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Ever felt that you can do nothing right in someone's eyes? Whether it is forgetting an important date, or saying the wrong thing, or maybe, just maybe, the whole thought of you existing, freaks this person out so much that he can't stand to look at you, let alone call you his son. I was finally going to get away from all that and maybe even forever, if I was that lucky. Eventually I would have to go home, but for now I think that I will enjoy my freedom, thank you very much indeed. I changed the gears on my car as I stopped at an intersection. Every single thing that I saw reminded me of him. I was hoping for a chance to get away from all that and really start to live my life as I wanted it to be. I checked my watch. It should be only one more hour's drive from here. I decided to stop by a café and get some lunch. Driving kinda takes it out of you. I placed myself into a seat nearest to the door, a good place from where I could watch my Jeep, that's my pride and joy, just incase. After the brother's death I inherited it from him and ive been hooked on it ever since. This was a strange, new town and I didn't know much about it and the surroundings. Can never be too careful though. Anyway this waitress came to take my order and from the moment that she stood infront of me, I smelled it. Good God! There should be a law against women wearing so much perfume, scent or whatever the hell it was that was on her. I ordered me a Café Latte as well as a chicken mayo sandwich, and sat back in my chair, almost wanting to fall asleep, but knowing full well that I couldn't.

Okay, I should really stop complaining about perfume and introduce myself. My name is Giovanni Esplinoza, but I really, and I mean really, prefer to be called Gio. As you can probably see from my last name im a mixture of Italian and Hispanic backgrounds. As much as I would like that not to be the case, if there is one thing that I've learned over the years, is that you can't fight against your own blood, who you are and where you come from. I'm 19 years old and im on my way to the new phase in my life...COLLEGE!!! Yeah right. To me and my parents' surprise, I finished Valedictorian in my class as well as in my year (that felt good) and I got a bursary to complete my tersiary studies further. At the moment I was really into marketing and sales, but I was also looking forward to do a bit of drama on the side. I've been facinated by the performing arts in like forever and was really hoping to get into that somehow, if the college was backing it, or funding it or if they even had a drama field. Everything was new for me, but I couldn't stay in my parents's house for another day. You can never go wrong when you combine those two babies together, I have been told many a time in my life, drama and martketing that is. Anyway, once I finished my Latte, I stood up, tipped the waitress 10% of the bill and left the café. As I reached my Jeep, I saw another guy sitting on the steps of the next building, with his head in his hands. I looked around, but there wasn't exactly someone else that was looking at him or taking the time to ask him what the hell was wrong. I really wanted to know, I mean it's not everyday that you get to see a guy, who looked to be my age, crying. As he lifted his head, I saw him take out his mobile and it looked like he was dialing a number. After a few seconds, I saw him throwing the phone on the ground, where it smashed into a million little black and white pieces. What the hell? Hey, from where I come from you treat what you have with respect. I started to walk over to him.

"Hey, are you okay?"

Shit, Gio! Bad opening line man, like you cannot see the answer to that...

"What?" he said, looking up.

"Dude, I just saw you throw your phone... shit man it's a fucking Samsung U900! This thing costs a fortune!" I screamed, looking at the damaged screen a little closer. I really wanted one of these babies and here before me sits a guy who had just fucked one up seemingly for the fun of it.

"Yeah, what's it to you anyway? It's none of your business. Okay? You get that?"

"Shit dude, whatever, I mean I was just trying to help..."

"Yeah, yeah that's what you all say. Just do me a favour and stay the hell away from me."

The guy stood up, grabbed his bags and stormed off, but not quite before I saw the leftovers of dried tears on his face. I shook my head and walked back to my Jeep. There was something seriously wrong with that guy and I just let him walk away from me. What if he is a danger to himself or to others? I sighed. This caring attitude, I inherited from my mothers's side but sometimes it had to spring up at me when I least expected or needed it. Once I was in my Jeep I turned the engine on and drove over to the guy, who was walking in some direction at a furious pace. I stopped next to him, but when he kept on walking I climbed out and called after him.

"Hey dude! Need a ride?"

He turned around and looked behind him. I think he didn't quite believe that I was talking to him as he blinked his eyes a couple of times and then he pulled a face.

"Didn't I tell you to leave me alone? What the hell don't you understand by that?"

"Dude, come on! I can see that you're upset and I don't want to interfere in your business but just allow me to give to a ride somewhere. It's not like im gonna rape you in the back of my Jeep or anything!"

Okay, I totally meant that as a joke, but all of a sudden, he became as white as a sheet. His eyes became like small black marbles just waiting to be moved and his lips curled as the surveyed the area. I could see that I said something wrong, but shit man, what happened to freedom of speech? He didn't move as I walked up to him and took him by his shoulders. I immediately let go. He was shaking! It was like he didn't notice me or anyone walking past him and staring at him so I led him to my Jeep and helped him get in and after that I put his luggage in the boot with mine. I buckled up his seatbelt and gently started the engine.

"Is there somewhere where I can drop you off?" I asked him.

"Will you do me a favour?" he asked, his eyes nearly demanding to look into mine.

"Okay, sure man. What can I do to help?"

"Take me where ever you are headed to. Just get me away from here. I don't care where you take me; just get me out of here!"

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