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The Father and Son Outing

By Paul S. Stevens & Hans Schreiber

Chapter #7

We walked up to our little camp and watched our dads bustle around, trying to act natural, which wasn't working too well. Then they saw us and spoke out in unison.

"Our prodigal sons have returned!"

They must have agreed to say that together since it sounded so rehearsed.

"Prodigal?" I asked. "What the heck is that?"

"In this case," my dad spoke up. "It means that you've been wasting the morning away."

"Oh, no we haven't!" I said proudly. "Wes and I just..."

"We just filled up the firewood bin for tonight's bonfires," Wes nervously interrupted.

Wes thought I was about to announce our declaration and subsequent consummation of our love to one another. He was right. That's exactly what I'd planned on doing. I wanted to shout it out from the rooftops. That thought made me giggle as I thought about standing on the rooftop of my tent to announce my love for Wes and having it come crashing down in a heap of puffed air. Everybody looked at me and grinned, not knowing why I was giggling to myself. I imagine they had their own ideas about that, but fortunately, no one asked.

Now that I understood what love is and allowed myself to accept my love for Wes, our passion was so hot, we were blazing. Just by standing next to Wes, I was able to feel his love, radiating from his body like an aura around an angel. For me, I just wanted to climb inside Wes's body and live there forever, surrounded in the glowing warmth and light of his pure love.

"And what have you two been up to all morning while we were getting wood? Practicing being prodigal dads I assume?" Wes accused. "I'm not seeing much evidence of anything getting done around here either." Then he boldly added, "I'm pretty sure that glow I'm seeing on you two isn't a bad case of sunburn! Maybe you were busy getting wood too?"

"I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about," my dad protested.

"Oh, give it up Frank," Henry sighed. "We know they're having sex, and by now, they've figured out that we've been having sex too. So there, now it's all out in the open. There's no sense in dancing around the obvious anymore."

I could tell that my dad still had a hard time dealing with Henry's free spirited openness just as much as I was having trouble dealing with Wes's.

"All right then," my dad said, feeling a little prematurely exposed. "But just because we all know it, doesn't mean we need to be talking about it on a regular basis. Especially not in a public place like this, so please keep your voices down, agreed?"

"Okay," Wes and I agreed. After all, we weren't that much out of control.

"Good," my dad said quietly, looking relieved. Then he turned the tables on us by saying, "It does look like you two are glowing."

We just giggled and looked as guilty as we were.

"As long as we are discussing the subject openly, this might be a good time to emphasize the importance of practicing safe sex. Whenever you could be swapping bodily fluids, it is necessary to use protection. Wes, you know I've always emphasized the importance of condom usage, and just because you formed a relationship with Seth doesn't mean that either of you can ignore those..."

"Dad! Are you really going to lecture me about swapping cum in front of everyone here? I've heard it enough anyway. Believe me, I get it, and I've already promised you that I won't be unsafe, ever. So stop it already, please," Wes said, being more than a little annoyed.

"I'm just concerned for your welfare and now that you and Seth are engaging in..."

I can't believe that my dad actually jumped in with his support at that moment and said, "Henry, Seth has had the same lecture. I think the two of them get it. I think we can count on them to be responsible, right guys?"

"Yes!" we both said with exasperation.

"Now, can we please talk about something else?" Wes pleaded.

Henry shrugged, sighed and said, "Fine. Just be careful."

"Dad!" Wes objected.

"I'm done. Really, I'm done," Henry lamented. "I just couldn't bear to lose you, is all."

Wes rolled his eyes and then groaned out loud.

"Wow," I observed. "I thought that glow Wes and I saw earlier would have put you two in a better mood than this."

"Have you two eaten breakfast yet?" Wes interrogated.

"No, we haven't," Henry answered.

"No wonder you're cranky," Wes stated.

"Well, you two seem to be glowing just as much as us," my dad said. "I think you're being a little cranky too," he said, pointing out the obvious and trying to turn the tables on us once again.

"Wow, I guess all this glowing morning activity must mean that the two of you are as hungry as we are then," Henry said, trying to ease the tension and put us on the road to ending our grumpiness.

"Yup, we sure are!" Wes answered in his normal, cheerful way as if he and his dad hadn't spoken a single cross word.

"Well then, maybe a good breakfast will put everyone in a better mood. We'll just rustle ourselves up some grub and have us a nice country style breakfast, even though it's almost lunchtime," Henry said with a cowboy inflection and accent. "In the meantime, you two can both slide on into Frank's tent there and gather up some of them thar eatin' utensils. Then you could go set the table down yonder and wait until we ring the old dinner bell. If you don't mind me saying so partner, Frank and I would like to have ourselves a sweet little old private chat. Now go on, skedaddle!"

Wes and I giggled as we slid into my dad's tent and grabbed up what we needed. Then we headed for the nearest picnic table and set out four place settings. Henry's attempt at cowboy diplomacy was quite funny, if not completely transparent. Our dads were busy cooking and talking in several shades of hushed tones. They assumed we were far enough away from them that we couldn't hear, so they didn't try very hard to whisper. Wes and I were trying to keep quiet enough to see if we could discern what they were talking about with a moderate amount of success.

