Billy and Johnny were looking forward to their weekend camping trip.

This would be the first time that they were going alone, not with the rest of their scout

troop. At 14 years old, they really enjoyed spending time out in the woods and with

each other. They would not admit it to any one but they had developed a small crush

on each other, a few times they spent time in the old barn on Johnny's folks farm. They

had found some of Billy's dads old porn mags, and looking through them together they

discovered that the pictures in these mags led them to mutual jerk off sessions.

So far it had been only that in front of the other, but for Billy at least, the possibility of

more intimate times together made him look forward to this camping trip with thoughts

of Johnny's 5-6 inch teenage cock either in Billy's hand or even sliding in and out of Billy's

young mouth.

Billy's mom made sure that he had enough food and drinks for at least

the week end, and maybe more. “Mom, I'm not going to be away all summer, it is

only a weekend.”

I know, but I am a mom, and I will always worry about you.”

Okay, but that backpack will be kinda heavy. I don't know if I can carry

it all the way to our campsite.”

Outside Johnny's dad honked the horn on his minivan. Billy grabbed his

pack and his canteen and ran for the door. Seconds later the two boys were sitting

in the back seat of the van on their way to the trail head that would be their jumping off

point. They had planned on this trip for several weeks, even before school was out

for the summer. The ride to the state park trail head only took about 30 minutes, but

to the boys it felt like a much longer ride. When Johnny's dad dropped them off he

reminded them to be careful, but to have fun.

Johnny looked at Billy with a smile, and turned to his dad and said, “ We

plan on doing that dad.” Johnny was looking forward to this trip for much the same

reason as Billy. He had been imagining the feel and taste of Billy's young cock for some

time. On their fun times in the old barn, Johnny loved to watch as Billy stroked his

cock and the cum spurted out of the small slit in the end. He had a general idea of

cum tasted like, having tasted his own on more than one occasion, but he wanted to know

what Billy's tasted like.

The boys shouldered their packs and started out on the trail. About a mile

down the trail, they came to a small side path which looked like an animal track. This

was their private trail it led to a meadow about two miles out. It seemed that no one

came out this way much if at all. That was what the boys wanted, someplace with

no one around.

Johnny was slighter taller then Billy by about 3 or 4 inches, so he led the

way, breaking the trail. This was just fine with Billy, he enjoyed watching Johnny's butt

in his tight walking shorts. In his mind he looked at Johnny's bare ass as the soft

round cheeks bounced with each step Johnny took. These thoughts led Billy's cock

to stiffen a little, he reached down with his right hand and adjusted his growing cock

to let grow some more without getting caught in his shorts waistband. It took them

about 30 minutes to get to their camping spot. After setting up their tent and getting a

small fire going, they relaxed and rested near the fire. Even without saying a word

they sat near each other, their thighs would touch briefly and they would both take a

sharp, short breath. After about 10 minutes Billy reached over and put his hand on

Johnny's leg, “Would you like to get out the reading material?”

Johnny felt Billy's hand on his leg and at the same time felt his cock

twitch, he hoped that Billy had not seen or felt the twitch. Quickly Johnny got up

and went over to his pack, after digging around for a few seconds he came up with

a “stroke book” as his older brother called them. This one was special, it had been

found by Johnny in a trash bin behind the adult store in town. It was pictures of guys

showing off their hard cocks, mostly with them stroking them, some of them were of

guys sucking others guy dicks. Johnny was not sure if Billy would like this one or not,

but he wanted to see what would happen.

At first Billy was not too sure if this was the kind of stuff he wanted to

look at, but after some time he realized that this was just what he wanted. As

he and Johnny both rubbed their dicks through their shorts, they became more and

more aware that they both wanted more than just a mutual jerk off session.

Johnny stood up, and unzipped his shorts, pushing them down to his

ankles. He then walked over to where Billy was sitting and knelt down in front of his

friend. “I hope you don't mind, but I would like to do something a little different

this time.”

What do you want to do?” Billy asked with a small quiver in his voice,

he was hoping that it was what he thought.

