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Last time...

Janus groaned as James's ass clamped down on his cock, and with one hard thrust he shot his load deep inside his ass. Janus leaned down, and started to french kiss James. While kissing James, Janus slowly began to withdraw his cock from the tight warm ass. James felt so empty when he finally felt the head of the cock pop out of his ass. He desperately wanted it to be in him again.

"That was great, Janus. I have never had such a tender fuck," said James running a hand over Janus's hard chest.

"I enjoyed it to, and if you want - I'd like to do this again," whispered Janus pulling James's lips to his again.


Tomas turned off the monitor, and replaced his spent cock. He'd give them some time to freshen up before he interrupted them. It had been a good thing, that he had been on the phone when he accessed the conference room, so his audio had been off, or else he might have missed out on the sexy show. It had not taken him long to shoot his load.


Kenny was a few minutes late for his appointment. He knocked on the door, and waited. He heard some movement, and then the door opened. What he saw took his breathe away.

You okay? Part 3 (MM)

by Morgyle

Jake had decided by lunchtime, that staying at work was an absolute waste of time. He couldn't think straight, and just was not being productive at all. Grabbing the stained shirt out of the bottom draw of his filing cabinet - he stuffed it into his gym bag, and after setting up an "Out of Office" notice on his phone and e-mail he headed for the gym.

The gym was located on the 5th floor of the building, and Jake was changed and pumping iron in no time. He loved the way his muscles burned as he lifted the heavy weights. The strenuous workout helped to reduce the throbbing in his head, although the occasional `clang' from metal on metal did provide a few painful jars to his head. He was concentrating so hard on making sure the weights made no noise that Jake did not see Marion coming towards him with cat-like stealth. She straddled his waist and sat down. Jake got such a fright that he almost dropped the dumbbells he was holding.

"Marion! What the hell are you doing?" asked Jake after placing the dumbells on the floor.

"Now, now - relax there - I thought you might be here, and I've been watching you for a while," said Marion almost motherly.


"Huh, oh, yes," Marion stated with a quarter of her attention. The rest was focussed on the feeling of Jake's limp cock resting against her ass. "God, this feels nice," she thought - slowly sliding further down Jake's body until her cunt was right above his cock. A soft moan escaped her lips.

"Oh, Marion - it's so not going to happen, Babe - unless you have some Viagra in that Tomato juice you are holding," Jake said, stopping Marion's little circular thrusts over his cock by gripping her hips.

"Fuck, why not?" Marion asked with a trembling lip.

"You know why, so don't waste yourself on me," replied Jake while lifting her body off his limp cock. Marion looked like a child who had just dropped a newly bought ice cream in the sand, and been told she couldn't have another.

"I'll have you yet - mark my words," said Marion handing Jake the Tomato juice, and heading for the ladies showers.

"Geez, lady give it a rest," thought Jake, as he downed the Tomato juice, and finished his last rep.


"Right on time there guy," said Andy as he opened the door for Kenny. Andy looked totally gorgeous in a pair of black cargo pants, and no top. He was also barefoot. Kenny wished he could look like this guy, but he knew that the layers of lard were not going away over night.

"Earth to Kenny," stated Andy with a smirk on his face. Kenny shook his head and entered the room.

"Sorry man - you just look so fucking hot," said Kenny tweaking Andy's left nipple.

"Geez, Kenny - watch it or you might get me all excited," giggled Andy - moving further into the room. "You want to get undressed, so that we can get started?"

"Yeah, lets - I can't wait," Kenny said as he sat down on the bed, and began to remove his clothes. At the same time Andy stood with his back to Kenny at the dresser getting everything ready that they would need.

"Okay, I'm ready - what position do you want me to take," asked Kenny fondling his dick on the bed.

"I think we can use the same position as last time - it worked best for both of us," Andy said whilst advancing towards Kenny.


"Oh, no, Janus," whined James, when he saw his shirt and tie. Janus just laughed, and pointed to a door set in one wall. James headed towards the restroom, but Janus stopped him.

"Here buddy - I think you should get rid of these," said Janus handing James the spent condom and wrappers. Janus then leaned forward, and gave James a kiss on the lips.

"Stay away - you Werewolf - or you will get me all excited again," said James continuing his journey to the restroom. Once inside he couldn't resist the temptation to dip his finger in the condom, and taste some of Janus's cum. "Funny," thought James it tastes no different to mine.

"Janus the evidence is all gone," James stated while walking into the room wiping off his shirt a little while later.

"Not quite all the evidence," said a voice, which immediately jerked James's head up. He froze when he saw Tomas standing in the room, and a large image of Janus's cock buried in James's ass on the rooms monitor. James felt sick to his stomach.

"Janus, I don't much care for this kind of behaviour at work - and I am warning you to stay away from James. If I hear that the two of you have done anything together - then I'll make sure that both of you are fired. Do I make myself clear!" shouted Tomas, and stared at both of them.

As one Janus, and Tomas answered, "Yes".

"Now get finished with the presentation, and seen as you guys have already had a break - I don't think you need another one, but I am not heartless, so I'll send out for some pizza." The door slammed behind Tomas as he left the room. The image, which had been captured on the large screen, disappeared, and so did James's hopes of a normal work life. Not that it had been normal up to now anyway.

"I'm sorry James," said Janus sitting back down in his seat.

"No, I should never have made a move, but I can't say that I didn't enjoy what we did," James said with a wicked little smirk on his face.

"Yeah, me too, but how about we get some real work done now."

As per Tomas's promise - pizza arrived an hour later. It wasn't the best pizza in the world, but it was hot food, and that is all that mattered. It was enough to keep them going through the afternoon, and into the night. At a quarter to ten Janus and James made their way to Kenny's office. They found him in a very pleasant mood. The briefing lasted until after midnight, but Kenny told Janus that he could leave around eleven.

"So how has your first day been - young man?" asked Kenny looking across his desk at James. He could almost have sworn that James squirmed in his seat.

"Ah, fine - really good," mumbled James. Rearranging a hand full of files.

"I am impressed with your work so far James, but let me warn you that if I catch you fucking around on company time - your out - ok?"

"Fuck, did Tomas tell him," thought James before he replied, "yeah, I understand".

"Good - now lets get home - I have a wife's bitching to get too," said Kenny collecting his coat, and shepherding James to the door.

[to be continued]

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