"Hey Frank," we heard Wes's dad say to my dad, "Now that we've progressed this far together, I know this great little secluded lake near here. What do you say we take the boys with us and do a little skinny dipping? That should really break down any remaining barriers and get things out in the open, so to speak."

"Oh, I don't know Henry," we heard my dad answer. "I'm not real comfortable doing that sort of thing. I know you're into it and you love to do it together with Wes, but I'm not sure it's for me and Seth. You go. Show the boys a good time. Maybe Seth will be comfortable enough to go with you. But I'll bet that he'll be too self-conscious to want to go. I've always known him to be pretty uptight about being naked around the house. I imagine he'll be even more reluctant in front of you."

"Are you talking about Seth or are you really talking about yourself? I think you need to climb out of that shell of shyness and set yourself free from all your stifling inhibitions," Wes's dad suggested. "You're on the verge of starting a whole new life. You have officially freed yourself of a lifetime of covering up and hiding who you are. Don't stop now! Go all the way with it. Take on that last hurdle and come celebrate the new Frank Morgan by stripping away the last obstacle standing between you and total freedom. Come and unveil the reinvented man with all of us who love you. You won't believe how therapeutic it is. Believe me, it's exactly what you need. Don't worry about Seth. He'll be fine. Do yourself a favor and try this out, at least once. Please. Kiss those inhibitions goodbye and face the future, head-on."

"I like my inhibitions just the way they are, thank you very much!" my dad argued.

"Look. If you really don't want to do it, I'll stop hounding you about it, but I think it will go a long way in relieving the tension between you and Seth," Wes's dad continued to encourage. "It has worked quite well between Wesley and me. Even though we just had a little friction between us just now, I'm sure you noticed how quickly Wes got over it. I think you should do it. When you're naked together with someone, it's amazing how all the barriers come crumbling down. It's the ultimate expression of trust to be able to expose yourself so completely to another person. You and Seth still have years of barriers to overcome. Of course, it won't happen overnight, but I don't think you'll have a better opportunity anytime soon to take that most difficult first step. Show your son that you're okay with everything that's gone on around here by eliminating this last barrier. I'll tell you something I've learned from it. It's almost impossible to lie when you're completely naked."

"Seth and I have an understanding about that," my dad told Henry. "He knows I never lie to him and we don't have to be naked to be honest. So, that's not really the issue."

"Frank, did you hear yourself just now?" Henry laughed with disdain. "You said that Seth knows you'd never lie to him?"

"That's right," Frank said, looking offended.

"You just admitted that the last fifteen years of his life with you have been under the pretense of an enormous lie. Now, more than ever, you need to reinforce your willingness to be completely open with him. It will signal a new beginning of truthfulness. Let him know that you won't be hiding anything from him anymore."

My dad shrunk back, feeling totally deflated. He dropped his head and sighed with self loathing.

"My god," he confessed. "You're right. I've been lying to him his whole life, and man, it must have been devastating for him. Seth was right. I've been acting like an idiot thinking this whole thing has been `all about me'."

"Well, there you go," Henry commented.

"That wasn't very helpful Henry," my dad said to him. "So, are you telling me you never lie or deceive anyone?"

"Me?" Henry questioned. "I have great difficulty lying to anyone. If anything, sometimes I'm too brutally honest. I'm not saying I've never lied, but I'm pretty sure I've never lied when naked."

"Oh, I don't know about that," my dad said in a teasing voice. "You didn't seem to have any difficulty lying naked next to me in my tent this morning."

"Oh my god," I whispered to Wes as we continued to eaves drop on our dads. "Did my dad actually just say that?"

"I know," Wes said as his entire body shook with silent laughter. "Too much information!"

"Very funny," we heard Henry say to my dad. "It sounds like my son's odd sense of humor is starting to rub-off on you."

Now it was my turn to shake with laughter. "Did your dad just say `rub-off'?" I said, motioning with my hand in a jacking gesture.

"Yup, they're really on a roll," Wes said as he made a humping gesture with his hips, being very crude and vulgar. Of course, that made us both laugh together with childlike silliness.

"Seriously though," we heard Henry say to my dad. "Please think about it some more. Do this for me and for Seth. You'll find out that I'm right about this and I'm willing to bet you an hour long massage that Seth will be more than willing to join us."

"Oh, all right," my dad agreed. "I don't know how you talk me into these things."

We listened to our dads continue to talk and make plans for all of us to hike to `The Lake of Ecstasy' after our meal. I noticed that Wes was growing more and more excited by the minute.

"How do you like that?" Wes whispered. "I told you yesterday at the lake that we'd be going back, and this time, our dads are coming."

"Awkward!" I sang quietly. "My dad and I haven't seen each other naked since I was a baby."

"Seriously, that's not true. Just yesterday, you not only saw your dad naked, you watched him boned up and fucking with my dad."

"Oh shit. You're right," I admitted. "I guess what I meant was, he hasn't seen me naked. Even when I was a little kid, it was always Mom who gave me my baths and stuff. I don't know how I feel about hanging out naked with my old man."

"Hanging out?" Wes snickered. "Dude, you're funny, even when you're not trying to be."

