond with Sonny too."

Helmet was confused. "Do you mean you?"

"Yes grampa, we fool around." Jamie said blushing.

I finished talking with the officers. "Lt. Jennings, someone from homicide will be out to talk with Hans as soon as he's able to answer questions."

They left and I went over to join the others. I sat down then Kevin and Sonny quickly were occupying my lap. Kevin looked up at me but I could tell he was still worried about Hans. I knew the wound wasn't that serious but anything could happen while he was asleep. I had to be strong for the boys but my strength was leaving me and tears slowly began to fall. Helmet reached over and drew me into a hug. "It's alright to cry Lee. It shows how much you love Hans."

I managed to get my emotions under control then remembered I had to be to work the next day. I got my cell phone out and called Capt. Blair at home. "Sorry to bother you at home sir but Hans was injured this evening and he's in surgery."

"My god Lee, what happened?"

I filled him in and he me gave some time off. I closed the phone when Helmet looked at me. "Lee, if you need someone to look after the boys, I'll be glad to."

I smiled and nodded my head. "Thanks Helmet but I'm in no shape to work tomorrow but I just might take you up on your offer though the next day."

We got up and went to the surgical waiting room. I found a long couch and sat in the middle. I had Sonny and Kevin on each side as they put their heads on my lap then fell asleep. Helmet had Jamie and I could see this boy took his heart. I don't know what time it was when Dr. Bowman came out. "Mr. Jennings, Mr. Johansen, Hans is out of surgery. The damage was just to the muscle and no other vital structures. He's in recovery now and should be there about 45 minutes to an hour then he'll be moved to a regular room. If all goes well, he should only be here a couple of days. I can't let all of you in there but 1 or 2 of you should be alright."

Helmet looked over to me. "Why don't you go and see him while I'll watch the sleeping boys."

I eased out and followed Dr. Bowman into the recovery room. I moved Hans' baby fine hair out of his face then leaned down and gently kissed him. He had a huge bandage over his shoulder and he looked like hell. His eyes blinked open. "Hi baby, how long have you been standing there?"

"I just got back here and I'm not staying long either. You need your rest."

I saw him wiggle his fingers so I took his hand in mine. "I feel like shit."

"I can imagine lover. Now, here is a kiss from each of the boys and your Dad. We're going home and get some sleep."

I could tell he was fighting to stay awake. "Ok love. Give the boys a kiss for me and tell them I'm fine. I'll see you all sometime later."

He barely got those last few words out when he went back to sleep. Dr. Bowman and I headed to the door when we saw some woman, who reminded me of a cross between Shamu and the wicked witch of the west, yelling at a nurse. "Listen lady, I'm here to get a statement from Hans Johansen and unless you want to be arrested, you'll move out of the way now."

I took my badge off and put it inside my pocket as Dr. Bowman walked over to them. "I'm Mr. Johansen's physician and he is not seeing anyone until I say he is. What ever questions you have for him can wait until later."

"Listen man, I said I'm talking to him now."

I walked over and looked at her. "Lady, what part of he's not answering anything don't you understand?"

"I'm Officer Carmichael from Homicide. Now, are you looking to spend some time in jail, if not, I'd shut my mouth."

I was short on sleep, my lover had been stabbed so I was not in the best of moods and this bimbo was getting on the one nerve I had left. "Lady; and I'm using that term very loosely, this is a hospital. You can't just waltz in and make demands."

She puffed her chest out and reached behind her. She then used her blubber to push past Dr. Bowman and the nurse then reached for my wrist while bringing her cuffs out. I quickly reversed the move using her weight to my advantage and quickly had her right arm behind her back. "You better let go of me right now."

"And if I don't?" I asked giggling.

"That's it mister, you're under arrest."

I marched her outside then reached into my pocket removing my ID. I spun her around and dropped my shield in front of her face. "I'm what?"

"You're interfering with an ongoing investigation," she spat trying to cover her ass."

"And your conduct is unbecoming of a police officer," I replied. "You were told by the man's doctor that he was not up to seeing visitors yet you continued to threaten them. Before speaking to ANY patient, you must first get clearance from their physician. DID YOU?"

"I, uh, well,"

I was in no mood for her bullshit so I wasn't letting her off the hook. "You can let Capt. Harris know that she'll be receiving a phone call from me sometime tomorrow about your total lack of professionalism. If I see you anywhere near Mr. Johansen, I'll personally file charges against you. You have exactly 60 seconds to get out of my sight."

She sulked over to the elevator and I stood by the doors watching her leave. I went back over to Helmet and the boys and got them up so we could head home for some much needed sleep.

On the way home, I told everyone how Hans was doing and that he sent his love. I told them that he wasn't feeling more up to company and before I left him, he'd fallen back to sleep. When we got home, I showed Helmet to the guest room. I was coming out of the bathroom when I saw 3 boys sitting on the bed. "Ok boys, get undressed and use the bathroom."

In record time, I had 3 naked boys cuddled around me and sound asleep. I too fell asleep in record time because the next thing I knew my bladder was telling me it needed to be emptied.

To be continued

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