Warning: While this story is based on a true story, it is nonetheless just a story. There are descriptions of sex between an adult and a teen. Stop here if that bothers you.

Note: My thanks to a friend named James who encouraged me to write this story.

Many years ago, I was a med student who worked at summer camps to pick up some extra money. I started out as a camp medic, and loved the job. I was encouraged to come back the next year as a program director, and even attended a national camp training school. After a couple years experience, I was asked to take on the job of Camp Director. This story takes place my first year as the head of a camp that handled a couple hundred boys a week for eight weeks.

I had showed up at the camp two weeks before it was to open. Still in my early twenties, I was only a few years older than than Bill, my Program Director and Smitty, my Activities Director. The three of us were college students, and the powers that be at the camp. With an additional twenty counselors and trainees, we hustled to get the camp ready to open. The three of us would meet each night to plan the activities for the coming day. With that done, we were usually the last ones to shower and turn in for the night.

All too soon, the day came when the campers arrived. The campsites filled rapidly. Counselors led their groups through the routine. It was an organised chaos. Campers were given physicals, then led to the camp pool for swim tests. Tents were assigned. Then came dinner. A big welcome campfire got them all fired up with songs, skits, and introductions to staff members. Then they returned to campsites to chat and shower. Finally, a bugle sounded Taps and campers retreated to their tents for the night.

Bill, Smitty, and I met as usual to plan the program for the next day. We were pretty pleased with the staff. Things had gone as planned. There were a few problems, but nothing serious. We were soon on our way to the staff showers for a hot rinse before turning in. It was late. The camp was quiet. The Staff Area was off limits to campers. As at many summer camps, rumors described the staff as horny guys who attacked and raped campers who wandered into staff areas. After all, there were no girls in camp so staff went without unless ...

We were surprised as we neared the showers to hear a shower running. Thinking some staff member was up late, we continued into the dressing room, and undressed. The shower room is a big open room with three shower heads on each of the two side walls. There is only a shower curtain separating the showers from the dressing room. The curtain was closed. We decided to undress and surprise whoever was in the shower by entering together. The running water would cover our noise until we were ready.

As I pulled the curtain open, eveybody was in for a surprise. A young thin blond headed boy stood wide-eyed frightened. He appeared to be about fourteen with beautiful blue eyes. He also still held on to a gorgeous long thin hardon that began to wilt as he stared at his new onlookers. He remained speachless as the three of us looked at him, then at each other. Each of us took a step inside, still not speaking. We winked at each other, then at him. The curtain closed behind us. The boys clothes were also behind us. He was cut off. He stared at us, taking time to look at our crotch. He still hadnt moved.

We took still another step toward him, a wicked grin on our face, and once again winked at each other. His look turned from shock to fear. We were going to have some fun with this trespasser.

You touch me and I'll scream! His voice crackled, going from a high young boy pitch to a lower , more normal teen sound.

You know who I am?, I replied

You the dude in charge! His voice cracked.

And I just caught you jerking off in the Staff Showers. Campers are forbidden here. They are also supposed to be in bed right now, and are not allowed to leave their campsite at night. You still wanna scream? , I smiled.

I still expected the kid to scream as he ran from us into the night. Instead, my warning had worked. His attitude changed completely.

You guys are just teasing me.....right. You wouldnt throw me out of camp because I wanted a hot shower. Our camp shower is out of hot water. Could I just rinse off and head back to camp?

I turned to Bill and Smitty, then back to the boy.

Whats your name?, I asked.

Sammy., he squeeked.

Sammy, we scared you on purpose. You know youre not supposed to be here. Nor should you be wandering at night.No ones going to force you to do anything. Youre welcome to shower with us. Then I will escort you back to your site. If the others hear that you were here, they will probably call you a pervert. Dont tell them about this.

As I spoke, Bill and Smitty chose a shower and were soon soaping down. I followed their example. Sammy continued his shower, chatting with us openly as if we were now friends.

Bill, Smitty, and I had jerked off in the shower before, so almost as if Sammy wasnt even there, as we soaped up, we began to show erections. Sammy openly watched, but now sensed he was safe. His own thinner shaft began to swell. Without making a big deal out of it, I wrapped a hand around my shaft and slowly started pumping. Smiling at each other, we began pumping our dicks more rapidly until all of us had shot our load. Once done, we rinsed and finished up.

Bill and Smitty Slipped into some shorts and headed off to their cabin. Although what we had just done was not mentioned, Im sure all of us knew Sammy was pleased with himself. None of us really believed he had come here to find some hot water. He was looking for more than a shower. He had checked us out, and even as Bill and Smitty dressed, Sammy was still nude and relaxed. His build was slender and small. His dick was average -maybe about four inches erect, and slender. He was gorgeous and he knew it. His feminine body alone would cause horny teens to want him.