"There, see," I said. "You get me! My dad doesn't get me. He hardly knows who I am. You heard him. He thinks I'm this prude who's afraid to get naked."

"No, you're not afraid to get naked," Wes said. "But I think that might be my fault."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Did you ever run around naked with another guy before you met me?" Wes pointed out.

"Well, no!" I confessed. "Except for when I jack off with Ruben, but we don't get totally naked.

"That's what I mean," Wes said. "Do you think the same is true for your dad? Maybe you don't really know who he is?"

"Okay, maybe you're right," I agreed. "I guess I have noticed some changes lately. Maybe your dad has had an effect on my dad in the same way that you've had an effect on me."

"That's right!" Wes said. "You and your dad both seem to have some whack issues about getting naked," Wes concluded. "But listening to our dads talking over there, your dad sounds like he's willing to try it for you. Now, the question is, are you willing to do it for him?"

Just then, Wes's dad held up a platter of ham & eggs and my dad held up a smaller tray with four cups of ice cold orange juice and started to walk over to the table.

"Chow's ready," Frank shouted out to us as they walked to the table.

"Here we come!" Henry bellowed with enthusiasm.

Wes and I rushed over to help our dads carry our meal over to the table we'd just set. We all set our meals down together and then sat in random order on the benches. Wes quickly gave me a silent air kiss before our dads could notice us. We all got situated and comfortable as our mouths watered from hunger.

"Smells awesome dad," Wes declared. "Thanks for being so thoughtful Frank."

"Did you here that," my dad grinned. "Wesley just called me Frank!" Then he turned to Wes and said, "My pleasure Wesley. I hope you guys like it."

We all dove into our meals and fell silent once again as we sat together at a real table, like a real family. Everyone was feeling good about our new found familiarity.

"It turned out great, dad," I said. "Thanks Henry, for showing my dad the way around a stove, even though it's just a camping stove. At least I know that Wes and I won't starve when we start living together."

Both our dads suddenly stopped chewing and almost choked as they turned to look at each other. Even though the subject had been looming over us, it was the first time any of us had spoken up about the subject of moving in together. The silence continued until our dads could swallow the food in their mouths and catch their breath.

"I hope you plan on Wes and me sharing a bedroom when we all start living together." I stated.

I looked over to see that my statement had shocked Wes into blushing.

"Did you just say...?" Henry began, swallowing his words.

"Living together?" my dad said, finishing Henry's question for him.

"Yeah," Wes jumped in. "We don't want to look like we're being spoiled or anything, but we do want to know that we're going to be well taken care of, right Seth?"

"Yep!" I grinned. "But I'd totally be okay with the whole `spoiling' thing, too."

"Well, all right then," Henry bounced. "I promise you that you two are going to be so happy that..."

"No worries Henry," I jumped back in. "You don't have to sell us on it. We've discussed it and we're ready. We both think it's going to be way cool being step brothers."

Our dads looked at each other again in utter amazement.

"There are a couple of things we'll have to work out first," I said, mocking a list of bogus demands.

"Like when we move in at their house, I get to choose what color to paint my side of our bedroom and Wes gets to choose the color he wants for his side. Then we need to shower first in the morning before the slower old guys use up all the hot water. We'll have our agent contact your agent to settle the rest of it."

Wes cracked up as I tried to keep a straight face for effect. Our dads seemed to be less than amused.

"But we can work that all out later," I continued. "The big issue will be, figuring out how it will work when Wes comes over to be with me and Mom on her weeks to have us."

"Okay," my dad said. "I'm sure your mother and I can work out some kind of equitable agreement."

"Thanks Dad!" I said cheerfully, being genuinely appreciative.

Henry nearly choked on his mouthful of eggs after hearing that bit of information. It was the first time that any of us mentioned anything about Wesley going to go live part time with me at my mom's place.

"For right now however," My dad said before Henry could object. "Henry and I are going on a little hike and we really want you two to come with us."

"A hike?" I asked, feigning ignorance. "Where to?"

I looked at Wes for a second and had to look away to keep from laughing. Poor Henry was still hacking and coughing up bits of his breakfast.

"Henry says he knows of a place with a secluded lake where we could... we could... you know, swim freely," my dad nervously said.

"Swim freely?" I said with surprise, milking dad's awkward embarrassment for all it was worth. "We can swim right over there at the main lake. It's free and we don't have to do any hiking to get there."

"No, I didn't mean to swim, free of charge," my dad said with a little aggravation. "I meant to swim freely... in the buff even... that is, if you..."

"Skinny Dipping?" I yelled with excitement.

"Yes, exactly," my dad said, looking relieved that I finally understood. "So, you actually like that idea then?"

"Hell yeah!" I answered with a subtle wink in Wes's direction. "What about you Wes? Are you up to dipping our wicks in the wicked wetness?"

Wes gave me this strange look and silently mouthed the words `wicks in the wicked wetness' as he shook his head in disbelief. It was obvious that my attempt at a `Wesley Style' lame joke redefined the meaning of the word `Lame'. After thinking about it for a second, it was so lame that I didn't even understand it myself.

"All righty then," Henry jumped in, arching his back and rubbing it. "That massage is going to feel really good later."

Wes and I grinned knowingly at each other.

