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by Macout Mann


The week goes by. Activity falls into its usual pattern. Friendships are made or renewed. Competition and comradery begin. In each cabin leaders emerge.

Patrick Harwood does not immediately come to the further attention of Chester Huff, although he makes himself more unpopular day by day. Twice he is short-sheeted.

Eric Cranford does immediately become the leader of the Choctaws. After all, he is at Lookout all summer, and over the years has become proficient at every sport the camp offers. Malcolm hopes and expects that he will return as a grunt next year.

Each evening the newbies are given a demonstration of one or more of the elective sports available to them. They are expected to choose at least one. For the fencing demonstration Eric is paired with little Blake Osborne. The fencing master wants to show that the sport is one of agility rather than brawn.

At age ten Blake chose to take up fencing, because he was sure that few other boys would elect it, and he was right. Over the years he has become a quite proficient swordsman, since he is quick on his feet and is good at anticipating his opponents' moves. His lack of stamina always will defeat him in a prolonged contest, of course, but in a demonstration his performance is quite creditable. The show is a great success. They each get a touch.

Later Blake is approached by Thomas Reynolds, the boy who had wanted to go home.

"That was neat," Thomas says. "Was it for real, or did he just let you get him?"

"Oh it was for real all right," Blake answers. "Fencing is the only thing around here I'm even halfway good at, though. I've been coming for years, and this week is the first time I could even qualify in swimming."

"I've never been camping before," Thomas admits. "One guy I've met wants me to elect archery, but this seems really exciting."

"Well you can try both one time and then choose."

"Oh? Then I'll do that."

Next morning the fencing master chooses Blake to show Thomas the initial stances. Then the movements to thrust, feint, and lunge. And defensively to parry and riposte. Then they watch two older campers fence, while Blake explains what's going on. By the time Thomas is given a foil and successfully parries one of Blake's thrusts, he is totally hooked on fencing. And he and Blake become instant buddies.

Lance Cunningham, the boy who initially befriended Thomas and who had tried to turn Thomas on to archery is concerned. "That Osborne boy is awful sissy," he tells Thomas.

"Yeah, but you don't want to get in a sword fight with him," Thomas retorts.

Elijah Hanson is a sixteen-year-old Choctaw. He's been coming to Camp Lookout since he was 12. He comes for a four week session, not always the same one, but he always looks forward to getting with Eric, whenever he comes. He's an enthusiastic canoeist.

He and Eric paddle up the river, wearing cutoffs and nothing else. They are looking forward to being swept back down to the landing by the current once they have left the landmark they are heading for. It is a large flat rock they can pull the canoe up on. Once there they strip off what little covers them and compare their bodies. How much have they grown? Biceps. Chests. Thighs. Dicks. Hangers. This is the fourth year they have done this. It is a prelude to passionate sex in the sun. First sucking each other. Nibbling pecs, ears, balls. Tonguing asses. And finally ramming their hard prongs up each other and dumping their essential fluids into each other before jumping into the spring-fed water to conclude the ritual.

They have both become beautiful specimens of young manhood and they relish their annual union. Getting together back at the cabin just isn't the same as having sex in the open.

As they guide the canoe back downstream, Eric does alert Elijah to the pleasures young Mark Tidwell can offer.

That night before "lights-out" Elijah sidles up to Mark and guides the younger boys hand to his wiener.

"Would you like to play with that tonight?" Elijah asks.

"Can I?" Mark replies.

"Come over to my bunk after things settle down."

Mark finds Elijah lying on his back on top of his sheets. He slips in beside the sixteen-year-old and gently touches his chest.

"Hello," Eli whispers. "Pinch my nips, boy...Yeah, that's it...Get em nice and hard and nibble on em...That really turns me on."

Elijah isn't the only one turned on. He feels Mark's hard five-plus inches against his thigh and reaches for it. Mark responds by going into overdrive. He licks the older boy's pits, tongues his ears, and kisses his way down his gut, finally taking his pole into his hungry mouth.

"Yes...yes, eat that dick," Eli softly pants. His free hand caresses the fourteen-year-old's back, finally resting on his plump cheeks, where his fingers find their way to his near-virgin asshole.

"Fuck me...please," Mark whispers. `I need that big dick."

"Are you sure?"


"Get on your stomach."

Mark stifles a scream as Elijah penetrates him. It comes out as a grunt, which does arouse the camper in the nearest bunk.

"Who you fuckin', `E'?" he softly cries.

"Wouldn't you like to know?"

First thing next morning Elijah tells Eric that they need to take Mark to flat rock. "I want to be able to see the little bastard taking our dicks," he says. "Doing it in the dark just don't cut it."

So during "free time" Eric and Mark take one canoe and Elijah takes another one up the river. "You know what's goanna happen?" Eric says to Mark.

"I sure hope so," Mark answers.

Once at the rock, both older boys strip and order Mark to do so also.

"One of us is goanna fuck you while you eat the other one," Elijah says. "You get to decide who does what." They stand side by side, both their staffs at attention.

Mark reaches out and takes a hard dick in each hand. "I want you both to do me," he says.

"We got us a real slut," Elijah laughs. "You go ahead and fuck him first," he tells Eric.

Elijah maneuvers Mark onto all fours in a position where he can blow Elijah, while taking Eric up his ass. Elijah also slobbers on Eric's prong. Eric fills Mark's crack with spit, and then his shaft plunges into the younger boy. He was fucked last night, so there's very little pain. Mark in turn swallows Elijah.

Facing each other the two sixteen-year-olds grin with pleasure, knowing that they are responsible for Mark having another initiation. Mark is thrilled when he hears Eric say, "Maybe we ought to let him fuck us before the session's over."

"I can show him a dude he can fuck tonight," Elijah responds.

Hearing that, Mark sucks more vigorously and Elijah gives him a gift of cream that fills his mouth to overflowing just as Eric fills his ass with hot essence.

They spend several minutes recovering, stimulating Mark's body with their hands to keep him excited. Then they reverse positions and do it over again, just as Mark had wanted.

When they drop their wads for a second time, Elijah can't resist getting on his knees lapping his and Eric's cum from Mark's hole. He shares the tasty essence both with Eric and the younger boy. Still another initiation. Mark likes everything he's being exposed to and wants more.

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