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Last time...

James really needed to cum, so he stroked his cock with quick frantic strokes, and before long he closed his eyes. A deep moan escaped his mouth as his cock shot globs of cum all over the cubicle.

James opened his eyes, and started using some tissue paper to clean up the mess on his hand, and cock. It is then that he noticed the file Jake had given him was drenched in cum. "Fuck!" James shouted.

"Now, now - such language is not appropriate for an employee of McGree & Associates," a voice boomed from the inside of the washroom. All the color drained from James's face.

You okay? Part 2 (MM)

by Morgyle

"Better keep that dick of yours under control," the voice said, and laughing - left the washroom.

"What the fuck," thought James, as he pulled up his trousers, and retrieved the cum stained file from the floor. He opened the cubicle door, and peeped out before heading for the wash basin. James washed the remaining cum from his hand, and then tried to clean the traces of cum off of the file. He tried drying the file, but was dismayed to see that it was still stained. Looking into the mirror, James told himself to relax. The reflection in the mirror showed a broad shouldered young man with aubern hair, emerald green eyes, and a very worried frown.

"Who the hell had been in the washroom?" he pondered whilst straightening his tie. James took a deep breathe, and picking up the file headed out the door of the washroom. He half expected everyone to be staring at him, as he emerged from the washroom, but there was no more attention paid to him then the obvious curiosity of that which comes with being a new employee.

James made his way to Kenny's office, and knocked on the door. "Come," Kenny's voice boomed from behind the door. James entered to find Kenny sitting at his desk eating a dougnut. The guy always seemed to be eating. Well ever since James had met him. Even their initial interview had been done over a meal.

"Where the fuck have you been?" Scolded Kenny boring his eyes into James.

"I had to go to the washroom, Sir," answered James, and at the same time wondering why Kenny's nature had soured so quickly. He made to hand the file to Kenny who just waved it aside.

"Forget that - we have a problem. That pencil dick of a boss of mine wants a presentation first thing in the morning, and we will be working most of the night. He knew about the presentation last week, but only tells me now, so you get down to Research, and speak to Tomas - who I've briefed. He'll get you all set up. We will meet in my office again at ten this evening, and work on the presentation. Now get moving."

James left the room still clinging to the file. He dropped it on his desk, and grabbed his mobile from his drawer. Pulling on his suit jacket he headed for the elevator. He scanned the sign on the side of the doors, and saw that the Research Department was on the 12th floor. He pushed the up button for the elevator, and waited patiently while watching the numbers sequenchly light up. Eventually number 9 lite up, and with a ping the doors opened. James entered the elevator and pressed 12. The door began to close, but a hand stopped them from closing.

"Hey, buddy - thought I would miss the elevator," said a black haired stranger as he stepped into the lift, and pressed 12. They rode the lift in silence to the 12th floor. James stole glances at the stranger. He was tall, and his nipples on a hard set of pecs were clearly visible under his white shirt. James felt his dick begin to stir. The guy just oozed testosterone.

"God, working here is going to be a sexual frustration," thought James. He didn't even have Daniel to go home to anymore. They had gone out for 2 years, but James had caught Daniel in bed with a friend's cock deeply buried in his ass. James had flown into a rage, and literally ripped the guy out of Daniel, and thrown him across the room. He had then proceeded to beat them. A tear rolled down his cheek, as he thought of the way he had reacted. It was the first time that he had ever hit Daniel, but he loved him so much, and it tore to his soul when he saw the two of them together, that he had just lost control. James had unfortunately punched Daniel when he was trying to stop him beating up Justin, and had regretted it instantly.

The incident had happened two months ago, and Daniel had not spoken to him since, which he understood. He had apologized, but couldn't see how Daniel could ever forgive him. Daniel had suffered a broken nose, and Justin two broken ribs. Daniel had moved in with Justin the next day. James reverie was interrupted by a hand on his shoulder.

"Hey, guy - you also getting out here," asked the stranger, holding open the door.

"Huh?" "Oh, yes," said James wiping the tears from his cheeks, and following the stranger out of the elevator.

"You okay?" The stranger asked turning to look at James with his deep blue eyes.

"Hmm, yes, sorry do you work on this floor?" Asked James as he looked at the stranger.

"Yipe, why what do you need?"

"I need to find someone called Tomas. Do you know him?"

"Yes, he is my supervisor - let me take you to him. Oh, and my name is Janus by the way - yours?"

"James," James said accepting the outstretched hand. His own hand seemed to disapear in that of Janus's.


"That little cunt," thought Kenny as he thought about his boss's unscheduled presentation. He reached for his phone, and tapped out a number. The phone rung 5 times, and then was answered.

