THE FIRST TIME July, 2000

The standard disclaimers apply.

All characters and situations are a figment of my imagination. So no claims will be entertained.


  The light hair on my legs bristled under the cover, as I lay in the darkened room, on HIS bed, waiting...

  Allan entered the cabin shortly and started to strip off the little that he was wearing. I watched silently, scarcely breathing as he took off his tank top standing by the window. As he raised his hands over the head to pull it off, the copious underarm hair caught the moonbeam. I nearly let out a moan at the sight (you see, I always had this thing about underarm hairs!). His smooth, well-tanned skin glistened as it caught the moonlight, the muscles rippling. He turned away from me as he started to unbutton his tight cut-offs and was soon bending to pull it off his feet. With the confidence of a man that knows his surroundings he walked towards the bed in the dark.

  "Welcome." I said pulling the covers away, as he was about to climb into his bed.

  He did a double take as he jumped back with an audible gasp and hit the light switch quite forgetting his nudity!

  "Who's that?" he asked as the room was flooded with light.


   O.K, lets start at the beginning, for that's a pretty good place to start. Am Jerry, 16, 5'7", blonde and like all storybook hero's, blue eyed! Allan, MY Allan, is 24, brown haired and green eyed and an ADONIS if there ever lived one. We were out camping - my first time! And he was our counselor. From the moment I had seen him I was sure that he would be mine no matter what. And the past week I had schemed and planned for ways to get him into my bed and finally decided that the best approach would be to take the bull by the horn, in this case my Adonis by his cock - that is, DIRECT! So, here I was in his bed, lying in the nude, to give him all the pleasures a man can ever dream of.


  In the harsh light of the overhead bulb I finally saw my Adonis in all his bare glory! And believe me, he was as good without his clothes, as with them. A mouthwatering specimen of manhood!

  "Jerry! What are you doing here, in my bed?!" he hissed.

  (Now, what a shame! With me nude, lying on his bed, sporting one of my best boners, if I had to tell him that, he better have some counseling himself!)

  "Isn't it obvious, Allan?" I cooed.

  "Get out and go to your room, now!" he said trying to sound authoritative.

  (As if that was about to work on me... HUH!)

  "I didn't come here, take my clothes off, got into your bed, to just see that glorious body of yours with that magnificent cock dangling there and go away. I came here to FUCK you!"

  His mouth visible fell open at that and he made a funny kind of noise in his throat and then seemed to regain his composure.

  "Listen, we could get thrown out of here for this. Why, I could even get arrested!" he said moving towards the bed.

  Well, I didn't know what he was trying at, but the tone of his reasoning was pretty encouraging ... and if I wasn't very mistaken, there WAS a perceptible change in his penile structure and attitude! It wasn't exactly swollen and oozing pre-cum, but surely seemed more 'filled out' and those oversized globes positively doing a jig in their cozy scrotal sac!

  Now, let me describe it a bit... Allan's cock was absolutely magnificent! It was about 41/2 inches in its present state and quite broad. The head was distinct with an extremely flared rim and a shade of bright pink, totally smooth with silky soft skin! The balls hung low in its equally silky soft and totally smooth encasing and was visibly 'rolling' within! He was ready for it.

  He had come close to the bed and stood there as he tried to convince me to get dressed and go to my own room when I decided that this was my chance and I should grab it! And grab I did - he never had a chance after that... with my warm fingers working their magic and the hot tongue lashing out he was lost! There wasn't much he could say or do as that mammoth hot dog of his started to grow in my hands. I knew I had won the battle and it didn't take much to have him climb onto bed and relax as I went down between his legs.

  (So much for getting thrown-out or even get arrested - HA!)

  Let me tell you one thing - in sex there is no such thing as 'age' or 'experience', if you have the intense desire and your willing to give your all then you ARE the best lay! I learnt it that night. The groans and moans, the shifting hips of this man under my oral caress made it amply clear. I was new, this was my first time but it didn't stop me from being good! I didn't need any 'training' - I was natural.

  His cock was by now a towering inferno... at least 8-1/2" and thick enough to not allow my fingers to meet across its girth! The 'eye' at the end twitched as gobs of pre cum leaked out and got lapped up. I held his cock at the base as I ran my tongue up and down the whole damn length, licked it till it glistened in the moonlight. Then went down and under those heavy nuts... Mmmmnnn! That was something else altogether... I gave those twin globes the same treatment as Allan went mad in his incoherent gibbering. Getting the balls thoroughly wet, I sucked them into my mouth one at a time playing my tongue over them all the while... and then I moved lower... where the sac ends and that sensitive line starts leading towards the most prized possession of a man! He aided by raising his ass high as I parted those creamy cheeks to lap between them... and the way he started to shudder I was scared for a moment that I might give him a heart attack!

  I stopped and slowly traveled back to where I had started from, that glorious cock. This time I took it in my mouth, slowly... and God, you should have heard him! The poor soul must have wasted all his precious lifetime trying to convince some stuck-up cocktease to at least let him feel her tits! It was obvious he never had head. Well, I wasn't about to complain! But it was obvious he was getting close! And I had no desire to end it here or this soon. So I stopped.

