Camp Youngwood, Part 7: A New Day

Thanks to those who have read my story and commented on it. I realize it has been quite some time since I've posted an installment--I guess my inspiration comes in spurts!

As usual, don't read if you're too young to enjoy it....and if you don't enjoy this kind of thing, why the heck are you here in the first place?

Now, on with the story....



Jason was jolted awake by his alarm clock, which he had set to go off 5 minutes before the wake up bell. He groggily slapped at it, determined to shut the thing up. Stretching out, he gave felt his morning wood twitch against the fabric of his sheets, and briefly considered a quick pull before going into the cabin. Before he could begin, however, the bell began to clang, and he knew his young charges would soon be stirring in the next room.

Thinking about the events of last night (in particular, listening to the mutual jack session Will and Ben had enjoyed) did nothing to help his boner abate; he tried to put those thoughts aside, however, as he began to dress and prepare for the day.

In the next room, the campers were slowly getting out of bed, some of them faced with the same challenge Dan, Ben, and Will had the previous day.

Dan, meanwhile, was trying to subtly check out the bulges of his cabin mates, while trying to figure out the best way to change out of his boxers, which had become crusty with the dried semen of last night's load. As he sat in his bunk, keeping his blanket covering his groin, Dan couldn't think of anything, so he decided to just pull on some shorts and change later.

"Alright guys, let's get going" Jason proclaimed as he emerged from his room. Dan noted that the crotch of Jason's shorts looked a little distended, and he wondered if Jason had woken with a boner. Standing up, Dan pulled on a pair of cargo shorts, a blue school t-shirt, and sandals, and went to brush his teeth.

In the washhouse, Dan found himself at a sink between Will and Ben, who were already there. Taking glances out of the corner of his eye, he looked at Will's fingers wrapped around his toothbrush, and thought to himself "those are the fingers that touched Ben's dick last night!" He looked at Ben, and found himself thinking of the gasping noises Ben had made. "I can't believe they're acting so normal this morning. It's like last night never happened."

His mouth full of toothpaste, Ben was trying not to think about the night before. He had really enjoyed what he had done with Will, and he had never cum as hard as when Will jerked him off, but he was still feeling really confused. His fantasies had always been about girls, so he didn't think he was gay. He decided it would be best just to pretend it had never happened.

Will was rinsing his mouth out, and he snuck a quick look at Ben's crotch. He still couldn't believe what he had done last night. It had been so daring....and Will liked daring things. "I touched the dick under there," he thought as he looked at Ben's shorts. " Cool."

And so the boys of Camp Youngwood began a new day. Each of them were, from time to time, preoccupied with thoughts about the night before. During siesta after lunch, Dan had to excuse himself to the bathroom to take care of a boner that just wouldn't quit.

Sitting in the stall, Dan lowered his shorts and cum-stained boxers, and firmly grasped his rigid penis with his left hand. He was so turned on, he noticed he was already leaking pre-cum, something which normally only happened for him after he'd been stroking for a while. He used his fingertip to spread the slippery fluid all over his swollen cockhead, gasping quietly as his finger touched his sensitive frenulum. Wrapping his fingers around his boyhood, Dan began to stroke his boner with short, quick motions, quickly settling into the rhythm he'd perfected. He knew he wouldn't last long, which was good thing in a public bathroom.

Sitting on the plastic toilet seat, Dan could feel his balls begin to tighten up, and more pre-cum leak out of his slit. Swirling his hand loosely over the sensitive head, Dan was fast approaching the point of no return. Trying to keep his noise to a minimum, Dan was imagining what his counselor had looked like stroking his dick. As he recalled the noises Jason had made, he felt his hot sperm begin their journey up the length of his burning hot urethra. Moaning quietly, he couldn't hold back the onslaught of semen that gushed out of his dickhead, flowing over his hands, lubricating his stroking fingers. His cock throbbed once, twice, three times, each throb bringing forth more of his jizz. Dan gave one final sigh of relief, and then sat back as his body released it's pent-up tension. As he sat there, still slowly fondling his softening dick, he heard the screen door of the washhouse slam as somebody else came in. He took a quick glance at the floor between his feet, making sure there was no tell-tale semen that he had missed. As the newcomer sat in the stall next to him, Dan began to slowly wipe his hand off with some tissue. He even wiped it a couple of extra times, just to make it seem like he was wiping up after taking a dump.

Pulling up his shorts and flushing, Dan couldn't help but notice that 5 minutes after entering the bathroom whoever was in the other stall hadn't seemed to do anything like go to the bathroom. He could see the other kid's shorts pulled down over his sneakered feet, but there was a distinct lack of activity. "I wonder if he's here to jerk off, too?" Dan wondered. Washing his hands quickly, he decided to find out. Walking to the screen door, he opened it and let it close without leaving--giving the impression he had left, when, in reality, he was standing just out of sight of the other stall, but where he could hear what was about to happen.

Sure enough, less than ten seconds after fake-leaving, Dan could hear a quiet sigh and the sound of flesh being stroked. Even though he had just shot a load, Dan's penis began to stiffen again in his shorts as the listened to the other boy pleasuring himself. He stood there for about four minutes when the boy's gasping got louder, then he sucked in a breath that he held for 15 seconds before letting out a long sigh. Dan knew the other boy had just had his orgasm, and Dan gently gave his renewed erection a squeeze. He was curious who the other horny boy was, but Dan also knew Jason would be wondering where he was. As the boy in the stall began to pull toilet paper to wipe up with, Dan quietly opened the door and left the washhouse. He decided to walk slowly, hoping the other boy would leave while Dan could still see the entrance to the building.

As he climbed the steps to his cabin, Dan heard the door squeak open. Glancing backward, he saw Steven, a kid from the cabin next door, emerge. Smirking to himself, Dan went into his cabin, making sure to mentally file away what he had heard for a later session.


That's it for part 7. There will be more....eventually! Let me know if you've read and enjoyed my story. As always, I enjoying hearing from others about their own camp experiences.