"You two go get your swim suits and towels in case we get there and we're not alone," Henry continued. "Frank and I will clean up the breakfast dishes and have ourselves a little chat about this living at your mother's house, thing."

Dad gestured to me the seriousness of it and I nodded my understanding. I was more than a little worried that Henry wouldn't allow Wes to come over when I stayed with Mom and that wasn't going to be okay with me.

"Be back here and ready to leave in about an hour," my dad said.

"Okay, we'll see you then!" Wes answered for both of us and then, he sprang from the table.

Since our dads made it clear that they were going to chat privately, Wes didn't even ask if they wanted some help cleaning up. He had something in mind that he wanted to do anyway and was eager to get to it. He bolted back to his tent and I slowly followed, not knowing if I was supposed to or not. Wes jumped into his little two man tent and I could here him rustle things around inside. I stood outside his tent, wondering what to do.

"Hey Wes," I called out quietly. "Whatcha doing?"

"I'll be right out," he said.

So, I waited. Two minutes later, he finally came out with his towel wrapped up in a bundle, obviously stuffed with something he was hiding.

"Let's go to your tent now," Wes said.

"Oh, okay," I acknowledged.

I was very curious what Wes had stuffed into that wrapped up towel. I waited for him to tell me on our way to my tent but no explanation was offered. My tent wasn't that far away so I just figured I'd wait until we got there.

Wes unzipped the door flap and fly, and entered first. I followed him in and we sat across from each other. Wes set his bundle down between us and dramatically unveiled his treasures. I looked at it for a moment and couldn't tell what all that seemingly unrelated group of objects was supposed to be for.

"What's all this?" I asked.

"Before we go skinny dipping with our dads, I want to shave," Wes answered plainly. The bright sunshine illuminated a bluish hue in my tent, highlighting Wes's face clearly.

"You don't need to shave, dude," I offered. "You've barely got any peach fuzz above that sexy lip of yours. You look totally fit and fly!"

Without saying a word, Wes rolled his eyes, gripped his shorts and my loaned boxers and slipped them to his ankles. Then he stroked the bottom of his ball sack with the underside of his hand.

"No, it's time for a shave all right, but thanks for the compliment," Wes grinned. "I was talking about shaving the fuzz on these sweet peaches right here."

Wes sensuously stroked the bottom of his balls and I couldn't help letting go of a nervously horny giggle.

I watched curiously as Wes assembled his shaving collection. He had a Mach3-Turbo razor at the heart of his arsenal. He also had a travel size can of shaving cream, some bottled water, a wash cloth and some `AXE' aftershave. Then Wes looked up at me and grinned again.

"Would you mind helping me out with this?" Wes offered.

"Sure!" I said as I started to bone up at the idea. "My swim team shaved each other last year for the first time before the regional meet, but we didn't actually do our privates. This is kind of dope."

"Thanks," he said. "Shaving yourself in those hard to reach sensitive spots can be such a bitch sometimes."

Wes kicked back across my sleeping bag and put his towel under his balls. Then he spread his legs apart as wide as possible and put his hands on his chest. Once he was ready for me to begin, he exhaled and gave me the go-ahead.

"You can begin whenever you're ready!" Wes declared. "Just make sure you shave only hair. I'm very attached to everything else!"

"I'm glad you said that," I said, giving him a sinister laugh as I rubbed my hands together. "I'm feeling a little light headed and drunk with power!"

I was excited to shave Wes's balls, but it wasn't until that moment that I realized I had no idea what to do or how to go about it. Most guys learn about shaving from their dads, but my dad never let me watch him shave or do anything else in the bathroom for that matter. Shaving the legs of my teammates was much easier than trying to manipulate around Wes's balls.

"Umm, let's see," I mumbled. "I'll need..."

"You've never shaved your privates before, have you?" Wes assumed.

"Umm, no, I haven't."

"It's easy. Start with the shaving cream," Wes said as he began to instruct me. "Put a small amount in your palm and then spread it evenly over the area you're going to shave."

I did as Wes directed and my hands started shaking as I spread the cold shaving cream all over his warm balls. I was both titillated and scared at the same time. Wes was putting all his trust in me that I wasn't going to slip and cut his balls off by accident, amputating one of my favorite parts of my new boyfriend's body. That would seriously affect our future sex life.

"Now, I'll pull my skin tight so you can start shaving," Wes continued. "Shave in one direction. Put a normal amount of pressure on the razor. Not too hard, but not too soft either. Pull the razor along, about one inch per second, again, not too fast and not too slow."

"That's a lot to remember," I worried. "How do you even do this all by yourself?"

"Will you just do it already?" Wes exclaimed. "I'm starting to feel like an ass, holding my balls like this. Here, give me the shaver, I'll do it myself!"

"No, its okay, I got this!" I sighed, "here goes!"

I held my breath and let the shaver glide across Wes's balls, leaving a nice smooth straight line across his skin.

"There you go," Wes said with relief. "Now, keep going!"

After a couple of passes across Wes's balls, I was starting to feel more confident. He continued to instruct me as he assisted me by holding and stretching the skin of his balls wherever it was needed. After I finished with his scrotum, Wes had me trim his pubic patch as well. That was much easier since it was across a flat area, and all I needed to do was follow the outline that was still visible from his last shaving session. As I concentrated on doing a good job for Wes, my boner subsided and my artistic side began to emerge, paying close attention to every detail.

