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When I think about it now, I was really stupid not to see the sence of danger and the warning signs that was staring me in the face. That day that I opened my Jeep...and my heart to David...why couldn't I see through him and everything that happened? While I was driving to college that day I should have left him there, right there on those steps where I first saw him. He was trouble with a capital T.

David was real quiet after he had ordered me to take him where ever I was heading. I made a sick joke telling him that I was not going to rape in the back of my Jeep, and that day he became as white as snow. He was dead silent as we drove the rest of the way to the college. The daylight ever so slowly started to fade as the sunset intervened and I noticed that David had fallen asleep. By then I didn't even know his name and for me he was just the weird guy that I just couldn't leave on his own. As we pulled up in the college parking lot, David shook awake and started to look around him like crazy, hands grasping the seatbelt and his eyes finding mine. When he saw me, he visibly relaxed and he sank back into the seat.

"Hey man, have a nice rest?"

"Feels like it. Where the hell are we?"

"Well, you told me to take you where I was headed. This is it. Marlborough College. That fine with you?"

He diverted his eyes towards the window and stared at his surroundings. His lip curled once more and then he looked back at me.

"Nice. So you are quite loaded as far as money is concerned, right?"

"I wish, my friend. No, I got a bursary to further my studies. I just happen to study when the time requires it, that's all. Well, this is it...and I don't quite know what to do now...what are you going to do now, I mean I don't mean to sound rude but..."

"Don't worry. You've done enough for me already. You know, I really thought wrong of you. I thought that you were just a dumb jock that would fuck every pussy that he sees. You're different, man. Thanks."

He started to unbuckle his seatbelt and by the time that he was out, I was already taking out his luggage. I gave it to him and while he took it, he looked me directly in the eye. I felt this shiver going down my spine as I tried to figure out what the hell those eyes were trying to tell me.

"Thanks again, man. Ill see you around."

"Wait! Will you be okay, I mean is there somewhere that you can go?"

"Oh problem. Goodbye and goodnight."

I stared after him for a long time; even after he was well out of sight. I just couldn't tear my eyes away from this guy that I have known just for over an hour. This was fucking unreal, I have never been this upset about someone leaving me than I have been about stranger. I sighed and got my stuff, and went up to admin to check into my room. As I opened my door, I saw two beds and two different sides of the room as my roommate must have been there already. I couldn't see his face as it was facing away from me under the covers so I put my stuff down as quietly as I could and went into the bathroom, cleaned my face and washed my hands, quietly made my bed, got in and fell into an exhausting sleep.

I was walking down to the showers and once I got there, I started to undress which was followed by me turning on the shower, feeling the warm water falling on my skin. I got into the shower and opened the bottle of shower jel, rubbing it on my chest and my six pack. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around to see...him. I didn't quite know what to do...I just stood there, facing him and letting the water make me hotter than I have ever been...His hand on my shoulder glided to the back of my head and he ran his fingers through my wet hair. I started to breathe heavy and pretty soon everything just got too much for me, you know, not to touch him aswell. My hands went behind his back, feeling his strong muscles and moving it down to his waist, grabbing him closer to me and finally giving into all these forbidden temtations that was speading and glowing infront of me. I gently leaned in and I...

My alarm clock blasted its irritating tone in my ear as I woke up with a loud scream. I shot a glance to my right, the bed was empty. Thank God my roommate didn't see this! I stood up, wiped my eyes and pushed open the curtains to let the morning sun glide over my face and upper chest. As hard as I could, I could not forget about almost kissing the man that I had met only the day before. Not a single gay thought had ever crossed my mind. Guys had always been only friends or close buddies at the most. This was insane! I just had a wet dream about kissing, or nearly kissing some guy...I mean what the hell do I do now? Im a straight fucking guy, not a damn fag!