Johnny did not answer right away. He reached out and gently touched

Billy's thigh, sliding his hand up to the zipper on Billy's shorts. Pulling it down slowly

while keeping his eyes on his friends face. Billy's breath became almost panting, his

friend was about to slide Billy's shorts down and reveal his almost rigid cock. This

was exactly what Billy wanted, he wanted Johnny to touch him, he wanted to feel

Johnny's hands and mouth on his young penis. Johnny was about to bring both

boy's dreams into being. Pulling down Billy's shorts Johnny softly ran his hands over the

outline of the smooth stiff cock under Billy's underwear, at the same time he ran

his tongue across his young lips.

Billy gave a gentle shiver when Johnny stroked the outline of his cock.

Sliding his butt forward, Billy leaned back, thrusting his crotch toward Johnny.

Hoping that his friend would continue touching him in such an arousing manner.

Johnny ran his hand up over Billy's underwear, snagging his fingers

in the waistband, he pulled forward and down, exposing the beautiful smooth

skin of Billy's by now hard and tender cock. The tip glistened with a small drop

of pre-cum. With the forefinger of his other hand Johnny touched the moist

shiny drop. He raised the finger to his lips, sticking his tongue out between his

lips he licked the sweet drop off his finger. At the same time he raised his face

looking at his friends face, which was smiling and happy. Billy was as close to

physical heaven as he had ever been. The long imagining wait was over, he would

join his friend and no longer be a virgin. Tonight both of them would learn what

it felt like to have someone else bring them to climax.

Johnny gently took hold of Billy's cock and stroked it up and down

a couple of times. “Don't stop Johnny I love the feel of your hands on my cock.

Stroke some more.” Billy's words came out somewhat breathlessly, he was

headed down the road to climax.

Don't worry, I have a lot in mind for this beautiful cock. Not only

in my hands, but also in my mouth. It looks like it will taste delicious.”

Billy moaned in pleasure and anticipation. He could not talk right

now. He had never felt such pleasure, he didn't know that sex could feel this

good. He didn't want this to stop, he felt as though his balls were going to

explode. Johnny slid his hand down Billy's cock, and stopped where the cock

grew out of Billy's groin. He kissed the tip of Billy's cock, and ran his tongue

around the end of it. Opening his lips he wrapped them around Billy's swollen glans

and caressed it with his tongue. He slid Billy's young cock along his tongue, caressing it with gentle wet strokes.

Billy reached out with both hands and ran his fingers through Johnny's medium length red hair, it felt so soft and warm. With a hand on either side of Johnny's head Billy gently pulled Johnny's head back to look in his friends eyes, “don't stop, but I want to see what you are doing down there. It feels so good.” Watching his young cock slide in and out of his pals mouth had to be the sexiest thing he had ever seen, and the feeling, wow. Nothing in any of his wildest fantasies came even close to the sensations he felt now. Even at home in bed alone he couldn't attain this level of pleasure. Feeling his nuts start to tighten up in readiness, he moaned to Johnny, “I'm going to shoot, I can't help it.”

Johnny didn't even slow down for a second, in fact it seemed to Billy that Johnny sped up just a bit. When Billy shot his load in Johnny's mouth, Johnny just took it all, swallowing the salty, creamy jizm with pleasure. “Wow, where did you learn to do that? I never felt something so wonderful.” Billy's voiced wavered a little, both from pleasure and surprise. “It just seemed like the thing to do. I did what I know I would like you to do to me.”

Billy pulled his friends head up to eye level leaned in and kissed him, enjoying both the feel of Johnny's lips and the taste of his own cum. Their tongues caressed each other, and their hot breath gave them each a smell of the other.

