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Thane Ross

Chapter Two

As Steve and his cronies approached my immobilised position, a very real sense of fear overwhelmed my previously surrealistic situation.

One of the boys had a large smile on his face, saying, "I say we leave him here." He started chuckling followed by a terrible belly laugh. I was terrified, truly terrified that they would leave me to die out there.

"Oh God... Oh God please don't! Don't leave me here!..." The two boys now really started laughing, not noticing that Steve remained silent, just standing there with a strange look in his eye.

The other boy now piped in, "Well look at that. The fucking little faggot is begging for his fucking little life!", and continued to laugh, getting a kick over his new found sense of power.

It wasn't until now that Steve finally did something. He took a step forward and said, "Come-on now guys, that's enough. We didn't go through all the trouble of getting him out here just to leave him.... I've got better plans for you..." He looked me with an expression I'd never scene him make before.

"We didn't mean it. We were just trying to scare him."

Steve now taking an authoritative stance, "I don't care what the hell you were trying to do. Shut the hell up."

"What the fuck's your problem?..." During the pronged bickering between them, I now recognised the two boys. They were the other team in the canoe we were paired with. And then, for a moment, it all became so clear. It wasn't an accident that got us stranded on this island, this was set up from the very beginning...

"Look, you told me to come here. I'm here. I thought you knew what were going to do with him."

"I do alright, so just calm the hell down.", Steve said in a frustrated voice.

"Don't you tell me to calm down! You know what kinda risk I'm taking just being out here?! Not all of us can just ditch work like you, you asshole! What the fuck are we doing here!"

Steve now enraged was shouting, "You want to know what were doing here!? You wanna' know!? I'll tell you what the fuck were doing out here." He forcefully kneeled down beside me and then aggressively thrust his hands on my shoulders pushing me flat against the ground, with his face inches from mine. A look of animalistic rage filled my view, his sweat dripping from every pore.

"You want me to fuck you don't you. DON'T YOU!? Yeah, you'd like that wouldn't you... You want me to fuck you... Yeah, I'll fuck you, you fucking little fag, I'll fuck you..."

The jaws of the two boys dropped to the ground. One of them managed to speak, "That is the fucking gayest thing I have ever heard." Instantly, Steve's expression of domination changed to one of shock.

"Wha...?" He said, pulling his face away from mine to look behind him.

The other boy now spoke, "Jesus fucking Christ! You are! You're a faggot too! I don't fucking believe it!"

"Whoa... whoa... hold on guys...", Steve said stuttering, "I'm not a fag!"

"That's sick! Fucking sick! You brought us here so you could fuck another faggot!"

The other now spoke, "What'd ya think?! We'd all fuck him together! Oh fuck... I think I'm going to vomit."

"Wait... you've got this all wrong!"

"I'm getting the hell out of here." And with that, the two boys started walking off to what I could only assume was the direction of the river. Steve stood up and ran after them. Off in the fading distance I could here more shouting.

"You're not leaving me here!"

"Yes, we are. Get the fuck away from me."

I couldn't make out much past that other than there was a lot more yelling, and then after a while, it all just stopped. I could hear him making his way through the bush towards my location. The terror had started to wear off, and I now clearly saw the blazing irony in the situation. The captor had been captured in the same dilemma he'd created. A grin crossed my face and I started uncontrollably laughing. Steve now was within sight, and just knowing that he was stuck with me just fuelled my cruel hilarity.

"Heh ha... serves you fucking right!... hah heh ha..." Steve didn't even answer. He came walked a few feet towards me and then sat down with his back to me. He slowly dropped his head, looking at the uncomfortable ground below him.

My laughing slowed, and then ceased in the new found silence. I now was starting to get angry at the situation. "Oh, so now what, you fucking rapist asshole... I figured this all out you know. You took my fucking bug spray so I'd be late; you made sure we'd get teamed up together. You got your fucking 'friends' to pair up with you, so you'd have a way off this island after you trashed the canoe. How long have you planned this?... What we you going to do once you got me here? You were going to fucking rape me weren't you! Well what the fuck's stopping you now, you son of a bitch!"

Steve still didn't move. A moment later, I heard him sniff his nose. He quietly sobbed, which I must not have heard through my yelling. He said still crying, "I don't know what I wanted to do with you... I didn't want... I don't want to rape you... I just said that."