Sammy and I slipped into shorts and headed to my cabin. I reminded him that he could not be wandering around camp alone at night, especially on his first night in camp. We would stop at my cabin so I could change into some shoes other than flip-flops. I would also need a flashlight.

When we arrived at the cabin, Sammy wanted to look around. He was impressed. The Camp Directors cabin was well stocked and spacious. I had a double bed as well as a guest room, a kitchenette, dining room, and a large den for entertaining camp guests. Of course, I offered him a drink. We paused to chat as we drank our sodas. That was my mistake. I sat down facing Sammy. Sammy not only had slender beautiful legs, he was wearing cut-offs that left nothing to the imagination. He spread his knees so I was looking at his balls sliding out one side of the wide open shorts, and his dick was showing on the other side. That was too much. I couldnt take my eyes off his crotch.

He was well aware that my eyes were glued to his boy toy.He smiled, but instead of speaking, he slid forward on the sofa, causing his semi-hard toy to protrude further. As he sipped on his soda, he watched as my shorts tented. I scooted back trying to adjust the shorts without drawing attention to my problem.

Sammy sat down his drink. He He quietly and silently moved off the sofa to kneel in front of my recliner. Unsnapping my shorts, he then unzipped the fly and tugged them down to my ankles. I stepped out of them. He fondled and felt my shaft and balls.

Completely taken, I was afraid to speak lest I destroy the dream. All I could do was smile stupidly as he slowly leaned forward to engulf the rigid purple mushroom shaped dickhead all too anxious to let him. I was in outer space somewhere as his tongue did a job on me. I closed my eyes as he slowly pushed his lips down to enclose my entire seven inch shaft. I could feel his lips pressed against my pubes. He gently backed off, sucking, licking, and making my dick feel great. His throat would squeeze and massage the shaft every time he covered it. I noticed only a slight gagging effect, so I knew he was good at this. I wasnt his first. No matter. My balls were telling me he was driving them nuts. It wasnt long before I was holding his mouth in place as my dick tried to force more of me inside him. My balls were tight and ready to blast their load down his throat. Thrusting wildly several times, my dick shot off. Totally exhausted, I lay back, relaxing my hold on his head. He continued working my shaft until I pulled a tired, sensitive dick away from him. It had nothing more to give for now, and was wilting.

I pulled Sammy up beside me, hugging and kissing his cheeks and all over. I couldnt thank him enough. My mind was a scrambled mess. I had just let a camper give me a blow job. And now I wanted him as well. Holding him close I unsnapped his shorts and slid them off him. Lifting his light slender body into my arms, I carried him to my bed. Laying him gently in the center, I slid in next to him, then down to face his beautiful slender stiff dick. As I positioned myself to pleasure Sammy, I kissed his chest, stomach, pubes, belly button,, and his nipples. He was so hot and I was so eager. There was a lot of cooing going on. Im sure I told him he was gorgeous and so much more.

Finally, I took his pride into my mouth. All of it. Hoping to drag it out so he wouldnt cum too soon, I rotated from his shaft to his balls, then back again. I worked over the bullet shaped glans, then easily went down to cover the whole shaft. Then I would back off to lick his balls while sliding my tongue along the crease to his love hole. Once he was ready, I went back to sucking his shaft while my finger found and pushed firmly into his love hole. It wasnt long before I had the second one inside. I located the prostate causing Sammy to moan openly. He couldnt hold any longer. He thrust as deep as he could and shot off his load, gasping for breath, and moaning sweet things to me. Exhausted, Sammy lay back with his eyes closed.

As he rested, I reached for the bedside table to find the tube of lube in the drawer. After I greased up my shaft, I rolled him over on his side and greased the hole, sliding two fingers inside to make sure he was well lubed. Placing him on his back, I moved into position. Sammy had recovered and watched as I lifted his legs. He spread them open and smiled as I placed my dickhead against his hole. Although he flinched as I entered him, he grunted and pushed back. My dickhead popped in and I paused to go easy on him. He smiled and relaxed so I could could slowly sink further.

Been there. Done that., he whispered softly, watching the shaft disappear.

Once inside, I paused again. We kissed passionately. He was good at it. I began a short slow rhythm. He would work over the shaft by squeezing or moving to break my rhythm. Sammy was loving this. He wanted it to last. So did I. I would speed up, then stop short when I felt my load building. We would whisper sweet things in the ear, then hold still to slow down. Sammy was in no hurry to finish. I would change positions to find his love spot. He would respond by pushing up to meet my every thrust. Both of us were covered with sweat. Even though Sammy had just shot off, he soon did it again. It shot all over his stomach as I worked my shaft over his love gland. His ass muscles massaged my dick making it excited. I couldnt hold back. I slammed into him hard and shot off. Several more times, I pumped my load, then collapsed on top of him still seeing beautiful stars in space. What an orgasm!!! WOW!!!

