The following is a figment of my imagination and nothing more. It involves sex between some young men that is concentual and enjoyable. My guess is that this scenario has been acted out all over the world time and time again although I, regrettably, was never a party to such. Read on if you enjoy this kind of literature. It is intended to be a sequential piece to the other 3 camping episodes written some time ago. I thought I had finished them but felt the need to do one more.

Campout 4

The night with Alejandro was every bit as satisfying and entertaining as the previous night with Kirk. Each one not only allowed me to fulfill some deep urges that I had been gaining in power for some time, but encouraged me to explore that side of my interest.

As I packed my few items, Alejandro said, “ Hey, man, why don’t you leave that stuff here. You and I may end up together again tonight. Now that wouldn’t be so bad, would it, Gringo?”

“No. That would be great!”

Alejandro scooted over next to me and put his left hand over my shoulder and his right hand rested squarely on my crotch making me jump. My overly used dick responded by beginning to stretch out. His hand surrounded it leaving enough leeway for it to continue swelling. My heart pounded sending the blood coursing through my veins and speeding up the transformation. Alejandro was so cool and just a touch on the hsoulder would have brought on tghe same reaction

“Oh my, feel that. See, I bet my little tamle’ below would like to show me even more tonight. Perhaps you was holding out on me. Eh,” he said staring at my quickly enlarging organ resting in his calloused hand.

Alejandro’s attention meant as much to me as the offer. Here was an extremely handsome, built, cool guy 3 years older saying that he wanted to spend more time with me and that he enjoyed me. What more could a kid my age want just beginning to explore the depth of his sexual potential and tastes?

Trying to be just as cool I let my hand slide down his taut stomach and rest squarely on his already hardening tool. It felt so good in my hand as I traveled up and down its length squeezing here and there making sure to give a long focused squeeze on the filling head. “I’m not sure you could make another night with my little gringo. But I am sure there is more I could find to explore on this little pony.”

Alejandro smiled. “Little pony is it? I will give you a better look then my young friend. In just a second he had flattened me to the floor of the canvas tent holding down my shoulders while sitting on my chest. When I caught my bearings, he was smiling down at me.

“Now you take a good look. I raised my head as inches from my face was a throbbing one eyed monster slightly sheathed in dark brown skin staring at me. As the light of morning began filtering in through the tent windows, I was able to define with my eyes so much better the beauty of what lay before me. Alejandro raised up on his knees and leaned forward providing a better view allowing it jto ump and buck in the air in front of me. Hangin below were two perfectly formed globes I had so much playing with the night before.

“Now do you think of it as a little pony? More like a stallion, si?”

“Perhpas a closer look will help me decide.”

Alejandro postioned himself so that the tip of hi suncut dick pointed squarely between my eyes. Slowly he lowered it even more until I rest on my left eyelid

“Si, Si” I said smiling. “ From this view it is more like a stallion. A dark crown stallion.”

“Now don’t you think you ought to apologize to him?”

Alejandro pulled back so I could open both eyes.

“Si.” I stared at the throbbing cock now waving loosely in the air. “I am sorry Senior’ stallion.” I apused for a moment. “What is that you say”, I asked as I turned my ear toward it.”Oh, I see”. “ I think he wants to be petted as well.” I smiled up at Alejandro who was enjoying the game immensely.

“I think you are right.” Alejandro lifted up off my arms freeing my hands then shifted his stance some so that my hands could reach him with ease. He then stretched way over my head to reach for the pillow behind me for my head allowing his cock to settle 1 or 2 inches above me.. Both balls rested comfortably on my lips while he reached. Without even thinking I opened my mouth and allowed them to slip down into my lips. Carefully I drew them in. My tongue began to wash each one with care. With one hand I reached to the loose skin stretching over top of them to this crotch and held them there. Alejandro stopped and stayed perfectly still. He body odor that had accumulated over the night drown my sense of smell and drove me forward as my tongue explored its two delicate prisoners. My other hand began to trace and tickle the line leading from the back of his sack to the crack of his butt as we had done the night before. My finger played with the sensitive skin and the tight little circle of muscle it found. Alejandro was breathing harder, panting now but didn’t move a muscle. I was intoxicated with his body and needed to satisfy my budding addiction.

“Hey Gringo, if you don’t stop what you are doing, I am going to cut loose and you’re gunna miss out on an early breakfast.”

I gave each ball one more scrub and opened my mouth. Quickly Alejandro moved the pillow under my head and then repositoned himself. I reached up and grabbed hold of his perfectly straight rod of flesh and pulled it forward. Aljandro’s body followed obediently until I had it just where I wanted it.