"Oh, well that's fucking refreshing! Well ladies and gentleman, let's hear it for him! He didn't want to tie me up and fuck me! No! He wouldn't do that!"

"I didn't alright!"

"Well then! I guess you just wanted to beat the shit out of me then, right?!"

Steve really started bawling now, "I'm sorry... I never wanted to hurt you. I just wanted..."

"WHAT?! What the FUCK did you want?!"

I watched him get up and run off into the bush, away from me and my hysteria. Alone again, lying on a bed of dirt, I was stuck perpetually looking up at the sky. I pulled on the ropes a little bit, but they weren't going anywhere. It was funny how not only was I trapped on this island, but I was also stuck here in the same spot on the ground.

As time passed, my mind wandered through various thoughts, mostly concerning my current situation. I was ripped from my internalized think tank, when I felt a cold, single drop land on my face. I came around, not knowing how long I'd been there, only knowing that time had clearly passed. A second drop burst on my skin with an audible 'thud', due to the quiet surroundings. The sky had become gray, and was clearly the beginnings of a storm.

The wind was picking up, as the leaves on the tress rumpled together, making a sound similar to the ocean. The rate at which the rain was falling was increasing steadily as it became more clear to me that I had to somehow find shelter, or else I'd be risking hypothermia. I flopped around like a fish, trying to move without much luck. The increasingly wet ropes still wouldn't give way, which I wasn't happy about in the least.

Suddenly, I started to shake; my body attempting to recover some of it's lost heat. In my peripheral vision, I could see movement in the distance. Steve was rushing to get to me, his arm in front of his face, trying to shield himself from the pelting rain.

"Come on. I've found somewhere we can go." Steve said, untiing my bonds. He pulled the rope free to my great relief. I got up and followed him through the wind and rain, the bush, and my apprehension. We'd been going for a while, and now I was really starting to get cold. We were currently scaling a series of rocks, when I slowed down considerably.

"We're almost there. Keep going." And with that, he took my hand and helped pull me to the top. I now saw what would become our refuge from the storm, and that was a cave in the short distance. As we got close, I couldn't hold back anymore and ran into the entrance. It was dark inside, so I didn't dare venture further than the light from the outside world provided. Steve came in shortly after and I could see he was shivering too.

Thinking more rationally, I asked, "Do you still have my zippo?" Steve reached into his pocket and pulled out my shining little fire maker. He handed it to me as he walked a few feet into the darkness and out of sight. I opened the top of my now precious possession and flicked it a few times. As they say, third time's a charm, as the wick burst into flame. Now, with my new found illumination, the dim light created was enough that I could see Steve was coming back with wood in hand.

"I got this together earlier for nightfall." He said dropping the pile near my feet. I knelt down and arranged the wood in a fashion that would burn more effectively. I found a nice large patch of bitch bark on one of the logs, which caught fire quite nicely. I closed my zippo to conserve the fuel, with my now much larger fire in front of me. The wood must have been very old and dry, because it burnt without resistance, making a glow that revealed the details of the cave. The new found warmth saturated my body.

The crackle of the fire was the only sound; neither Steve or I had anything to say to each other. Perhaps I should have said something first, but as it turned out Steve would break the silence.

"I'm sorry... I didn't mean for any of this to happen."

"Well it did. There's no use apologizing."

"Hey. I don't know if you noticed or not, but I'm the only friend you have out here."

I looked at him incredulously, "You? My friend? You've got to be kidding me."

Steve stayed quiet while saying, "Well there's no point in us being enemies... you're the only one I've got here."

"Here that is. If we weren't here, you'd have loads of people hanging on your ever word. Me on the other hand, is a different story... You don't really know what it's like to be alone."

He laughed, "Yeah, sure. I've got the world on a fucking string."

"Oh, that's right. You've got it SO hard, don't you?"

Steve had stopped laughing "I knew you wouldn't understand. How could you..."

"Forgive me if I don't feel sorry for you, but what the hell could you possibly have wrong in your fucking little..."

"Let me ask you a question." He said interrupting, "Are you actually queer?"

"I don't see how that's..."

"Just answer the god damn question."

"I... ...", looking into his eyes, I saw this sort of anxious look. "...Yeah. I am."

"That makes two of us."

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