"Hi, this is Andy."

"Andy, this is Kenny - can we reschedule for lunchtime today?"

"What time exactly?"

"Can we make it around 1 o'clock for about an hour?"

"So do you want to cancel our other appointment, or do want to keep both?"

"No cancel the one for this evening."

"That's fine. I assume we are still meeting at the same place?"

"Yes, so is that okay?"

"No problem, I'll see you in two hours," said the voice, and the phone hangup.

Kenny replaced the phone, and stretched in his seat. He'd better try and get some work done before he would have to leave for his meeting. A smile crossed his lips, and then he remembered he had planned lunch with Jake, so he quickly typed up an e-mail to Jake, and explained that he could not make their lunch date.

The message was quickly replied to by Jake, and read: "That's right you get me all excited, and then nothing. Just joking. It is fine. I still feel like shit, so am going to go down to the gym for a work-out - in the hopes of feeling better. The operative word is hope. Did I mention that I am never drinking again. EVER!!!"

Kenny laughed when he received the reply. He and Jake had been friends now for almost two years. Kenny still remembered how they had met. Jake had shocked half the office including Kenny at the Christmas office party by arriving with a gorgeous guy on his arm. No one had even suspected that he might be gay. Some, like Marion, still believed that he could be "changed". Kenny had been the diplomat, and approached the couple with his wife's insistence. Rachel loved the whole idea of knowing a gay couple, or was it just the fact that they were both very good looking. She invited Jake, and Kraig around for lunch the next day. Kenny had felt really uncomfortable. He didn't like the idea at the time of having two fags in his house. All that changed when he got to know Jake & Kraig. They had fallen in love at college, and had been together ever since. Both saw themselves growing old with the other. However, that never happened, because three months after Kenny met them Kraig was killed in a gas explosion on a construction site. Jake had been distraught, and had taken a month off work. Kenny, and Rachel had tried to be there for Jake, but he just shut out the whole world. After a month he returned to work, and resumed his job. He began working long hours, and it was not uncommon for him to work a 18 hour day. Kenny started inviting Jake out for drinks, and their friendship grew stronger over time. Eventually, Jake relaxed his rigid work routine, and returned to gym. He made a number of hard choices in the months following Kraig's death like selling the house they had built together, because it hurt every time he came home. Kenny new from their drunken binge last night that Jake was still single, and was finally considering being with someone for more then just casual sex.

Kenny looked at his watch. He placed a call to Tomas in the Research Department.

"Das ist Tomas," Tomas answered, "sorry, this is Tomas".

"Kenny here, Tomas - what's with the German?"

"Ah, Kenny, I was just speaking to my mother," answered Tomas, as he straightened his blond hair. He had stunning blond hair, blue eyes, and a nicely tanned physique.

"How is my assistant doing?" His name had escaped Kenny for the moment.

"James is doing fine, and he has Janus to help him. I gave them the topic of the presentation, and also your rough workings - with a few of mine thrown in."

"Will you have the raw data on time?"

"Ja, it will be ready. James said he must meet you in your office at around ten. I have asked Janus to attend the meeting with the two of you in case you need any additional information, becuase he will know were to find it, okay?"

"That would be great. I'll speak to you again this afternoon. Chors," said Kenny with a grin on his face.


Tomas headed out of his office to go, and check up on Janus and James. He had never missed a deadline, and today would not be the first. They were in one of the reseach rooms. The room had a huge conference table in the center, and large screens covered two walls. A third wall had six television screens on it, which were running a multitude of news stations. The room was done out totally in blue and white, which made for a striking effect. Supposedly a calming effect.

"How you guys doing in here?" Asked Tomas, as he moved over to stand behind Janus and James.

"Fine," said Janus, "we are just waiting for the Omega Satelitte to be free so it can provide us with the latest digital images from the target area".

"Why is there a delay?" Tomas said moving to one of the large blue screens.

"Something about Phentra having preference, and denying us the access codes," answered Janus.

"That bitch, Rossanne again no doubt. Spirit," he shouted looking at the blue screen.

"Yes, Tomas," asked a voice which echoed through the room. James literally jumped from his seat. Janus smiled and put a hand on his arm. Squeezing slightly. The screen Tomas had been facing flickered, and then the face of a beautiful blond woman with blue eyes appeared.

"Ah, Spirit, can you get us access of Omega - use override - DAB78934FGR2365," asked Tomas. The face on the screen smiled at Tomas.

"Is that a person, or what," James whispered to Janus.

"It is a computer system," answered Janus. Before James could ask any more questions Spirit spoke again.