“My goodness, you are a big brown stallion aren’t you,” I asked as my hand skimmed up and down the top and bottom of the warm shaft. “What’s a matter? You can’t hear me? Let me slide your mane back some off you head.” I encircled the loose skin with one hand and slowly slid it backwards fully uncovering the mushroomed shaped head. ”There, now you can hear me?”

I knew the tension was building in Alejandro. His muscles were tightening in his legs. His hips wanted to push it forward to fin a nice hold to explode into. He struggled to remain still allowing me to play with his stallion at will. As I continued to move the thick skin covering on and off the rounded , plump, deep brown head of his stallion,I felt his quiet pleading as he pushed forward with his waist putting the tip of his cock against my lips.

“Oh, so you want to kiss and make up,” I played along. Carefully I opened my mouth just enough to fit the skin covered bulbous smooth curves of his head into my mouth. I used one had to brace again Alejandro's crotch so as to push back if he kept pushing. With the tip of his head in my mouth still sheathed in the swollen skin I began to play games with my tongue on the inside of the skins covering. my lips encircled the flare tips of his crown wo I keep it from being poled out by my exporing and prodding tongue. Alejandro moaned as my tongue kissed his whole head even poking into the tiny slit across the top. After a couple of minutes I reached up, opened my lips and pulled back the loose skin, exposing the full round head. I shut my lips again and then worked on the bulbuous knob paying close attention the little triangle on the bottom where the beautifully flared ridge came together.

I could hear deep guttural sounds escaping from Alejandro's throat. I could see muscles tightened all over his body. It was obvious his stallion was prepared to release what fluid was available as a way of accepting my apology. I took one hand rode up and down his throbbing horse with the loose skin a final time. With the other hand I tickled each of the balls that hung close behind and my tongue continued to probe and scrub.

“It’s coming, Gringo. Ah-h-h-h-h-h-!”

My hands felt the spasm. I clamped on to the base of his dick after the first and held tightly. A few more weaker spurts could be felt against my fingers blocking it exit.

“Gringo! You can’t do that to me, please.”

I held on for a few seconds more and then opened the dam. The fluid rushed out the slit and into my waiting mouth. It wasn’t much due to the excitement of last night., but it was enough for a taste of this Mexican stud to start the morning.

After a quick squeeze along the length of his softening organ to remove any remaining cum, I let him go. Alejandro picked himself up carefully from over top of me and lay on the canvas floor completely spent.

“That was terrific, Jase. Man you are good.” That was the first time he had called me Jase. He then reached over and rested a hand on my chest and patted my bare skin as though to emphasize what he had said. I felt good.

Then, from the outside came Kirk’s voice as the flap to the tent opened. “OK, you two, time to get... Wow, looks like you two had a good night.” Both of us lay naked with big smiles. Alejandro’s dick was flopped over across his thigh continuing to shrink. Mine was still semi-hard and lay bend to the left bobbing against my stomach.

“Hey, Jase, looks like you aren’t done there yet. Love to help you, but we gotta get goin’. Still disappointed you weren’t with me?”

All I could do was smile as the flap closed behind Kirk as he left.

“Well we’ve got to get ourselves together compadre’, It’s time to get the day going and help with the merit badges for the younger muchachos. Let’s go.”

I would savor the taste and smell of Alejandro throughout the day as I worked with the younger scouts. The morning passed quickly but the afternoon dragged as I got more tired. I was sleep deficient and it was beginning to show. Alejandro, Kirk and the others in our patrol noticed I and began kidding me. I took it as it was intended and it helped keep me going as well as continued to cement the bonds I was developing with each one of them.

When the evening finally did come and the younger scouts were all in their tents, the patrol causally walked down to the lake for our evening dip in the lake. It was telling that everyone was kind of beat as there was very little horse play. Even Kirk was sitting on the dock watching over the group rather than standing. One by one each of the group walked of the water and up to the dock. I smiled as I noted how they dried off and laid their towels across their laps modeling just exactly how Kirk was sitting. In a short time we were all out and ready for our tents. A cold wind rushed over the lake as we dried off warning of an approaching storm. Goose bumps gathered on my arms and legs which I quickly hid from the others.

Kirk lifted himself up . The rest of us followed quietly we walked as a pack over the sandy meadow to our tents.

As I thought about the surprise of ending up with Alejandro the previous night, I wondered if there would be any other surprises for tonight bunking arrangements. I noticed too as we closed in on the circle of tents the others seemed to be a little more energetic as well.

“Dekwon, you pick first.”

I whispered to Alejandro, “What’s going on?”

“You’ll see, Gringo.”

DeKwon called out Alejandro’s name and then mine.

