Darrien and Eliah

An Update

Written by Angyl

Well this is the end of this series. I originally wrote the series in 1998, but revised it in 2000 before posting it to Nifty. I had stopped writing it at this point. I finished the series in 2002 but did not post it to Nifty. Recently over the last year I again revised it, now I have finally posted the whole series to Nifty.

Darrien and Eliah is loosely based on my own life, well a part of it. To this day I cannot look back on it even today without getting sad. Eliah (Not his real name) was my first boyfriend. To lose him in the way that I did was harsh.

All the Characters are real people. I wish I knew what happened to all of them. I have lost touch with so many people over the years, sad to say. I have run into a couple of them over the years, but never maintained any form of contact.

I hope for those of you who read this story find some enjoyment out of it. I was gonna add more to it, but I wrote the pain and the loss flood back, and I knew I could not carry on writing it. Believe me I tried.

If you have any questions or whatever please email me at: Stephen_p@shaw.ca or angylboi@shaw.ca

I will try to answer all emails when I have the time.

Love to all,