"Access granted. Janus please enter the target area on the console in front of you, and the images will be printed out behind you as soon as I have had an opportunity to reposition the satelitte."

"Thank you, Spirit," said Tomas.

"Always a pleasure - is there anything else?" Asked Spirit.

"No, thanks."

The screen flashed once, and then the image disappeared. Tomas turned around to face the two young men.

"If you have any potential delays then please let me know," said Tomas, and left the room.

"Awesome," said James.


"The computer thing," James said as he felt Janus's leg touch his for the umpteenth time, and his cock twitch in response.

"Oh, yes - really cool, but hey let's get some work done, so we can break for lunch," Janus said running his hand down James's back. Now James was convinced, that Janus was flirting with him. He decided to check. Slowly he dropped his hand to Janus's thigh and sqeezed it. Janus wasted no time. He turned James's head to his. Looked deep into the emerald eyes, and then placed his lips over James's. James responded by rubbing his hand over Janus's growing bulge. Janus stood, and pulled James up with him. He lifted James onto the table, so that he was sitting on the end, and continued to french kiss him. They kissed for about ten minutes, and were both rock hard in no time. James could feel Janus's cock pressing against his, and it felt huge. While he was busy kissing him, Janus began to loosen James's belt. He slipped off James's shoes, pulled off his trousers, and underwear. James's cock was dripping precum.

"Lie on your back, and lift your legs," Janus ordered in a hoarse voice, and pulled his wallet from his pocket. He then proceeded to drop his own trousers, and underwear. James gasped when he saw the erect penis before him.

"God, please no - not without lube - you will rip me apart," pleaded James taking hold of Janus's 10" cock with his one hand.

"I won't hurt you," Janus said, and retrieved his wallet from his trousers. He produced a small satchel of Wet Stuff, and a condom. He lubed up one of his fingers, and gently began to work it into James's ass. Janus also lowered his lips to James's cock, and began to suck on it.

A moan escaped James's mouth, as he felt Janus's mouth engulf his cock, and the finger in his ass was feeling so good.

"Put another finger in me," asked James. Janus lubed up a second finger, and started to finger fuck James.

"You okay," asked Janus, as he slipped a third finger into James.

"Oh, fuck yeah," said James, as he began to meet Janus's thrusts with his own.

"Do you think you are ready to try my cock?" Asked Janus bringing his lips to James's ear.

"I dunno, oh, God, that feels good, hmm, we can try," moaned James while Janus's fingers thrust into him. Janus pulled his fingers from James's ass, and rolled the condom onto his cock. He applied some more lube to his cock, and started teasing James's ass with it. He would stick the head in a little way, and then pulling it out again. Each time he applied a little pressure. James could take the teasing no more, and when Janus pushed forward he pushed down to meet him. There was a painful popping sensation as the head of Janus's cock passed the splinter muscles.

James tensed from the shock of the pain. He so much wanted Janus to pull his cock out, but he also wanted him to keep it inside of him. James noticed that Janus had not moved. Looking up he saw that Janus was waiting for him to adjust. The pain began to subside.

"Push your whole cock into me," whispered James. Janus slowly pulled James's hips towards him, and his cock disappeared until his pubes tickled James's ass crack. James had never felt so full in all his life. The feeling was awesome. He had lost his erection, but as Janus slowly began to fuck him, and massage his protrate his erection returned. James actually thought that he had never felt more horny in all his life. Janus's strokes had started picking up pace, and he was thrusting harder, and harder into James.

James couldn't help, but whimper with pleasure. The inward thrusts of Janus's cock felt truely wonderful. James felt his cock start to swell even harder, and without even touching his cock he shot a load of cum all over his shirt, and tie.

Janus groaned as James's ass clamped down on his cock, and with one hard thrust he shot his load deep inside his ass. Janus leaned down, and started to french kiss James. While kissing James, Janus slowly began to withdraw his cock from the tight warm ass. James felt so empty when he finally felt the head of the cock pop out of his ass. He desperately wanted it to be in him again.

"That was great, Janus. I have never had such tender fuck," said James running a hand over Janus's hard chest.

"I enjoyed it to, and if you want - I'd like to do this again," whispered Janus pulling James's lips to his again.


Tomas turned off the monitor, and replaced his spent cock. He'd give them some time to freshen up before he interrupted them. It had been a good thing, that he had been on the phone when he accessed the conference room, so his audio had been off, or else he might have missed out on the sexy show. It had not taken him long to shoot his load.


Kenny was a few minutes late for his appointment. He knocked on the door, and waited. He heard some movement, and then the door opened. What he saw took his breathe away.

[to be continued??]

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