Billy ran his hands down Johnny's smooth back, reaching the soft curves of his friends ass he gently squeezed the two cheeks. Pushing Johnny back and standing up, he pulled the soft sweet body to a standing position. He then knelt down and kissed Johnny's stomach. Moving down slowly he covered his buddy's skin with small gentle kisses. When he reached Johnny's cock he kissed the end, and along the length of it. Billy had imagined this very moment, but the beautiful reality of it was so beyond what he had conjured up. The smell and the feel of Johnny's smooth hard cock were almost enough to make him cum again. Kissing the tip of Johnny's cock, Billy opened his lips slightly to allow the bulb end to set on his lips for just a brief moment. Then he slid as much of Johnny's cock into his mouth as he could handle, the taste of his friend's skin and the slight bit of lubrication from the drop of pre-cum, this was better then anything he had ever put in his mouth before. Billy wrapped his tongue around the length of Johnny's hard young cock. He started to slide Johnny's cock in and out of his mouth slowly, at the same time he reached his right hand up to cup Johnny's balls. With his left hand he reached back and caressed Johnny's ass. He used this movement to pull Johnny's body closer, which had the effect of pushing Johnny's cock farther into his welcoming mouth.

Johnny had been waiting for this for a long time, his hard young dick buried all the way in Billy's mouth. His first taste of his friends fluid had been delicious. Nothing had prepared him for just how good it would be, both salty and sweet at the same time. Now he was about to give Billy some of his own juice. He wasn't sure if Billy had ever done this before, but he didn't really care. The feeling of his cock sliding in and out of Billy's mouth was about the best feeling he had ever experienced. “I'm going to blow, it is really close now.”

Billy looked up at his friends face, but didn't slow down one bit. He wanted Johnny's sperm to coat his tongue and slide down his throat. He felt as though he wanted to take all of Johnny inside him. When Johnny's cock started to throb and spurt Billy sucked harder and Billy swallowed the thick creamy ambrosia. Pulling back Billy looked up at his friends face and saw what could only be described as the ultimate pleasure. Johnny felt spent, relaxed and worn out at the same time. “That was amazing, I love you Billy.” Johnny couldn't help himself, he reached down and helped Billy stand and pulled his naked friend close. Johnny smashed his lips onto Billy's mouth,stabbing his tongue between the waiting lips, he tasted himself on Billy's tongue. The two boys ran their hands over each others bodies. The soft warm skin was smooth and silk like. The young lovers caressed each other eagerly. Billy leaned back had said, “Damn, Johnny, that was great. I love you too. I want to spend the whole weekend sucking and fucking you. I want to swallow all of your cum.”

Sounds like just what I would like to do to you.” Johnny said. With both hands Johnny reached around Billy and squeezed his ass, pulling apart the cheeks and stroking the narrow canyon with his fingers.

Oh, that feels nice. Do more back there.” Billy spoke softly.

Don't worry I plan on more.” Taking Billy's hand, Johnny led his friend into their tent. “Lay down and get comfortable, I've got something to show you.” Johnny turned and dug through his backpack. Finding what he was looking for he brought out two items, another magazine and a small tube of lotion. Sitting down next to his friend Johnny showed Billy a new magazine. This one had photos of muscular sweaty men butt fucking, something Johnny wanted to try, really wanted to do this with Billy. “What do you think about trying this?

How do we do it? It looks uncomfortable,” Billy was unsure, but also somewhat turned on by the thought of both fucking and being fucked. The photos showed both men involved in the activity with expressions of what could be either pain or pleasure.

It might hurt a little at first, but it feels good after.” Johnny said. “I tried it with my fingers on myself. Besides that's why I brought this lotion.”

Ok, who goes first?”

I don't care, but I would like to.” Johnny opened the small tube and squirted some lotion into his hand, with the other hand he reached over and squeezed Billy's ass spreading the cheeks at the same time. Using the small bit of lotion in his hand he spread it down the crack of Billy's ass, swirling it with his fingers on Billy's puckered little asshole.

God, that feels good, do what you want. Just be gentle.” Billy said a little breathlessly.

I will, I don't want to hurt you, remember I love you Billy.” Johnny squeezed a little more lotion onto his hand, he then used his middle finger to spread more on Billy's cute little pink hole. He then gently put pressure on the puckered hole, and slowly pushed his finger into his friends asshole.

Oh, that feels weird, good but weird. Don't stop yet.”

