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Darrien and Eliah

Storms Are Here

Written By: Angyl

   Everyone sat around the room, after. Each was wondering what was going to happen next. Was this the end of their problems, or were there going to be more. None of them knew the answer to that question.

   Three weeks had passed since Billy's brother had been arrested for uttering threats to them. Things seemed to settle down somewhat forever one. The only thing left was the trial. 

   Trial day was hard on everyone. Billy had come to Darrien and Eliah's to go to the courthouse with them. His parents had refused anything to do with the trial. The boys were ushered into an interview room where they were brief asked questions by the Defense Attorney. The Crown had an open and shut case. The defense had made it clear that they had no intention of stopping the Crowns case. So basically the trial was over before it started. Billy's brother got five years for uttering death threats and such. Darrien, Eliah and Billy were relieved at the outcome of the trial. What they did not know was that Some of the audience was friends of Billy's brother. They had made a pact that all three would pay for what they had done.

   It had been almost four weeks after the trial when things started happening. All three boys began receiving threatening letters. The letters were mailed out, with no return address, and never from the same place. All letters were death threats, and rape. The police were immediately involve due to the nature of the letters, and because of the recent occurrence with another death threat. The police had wanted to put the boys in protective custody but all three refused it. They did not feel they had to hide because of these letters. They would show whoever was sending the letters that they did not live in fear at all.

   One week later Billy was in the hospital. He had been brutally beaten and raped. He was barely recognizable. He was in a coma by the time Darrien and Eliah had arrived at the hospital. Police were also there. The again tried to get the boys into protective custody but both refused it. It prolly was a very dumb move on their part. They had no idea what was going to happen.

   Darrien and Eliah spent most of the time at the hospital with Billy. During the other times they rarely ventured outside. One evening while they were at home, two mask guys came and kicked the door in. Four more were waiting around the corner. Darrien and Eliah had no way out, and nowhere to go. They were knock to the ground, and force to strip. Darrien was forced to watch as his beloved was beaten senseless and raped. Darrien tried several times to get away. He was unsuccessful. By the time the guys had left both Darrien and Eliah were unconscious. They were found a few hours later by Jassen. He had come to see how they were doing. The boys were rushed to emergency. Both boys had basically the same injures. Several broke ribs. Concussions. Actually all three boys were in the same shape. All would have to go through extensive reconstructive surgery to repair the damage done.

   All three boys recovered from the injuries they had sustained. It had been almost a year of pain and suffering to repair all the damages. Darrien and Eliah moved in with Darrien's aunt. Billy had almost moved out of the city. His parents had asked him to leave for his own good. He ended up moving in with Darrien, His aunt, and Eliah.

   On the plus side though, the guys who had attacked the boys were apprehended. They figured no one would rat them out. They had also been very stupid and bragged to friends about what they had done. One of the friends, who was gay, decided enough was enough, and turned them into the cops. They all got 15 years for what they had done to the boys. Darrien, Eliah and Billy gained a new friend out of it all.

The End

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