  Poor thing, the way he let out a real loud sigh and looked at me with that lost puppy look! I felt like laughing. Well, I wasn't no bitch cocktease and had no desire to disappoint my lover boy, so I climbed on top of him and kissed him on those sensuous lips of his! Rubbing our inflamed cocks together. He was one hungry hunk, the way he went at my mouth! Our hands all over each other as our cocks continued to rub. The room was filled with the sound of wet slurps that goes with all wild kissing and our combined moans drowned all the crickets out there in the night! Both our tummies got really wet and sloppy as we oozed more pre cum from the throbbing slits, our chins wet with our overflowing saliva.

  Well, it was time to fulfill my long cherished desire and I was getting hotter by the second... not to mention the state of this lusty counselor under me! I rolled off him and soon he was practically on me... continuing our wild game. I stopped him and turned around, on my side, my back towards him, as he moved in and spooned me.

  "Fuck me Allan!"

  He needed no further 'guidance'... now he knew what he had to do!

  (And was I thankful for it!)

  Allan's hand worked its way under and between my ass cheeks and a thick middle finger jabbed up deep inside my virgin hole. Ouch! It probed deep and hard as his other hand busied itself with grabbing and tearing at my ass cheeks in his mindless lust.

  "Mmmnnn... Jerry!" he moaned in my ears as his tongue roamed the nape of my neck, behind my ears and my upper cheek.

  As I lay on my left hip, he took my right leg and hooked it over his bulging right arm, exposing my butt hole to the assault to come. Then raising his hips slightly off the bed he guided his massive prong to the twitching entrance of my back door and shoved!

  "Oooooooooooooooo!!!" I wailed at the sudden pain that engulfed me. His hands now found new areas to fondle as his dick made a full and complete entry into my butt hole. His pubes smashing into my parted butt and his copious dark brown pubic hair tickling my sensitive cheeks. His right hand now grabbed my throbbing boner as he started a steady pounding of my just devirginized ass! His other hand grabbed my rounded baby soft butt cheeks and as he lunged inwards, harder, my legs were furiously pulled further apart to accommodate the thick staff of my counselor.

  "O, Allan," I moaned, "easier, please."

  "Don't you worry Jerry," he panted huskily, "am not gonna hurt you kid!"

  Pain, pleasure... pain, pleasure... ripped my young body as he got into the act and started to brutally fuck me! He held onto my cock like some shift as he battered my ass from behind. I felt weak as the pounding assault continued...

  "Mmnnn, Jerry, mmnnnnn," he gasped as he spread my legs further apart and speeded up his mindless fucking of my sore hole.

  I rocked my body into his, my tight buns smacking against his flat stomach as he continued to jerk me off with one hand while the other dug painfully into my rounded ass cheek. I lay there on my side grabbing handful of spreads as I bit into the end of the soft pillow, drowning my cries of desire...while he grunted away, laboring at my ass hole.

  Plunging and sliding, Allan's cock opened up more and more of me inside... every curve and turn of my intestine was smoothened out as he shoved his thick cock repeatedly into my twitching colon. He was probing deep now and his massive cock felt rounder and bigger as my spincter got the full stretching. It felt so rigid, so hot as it traveled in and out I just loved it...

  "OH!" I moaned as his cock seemed to grow even further inside me and his pumping hips just a blur, pounded me in an attempt to cram more of that delicious pole into my ravaged bottom. Finally he exploded in my wildly twitching butt hole, boiling hot cum shooting up deep inside me, coating the gripping channel. The excess goo oozing out in a frothing mass as his still stiff prick rammed home.

  "WHEW!" was all he said as he suddenly pulled out and fell back. "Hope your fine?" he asked.

  I was too weak to even answer as I rolled over on my back and spread my legs wide... my sore hole burning. The bountiful load still dribbling out from my widely open orifice. And I hadn't even cum yet!

  He now got up and moved lower... building a bridge of light kisses over my smooth chest and heaving belly. He reached my cock and in one gulp took it into his warm mouth, the tongue lashing over the bloated head. He sucked on me, rolling my loaded balls in his large hands. He did a wonderful job of sucking my cock and soon had me shooting a copious load right into his hungry throat! Once he was sure that he had totally emptied my balls he took his mouth off my wilting penis and raised my limp legs and spread them. I lay back contentedly, my eyes shut tight... at the receiving end of his oral ministration.

  His wet tongue still coated with my just released jizz, stabbed at my puckered hole sending a shiver up my spine as I groaned heavily. He lapped at my open and throbbing butt hole and licked away his cum that still flowed out with every pulse of my bottom and laved the rim lovingly. Allan kissed and nibbled my cheeks as his hands held me raised and spread... and then his tongue went back to the bottom hole. Licking his way around and into the ravaged anus. He inserted his tongue deep inside and rotated it as his lips crushed onto my ass lips... O, SIMPLY AWESOME!!!

  I nearly passed out from all that was happening to me... my fingers ran through his hair and pulled his head even closer as if trying to shove the whole head inside of me! My ass left the bed and danced in mid air as he continued to lap away. My insides rolling and pitching at this new sensation... My cock started to stiffen again.

  He raised his face up and off my ass and smiled at me... his nose and chin glistening with the combined coating of cum and saliva! O, he looked so handsome... I wanted to fuck him again.

  As if reading my mind, he put my still spread legs over his shoulders and moved forwards... bending down he crushed his lips to my open mouth, sucking my tongue in! At the same moment I felt his steel stiff prong nudge my butt hole once again.

  This time just a soft groan emitted my glued mouth as he sank in deep with one smooth motion and started the delicious humping...


© 2000 by the Author