I'll stop if it hurts too much.” Johnny pulled his finger out a little and then pushed it further in. Slowly he started with an in and out rhythm, after a few strokes, Johnny pulled his finger all the way out. He then pushed against Billy's asshole with two fingers, which after a slight resistance both slid into the warm opening.

Johnny, don't stop, that feels real good.”

There's more to come.” After several strokes with his two fingers, Johnny pulled them out. He squirted some lotion on his cock, and gave it a few strokes to spread the lotion over the entire length. “Okay, now here comes my cock.” Spreading Billy's ass cheeks so that he had a clear view of his target, Johnny placed the head of his cock at the entrance to Billy's tunnel. Pushing gently he slid his hard cock into Billy's asshole, once inside he stopped briefly and then began a slow in and out. The feeling of Billy's hole surrounding his cock was something he couldn't begin to describe. Both tight and warm, it felt like it was meant to be there.

Oh, that does hurt a bit, but it is a good hurt. The more you do it the better it feels. Fuck me Johnny. Fuck me good.”

Wordlessly Johnny began to increase the speed of his strokes, the sensation of his cock sliding in and out of Billy's asshole, and the thought that he was fucking his friend added to the pleasure he was getting.

As Johnny sped up his back and forth, Billy started to push back against the rhythm of Johnny's strokes. As Johnny pushed in, Billy pushed back. Likewise when Johnny pulled away Billy pulled forward. Together the two young boys built up a rhythm that was good for them both. “I'm going to squirt you, do you want it inside or outside?”

Billy said, “Inside, I want your cum inside me. I want you to fuck me so hard.”

Without slowing down even a little bit Johnny reached around his friends hips and pulled him closer. Pumping harder and harder, Johnny felt his balls tighten up and the start of a load of sperm coming from his balls, travelling through his cock and spraying into his friends ass.

Wow, that felt outstanding. I think I came too.” Billy felt his friends cock pop out of his asshole. The sleeping bag under him had a streak of cum from his own cock.

I know, it happens, I don't know how or why, but it happens.”

I want to fuck you, I need to come in your ass. Your beautiful sweet tight ass. Turn over, and let me see that cute asshole.” Reaching over Billy gently rolled Johnny onto his stomach. He then bent down and placed several kisses on Johnny's ass cheeks, inhaling through his nose, he bathed his nostrils with the aroma of Johnny's ass. Spreading Johnny's cheeks, he gazed on the small pink rosebud that was his friends asshole. Going on pure instinct he leaned in and began licking it. It did not taste bad, it was salty and tart. “You taste delicious, I want to eat all of you.”

Gosh, that feels wonderful, don't stop yet.”

I won't just yet, but I am going fuck you. I am going to shove my cock into you as far as I can. Where did you put that lotion?”

Johnny reached back and gave the small tube to his friend, at the same time he wrapped his fingers around Billy's hard young cock. Billy took the tube and squirted some of the lotion into the crack of Johnny's ass, using his middle finger he spread the lotion down into the beautiful canyon of Johnny's ass crack. He smeared it around the entire length of the crack, with special attention to the cute puckered entrance. Pushing into the hole with his finger he made sure it was well oiled up. Like his friend, he pushed his one finger into Johnny's asshole, sliding it in and out. After several strokes he pushed another finger into that warm dark tunnel. Sliding them both in and out he widened his friends hole enough to be able to insert his slick lotion covered cock into Johnny's ass. Just like Johnny, Billy started slowly and built up to a steady rhythm. He couldn't begin to describe the sensation of the way his friends asshole gripped his cock Since he had only just shot a load, he knew it was going to take longer for him to come. Not that either one of them was going to complain, the pure physical pleasure of fucking each other was what they had planned this weekend for. And it looked like they were going to get exactly what they wanted. Several strokes later Billy moaned that he was going to shoot his wad into Johnny's ass. All Johnny could say was “Go for it, fuck me good.” That was all it took for Billy to shoot his wad. Johnny could feel the warm cream fill his ass, it felt wonderful. He wanted more, not just in his ass but also in his mouth. He wanted to fuck and be fucked by Billy. He wanted to spend the weekend with his cock buried in Billy's sweet young ass.