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You okay? Part 1 (MM)

by Morgyle

Jake stumbled into the washroom. "Why do I torture myself like this?" he asked himself looking at his disheveled reflection in the mirror. A night out with the boys, and he looked like death warmed up, and didn't feel any better. He still had the whole day to get through, and wasn't quite sure if he would make it. Jake checked his breath for the umpteenth time. The day after stale smell of rum was winning the battle against his mouthwash. He popped a piece of gum into his mouth, and straightened his tie.

The solitude and quiet of the washroom was a blessing, and Jake wished that he could work from it, but he was cursed to sit in his cubicle. Every sound seemed to echo in his head, and he vowed never to drink himself into a stupor. "Well until next time," he thought with a grin.

Jake was just getting himself settled in when the receptionist, Marion - came gliding over to his desk. Yes, gliding, because Jake could never quite figure out how she managed to stay balanced on those tiny high heels, because she never took actual steps, but didn't seem to shuffle either.

"Morning, Honey, boy do you look like shit this morning", Marion said perching her well-proportioned body on the edge of Jake's desk. Before Jake could respond, she smiled and said, "I could help you feel a whole lot better - you know, relieve some, um pent up energy".

"That's right Marion you just love to play the cock tease, especially when I am feeling like I could get sick at any moment", Jake said sliding his hand over her exposed thigh.

Screwing up her nose, Marion countered, "well don't you worry none, because that last comment of yours just made me lose interest - big time!" She moved to leave, and then remembering why she had come over in the first place - she tossed down a file covered in an assortment of colored post-it notes, "your meetings", she said, and glided back to her desk.

"Wonderful", Jake thought, "all I need is a busy day". A sudden, "excuse me, sir" from behind Jake almost gave him a heart attack. "What?" Jake grumbled spinning his chair around. The young man standing in front of him looked petrified, and actually jumped when Jake turned around.

"Um, would you like some, um, coffee, sir?" asked the young guy wringing his hands.

"Sorry, guy didn't mean to be so gruff - who are you anyway?" Jake asked locking his eyes with the young man.

"My name's, James Rivers, sir," the young man answered. "Do you want some coffee, sir?"

"Yes, I think I need some James - why are you offering me coffee anyway?"

"My boss said that I should come over, as you would probably need some - how do you like it, sir?"

"Who?" Jake's concentration span seemed to be about 5 seconds this morning, and he was not quite sure what was going on around him. He didn't quite know what James was talking about, and then slowly the pieces began to fall into place.

"Kenny, sir", James said confirming Jake's suspicions. Yes, James had thought as much. His heavyset friend, and work colleague could drink a bar empty, and still feel fine the next morning. Some guys just seem to have all the luck.

"Ah, sorry, James - make it a strong cup will you - Kenny got me a little pissed last night."

"Yes, sir", James said, and hurried to go and fetch the coffee.

Jake's terminal beeped. He spun around in his chair, and in the same instant felt queasy. The terminal beeped again, and Jake checked his e-mail inbox. A message from Kenny no less.

Do you like my new assistant? Cute isn't he, and he is part of your family!

Jake did a double take. "What?" He must be really out of it, because he didn't even remember what James looked like, and he was here just a moment ago. As if on cue - James reappeared.

"Here's your coffee, sir", James said, but unfortunately he misjudged just slightly, and spilt coffee on Jake's shirtsleeve.

"Hey, watch it buddy." A nasty looking stain had already made Jake's shirtsleeve its home.

"I'm sorry, sir", James stuttered. He didn't seem to know what to do.

"Look in the bottom draw of that filing cabinet, and get me out a fresh shirt." James turned around, and Jake pulled off his shirt, and wiped the excess coffee off his arm.

It took James a moment to get a fresh shirt, and when he turned around he saw Jake sitting there with no shirt on. James stood staring at the nicely formed hairy pecs, and the big nipples. The body looked absolutely gorgeous. A hand touching his brought him back to reality.

"Ah, sorry, sir", James said trying to gain some composure, but he couldn't hide the fact that he had a raging hard-on. Jake quickly pulled the shirt over his head, and buttoned up the remaining buttons.

Soon he had his tie on again. The whole incident had actually helped to clear his head some. He looked across at James who had not moved an inch - well except for his swollen cock, which was clearly visible.

Jake stroked James' crotch with the back of his hand - saying, "what's getting you so excited?" James turned crimson. "Hmm, he is rather cute", thought Jake. He rubbed his hand back and forth a few more time, and then could not resist the temptation to squeeze the balls and cock in his hand. James closed his eyes and moaned. "Yes, this one is hungry", Jake thought holding James's balls in his hand and stroking his cock through the fabric of his trousers with his thumb. Jake's own cock was rock hard, and begging to be released from its prison. Suddenly Jake's extension decided to intrude on the moment.

"Yes," Jake said grabbing the phone with his other hand, and not relinquishing his hold on the cum filled balls.

"Now look here buddy - he is my assistant after all, and I would like him to get back over here - pronto! By the way - wanna meet up for lunch?" asked Kenny with a mouth full of something on the other side of the phone.

"He was on his way back, and I'll send that file you need. Oh, yes, and lunch on you sounds great. Bye." Jake hung up the phone, and gave James' cock one last squeeze.

"Here," Jake said tossing his shirt to James, "put it in the packet in the bottom draw". James did as he was told, and when he turned around Jake's body was pressed right up against his. Jake kept his body pressed against James, as he leaned over him, and pulled a file from a pile on top of the filing cabinet. He could feel the heat from James's body, and the unmistakable erection pressing against his own engorged member.

"Here you need to carry this file back to Kenny's office, and James we will finish this later", Jake said planting a quick kiss on the young man's crimson lips, and taking a step back.

James weaved quickly through the maze of cubicles in a dazed state, and headed for the washroom. He had to get rid of his aching hard on before he returned to Kenny. "God, that guy is hot," he thought as he sat himself down in the furthest stall. He pulled down his trousers, and wrapped his hand around his 6 1/2" of uncircumcised cock. James was just going to start beating off when the door to the washroom opened. His heart was beating ninety to the dozen, as he slowly began to strok his hand back and forth. He heard a tap open, close again, and the door to the washroom swung open again. James really needed to cum, so he stroked his cock with quick frantic strokes, and before long he closed his eyes. A deep moan escaped his mouth as his cock shot globs of cum all over the cubicle.

James opened his eyes, and started using some tissue paper to clean up the mess on his hand, and cock. It is then that he noticed the file Jake had given him was drenched in cum. "Fuck!" James shouted.

"Now, now - such language is not appropriate for an employee of McGree & Associates," a voice boomed from the inside of the washroom. All the color drained from James's face.

[to be continued??]

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