As I got dressed and went to my first class, I still had the vivid memory of my dream in my head. As my entered the class and sat down at a random desk, I looked around me and saw a couple of guys and girls that looked to be cool to hang out with. Shit man, you got to make friends in college, please don't let me be an outcast!!! Anyway by the third period, I ended up sitting next to a guy who was reading what looked like to be a play. I peeked closer and I saw that it was a copy of Medea, by Sophocles. That really sparked my interest.

"Hey man, you like drama?" I asked him.

He looked to his left at me and he smiled.

"Yeah, love it! Too bad the college doesn't have a drama facility. I already did inquiries and that really sucked. Seems everyone thinks that one will never get work as an actor. Im Xander Peterson, u?"

"Gio Esplinoza. Italian and Spanich born and bred. Hey, maybe we should look for an agency or something that we can join, you know that can organise us some auditions..."

"We should be so lucky. Anyway, it's nice to have someone to talk to that share my passions. Hey, how about we do lunch together?"

"Sure man. I have Human Resources before that. Ill meet you at the caferteria."

"Shot, bro!"

After the most boring class of the day just seemed to go by the slowest of all, I finally rushed to the cafeteria. I was really looking forward to strengthen my friendship with Xander since we both liked the same stuff. As I rounded a corner I saw...him. My heart skipped a beat. He was sitting underneath a tree and he was staring right at me. I found myself walking over to him and sitting down next to him.


"Hey there."

"What are you still doing here?"

"You are chasing me away?"

"Ofcourse not. You said that you had somewhere to go, so im just asking."

"Well I lied, ok? I just wanted to get away from there. You only gave me a ride, which does not give you the right to take me in for questioning."

"Im worried about you, dude."

"Well don't be. David Blake has always managed on his own and he will do now aswell."

"David. So that's your name?"

"Yeah, Gio."

"How did you...?

"Do have perhaps have something to eat for me? Im kinda hungry."

I took out my sandwich that I made this morning and gave it to him. He grabbed it and devoured it within seconds.

"Dude, when was the last time that you ate?"

"Is that any of your business?"

"You know what? Fine, you can rot on your own. I have tried to help you but even that is not good enough. You can jump of the nearest bridge for all I care."

With that I walked of back to the caferteria, looking for Xander. I was furious inside and my throat was burning. I stopped at the bathroom and I went into a cubicle, locked the door and sat down and tried to get my mood and my breathing to normal. Why the hell was this guy upsetting so much? If this was any other guy I wouldn't have cared twice, but this guy...I couldn't understand it. I heard the door open and I stayed as quiet as I could. I heard a knocking on the cubicle's door.

"Gio? Gio, you in there?"

It was David. He must have followed me here. I stood up and opened the door. My head told me not to, but...oh heart was telling me something else.

"Gio, look. I can't tell you everything that you want to know. There is some stuff in my past that I cannot and don't want to talk about just yet. Please understand. Im sorry if I come across as rude and cocky, but that's the only way I know how. I know that what I asked you to do might have seemed weird, but there was a good reason for me asking to come with you, believe me."

There was something in those bright blue eyes that was sad and dejected that I didn't want to respond. I just nodded and started to walk out of the bathroom. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder...hell no, im so not dreaming that crap again!

But this time I turned around and looked at him staring at me.

"You know...I never got the chance to say thank you properly for taking me with you. Since I have shit money to get you anything, this is the only way I know how...

My world had shut down and my heart started to race in my chest as I knew that this was indeed no dream because no one could be this real or so lovingly. The way David kissed my lips was so electric and sensual; I was at my wits's end. I kissed him back, grabbing his head and pulling it closer to me. His hands traveled down my chest and he broke the kiss, moving his lips to my shoulder where he gave me an earth shattering kiss, after which, rubbing the spot where he had just placed his lips. I hugged him to me, gripping his shoulders tightly as we stood in that college bathroom, with our heads on eachothers's shoulders, where anyone could have seen us, holding eachother and never wanting to let go.

There was only one little voice in the back of my mind. A little voice kept on whispering in my ear:

You are hugging another were kissing another boy.


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