Come on Gringo, we have been chosen. I followed Alejandro. “Hey, DeKwon, since we have our stuff in my tent, why don’t you join us?”

“Ya, man, Gotcha. I’ll be right there.”

I followed Alejandro into the tent quietly and as soon as we were alone I spilled out my question. “What’s going on? Is DeKwon coming here?”

“Patience, patience,” was all he would say. In a minute DeKwon entered the tent and threw out his bed roll along side of mine. I noticed quickly I was in the middle with Dekwon on my left and Alejandro on my right.

DeKwon threw off his towel and stretched out on the sleeping bag with his arms behind his head. The light from the lantern provided ample opportunity to take in his enticing black body. If it were possible to sculpt a sleek body on out of dark coal and give it life, it would be DeKwon. My eyes traced over his chest down to his stomach and the thick bush of hair guarding a resting tube of meat. The light was strong enough to see he was circumcised and the ring below the sleeping knobby head was darker still than the rest of his skin.

“Like what you see?” interrupted Alejandro.

Again I was embarrassed and looked away.

DeKwon smiled and turned toward me on his side allowing his thick, meaty rod to fall lifelessly toward the fabric bag inches from my hand. “Well, senior’, what shall we play tonight? Threesies?”

“Hey,man, it’s your call. You’re the top dog since you got the first pick.”

“What’s threesies,” I asked somewhat hesitatingly.

“Well,” continued DeKwon, since I got to pick who would be lucky enought o sleep with me tonight, I get to pick the games we play and the other two, that’s you and the burrito over there, do what I say. All three of us get to play. Sometimes only two will play and then the third gets to watch unless its me then I get to tell you two what to do and how to do it. Dig it?”

I was immediately a little scared. “What if I don’t want to do it? What if I don’t like what you tell me to do?”

“Hey man, didn’t Kirk tell you the first night. Nobody does anything he doesn’t want to do. This is just a game little dude. I game I think you are going to enjoy. Let’s show him what I mean, Mexican. I would like you to come over and give me a full and complete body rub to relax me just a bit. And little dude, you get to watch until I think its’ time for you to help.”

“Si, master Deek. I am on my way.” Alejandro rose to his knees and crawled over me then nestled in between DeKwon and me. Sitting Buddha style he began to rub the muscles along DeKwon’s neck, back and shoulders. I watched attentively. It sure looked good. Little by little he moved down to the small of his back, his things, inner thighs and along his legs. It was thorough and Deek relaxed completely. After 10 - 15 minutes a softened voice said, “That’s good my friend.”

Deek rolled over. “See that wasn’t so bad now was it?”

I didn’t answer as I stared at the perfectly round dark cock that still hung limply at his side.

“Now its your turn. I need a full body rub along the front. And I mean a full body rub.” I looked at Deek. He had a wide smile as he lay down with his hands behind his back. There was a marvelously kept body of tight muscles and caged strength. A full front body massage. I wondered if that meant what I hoped it meant.

“Oh, and while he is massaging me, Mexicale, how about you right behind him nice and tight and take care of his needs?” With that he laid down again fully stretched out. I squatted in the Buddha style next to him as Alejandro had done and scooted up really close. Alejandro scooted up close behind me until I felt his dick press up against my back. His arms swung around me and his hands began to explore my small chest and stomach. As i rubbed Deek’s chest, Alejandro rubbed mine in the same way. When I rubbed the inside of Deek’s leg, Alejandro followed. I figured out what was happening in no time. Deek’s body drew my hands to it as Kirk’s and Alejandro’s had both done. I could not touch enough smooth taut skin. I checked both nipples and forced them to stand at attention while I continued to masasge and kneed his muschles from his chest to his calves being very careful to avoid the 3 more interesting members of his body. My hands began to circle his crotch each time moving closer. Finally for the first touch one hand skimmed down the side of his now hardening organ. I watched it come to life as my hand continued to explore crevices and patterns of muscle and tissue. Alejandro mirrored my every move causing that inevitable feeling to begin to build deep in my gut and push forward.

With a little prompting Deek widened the opening between his legs bending the one closest to me and resting it on my crossed legs. I explored the muscles of this high fully. Soon Alejandro’s hands left me and joined in rubbing up and down Deek’s inner thighs. Closer and closer my hands moved toward their ultimate prizes to stay. Alejandro ahd already began topying with my hardenered dick and sensitive balls.I was driven to a new level being played with at the same time I was allowed to olay with another young dick. No longer able to resist I leaned forward and one hand began to encircle his two dark sacs while the other finally found the tight skins of this now throbbing dick. Again and again I walked up and down its length with my fingers. Alejandro had now moved his hands on and then off my dick and balls. I struggled to focus on my own exploration and avoid the feelings swelling within me developing from Alejandro’s smooth touch.