Once I was done, Wes took the bottled water and wet the wash cloth. He washed off all the shaving cream and then passed his hand across the area, making certain I hadn't missed a single hair. He then took the towel he was sitting on and dried the entire area, revealing the amazingly smooth and clean shaven job I had just done. Lastly, Wes splashed a bit of the AXE aftershave into his hand and patted down his pubic region, causing him to draw in an extra heavy deep breath through his clenched teeth, making a loud hissing sound like a snake about to strike. I was both shocked and aroused as I watched Wes's ball sack shrink right in front of my eyes. The skin just started to pull up tightly around his testicles until the skin became shiny and his balls bulged prominently in place, accentuating his virile manhood. It took a few moments for Wes to regain his composure from the massive stimulation.

"Now that's dope, man," Wes declared. "You did such a great job Seth. Now it's your turn dude!"

My heart skipped a beat and I felt the tip of my dick twitch. I had found Wes's shaved balls to be insanely erotic from the very first time I laid eyes on his package. Even so, the thought had never occurred to me to shave myself that way.

"I don't know man," I grumbled. "What'll my dad say?"

"Exactly," he responded. "What will your dad say? Since your old man hasn't seen you naked in like, forever, wouldn't this be the perfect time to debut your manhood with some style? You know, Gangnam Style!"

Wes crossed his arms in the signature `Gangnam Style' pose and we both laughed. As much as the little voice inside me advised against it, I got caught up in the moment and agreed to let Wes shave me. I really wanted to be like him when it came to not caring what others thought and doing what I wanted. I switched places with Wes and got into the same position as he did, tucking Wes's towel under my balls. I tried to relax but my heart was pounding through my chest and I popped an unintentional boner. I felt totally exhilarated and sexually titillated from the idea that I was about to do something really naughty.

I felt the momentary shock of the cold shaving cream as Wes coated my balls with the silky white lather. Again, Wes instructed me on where to hold my skin and which direction to pull it to make the procedure go as quickly as possible. He even had me spread my ass cheeks to get the hairs that were growing around my puckered hole. I had to admit that this was far more arousing than I'd expected it to be. I thought that I would feel like I was twelve years old again, at a time before I grew any hair there, but instead, it made me feel more sexy and mature.

Wes's prior experience had him done so quickly that he segued right over to my pubic area. I thought Wes was only going to shave my balls, but he got so into it that, before I knew it, he'd cropped my bush to perfection. I looked down and saw that he'd trimmed it into a heart shape. My first reaction was one of shock. Wes could tell he'd gone too far and that I had an issue with it.

"If you don't like it, I can square it off." Wes said.

"I think I'll pass!" I said. "The fact that I'm even getting shaved is a huge step for me. I need time to get used to this much. Maybe next time I'll try it."

"Okay," Wes said with disappointment and squared me off in such a way that he could redo it with just a few strokes of the razor if I should change my mind.

Then Wes cleaned me up, washed me down and dried me off. I found that I was compelled to touch myself. The feeling of having shaved balls was indescribable. The interesting thing was, having been freshly shaved made me feel even more naked and exposed, a peculiar feeling that I decided I liked. I just hoped I'd feel the same way when it came time to reveal all at the lake.

"You look so freaking hot," Wes said. "Wait till I get my hands on you later."

We slapped hands and I grinned. I was already fantasizing what I wanted to try with my newly shaven goods.

"Okay, it's time to finish," Wes said. "Prepare yourself!"

Well, just saying, "prepare yourself" couldn't begin to describe what was in store for me. Wes had successfully concealed the mind blowing sting from me when he did it to himself. He knew that a `full disclosure' would have had me backing out in a heartbeat.

"Okay, I'm ready," I naively said.

Wes dashed some aftershave on one hand and then rubbed his hands together and then quickly patted down my shaven area. It felt a little cold for the first few seconds and then it got hot. Really, really, fucking hot! I unintentionally let out a blood curdling scream as I nearly passed out. As the unexpected sting slowly began to diminish, I stared in horror at my shrunken, burning balls expecting them to burst into flames at any second. It scared me at first, but when everything settled down, I was impressed by how much bigger and more endowed I looked. I slowly began to realize that the itchy feeling I'd experienced right after having been shaved was gone. My trimmed pubic hair and shaved balls made everything standout so much more prominently that I actually felt more hung and masculine.

"Was it worth it?" Wes asked.

"Oh hell yeah, it was," I agreed. I rubbed my hand over my silky smooth ball sac and grinned. "But I sure don't want to go through that last part again for a long, long time."

"We better get going," Wes said. "It's just about time to show off our stuff."

Wes pulled his clothes back on and bundled up his shaving supplies to take back to his tent. I fished out my alternate swim suit and backup towel from my suitcase. I then ditched my shorts and underwear and put on my swim suit. When we were ready, we exited my tent and I zipped up my tent as usual. Then we headed back to Wes and Henry's base camp where Wes stowed his gear in his tent and then emerged, wearing his swim suit, all ready to go. This time, he opted for a board shorts style suit like mine instead of the Speedo.