As my joy stick wilted, I pulled out. Sammy was as exhausted as I was. We rested awhile. Then we got dressed. I led Sammy back to his camp early in the morning. No one knew he was gone. We slipped into his campsite. I tucked him in, then left quickly. I couldnt believe what we had done, but felt confident Sammy would keep quiet. He had asked if we could do it again. I was all for it. Tired and happy, I went to bed.

Needless to say, the next morning was totally different. To begin with, I awoke happy, but still tired. My eyes were bloodshot. I had to make my body rush to get to the dining hall in time for breakfast. My usual staff pep talk was very brief. Bill and Smitty gave me a curious look. I could have sworn Bill had a wicked little smile on his face. Im sure I looked guilty. I avoided looking at them and quickly moved to my place at the center of the staff table. As I sipped on a mug of hot coffee, I watched the campers go to their tables. Sammy smiled as he walked by. I returned the smile, blushing. I wondered how much he had said to others.

As breakfast ended, I rose and took the microphone to make the morning announcements. Despite my attempts to not look over at Sammy, I kept glancing his way. His groups camp counselor, Ben, a college student of eighteen, sat next to him. On the other side was a smaller boy about the same age with sandy blond hair. I would find out later hr was Sammys tent mate. I watched as they left together.

Camp activities kept me busy even though my mind wanted me to find Sammy just to be with him. I knew I couldnt do that. It would be a little too obvious for the camp director to be following a camper slobbering and looking love sick. I had to get control of myself. I made a tour of all the campsites to meet campers and to check for neatness. It also gave me a chance to look in on campers lounging in their tents, chatting at picnic benches, and changing into swim wear. Summer camps do have advantages.

On the way back to my camp office that afternoon, I passed the camp swim pool to get a look at campers swimming. It was hot. The pool was full. Sammy spotted me and turned to the fence around the pool to wave as I approched. At first, I reached for my camera to get a few shots of him and the boys in the pool. I stopped to zoom in on him through my telelens. Sammy was wearing a speedo that looked a little too small, J knew it would show every thing. It did. Not only could I see the clear outline of his shaft pointing up toward hie bellybutton, I could also see the glans poking through the waistband. I had to look twice to make sure I wasnt dreaming. Sammy didnt even look down. He was pretending not to notice. I stared through the camera at his long thin shaft, then at the very attractive bubble butt as he posed for me. I felt really jealous that others in the pool were also staring at this teen doll I had already laid claim to. The Lifeguard had spotted him, and was gawking at him smiling. Not one of them said anything to him. The cute looking boy sitting next to him at breakfast stood next to him, staring and smiling. I took sme close-ups of him too. The lifeguard finally spoke to Sammy who corrected the problem. Both knew I had several good shots. The lifeguard waved to let me know he was on watch. I quickly waved back and moved on.

Monday nights at camp are activity nights. That means camp activity areas are open until dark so campers can choose whatever camp thing they want to do. The only catch is that they have to use the buddy system. It doesnt matter who their buddy is as long as they have. No one is to go wandering alone. The idea was popular because the boys could choose swimming, rowing, sailing, leatherwork, rifle, archery, or hiking.

Feeling pleased that I had planned a night that campers and staff alike would be busy and happy with, I headed back to my cabin. Bill and Smitty would take over tonight. My night off. Feeling pleased with myself, I headed off to my cabin after dinner.

You cant wander off alone., a familiar high-pitched voice rang out behind me.

I halted to see Sammy and his buddy, John, walking rapidly to catch up with me. No one else seemed to notice.

Hi guys. You going hiking? You got a couple hours to do your own thing. Just be back at your camp by dark. I smirked.

Sammy was wearing his teaser shorts - the blue jean cut-offs that hid nothing. John wore khaki shorts that were just a little tight.

Cant we hike with you? Sammy smiled, looking at me with those come on eyes that took over me completely just a day before.

I looked over at John.

Sammy already knew what I was thinking, and answered me before I could ask.

Johnnys my best friend and tent-mate. He wants to go with us.......two for one.

I looked Johnny over. He was more cute than beautiful. His face was red. He didnt speak, but he gave me a quick nod and a smile.. He was new to this,I gathered, and probably a bit nervous, but anxious to please Sammy.

A short time later, we entered my cabin and I quickly closed it up. The doors were locked. Sammy and Johnny accepted drinks and sat next to each other on the sofa. It didnt surprise me when Sammy spread his legs to show me he wasnt wearing briefs. His semi-erect slim pole was exposed for viewing.

Johnny was precious. He stared at Sammy, blushing. He wasnt sure what he was supposed to do. He waited for Sammy to explain or show him.