Deek’ dick was cut and easily 7 inches. It was arrow straight and full nice size. The head was much more pointed that Alejandro’s or Kirk’s but no less inviting. I lifted it up at the base so as to point it straight up and ran my hand slowly up and down the hard shaft as I investigated each vein and the underlying canal. My other hand continued to hold each ball in turn, lightly twisting and pulling the wrinkled skin container. Deek was breathing harder and his hips wanted to raise as I moved my hand up the shaft and over the sensitive head. A couple of times I squeezed the blood out of the head and waited for it to fill again. I could only do it a couple of times. Each time I did it, so did Alejandro to me and the sensation was driving my need to release too fast. I almost wished Alejandro would let me finish Deek before I shot out everything I had inside.

“That felt good, little dude,” Deek said as he pulled away and also sat up. Now it is our turn to rub you. You lay down and relax.”

I was surprised at Deek’s control besides I didn’t want to stop, but did as I was told. As sson as I laid down, both of them moved their hands over my body. Four hands played at will as they sat on either side. The more they played the more my hips raised preparing for the inevitable but trying hard to resist it.

“Wow, my compadre. Looks like the volcano is ready to go. Shall we let it, or let it subside and then start all over again?” Both stopped rubbing and pretended to be thinking. I reached around and grabbed my dick prepared to finish it off for relief.

“Oh no you don’t. We haven’t decided,” Deek said as he pulled my hands away and besides I make the decisions tonight and I may just make you wait a while. Again they pretended to talk it over. Slowly the urge subsided and I began to relax.

“Oh, oh, now see what you have done Alejandro? You let him relax too much. Now you must pay the price by finishing us both off.

“Oh, man! What luck. First you my big, black refried string bean.” Alejandro said to DeKwon. Alejandro reached over me and planted his mouth right on Deek’s dick and began to bob up and down in ernest. Deek moaned with pleasure as he moved in unison with his hips trying to go deeper into Alejandro’s throat. Alejandro after a few thrusts was able to take all of Deek and then just held his head still as Deek continued to pump. In seconds, Deek made a final push and help his hips up. Alejandro held onto the base of the throbbing meat and took it all in, not leaving a drop. Slowly Deek relaxed back to his bed and Alejandro followed bending forward but not releasing his hold. His own throbbing organ bobbed against my stomach bringing my urges back to their peak.

“Ok, man, your turn. With no hesitation Alejandro encircled my cock head and began to pump. Automatically my hips began to raise. Soon he had all of me in his mouth and played with my balls at the same time. In less time than Deek, I released all I could pump through. I felt Alejandro’s tongue as it pushed along the bottom ridge forcing out the cum as it continued to spill out. I was spent and began to fall backwards. Alejandro stayed with me until a softened, swollen slab of meat fell out from his lips.

“Now I have a problem Senior’ Deek. I have to find someone to help me out.” He leaned back and held up his beating swollen dick up for display.

“That is a problem, man. I bet this young bro would love to give you head.”

I was intoxicated with the smells of the tent and didn’t have to be asked twice. I tried to model Alejandro as I bent over and opened wide to accommodate his pusing meat. Careful I pushed my head down trying to swallow it all, but he was too big and the gagging got to be too much. ,

“Hey little muchacho, take your time. I’m not going anywhere. Take your time, but don’t take too long. My balls are already sore. If you want to experiment on taking it all in, go ahead. I can wait. Relax your throat and move in slowly adding a little each time. You’ll get it.”

Carefully I moved up and down the shaft dribbling spit as I went. Occasionally I lifted all the way up so my tongue could play with the broad, full mushroom head and then worked my mouth down again. Each time I did better and made it further. Just as I thought I could finally move him all the way in he said, “Oops, times up.” With no outward signs or sounds of what was coming, a surge of sperm spit into my mouth and hit the back of my throat. I pulled away coughing and sputtering. Deek and Alejandro patted me on the back while at the same time laughing.

“Hey, man, you did good. I mean real good. You may have a future in this line of work.”

I was a little angry at Alenjandro for not warning me but with their kidding around the embarrassment soon left and was replaced by a feeling of camaraderie.

“I almost had it,” I said after I stopped coughing.

“Hey, Gringo, we have 2 more nights to go. Plenty of time to try out your new talents, ey?”

“I smiled. Through much of the night Deek ordered us to do a variety of fun and interesting things, some of which had nothing to so with sex-but many did thank goodness- and I had the opportunity to explore Deek again and to try my freshly learned technique on him, while Alejandro tuaght me more using me as the victim. I had never done threesies before,but couldn’t wait to do it again.