We went over to my dad's tent where they were waiting for us. Wes's dad was wearing his swim suit like we were. My dad, of course, was still fully dressed, wearing the same Bermuda shorts, T-shirt, socks and running shoes.

"You were right Henry," my dad said to Wes's dad. "They're certainly not dressed for hiking."

"It's all right Frank," he said to my dad. "The hike to the lake is a little long but it's pretty well kept up and cleared for hikers. Why don't you go on in and slip into your swim suit now and then we can all be on our way."

My dad reluctantly took Henry's advice and slipped into his tent to strip out of his clothes. When he came out of his tent, he was looking pretty good for an old guy. I complimented him about that and he gave me an appreciative smile. With towels all around, we draped them around our necks and in minutes, we were ready to go. Just before we headed off, Henry quietly slipped on a small backpack without being noticed by the others and then we were on our way. I just assumed that he was packing some bottled water and stuff for later.

I was both excited and apprehensive to be returning to `The Lake of Ecstasy' and every step I took towards our destination had me experiencing both of those explosive emotions with ever increasing intensity.

"Hey Wes," I whispered as we hiked along. "How do you keep from popping an unwanted boner?"

"I don't think you can stop it if you're sexually excited, short of slapping your cock real hard with a ruler," Wes answered. "That's what I hear that they do in hospitals when patients get inappropriate boners. My way is better. Remember what I told you to think about before."

"Please, tell me again."

Wes cupped his hands together and leaned into my ear as if he were going to reveal the secret to the universe.

"Fluffy Bunnies!" Wes whispered, and we both busted out laughing.

"That won't work anymore since we started fucking like rabbits," I joked.

"With whacking your dick and fucking like bunnies, I'm gonna have to start calling you, Thumper." Wes said and then shook with laughter at my expense.

As the four of us arrived at the lake, it was just as beautiful and breathtaking as it was the first time I laid eyes on it. The water was like a mirror and dramatically reflected the clouds amidst the deep blue yonder. There didn't seem to be any human presence besides our own and it felt like no human had ever set foot there before, which allowed for a complete sense of privacy.

"My heavens," my dad said. "It's every bit as amazing as you said it would be!"

My dad's initial expression revealed his wonderment. Then his expression changed as he realized that he was the only one who had made a remark and was moved by the splendor and shear grandeur of this well hidden Mecca.

We made our way to the waters edge and staked our claim. Henry slipped off his backpack and the rest of us spread out our towels on the lush green grass.

Then Wes broke the silence and called out, "The last one in is a..."

"Wesley!" his dad sharply interrupted. "Not when we have guests, thank you!"

Wes and I both laughed with childish delight as I imagined how Wes would have finished that juvenile verbal challenge.

Henry was the first one to strip. He casually removed his swim suit and spread himself across his towel, his naked body relaxed and content. He reached into his backpack that he'd set next to him and pulled out his sunscreen and began applying it to his arms and legs.

"I love the sun but it doesn't love me back any more," Henry declared. "Wes, you need to put some on too. I don't want you to develop skin cancer when you get older. Prevention is the best cure."

Wes rolled his eyes. "What is that stuff, like `SPF 2000" or something? I don't burn like you do, dad. I'm already perfectly tanned."

"Wes," his dad said sternly.

"Whatever," Wes complained.

My dad stood next to Henry and I could see the uncomfortable expression on his face.

Wes was the next one to strip out of his suit. I watched my dad as he tried to inconspicuously look over at Wes. Again, my dad's eyes revealed all as he tried to repress a look of surprise at Wes's flawless body and shaven crotch. No way could anyone not be impressed with Wes's stunning attributes, but I had to keep from laughing at my poor old man's lame attempt to satisfy his curiosity without being obvious.

"Hey Frank," Henry said to my dad as he sat up and held out the tube of sunscreen. "Would you do my back? While you're doing that, perhaps Seth can do Wes's for him."

My dad looked away from Wes and me for a moment and walked around behind Henry. Then to my surprise, my dad swallowed hard and then dropped his swim trunks. He stepped out of them and quickly kneeled behind Henry to see to his lover's needs. After spreading a line of cream across Henry's shoulders, he passed the tube to Wes. He blatantly stared at Wes's `hot tube' as he handed it over, being eye level with it at that point.

I was the last one to shed the inhibitions I had been holding on to all this time. Suddenly, I was feeling all shy again. I knew I had to do it, but seeing my dad checking out Wes, I knew for sure he'd be checking me out just as much or even more.

"Fuck it," I whispered under my breath.

As my suit dropped to the grass, I felt more naked than I'd ever felt in my life. Surprisingly, I was soft, but I definitely was on the verge of popping a boner. I concentrated on holding on to my flaccid state as I pretended to count a field of fluffy bunnies. Wes walked over and stood next to me in front of our dads, intentionally allowing them to look us over for a moment. It was sort of an unspoken permission to go for it.

"I see you gave yourselves a little trim," Henry said. "You both did a nice job of it."

"Thanks dad," Wes spoke up. "It was fun."