And Sammy did. He reached over and pulled Johnnys tee shirt over his head, tossing it aside. Then he removed his own. As Sammy scooted out of his shorts, Johnny picked up on his duty, and stood, watching me as he sexily pulled the elastic band over his waist. He was still blushing, but it was clear he had been rehearsed. I watch as his three inch thin shaft popped free. He was hairless. His balls were just dropping. As his shorts dropped to the floor, he hesitated, then stepped out of them.

As I was quickly getting undressed to join them, I watched Sammy place his hands on Johnnys shoulders and and guide him to his knees in front of Sammys hard shaft. Sammy opened his legs wide. By the time I had undressed, Johnny had leaned forward and had half of Sammys dick engulfed. I could tell this was not new to him. Sammy leaned back to let Johnny please him.

I eased down on the sofa as close to Sammy as I could without interupting . Sammy got the message quickly. Giving me a hug, he gently lifted Johnnys head and motioned for him to move over in front of me. Johnny looked up curiously at first, then smiled as he scooted in front of me. He looked up at me only briefly. Then his stare dropped to my stiff dick. He held it in one hand, stroking it gently as his other hand cupped and felt my balls. Johnny was becoming acquainted with me before attemting to go any further.

I couldntbelieve my good fortune. Johnny looked up smiling at Sammy as he leaned forward to to lick the head and tease me. There was no doubt he wanted it. It may have looked big to him, but he knew this would please me and Sammy too. He slowly leaned forward into his pleasure. The way that boy got into licking, sucking, and sliding slowly down told me this was something he liked. Pretty soon, he was bobbing up and down until he was taking it all. He was in no hurry. This was what he was good at. Without any coaxing from me, he was pushing the head into his throat with very little gagging. As he speeded up his rhythm, I could tell I was not going to last much longer. My balls were pulling up tight. I firmly held his head in place as my dick tried desparately to bury itself inside his mouth. The familiar throbbing caused the shaft to jump and expand in his mouth exploding to blast shot after shot in his mouyh and throat. Johnny rode it until I was done. I let him go finally, but he held on until I pulled free.

WOW! I gasped collapsing back onto the sofa. That was awesome.

Sammy had simply watched his friend at work. He was very familiar with Johnnys talent. He traded places with Johnny on the sofa, and quickly engulfed the small pricklet and balls for some tickling and some intense fun as a reward. Johnny loved it. He giggled and squirmed until his dry orgasm caused his entire body to jump and thrash uncontrolably, then leave him exhausted.

As if on cue, Sammy picked up the limp boy. Motioning for me to follow, he headed for my bed. We laid down with Johnny in the middle. As Sammy kept Johnny busy, I slid behind him, lubing him well and fingering him to loosen him up. Once Sammy had his dick in Johnnys mouth, He held him tight. I moved in close behind Johnny, pushed his legs up into a fetal position, and guided my shaft against his love hole. Although Johnny knew what was coming, He grunted a few times as I popped the head inside him. I held up a moment. Johnny slowly pushed back, relaxing to allow me to slide in an inch at a time until I felt my pubes preesed against his buns. Another pause. By the time Sammy had shot his load down Johnnys throat, I had found his prostate. As sammy pulled out, I had Johnny shoving back against me trying to get more. He trembled several times, then rolled onto his tummy, letting me have my way. I kept up a slow rhythm working him from different angles, and plunging in deeply. If it had hurt going in, he was loving it now. He pushed back to meet each thrust, usually mumbling or groaning things like Oh yeah. He was riding my dick as much as I was riding his butt. Sammy ran to get a towel. I could feel my sperm load building. I held tightly around Johnnys waist as I shot several loads deep inside his tunnel. Exhausted, I pulled out and rolled away. Johnny also relaxed. I gave him a hug. He told me I was the first man for him. And he loved how I did it. I knew he would be back. I felt good about him too.

I took the boys back to their campsite to check in. Their camp guide was an eighteen year old student named Ben. He was pleased to have my company as we sat at a campfire with some fifteen boys. As it got late, the boys showered and headed for bed. I enjoyed spending time with the campers, but reluctantly bade them good night.

Sammy and I met several times that week. He was also very popular with other staff program directors and counselors. I had gone sailing with him and Johnny a couple times. Smitty surprised me by asking if we could present Sammy with a special award as Outstanding Camper of the Week. A few other staff members agreed. Sammy was also accepted into the Counselor-in-Training Program, better known as a CIT. They were teens trained to join the camp staff the following year. Sammy jumped at the chance to become a campboy.

Johnny went home at the end of his second week, but returned a week later. I put him back in Bens camp. Since Sammy was much to busy to spend much time with Johnny, Ben and I kept him satisfied.

Sammy went to a different camp the next summer. I heard it was for a much better salary. I also heard it was there that he met a phoographer, who made Sammy famous in porno mags and on the internet. I was surprised to see lots of pictures of him. He even became a professional model. I wondered whatever happened to the kid that once warned me: Touch me and Ill scream!