I hadn't really noticed before in the showers, but Henry was shaved and trimmed as well. Hearing Henry and Wes talk about our shaving session made me feel awkward again as I fought even harder to stay soft. I wanted to see more of my dad, but his crotch was hidden by kneeling behind Henry.

Wes had quickly smeared some sunscreen on his hands and then passed me the tube to do his backside. I kept repeating, `fluffy bunnies', `fluffy bunnies' in my head, but when I began rubbing the lotion over Wes's naked ass, the fluffy bunnies started humping each other and I felt my dick start doing that familiar twitching.

"I'm going in. Are you guys going to stay out here for a while?" I asked our dads.

Hopeful, they would so I'd have time to hide my growing erection before I lost control of it all together.

"Yeah," my dad said. "You two go on out there and have some fun together."

"We'll come out and toss around a Frisbee with you in a few minutes," Henry said. "I just need to help Frank with his sunscreen first."

"Okay dad," Wes said, and they watched our tight young asses bounding off and disappearing into the water.

"That's a couple of handsome young men we've created there, Frank," Henry said, loud enough for us to hear.

"Indeed we did, Henry. Indeed we did."

I raced into the water as my cock began to swell out of control. Once we were waist deep, I slowed down and then swam leisurely until we were neck deep and able to stand in place and then Wes swam up beside me.

"I was starting to get a boner before we got into the water. I didn't want our dads to see that. I need to get it down before they come in and join us. Fluffy bunnies didn't work, man."

"My dad wouldn't have cared if you got one," Wes giggled. "He's seen mine before and it's `no biggie'."

"You're right about that," I snubbed Wes. "It's no biggie for you, but it's a big deal for me."

"Ouch!" he said. "You used my own joke against me. That's cheating," he laughed. Then he asked seriously, "Would you like for me to dive down and get you off so you can get it to go down?"

"Hell no!" I exclaimed. "Are you crazy or are you just nucking futz? Our dads are right there staring at us."

I grabbed his head and dunked him under. I think he took it wrong because he gripped my butt cheeks and pulled his face into my crotch. I pushed him away. He came up laughing and was totally proud of himself. Then I put him in a headlock and dragged him into the deeper water where he couldn't touch the bottom and finally got the best of him. My swimming abilities proved that he was no match for me. Then I realized that all the wrestling around and dunking his body helped me get soft again. Once it was safe, and I'd sufficiently punished Wes for his dastardly teasing, I kicked off Wes's chest and swam to where it was chest deep again.

At this point, our dad's were finally ready to come in and join us. I curiously watched my dad's ample dick swing freely along with his loose hanging balls as he took each step. He made no attempt to cover up this time. He didn't appear self conscious or embarrassed in any way. I guessed he'd finally realized how right Henry had been about the whole `full exposure' thing. I decided I liked the idea. Now that my dad was actually doing it and looking comfortable with it, I realized that this would probably be the first of many naked adventures we would have as a new family. The thought of that made me indescribably happy. A wave of enthusiasm ran through me, knowing that we were past the point of just talking about it and it was actually becoming a reality.

We all moved to the shallow water to toss around the Frisbee. Henry tossed it to me and I jumped half way out of the water to catch it. I made a splash as I dropped back into the water and then tossed it to my dad. He caught it on one finger and let it spin to a stop.

"Cool," Wes shouted. "Toss it my way now."

After we'd been tossing the disc around for a while, I suggested we'd play a game I knew of.

"Let's play `five hundred'," I suggested.

We'd grown comfortable with the idea of being naked around each other, at least, I had. But then, we'd all been in the water with our privates mostly covered unless we jumped for the disc.

"Okay," my dad agreed. "How does it go?"

"The thrower gets on shore and the others get in the water about knee deep so you can run after it," I explained. "The thrower then tosses the Frisbee towards the group. If you catch it with both hands, you get twenty-five points. If you catch it with one hand only, you get fifty points. If you catch it on one finger, you get one hundred points. The first one to get a score of five-hundred, gets to take over as the thrower."

"I think we can do that," Wes agreed. "Sounds like fun."

"Let's do it," Henry chimed in. "Seth, why don't you start as the thrower since you came up with the idea?"

"All right," I agreed.

I waded out of the water without any worries of getting boned up. For whatever reason, it was no longer even a concern. I motioned for Wes to toss me the Frisbee and I jumped to snag the high toss. My dick and nuggets bounced fluidly as I did, and that amused me. As I prepared to begin playing the game and make my first toss, everyone else moved a little closer to shore so they were able to run around a little easier. Everyone's package was now out of the water and exposed for all to see. I couldn't help but look. I enjoyed what I was looking at, but it didn't cause me to bone up. I was just admiring them as we played. I tossed the Frisbee a bit to the right and my dad and Wes both did a high step run towards it. They each lunged to make the catch but it eluded both of them. They bounced into one another and fell crashing into the lake with my dad on top of Wes. They came up sputtering for air and laughing. My dad grabbed Wes by the waist and helped him up out of the water. My dad retrieved the floating Frisbee and sailed it back to me.

My next throw was in the middle of the crowd and Henry surprised me by how high he was able to leap out of the water to make a nice one handed catch.

"That's fifty points!" he proudly declared and Wes gave him a high five.

We played on, having fun and laughing, until Wes pulled off a nice, one finger catch for his final hundred points to win. When he took my place on shore, I kept admiring his hot body. His actions and athletic abilities kept distracting me from making any real points. A couple of times, my dad and Henry practically drowned me when I didn't react fast enough to make a catch. It was funny to feel their naked bodies bumping against mine. It wasn't creepy like I imagined it might have been. It was just as if we'd been wearing our swim suits all along. At one point, I even forgot I was naked as we played. I realized as Henry gave me a playful slap on the butt after I made an extraordinary diving catch, that this was really working like magic. We were actually going to be very happy together.

After everyone had a turn being the thrower, we grew tired of the game and I offered a change in activity.

"Let's have a swim race across the lake," I suggested. "Boys versus the old farts."

"Now wait a second," My dad responded. "That's not fair. You're on the swim team."

"Okay," I conceded. "You old farts can have a head start then. We'll let you get a third of the way before we start. How does that sound?"

"Deal," Henry said. "Prepare to lose your shorts, boys. Oops. Too late, you already have."

I leaned in to Wes and whispered, "I see now where you get that lame sense of humor from."

Our dads took off and started swimming. My dad took off hard and fast, but Henry wisely grabbed his ankle. They where still close enough to shore for Wes and I to hear their strategy.

"Save your energy until we get at least a third of the way across the lake," Henry advised. "We could pour it on later. The boys have to wait until we get that far anyway before they can begin."

My dad complimented Henry on his good thinking as they slowed to an agonizing crawl. When they reached what looked like a third of the way, Wes and I ran and dove in. Before they even got half way, I caught up and passed them both. Henry gave my ankle a tug as I passed by him and I looked back and gave him a playful smile. He smiled back and released me.

Shortly after the midway point, Wes finally passed them. The old cheaters turned around right after Wes had passed them and they turned and headed back. I could have still caught up and blown past them to win, but Wes got winded, so I hung back with him.

As we approached the shore, my dad and Henry were lying on the towels, propped up on their elbows, breathing hard. As we came up to them, we heard them lament.

"I feel so old," Henry gasped.

"We're not that old," my dad protested. "We're just older than those two."

"Yes Frank, we are old," Henry argued. "Here come the boys now, I'll prove it."

As Wes and I walked up to our cheating competitors, we joked with each other about who had won. Of course, we scolded them for cheating and setting such a bad example for their sons. We all laughed as our ribbing was all in good fun.

Wes and I laid ourselves down on our towels next to each other to dry off in the sun.

"Okay you guys," Henry began. "Do you know who sang 'Silly Love Songs'?"

"Madonna?" Wes guessed. "Her songs are kind of silly."

"No," I chimed in, "the Aquabats' songs are way sillier."

"The aqua what's?" my dad asked, looking over at me. I raised my eyebrows.

"No," Henry said. "It was Paul McCartney."

"Don't you mean Jesse McCartney?" Wes asked.

"No, I mean Paul McCartney." Henry confirmed.

"Oh wait," Wes said. "I know who you mean. He's that ancient guy who outlived the Beatles that you were watching the other night, right?"

"Yeah, that's him," Henry chuckled. "Do you remember the song he was singing that night?"

"Yeah," Wes thought for a second. "It was something like, `open the door and let me in'. Those were some lame lyrics. He must have been talking about the door to the crypt."

We all laughed.

"Well, McCartney was from my father's era," my dad reminisced. "I'm sure you guys know who `Nirvana', `Pearl Jam' and `Alice in Chains' are, right?"

Wes and I laughed some more.

"Are those like, bad names for pornos?" I guessed.

That one made Henry laugh so hard that he had to wipe tears from his eyes.

"NO!" my dad said with a teasing scowl. "Those were bands from the nineties."

"If you say so," I said.

"Well, I've at least heard of them," Wes confessed. "I downloaded one of Pearl Jam's songs once."

"Wow," Frank agreed. "I guess you're right, Henry. We are old."

"That's what we've been trying to tell you guys all day," I joked.

We all laid back in silence for a while and enjoyed the subtle warmth of the sun. I reached over and rolled my fingers through Wes's hair. I felt so content, lying there naked with Wes, who was my new friend, step brother to be and lover all wrapped up in one hot, sexy body. Life was suddenly all better. Mom and Dad wouldn't be fighting anymore and I had a heavenly hunk that would be living with me. I felt a sense of peace spread all over my body. I heard a noise to my left and looked over to see my dad gazing fondly into Henry's eyes. They leaned in and repeated the smooch that had gotten my attention in the first place. It seemed a bit strange to see my dad kissing another man, but it didn't bother me in the least. I was just happy that he was in love with Henry and that Henry loved him back. He deserved to be as happy as I was. I decided to act on my desire to be bolder and rolled my head back over to face Wes. I rolled onto my side and reached over with my free hand to turn his cheek to face me. Then, I planted a tender kiss on his sexy lips. He opened his eyes and smiled the warmest, brightest smile I've ever seen.

I wasn't comfortable doing more than that in front of our dads, and neither was Wes, but we did share a couple more sweet kisses before Henry suggested we eat the picnic lunch he'd brought.

End of Chapter #7

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